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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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good evening. a plea this evening from the port of oakland, don't shut us down. we're live tonight at the port with details on this effort by port managers to rally public support against another shutdown. >> reporter: this morning newspaper readers throughout the bay area were greeted by a full-page color ad taken out in newspapers across the area. basically reads, keep our ports open. this is the first effort in response to plans by "occupy" movement organizers to shut down
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ports up and down the west coast. the port of oakland is the country's fifth largest shipping yard and this outreaches an effort to keep it from shutting down even a day. >> it does not serve the goals of the movement to shut down the port of oakland. people need to be working here. >> on november 2nd. demonstrators brought the port to a stand stl as part of their day of action. the port commission president says they're still adding up the costs. >> it's in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for that event on november 2nd. we cannot afford to be shut down again. >> "occupy oakland" organizers say some of the motivation its in support of union workers in the seattle, washington, area. solidarity with the long shoremen in long view, washington, who are facing
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union-busting activities by agt grain experters. >> but the second plant shut dowb does not have the sport of the ilwu. they issued a songly worded statement. the ilwu and local 21 are not coordinating independently or in conjunction with any self-proclaimed organization or group to shut down any port of terminal. "occupy" oakland still expects support from ilwu membership despite public statements from the leadership. >> what is happening is a community picket, a community blockade, and the ilwu historically has always respected community pickets and blockades. >> reporter: just talked to a spokesperson with the local chapter of the ilwu. the reason they're not supporting the effort is they weren't approached by anyone from obama oakland and that
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means they were not able to offer any potential participation to their membership for a democratic vote. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> right now the american red cross is trying to find shelter for at least 20 people, including two children, after a fire broke out in a san francisco apartment building. all the residents of this six-story building in the tenderloin district were left homeless. investigators believe the fire started around 8:00 when someone threw a cigarette into an air shaft. one couple says they grabbed their cat, jane, few belongings, and rap -- ran out. >> the fire was raining down. >> grabbed the cat, put on whatever clothes i could find and get out. >> some people were taken to the hospital at the fire.
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>> chp says a bicyclist was under the influence of alcohol when he tried to cross 101 in burlingame and has hit and killed. two cars struck the unidentified bicyclist shortly before 11:00. both drivers stopped at the scene. officers arrived to find the man dead. all knocked lanes of 1o1 were blocked and were re-opened around 1:00 this morning. >> the group that oversees events at at&t park says it's now investigating after a railing collapsed during a high school football game, injuring students. here's video we shot seconds after it happened. giants enterprises which operates nonbaseball events at the park, says it's working to remedy the situation before a bowl game there on december 31st. they said a portion of the railing failed when a large number of students pressed against it. some students went over the edge and fell on a player below. >> i fell over the railing and other football player caught me, and then the railing was coming back on him, so he had to move
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back, and i hit the ground on my face and then the railing hit me and i flipped over. >> the crowd was celebrating a win last night. a few students were bruised but no one was seriously hurt. >> two fans are in critical condition following a post game celebration at the end of the oklahoma-oklahoma state game. as the clock ticked down, thousands of oklahoma state fans ran on to the field and ripped down the goalposts. someone in the stands shot video as the goalposts came down and the crowd cheered. this is where some of the injured were crushed and others fell from high perches to the concrete below. most were taken to hospital for sprains or broken bones. took the police 45 minutes to get the fans off the field. >> herman cain's depart fewer from the republican presidential field comes as a crucial time. the nation's first primaries and caucuses are just around the corner and the full-scale
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courting of voters are going into overdrive. here's the latest. >> the hunt is on for herman cain supporters after the republican suspended his white house bid on saturday under the weight of allegations of sexual misconduct. >> a lot of herman cain supporters have been calling our office and coming over to our side. >> former houston speaker newt gingrich is still the man to beat until the iowa caucuses. the latest des moines register poll shows him with 25% support, followed by ron paul and mitt romney and a sizable amount of undecided voters. so nothing is for certain right now in this topsy-turvy roller coaster ride. >> so far in this campaign. >> i was supposed to be dead in june and july. apparently not. so i'm not going to say that any we can't be surprised.
