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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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to shop. >> shoppers in daly city to san mateo had an excuse for this last-minute shopping rush. >> really last minute. just been superbusy. >> tomorrow i'll do it. i've run out of tomorrows. >> procrastinators filled parking lots at malls and crowded into stores trying to desperately buy the last-minute gifts like a vacuum cleaner. >> i needed a couple extra things and this is one thing that really shouldn't give someone for christmas, but, you know -- >> shoppers were lured to many stores by almost unbelievable sales, 50, 60, 70, 80% off. good news to erica you youngblo. >> probably trying to get people out shopping more. prices are better. >> sales are luring people into stories. economists say retail
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predictions in june and july were 2% increase over last year. >> turns out it's at least 4% more than last year. so, what that says is not only that retail sales are strong, but also that consumers are feeling better about spending money than they did just five or six months ago. >> she agrees. >> joe l -- overall, people are willing to spend more than last year. >> that means a great december for stores. >> it's been surprisingly busy. we weren't expecting that much, and for the month of december, our numbers have been pretty high. >> she says high retail numbers are a huge part of a healthier economy. more retail sales, more jobs. >> retailers, people in the retail industries, could also be delivery companies, hire 500,000 new employees this time of the year, and many of those people will get to keep their jobs into the new year if retail sales are really strong.
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>> what's also good news for retailers is that every shopper we spoke to today said they're willing to spend more money this year than last year, and they're very optimistic about the economy in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> many shoppers were likely buying gift cards. the most wanted gift for christmas. however, consumers leave up to $5 billion on unused gift card around the country. that money goes back to the retailers, butmer chantz have to reimburse customers for the remainder of a gift card with a balance less than $10. >> the salvation warmy got a couple of hefty donation, yet somebody dropped this $10,000 check into a bell-ringer's celt until menlo park, and on thinks another donor slipped $5,000 check into a kettle at a redwood city
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location. >> christmas lights and decorations are some things many people look forward to. >> and going over the top is not unusual. >> we're live in san francisco outside a very special house. >> reporter: you may be looking at san francisco's most wonderful christmas light display of the year, or should i say, of the last 22 years. because that's how long tom taylor and jerry are -- jerry goldstein has turned their house into this christmas post carried. so many interesting and beautiful touches, most notably the 50-toot pine tree with ornaments the size of beach balls and wonderful gadgets, trains and carousels, that are a feast for the eyeballs as well. they say they're house attracts some 30,000 visit yoors year. they won't tell us what it costs to put this up and keep it running. main they -- maybe they don't
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want to think about it. but they certainly enjoy doing it. >> the things i find most interesting about the tree are the number of people that come to see it, the variety of people that come to see it, and how much joy they get out of it. >> you see the reaction of the kids. and now many of the kids that started with me are adults, and as they come back and hear their comments, they think it's part of their life. a whole different aspect than i ever thought of, that's for sure. >> it is certainly a feast for the eyes, this display will remain standing through january 2nd. the light goes on at 5:30 and stay up not about midnight, and if you want to come see it, it will stay up through january 2nd. the address, 3650 -- 21st 21st street. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> thank you so much. holiday travelers are flying in and out of san francisco in record numbers.
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the airport has a 134,000 people passing in and out of the gates. between last week and monday, two million people will have pass thyroid the -- passed through the airport. >> tonight, a restaurant in san francisco is helping out some people who lost their homes this year. they packed up food and presents for victims of thursday's large five alarm fire in the western addition. the fire affected 32 units and a lot of christmas dreams went up in smoafnlgt but fire and police personnel came the rescue. >> they picked up food, toys, and displaced numbers of the fire, and they are bringing christmas to them. the police. >> more than 40 people were left homeless. three people were injured in the fire that began in the garbage chute in one of the buildings.
