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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 4, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. chp is investigating a crash on highway 101 in burlingame that killed a man who was riding a bicycle on the freeway. the accident shut down traffic lanes until early this morning. it was shortly before 11:00 last night that officers arrived to find all northbound lanes blocked at broadway and a man dead at the scene. investigators say it appears two cars struck the bicyclist. northbound lanes were closed during the investigation that lasted just before 1:00 this morning. that caused a major traffic back-up but things are now back to normal. some students are waking up with bumps and bruises this morning after a railing on a set of bleachers collapsed at at&t park. this is video we shot seconds after that collapse. the railing apparently gave way
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under the weight of all those fans. some students went over the edge and fell on players below but there were no serious injuries. they ordered people that were still standing on the exposed ledge to move back away from the overhang. we spoke with one student who was hurt. >> i got pushed really hard from the back. >> bleachers on the field so our team would have that behind them >> the game was the championship playoffs. again, no one seriously hurt. mike shumann will show us game highlights a little later in sports. >> two fans are in critical condition following a post game celebration at the end of college football's big 12
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championship game. dozen people were injured. maybe you saw the rivalry between oklahoma and oklahoma stated as the clock ticked down. thousands of oklahoma state fans dashed onto the field and ripped down the goal posts. some of the injured were crushed in the crowd. others fell to the concrete below. 11 people were taken to local hospitals with everything from sprains to broken bones. two people were treated and released at the stadium. it took police 45 minutes or so to get all those fans off the field. the parents of national guard soldier sean walsh laid their son to rest in san jose yesterday. had he is the 29th member of national guard to die in iraq or afghanistan since 9/11. 21-year-old walsh died last month after an attack on his base in afghanistan. walsh was due to come home in two weeks. he wanted a career in law
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enforcement in the canine unit for santa clara police department. his mom says it was the hardest day of her life. >> he touched so many people. i've heard so many wonderful things about you. i'm truly blessed to have been your mother. >> sean walsh was buried at oak hill funeral home. his mom has started a fund to raise money to buy another dog for the canine unit. >> somebody is killing ducks and geese in the east bay. several geese were found shot at a city park. concord police tell tomas ramon there have been other incidents in the past month. >> concord's park has a large number of ducks and geese. they found several geese shot to death and others like this one with a wound on the leg. another goose with the feathers
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with an injury worked hard to swim across the water. local families especially come here to see the birds. >> shooting them, it's pretty sad, actually. ducks don't bother anybody. they are pleasure to the kids and people out there. can't imagine why somebody was wanting to shoot them. >> the lieutenant is concerned. >> we have received a word similar parks received similar incidents in willow pass park they were shot. they were shot with a pellet gun or locale ber rifle or shotgun. >> fact of the community, this is the heart of recreation and then having to come across while they are trying to enjoy life is very disturbing. >> nicky doesn't understand who
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would want to shoot these birds. >> it makes me very sad. >> it's a felony and carries a maximum sentence of three years. anyone with information to give them a call. on tuesday the santa rosa city council is set to raise water rates again. residents already pay the highest rates in sonoma county according to the santa rosa press democrat. this increase would be about 6% over the next two years. it's smaller than the 9% annual spikes seen over the past decade but this fund even hits customers that conserve water. most of the increases is in the fixed portion of the bill that everyone pays regardless of water use. average bill is expected to go up from $144 a month to $153 by 2013. >> occupy san francisco held the
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weekly march yesterday. the topic -- banks. >> they marched down stanford street and sat down in front of a chase bank. the group is targeting banks they say are stifling the 99% ability to live, work and raise a family in san francisco. earlier yesterday a coalition of housing rights organizations marched to san francisco's bayview district. focus of that march was foreclosures. according to organizers, bay view neighborhood has received a high number of evictions. >> coming up, jerry sandusky speaks out since being indicted on child sex abuse charges. also ahead, with his wife at his side, herman cain and his
