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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 4, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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[shouting] >> a barricade collapses, injuring several kid at a high school football game at at&t park. >> alan: it happened during a rival championship game between st. ignatius high and sacred heart. >> a temporary railing failed under the weight of the crowd. >> at the end of this game, the crowd was pretty riled up, and in fact it was the st. ignatius side of the field that got riled '. you can see in video we shot seconds after the collapse. the rails on the bleachers gave away from the push of the crowd. some students went over the illinois -- edge and fell on police officers.
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you can see police officers urging people to step back. there were no serious injurieses on players on the ground or students who fell off the bleaches. i talked brief live with a group of girls who were still excited about the gum. one gill fell off the believers. >> one player was trying to catch me and i was pushed from the basketball. >> they put bleacher0s on the field so our team would have fans, and they were junky bleachers. >> the rails are part of temporary bleachers soat up here at at&t park for football matchups like today's game and the cal games played here at at&t park. as for the highlights of tonight's game, we'll have full details on that coming up on sports later in the newscast. reporting live at at&t park.
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abc-7 news. >> alan: there was another scare as a pop warner football game in american canyon. a 13-year-old player from san ramon valley had to be airlifted to children's hospital hem suffered a head injury but wasn. conscious. >> the parents of a national guard soldier sean walsh laid their son to left. the 29th member of the california national guard to die in iraq or afghanistan since 9/11. the 21-year-old last month of a -- an attack in his base in afghanistan. walsh's mom tells us the hardest day of her life. >> you touched so many people i and i have heard so many wonderful things about you. i'm truly blessed to have been your mother and am grateful for all the time we had together. >> his mom started a fund to raise money to buy another dog
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for santa clara u units. >> tens of thousands of homes in southern california are without power for a third night. utility crews are doing their best to repair the damage from weapon's wind storms but having a tough time getting to troubled spots. some roads are so full of debris trucks can't get through. the recovery evident too cake months. in the bay area, just over 400 customers remain without power. >> strong wind gusts may have caused a fire overnight in santa rosa, that burned a large barn full of antiques, a car, and a motor homer. three nearby homes had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. >> someone is killing ducks and geese in the east bay. >> concord police say it's the second anytime the past month someone has targeted water fowl in the city's park.
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>> reporter: concord police got an an anonymous cold and told that someone had shot and killed several geese at newhall park. >> con're's knew hal park has a large population of resident ducks and geese. this morning police found several geese shot to death and others like this one with a wound on its leg. another goose worked hard as swimming across the water. a park that local families make a point of visiting, especially to see and feed the birds. >> somebody is shooting them. that's pretty sad, actually. >> ducks don't bother anybody, right? they're just bringing pleasure to the kids and the people out there. can't imagine why somebody would want to shoot them. >> the lieutenant bill roach of the concord police is concerned. >> we have received a report at
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different parks in concord having similar types of incident. >> last month eight birds were shot here and on the same day other birds were shot at willow pass park. they were shot with a shotgun. >> using the parks trying to escape day-to-day life, and coming cries -- across this is very disturbing. >> nickie doesn't understand. >> a horrible person. that person is horrible. >> in california, cruelty to animals is a felony. it carries a maximum sentence of three years. concord police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. in concord, abc-7 news. >> weeks ago he was the front runner for the republican presidential nomination. testimony herman cain suspended his>> one of the rign. >> one of the rains ran for president of the united states
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was such that i could change washington, dc from the inside. plan b is that we're going to have to change it from the outside. >> in all five women have accused cain of sexual misconduct, one of a decade-along afared, cain has now amitted to the affair which he kept secret from his wife. >> on our facebook page, people say: >> former penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky is speaking out on camera. he spoke to "new york times"
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reporter for four hours. >> he answered questions about the allegations he sexually abused young boys. >> reporter: jerry sandusky says the allegations against him are false. the former penn state defensive coach answered questions on camera for the first time in an interview with "the new york times." sandusky said former head coach joe paterno never came to him about any inappropriate behavior with young boys. >> i don't know he didn't know. i know he didn't -- never said nothing me. i know that. >> he told the times reporter that assistant coach mike mcqueary did not see him rape a young boy in the team showers because it didn't happen. sandusky failed to clarify the infamous remark he made in a phone interview about being sexually attracted to underage boys. >> if i say, no, i'm not attracted to boys, boys, that'st the truth because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls.