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>> the candidates are slugging it out at debates and forums all over the country. >> the 2012 election is an election which presents a choice to northwestern people about what kind of american we're going to have. >> it's been a wild and wooly ride in the primary. >> you can watch the next crab between the contenders on abc news this saturday. abc news. >> it was a huge day for fans at candlestick as the 49ers end up really ten year post season drought. we're so excited. >> mike: it's a great feeling, trust me. it's been a long wait for 49ers fans but the playoff dreams became a reality today. jim harbaugh has been the catalyst, his resolve permanentated the roster. alex smith threw two touchdown passes to secure the team's first playoff berth since 2002 with a 26-0 shutout of the ram. the first team to win their division this season. as jim harbaugh gets his
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gatorade bath. only one player on this roster was on the 49ers last playoff team so the first time for most of these players, and it's a great feeling. >> thanks, shu. wonders of war causes a big scare. what do you do with a bomb? the end of some tense moment foors city in germany. >> then i took my underwear down. >> an 85-year-old woman says she was strip-searched at the airport. why the tsa says it followed proper procedure. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. we have some fog making its way through the gate right now. not going to stick around too long. high winds expected to redevelop. advisories in place. expect where you can expect a higher wind to develop coming up
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>> senate majority leader harry reid is expected to unveil a new proposal to extend tax cuts for mesh workers. president obama was disappointed that the senate rejected two plans that would have extended a cut in taxes to pay for social security. one the 2% tax reduction took effect this year. a family with an income of $50,000 a year would pay $1,000 more in payroll taxes annually if congress doesn't extend the tax cut. >> a bomb scare in germany is over. a massive british world war ii era bomb that triggered the evacuation of a half a city was successfully diffused. experts had to removal three
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detonators by hand. the 1.8-ton bomb was discovered last month after a lack of rain caused a river level to drop. finding bombs is common even more 65 years after the war's end but usually the bombs aren't this big. >> the transportation security administration is taking heat after a new york grandmother claims she was strip-searched at john f. kennedy international airport. she says she was hurt and humiliated during a preflight screening in new york before boarding a plan to florida. the 84-year-old says she was asked to be patted down because she was worried about going through a mode escaper with an implanted defrequent brill later. she said she was taken to a room and forced to take off her clothing. >> i weigh 103-pounds and they strip search me. >> the tsa denies the
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allegations and says it does not conduct strip-searches. >> for some people in san francisco, it's all about having a green christmas. ahead, it may not be your traditional overgreen but it's a gift that keeps on giving. >> it looks calm out there but leigh says the winds are returning.
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>> san francisco utility officials have called in an expert to investigate a water main break that flooded a south san francisco neighborhood last month. the investigation could take up to 12 weeks. the line ruptured, sending water shooting hundreds of feet in the air. the pipe was a feeder line connected to a larger main. both lines were recently replaced. >> a central part of your holiday celebration can back
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permanent part of san francisco scenery. friends of the urban forest is representing -- renting out live christmas tees. they return it after the holidays. >> when they get large enough, sidewalk trees throughout san francisco. >> my wife's really into christmas, always wanted -- she doesn't mind -- she wants a cut christmas tree because she likes the smell, but i was always -- this is a nice compromise. >> the trees can be purchased at friend of the urban forest in the pre presidio. the $75 cost goes for the planting of the tree and a donation for the nonprofit so it's tax detickettable. >> a lot of people with trees on their cars. >> leigh: better tie them down
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because the wind gusts are coming up. this is a live look and you can see the fog is back thanks to a westerly wind, but overall e overnight the winds are shifting more offshore so all the fog is going to move on out to sea. here are current readings. oakland, 57 degrees right now. 56 in livermore, clear skies, san jose, los gatos, 56, accept rose sacks -- santa rosa, 54. the week ahead, windy overnight tonight. a sunny and breezy day for your monday, and looks like it's going to stay day -- dry all work week. here's the current wind speeds and the directions. sfo, westerly, 12. northwesterly at 3. and that's why the fog is moving in towards the coast and the bay. things are going to start to shift overnight tonight. the latest, you can see the