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campaign for president in the wake of
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there is a new wave of outrage this morning after jerry sandusky did his first extended on rearm interview proclaiming
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his innocence to the "new york times." t.j. winnick has been getting reaction for people that represent the victims. >> reporter: this is the interview that has so many so angry. >> the allegations are false. i didn't do those things. >> on camera for the first time making his case to a "new york times" reporter. jerry sandusky admits showering with young boys but admits that nothing happened. those accused of the molesting were more like his children. >> we were extended family. >> reporter: but the alleged victims of the extended family, this latest media blitz makes it worse. >> first he fairly abuse made client, which left a devastating impact then he has to hear sandusky deny he did those things. >> the attorney for another victim called the interview disturbing. for those not directly affected,
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this question -- what was sandusky trying to prove? the last interview seemed unsure if he was or was not attracted to boys. >> what in the world is this question. you know, if i say, no, i'm not attracted to boys. that is not the truth because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls. >> but again this time his attorney sitting off camera had to clarify his statement. >> i enjoy it. that is what -- i enjoy spending time with young people. >> joe beck ser the investigative reporter who scored the sit-down. >> certainly he made admissions
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that prosecutors had will, i'm sure, pay some attention to. >> reporter: while jerry sandusky claims he didn't do anything illegal, one comment suggests he may be resigned to a possible jail sentence. >> he sort went into future times. i will miss my dog. you get the sense it's kind of done. with one more month important iowa caucuses, it's down to a two-candidate race between romney and gingrich now that herman cain has made his big announcement. david curley has more and pivotal role his wife played. >> getting out of campaign bus, hours after the first face to face meeting following
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allegations of an affair with another woman. there was gloria cain as he called it for quits. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, because the continued hurt caused on me and my family. >> the scene was striking. cain's new atlanta headquarters which now will never be opened. mrs. cain joining in the applause line. was she contradicting her earlier stand? >> i won't be one of those people that will stand up on stage with a smile. >> reporter: ginger white revealed she had a long term affair with the businessman. >> i am at peace with my god. i am at peace with my wife. and she is at peace with me.
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>> reporter: chance of his wife's name didn't change his mind. he was defiant, using words false siagsz. >> these false and unapproved citations in the media, that has hurt. >> no longer a candidate the man who reveled in being a none politician has a new understanding of politics? >> it's a dirty game. it's a dirty game. >> reporter: cain says he will endorse another candidate and soon. who will that be. he gets along really well with newt gingrich. the candidate who most needs to pick up votes is rick santorum. he spent more time campaigning in iowa than anyone else and
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says he could be the next one to show a sudden surge in the polls. on this week he said the timing could not be better. >> if you look at all these, they last about four to six weeks. newt is in about week three. we feel pretty good come middle of december and toward the end of december as candidates are looking for a candidate they can trust, someone that is authentic and why they believe it, has a record to back up the rhetoric as to what they want to do to change this country, we have a good track record and think it will pay off in the end. newt gingrich agrees that any of the remaining candidates could stage a comeback. he declined to characterize the race as a contest between himself and mitt romney. starting tomorrow, u.s. postal service plans on
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eliminating overnight delivery. if approved first class mail would take two to five days instead of one to three days. lisa argen is here, i wonder if that blimp. >> just went over the bay bridge there. wind is not too much for that. >> no. picture perfect day. the view from mount tam, couple 30s in the north bay valleys. 50 here in the city today. today almost where we should be for this time of the year. but some chilly nights and some wind returning, i'll talk about it coming up. >> also next, the sharks turned the puck over several times against the florida panthers at the tank. can they overcome those mistakes?
