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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> a bit of a cleanup in oakland. some minor damage following a saturday night march held by "occupy" protesters. >> oakland's plaza has been peaceful today but tonight we're hearing some of the demonstrators are planning to occupy the mayor's office tomorrow unless one key demanned is given. >> tomorrow, "occupy oakland" protesters say they plan to occupy the mayor's office to make some demands, the chief among them is they want the return of some of the medical supplies that were taken in last
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tuesday's police raid. the plaza is quiet today. 100 people are gathered here. new tents replaced those taken in last tuesday's police action. there are now 40 tents on the grounds. what has not been fully replaced are the medical supplies. volunteer medics want the city to return their supplies immediately. >> we had many medical supplies, herbs, gauze, first aid supplies, over over the counter medicine. our tents were taken we you for treatments, and we had 'an extensive supply tent full of everything you need for first aid. >> medics say they will occupy the mayor's office until their supplies are returned. last night, several hundred protesters took to the streets in downtown oakland. while the crowd was loud, there were no reports of violence. one window was broken at the
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oakland police department recruiting office but for the most part the march was peaceful. volunteer nurses and medics are going to hold a news conference at 10:00 a.m., and after the news conference, they say they're going to occupy the mayor's office until their supplies are returned or replaced. and they're getting read for wednesday's general strike, and they're saying they're going to try to shut down the oakland port as part of the general strike. >> dozens of tents popped out of santa rosa's city hall, and the protesters are being allowed to keep their camp site at city hall for now. here's more. >> reporter: about 30 tents pop late the front lawn of santa rosa city hall. ths is one of the most recent
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encampments. >> seems like a long tiernlg but -- long time but it's worth it. >> reporter: he is one of a dozen people who pitched their tent this weekend. the decision was made this weekend to go ahead and allow "occupy" santa rosa to set up tents here on the city hall lawn. the city manager tells us this was the decision made to alleviate any unnecessary conflict. >> it was best to avoid a so-called showdown. that was not in our interests or their interests. >> for city leaders this raises the usual concern of city codes cleanliness and safety but the city's decision to allow tents is an of working with the group to avoid the flairup witnessed last week in oak leafnltdz during -- oakland. >> we have allowed them to set up tents here at the property without a permit. so we didn't have that formal discussion at city council as
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far as taking formal action on what we will permit on the grounds. >> for observers, this encampment brings the movement to their home. >> universal healthcare and there's a lot of issues that they're working on. that's a couple of important ones to a lot of americans. >> even some who support the idea there remain key questions. >> they don't know what they're trying to change exactly, and who and how and why and all that stuff is all vague. >> reporter: in santa rosa, abc-7 news. >> city health and safety violation are threatening the existence of many of these camps. that's why the "occupy" san francisco protesters developed their own security teams. tent peace keepers are making sure they're safe, clean, and drug-free. they wear arm bands to be easily identified by protesters and police. >> we decided to get together and police ourselves, so then
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the police don't have to step in and be a nuisance upon themselves and us. >> the peacekeepers are trying to make the area more family friendly. they say they want to include children in their activities because much of the occupy movement is geared toward a better future for them. >> across the nation this weekend, "occupy" protesters clashed with police. most notably in austin, denver, and portland. portland arrested demonstrators after the rue fees towd leave a -- refused to leave a park. the second clash came after officers cleared out an amphitheater so they could power wash it, and denver police used pepper spray on demonstrators inside the colorado state capitol. it's illegal to protest in the the building. there were seven arrests there.
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>> a surfer is in fair condition in hospital after a shark attack. the shark attacked eric tan teen know yesterday morning at marino state beach. he managed to get away from the shark and swim to shore. his friend was surfing with tarantino 150-yard offshore. >> came down on the wave, saw him screaming shark, shark, shark. at that point i didn't know what was going on. >> taryn teen know had gashes in his arm and neck, nearly missing his jugular. when he got to shore he was in shock. his board was badly damaged with a 19-inch gash. >> much more ahead this evening. up next, so where is the treat? the halloween trick played on the east coast this weekend. >> also ahead, herman cain talks about the ad. >> not a cool thing to do.
