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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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shocked residents filled the streets, crying, while some of the injured were carried out of a student dormitory and apartment building. victims were treated in a makeshift hospital amid a series of aftershooks. the last quake of this size in turkey a dozen years ago killed near the 900 people, and an istanbul journalist says they're reason to believe that's time won't be as bad. >> there's hope that the damage hasn't been that great. one of the reasons, i suspect, is because it occurred in the afternoon on a sunday afternoon, so there weren't people asleerntion people weren't at work. we're just hoping that the damage will be lower than we might have suspected otherwise. >> rescue teams are working to survey the damage. as countries royals the world every support. >> alan: a group of inmates escaped a prison in the quake region. they got away after the quake
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damaged the prison they were housed in. no word on the number of escapees. >> thousands of in the capital of libya, three days after rebels killed moammar gadhafi today secretary of state hillary clinton said she supports investigations by libya's transitional national council into gadhafi's death. >> i fully support that because i think that the new libya needs to start with accountability. the rule of law, a sense of unity and reconciliation, in order to build an inclusive democracy. >> alan: if everything goes according to peninsula, libya will elect a parliament and president within two years. >> developing news in san francisco. firefighters are still searching along the city's southern waterfront for a missing kayaker. the man disappeared around
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3:00 this afternoon at pier 80. his companion says the wake from a tugboat swept him beneath the pier. the coast guard helicopter has joined the search effort. the fire department has divers looking for the man. >> seven candidates running for mayor in san francisco want the federal government to send election monitors and observers to oversee voting in next month's election. they believe mayor ed lee's campaign has engaged in improper activities. one complaint specifically mentions special sample ballots that prevent voters from slee selecting a candidate on that lean. the seven candidates behind the letter are: >> in san jose, another
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officer-involved shooting. this makes it seven so far this year. sir -- here's the story. i understand the police aren't saying a whole lot. >> i just got off the phone with a police spokesperson, and she tells me there are no new detiles release. so at this point we still have the most basic information. that is that police were called here to this hotel this morning following reports of a map wielding a weapon, and within men's of officers arriving here, that man was shot. police were called to this east san jose extended stay hotel just about 8:00 a.m., following reports a suspicious man had a weapon. when police arrived, they found the man in a hall or stairwell in the hotel. he looked as if he might have been passed out. >> eventually he came to. officers began to give him commands. at that point the suspect grabbed a weapon and displayed some type of behavior that the officers took -- fired in
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self-defense, hitting him. >> the man was not killed and was rushed to a local hospital. beyond that officers are not releasing any details, like what kind of weapon he may have had, his actions that were threatening to officers, or even if he's a guest at this hotel. other guests trickled out but could not add much further information. >> because i heard just a big voice. big voice. >> that's all. >> so after five minutes, six minutes, lots of police car coming here. >> he says he heard big voices, shouting, and then police arrived five or six minutes later. this guest says he worried about staying at this hotel any longer. >> i don't know what to do. maybe i can move to some apartment or something and look for better place. i'm feeling afraid. >> this is the seventh officer-involved shooting for san jose police this year. the most recent involved three officers and a reserve officer.
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the suspect in that case, which was just last weekend, was killed by police gunfire. >> appears to be emerging as a trend is people are becoming more bold and more willing to take on the police and attack the police. >> now, in today's incident. none of the officers involved in the shooting were injured. at least two officers are going to be placed on paid administrative leave. i understand that there's still some -- still actually trying to iron out the specifics. in fact the conversation i had with the spokesperson just a little while ago said he is not sure if there's going to be more officers involve as part of that administrative leave. so, still lots of details to be hammered out as this investigation continuesle reporting live in san jose. abc-7 news. >> alan: thank you, sergio. state workers gathered at facilities across the north bay to mark the one year anniversary of the death of napa state hospital technician donna gros.
