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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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into a neighborhood home. and what riders are doing that is making them easy targets. the news begins in 60
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we heard the launch of the cannon, and then we looked back and saw the cannon flying and heard the impact hitting the house. >> a myth busters miss fire. the show sends one of its spearments hurdling into a dublin neighborhood. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off tonight. fortunately no one was hurt, but residents were stunned to find out a cannonball came whizing through their community. here is what happened. the cannonball was fired from the bomb range at camp parks. it soared 700 yards into a house on casada place and bounced across a road and on to a roof and into a mini-van. abc7's alan wang is live in dublin with more on this. alan, that is the craziest
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thing i have ever heard. >> it really is, dan. this is where the cannonball was traveling at about a thousand feet per second shot out of the back of that wall of this home. you can see where it left a hole in the bedroom wall. this was just the first house it struck. traveling at bullet speed, the cannonball bounced off the sidewalk, blasted through the front door of the home and wized across the bedroom of a sleeping couple. >> they didn't actually hear the cannonball come through the house. what woke them was the settling of the sheet rock that woke them up. >> it punk -- punctuation tored -- punctuation tour -- punctured the bedroom wall and went into another neighborhood where it struck his roof. >> that looks like the tile. >> reporter: he says his mother was taking care of his ten-month-old son. >> she had no idea what was going on. it was a very loud boom. she thought a tree fell and maybe a meteor. but it is not clear if -- it
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was a cannonball on a roof. >> it ricocheted on the street and smashed through a mini-van's window that he had just parked minutes before impact. >> i looked and it was a big cannonball. >> this particular myth was to see if other materials could be fired out of a cannon that would be as effective as a cannon ball. >> but they found out howie effective a cannonball is when it misses its target. it was supposed to hit the trash cans filled with water, but it missed. it ripped through a concrete wall and skipped over a hill into the city of dublin. we were scared that my kids were in the van. >> the miss fire was actually the third cannonball fired today. neighbors say this is where the myth busters test their experiments so they are used to hearing the explosions out here. they say the show has been put
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on hold following or pending a full investigation. reporting live in dublin, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. well, earlier, one of the show's hosts tweeted that they were working with heavy artillery, perhaps a sign of what was to come. the tweet was later deleted. a san jose high school cheerleading coach is accused of child molestation, and police say they are concerned that the suspect may have victimized others. john alston is live in san jose with the story. >> it is one of the places where the cheerleading coach holds practice. he works for energy athletics that works out of this gym out of the 101 and 280 interchange. the cheerleading coach is 23-year-old anthony joshua loza who was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of child molestation. loza is also a cheerleading coach in san jose. police will not get anymore
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specific, but they say the alleged victim is associated with at least one of the two organizations, either energy athletics or the high school. police are not revealing the age or gender of the alleged minor, but they claim that his sexual crimes took place over a three-month period beginning in september. police arrested him on sunday at his home which is in a neighborhood a few blocks from andrew hill high. a few neighbors said they did not know him, but a fellow coach here at the gym did have positive things to say. >> it was a tremendous surprise to everybody. we have known him to be such a good coach. he was also a good team member on energy athletics. it is unfortunate that the situation occurred in that way. >> and he had no issues with loza's work. loza is in the santa clara jail on a half million dollars bail. police have no indication that there are other victims or alleged victims from the school or this gym, but they
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are asking anyone who might have information to come forward. live in san jose, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. it is the biggest loan to a public agency for any stadium in nfl history, and it is being debated in santa clara tonight. three financing groups are willing to loan the 49ers and the city $850 million. tonight the public weighed in on this. lisa amin gulezian is live with the story tonight. lisa? >> dan, the public comment hearing ended an hour ago, and there will be another one on thursday night! but tonight people heard details about the specific funding and they had a chance to sound off about the details. >> yes, it is exciting. it could be considered a huge gamble. but it is worth it. >> so it is any -- an egregious bait and switch we are witnessing here. >> tonight the taxpayers heard details about the latest finance plan from goldman sachs, u.s. bank and bank of
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america. the three have agreed to loan the city's stadium authority and the 49ers $850 million. >> we are creating a finance structure that will go over tonight to show that we are basically lending it to a financing vehicle and lending the money down into both pieces. >> everybody is on the hook. but when push comes to shove, the citizens are protected because all cost over runs are all paid for by the 49ers. >> in other words, if the stadium authority can't pay the money back, the 49ers will. >> with the loan, there is absolutely no obligation on the taxpayers. consider the general fund deadbolt locked. >> when push comes to shove, i doubt the 49ers will honor that promise. i sincerely doubt that. >> here is how the new funding breaks down. the total cost for the stadium is now just over $1 billion. it is up from the original $987 million quote. $850 million will come from the new loan. the 49ers will pay $150