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>> that's sandusky's attorney saying his client is not sexually attracted to minors. >> i enjoy spending time with young people. >> an attorney for one of the alleged victims responded to the interview. if he had any compassion for his victims or our community he would immediately accept responsibility for his behavior, express remorse for the pain he has caused and spare the victims, their families and our community for their trauma, sandusky is free on bail, charged with molesting boys over eight years. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for december 13th. >> a new effort to save lives along the i-280 corridor, why some think keeping track of deer can make a difference. >> bay area kids don'tmer up when it comes comes to fitness. >> a bargain hunter's dream but can you really find treasure in
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a storage unit? >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. we have some clear sky out there right now. it's starting to get a bit on the chilly temperatures side. temperatures drop something some locations into the 30s. we get a brief break on the wind tonight but more is expected tomorrow. tomorrow. i'll look at the forecast coming anything else, hon? hon? do you call everyone hon? no. i'm sweetie. precious. sugar britches. whoever you are, get a whole dinner and a drink for just $8 with the $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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>> we have some break news from the peninsula. all northbound lanes of highway 101 are shut down in burlingame,
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pedestrian walking alongside the freeway was struck and killed. no word when the lanes will be re-opened. >> collisions between cars and deer along i-280 have become a focus for researchers at uc davis. >> the most recent accident last september killed a driver. now state game ward 's started the process of tracking deer. here's the details on the efforts. >> from dawn dusk, kristin and her team have been tracking deer. >> it does look incredibly like -- it is a tranquilizer dart begun and delivers a flying syringe. >> as the die wind-day wieppedzs down, this doe gets a gps collar. >> locations are transmitted to the satellite every two hours so you can get step-by-step route of where this animal is heading to, where it's been, what
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habitat it's using, when it's crossing the highway. >> this capture and color -- collar project identified i-280 as especially dangerous. >> cal trains identified more than 120 deer a year being killed, so that's more than 50 people being killed on the highway. >> the team instincts to -- team needs to take great carry. each catch has an opportunity to capture information. >> some of these deer don't across the freeway. we don't know much about the deer in this area. >> once the dat tase collected, solutions can be made. throughout the capture, swift monitors vital signs, and then gets the an injection to wake them up. >> the radio tracking device has been installed. we're just waiting for thor wake
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up and run off. >> after a half an hour, the deer comes out of her studentor, wearing the collar that will transmit data for six months, and slowly she walks off. abc-7 news. >> "occupy" san francisco held its weekly weekend march today. the topic? banks. [chanting] >> they marched down the financial district and then sat down in front of a chase bank. they also taped their demands to the door of the business owners and management association building, giving them three days to quit. the group is targeting banks it says ising stifling the 99%'s ability to live, work, and raise family in san francisco, earlier today a coalition of occupiers and housing rights organizations marched to san francisco's bay view district. the focus of the march was foreclosures. according to organizers the bay
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view district has experienced a high rate of eviction and suffers from predator landlords. >> a 69-year-old san francisco tradition comes to an end. cali foods has closed for good. today was the final day but thanksgiving took care of most of the food so they close earlier this week. construction for a trader joe's and a cvs drug store is scheduled to again at the site next month. >> california kits are out of shape and some of the most up fit kids live in san francisco. according to a new study, fewer than one-third of california middle school st to p able to pass a statewide physical fitness test in san francisco the results are worse. 20% of fifth graders, 30% of seventh graders and of 9th 9th graders passing the example. the test measures flexibility, body fat, and includes running a mile and doing pushups. >> a holiday parade delighted kids today in downtown