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employees laid flowers in her honor and heard from family members, friends, lawmakers. she was killed by a patient who was declared criminally insane. workers called for critical staffing and safety measures that were promised after her death. >> hit get the alarm you said you were going to get. do those things. take the people out of here that don't belong in this hospital. and it's been a year, i'm still waiting. >> alan: the workers say they're caring for max security inmates in a minimum security facility. >> police identified the driver of the van accused of running over and killing a biker in san leandro. the incident shut down interstate 580 for ten hours yesterday. the chp says eddie hall of oakland was driving a paratransit van when he intentionally hit a man on a motorcycle, then dragged the motorcycle several miles under
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the van. hall tried to run away from the scene but officers chased him down and arrested him. >> the new move from the city of oakland as protesters continue to occupy the plaza. and is san francisco one of the country's angriest cities? where the city is. >> leigh: i don't thing so. i'm leigh glaser. those offshore winds helped to warm us up this weekend. temperatures still in the 70s and 80s across parts of the bay area. winds shift overnight. winds shift overnight. i'll wet through -- let you
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: oakland police started cracking down on traffic and park violaters. one protester tells us officers have been issuing citations for anyone who tries to stop in a no-parking area. organizes collect donations from passing driver. the crackdown follows a warning from the police. >> san francisco "occupy" protesters couple to camp in the plaza at the foot of market street. the city announced the camp
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would be allowed to remain on a long-term basis, and workers even brought in portal toilets. >> san francisco ranks in the top four that the chamber of commerce doesn't want you to know about, the angriest city in america. the daily looked at the number of demonstrators on the tea party's first day of protest in 2009, and the up in of "occupy" protesters in each city on october 15th. denver had the highest number of protesters per million people at 12,000. portland is second, followed by seattle and san francisco. >> international intrigue prevents a ship from docking in san francisco. and the thunder and beauty on display. plus it was a beautiful sunday out but will it stay that way? >> mike: the raiders scattered the week with a quarterback controversy and ended with a similar problem.
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boller, three picks, palmer, three
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>> alan: a russian sailing ship visits san francisco, isn't going to happy overall. the ship was scheduled to arrive
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on friday. moscow called off the ship over diplomatic issues. leaders worried the ship might be seized. >> an eye-popping exhibit, the men doctor of india's royal court is now open at in san francisco. don sanchez calls it a dazzling trip inside india's kingdom. >> spectacles, splendor, on lens, india's ma, exploring a culture steeped in mystique. >> that's what makes inanimate objects tom could life. >> they're great kings, their lives were extravagant and they were also political leaders.
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>> refine the taste. religious duties and worldly fashion. >> and patrons of the arts looking for artist tic excellence, jewelry, detailed wedding dresses, even furniture. their means of transportation could be unconventional. >> this is the throne they would ride. then there's the eye-popping carriage in silver. it weighs 3,000 pounds. and was certainly a highlight of grand public processions. another show-stopper is this necklace of 3,000 diamonds. it's the biggest work cartier has done for one client. this cartaire necklace reflects the laugh -- lavish lifestyle and shows their immense wealth and their absolute power. >> they were the whole kingdom. they were the highest public figures of the people.
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>> the royal seat of power. there's definitely a show biz look to this exhibit. timely, as the asian reinvents itself. >> the best from asia that has never been shown before. >> the exhibit comes from lon don's victoria and albert museum. it will be here through april 8th. >> alan: now you can tell your husband what you want for your birthday. >> leigh: a beautiful shot there a nice weekend, very warm, but things are going to change tomorrow. a beautiful setting, sun snoicial sunset time, 6:22, and you can see we're just about there. high clouds moving in, but check out these highs for today. it was warm across much of the bay area. 83 degrees was the high in fairfield. novato, 82. this is 88 today in santa rosa. 80 in our beaches. half moon bay, 89 in santa cruz, and san jose, 85. all because of those winds out of the north northeast, those offshore winds heating us up.
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holding the heat right now, antioch. 80 in concord. 82 in oakland. san francisco, 75. napa, you're at 78 degrees. 76 in san jose. and 81 in los gatos. here's the highlights. the fog will return overnight tonight near our beaches. and that's going to mean those onshore winds will return for tomorrow. the cooler temperatures for monday, and then warm back up as we get into tuesday and wednesday. the close upsatellite, a clear sky now, but you can see just to the south that bank of fog slowly snaking its way towards the bay area. in fact our fog forecast, i'll show you we'll keep things mainly clear for much of tonight. 6:00 tomorrow morning when the fog will finally arrive, and stay right near the coast. inland communities, i don't think you'll have any problems with any travel problems for your monday morning commute. lows tonight, clear in the north bay in the 40s. everyone else in the 50s, and
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it is in the trough of low pressure sitting just off the coast. warm offshore winds this weekend, and the winds will shift to more onshore, cooler wind direction overnight tonight. that's why the fog will return. so, temperatures will be slightly cooler for our monday. and then as we head into tuesday, this high is going to reposition itself over the bay area, and then our winds will shift again to offshore, and another warm wind direction, dry wind direction, as we head into tuesday night, and throughout the day on wednesday. so kind of a yo-yo. down a few degrees on monday, and then this warm winds will be back on tuesday. highs tomorrow, 77, san jose,le for los gatos. comfortable across most regions, half moon bay, 66 expected tomorrow. the low clouds and fog there tomorrow morning. mid-70s for the peninsula. 65 for daly city.
