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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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poor and elderly expressed anger and frustration for yet another round. >> foaming at the mouth, mad. >> sheila's coverage and in home care are being reduced and she asks why wealthier californians are not affected. >> i heard so much, share the burden. well, we've been taking the whole burden. and they're not talking any. >> new polling out found overwhelming support. 67% for a higher tax when it hit anyone making $1 million or more, in order to restore education and other service autos for every $1 that millionaires provide three cents. over million providing two more cents out of the dollar. we need to provide money for priorities of california. >> and there is now a race to the november, 2012 tlox get a tax measure on the ballot n addition to a sales tax, the
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plan taxes higher earners five years for anything over $250,000. and typical californians fork over another $123 a year, our children, our fewer tour hits a typical taxpayer $222 a year, think long committee wants tochl tend to services which would take another $288 per year from an average consumer. average californians would not pay anymore under the millionaire tax measure, working with the coalition called restore california. >> so you keep attacking and people that have businesses that is not going to help employment. >> governor brown hopes that only one or two measures actually make it. california next approved a tax in 20041% to help fund the program. >> thank you and a bay area
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couple goes on trial together for the thanksgiving day hit and run murder attempt of an off duty firefighter. a judge granted a request to join the cases and is he accused of running over a firefighter. tejada is an accessory, authorities say tejada ordered replacement parts. >> this car was a rental car. she called the rental company in order to extend the lease. she knew what is going on. >> the judge also refused a request to lower bail, which is set at $200,000. her attorney pointed out she did tell police where they can find the car. bartal remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> for victims of a pro livic
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burglar this, may be the last chance to claim their stolen property. and that is apparently the law. vic lee has the latest on this exclusive report. vick? >> several of the victims we've profiled in our story will get a chance to see if their stolen goods are among property seized by police there. is a stay on the order to return property to the convicted burglar and we have learned they planned to file another motion and may enable others to claim their items. >> if you have a police report documenting this incident, date and time, and this item that was taken come forward. >> it's another chance of the convicted burglar to claim possessions which were stolen, police confiscated eight truck loads when arresting gaundy
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and her accomplice in march of last year. so far, 39 people claimed belongings. and investigators showed us what is left. >> if we hold properties more than 18 months, then... at that point we donate property. we auction it. or we destroy the property. >> and in this case, all will be returned to the burglar, the judge signed this order after approving a request by lawyers. police say they fought it tooth and nail. >> they fought it 11 times trying to prove they were stolen. and at the end of the day, she's considered innocent until proven guilty. >> investigators say justice
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has gone awry. the burp is on-burden of proof is on the wrong side. >> she should to prove she had legal rights to have the property. >> and what police attorneys hope to do now is further delay her from taking property. and they'll go to court tomorrow, giving victims more time to claim their goods. >> and we're just waiting to see whether or not they can identify property. >> puja gaundy served her sentence, she's an illegal immigrant from canada z if you want to contact police about this case, you can contact the special investigations team at northern police station. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you and there is a massive bust of taggers in san jose. a four-month long operation netted dozens of arrests
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including several gang members. this is video of the crew called posted on you tube and this stands for have you seen us? well, police charged them with 60 counts of felony vandalism. investigators say this faction is responsible for $50,000 in three months. >> they'll go out. they'll cover as much territory as they can and put as much paint up they can along with tags and whatever ink they can get out. >> the district attorney says all four will be charged with criminal gang enhancements, which mean they can face added prison time. >> california public utilities commission gave pg&e permission to boost the pressure in its gas lines. the utility ordered to drop pressure after the explosion last fall and test several lines for signs of a rupture. p.u.c. today said it's satisfied pg&e
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demonstrated that lines can be used safely and says it will now be able to meet the winter demand for meeting -- heating fuel. >> telegraph avenue has been declared a zaft zone in order to help businesses affected by the november 18th fire that destroyed the sequoia building. the u.s. small business association opened a satellite office where merchants can go and apply for help. many of them report losing up to 50% of the business as a result that have fire. >> this is rar to recover but will be help tofl get a loan at bare interest for a lot of businesses, i'm sure. >> some could qualify for a loan of up to $2 million. and investigator blame a faulty elevator system. >> janitors marched throughout
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financial district, protesting raids that target undocumented workers. marchers want ice to focus on employer who's exploit workers. it's said they said ice singled out men and women struggling to make a living. it ended with a rally and it's start of a state wide protest organized by united service workers union and group was environmental concerns about the america's cup race on san francisco bay want to slow down the development process. the city planning commission expected to approve the events environmental impact report tonight. and members of the san francisco bay keepers say a mitigation and monitoring report only just has been released and no one has had time to analyze it. >> our request is delay certification so there is a chance to read this important contract. >> and this board is expected to vote next year.
