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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 25, 2011 2:40am-4:00am PDT

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peninsula. could hit the resort of cancun in the next few days. but does not pose a threat to the u.s. now to a spectacular treat for stargazers from arkansas, new york and beyond. northern lights on full display, sending streaks across the sky. astronomy show occurs when energy interacts with earth's magnetic feed. in this case, the particles emitted from the sun saturday took a full two days to hit the earth's atmosphere. >> beautiful. love to see that love. of course we are in here, staying up with you staying up with you. >> a stormy day in the rockies with the first real snowfall of the season. denver went from 80 to 30 and snow. god bless you folks in denver. a foot of snow in the city. two feet in the mountains. foggy, l.a. to san francisco. chilly rain from fargo off to the windy city. >> wet 54, twin cities. 72,omaha. 80, kansas city. 60s in the north east. 83, miami. 56, seattle. 65 in colorado springs.
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well it is broadway week on "dancing with the stars," and last night ricky lake and derek hough earning 23 point. from "luck be a lady" from "guys and dolls." j.r. martinez and his partner earning 29 points for their quick step from "chicago." >> hope solo and maks, len called their dance, quote, the worst dance of the whole season. maks had a few choice words. way to alienate the judge. >> i've been in the business for 50 years. he was like, maybe it's time to get out. kind of a testy exchange. tempers flared on the dance floor. >> i don't think it is a good idea to test the judge in that way. don't think viewers are going to look that. >> not a good pr move there. we will see how it plays out. >> more "world news now" coming up after the break. ♪
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while some fiber ads use super models, metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber,
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which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol. ♪ ♪ that music is scary. that time of year, isn't it? >> a week from now all the trick-or-treating will be done and halloween will be over for another year. parents of course want their kids to have fun and great night and also be safe. >> one big danger, children's costumes and candle flames. they need to be kept apart. >> reporter: costumes and candles can be a deadly combination. if little princesses and
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pirates get too close to an open flame, the fire travels fast. but we're not just going to tell you. with the help of underwriters laboratories, we're going to show you. the pants of this robot costume burned slowly. but the foam body section went much faster. >> less than a minute since that started. and the costume is basically gone. >> reporter: and i can feel the heat from here, a yard away. clothing sold in the u.s. is not supposed to easily ignite and this princess costume is an excellent example. in fact it goes out on its own. that's great because girls' costumes are usually more flammable because of extra dlit glitter and glue. and it's not just costumes but accessories. we were worried the long flowing wig on this costume could easily dip into a flame. and sure enough it burned so hot the head fell off the mannequin. it just adds another whole element that can catch on fire. >> absolutely. >> reporter: long, bulky costumes are another potential fire hazard. same goes for some sleeves like the puffy ones on this pirate.
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fortunately the polyester fabric of this costume melted slowly rather than burning fast. and that's something to look by contrast, this zombie get-up looks like cotton. keep your eye on it because it burns hot and fast. you should avoid other natural fibers like linen and jute, too, including when making home made costumes. >> this would be something that could be very, very serious if that ignited. >> reporter: most of these costumes contained the same fire warnings and yet they burned very differently. when you light all five on fire at once the contrast is obvious. even though we found no correlation between flammability and price. >> they all burn. but the fact is some are a little slower. some are mighty fast. >> reporter: the companies that make these costumes told us their products undergo rigorous testing and meet all federal flammability standards. the problem is there is no way for parents to know in advance
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which burn fastest, and that's why it is so important to keep all costumes away from candles. >> stay away from candles when in costume. check. >> have you decided what you will be for halloween? >> not yet. i'm bad about that. got to figure something out in the next few days. i'll get creative. want to see your pictures on facebook. send us your favorite halloween pictures on the facebook page. check it out. show some on the air for halloween show monday. >> getting entries. we love to see people of all ages dressed up. keep it p.g., of course. >> please, please. yes. all right. well coming up next, something for the ultimate thrill seeker. and developers admit the human slingshot is a major risk. rob is going to try it. you are watching "world news now." wo
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>> boogie nights. and now what should be fairly obvious warning we are begging you please do not try this at hope. you will see why in a moment. >> two 9 that sends you through the air and can force you to make some pretty weird noises as barbara smith of ktvx, salt lake city, tells us. >> ah! ah! >> reporter: a group of friends had a crazy idea. catch people on camera flying through the air after being released in a human slingshot. >> we wanted to know what is it look to be strapped into it, how fast you go and we wanted to capture the whole experience. >> reporter: they found people willing to try the human slingshot experience and perfect utah location.