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. there is niners game out at the stick and all kinds of other activities. how will the weather hold up? >> very sunny and temperatures where they should be upper 50s and low 60s. here is a look at santa cruz where numbers in the salinas valley east of here were below freezing. doing pretty good at the beach, 60s for the highs. back home, beautiful shot, you can see that maybe headed over
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to candlestick. we are looking at 1:00 game today with pretty nice temperatures. slow to warm up in parts of the bay. 50 in san francisco, not quite sure if this is for real, 36 in redwood city, everybody else around warming up into the 40s. 47 in fremont and 43 in livermore. low 40s from santa rosa to novato where we saw numbers around 30 this morning. we've got relatively light winds. look at the wind by the delta. still out of north, those are going to crank up later on tonight. also adding to the dry atmosphere, we're going to have offshore winds and critical fire danger through tomorrow morning. 25 degrees colder and everyone is much, much colder this morning even though the numbers are responding to that sun and dry air mass allows for the
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warmth to allow us to warm relatively quickly. we're coming from 30 degrees, 33 in parts of the south bay. so seems like the patchy frost around the bay. even with the winds tomorrow we still will see patchy frost. sunny and cool today, as much as 5-7 degrees cooler than yesterday. gusty winds return. higher elevations particularly in north bay mountains. any system that we see drop down from the gulf of alaska or canada riding right over the ridge and coming down on north-northeast winds. we've had a couple of the systems. more northerly winds headed our way later on tonight. dry pattern continues. so this block ridge and this looks like next week, as well. next wind shouldn't be as strong
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as what we had the past couple of days. northerly winds from 20-30 miles an hour. everyone should be advised that the air continues to be very dry. we'll look for much of the wind to ease up by tomorrow afternoon. today, temperatures feeling cool compared to where we've been but normal for this time of the year. 59 in san mateo. 58 at the coast. 60 oakland. livermore coming in at 60 today. overnight, patchy frost despite those winds picking up in the north bay mountains. tomorrow, very little change. more sunshine day to day with upper 50s to lower 60s right on through the week. so really quiet weather despite the winds and frost. >> so the wind could be a factor for the nine this afternoon? >> i think it should be okay. niners are trying to clinch to win a playoff spot if they
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can beat the rams at candlestick park this afternoon. raiders are in miami this morning. later today stanford will find owl which bowl they go to. here is shu with the highlights. good morning, a little college football and game that directly affects stanford, oklahoma state perhaps a date with cardinal but they have to beat oklahoma. they are looking to break. sooners face off the cowboys. outside tackle, dies in, oklahoma state up. 24-3 cowboys at the half. things get no better in the third, standing on the throw and fumbling, jones says thank you very much. it's 34-3, cowboys pouring it on. smith breaking a tackle up the middle. he is gone, 37 yards to the house.
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cowboys run to the title and fiesta bowl berth with 44-10 victory. >> wisconsin is facing michigan state. in the fourth, russell wilson and look at him. 36 yards inside the ten. up the middle for the touchdown, fourth of the game. 42-39 badgers. wisconsin punting away. martin takes it to the outside, there he goes inside the five but a flag on the play. wisconsin is out of time-outs. they will face oregon with a 42-39 victory. >> first quarter, aaron murray, to aaron white. georgia is up 10-0. tie ron matthews steps up on the punt return, makes the cut and he is gone.
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59 yards and replay show he handed the ball before crossing the plain. tigers take over in the third. kenny going through the line, 15 yards for the touchdown. lsu will play for a title game after 42-10 victory. >> sacred heart facing off at at&t park, things get heated as the helmet comes off. sacred heart with the bowl ball now, danny rubs it back for a touchdown. st. st. ignatius a big win. >> san jose and florida, they don't play often but plenty of hard hits in this one. tied at one michael andrews, he buries it. 2-1 sharks.