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and organizers say swift approval is critical for the necessary improvements to the water front in time for the races chr scheduled for 2013. >> and governor brown held a summit on climate change this year. and san francisco international airport could be under nearly two feet of water and most of highway 101 would become submerged. >> welcome to the flood zone. low lying foster city. and this park will be a dog where dogs swim. >> this is high on the hill. i'm not as concerned. >> that is one reason jerry brown convened for a conference looking at future
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threats to the state. >> air pollution, going to public health and equality of the water, availability of water. goes to events such as fires and drouts. >> this is going cost money. and longer we wait to reduce carbon emissions then more expensive mitigation is going to take. >> the potential problem costs millions. imagine oakland and san francisco airports and peninsula all underwater in 50-100 years. >> only good news is that this is what might happen if we stand by to do nothing. >> idea is not to predict the future, but to prevent this in which we'd lose much of the bay area that we value. >> embarcadero stands to lose plenty of real estate when storms and tides combine to create conditions in 2002 they
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weren't just a freak event but what may happen more frequently. >> we think we're going to have to look at areas we protect and decide we're going to fall back from. some areas we may be allowing to live with water. >> 55 inches in 100 years. it's not a problem most of us are likely to see but our children may. >> and arnold swafrt swafrts -- schwartzeneggar made an appearance, the first time he's been seen in public. it was revealed he'd fathered a child with the family housekeeper. today schwartzeneggar urged the audience to leave the green ghetto behind and spread the affect about the affect of climate change on the environment. >> more to bring you here tonight at 6:00. power of the ipad. a new study reveals educational value of tab blet computers and how they can help your child learn.
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>> a woman stands up with the president as he makes an al yeep. we have late word on a deal to avert a shut down. >> and what you need to know before booking a limb scene. 7 on your side is straight ahead. áeu!u!hç
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the ceo of a pot club is trying to explain why authorities found nearly $30 million. authorities raided his home and the happy wellness center yesterday claiming it had and was being run as a for profit
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business. the center's manager arrested on suspicion of conspiracy, sale of marijuana and possession for sale of mayor. >> ipads seem to be everywhere, including schools but are they helping kids learn? or just high tech toys? there are a couple app maker that's sought to answer the question. >> these kids are playing a game only on the store two showers. they're picking it up quickly. and they're also learning math. >> it's great to see they're having fun and it's changing their attitudes about math. >> this company motion math is now on its third app for the ipad. they see the ipad as a natural fit for classroom. >> this is mazing for
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learning. especially younger kids. before touch screen, the key word got in the way. now young kids can have very interactive experience with complex computer autos hundreds of school districts have some classroom was one ipad motion map said there had never been an experiment done to show whether this helps kids learn. they commissioned a professor to put an app to the test. >> i was a skeptic of the use of games and ed oox so usc professor did a study of kids playing this motion map app. >> just five days an hour and 40 minutes we saw 15% increases and those tests based on standardized test item that's students take for california standards test. >> she says this is just a start in assessing how it's best used in schools. klein says the answer is simple. show kids math is cool.