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turns out the slingshot was in existence built by a family with bñ strange sense of adventure the. >> there have been several injuries the inventer of the human slingshot lost a finger. ♪ >> reporter: that did not stand 8÷utahans, on thing that did, the trees, riff and mountain. >> there is a lot of screaming but you really don't have the chance to be scared because you >> reporter: and high velocity thrill seeking has become a youtube sensation that is growing fast. >> we just wanted to make something that was so fun. everyone could appreciate it. i think we were able to do that. >> wasn't sure what was going on when the piece started. >> looks like a wild time. >> looks kind of fun. i think i would do it. >> as long as you are not released. they stay strapped in. i would be afraid on the back end, you hit something else. >> hit a tree. not a fun activity. we'll have fun coming up next, your morning papers, stay tuned. on the back end, you hit something else.
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>> hit a tree. not a fun activity. we'll have fun coming up next, your morning papers, stay tuned. how do you get your bounce?
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oh, i'm a forgetter. i tend to forget things all the time. so, i'm a bar person. i don't need to remember the dryer sheet, so if i forget, i'm still good. woman: (shouting) remember the bar!
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welcome back, everybody. you won't believe this one. this one, this one i kind of like here, simple but stupid. apparently there was this guy, 21-year-old man. so he is in this park and the park worker shows up, 6:00 in the morning. hears screams. runs over to find a grown man, stuck inside one of the small child swings. in the park with his buddies. for $100 said i bet you can't fit in the swing. he says bet i can. he lubes himself and gets stuck in there, can't get out. a park worker comes to the park and goes, are you kidding me? they call police to get there. they had to take him to the hospital. cut him out, the stuff you use to cut off a cast after a broken arm. now had nonlife threatening injuries.
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badly embarrassed. sounds like a drunk dude thing. >> how can your friends leave you? friends are like, dude, you're stick, i'm out. >> hope he can have kids after that. just saying. speaking of which, moving on to our next story. birth is usually something that you do very much in private, some women don't want have to have their husbands in the room. there is an artist here in new york city that is going to deliver her baby in a gallery in brooklyn. her name is marnie cotack. she's taking names. you can go to the gallery. she'll meet you. decide if she will let you in. she is going to deliver her baby in front of an audience as part of an art piece. >> she considers this performance art, right? i -- >> seems a little private. i'm surprised people would want to see that. would you want to see a stranger? >> i wouldn't want to be there if it is my kid. i'll be in the lobby. i mean -- it just is a beautiful moment. >> rob, call me when the cigars are ready to be smoked.
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>> i like the baby when it is cleaned up, beanie on. don't want to see the goo and mess. that is not a hot moment. >> you can sign up in brooklyn and see the birth. >> send us a postcard. from that one. well, of course, we've been talking for weeks about the occupy wall street protests going on across the country. people are finding love in the middle of the protests. couple in detroit got married there at the site, detroit, stanley, 41, and his bride, alice, met 24 years ago. stayed in contact off and on a little bit. exchanged vows there on wall street. wanted to make a statement about how families are being impacted by the economy. also in cincinnati this couple got married. the guy proposed by saying, "i want you to occupy my life." the video, 90,000 hits. >> proposing for her to be his girlfriend. what kind of commitment is that? >> baby steps. baby steps. every guy moves at their own pace. >> protestors finding love out there. it's kind of cool. senate. >> baby steps. baby steps.
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this morning on "world news now" -- doctors' defense. conrad murray's legal team begins making its case trying to prove michael jackson's death was the superstar's own fault. >> but murray's attorneys face a legal challenge after prosecutors wrapped up some very dramatic testimony. it's tuesday, october 25th. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm yunji de nies. prosecutors in the conrad murray case did their best to show the court the doctor misused propofol to treat michael jackson's insomnia. it's the defense team's turn and they say murray should not be taking all the blame. >> interesting defense strategy over the next few weeks. also this morning, moving
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money. customers outraged by the big new fees at the nation's big banks are taking action and taking their business elsewhere. you will see who is now cashing in. the backlash to the bank of america is definitely having some ripple effects. >> smaller credit unions benefiting from that. >> absolutely. later this half-hour, the south florida scuba diver who wants to spend -- get this -- three days submerged under water. he says he planned for everything. and will be able to sleep in the deep. are you a swimmer? >> yes, i can swim. 3 minutes in the water i'm good. 3 days a whole different story. good luck to that dude. yeah. we begin with the first defense witnesses in the conrad murray trial. the doctor testified that michael jackson actually had trouble sleeping for 15 years. >> the same doctor said no amount of money would have made him give michael jackson propofol. abc's jim avila is at the courthouse. >> the people are prepared and are prepared to rest at this time. >> reporter: and it was a strong