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million. a hotel tax will fund $35 million and a maximum of $40 million in redevelopment money can be used. paul is skeptical. >> why should the taxpayers fund the taj mahal stadiums for fabulously wealthy owners? shouldn't it be the owners themselves that are doing this? >> stadium supporters thought they would overcome a hurdle when ceder fair decided to drop its lawsuit against the city of santa clara over the parking issues that may arrive if the stadium is built. but the issue of financing meantime will continue until tuesday. that's when the city council will vote on it. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you. talking about financing stadiums, look no further than oakland to find the taxpayer support. the city of oakland and
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alameda county give the oakland coliseum about $20 million a year to operate the facility. it is the single largest source of income for the coliseum. in the meantime, ed leigh believes there is a slim chance the 49ers might stay in san francisco, but admits there is little money available to replace candlestick park. >> i am not going to give up. i don't think it is over. i do think the clock is ticking, and they are probably down to the minutes if you use the football analogy. but i think there is still significant plays that are out there, and we have to keep alert. >> mayor leigh says many investors have showed interest in the redevelopment plant for hunter's point which includes room for a stadium. barry bonds' legal team plans to ask a judge for probation when the former baseball slugger is senence ited next month for obstruction of justice. bonds' attorneys filed papers citing a probation report that makes the same
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recommendations. 2* highlights bonds', quote, significant history of charity and describes his conviction as, quote, an ab rigs. he is convicted of ab instructing with an evasive answer. he faces a maximum of 21 months. as we continue, the thorny issue of pension reform. how the city of san jose is putting the issue into the hands of voters. and iphone thieves. the victims are all doing the same thing just before their phones get stolen. a word of warning for you. and no wood burning tomorrow as we head into the lowest temperatures this season. we have the forecast next. and then later on nightline. dan, coming up on "nightline" they pull a hot fad diet off the shelves. we talk about america's top diets for safety and success. and we go to patricia corn well on "nightlin
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joan. -- next june. it came from retirees and union workers. they would be most affected by the reform measure. it would suspend pension measures for five years and reduce pension benefits for the new hires. workers claim they have already accepted pay cuts and pay more for their healthcare and should not need to sacrifice further. tonight san francisco police want to warn muni riders to be aware of their surroundings after a rash of cell phone robberies. three happened yesterday alone and a fourth resulted in a cell phone owner being stabbed. people need to use their cell phones casually in public. >> only use your phone if you have to. if you go from one point to another point walking down the street, unless that phone call is so important it can't wait, you shouldn't bring it out. >> right now it is the time of year where crime spikes up. i try to be more conservative and not pull things out.
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>> they say people are so absorbed texting, talking and playing games they don't know who is around them. the robbers took two smartphones and two regular cell phones. president obama traveled to america's heartland and told the work is class audience that the country is at a crossroads. >> but this is not just another polit cal debate. this is the defining issue of our time. this is a make or break moment for the middle class and for all of those who #r* fighting to get into the middle class. >> the president said it was based on giving everybody a fair play and fair shot. it echoed president theodore roosevelt who spoke in the same town years ago and called for a square deal for americans. among the republican candidates wanting the president's job, a new abc washington post poll shows that newt gingrich is growing his lead in iowa with 33%. he has almost doubled the lead over mitt romney and ron paul.
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the iowa caucus is in 28 days. mitt romney will be inburlingame for a fundraiser. and he announced he will be on a sunday news talk show. that's his first appearance in almost two years. >> abc's diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos will moderate the presidential debate this weekend. you can watch it on saturday at 6:00 p.m. on abc7. it should be interesting. the food and drug administration could decide to end the age restriction on who can buy the plan -- emergency plan b emergency contraceptive bill. the fda would allow the pill to be moved from behind the counter out to store shelves. opponents say they are concerned plan b could keep parents from adequately monitoring their teenagers' behavior. on to the weather. the bay area air quality management district entered the first spare the air alert for wednesday. the order bans the fireplace and the wood stove use for 24
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hours. officials predict that air quality in the bay area will be unhealthy because of weather conditions that will trap the smoke and the air close to the ground making it dangerous to breathe. all right, meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a chilly forecast. and she can explain this process a little better. sandhya? >> i want to explain the process from the high definition sue trow camera. you can see the hayes over san francisco that was building. the particulae matter was building close to the surface. as we look at the sun going down at 4:51 from the east bay hills camera, clear skies as the sunsets. we are in for another cold, cold night. i want to show you some postings to my facebook. beverly wrote, "i have to use the credit card as a scrape they are morning." clever idea. sharon said, "not again. it was freezing today. it was 26 degrees at the napa county airport this, month.
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-- this morning." beverly also pointed out, look how balmy it is back east. i thought i would show you the current temperatures in comparison to us in the 50s and the 60s at this hour. the cold air is clearly out over the western two-thirds of the nation. 30 in chicago and 31 in st. louis. it is just as cold in some parts of the bay area right now. look at the numbers. 32 degrees in fairfield. 35 in napa. 36 degrees in santa rosa. mountain view, livermore, they have dropped down to 37 degrees. so freezing cold again overnight. spare the air after midnight, and the dry december pattern continues. as you look here, we do have a freeze warning for the sacramento valley, san juaquin valley and southern salinas valley. 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., widespread 20s with freeze damage to sensitive plants. 10* once again some may be waking up to some frost first thing in the morning. you may have to scrape the ice off the windshield. 28 in the morning. 29 in santa rosa.
