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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 26, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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anything. >> city crews finished power washing and cleaning up the plaza area that once served home to hundreds of campers. they installed chain link fencing. protestors stood behind the line promising their efforts are far from over. >> should we expect the protestors to stay? >> no. >> why stay? >> the first thing worth giving a damn about my generation has had. >> this is a live picture. we are looking across broadway tours just to reopen the heart scape area just reopened to the public. you can see they already put a sign up there the protester but again the interior area the glass area where folks camp for two weeks remain closed. the mayor gave a public briefing as we speak. the mayor talked about how much
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tons of garbage were removed from that encampment. another ten tons of personal property is being kept in a warehouse by the city so that the demonstrators who were camped there and that property belongs to would claim it. we are expecting more demonstrations tonight. in oakland abc 7. >> what is happening in oakland is starting to hurt ordinary hard-working people. the very people demonstrators are supposedly fighting for. nick smith is live with that story. >> this is two-doors down from the store that was vandalized. these businesses continue to pop up all over oakland. when i asked why he choose oakland he says because it's growing and vibrant and he wanted to be here. >> they put a dark cloud over the entire city. a dark cloud is what he also had to face. he was a part of that dark cloud
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and looted for equipment during last night's clash between protestors and police. >> the shop had been broken into and rabed. he, too, had been vandalized. >> we are part of a new breed of business downtown oakland. we want to see a vibrant bustling city center. >> i have heard many times how businesses are challenged these types of events. it costs them money and their people are fearful to come to work. >> jay russell says they believe his business was targeted simply because it was a bank. what he believes the vandals didn't know is his bank is a small independent operation that focuses on giving loans to people operating businesses in communities like oakland.
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they know that demonstrations are planned for tonight. both say they have absolutely no plans on leaving because they, too, are part of the 99 percent. in oakland nick smith abc 7 news. the city of san francisco is trying to prevent clashes like those in oakland. officials began warning the occupy sf kampers. this morning police officers handed out notices to the camp at justin her man plaza warning people conditions there are a danger to public health. they are going to have to leave. the protestors are planning a new encampment outside city hall. >> we would be visible to the supervisors and the mayor when they come and go to work every day. >> this afternoon mayor met with city officials to plan out a ban against over yinight camping an what to do if violence did erupt. >> hoping we don't have to resort to anything that represents a forced removal. we are prepared to have to
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enforce our laws. >> the mayor says san francisco already surpassed it's 100,000 dollar budget for pat controlling the encampment. a handful of occupy san jose protestors moved back into city hall plaza this morning. the protestors have been spending their nights across the street after being moved out by police early this week. police are not trying to remove one protester who is perched on top of a large wall next to the plaza. he has been there for three-days e. does not plan on coming down until police stop removing the camper from the plaza below. police still plan on removing because of the safety concern. >> a different type of protest is taking place in oakland tonight. in if the last half hour parents students and he had dierts upset the local schools could be closed are holding a rally. melendez is outside of the meeting getting underway right now. >> parents are marching at this hour coming down broadway from a moth wood park. it's about half mile march, if
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you will, to this location oakland tech where the board meeting will be held. we are told that it will be a long night. >> at the 11th hour there was still hope oakland school board would keep five elementary schools open. the school district says oakland has a problem. it has too many schools. about 100 serving 38 thousand students. that's twice the average for a school district that size. by closing five schools the district would save about $2 million a year. >> we really have to get in alignment and when we scale back to a manageable number of schools we will be able to invest that much more heavily into remaining schools so we can have richer programs at the sites. >> the schools are lakeview, santa fe and maxwell park. all serve children in communities of color. she has four grandchildren she is responsible for picking and dropping them off.