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white and will pass it on, stur m, game tied up. the shot is blocked knocked in the rebound, panthers with three goals in the second, they go on to win it 5-3. >> raiders are in miami, we'll have both the games tonight at 5:00. >> coming up next at 9:30. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento, they allowed the california dream act that allows students to get publicly funded aid will cost taxpayers more than anticipated. and one-man bank robbing crime mystery some san luis obispo strikes again but did the bandit finally slip
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welcome back everyone. occupy movement has support of oakland taking off this weekend trying to head off the planned shut down of the port by occupy protestors. port has posted an open letter to the local community in today's contra costa times. it would only result in lost business and harm the 99% of working class americans. it says the first shutdown of the port was back on november 2nd and ruled have resulted in lost business from ships. price tag for california's new dream act is going through the roof. the intent is to help all high school graduates in this state to go to college even if they are undocumented. as nannette miranda reports, the
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cost to taxpayers is skyrocketing along with tuition. >> reporter: a documented college student can receive financial aid beginning in 2013. they rate the cost to taxpayers at $65 million a year, nearly three times more than the low end estimate. it's difficult to pinpoint a number because tuition keep rising. >> this legislation says to the students, the tax will cover your tuition. so if it goes up, taxpayer costs goes up. >> the report found the dream act passed through the legislature as ab-131 this fall will hurt legal students getting a granted. >> everybody's grant will go down. >> they say the costs are minimal.
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a documented student to qualify for in-state tuition is are paying into the pot with the fee. >> so if they are going to pay into it as students they should benefit by able to receive aid. >> reporter: they have been trying to repeal ab-131 through referendum process. the stop ab-131 movement has a month left in order to get the signatures in order to qualify for the ballot. group believes this new report will help them get there. >> referendum court that $65 million a year could help other areas hurt by budget cuts. >> all these programs that got decimated they could use that money there as opposed to giving it away. no, we don't have to take it anymore. in san luis obispo a crook
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has police stumped. this guy has been a one-man bank robbing crime spree. this time he may have finally slipped up. >> there he was again, handing a note demanding cash and in the other hand a gun. the teller gave him a hidden dye pack. >> there is quite a bit of money in the parking lot. so we're not sure if he got away with money or not. >> the bandit dropped what appears to be small address book. >> we may get fingerprints. you may not be able to identify him but link him to other robberies. >> investigators won't say how much money he stolen but nationwide the average take to rob a bank was over $8,000. friday's bank job in san luis obispo is 16th in southern
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california. he stayed one step ahead police by varying location and days of the robbery. with each new heist the pile of video and news coverage grows. >> geezer hit bank of america was about to close in san luis obispo. >> and geezer bandit's luck may be running out. >> each time you have a robbery you may get one more piece of information that will take you closer to the bad guy. >> police wonder whether the geezer bandit could be a younger man or even a woman. he almost wears a hat, once he didn't, always glasses and rarely a tie but its his face or hands that just seem odd. >> there was something that didn't look right. the skin tone looks a little odd. >> whether he a spring chuck en, latest get away, he sped away in a white bmw and cops are still
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trying to catch up. our meteorologist is here now, lisa argen, with the preview of the forecast. >> temperatures are slowly warming up as we saw numbers dip below freezing in north bay valleys. 50 degrees in the city. much cooler than yesterday. a look ahead, couple of changes. i'll have it all for you coming up. >> also ahead, new effort to save lives along the interstate 280 corridor. some think keeping track of deer can make a difference. [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands? gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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collisions between cars and deer along interstate 280 has back focus for researchers at
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u.c. davis. most recent accident was last september killed a driver. now, state game wardens are tracking deer along 280. here are details on their efforts. >> reporter: from dawn to dusk, they have been tracking deer. >> it looks like a deer, its tranquilizer dart gun. >> as the day winds down, this was their final capture. to get a full checkup by a vet and get a collar. >> i locations are transmitted to the satellite every two hours. it's the route where they are heading to. what kind of habitat it's using, when it's crossing the highway. >> this capture and project is jointed effort by several state agencies including caltrans that identified i-280 as especially
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dangerous. >> they identified more than a hundred deer a year by killed by motorists. >> to gather the data they need to take great care with each deer they catch. that the job of tom swift. they gather all kinds of information. >> some of these deer don't even cross the freeway. we don't know very much about the deer in this area. >> once the data is collected in this 18-month study, solutions like a possible deer crossing under the freeway can be made. they monitor the vital signs and give an injection. this doe has been tagged. got a quick physical. you can see it's been installed. we're waiting for her to wake up and run off. >> about half an hour, the deer comes out of it. then slowly she walks off.