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enough case for the judge to deny the first move of the defense. a motion to dismiss. ordering a not guilty verdict from the bench and send the jury home. the judge said no, ruling that a reasonable jury could find the defendant guilty. >> i think the prosecution case has been strong. >> reporter: now the defense begins with new surveillance tapes showing dr. murray's bmw arriving at the jackson mansion at 12:50. and jackson's entourage 10 minutes later. jackson family members watching again in the front row with reports that michael's most famous sister janet has postponed a tour to attend. here is the key defense witnesses they can expect. lapd, orlando martinez testifying about what eyewitnesses said the day of jackson's death, and how their story changed. randy phillips, the promoter of jackson's "this is it tour." the defense wants to portray jackson desperate for p.r. because his finances were a shamble. and dr. paul white who the
3:03 am
defense hopes will say that propofol is safe to use for sleep and jackson could have self injected the fatal dose of propofol. detective martinez the first of the big witnesses admitted michael jackson's bodyguard who testified in the prosecution case that dr. murray ordered him to hide propofol bottles did not say that during his first police interview. >> did you ever hear him mention anything about putting away vials for conrad murray? >> no. >> reporter: the defense strategy appears to be concede negligence but deny propofol and sedatives dr. murray administered alone killed michael jackson. >> they're going to try to show that propofol at the levels that they say were administered could not have caused the death. >> reporter: many legal experts believe the key connection, did dr. murray's mistakes lead directly to michael jackson's death? or did michael himself do something when conrad murray left the room? jim avila, abc news, los angeles. interesting strategy there. they're willing to concede
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negligence but try to make the argument michael jackson could have self-administered the fatal dose. people would argue clearly he had some kind of drug addiction, wanted strong drugs to help sleep. as a doctor don't you have a responsibility to temper some of that and do what is right by the patient and his obvious addiction. >> he was getting paid so much money. you have to wonder the defense does have one good point, conrad murray could not have acted alone. there was obviously an inner circle helping to aid what they're saying a drug addict. >> well-paid inner circle. doctor himself $150,000 a month what michael jackson was paying him as his only client. see what the defense does over the week. shifting gears now. in north carolina, two teenagers in custody after a shooting at a high school. a 15-year-old girl is in stable condition after being shot in the neck at lunchtime. police say the surveillance video shows the two boys with a rifle, inside the school. after the shooting students were kept inside on lockdown for hours, while their anxious parents waited outside. >> it was scary.
3:05 am
i mean i was probably, i would say about right there. and you were her. i was so close to her. i could have been hit. >> they had texted me earlier this morning and told me mama come get me. some stuff is getting ready to happen at school. and you know, they was scared. >> say what kind of stuff? >> gang related. >> reporter: parents and students say there has been gang activity at the school for weeks now, though authorities say they are unaware of it. one of the suspects who was age 18 will be in court later today. overseas now to turkey where crews are searching through the night for survivors from sunday's devastating earthquake. the death toll has risen to at least 279. but one man was rescued after spending some 30 hours under the rubble of a multistory building. and despite hundreds of aftershocks, aid groups are scrambling to set up tents, hospitals, and kitchens. there are thousands now homeless. in libya, moammar gadhafi may have reached his final resting place. the dictator's body along with those of his son and top aide
3:06 am
have been moved from a commercial freezer in misrata where the corpses have been on display for celebratory rebels. it's believed the men will be buried at a secret location in the desert later today. the head of nato operations in libya revealed that commanders had no idea that gadhafi was in the convoy that they ordered attacked last thursday. back here at home, a giant of the civil rights movement has been laid to rest in his native alabama. dr. fred shuttlesworth was remembered during funeral services yesterday in birmingham. representative john lewis among those praising him, calling him a founding father of the new america who put his life on the line to end segregation. millions of homeowners may now be able to refinance their mortgages. even though they may owe more than their home is actually worth. president obama announced his new plan yesterday in las vegas which is the nation's unofficial foreclosure capital.
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the administration admits its other housing programs have fallen well short of expectations. but experts say the new proposal could spark a new housing boom. >> if you can get 10 million to 20 million people to refinance, i think you are going to see -- the housing market look a lot stronger. >> good news for this, for mr. obama is if the plan is done by executive action. so he does not need lawmakers in congress to sign off on it. consumers are finding other ways to save money as well. thousands are now pulling their cash from big banks with all of the big new fees, and opening accounts with the little guy. abc's matt gutman reports from kansas city. >> reporter: as the occupy wall street movement clamors on, another movement is silently on the march across the country. since bank of america announced its $5 a month debit fee, credit unions and community banks across the country are seeing an explosion of new membership. in miami, karen jackson, a middle school pta president pulled the plug phone their chase account and came to miami-dade credit union. >> the more fees, the more fees.