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>> it's a great way to teach, to bring that fun and excitement around what math can do. >> just like the kid said. it makes math funner. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and a young man from stockton learned a tough lesson today about breaking help -- household curfew. here is he this morning after spending several hours trapped inside. apparently he stayed out later than he was supposed to and tried to sneak back in to the house as if he were santa claus. i think santa is the only one with that magic. the boy wasn't hurt but will have explaining to do to parents. >> poor guy. >> couple of bad idea autos yes. yes. >> that is right. that is right santa makes it look easy and there is rain departing today? >> and there is skies clearing. there is a live view from our
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sutro camera. it was wet in spots. up to almost a quarter inch from this system over fairfield there is a third of an inch of rain. nearly two tenths and there is sort of a hit and miss rain storm. now, temperatures under mainly clear skies and there is low 50s in san francisco and oakland now. highlights, chilly, breezy over hills, sunny, milder tomorrow this, dry pattern developing now will continue into and perhaps to the end of the week. there is a system that brought us rainfall. there is high pressure that builds in following a time line here at 7:00 tonight
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we'll see high pressure developing inland to the northeast. there is a circulation bringing us cool, dry winds overnight and into early morning hours tomorrow. and will be cool and chilly overnight. lows dropping into 30s in spots and there is 33 in japa. mid-30s into the east bay. low 40s around the bay. high temperatures tomorrow nice, mild and sunny skies. there are highs around 60 degrees in virtually every location there. there is 61 in palo alto. mid to upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco there is a high of 57 tomorrow. 55 into sunset district. nice, mild in the north bay as well. there is 61 in calistoga and novato. 62 at santa rosa. near east bay highs into upper 50s to about 60 in oakland.
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and there is farther east you go, cooler it will be. highs only 55 tomorrow in brentwood. there is highs in the low 60s. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. seven dry days lie ahead, winter arrives next wednesday night. 9:30 pacific standard time. going to be mild throughout the weekend. there are highs around the bay. not winter like. >> doesn't feel like it yet. >> no. >> thank you. >> when we come back tonight annual abc 7 share your holiday food drive. >> and how you can help end hunger now
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if you'd like to make holidays brighter there is a perfect way to do it. it's easy. >> today is the abc 7 share your holiday food drive. we're live in oakland at the food bank. hi, carolyn. >> hi. the food banks are telling us with recession, they're seeing an aftera lampblg of clirngts one in five bay area residents is at risk of going hungry. that is unbelievable in a place as wealthy as san francisco bay area.
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and and hi, how are you. >> and yes, i am. a client and and without i don't know what i would do. they supply centers and organization was food and the entire neighborhood. >> until you not only try to give back and contribute by being an advocate for the food bank. what do you do? >> i educate the people, speak out for those that can't speak out for themselves. and all of the people around, then, i try to educate them on how important sit for them to come out and speak up or get with us or just, you know sign petitions or do whatever we have to do. >> and i know you're in
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sacramento today for a rally you were speaking out and you said everybody needs help. >> this is not a democratic or republican situation this, is a human right z all different organizations are speaking out and this is great turn out. we need to stand together on this. >> thank you very much for being here. and you know the food banks throughout the bay area serve a half million people a year. and you know you can help just $10 by texting the word fee or you can make a phone call. that $10 will give a holiday meal to a family of four. it's not just big corporations but you, as an individual can
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help. >> thank you very much. and you get involve fd you can. >> new at 6:30 late word from washington on a deal to avert a government shut down z president's appeal not to let it happen. homeowners lash out at an east bay foreclosure rate that has been unusually high. >> a man demands money back from a local limo service.
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with the clock ticking there is a break through on capitol hill tonight. >> negotiators agreed on a trillion dollar spending measure to keep washington from running out of money at midnight friday night. >> and there is a look at last
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minute maneuvering. >> first a report saying negotiators were preparing a short term deal, then, a year long deal had been reached. and this is 28 hours head of the deadline. the government was set to run out of money by midnight tomorrow night. >> i expect all of us to do what is necessary to make sure this is done before the end of the year. >> and behind the president bay area home care worker pauline beck. >> she met him in august, 2007 when he came to oakland on a campaign stop and did time helping wher her job and white house produced a video which it's using to sell support the jobs agenda. the president pushing to extend a tax cut for beck and 160 million working americans. democrats wanted to pay for
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that cut by taxing the rich. >> they're not going home without enacting payroll tax cuts for america's working families. and extending unemployment insurance. >> pelosi signaled she no longer was pulling and while it must be done by the end of the year, democrats gave up on trying to include it in the funding bill. >> i appreciate the fact they gave up on the sur tax but they never had it. >> and bruce cane explains the democrats caved on the millionaire tax because they couldn't risk losing the payroll tax cut. >> they need to fix the economy as best they can on the margin. because economy in the end will determine this election more than any other factor. >> professor cane says members
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will get another whack at the cuts or taxing the rich, rather. when the bush era cuts expire next year and what can i say? so far batting after rim on that issue is zero. >> they've been eat every time. >> thank you. >> and the obama administration is also making a pitch tonight for congross extend unemployment benefits. in an interview the president's top economic advisor says failure to extend the cut would cost average families a thousand dollars. >> in the estimates are that this could reduce our gdp growth by a point. at a time when we're recovering from the deepest recession, we're growing but would like to resee the growth rate faster. we can increase demands and
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this seems to be the right medicine at this time. >> on sunday, there is a special in which i sit down with people looking for ways to get the economy back on track. and you'll hear from leading experts. it's called road to recovery. lugss from the 99%. >> bay area homeowners still feeling pain though foreclosure is kicking in for the rest of the country. in california, it's up to 18%. and we talked to one homeowner outside of his home, he's been laid off and expects will be kicked out by christmas. >> between the mortgage companies i've been paying to all my life and the government allowing them to do it, they stabbed a knife into my heart.