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>> marching bands, miss oakland and santa claus were all part of the annual america's children holiday parade. spectators on both sideses of broadway could cher and wave. the parade was broadcast to servicemen and women around the world. >> mrs. claus was there. you never see her. >> leigh: the wind died down just in time for the parade. look at the higher elevations, a few gusts out there. otherwise we're looking at nice visibility. this is our he definition east bay cam. looking down towards the holiday light lazy there -- lights in san francisco, and it's bobbing up and down there with gusts in the oakland hills out of the north up to 15 miles-per-hour. elsewhere, with the exception of fairfield, which is right here. most everyone else is reporting
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calm winds or less than 10-mile visibility wind gusts. we have more gusts to 23 in fairfield. calm in hayward and calm in livermore, and calm winds, clear conditions, give way to very cold temperatures overnight tonight. in fact novato, 39 degrees. we have 53 in fair field. 51 in oakland. 54 in san francisco. 44 in moon bay. 40 in mountain view, and livermore right now, 49 degrees. here's a look at our headlines. our highs, rather, for the next few days, decreases winds overnight. colder overnight. sunny and cooler tomorrow. the winds will pick back up through mond night through mony morning, and focuses mainly the hire -- higher elevations of the bay area as another low starts moving in. the clear skies out there right now will traps late to temperatures in the north bay in
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the 30s. so 38 for napa. 37, santa rosa. 49 witch clear skies for san francisco. interior east bay. antioch and mid-to-upper mid-to-upper 30s, and lows in san jose 40 degrees. this is what you need to know. that's the low that brought us the wind speeds last night. and early this morning. we get a little bit of a break throughout the day tomorrow, and another low is going to drop down. it's the lows to the east of cows, combining with a high to the northwest. that is going to brim us the tight pressure gradient, increasing the winds, from the higher elevations, above the 1500-foot level and looks like the holiday winds will stay with us right through monday as well. i don't think they will be high enough to issue any wind advisories but it will be right there where the criteria is. the national weather service changes their mind, we'll keep you updated.
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highs for sunday, 50. half moon bay, 58. 62 for palo alto. san francisco tomorrow, you warm to 58 dealings. and the north bay, after a chilly start tomorrow morning, look for warming, 53 for santa rosa, 61 for napa. east buy, oakland, 61. interior east bay, we look for temperatures a little bit on the fool side. mid-to-upper 50s for most locations. 58 for brentwood. at for walnut creek and watsonville, 62. the accuweather seven can day forecast, dry weather pattern all week long. the wind picks up tomorrow night, through monday morning, mainly over the hills. >> thanks a lot, leigh. >> starting to get the bowl games figured out. >> mike: trying to get the bcs bowl picture creed up. oklahoma state may by stanford's
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>> mike: a little college football. let's start off with a game that direct he effects oklahomatanford, oklahoma state looking to lock up a spot in the fiesta boat but -- bowl but they heave to beat sooners first. smith running outside. dives in for sixment sooners couldn't stop randall. 23-3 cowboys at the half. things get no better far lap landry jones in the third. the cowboys pouring it on. smith breaking a tackle. he's gone. cowboys romp to the big 12 title and probably the fiesta bowl with the victory. >> michigan state and wisconsin for the big 12 title.
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wilson, desperation heave, brings down inside the ten. next play. monte ball up the middle for the touchdown. fourth in the game. they tack on a deuce. 42-39 badgers. in the fourth, look at martin. right to the outside and there he goes. down the sideline, all the way inside the five but there's a flag on the play. running into the kicker. first down for wisconsin and michigan state is out of time-outs. wisconsin is rose bowl bound to face organize e oregon with the 43-29 victory. >> georgia and lsu. tigers looking dejected. first quarter, murray to rice. touchdown. georgia up 10-0. same score, second quarter. tyronn matthewss steps it up on this punt return. he's gone. 59-yard. and watch this at the goal line. he handed the ball to the ref before crossing the plane. no one caught it. hilliard, 15-yard. lsu plays for the bc title with
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a 42-10 victory. >> houston's case keenum hoping to lock up a title but he had only three picks coming in, threw two today. southern miss stuns undefeated houston. >> high school football. sake sacred heart and st. ignatius at at&t park. the ball, bad snoop, loose ball. danny o'malley is on it. runs it back for a touchdown. st. ignatius, big win, 21-14. >> we're not through with the contact sports. sharks at the tank.