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morning overcast. 75 for napa tomorrow. on the east bay, oakland, 74. 72 for hayward. 80 for brentwood and concord. and 70 degrees with fog for wad son vessel tonight. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. the offshore winds return. tuesday night, wednesday, could pose some weather -- high fire weather watch concerns, east bay hills overnight, tuesday night, early wednesday morning, and then we start to see the fog return next weekend. >> alan: thank you, leigh. shu, could you tell the raiders needed a quarterback today? >> mike: speaking of foggy. boller got the start but his last start was in 2009. he is 0-10 in his last ten nfl starts and today he showed why. boller warming up, palmer wearing the baseball hat. the first stats of the game. picked off by lewis and he's gone. 59 yards the other way. just like that, 7-0 kansas city.
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not a good start. next possession, boller of the middle but d-mac comes up limping. huge loss for oakland. it gets worse. boller struggling. deep to moore. intercepted by flowers. 14-0. boller with three picks in the first half. second quarter, raiders with four shots inside the five. stopped on fourth down. rareds down 14-0 at the half. their quarter, 21-0 kansas city. the carson palmer era begins. first pass complete over the middle for 18 yards. a little late hit on palmer on the play. he's okay. but the drive stalls. to the fourth. raiders looking for something positive. this is not it. flowers picks off palmer. first pick of the game. takes its back. chiefs scored 21 points off turnovers, palmer, three interceptions. chiefs bury the raiders 28-0, in the worst performance of the
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season. >> we lost. we didn't play good enough. period. certainly at quarterback is not what leads to interceptions or anything like that. when you play bad, that's what leads to that. when you coach bad, that leads to that. okay? and like i said, starts with me and then trickles down. so, you can put it how you want to but the uncertainty had nothing to do with it. we didn't play well. >> excited to be playing again, but just with such a limited playbook, when i'm in the game, and little to no experience at the receivers, it definitely is uncomfortable situation to be in. >> mike: the san diego chargers led the jets 21-10 at the half. first quarter, sanchez to burress. brought in the jets within four. revis' interception. takes the lead in the fourth. hooked up for three t.d. passions. jets beat the bolts. raid efforts win dhierks have been in first place. >> tim tebow's bronc coaz are
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coming to san francisco in two weeks. tebow had to fells, he dives in. broncos down two the two-point conversion, teak tebow takes it himself. he wins game. then the 5 #-yarder and the broncos win, 18-15. >> to college football. smoothed moves to number four in the ap poll, number three in the coaches poll, after a thrashing of washington last night. cardinal ran for a school record 446 yards. two backs gained over 100 yards for the tenth time in school history. andrew luck threw for two they should move up in the bcs poll on monday. >> pga tour final event determining the money leader, luke donald or web simpson. con nadal -- donald came from five back. wins his second event of the year with an 8-under 64. wins the pga tour money title
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and keeps his bid eye live to become the first player to lead the money list on the pga and the european tours in the same year. >> talladega where the divers paid respects to the late dan wheldon. go to the final lap. clint bowyer and teammate jeff burton, neck and neck. boyer takes the checkered flag. the 100th win for richard childress racing, and our plays of the day at 11:00. >> alan: coming up, scaring up a big box office weekend. we tell you which movie tops the
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>> i realize -- set up cameras around the house, maybe capture something. >> alan: ooh, paranormal activity iii didn't just go bump in the night. it made a top of noise at the box office. the third film in the franchise made $54 million during opening weekend. the robot flick real steel dropped number two, footloose was number three, and three musketeers is number four and the i'd ides of march is number
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five. that's it for us at 6:00. see you tonight at 11:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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