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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 31, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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city workers were washing down the hard escape around the campers. unlike the last camp the new area did not include open flames. food is being cooked off site then brought to the plaza for distribution. still, campers are not abiding by rules laid down last week by the mayor. like the ban on overnight camping. >> people don't want to be camped out forever they don't just want a place sti. >> demonstrators are gearing up for wednesday's strike an event sourced by the oakland education association. >> i think we're going to shut down the port. we'll shut down banks too. but main thing is for workers to show combined strength. not only by not working but not consuming. >> the oakland unified school district expects a large number of teachers. >> so those teacher who's do process leave and arrange for a substitute on wednesday by
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the close of today october 31 they will be allowed to participate. >> and now the teachers being told to take a personal day it's a paid day off like a vacation day. the mayor told city workers he'll want to participate in wednesday's strike we're showing you line there at the commerce area, they're calling it getting prepared for this afternoon. occupy oakland organizers expected to hold a press conference this hour to explain what they have in mind for the general strike n oakland abc 7 news. >> and is f.this goes off as planned it won't be the first general strike. will it?. >> no. there was a large general strike one of the country's largest and last general strikes in 1946. i think we're showing you pictures now. this is when 130,000 workers organized and went on strike
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in support of retail clerks about 400 women at this time were trying to unionize their jobs at two department stores and what set off the strike police started to he is sko supreme court trucks to two department stores. the unions got involved at this point. 130,000 workers went on a two day strike shutting down the city for two days. >> and abc 7's vic lee apparently has a show of support today from city officials. >> the resolution supporting occupy sf passed in committee today. it's now on route to the full board for approval. >> my hope is that this resolution helps to prevent a crack down. >> the supervisor co-sponsored this resolution which drew
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lots of protestors to the committee hearing. >> no amount of tear gas is going to displace us. we're not going to be pushed around. we're not going to let cops tell us what to do. we're here we're going to make a stand. >> the author hopes that the city will continue dialogue. >> we need to figure out how to cooperate. >> that with the mayor has already produced results. and this weekend occupiers are willing to remove tents and tarps temporarily so crews can steam clean the plaza. still they say the mayor needs to do more. >> we have started some form of dialogue. the mayor doesn't recognize us and see us. >> the mayor scheduled nornl meeting tomorrow. >> if he expresses a willingness to help we're going to try to look for levels of coop raichlgts. >> and down here is the
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latest. mayor lee is meeting with the department heads this afternoon police fire, help and public works to see what progress has been achieved and how things are going tomorrow meeting with representatives and they have offered support. bottom line is that mayor says there will be no police action as long as they're talking and they are. >> and occupy san jose recognized proestor split from the group and says he doesn't want anything he does to reflect on the group. he's been atop a three-story wall outside city hall. he says he plans to stay there 99 days to represent 99% of americans who are not wealthy. >> he spoke about being up on
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the wall how he's not representative anymore of the movement. and that he represents his own interests and was originally motivated by things happening to us down here he's now his own entity. >> police decided to let him remain on the wall for safety reasons and they do say they will arrest him as soon as he climbs down. the group says it supports his decision. a surfer who attacked a -- survived an attack p a great chit whit shark saturday in so called red triangle between stintson beach andmont rai. half of all great white shark attacks occur there. david louie joins us from the hospital where the 27-year-old was treated. >> no doubt body language can communicate a lot. in this case he expressed how grateful he was he survived
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and went home after only two days in the hospital. he had to be treated for shark bites to the right arm, neck and left thumb. the wound to his neck was 2 mm from his artery f torn open massive bleed wog have resulted with possibly deadly consequences. the 27-year-old said he would only make a brief statement. >> i want to thank every one that support immediate. friends on the beach paramedics helped me and did a great job. and also everyone at the hospital. and i feel lucky and grateful now he managed to get to shore with the help of a fellow surfer friends then controlled bleeding. the shark took a bite out of his surf board. doctors performed surgery on his neck and thumb. >> he's recovering well. and the arm has been repaired and he seems to be happy with
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his recovery and happy to be going back home. >> dr. klein said he will be on painkillers and is concerned about bacteria from the shark's mouth complicating recovery. >> he'll be on antibiotics to make sure the wounds don't become infected. >> new warning signs have gone up to alert surfers and swimmers of the attack. this sign posted at moss landing. he left the hospital with his girlfriend he left reporter was parting words... >> feeling good. thank you. >> and he's feeling good, he said. his biggest challenge will be managing pain. his doctors say good health as well as youth are in his favor for a fast recovery. >> and some potentially explosive cargo has trucks backed up today. shutting down two terminals because of concerns over