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>> mike: let's move our of over to the other contact sport, hockey. first period, tight at one. the feed to mcgin who buries it. fourth of the year,1 sharks. form shark flies it past wright.
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second of the season. game tied at two. same period. the shot is blocked. knocked home on the rebound. 12th of the year. panthers with three goals in the second and win big, 5-3 your final. >> let's tee it up at thousand oaks where a familiar name is atop the leaderboard. that's right. tiger woods. third round of the chevron world challenge. tiger up three. that evaporated quickly. on 2, headed for the drink. led to one of five bogeys for tiger. here's another one on 16. tiger's approach to the ball lands in the creek. he had some good shots. 1 back of zach johnson thanks to this beauty on 18. 163 yards, nothing but neat for the eagle. two on the day. johnson, 4-under 68. on top by one stroke over tiger. they'll be in the final group together on sunday's final around. >> that was your toyota sports report. coming up later, look back at
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the local college football season. >> the bowl picture is kind of confusing. >> mike: tomorrow at 5:00 we'll know for sure who is going where but looks like stanford-october state. >> coming up, tv show helps save a woman's life. >> i thought my mom was going to die. >> how this little girl used what she learned on grays anatomy to save her mom. >> plus, herman cain calls it quit. ñ/ñ/&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñfñ'r!r!r!r!x
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>> back to breaking news from the peninsula. all northbound lanes of highway 101 are shut down at broadway and burlingame. a pedestrian walking alongside the freeway was struck and
2:35 am
killed. the coroner has been called the scene and the chp expects to have two northbound lanes open in 10-15 minutes. >> other headlines. a barricade collapsed during a city championship high school football game at san francisco's at&t park. players and cheerleaders went sprawling. luckily just bumps and bruises were the result. >> for the second time in a month, geese and ducks have been shot to death in a concord park. police say either a pellet gun or localeber shotgun were used. >> two men were struck and killed today on the tracks of caltrains, the incidents happened an hour apart another two separate stations. >> it's the end of the line for herman cain. >> the g.o.p. presidential candidate suspended his campaign today. karen traverse has the detail jierkz. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the
2:36 am
continued hurt caused on causedd my family. >> for several weeks, cain has been battling alwayses of sexual harassment and a 13-long extramarital affair. in the end he says extensive media coverage forced his decision jiergs here's why it hurts. because my wife, my family, and i, we know that those false and unproved allegations are not true. >> it's been a roller coaster campaign ride for the former pizza ceo who never held elective office. cain burst to the top of the republican field but has plummeted to in the polls in the wake of the allegations. one month ago cain was at the top of the field in iowa. the latest polls put him in the
2:37 am
single digits. cain vowed to carry on the fight. >> the 9-9-9 plan. it's not going away. >> cain's implosion narrowed the field of republican presidential hope philadelphias, newt gingrich and mam mitt romney-leading the pack. >> people have not settled down who they're going to support in the nomination process. >> now the scramble is on to win over cain supporters. >> the candidates only have one month to go before the first caucuses begin in iowa on january 3rd. >> first-class mail may not be as special as it sounds, on monday the u.s. postal service plans plans to propose eliminating overnight standards to save money. if approved, first class mail would take two to five days instead of one to the days. >> in bad economic times actually good for some bargain
2:38 am