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now they have to attend another school that won't be apz close to where she lives. she says i don't drive and i don't have a car. the teacher's union says it's never been on board with closing these schools even though teachers will be transferred to other locations. >> we will work closely with them to make sure they are matched with the school where they feel comfortable and where they have seniority rights. >> oakland faces yet another problem which will be addressed at tonight's meeting. two other schools as sent and learning without limits will ask to break away from the district. their plan is to con fevert to independent charter schools. without those two schools oakland unified stands to lose $4 million. >> i would say there's still room for hope but not room for
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optimism. >> the student would not be a part of the oakland unified school district. they would not get money from the state where as the other five schools slated to close are not leaving the school district they are transferring. they would still be getting that money from the state. the two million they would be saving of course they are going to be saving 2 million in maintenance fees and other costs involved in running the school. at this hour the parents have not arrived. they are still marching i am told even though the school board meeting started at 5:00. a parole lee is responsible for the death of a driver. a man driving a bmw was killed yesterday as he exited highway 242. a white pickup truck slammed into the bmw. parole lee was driving the pickup both he and the passenger
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joshua simmons were arrested on charges related to the fatal crash. they were trying to pull him over for talking on a cell foenl. >> the driver immediately fled from the scene there was a brief pursuit in the neighborhood around that intersection. >> the pickup truck turned out to be stolen and police say they found a hand gun inside of ait mentd>> a >> a lot of people are worried about a southern california man believed to be missing. he hasn't spoken to family since he arrived on the 26th. he suffers from bipolar disorder. he hasn't taken his meds since late september. he is a threat to himself. he is 5 feet 10 inches tall 170 pounds blonde hair blue eyes he was last seen october 21st wearing two different colored shoes. if you spot him call the san francisco police department
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immediately. >> california attorney general is going after two water companies and bottle supplier after they make claims mrplasti bottles are biodegradable. >> the state is trackicracking n a people saying things are environmentally friendly when it may not be. wood recyclers were suspicious when this plastic water bottle was said to be biodegradable. how are you going to enrich the earth with plastic? >> she agrees and filed a lawsuit against two water companies and the bottle sup mrief for illegally claiming bottles are biodegradable. they are seeking to have the products removed from store
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shelv shelves. >> this is about making sure we protect our environment. >> it stands behind the technology. the new jersey department says with certain additives the bottle degrades in place with microbes. >> it digests the enzo bottle leaving behind only natural soil and gases. >> environmental groups say there's no such thing as a bio d degradeable bottle. they rprohibit the use of the word awe with plastic bottles. >> smaller pieces don't provide any environmental benefit. >> they reluctantly may change the bottle supplier despite a strong belief in enzo's research. >> we are presented with credible and strong evidence
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from enso. >> the other water company says independent tests concluded the bottle is biodegradable and would never make false claims because of the strong environmental quality. coming up 7 on your side michael finney shows how many workers are throwing away free money being offered by employers. >> fire crews taking fire boarding seriously. >> gusty winds and low humidity in the hills keeping the fire danger up. what is going down tonight? temperatures i will show you how cold it's about to get. >> also here at 5 putting cancer screenings to the test. there
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oo he came back to his room to find the ipad messing. he used the locator feature and the map said it was still in town and at the home of the hotel made. the made said it was all a big mistake she was not feeling stealing the device. they asked them to turn on the tracking feature. >> you would go in and turn on the location services study. through that apple can use either gps or wi-fi triangulation to locate your device. >> this is a good reminder to use your hotel safe. a new study shows 30 percent of those eligible for 401 k plans
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do not get the full company match. as you may already know many companies match employee's contributions to the retirement savings plan. a common match is $0.50 on the dollar. they get 5,000 dollars from the company. total retirement savings 15,000 dollars. there are hedge fund managers who would kill for a return from that. those likely not to contribute enough are workers in the 20s and the women. talk about sour losers when hotel casino is suing a couple who won money at a cass knoll. you think you walk out a winner what is done is done but not if the casino feels cheated. reports say when they won more than 700 thousand in craps 175,000 of that in 7 throws of
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the dice. the duo a dice sliding. that is holding a dice in a winning position and then pretending to randomly throw them. this is not a common form of cheating since it takes a great deal of skill. >> after you leave the casino you can look at the tapes and think no i don't think so. michael thank you. >> the national weather service has a red flag warning for parts of the bay area tonight. they have ramped up sources to deal with any wildfires that break out. >> this is exactly what cal fire is worried about. the rafire started in the afternoon and spread to 60 acres. even though the summer season is officially over october is historically a dangerous month. >> santa ana winds fire back in the 20s. all of those occurred during the month of october late in the