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containers. the union says similar containers exploded in vietnam. manufacturers have issued safety warnings and the models being pulled out of use. >> and investigators trying to determine the cause of a motor home fire in the delta that left two people burned. the fire gutted a vehicle parked on bethel i'dand. both people were kurned -- bush burned. authorities say one woman was burned from 80% to 100% of her body. they were air lifted to uc davis medical center. >> police are preparing for their annual halloween checks on sexual predators this year focusing on homeless convicted sex offenders. >> tonight there will be special conditions of parole for california sex offenders and state and local law enforcement will be enforcing
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conditions. this state department of corrections video shows what is known as operation boo. state and local officer goes out on halloween night to check to make sure parolees will not cross paths with trick or treaters. across the state in four centers homeless paroles will be required to check in and spend the night. the special conditions are a 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew no exterior lights on allowed at their home they're not allowed to offer kandy and no decorations are allowed and they may only open their door to law enforcement. state officials hope parents will educate them selfs and children on the threat posed from sex offender that's live among us. >> this is about letting folk who's have been proven to be a threat to their community, letting them know we'll be watching them and expect them to stay indoors and have no
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contact with the children in the community. >> what is important and what this is about is not just enforcing conditions but educating parents on what to look for every day. >> the department has been doing this for 18 years, and this year for the first time there is a parent hand book available to go with it. you can find a link on our web site. >> thank you very much. >> let's check with spencer christian now. >> things looking better than partly ghosty. conditions are looking pretty good. swreel a few wisps of clouds coastal fog and mainly clear skies from coast to inland occasions. and late afternoon, of course, temperatures from about 54 degrees in coolest locations up to 68. now, sunset at 6:12 p.m.
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so all kinds of ghosty things have been known to happen once the sun goes down. that is coming up hater. >> and spencer thank you very much. next at 4:00 prem nont nent group wants teens to undergo regular hiv tests. >> a cop on cop police chase one officer's explanation for driving 120 miles per hour. >> and michael finney is taking your consumer questions through his facebook and twitter pages. we have links for you on abc 7 >> there is a bit of a scary commute right now. skyway is slow going towards bay bridge there on the left of the screen moving just a tad better if you're moving south. the news at 4:00 continue
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ng recommendations for which patients should receive regular testing. the american academy of pediatrics is urging all teenagers between 16-18 to get regular tests. that is if they live where more than one in a thousand people have the infection. doct doctor says half of the teens don't know they're infected with the virus. >> this halloween u.s. fda has a warning for candy-loving grown ups. too much black licorice can lead to a list of problems in people over 40. how much is too much? according to fda easting two ounces a day for two weeks is k.cause potassium levels to tank. and parents haunted by the thought of your children
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eating sugar after trick or treating pediatrics say keep this in mind. gets eat candy that get stuck between the teeth chock slit not as bad containing tannins meaning they don't allow bacteria to grow. >> and i like that chocolate part for sure. google's service is adding new content with big-name celebrities but will this work? and groupon's ipo scheduled for the end of the week. let's go to emily chang with the day's after the bell report. >> the groupon ipo show sont road here in san francisco. it was packed with potential investors and security was tight. num russ executives spoke. and groupon is expected to debut on friday, sources close to the deal are telling bloomberg news interest is
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skmi groupon might do better raising prices of shares but it's one of the smallest internet offerings only selling 4.7% of the shares to public and as week progresses we'll bring you latest on all things groupon. and as for all of the already-public companies stocks took a beating today relating to problems in europe. there is concerned eu leaders won't able to raise funds necessary. it's a down day for bloomberg silicon valley index. down nearly one and a half percent z google turns to hool hollywood, hoping to bring in more ad dollars by partnering with celebrity friends google's you tube is dishing out $100 kblinl to partners to keep web surfers on you tube longer. the new programming will include channels create bid celebrities for many different fields including music television film and sports. first of the channels will appear in november more
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coming over the next few years. some of the celebrities already on board include amy poehler and baseball star shaquille o'neal. that should be interesting. and author mona simpson the sister steve jobs didn't know he had until later in life delivered a heart wrenching yulg. -- eulogy. my whole life shed she said i've been waiting for a man to love who could love me and thought that man would be my father. at 25 i met that man. and he was my brother. jobs was a a.dopted but found out his parents had a daughter and simpson who happened to be a gifted writer they found each other and became invaluable companions and recalled his last words which were oh wow oh wow, oh, wow.