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30 degrees in livermore. right down to freezing in concord. 32 degrees. in the morning you might want to grab your scarves, gloves, a coat or jacket. it is a spare the air after midnight. so heading into your wednesday , spare the air day, poor air quality in the north bay and moderate air quality across the rest of the bay area. here is the bigger picture. the higher pressure, the jet stream well to the north of us. no rain in sight. as a matter of fact, we are running so behind as we look at the season to date. 46% as of normal in san jose. pretty dry there. 60 to 66% in san francisco, oakland, santa rosa,53% right up in sacramento, ukiah at 79% of normal. so we can use the rain, but i don't see any over the next seven days. at least, the computer models are not indicating that. high temperatures tomorrow will come up to the mid50s range in places like clear lake and low 60s for palo alto and san jose. 59 in livermore and oakland as well. 57 for san rafael and san francisco. a pretty nice looking day after the morning chill. around the monterey bay, 60,
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61 in morgan hillment sunny skies -- morgan hill. sunny skies and the sunset at 4:50. and it is a spare the air day. a dry pattern takes us right through tuesday. we will start to notice patches of fog creeping back in over the next couple days. but we are expecting temperatures to come up a little bit each and every day, especially as we head into thursday, friday morning. not quite as cold those two days as we see some more high clouds moving in. the humidity comes up. >> that will be a nice change. >> it will be a nice change. >> thank you very much. coming up next, why a crowd tossed hundreds of teddy bears on to the ice at a hockey game. stay with us. ?t?t?t8t8t8tptptptç
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a new controversy involving strip searches of tsa agents going from j.f.k.
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to fort lauderdale. all three have medical conditions that require them to wear medical devices. in one case an insulin pump and a glucose monitor and a colostomy bag. >> as a joke i said it is not a bomb. and then they asked mooy to lower my pants. -- asked me to lower my pants. >> i had to take my pants off. >> do i look like a terrorist? >> the tsa said they maintains standard protocol and nobody was inappropriately touched. we have a new holiday video getting a lot of clicks tonight. we want to show you. this is the annual teddy bear toss sponsored by a major junior hockey team in canada called the calgary hit men. it is not unusual for hockey fans to throw things on the ice. but, boy this is special. all of the bears go to children at calgary's hospital. the toss collected 25,000 stuffed animals. that is cool. larry beil is here to talk baseball. a popular giant is hitting the road.
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>> they are hit men with a soft side. torres was a fan favorite with the giants. his heart may be in san francisco, but he will play next season in new york. the giants make a move at the winter meetings. that's next in sports.
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good evening. an degrees torres was a -- andres torres was a key member of the team. but his time in san francisco is now over. the giants traded torres and ramone ramirez to the mets for angel pagon. torres hit 221 and he battled for a bunch of injuries. they were both eligible for arbitration. the giants didn't want to get stuck having to overpay. so they go to new york for an exchange of pagan come -- coming off a down year. it is unclear if pagan will start in center field or whether he will join the giants as a fourth out --
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outfielder. the sharks well comed old friends back to the tank. setoguchi and heatly who are now with the wild. both with eight goals on the season so far. the sharks slumping lately. they came out firing in this one. spinning to knock in the rebound on the fly. amazing. hand-eye coordination and his 12th goal of the year and got it. 1-0 sharks. a few seconds later and shultz accidentally crushes his own goalie and hits harding in the head. harding was woosy and had to leave the game. he was replaced by matt hackett who turned into the star of the game. a sweet move to put it on net. two minutes later and a nice pass here. across the ice and by shard gets him. the sharks can't get anything. they are forced to empty the net late. one of 34 saved.
11:30 pm
-- saves. 2-1 the final. the sharks have now lost four out of five. the warrior s who love to make a high impact trade that dramatically improves their team. they are trying to do it right now. they are wooing the -- tyson chandler. the mavs they don't want to pony up the 12 to 15 million a year that it will take to bring chandler back. chandler is on the sidelines at the 49ers game on sunday. whether the warriors can clear the cap space enough to get chandler remains to be seen. but nobody doubts the impact he would make. >> i grew up playing since we were freshmen in high school. he is a very good player. he values defense and controlling the paint on the defensive end. he is a good player and a good guy as well. >> at age 41 jeff garcia is apparently getting back into the nfl with the houston texans. they lost their top two
11:31 pm
quarterbacks to injuries. t.j. yates is starting for them, but with texas 9 and 3 they have big hopes. garcia will come in as the third quarterback, a veteran's insurance policy. the texans will be his 6th nfl team. we will see if he gets a chance to get to run with the texans. that's your toyota sports report. >> he is a veteran. he has been around a longtime. >> if you need him in an emergency he will play. >> he is not the prototypical quarterback. >> no, he is smaller and has a rocket arm, and he is effective. >> thank you. keep track of breaking news on twitter at abc7 news. for larry beil and sandhya patel and carolyn johnson, i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. hope to see you tomorrow. god -- good night.
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