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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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of the port of oak leaned is anything like what took place on november 3rd, he and thousands of a workers will take a huge financial hit. >> it hurts a lot. i'm just barely getting on my feet again after two years, and now i got to go a day without pay. while somebody else has something to say that i'm not really sure is relevant to the cause. >> the ilwu is against the shutdown, stating they do not support another costly closing of the port. that faictz more than 73,000 jobs in ports. the ilwu says we share childrens about corporate abuses and the future of the middle class but we must be clear that any actions organized by outside groups, including the proposed december 12 shutdown of terminals on the west coast, have not been vetted by our union's democratically led
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process. the mayor jean quan issued a statement saying: how does shutting down the port and causing thousands of workers to lose a day's pay create positive change? back here live at lake merritt, the supporters of "occupy" are going to try to shut down the ports from alaska to san diego, and the port is saying they stand to lose at lease $8.5 million a day if in fact the sport is shut down tomorrow. we'll have more on abc-7 news at 11:00. reporting live in oakland, abc-7 news. >> the "occupy" protesters living in front of 101 market street in san francisco are back tonight after police moved them out this morning. the. the police moved in and cleared the space in front of the federal building. 55 demonstrators were arrested for illegal lodging. >> the irony of the situation is there were lodgers across the street, lodgers on mission and main, 20 to 30 of them with actual structures and tents.
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there are homeless lodgers all over the city but none of them get taken out unless their carrying signs and protesting the behavior of the government and corporations in this country and it's very frustrating for us. >> protesters were back in front of 101 market by the afternoon. >> "occupy" cal members returned to sprowl hall. police enforced a rule prohibiting people from sleeping on the steps of the power. they power washed airline chalk and paint. demon streeters concede support for the movement is fading because of finals week, but they want to end "occupy" cal on their own terms. >> at ueberkeley tonight, emergency crews are trying to contain a huge diesel spill. >> some of the diesel has leaked into the marina. >> berkeley marina is basically where strawberry creek meets the san francisco bay, and you can see right there is a whole lot
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of the absorb bent booms they set up to son up the spilled dietel. this is a diesel spill that happened eight miles upstream on the campus of uc berkeley. >> yards of booms corral diesel fuel and debris. the last barriers preventing more petroleum from seeping into san francisco bay. >> the agencies are saying a very small fraction made its way into the bay. >> the fuel spill was noticed 7:00 p.m. saturday night by a uc campus police officer who came across a foul smell along strawberry creek. upstream in the basement of stanley hall, is the source of this spill. >> well know that we had some 1700 gallons of diesel fuel spill within the building, and a smaller amount, some fraction of that, was released to the creek, strawberry creek.
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>> crews quickly started siphoning the fuel from the basement with large pumping trucks. this emergency is all because of some sort of malfunction with a tank feeding fuel to the emergency generator in the basement. the diesel made it out of stanley hall because the building has a series of pumps that remove natural water that collects in the basement. 100 students were immediately evacuated from the building. a few who were disappointed that stanley hall remain enclosed. at the marina, barriers and booms prompted concerns about the environment. she comes out here nightly to feed the geese and ducks. >> i'm concerned for their welfare. the waters are already polluted with plastic and other things and it's a sensitive environment. >> now, we're told that the initial assessments on wildlife are minimal. we're told the birds seem to be acting okay. no real effect to them. but there are also fish in
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strawberry creek, and so they're still assessing the effect on them. as for stanley hall, we're told that the crews plan to have that open by tomorrow morning for students it is finals week on uc berkeley campus. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> in redwood city, driver took out a fire hydrant. this geyser is part of the damage caused by a suspected drunk driver last night. he mowed down a light pole and a parking meter before his suv came to a stop. the driver was taken to a local hospital where his condition is unknown. >> 27 people are in temporary housing after an apartment near san francisco. it happened around 5:30 last night at a public housing willing on ellis street where many of the residents are elderly and disabled. firefighters used ladders to rescue several people, including one man who was badly burned. the fire started in his unit when a grease fire ignited while he was preparing dinner.