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>> a fire that started in a lightwell displaced 15 people in the bay view district this afternoon. firefighters were called to a multiuse building on third street around 4:00 p.m. took ten minutes to contain the blaze but there was extensive water damage from the sprinkler system. the red cross is helping people who can't get back home find other accommodations. >> a tour boat in san francisco is being examined after its motor began smoking. the coast guard and san francisco fire received a distress call shortly after 4:00. passengers were taken off the boat and on to the coast guard cutter. nobody was hurt. the boat was towed to the peer in the south beach yacht harbor. >> the g.o.p. front runner out of the running in virginia. >> a secret santa is out thousands in cash. >> and preparations underway in san francisco to help the homeless he a merry christmas. >> get ready for a cold
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christmas eve. a freeze warning in effect, and you christmas forecast and my seven-day finally has some rain in
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>> looks as if newt gingrich won't be on the ballot in virginia at all. officials say he failed to submit the required 1240u7b sits
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required to appear on the republican ballot. gingrich lives in virginia and his campaign says it would mount a write-in campaign but that's against virginia state law. only two of the'mans major candidates will be on the ballot, mitt romney and ron paul. >> north korea is ramping up the campaign to install kim jong-il's son as the new leader. the new title and public show of support from the military leadership are seen as a strong signal that north korea will maintain kim jong-il's military first policies. >> gorbachev is urging vladimir putin to follow his example and step down. the former leader spoke on the radio after a demonstration against putin drew tens of thousands in mock -- moscow. >> hollywood may need a miracle. why the studios are helping the big blockbusters will save
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christmas this year. >> freeze warnings, "spare the air" day and more. >> the raiders and chiefs need overtime to settle their games and the 49ers had their hands full with the seahawks, led by ed
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>> san francisco's glide memorial church continued its holiday tradition of sharing, they served 3,000 christmas eve
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meals and then immediately gap preparing for tomorrow's festivities. there well be services and celebrations on christmas day and meals for thousands. >> people serving breakfast and lunch. so we will be feeding the people, and we will reach 75,000 people in the last two months, in november and december. >> glide is appealing for donations for the program. you can drop off cash, turningeys, toys at the main entrance on ellis street. >> angels are ensuring a happy christmas. they literally wrapped up the holiday season. 5,000 handmade scarves were put in a get bag with chocolate bars and other candy. the bags are for the 4,000 guests for the st. anthony christmas day meal. >> hollywood could use a visit
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from santa this weekend. >> three straight week of weak sales at the box office. could the holiday blockbuster safe -- save the day? >> in the big gamble this season is that more is better. normally the time for a few huge hits, this season faces a hard to keep up with smattering of no less than nine new releases vying for your attention. everything from a war horse to chipmunks, the latest sherlock holmes. and that mysterious girl with the dragon tattoo. >> nine films in the market place, some are not going to do as well as others. >> box office revenue is down 4% and attendance has slipped 5%. the largest drop in six years. >> i've gone to movies less this year because movies hasn't been seeming as appealing for me to
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spend the time and money to go to the movies when i can see it on tv a few weeks later. >> is it a poor economy, competition from new forms of technology, or a good old fashioned run of lackluster films that didn't get people excited. >> the year has had its high points and low points, the last few weeks have been off. >> the theaters won't be open late saturday night because it's christmas eve. but after that, theaters are hoping for big things. the latest tom cruises mission impossible is reason for optimism. it shot the top of the holiday box office on wednesday with $8.6 million. the final numbers won't be tallied until the new year, making for aer in vow holiday in tinsel town. one who studio execs are hoping won't have a sequel.
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>> a tradition for a lot of people to go to a movie on christmas. >> my daughter wants to see alvin and the chipmunks. i'll be there. >> pushing over 8.6 million in that one visit. >> how are you guys doing? >> great. >> and it's christmas eve. the weather looking pretty good. cold tonight, freeze warning in effect. as we look at the bay bridge. lots of traffic coming into the city. folks doing their last-minute shopping or going out on the town. hoping your having a good christmas eve. the weather forecast looking good. the temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. a mild day today and lots or upper 50s and lower 60s. going to do the same tomorrow for christmas. the weather highlights look like this. clear and cold. mild for christmas. sunny and dry. and then we finally have some rain to talk about in the seven-day forecast. it's just been bone dry this whole month of december. perhaps one for the record books. .13 of an inch so far this month
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and we typically see more than three inches of precipitation for december. so very dry conditions because of this ridge of high pressure still in control. it's going finally start to break down a little bit as we head into tomorrow and the week ahead, and you can see a few showers moving into parts of oregon and washington. we're not going to see any of that. just a few clouds up in northern california and perhaps the north bay tomorrow as we continue to put this into motion and the story tonight will be clear skies and cold temperatures, freeze warning in effect through tomorrow morning. will re see 20s overnight and we'll take a specific look at the temperatures tonight. cold, like this morning, 26 in napa tomorrow morning as we start your christmas day. 27 in livermore. morgan hill, 28 degrees, and with the dry conditions and really no wind out there "spare the air" day in effect once again as our air quality has been suffering the past really couple of weeks now, with poor conditions, really need some wind to stir things up and we
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might see that later on next week. but temperatures for christmas looking really nice. today, um 50ers to lower 60s. most areas still looking good. pacifica, hello to you. patchy fog as we head up the peninsula here. otherwise the temperatures, like today, upper 50s to right around 60. so, can't beat that for christmas. look ate these highs. 60 in santa rosa. napa, 60 degrees. after your morning lows in the 20s, you warm up nicely. 60 in oakland. 60 union city. upper 50s in heyward, and to the east, 60 in livermore. the warmest spot down in salinas. 66. gilroy, 65. taking a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. pretty good here. christmas, cooler on monday as the ridge breaks down and that will give us clouds tuesday night, chance for rain. not a big storm system heading our way.