3:08 am
and you know, we just felt like we couldn't take it anymore. >> reporter: jackson is saving the pta $250 a year. what percentage of it would you say is disgust? what percentage was the fees? >> i would say 80% was disgust. >> reporter: the disgust has had deposits pouring into the chicago credit union. >> in october we're on pace to go about 40% above that in new checking account and debit card activity. >> reporter: where is the business coming from, from bank of america right next door. national association of credit unions says traffic on its web site is up 350%, and the navy credit union welcomed thousands of customers last week, a threefold spike in checking accounts over this time last year. and on facebook over 60,000 have rsvped to move your bank day. you might remember, molly, so frustrated with bank of america's $5 fee she started a petition demanding it be
3:09 am
repealed. now she has got 300,000 signatures and a call from a bank executive. >> they're trying to be more transparent in their fees, that's their explanation, but what i am hearing is that it's a new fee. >> reporter: some argue the process is too arduous. for that the so-called switching agents. make the process virtually a click away. we accompanied adrian burns to see how long it takes to make the switch. >> thank you for coming in. >> reporter: turns out only 12 minutes. the banks say they won't know they lost customers until early next year. here's what has big banks concerned. according to the folks most likely to bolt to credit unions like this in kansas city are not the poor. the folks making $75,000 or more a year, very folks big banks depend upon for profit. matt gutman, abc news.
3:10 am
>> so interesting that more middle-class folks and poorer folks are the ones making the change. outrage does not come at all as surprise. people get sick of it and go to credit unions. >> i am a member of one of the big banks. i am upset. they said they will not come until january and i would get fair warning. to see it takes 12 minutes. does look tempting. you could save a lot of money. >> one good thing about credit unions. some are regional institutions. ask them about using an atm card. sometimes you can't out of state so just some advice in case you make the switch. and we'll switch gears to sports. looks like nba fans will have to wait until after thanksgiving to see action like this. kevin durant hosted stars in a charity game over the weekend. but the new york "daily news" reports that two more weeks worth of games will be canceled today. talks between owners and players broke down last week. no more formal talks have been scheduled. basketball literally up in the air for the season. you are upset. >> breaking my heart. >> a big basketball fan. here is your tuesday
3:11 am
forecast. snow in the rockies, expect six to 12 inches in denver and more than two feet in the mountains. rain and snow around salt lake city. morning fog from san francisco to l.a. showers from bismarck to green bay and chicago. >> 61, detroit. 72, omaha. 80, kansas city. 60s boston to baltimore. 75, atlanta. 90, phoenix. 44, billings. 52, boise. we don't have basketball, but we do have baseball. thanks to a come-from-behind victory last night, texas rangers are one win away from their first-ever world series title. cardinals had the lead until adrian beltre tied, two in the sixth. >> in the agent, napoli, tie, double, and rangers ahead 4-2. that's how the it ended. >> series back to saint louis, wednesday night's game six. cardinals have to win to extend it to decisive game seven. if not wait till next year. >> hope for game seven. with drama the playoffs are always good. more "world news now" coming up. ma the playoffs are always good. more "world news now" coming up. >> mop fhope for game seven.
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welcome back. this is one of those stories that really makes you think what would i do if this were me? it is about two preteen girls who were switched at birth. >> they recently found out about it and actually seem pretty comfortable with how everything worked out. abc's andrea canning has this amazing story. >> reporter: for 12 years this was the only mother irena had known. just a few miles down the road this was the only family anya had known. then a secret was revealed. it turns out irena and anya were accidentally switched at birth. the discovery made after a judge
3:17 am
ordered a paternity test because irena's father suspected she was not his child. he insisted she looked nothing like him. dna tests proved he was right. looking back, irena's mother remembered in the hospital there was another woman in labor at the same time as her. it turns out the babies were given the wrong nametags and sent home with the wrong parents. it is a story echoed a world away by the families of two babies from oregon who were switched at birth 58 years ago. deana and kay. >> i was born may 3, 1953. >> i was born may 3, 1953. >> growing up each girl looked nothing like the rest of their family. deane was a lone blond in the family in a family of dark hair and brown eyes. and now look at the photo if we place kay, a brunette in the picture. one of kay's friend noticed in a gathering that kay was a spitting image of siblings in
3:18 am
the engel family. tests were not necessary. instead the women had no doubt and the families embraced one another. it is the same story for irena and anya,. they are now best friends. both girls want to stay with the families that raised them. a powerful bond that will not break because of a mistake made 12 years ago. andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> unbelievable that they want to stay with the families that raised them. i understand that you have that bond. don't you think the parents would maybe want to switch them back? >> you would think. family is defined by more than blood. what the story proves. very interesting. next, an army sergeant returns home from duty but left someone behind, his beloved dog. >> how he moved heaven and earth to bring his buddy home. you're watching "world news now." home from duty but left someone behind, his beloved dog. >> how he moved heaven and earth to bring his buddy home. you're watching "world news now." biz belohis beloved dog. >> how he moved heaven and earth