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>> thank you very much oo. and time now for our trick or treat forecast and beyond. >> yes. i am the great pumpkin. >> and this is pretty. >> things looking clear here is a high definition view on to the bay. there is some fogginess near the coastline but it's mainly clear temperatures are on the high side and it's warm 80 degrees now and upper 70s in other locations 63 degrees here and highlights are these sunny skies and warm again tomorrow high fire danger in the hills. it will be cooler with a chance of showers on thursday. so there is a center of high pressure northwest off shore now, but will be nosing inland
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overnight and this is a center of high pressure moving north northeast giving us a shift in winds, there is dry winds blowing into the bay area and there is a fire risk. there is a red flag warning in affect from 6:00 wednesday morning this is for north bay mountains gusts up to 40 miles per hour and low humidity 15% to 20%. low temperatures tonight mild to cool. cool in parts of the north bay. lows mid-40s in napa. upper 40s closer to the bay. and tomorrow high temperatures under sunny skies ranging from mid to upper 70s 77 in campbell. 78 saratoga. and mid to upper 70s on the peninsula. 68 redwood city.
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low to mid-70s on the coast and half moon bay. downtown san francisco 74 degrees tomorrow. there is upper 70s to right around 80. the near east bay highs into mid-70s 75 in oakland and union city and fremont. inland east bay mainly upper 70s. and there is 80 degrees in watsonville. and here is the accu-weather forecast. sharp cool down for us thursday with showers arriving. highs only around 60 or just above 65 thursday and friday. highs remaining in that range with another chance of showers. saturday night or sunday morning we fall back to standard time. and it will be nice to have light in the morning.
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>> looking forward to that. >> yes. >> and spencer, thank you. >> and those folk who's just can't get enough of the reality show "keeping up with the kardashians" have a real life drama unfolding. newlywed kim kardashian and her husband of just 10 weeks are getting divorced. >> the rumors have swirled and now it's official. kim kardashian file forward divorce. the reality tv star married to nba basketball player kris humpries two months. august 20th they had a lavish wedding. if finalized it will be her second. the documents obtained after her lawyer filed cite irreconcilable dimpbszs. micky rourke imprinted his hands and feet today receiving a best actor nomination for his role in "the wresteller". and on dancing with the stars getting ready for scary
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costumes. it's an hour and a half special. >> i just want to be perfect. and unbelievable. >> watch it tonight at 8:30 right here on abc. for interviews head over to >> and next at 4:00 google's great pumpkin ai. look at reation of the google doodle. >> and later as 4:30 this is a slow rolling problem that result in disaster. >> the plan to make life saving medication more affordable. >> and a police chase ended in death. the details of the news conference just ahead. >> taking a look at traffic in the north bay you can see it's going smoothly there now. and until it stays that way
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4:26 pm
cop car reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour. and five minutes later the man protests he's innocent. patrol is just incred plus. -- incedulous. >> and that trooper said she didn't know what she was dealing w it could is have been a stolen car. the police officer said he was afraid of being late for a job at a pri vit vit skpool was cited for a moving violation. no kidding. >> yeah. >> and google has a different kind of doodle. you know what it schl the art work kmem railting holidays and other special events. today the doodle is a time lapse of google employees carving pumpkins on the lawn of the mountain view campus. they makeup the company's
4:27 pm