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>> the message he says this campaign commercial intended to convey, a little later. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. what a terrific day. it has been a terrific fall weekend. i hope you enjoyed it because some big weather changes dinner? candles?
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>> on the east coast, all that white mixed in with the autumn colors is caution huge problems. the early snow weighted down tree branches heavy with autumn leaves, second the branches crashing on power lynns, billions of homes and businesses have no electricity tonight. here's more on the storm that shattered october snowfall records. >> reporter: it was mother nature's halloween trick. a freak nor'easter, plunging 60 million people into premature winter. a ghostly mantle of white settled over the eastern u.s. from maryland to maine, and jack-o-lanterns looked more like jack frost, but to those in the storm's grip, it's a monster mess. >> hate it, hate it, hate it.
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i can't even express how much i hate it. >> we're shocked. >> the weight of wet snow and the fierce of wind toppled trees on houses and branches on to powerline. one line fell on this car. >> wouldn't go near the car because the wire is live as far is a know. >> three million thrown into the dark. >> see a flash in the sky, and then a whole neighborhood would go out. >> was this using candles and flashlights. >> officials warn the ordeal is not over. >> extensive and long-term power outages and i'm advised at least initially looks like some people could be without power for as much as a week. >> workers spent the day clearing countless felled trees and branches littering the storm's path. more than 1,000 airline flights were grounded. passengers on one jetblue flight were strand for hours. >> i bathrooms are locked. people are upset. >> we sat on the tarmac four and
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a half hours. >> sleeping at the airport. >> making theirs a harrowing halloween weekend for all the wrong reasons. >> we checked on weather-related delays at the airport. everything is getting back on schedule. >> this evening, herman cain explains his ad. >> the bay area global warming skeptic who says he proved the other side. >> leigh glaser says the cooldown is coming and might bring and
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>> in turkey this weekend thousands of displaced earthquake victims spent another night in freezing temperatures. they're living in a tent city in eastern turkey. workers using excavators began clearing the rubble as home diminished for survivors trapped in collapsed buildings. the death toll in the earthquake now stands at almost 600. >> some relief for four people in southern vietnam as water levels along the river are slowly receding. locals are barely hanging on to their homes. low-lying homes on stilts are flooded. 500 families have homes underwater or at risk of severe flooding, officials think more significant relief with come next week.
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>> in the u.s., prominent physicist who spent years trying to prove that global warming is a fraud has done a 180 and agrees that climate change does exist. this is a photo of the physicist, richard muller, with his daughter. to two years he tried to prove that mainstream scientist were warm about global warming. out in he says his research shows the earth is warming by 1.6 degrees than the 1950s. many of his fellow skeptics are calling him a traitor. a quarter of his funding came from a group tied to global warming deniers. >> let's check on our current conditions. you look so festive. >> leigh: tomorrow is a big day, and if you have kids i don't have to remind you that we're ending a terrific weekend. hope you got out and enjoyed it because it is going to turn kind of cold and maybe get some showers here as we head towards the latter part of the work
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week. nice shot, high definition mt. tamalpais. some fog off the coast, some will greet us overnight. here's a look at current readings. yes, very mild. 79 right now in antioch, with 78 in napa. 66 in san francisco. 64 in half moon bay. los gatos, mid-70s. san jose, 75. we're going with just a little bit of fog on the coast. slightly cooler tomorrow but it will be dry for all the trick-or-treaters tomorrow evening. and then as we get into tuesday and wednesday, we will see those offshore winds redevelop, and that has prompted a fire weather watch. we'll touch on that in a moment. you can see the clearing off the coast and you can also get a sense of the fog that will be moving right near the coast. i think inland communities, you will remain dry, fog-free, that is, overnight. temperatures may come up a few degrees from last night in the
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north bay, 43. 48 for san rafael. san francisco, 54. palo alto, 50, and look for 48 for live moore. here is the setup for at least the first half of our work week. high pressure will be with us one more day, so expect temperatures, they're still going to be in the 60s and 70s. it will be tuesday when this low here slowly pushes towards the east of suspicion the -- east of us, and the circulation will drive the winds from land to sea and will prompt a fire-weather watch. we're looking for gusts to 40 miles-per-hour and extremely low relative humidity, so keep that in mind. the winds will pick up in higher elevations on tuesday, and then this fire-weather watch will be cancelled by early wednesday morning. highs tomorrow, coming down a few degrees.