3:19 am
♪ you're my best friend
3:20 am
we have had great stories about soldiers coming home and reuniting with family. they never get old. especially when kids are involved. >> this is another reunion story that involves family if you believe as so many of us do that your family includes your dog. tampa's wfts reports. >> good boy. >> reporter: thousands of miles away from home serving in kuwait, sergeant mark stanhope met steve, a dog that made a war zone seem a lit bit luke hope. >> just something to distract you from your mission and stuff look that to where you could just forget about your troubles and like do what you do at home in america. >> reporter: one night steve got attacked by another animal. some said he would have to be put down, but stanhope knew there was another option. >> a lot of people said we should try to adopt him. there were hoops to jump through. >> reporter: the sergeant decided he would jump through the hoops and formed friend of
3:21 am
steve and with the help of fundraisers raised $1,800 to bring steve to america. >> we think steve is look our, you know, refugee that we liberated and brought back to america. he served plenty of duty over there helping soldiers out, two, three years. >> reporter: steve arrived in the u.s. first. the sergeant came months later. now the two are reunited. >> first, he didn't recognize me until he got up close and smelled me. then he exploded with happiness. jumping, wagging his tail, barking, squeaking. he remembered me. >> reporter: a bond the two formed. >> something that lives on. not just a souvenir that you put in a photo album. a living sample of what we do for people and other animals. a living sample. showing we care. made them more human as opposed to worrying about the war effort. >> reporter: looking at steve will always be a reminder of why the sergeant chose to serve our country. >> how sweet. love to see the two together. i know you love the animal stories, rob. >> those guys. yeah, there we go. there we go. tried and true. good. the guy earned whatever he wants. including his dog. good to see that.
3:22 am
we'll be right back. good to see that. we'll be right back. true. good. the guy earned whatever he wants. including his dog. good to see that. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] anyone can say their hair color is less damaging.
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♪ all the other kids with the pumped kicks better run better run all the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run better run faster ♪ catchy tune there. finally this half-hour, when one record for staying under water is just not enough. >> the thinking for one diver in south florida who is hoping to add longest time spent under salt water record to the freshwater record that he already holds. miami's wplg reports. >> reporter: testing one, two, three. >> reporter: alan sherod is testing all his dive gear as he
3:26 am
prepares to set a world record for the longest salt water dive. a dive instructor for 12 years, alan has the freshwater record staying submerged for five days though he suffered from deprivation. >> the lake is not very clear. it is really isolated the i have visibility, as low as 8 inches. so just like locking yourself in a closet. >> reporter: alan says this dive will be easier because it is on a shallow reef, with good visibility off lauderdale by the sea. >> got to have jimmy buffet when you're under water for a long period of time. >> reporter: he will be listening to music on a special underwater speaker he invented. alan says the big waves really won't bother him. he is going to be about 15 feet below the surface and will have an anchor line he can slip into. his support team though will have a problem with it because they're going to be shuttling tanks out to him on the surface. while submerged for three days. 72 hours. >> 72 hours. >> underwater. >> underwater. >> reporter: he will not eat but he will drink. using a gatorade twist cap
3:27 am
bottle. >> it has a removable pod. take the pod out. put this up. drink. and then put the pod back. and take it back. >> reporter: even the extreme free divers we met on the beach think this is crazy. >> i was blown away. i didn't think that was physically possible. >> reporter: allen loves the freedom and isolation of scuba diving and doesn't plan on losing any sleep over the world record attempt. >> actually, easier to sleep underwater than it is to sleep in the bed. >> really? >> yes, you are weightless. just drifting along. >> unbelievable. you know they say the last time when he did it, the last under water attempt, he had a computer monitor, keyboard, especially rigged so he could watch movies, listen to music, get on facebook. hardest part, not having human interaction or joke around. >> after that, you crave human contact. i don't know how you pulled it off for so long. >> i am from hawaii. just comes naturally. >> six weeks. we'll have more news from abc coming right up.
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this morning on "world news now" -- help for homeowners. the president's plan to help mortgage holders hang on to the american dream. >> how this could help customers struggling with their payments, their banks and even the entire real estate industry. industry. it's tuesday, october 25th. a very good morning. i'm yunji de nies. >> i'm rob nelson. the president announced the plan in america's foreclosure capital, that's the city of las vegas. homeowners who are close to going bust after buying property during the boom may finally be getting some relief that they so desperately need. >> good news there for folks. also this half-hour, does your 2-year-old know how to use a cell phone? we'll introduce you to a texas toddler who surprised everyone with an emergency phone call that saved her mother's life.