logo. you can see there. the project took about eight hours. the pumpkins delivered this weekend from annual half moon bay pumpkin festival. >> a lot of work. >> yes. >> beautiful job and looks great. >> still ahead a russian court put the price tag on a penalty for two girls switched at birth. >> frustration in cabin and cockpit. >> trapped on a packed plane seven hours how jet blue is dealing with the whiteout fallout. >> and a global milestone this baby is part of. >> looking through golden gate bright skies but changes coming up. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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worried about the safety of trick or treaters it means residents could be cleaning up well into november. we're live with the latest. scott? >> across the region weather cities say it's too dangerous for kids to go trick or
4:31 pm
treating because power cables and trees have been covering sidewalk and some people have been told they'll be without power up to a week. it took one winter pounding to make northeasterners long for days when a hit from a hurricane was a fear turns out this year's weather event was a halloween snow storm. no trick or treating in worcester massachusetts. >> it's too dangerous because of the tree autos someplaces got 30 inches of snow. three million customers lost power. >> this is a power outage driven by the snow. >> in new jersey more than half of the homes don't have power in connecticut more than 70% of the state lost electricity, restoring this could take a week. in new york city snow melted qukly but storms destroyed a
4:32 pm
thousand trees there. and that is eight times as many trees as tropical storm irene took out two months ago. and a dozen people died and in the airport 123 passengers were unhappy. >> there is jet blue demonstrated callousness i found hard to comprehend. >> they were trapped he seven hours. the pilot was peeved. >> we can't seem to get help from our own company. i apologize for this. >> jet blue says the passengers would be reimbursed which means in this storm they could turn out to be the lucky ones. >> and in new york city fog returned and snow we saw saturday is the highest
4:33 pm
recorded total in history. >> and there is a a major delay in hartford. could this end up in mines -- fines? >> yes. it could. and because there is a federal bill of rights that congress passed airlines if found responsible for hold passengers on planes more than three hours could have to pay fines of $527 per passenger. koit cost them $3.4 million. >> thank you. >> and patients could soon have more prescription drugs available to them. the president signed an oorder districting the -- directing the fda to make more drugs available to people in need. and that drug shortage reportedly forced hospitals to delay surgeries and cancer treatment autos this is one of
4:34 pm
the slow-rolling problem that's could end up resulting in disaster for patients and health care facilities. >> the order will instruct the fda to give the justice department additional information about instances of price gouging. >> libya's revolutionary government shows a new prime minister today. and was educated in the united states. earning a master's degree out of usc. he says he plans to employ a permanent government within two weeks. the air campaign against libya ended today. >> palestine became a member of the united nations educational organization today. >> the general conference has
4:35 pm
decided to admit palestine as member. >> the united states almost media announced it would withhold $60 million waits ready to contribute. the first organization within the united nations to accept palestine. the agency's decision defied calls from the united states to block palestinian membership. the u.s. provides 20% of the annual budget and caused at proveal premature and a distraction to peace talks between israel and palestinian autos doctors at stanford preparing for a risky operation to separate conjoined twins. >> and republican presidential front runner herm yain cain responds to sexual harassment accusation autos michael finney is still taking your questions on twitter and facebook weechl have links for
4:36 pm
you on abc 7 >> taking a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge. looks fantastic out there. gorgeous and sunny afternoon with a little bit of haze. fog will be moving n we'll hear more from that a little bit later on. >> things looking great across the country. you can see green lights and good news for air travelers and we'll have on time arriveals and departures and we'll take a look at interesting changes in just a moment.