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i'm bleeding. protesters shouted down auctioneers and buyers today. one told us the anger is suggesting protesters take their complaints to bank autos renting a limo is usually reserved for a special occasion. >> you want to make sure everything goes as plan bud that didn't happen for one senior. >> no. so 7 on your side's michael finny got involved. here is the report. this show what's eric torres had in mind. eric has fond memory autos just four years of spending time with friends you've come to know, love and care for.
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>> he made arrangements for 20 friends to go together. he rented a party bus from bay limousines on cobly street. and the group grew too big so he cancelled 72 hours later, in our days before the deadline to get out of the contact without penalty. >> they told me days later that i would get any deposit refunded within a week. >> this e mail promises to give him down payment the next week. but months went by. the refund? well, it never came. >> i made more calls. at one point my cell phone number got blocked. >> the california public utilities commission regulates limb scene companies. >> we have companies operating without a permit. if they don't have a permit we have no way of knowing if they have requirements for their
6:36 pm
liability insurance. >> and this does not currently have public liability and property damage insurance. it was cancelled on december 8th of this year. >> and this is well after eric rebted his party bus. he contacted 7 on your side concerned about the refund. the company refunded the deposit. >> and i can't thank you enough for that. >> bay limbo did not return our calls. we have a link to the web site, you can find out if a company is properly licensed along with tips on how to fire a good limo company. >> and coming up an attempt to
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break a bell ringing ring. >> and he's going to be add it for 36 hours. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney...
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say san francisco snack food company is under investigation by the government. securities and exchange commission looking at payments paid by diamond foods.
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makers of emerald nuts and pop secret popcorn. the san francisco examiner laid off employees. and changed owners three times since the hearst corporation sold it 11 years ago. fed yechl reports it made almost $500 million last quarter thanks to strong holiday shipping. that plus lowest weekly unemployment numbers in three and a half years drove stock prices up today. >> and in san jess yeah, 61 homeless men and women who died this year were honored today. the memorial held at life builders reception center. there were candles and a board displaying the name of each person who died throughout the county. >> these people are a neighbor, they were a sibling and a child. >> i think the message is that
6:41 pm
we value these people and there is hope and more than hope that we have a solution to the problem. >> the mayor created a blue ribbon commission to end homelessness in the community. >> a spy thriller coming to a theater near you. >> you might call it an
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around the bay area people are sharing their holiday for our food drive. >> a lot of generous people are out there. and carolyn tyler is live at the food bank oont. >> all of them are counting on our don yaigs to feed the hungry all year long. >> a lot of people had the sense that foundations or corporations or big entities provides money to keep organizations like ours going. the truth is that it's the
6:45 pm
gift of individuals making a difference its not a waste of time or money. it's helping someone. and this is helping someone that is thankful for people who do help and i just want them to know there are people out there like me that do need it and are thankful for it. >> and if can help there are a lot of different ways. one is to text the word feed to 80077. or you can call and you can also go to our web site if you feed more information. the bay area is so generous. i know this is going to be a great holiday season. >> i know you're right. people come through this time of the year. and we're grateful to be a part of this effort. >> and the city of oakland wants to do more to help
6:46 pm
people avoid getting parking tickets. it's offering three parking. the goal to encourage visitors to buy local. and this earlier the city announced it's fiving people a five-pin gris period. >> it's the kind of story fitting in with the holiday spirit. something doing something selfless to help others. police officer louie brant spend months pounding the pavement for bikes for tykes program. the result? $17,000 is raised used to purchase bikes for 300 kids. they distributed through a lottery for families to participate in a local food bank. >> and here is another great story. a salvation army bell ringer going for the gold in san francisco.