3:31 am
>> wow, incredible story there. later this half-hour, the outdoor wedding that was really down and dirty. a dust storm made a phoenix couple's big day a truly unforgettable event. this is our favorite story of the day. the poor couple in the middle of a dust storm. that can't be good. can't be good luck. >> if the rains that's supposedly good luck. what's this? >> they're divorced. no they're not. millions of homeowners underwater and owe more than their home its worth may be getting a break. >> good news for millions of folks in the country. the president is actually bypassing congress and making it easier for those own tires refinance. john hendren is joining us from washington. hi, john. >> reporter: good morning. the goal is to make home refinancing more attractive to banks and borrowers alike. especially borrowers whose homes are worth less than their home loans. president obama is trying to set off a home refinancing boom.
3:32 am
>> if you meet certain requirements you will have the chance to refinance at lower rates which could save you hundreds of dollars a month. and thousands of dollars a year on mortgage payments. >> reporter: in las vegas the nation's unofficial foreclosure capital, he outline aid new plan one designed to affect millions of homeowners. >> if you can get 10 million to 20 million people to refinance, you are going to see the housing market look a lot stronger. >> reporter: now you can qualify for refinancing if your loan is for more than 125% of your current value of your home, that will help underwater homeowners, like jan sizemore. she holds a $300,000 mortgage for a home in plantation worth $250,000. >> we did try a couple times to do things. the run around from the bank was horrific. >> reporter: the housing secretary says that she will likely qualify. >> it could be 3,000 a year or more that they could benefit from, from the changes that we
3:33 am
are announcing today. >> reporter: the plan aims to cut fees and increase competition by executive action so he doesn't need congress to act. >> because we can't wait for congress to help our families and our economy. >> reporter: that means the president can avoid the gridlock on capitol hill. the new rules only help borrowers in good standing. you have to have a government backed loan and no late payments in six months. that still leaves 32 million people who might qualify. rob and yunji? >> huge number though. again, they at admit that the program won't help everybody because you have to be like john said, in financial good standing to benefit from the program. still millions could find relief which is good. >> interesting, a lot of political analysts have the saying let's get the president to lead. now he will bypass congress. >> this is not the end of his financial plans, and he'll announce how to help college kids repay mounting student loans which are growing astronomically. >> i still have a few of those myself. >> uh-huh. moammar gadhafi's body has been removed from the commercial freezer where it had been on display.
3:34 am
a local spokesman said gadhafi his son and top aide will likely be buried today at an undisclosed location in the desert. an inquiry ordered to determine if gadhafi was killed execution-style. in turkey, rescuers are using heavy machinery and their bare hands in the search for survivors from sunday's 7.2 earthquake. the death toll has now risen to 279. at least five people have been pulled out alive after spending more than a day buried under all that rubble. thousands of people are now living in tents with temperatures dipping below freezing overnight. back here at home, two teenagers are in custody after a 15-year-old girl was shot at their high school. she is in stable condition. the lunchtime shooting triggered a lockdown that lasted for hours. the boys were arrested after surveillance video showed them with a rifle. students and parents say there have been rumblings of gang activity at the school. attorneys for conrad murray did not waste any time trying to show that michael jackson was to
3:35 am
blame for his own death when they began presenting their side of the case monday. a doctor and long-time friend of jackson's said he refused the singer's request for an anesthetic to help him sleep. a nurse practitioner is expected to talk about michael jackson's demand for propofol when she returns to the stand later today. next, talk about a digital native. a 2-year-old girl from texas who had never made a phone call in her life managed to reach her grandmother by cell phone when her mother collapsed on the floor. the call saved her mother's life. reporter christine dobin from station ktrk in houston has this remarkable story. >> reporter: 2-year-old leah likes to playhouse. ♪ >> reporter: and sing. but it is her vocabulary that is getting her all the attention at home. >> mommy fall down on the floor. mommy fall down. >> reporter: larissa was at her mother-in-law's house last thursday. >> i was going to wash my daughter's bottle and i blacked out after that. and i woke up to my mom shaking me, waking me up. >> reporter: she did not know
3:36 am
she was diabetic and had no idea that her little girl knew how to use the phone. >> i never taught her how to use the phone. i have no clue how she picked it up. i am assuming by watching us. >> reporter: her grandmother was on the other end of the phone call. it was leah, and she said, "my mom fell down." i said, "let me talk to her." and i could hear she put the phone close to larissa. a lot of gurgling and noises. i said, "let me talk to your mom." she said, "she won't wake up." >> reporter: gonzalez called 911, and rushed to the home. larissa got to the hospital just in time. >> i can't imagine losing her. so leah really came through for us that day. >> she has been wearing a towel around the house calling herself a super hero because mommy has told her about it. definitely she is my little super hero.