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>> a fight for alcatraz and all over the america's cup sailing race the national park service and the organizers of the america's cup can't agree on the roll the rock will play during the yachting super bowl. the park service is concerned about the environmental impact of the race on the golden gate area, which includes alcatraz. the planning commission will meet on thursday. >> another controversy brewing after lowe's pulls its advertising from a cable tv reality show. >> the new push to get every driver in california insured. >> the man who chaims director james cameron stole his idea cor the movie of -- "avatar". >> the clouds have started to move in. a few showers. live doppler 7hd picking up a little light rain, from the peninsula to san jose, and we'll look if there's anymore rain
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> tonight the pakistan military is claiming the united states has sake tate an air force base used to service drones. today, equipment at the air pores base were loaded on to an air transport before it took off. pakistan ordered americans out of the building after the
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strikes that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. >> on a sunday news talk show in iran a general stated a captured american surveillance drone will not be returned the u.s. the drone went down over iraq last week. u.s. officials claim it was a malfunction that brought the drone down. the general says how the drone was captured is a secret and one, quote, america and others should think deeply about. >> at least three people are dead after yesterday's 6.5 earthquake in mexico. >> a earthquake in mexico city. >> the quake shook buildings and caused panic across nine states in mexico. the quake was centered in a western state. officials say there are no reports of i widespread damage from the quake. >> the u.s. is proposing its first unmanned border crossing with mexico in east texas. the border kiosk would be located at a port of entry in big bend national park and would allow people scan their identity documents and talk to a customs
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officer in another location. federal officials say it would be a security upgrade, noting it's currently easy to wade across the shallow rio grande undetected. >> a lawsuit over the movie "avatar". the former employee who claims james cameron extol -- stole his used for the movie. >> leigh glaser has the forecast after we come back. >> mike: you can't relax just because you secured a playoff spovment just ask the 49ers. while aaron rodgers padded his stats, there were two ugly ababak
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>> a disgrunt telled former employee wants to depose the king of the world. james cameron is being sued over his film "avatar". the man says he pitched a film to cameron in 1999 but was turned down. rogers says his movie was a science fiction story that was a environmentally themed three-debris -- 3-d epic. >> lowe's pulled advertising
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from tlc's american muslim after the florida family association complained the program was a danger to, quote, american liberties and traditional values. the senator calls the decision naked religious bigotry and issued a statement for having managed to make some people very unhappy. >> the story has created quite the conversation on our facebook page. katherine says i'm a christian and embarrassed a christian group would protest over an ad for a muslim reality show. >> jr says if the home depot pulled ads from a hispanic show? >> some changes ahead for drivers as the california department of insuressan tries to get the word out about low-cost insure jaynes. starting tomorrow the program will be more efficient and accessible and get more drivers
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insured. >> something on the order of 15% of the cars you see on the road are uninsured. that's close to four million californians without auto insurance. it's a problem for them because they run the risk of having an accident and not having coverage and it's a problem for us who have insurance because when we run into someone without insurance we don't get the recovery. >> you must be at least 19, be a good driver, in good standing, for three years, drive a vehicle worse less than $20,000 and meet certain income requirements. only 11,000 californians are enrolled in that program. >> tonight, an organization in santa clara county is making sure needy families have happy holidays. catholic charities will be busy in december. this weekend they helped 800 families impacted by incarceration with food and gifts for the coming days. >> bikes, boxes of fews to ensure every family has a family
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meal. gift cards, warm pajamas, blocks and toys and games and anything a young child might want. >> corporations and individuals adopt families through the holidays. thousands of needy families will be helped through the year and if you'd like to donate, drop your item off at the charity's gift center on jackson avenue. >> leigh glaser is here, just a little cold out there. >> leigh: just a little chilly out there. temperatures only in the mid-to-low 50s across the bay area. you can see the twinkly lights on market street. live doppler 7hd probably notice the clouds increasing throughout most of the afternoon. the live doppler 7hd picking up moisture. this is a -- very we can, half moon bay reporting a little light moisture. redwood city, towards milpitas,
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san jose, sunnyvale, a few sprinkles there. you're going to pick up a little more in the way of light rain. santa cruz, watsonville, even to the south of gilroy, and you'll notice that this is comeleing -- coming up from the south and the counterclockwise schwin with the area of low pressure off the coast. temperature-wise it's getting chilly. napa, 44. redwood city, 50. 48 in lever moore, overcast. and 50 in san jose. our highlights, in through the middle part of the work week, few showers mainly south bay tonight. we'll go with partly sunny conditions across much of the bay area by tomorrow afternoon but we still may see just a few lingering showers south bay communities tomorrow morning before all of this moves into southern california, and then after that get ready for a dry weather pattern right on in through wednesday.