6:47 pm
that he's trying to shatter 36 hours for ringing his trusty bell. if you're wondering how that works he gets a 10 minute break every four hours fchl you you'd like to tribute he's stationed out side union square macies. this is the 120th annual red kettle campaign that began here at san francisco's ferry building. good luck to him. >> let's go to spencer and find out if the rain is out of here for the next couple days. >> it's out of here. there is a clouds over the bay trailing rain that passed through this morning. there are now clear skies and sunny skies with mild conditions here in the bay area. there are highs into upper 50s to low 60s, breezy getting
6:48 pm
down towards morgan hill. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. there is seven days of clear skies, winter arrives. and it doesn't feel winter like. >> and there is a number of big movies opening tomorrow, one based on a classic spy novel. here is don sanchez on the aisle. >> there is a mole at the top of british intelligence, he's been there years. >> so the intrigue begins. the cold war, the secret service and the mole must be found. and there is george smiley. >> could it be the tinker? tailor?
6:49 pm
soldier? spy? the film goes inside of the shadowy world of espionage and drips with authenticity. i can almost smell the tea steeping and feel london fog. >> we can blend into the wall here. >> he wouldn't wear cuff links or have a tie pin. those are things people remember. and give you away. the more you can blend in. >> the film is based on the best selling novel it's not a remake of the series. this is an original. complex, detailed and fascinating. >> there is one word to describe this film, brilliant. and it's literate and intriguing with a stellar
6:50 pm
performance. i have nominated it as one of the best pictures of the year. no doubt i really like it and give it a full bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> there you have it. done deal. >> absolute lie another big test for 49ers coming up up next what niners should expect when the steel curtain comes to town monday night. back in cucucu
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, this is beautiful but resorts expected it to show more snow from the storm. tonight how long this is likely to last. and then at 11:00 here on abc 7 news anger, why hundreds of small businesses like this one are demanding that amazon pull its price tech app. those stories and more at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is some niners and steelers now. it's critical. they need a win to stay in the running for a first round playoff by. and the steelers run a similar defense to the one that had alex smith running for his
6:54 pm
life in arizona on sunday. cardinals sacked him five times, pittsburgh figures to bring more pressure monday night. niners say they'll be ready when steelers bring the heat. >> they got to same defense. and almost similar guys. we've got to do everything we can. so we might be a little bit prepare forward that. >> this is wuchbt things where i'm sure both teams goring to come up to go, i know the guys in this locker room will z we're going to have to see what happens. i know it's going to be a physical battle. >> raiders host lions. how do you sell a bowl game pitting two teams that justifiered their head coaches? that is the task of the executive director of the kraft 500 bowl. the game taking place new year's eve this year. six and seven, ucla. six, six, illinois. records aside the game is unique. it's the first bowl game to be played in a baseball stadium. only tied to a social
6:55 pm
initiative. skb this is where you throw in a coin flip. okay. i'm there. >> it's the first time we've had a big team so there is is always biggest aspiration to play in the rose bowl. so there is a lot of good things about the team. >> is more than $120 million for the city and county of san francisco. later this month bears travel to san diego. the head coach says wuchbt challenges for cal is that there is a month and it's hard to keep everybody sharp. >> the game isn't for a long, long time. >> when do you have time if
6:56 pm
there were wrinkles do you have time to make sure you get them down. >> and is he staying or going? he is denying reports he's foregoing his season for draft. and there is over 4900 yards, 52 rushing touchdowns. the guy is electric. he's a jet. and kind of tiny. the warriors sign dominic mcgwire today. the six nine forward averaged three points last year. monty ellis heading into his 7th season with warriors going from a quiet kid out of high school to team leader now. and he knows its his turn to set an example to younger guys on the team. >> this is they did to me when i first came out. very, very efficient.
6:57 pm
and ibd selfish if i have a lot i went through and seen and not sharing with the young guy autos he needs a big season. and the regular season opener is christmas night against clipper autos thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and join the conversation on our facebook page about openly carrying unloaded guns in public. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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