3:37 am
>> reporter: and grandmother, some extra hugs. >> she likes to aggravate and pick on her grandma. she is my best friend. >> oh. christine dobin from houston. love that hug. little super hero with the towel around her neck. love it. >> doctors say she was ten minutes away from death. every second counted. thank god the little girl was there. impressive. good story. we now know the title of the book that first lady michelle obama is write being her white house garden. the publisher says it will be called "american grown" or, if you like the full long title, t, "american grown: how the white house kitchen garden inspires families, schools and communities." the book goes on sale in april, all the proceeds will go to charity. well, buyer beware. you may not be getting the fish you ordered at your favorite seafood restaurant. a five-month-long investigation by the "boston globe" found that nearly half the fish tested at
3:38 am
stores and restaurants was sold under the wrong species name. the reasons range from outright deceit to increase prices to honest mistakes. the report says 86% of the seafood that we eat is imported and the government only inspects 2% of that. >> bon appetite. well the sixth hurricane of the season barreling through the northwest caribbean. sorry. hurricane rina stirring up 80-mile-an-hour winds and could hit 120 miles an hour as the storm reaches the yucatan peninsula. rina on track to make landfall near cancun but not expected to affect us here in the u.s. and if you live in denver, you're in for a shock. the area is actually bracing for its first snowfall of the season. temperatures are plunging from 80 degrees yesterday to just 30 degrees today. the snow starts coming down this evening. by tomorrow night, there will be 6 to 12 inches in the city and more than 2 feet in the mountains. from 80 to snow. i would go nuts.
3:39 am
are you kidding me? oh. can't believe winter is here. good luck, denver. here is a look at your weather -- the snow stretches into jackson, wyoming, montana, new mexico. rain around salt lake city. morning fog along the california coast. showers from bismarck and fargo to the twin cities. green bay, chicago, dry day for those of us on the east coast. >> 62 here in new york in fact. 60 in boston. 80s, miami, dallas. new orleans. indianapolis gets up to 72. detroit, 61, 50s from seattle to salt lake city. >> what would "world news now" be without a guinness book of world records story. i feel like we read one every night. just 5,000 people live in the small town of highwood, illinois. they managed to carve 30,000 pumpkins over the weekend in a bid for a guinness record. partly by enlisting the children. >> give the kids the knives. boston holds the record for most lit jack-o'-lanterns on display. 30,128, record set in 2006. but highwood looks to have beaten that with 30,900. all placed on tall scaffolding
3:40 am
that line four of the town's five downtown blocks. >> here is my question -- what do they do with all the pumpkin seeds? >> congratulations on that record. we'll be right back with more right after this. ♪ cuts like a knife ♪ yeah, it cuts like a knife . ♪ cuts like a knife ♪ yeah, it cuts like a knife
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3:44 am
parents kept him, steve jobs would have grown up in green bay, wisconsin. and if the couple at the top of the adoption list would have kept him he would have been raised by lawyers. except that when i popped out they decided at the last minute that they really wanted a girl. >> reporter: instead, fate placed jobs in the hand of two high school dropouts in what would become silicone valley. but geography was only part of his destiny. and as he told his biographer, walter isaacson, the adoptive parents helped mold his mind from the very start. >> the girl across the street said, "oh, you were adopted. that means your parents didn't want you." they said, "no, you don't get it. we picked you out specially." and emphasized every word. >> reporter: that sense of being special only got stronger the day he realized he was smarter
3:45 am
than his father. his dad knew it, too. when he would get in trouble, his parents blamed the school. steve jobs came of age believing the rules didn't apply to him. hardly a unique impulse in the '60s. but dropping acid he said opened his creative mind. finding himself in india taught him the power of intuition. and his first foray into business -- selling a gadget that would trick the phone company into making a free long distance call. he explained in the film, silicone valley, a 100 year renaissance, his eyes lit up at the sign of his mischief. >> we figured out how to build one. the first digital blue box in the world. >> reporter: so the most successful capitalist of our time started as a hippy hooligan and stayed a buddhist rebel. none of that may have mattered without the high school dropouts. mom and dad took him in, gave him love and convinced a worried boy that he was special. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is a sometimes
3:46 am
brutal portrait of a guy who was very complex at how he handled his employees and family. but all the fascination with steve jobs and all he created, it seems destined to be the best seller of the year. bill weir, abc news, new york. >> something i want to read. >> associated press gave a review for this generation and said it is "must read history." the biography. fascinating book. check it out. all right, coming up next, the serious secrets revealed by a former star of "saturday night live". >> nasty remarks on last night's "dancing with the stars" and find out who said what next in "the skinny." check it out. all right, coming up next, the serious secrets revealed by a former star of "saturday night live". >> nasty remarks on last night's "dancing with the stars" and find out who said what next in "the skinny." and find out who said what next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny it is time for "the skinny," and we have a lot to talk about tonight. >> yes, jump right in. >> let's get right to it. starting with "dancing with the stars," if you didn't watch, you missed fireworks. max attacks, the partner of hope solo and len, who is one of the judges. len was railing on their performance. and, maks stood up for the