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protesters holdinging a news conference to detail plans for a general strike on wednesday calling for workers to join in to say they'll shut down the nort a day of mass action. >> occupy oakland is pause for all banks and corporations to close for the day of the general stroik or demonstrators will har on them. demonstrators also plan blockade support of oakland november 2. occupy oakland intends to picket or occupy any work place for schools taking action against strikers. >> east bay union leaders issued a statement and did not call for union members to stay home instead urging them to join in at 5:00 p.m. >> turning to politics now. republican presidential candidate herman cain denying
4:40 pm
a report accusing him of sexual harassment and said national restaurant association settled complaints from two women while cain had a trade group. today admitted he was accused of sexual harassment. calling the report a witch hunt. >> it was concluded after a investigation it had no basis. >> the report says each woman saved five-figure payout. cain declined to address specifics. the report has cain climbed to the top of the republican field in many polls. >> these are the kinds of allegation that's can devastate a presidential campaign if they're not effectively responded to. so far the cain response has been more to attack the messenger. >> and neither woman was
4:41 pm
identified in the report. national restaurant association refused to comment on a personnel matter. >> and we have an amber alert to tell you about it's originated in shasta county ai. 5-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy have been abducted. last seen with a 31-year-old joyce schwartz. police looking for a white gnc yukon with oklahoma license plates. if anyone has seen this you're asked to call shasta county sheriffs or call 911. you'll be put in touch with the right people. >> we'll have more information on our web site. >> and tomorrow is going to be a life changing day for a 2-year-old twin girls,. >> just ahead twins here for a delicate surgery and how their mother is preparing them for a new life then trouble in the trial of jackson's doctor. a key witness for the defense
4:42 pm
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a set of conjoined twins will undergo a major operation to try to separate them. the 2-year-old girl
4:45 pm
cased -- faced challenges. leanne? >> well their names are angelina and an jellica. they're from the philippines. i can tell you that the childrens hospital has been their second home for the last several months. >> the two girls are conjaned with intense energy. >> they like to play and they like to kick the ball. and they love stickers. >> tomorrow their lives will change. doctors will perform surge troy separate the 2-year-olds. mom tried to explain the operation to them with help of toy doll autos i explained you're like this. and like this. and you soon you'll be separated like that. i think they -- they don't understand yet. >> while they have separate hearts and lungs their livers
4:46 pm
are fused together. about 30 physicians and nurses will be involved. >> we think that the case will take eight to nine hours. between going to sleep getting prepared separation then reconstruction. i'm anticipating about a two-week hospital stay. >> this will be the doctor's sixth time trying to separate conjoined twins. the last in 2007 a complicated procedure because those twins did not have separate hearts. that operation required a staff of 50. angelina and an jell yaik's is less complicated. >> the team we have here, if it can't be done here, i think it can't be done. so that is a source of the confidence is the team. the group that we have here. >> i hope and pray that everything will be okay. and... they will recover.
4:47 pm
>> the other twins live in costa reeka. people ask how are they paying for the operation. the family has medical insurance. >> thank you. >> and the world population is now a record seven billion people and growing. a baby girl born two minutes before midnight. she and other babies born around the world serve as a symbol of global growth. and demographers say it took a dozen years to add another billion people to the planet. un estimates by 2050 world population will exceed nine billion people. >> still to come they're
4:48 pm
calling him a mirror why cell dog. >> this is like an angel plucked him out of the gas chamber. >> his tale is on the way. >> and when does a store have to give you money for a gift card? answers to good questions right after this. >> and later at 5:00 two bay area congress women take a challenge to see
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starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope just having some tender
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chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories. ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me out? yup. [ male announcer ]rogresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. [ male announcer ] somewhere, there's a perfectly good lasagna being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos." old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. and some answers now to questions you positioned on twitter and facebook. >> and this is a is a good question asking by way of twitter is it true that putting your money in smaller bank or credit union is a better deal now that my bank is going charge a fee?
4:52 pm
your bank may not be charging a fee. looked like everyone was going to charge the fee or in the case of some banks $3 a month for debit card use everyone is backing off wells fargo said not us. so we'll see if b of a goes that way. and often it works out better and you've got to work out your financial station then make a decision. twitter user and producer wants to know if it true stores in cal have to give you cash for a gift card is balance is under 10s sndz you bet. we pass that had law in 2008. and whole concept was that you get $100 gift card spend it down to $8 just give me money back that. is what they'll do now.