hunters. >> they're bidding on items in storage units. if there is treasure to be found. >> not your traditional auction. >> the bidders here don't know exactly what they're bidding on, yet everyone here is hoping to strike it rich. >> sold, $400. >> sold, $400. >> what's for sale? >> the unseen contents of storage lockers here at payless storage in richmond. it's one of thousands of auctions that take place at storage facilities across the country each year. they're held throughout the year when customers don't pay their rent. >> the last thing we want to do is sell their goods at auction. these are their belongings. >> the manager says more customers these days are falling behind on rent and losing their belongings. it's the classic paradox, one
2:39 am
person's misfortune is another persons luck. >> could find some treasure. >> the manager saids crowds of bargain hunters have doubled. but with this auction there's a catch. bidders cannot see exactly what is inside the lockers, on to look in through the doorway. they shine their flashlights, looking for a hint of treasure. sight unseen seems to add to the thrill of the hunt. >> looked like a safe maybe. >> a gamle and you get that feeling, is there really a treasure? where are the gold bars at. >> he says he travels to many storage auction each week and resells what he buys. >> i'm looking for the treasures and i also feed my children this way. i sale at swap meets. >> others hope to get rich quick. >> watch. >> the reality show, storage wars, has brought morbidders to the auction, hoping they can
2:40 am
find riches. >> got hooked watching the show. wanted to see how it really works. >> gary weighedded into the bidding and won this locker, chris watkins bought this units just to see what might be 'stached in the books, and kirk anderson thought he caught a glimpse of something valuable. so, will anyone get rich? >> books. >> chris is crest fall ton find a bunch of outdated book. now jeremy dives in. >> i think they have to take the beer. >> a half bottle of whiskey, broken fan, and a lot of trash. >> spilled coffee. >> kurt unloads his $10 lot. he finds someone's wedding decorations and family photos. then a nice little nugget. >> this is worth 30, 40, 50-dollars. >> a chinese artwork maybe made
2:41 am
with an lone any. under said law, renters must be at least 14 days del delinquentr -- on their rent and be notified before their items go up for auction, and they say they try to find the owners to return them when they're personal photos. >> a ten-year-old girl says gray's anatomy helped her save a life. >> i thought my mom was going to die. >> candace had a severe asthma attack and topped breathing. her daughter made and a friend called 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher she knew cpr. >> she said, flip her over, i was doing the pumping, she was doing the breathing. >> i held my mom's nose and then i breathed into her mouth while she was push only her heart and lungs. >> maddie never had cpr classes and learned houston to --
2:42 am
learned howd to do it from gray's anatomy, which she watches with her mom. they say they'll now take a cpr class. >> writing from a to z. sue grafton talks about her alphabet murder series and how to get started. >> a touching tribute to a bay area singer. >> leigh: clear skies right now. going to get cool tonight. we'll check out the seven-day
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alright, so we have $10. you could get two things for $4 and one for $2. or five things for $2. or one for $6 and two for $2. [ male announcer ] with denny's 2-4-6-8 value menu, we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] denny's.
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>> an opera lover's delight tonight. [applause] >> tonight was part of a farewell tour for the bay area's soprano, fredricka. also nope for her heart and her friendship with a young cowell who was diagnosed with stage four cancer. >> sue grafton is an author known for her alphabet murder mystery series. >> she spoke with her crime fighter and her inspiration for that popular series. >> i always say, these books are not about mascara and pantihose. it's about kicking serious
2:46 am
behind, you know. [applause] >> woo-hoo. >> she is a woman detective and not a girly girl. she has one dress. >> and cuts her hair with a pair of nail skis are sos every sex weeks whether it needs it or not. i did that this morning. >> cut your own hair. >> yeah. >> that's brave. >> i don't do that orderly but you're on tour. >> i love the story how the series got started. >> i was in the middle of a bitter divorce, and this was years ago. i had no money. i did know how to fight. didn't have a fancy pants attorney, so i would lie in bed and think of ways to kill him. anybody who has been divorced knows what i'm talking about. >> oh, yeah.