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here's the setup. we talked about this last night. this is a cultoff low sitting here counterclockwise spin and where it's going is actually into southern california. traveling there tomorrow? get ready for showers there. we'll keep a few sprinkles, maybe light showers in the forecast overnight tonight. in fact here's a look at the forecast animation. this low pushes towards the south. it's this wrap-around moisture that could possibly swing back in over the bay area overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, and this is 2:00. but i think most of this will have pushed on to the south by then and actually start to see some clearing. here's a look at the travel map across the straight. los angeles, san diego, even at towards the desert areas, palm springs, get ready for showers could be heavy at times. but points north, clearing, and lots of sunshine. 37 in sacramento, 58 degrees.
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lows. 33 for napa. north bay, may see a little bit of clearings. cold are temperatures there, and get ready for pockets of dense valley fog south of san jose. where some of the showers may swing in, so temperatures in the mid-to-low 40s tonight. tomorrow, clearing from north to south. temperatures mid-to-upper 50s across much of the bay area, andoff may still have to dash around a few sprinkles, morgan hills and hole hisster. here's a look ahead. the next few days, dry, cold morning, tuesday, wednesday, dry day, clouds thick 'thursday, chance of showers thursday night, friday, and next weekend, just cloudy at this point. >> thank you, miss leigh. >> let's get to shu in sports. >> bad day for both the raiders and 49ers. the raiders struggled and the cardinals took advantage of the boys. trouble for the card early of kevin kolb takes a knee to the head.
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left the game and would not return. david acre kick starts the niners offense. special teams make a play at the end of the quarter. ted gin, jr. goes 52-yard. struggles inside the red zone continue. another field goal. 6. second quarter, another field goal? no. a safe. could have been a touchdown but the play is blown dead. arizona challenged the previous play. replay fourth down. niners get nothing. 49ers findy final the end zone in the third. gore goes over the thousand mark for the season. larry fitzgerald. what a catch. it's 19-14. to the fourth. after 53-yard fitzgerald run. 21-19 cardinals. niners, fourth and one. alex scrambling. the niners go down 21-19. their first lost in the nfc
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west. >> meanwhile, the raiders came out flat last week against miami. today, they just got flattened by green bay. aaron rodgers looking to improve his mvp stats. carson palmer not improving his, one of four picks on the day. packers first official play from scrimmage. on the board. ryan grant. see ya. 47 yards, 7-0 pack. second quarter now, 17-0 green bay. rodgers to nelson. 37 yards, franchise record 39th t.d. pass for rodgers on the season. 24-0. gets worse. woodson, the former raider, picks off palmer. the pick turns into points. ryan grant. packers set a franchise record for points on the season. 466. blowing out the raiders. they're now 13-0. >> they wanted to run michael bush early. we did a nice job slowing him down a little bit. and forcing turnovers like we
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did tonight, cashing them in. >> the kind of game you want to play going into the playoffs. >> the thing is we expect those guys to be good, so for us to come up with turnovers and get the ball back in their hand, we feel good about what they're going to do. >> that loss and the broncos win, tim tebow led the bronxs to a win over the bears. tebow to thomas. ten yards. broncos within three. seven seconds left. it's good. going to o.t., broncos recover a bears full. now operator from 51 in the opinion. the denver tebows win, taking over lead to from the raiders in the afc west. >> what a finish. bengals up six. six yard t.d. with two second left. the texans beat the bengals and clinch the afc south, heading to the playoff for the first time in franchise history. >> the sharks back on the nice chicago after losing last night
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in st. louis. they lost five of seven. antineimi facing his former team. mcgin, few in front of the net. 1-0 sharks. second half tied. brad winchesser to braun and he has the laser. it's 2-1 sharks. >> cal hosting johnson state. allen crabbe isn't start but came rough the bench to score 17 points. bears won two straight after following out of the top 25 with the 73-46 victory. the wars signed deandre jordan to a restricted free agent offer sheet. the 49ers find the saints for the bye. can't aaccord to keep losing players.
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>> breaking downs knocked off its perch. the movie that
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>> nieves -- new year's eve, a little bit of magic, the holidays are not a good start for hollywood. the worst weekend in more than
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three years. >> the sitter opened at number two after three weeks on top, breaking dawn dropped to third place, and muppets and arthur's christmas round out the top five films this weekend. >> thank you for joining us. >> hope to see you tonight at captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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