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westerly winds bringing the fog bank near the gate here. and let's see what is going to happen overnight. we have low pressure to the northeast of us, and of course, the high bringing us some nice weather conditions this weekend. this low is going to continue to drop south and going to be similar to the setup on thursday and friday last week. the circulation around both the high and the low is going to sandwich the bay area right here, and that's when the winds start to pick up, northeasterly, offshore winds, over the hills tonight. lingering in through tomorrow morning. a wind advisory in place to begin tonight at 10:00, and spirits tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. northeasterly winds, mainly the higher elevations. east bay hills and the diablo range with gusts close to 50 miles-per-hour. those are just gusts, not sustained winds. a possibility of downed trees
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and even branches and powerlines. so, be advised of that. if you have any outdoor furniture, bring it in or sure it or any of those holiday decorations. make sure you take care of those as well. wind in tonight the higher elevations. going to mean milder temperatures. 30s out toward mortgage gap during morgan hill and san jose. the warm winds tomorrow, decreasing in the afternoon, 60s across the bay area. 59 for san francisco, 64 for gilroy. the seven-day forecast, we keep it dry all week long. subtle changes in temperatures but we're going to be hovererring upper 50s to low 60s. >> thank you, leigh. we appreciate it. >> we do have breaking news now in washington, d.c. that's where u.s. park police are arresting "occupy" protesters who are refusing to dispant tell an unfinished
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wooden structure erecollected in a park overnight. you can see them left that guy. the police told them they had to have a permit. 12 people have been arrested. one protester remains on the structure, and they're using a cherry picker to get him out of there, doing the best they can. so we'll monitor this, this was in washington, dc. "occupy" protester on a structure they built. the police are trying to get him out here. we have more exciting things to talk about. shu. >> mike: playoffs, anyone? the 49ers clinch a spot for the first time since 2002 with a win over the rams, frank gore has a record, but
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mike mike a bittersweet day at candle stick. frank gore is now the all-time leading rusher in tran characterize history but an injury to patrick willis but a damper on the day. went down awkwardly. leaves the game with a hamstring injury and would not return. second quarter, here comes history. the run by frank gore pushes him ahead of the team record. frank gore, the team's new all-time leading rusher. 9-0 niners in the half. 16-0 niners. take akers. kicked four more field goals.
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a record 31 on the season. 19-0. niners pour it on in the fourth. williams, the local kid, goes 56 yards. niners are nfc champions after a 26-0 shutout. >> it feels good, man. it's the best feeling ever. best feeling ever. i can't wait to get there finish strong these last few games, we're in the big show. >> talked about it since i've been here and it's no different this year. every team talks about it, win your division. sweet to clinch in. >> in miami, mcclaim didn't start but let the raiders in tackles three days after his arrest in alabama. didn't matter. 13-0 dolphins at the half. the frustration continues for the raider defense. seymour punches incognito and it gets worse. carson palmer picked off,
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raiders go down 34-14. >> we couldn't run it, couldn't stop the run, and didn't play special teams very well so that was just a bad day at the office all the way around. ain't no excuse to it. i'll take everything on myself, and we got work to do. >> mike: in soccer, third time is a charge for the stanford women. their first straight ncaa, facing duke. the game's only score for the cardinal off the cross, the header in the 53rd minute and stanford wins. they're 95-4-4 in their four jeers now ncaa champions. >> snooped -- stanford playing, 17-1 run in the final six minutes. stanford wins 76-72, improving 208-1. >> cal hosted by san diego state. bill walton checking things out.
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to the wrack. 25 points for him. led by allen crabtree, the bears unable to follow. cal likely out of the top 25 after the loss. >> teeing it up in southern cal, tiger woods birdied 16. now on 17. got it. even going into 18. johnson with the birdie mid. he cannot get it to fall. tiger putting for the birdie and the win. his first win since 2009. closes the year by winning his own tournament, and lsu and alabama in theback championship game, stanford in the fiesta bowl. and cal and texas in the holiday bowl. more at 6:00. >> we'll be right
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>> breaking news out of washington, dc where the u.s. park police are trying to remove an "occupy" d.c. protester from a wooden structure. he is under the banner. they tied him up. they're using a cherry picker to get him off the structure. "occupy" d.c. says 12 people have been arrested. we'll have the latest at 6:00. and good luck to this officers trying to get that guy down. that does it for us at 5:00. for leigh glaser and michael


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