2:47 am
>> so i came up with scheme after scheme. and i'm going, no, that won't work. finally, i thought, i think i can do this, however, i'm really intimidated by law enforcement, and i returned my library book one time and i thought if i'm going to do this, i'll end up in prison eating starchy prison food and wearing a shapeless dress. you know. and i will be separated from the very children i'm trying to rescue. so,. >> so you wrote the book. >> i thought i'm going to put it in a book and get paid for it, and sure enough, here i am, 30 years later, still thinking about murder and still getting paid for it. [applause] >> good for you. >> now, you and the ex-are friendly. >> we are. i said to somebody once, it's amazing i'm not mad at him and it's only been 30 years. that's what thousands of dollars worth
2:48 am
of therapy will do for you. >> the winds finally dying down let's talk to leigh glaser about that. >> leigh: they certainly are but just briefly. by this time tomorrow night we're talk about strong wind gusts again, mainly at the higher elevations, burt tomorrow is going to be a terrific day. temperatures will come down a few degrees as we start to get rid of the offshore winds, and the winds will be light throughout most of the day. 53 for santa rosa. sunshine for san francisco. 58. 59 san mateo. concord, 61. 59 for antioch. morgan hill, 62. watsonville, 62. 61 for salinas. looks like late in the afternoon, early evening hours, when some of the winds will start to pick back up, mainly the higher elevations, over the north and east bay hills primarily. overnight tomorrow night into early monday morning, and gusts
2:49 am
from 20 to as much as 40 miles-per-hour. no advisories have been issued but we'll keep you posted on that. the next five to seven days, dry weather pattern. >> let's go back to breaking news from the peninsula. all insured -- northbound lines of highway 101 are shut down at broadway in burlingame. the chp says a pedestrian was struck and killed alongside the freeway. all lanes are still closed. traffic is being diverted on to broadway and the chp expects to have two northbound lanes open soon. >> all right. let's check in with sports -- >> mike: tomorrow it's official, the bcss are games are out tomorrow. and a look back at our local heroes, cal, stanford, and sa
2:50 am
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2:52 am
>> mike: official bcs bowl bids out tomorrow. let's start with a game that directly affects stanford. oklahoma state looking to lock up a spot in the fiesta bowl but they got to beat oklahoma first. great start for the cowboys, smith dives in for six. he had two tds, sooners couldn't stop joseph randall.
2:53 am
150 yards and two touchdowns. things get no better for landry jones and company in the third. fumbling. jones says, thank you very much. cowboys pouring it on. smith breaking a tackling up the middle and is gone. 37 yards to the house. cowboys romp to the big 12 title and a fiesta bowl birth with the victory. >> wisconsin facing michigan state for the big ten title. spartans in the fourth. fourth and five. wilson, desperation heave, duckworth comes down with it inside the 10. next play. monte ball up the middle for the touchdown. forth of the game. 42-39 badgers. later, wisconsin punting it away. martin to the outside. going all the way. but there's a flag on the play. running into the kicker. first down for wisconsin. michigan state is out of time-outs can wisconsin on to the rose bowl to face oregon with the victory. >> high school football. sacred heart and nation
2:54 am
for the title at at&t park. gets a little rough there. sacred heart with the ball. snoop pops out. reins it black for an si touchdown. nation, the win tonight. >> to the other contact sport, hockey. plenty of hard hits. fed it's fed to mcgin. forth -- second period, white and a turnover. game tied at 2. same score after the turnover. panthers with three goals in the second, win it 5-3. >> we have one of the best sports photographs are here.
2:55 am
here's a look at the the season through this reps.
2:56 am
2:57 am
>> mike: great stuff. that was your toyota sports report. now the raiders are in miami. >> it could be stanford and october state but that may not be so. >> oklahoma state could jump ahead of alabama. they computers love them and they could play lsu. if that happens, stanford could end up in the sugar bowl soasm will re find out tomorrow for sure. >> that does it for this edition of abc-7 news. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 5:00. thanks for watching. >> we'll leave you with a live look at 101 northbound. all lanes closed. a pedestrian killed, broadway
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