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year. >> garcia lives in the dry hills of east san jose. he doesn't need this sign near his home or a red flag warning to tell him conditions make him vulnerable. >> with the wind and the hills it's very real. >> fire agencies are most concerned about low humidity and strong winds. the weather service predicts frequent wind gusts from the north to northeast in the range of 35 to 40 miles an hour. >> the winds are a double edged sword not only make them grow faster and quicker they dry out these glasses that are already dry. >> the east bay hills as well as the diablo range in santa clara county are especially at risk. she had a close call with a grass fire and once was enough. >> stoched at the house in the hill. >> the warning means burn permits are not being issued and
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no control burns taking place. everyone should be on high alert. >> don't be complacent. probably a big thing. just because the weather turned down doesn't mean we have a fire. >> cal fire serving at the bay area had six fire engines ready to respond. but the red flag weather alert triggered another three engines to come on-line. in morgan hills corinna rusk, abc 7 news. >> there is red flag danger around the bay area tonight. >> cheryl the fire danger remains high tonight over the hilltops right now winds are gusting close to 20 miles per hour. the relative humidity has dropped in the last 24-hours. it is now 6-12 percent in the north and east bay hills. you can see how dry the air mass is. skies are pretty clear across the bay area with the exception of a couple of matches of fog there earlier today. we are looking at red flag warning continuing until 6:00 a.m. for east bay hills and
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d'abolio range gusts 25 miles an hour. although earlier there were higher gusts and we are still looking at low humidity. even at the lower elevations humidity is dropping. we have teams being reported ooch>> low 70s for san jose napa, santa rosa and low to mid 60s down in peninsula in the mid 70s. here are the highlights clear and cold inland mild day tomorrow. we are looking at minor ups and downs the next few days. temperatures are going down tonight. this morning some of you may have noticed it was really cold in some of the north bay valleys dropping down into the mid 30s we are going there again as we head into tomorrow morning. 36 degrees in napa 37 in santa rosa. it was a chilly start this morning. my 5-year-old daughter said i need my scarf and gloves. good idea. tomorrow morning you need to
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bundle up. 30 in livermore con kwoerd valet hoe. clear year the coastlines. we are looking at radiational cooling. 36 degrees in san jose. as you look at the satellite picture this picture provided us where the moderate offshore wind event no offshore flow is diminishing after this area of high pressure is moving eastward. we will head into tomorrow no major changes are coming dry pattern well into next week. high pressure will be the controlling factor here. you can see the jet stream well to the north of us no storms for the next 7 days in the bay area. high temperatures in sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. 70 half-moon bay. got up to 72 degrees today. nice looking day. 71 in san francisco.
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70s napa. oakland 72 by the afternoon. antioch, fairfield, san jose all in the mid 70s. palo alto 75 degrees. temperatures at or slightly above normal in some locations. you are looking at sunshine as well. 74 santa cruz 7 five-watt sonville and morgan hill. 70s from coast to inland tomorrow. few patches of fog may reform on friday dropping your temperatures a few degrees at the coast. notice subtle changes from day-to-day it is going to be a treat for halloween, for trick or treaters and any one who has plans for halloween. looking great. no rain in sight. >> a local church's prize possession is found half covered in a scrap yard. >> new at 6, 7 on your side michael finney looks at whether
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>> another small earthquake hit the bay area. it was magnitude 3.2 centered around blackhawk. no damage was reported. two other 3.0 or grart magnitude quakes have hit the bay area over the past ten-days. >> new study finds annual x-ray screening does not help prevent deaths from lung cancer. 150,000 former smokers were part of a 13 year study. those who have chest x-ray screenings were just as likely to die from lung cancer than those who didn't have the test. another recent study found fewer lung cancer deaths for those who had a special ct imagining scan
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early verses a chest x-ray. both studies conclude there is no evidence to support prescreening for those who don't have symptoms. this is from the journal of medical association. we are glad to tell you the church bell that wint missing in san francisco has turned up in west oakland. working on a tip they found the church bell near the 158 vaj yard close to okay land. it was sitting on top of two beams covered with a tarp. the 500 pound bell might have been close to being melted down for skap metal. it is a minor nin any miracle they say. >> at least it has been recovered in tact which is great. >> we have more ahead. >> coming up a south bay family have theirosososos
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>> coming up at 6:00 iraq war veteran among the casualties in
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okay land. allegations he was a victim of excessive force. >> how far to go in the clean tech industry. the possible trade war looming with china. potholes or pension. crisis across the country. make other break decision san francisco voters it's all coming up on the news at 6:00. back to cheryl and dan. >> we love this story. a kitty will never fly cargo again. from now on he will be the first class feline. >> he got lost in the american airlines baggage area at jfk international in new york. >> miraculously jack fell through the ceiling tiles in customs. he never made it through customs. >> he lost the weight and is dehydrated. as soon as he is given the all clear he will fly home to san jose. >> hopefully they will keep a better eye


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