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along i-280 near san mateo, "abc 7 news." lisa argen is here now. we were actually discussing crab and dungeness crab season finally opened. i hope the water is not too rough when they put the crab pots out there? >> absolutely. that is good point. things are settling down in terms of our wind, stable atmosphere. we really filled out. numbers in the 30s. we have once again high pressure remaining in control of our weather for the foreseeable future. that is going to allow still more wind and dry offshore flow and humidity and high fire danger in parts of the bay. numbers are warming up. 55 in half moon bay. 50 in the north bay.
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still lagging behind, numbers in the low 40s and elsewhere we've got mid 40s from mountain view and san jose and redwood city coming up into the 40s. the winds this morning, despite how much they have come down. look at the direction, north-northeast, so we're looking at breezy winds by the delta and later on tonight, after midnight, they are going to ramp up again. east bay hills, north bay valleys, not quite as windy as it has been. you really bring down the winds and dry out the atmosphere and the temperatures really drop. 14 degrees colder this morning in hayward. high yesterday was 67 and sl degrees colder than you were yesterday in redwood city. more patchy fog around. once again tomorrow, the patchy frost despite the mixing of the atmosphere and wind forecasted. sunny and cool in between, gusty winds just in the short term but not quite as windy as it has
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been. the huge ridge over the eastern pacific. any weather system that wants to come in to california has got to ride over this extremely amplified ridge. we're looking at north-northeast winds for the next system and still looking at ridge of high pressure over the west coast could be couple weeks now. dry pattern and we will see the winds. if you want any rain or snow, doesn't look likely. in fact things are getting pretty dry with the intermediate wind speed -- increased wind speed. maybe gusts up to 50 miles an hour in the north bay mountains. temperatures around average, upper 50s to low 60s today. 62 down on the peninsula. 59 in fremont and richmond. santa rosa, north winds warming up to 62 degrees. overall, we should winds 5-15
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miles an hour today. then we'll get windy and then we'll go back tomorrow afternoon and still dry weather pattern right on through the week, the weekend looks like all of next week, too, which would take us out to about the 20th and beyond. >> wow. >> not beyond but that is the outlook. >> all dry. talking about the temperatures, complaining it feels cold this is average. >> yes. >> in marin county, wild salmon are on the essential of extinction. here a rare look at a few of the fish that swam upstream to spawn. >> u.s. fishery service has declared the california coast coho critically endangered.
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>> those grim words as a shrinking number return to the spawning grounds. historically 5,000 have laid eggs in the fall. six years ago there were only 500. three years ago just 26. this year, though it is still early. >> we've had about four or five so far a biologist has been watching them this past week. the babies will hatch in the spring, live in the creek for a year and then head to the ocean. when they are fully grown they will come back to the exact spot where they hatch. >> unfortunately they have to have habitat, cold, clean water that is well shaded and has a forest along the stream. that provides the food and shelter the fish need to survive. >> the problem is people. people build roads and houses and when it rains the water runs into the creeks. >> we build our houses right along the creek. they have armored the creek and
9:45 am
raised the sides of the creek. people don't want floods. floods is what fish need. >> reinforced creeks rise and run faster often killing the salmon. >> this erosion control project will help keep sand from sliding into the creek. >> last spring state workers released hundreds of salmon into the creek hoping some will make it back to spawn. if one out of every thousand returns to lay eggs, they ka will call it a success. >> don't go away, 7 on your side is next. publishing your own book is easier than ever but not without pitfalls. how you can
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entertainers be cat that put to fame by putting their work on the internet and now authors can do the same. >> this the first group of black pilots. >> les williams holds an important place in history. >> this the plane i flew. >> he is one of the legendary tuskegee airman the first african-americans to serve in the u.s. military. airmen fought enemies abroad.