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73 for san jose. at our beaches, maybe a little patchy fog to start, and then half moon bay, 63. 70 for redwood city. san francisco, 66 degrees. north bay, temperatures warming nicely into the 70s. 72 for petaluma. on the east bay, oakland tomorrow, warming to 7 3. look for 73 union city, and interior east bay, mild. concord, 74. and even look for gilroy tomorrow warming to 77 degrees. and oh, yes, i did not forget about this. the very important forecast for the trick-or-treatersle sunset tomorrow at it 6:12. mostly clear. temperatures near the coast, a little fog in the 50s as the kids head out, and inland temperatures in the mid-60s. thursday and friday, chance of showers. look at those temperatures. a huge drop friday and saturday, only in the 60s. maybe upper 50s, and next sunday -- not tonight but next
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sunday is when we fall back. we set our clocks back one hour. >> the smile on the old 49ers' face keeps getting bigger every week. >> mike: i'm an old 49er. it did look good today after the bye week as they tack care of the browns, and the 49ers' defense made life easy for
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>> mike: the bye week has not been kind to nfl teams, they're
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combined 3-9 after the week off but the 49ers improved the stat with a win over the browns. brown's second play, brooks coming in like a wild man without his helmet. forces a fumble. five plays later, isaac blompging for frank gore. 7-0 niners. four straight 100-yard game ties the current record. harbaugh, his approach to offense on this showed up. staley, showing off his skill set. 17-yard first down catch. led to a field goal. second, gore looking to tack on more. looks like he is in but the knee ruled down before the ball breaks the plane. former browns first round pick braylon edwards back in the lineup and healthy. alex hits him on the quick slant. first down. five plays later they're in the end zone. alex to michael crabtree.
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two-yard score. 17-3 niners at the half. to the fourth, harbaugh calls on his d-line this time. smith, big first down inside the 20, led to a field goal. niners with the 20-10 victory. >> first time in my seven years, a good opportunity. le win a game the way we won it, that's real good for us. >> mike: in st. louis, rams tapping into some of the cardinals' magic. brandon lloyd, first touchdown as a ram. st. louis stuns the saints for their first win of the season, falling out of the andrew luck sweepstakes. >> raiders have a bye week as the try to get carson palmer up to speed. tebow mania got a reality check today. tebow to the end zonal -- zone.
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100-yard pick sick. tebow, two turnovers, led to touchdowns. lions dominate denver 45-10. >> we have to revisit yesterday's stanford, usc triple overtime game of the week. stanford came out thanks to, who else, andrew luck. they moved ahead of boise state to number four. andrew throws this pick six. he cannot believe what he did. his fourth pick of the year, which put usc up seven. then it's in overtime where the cardinal won, recovering this fumble. >> missed a throw, interception for a touchdown. he was so upset, and he was upset for about 45 seconds. then he flushed and it moved on and made the plays to help us win the game. >> mike: thought he won the heisman with that game. world champion cardinals had a victory parade in st. louis.
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>> coming up in a half hour at 6:00, computers, competition. >> he said you shamelessly ripped off other people's ideas. >> that's what steve jobs had to
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say about bill gates. tonight gate's response and what he has to say about working with jobs over the past 30 years. >> her man -- herman cain is defending an ad showing this campaign manager smoke a cigarette. >> it brought more than a million clicks to the web site. this is the scene. that's cain's adviser taking a deep drag from a cigarette and exhaling into the camera. cain told cbs the ad is not meant to endorse smoking but to convey a message about personal liberty and, quote, letting people be people. >> young people of america, all people, do not smoke. it is hazardous and it's dangerous to your health. don't smoke. i never smoked and i have encouraged people not to smoke. not. >> not a could go thing to do. >> that's what what is was trying to say. >> cane was diagnosed with liver and colonan


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