4:53 pm
if it's under $10 by law in state of california. then you get and request get the rest in change. over $10 it stays on the card or they write you a new gift card. and finally a twitter user wants tho know why can't i buy an iphone using cash at an apple store? well, you can. you may remember a while back 7 on your side showed you cannot buy an ipad unless you had a credit card. it went viral. people were upset about this. apple changed a policy and we checked and says you can buy anything in the store for cash. >> let's get a check of the forecast now. >> things looking good. there is a time lapse view. and you can see this afternoon
4:54 pm
there is a linger -- finger of fog moving through the golden gate. it's a pretty calm weather pattern, look how cool it's getting, highs tomorrow only 36 in great falls montana. 48 in salt lake city. other locations across the northern half of the country seeing highs into 50s tomorrow and 70s over of the south except for miami. a high of 836789 phoenix a high of 87 urk -- which is cool. state of california, sunny skies and 71 in los angeles 87 palm springs and sierra 57 in yosemite. 47 a high in tahoe tomorrow 70s around the state. 76 sacramento 75 fresno. 77 big sur 61 in eureka. bay area another warm day. november 1 high temperatures at 80 degrees in santa rosa
4:55 pm
and napa. and mid to upper 70s in the inland east bay. and there is 76 in san jose. 74 will be the high in san francisco. 73 in half moon bay. warmer at 82 degrees will be the high tomorrow. 80 in watsonville. and 80 gilroy. things will be taking a turn and changing later in the week. >> and in the trial of michael jackson's doctor there is a $1,000 fine for violating a court order. dr. paul white considered an expert on propofol. today repeatedly violated orders not to testify about private conversations with jackson's doctor. he hint that had dr. murray
4:56 pm
left the syringe at jackson's bedside so that the pop star could administer it himself. >> no justification for what conrad murray did in failing to call 911. is there? >> as i said i think he should have called 911 sooner. and i do not however think would it have made a difference in the outcome in this case. >> this deputy district attorney protested white was mentioning information with his, from his conversation was murray. >> a russian court awarded families of two girls $100,000 each. the 12-year-old switched at birth. the mistake exposed when one father requested a dna test during divorce proceedings and expected the girl was fathered by another man. the court is advising families to move the girls close year now to the tale of one truly remarkable dog.
4:57 pm
this beagle mix scheduled to be euthanized this month. shelter workers put it in a chamber with other animals and were sur vice prised to find him wagging his tail when they opened the door. he's now being cared for by a group in new jersey. >> the vet was shocked that he had no affects from the gas. and that it was like an angel plucked him out of the chamber. >> many states including california have banned the use of the gas chambers. and daniel is now up for adoption. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. you can keep track of the latest breaking news and you can talk about it on news at 5:00 continues nout noou with dan aroundly and cheryl jennings. >> a surfer bitten in the neck by a shark leaves the
4:58 pm
hospital. one thing he wanted to say this evening. >> and new details about plans for a general strike this week and teachers learn they'll allowed to join. >> operation boo. state wide sweep to get sex offenders off the streets while kids go out trick or treating. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. a local surfer is home tonight after being attacked by a shark. >> the surfer badly wounded and needed surgery after a shark went after him, you can see his board. david louie is live with this story. >> facts are serious nerve damage and stroke were among possible complications he was facing. and he went home this afternoon after two days in the hospital.
4:59 pm
eric had to be treated for shark bites to his right arm neck and thumb. the wound to the neck just 2 mm from the artery. massive bleeding could have resulted. the surfer said he'd only make a brief statement. >> i just want to thank everyone that supported me. my friends on the beach and paramedics did a great job. also everyone at the hospital and i feel lucky now. >> and he managed to get to store with a fellow surfer. the shark took a butte out of the board and doctors performed surgery on his neck and thumb. >> ease recovering well. arm has been repaired as well. and he seems to be happy with his


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