9:49 am
now at age 92, he hopes to tell that story. >> a lot of times they'll tell you that there isn't a big enough audience to publish a book about black people. >> otter penny helped him right his memoir about battling prejudice. they decided to publish it themselves instead of finding a publisher. a route chosen by a number of growing number who use digital technology and online publishing services to get their work to print. >> it turned out to be not so easy. >> she paid $1700 to a service book to design and print the memoir. >> there were some parts we couldn't get straight. >> she says the proofs kept coming back with errors and often she had to pay extra for corrections. when the final proof came at last it had the biggest blunder
9:50 am
at all. here in the middle there are 100 pages from someone else's book. >> that is when i decided to cut it off. >> she cancelled the contract and she received a refund of about thousand dollars. she signed up with another service, things went well until the book went to print. >> they had changed something that made an inaccurate statement. >> they had changed the back cover to say that tuskegee airmen made all american. the book claims just the opposite. >> they still face the same discrimination they were facing before. >> penny says the cover was supposed to say their accomplishments will change the course of american history. she admitted she let the booking to print without noticing those offending words. she paid $225 to have it fixed then she ordered 100 copies for $800. when the books arrived they still had the wrong words on
9:51 am
them. >> i just wanted to pull out my hair at that point. >> reporter: she contacted "7 on your side" and we contacted i-universe. the company said it did nothing wrong. penny failed to give approval for the corrected wording. a spokesperson said with thousands of titles we handle it's important for each author to approve each manuscript. >> 100 copies, which was very discouraging. >> book surge which is now called create space, did not respond to our request for comment about its handling of the memoir. >> if you are self-publishing the proofreading responsibility rests with the author. >> cynthia frank runs ft. bragg based cypress house crest which offers resources. the experience shows that authors need tight control when they are publishing. >> even author that has publish
9:52 am
many books are grateful for the assistance assistance of a good copy editor. >> but in the end the book does convey the message. >> it's just one of hundreds of blacks that wanted to serve their country. never occurred to me about that. >> so cynthia says make sure you read the contract very carefully. find out all the rights and the fees and potential royalty. there are plenty of resources and local groups that support new writers. i'll hook you up with all the information you need if you go to up next, silent and in black and white. don sanchez explains why the artist is one of the best films of the year. é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"é"éñ
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here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. mega number was 12. anyone who cares to know, no one won the $12 million top prize. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $13 million. in theaters this weekend, a loving look back at the end of the silent film era. it's called the artist. it's black and white and silent. don sanchez has a rave review on the aisle. ♪ >> it's the way our our grandparents watched film. no sound and just music, accompanying what was on the screen. silent film back, a little valentino played by a french comedian.
9:56 am
flapper, instant chemistry between these two. george doesn't have a happy home life. his wife detests him. it's like citizen kane. george can't adapted. his career hits the skids. while pepe becomes a huge star. their world drifts apart but not their lives. how he copes provides drama. it's an epic of true love and in the climax the music from vertigo. jack russell almost. they have faces then. they have never overacting, no parody. you may never heard of the french actors. the artist will be there at the
9:57 am
golden globes and oscars. >> this is a sweet and innovative film. it is clever. a tribute to the early days of hollywood and film making as envisioned by the french. in this quite appropriate moment a frown. when it comes to silent films, this may be the best film of the year. i give the artist a full bucket plus. we'll see you on the aisle. all right, don, he doesn't do that often. i don't think i've ever seen that. >> it's dry out there for clouds for any fog. high fire danger with increasing winds in the northeast bay valleys. numbers around normal finally climbing to the 40s and 50s now. 57 in the city. 60 in livermore, 62 in santa rosa. outlook calls for below normal numbers by the end of the week
9:58 am
with below average precipitation right on through next week. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. keep track of latest breaking news on twitter. you can talk about it at have a great sunday and you have
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