3:49 am
couple. take a listen. >> this is your worst dance of -- dance of the season. >> as long as the audience liked our journey. >> i've been in this business for 50 years. my opinion as a judge is different from >> don't be like that. >> don't be disrespectful. >> everybody is putting a lot of effort. everybody on the balcony has been dying and killing themselves. >> sharp tongue there. my advice to maks, don't rail on the judge. probably not great. >> they get frustrated. i understand. >> they didn't have the best performance. definitely the case tonight. the performances that were the best. ricki/derek, j.r./karina. they each scored 29 out of 30. giving it to j.r. to win the whole competition. the worst score of the night tonight, chaz bono, he did a "phantom of the opera," and it didn't take off. the judges were not too kind, just 19 points. you have the hot story of the
3:50 am
night. >> this could be pretty hot. from tmz, guess who is going to pose "playboy," and guess what she's going to get paid to do it? $1 million for a naked lindsay lohan. the deal has been in the works for months. she wanted $1 million off the bat. initially shunned $750,000, it just wasn't enough. apparently came back with a higher offer, not quite $1 million. she signed on the dotted line. the shoot started over the weekend. so it is in the works right now. they don't know which issue that she'll land in. probably, you know of course get the cover or whatever. doing the shoot apparently while doing her community service. >> maybe that's why she was late because she was shooting. >> i don't know. you have to see whether she is, how much interest there will be in her. i don't think. >> i think it will sell well. a lot of magazines. okay. moving on now, ex--snl" star, darrell hammond, out with a new book talking pretty shocking details.
3:51 am
while he was on "snl" he reveals a drug-ridden past. not necessarily what you would expect. he says alcohol, cocaine, he even moved on to going to crack houses in harlem. when he couldn't access drugs or alcohol he was cutting himself backstage. at one point nbc had to take him away in a straitjacket. he is now clean and sober and writing all about it in his tell-all book. >> brilliant comedian, impersonator. "snl" has a real history with that kind of stuff. the latest in a long line. the next story is very telling about hollywood, stacy keebler, female wrestler, beautiful, tall blond. she is george clooney's latest girlfriend. before she got with clooney, she was $10,000 for a personal appearance. because she is dating an a-lister she is charging $25,000 for a personal appearance for as long as the relationship with george will last should be at least another day or two. that is how hollywood work. 150% increase because you are dating an a-lister.
3:52 am
>> wonder if he gets to come with her. included, two for one. >> you make that money, stacy. stacy. >> you make that money, stacy. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
3:53 am
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call this toll-free number now. ♪ to the ground and said marry me juliet ♪ ♪ you never have to be alone well, finally this half-hour, it was an easy choice this morning for our what -- favorite story of the day. what was supposed to be a lovely outdoor wedding -- >> lovely until mother nature got involved. not talking a little rain. angie hallsworth of our phoenix affiliate has the dusty details. the little things are the big things -- >> reporter: you could say jennifer and gus' wedding day was breathtaking. and the look on gus' face in the ceremony says it all. >> i looked up and saw the big wall of dust coming. if you see the youtube video. my face goes big. we're about to get hammered right now. >> reporter: the storm in florence early september only got worse from there. >> it was a little uncomfortable
3:56 am
to tell you the truth. the veil starts going. going away. trying to hold the dress. not stepping all over it. >> reporter: in seconds, a true testament to the statement "love is blind." >> let's just end it. get out of here. see the trees swaying. you see nothing after a while. i was thinking let's get it over with. we're eating a mouthful of dirt. >> reporter: blanket of brown making it nearly in possible to see. the judge, trying to stay on target. >> he was focused, he was concentrated on focusing, trying to get it through. >> i pronounce you -- >> reporter: in the end, love still prevails. [ applause ] >> reporter: the wedding pictures may be not exactly what they expected. their lives together beginning with a little test of patience.
3:57 am
and a little humor. >> at first i was, you know, a little upset about it, but at the same time, what are you going to do -- it's weather. >> reporter: with a little help from mother nature this bride can say her dream wedding was anything but forgettable. >> i love that they got through the service and got married. >> props to the judge. >> stick to it. and then they will always have a great -- uh-oh. >> oh. >> oh, man. reminds me of college. joking. all right. oh, man. oh, man.'s f he >> on a roll. that's the news for this half-hour. won't miss our updates on facebook. >> catch our tweets on twitter. stay in touch on air and online. coming up more news from abc. >> awful.
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