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slight chance of scattered showers but at least we have that to talk about after a very dry, dry month of december, but good weather for santa travel tonight and that's good. >> rick is in for shu, starting with the raiders. >> that team will drive you crazy. every game right down to the wire. one week after losing to detroit by blowing a late fourth quarter lead, the raiders were in danger of doing the same thing in kansas city. a frustrated hue jackson saw his team get flagged for 15 penalties. in the sect worlder, oakland runs a trick play. the touchdown is called back because of a delay of game penalty. so oakland goes for the field goal from 59 yards. but janikowski hits the crossbar. no good 3-3 at the half. the raiders go in front in the third. palmer to moore for a 61-yard score. the raiders up by seven. but just like last week, could not hold the lead. the chiefs go 80 yards in five
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plays. kc with a chance to win on the final play of regulation. the attempt is blocked. in o.t. oakland wasted no time. palmer for a 53-yard run. that set up this field goal by janikowski. raiders win 16-13. they're now 8-7 and keep their afc west title hopes alive. >> in buffalo, denver's tim tebow suffered his second straight loss, throwing a career-high four interceptions. the bills win big. 40-14. so if denver loses at home to kansas city next week and the raiders beat san diego, oakland wins twhes. >> the chargers were eliminated by detroit. matthew stafford threw for three touchdowns in a 38-10 victory. the lions make the playoff for the first time since 178999. >> the 49ers withat division rival seattle. a win would keep their hopes alive for a first-round bye.
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for the start emotions were running high. trail can 10-3, the niners answer with this gore touchdown. it was 16-10 san francisco in the fourth. lee has the punt blocked. seattle gets the ball at the four yardline. on the next play, lynch becomes the first player this season to score a rushing touchdown against san francisco. 17-16 seahawks. the niners would regain the lead on akers field goal. his 42nd field goal of the season. jackson is stripped by grant. the niners recover. they hold on to win, 19-17. and improve to 12, 3. >> perhaps the play of the day game in cincinnati. leaps over the defender and lands on his feet for a touchdown. that's worth another look. the bengals keep their playoff hopes alive with the win over arizona. >> carolina quarterback cam
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newton broke peyton manning's rookie regard with passing and showed off his speed. the panthers win 48-16. >> the patriots rally from a 17-0 halftime deficit to knock off miami. tom brady threw for more than 300 yards and this touchdown to branch. raid -- new england clinches the first-round bywith the victory. >> tonight is the night before christmas and also the night before the nba opens its seasons. the warriors will be hosting chris paul and the l.a. clippers. golden state already had problems. seth curry went down with. >> alan: kell -- went down with an ankle injury, and then ellis with the -- >> every team faces adversity, and the ones with great leadership, makes the proper adjustments. we're looking forward to doing that. >> and tomorrow on abc-7 you can
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watch the defending nba champion dallas mavericks taking on miami at 11:30. followed by the lakers and bulls. so a couple of pretty good games to start the season tomorrow. >> sounds like it. are the warriors looking good? >> a little banged up right now. it should be a good game. the clippers revamped their lineup, getting chris and all other players. so a fun game to watch. >> a secret santa, a present nobody wants to return. the surprising gift this generous santa was giving to strangers today.
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>> santa has a busy night but got an early start in maine handing out envelopes to stranger, each one contains a $100 bill and a note encouraging recipients to pay it forward. >> it's not everyday a man in a santa suit hands you $100. >> a lot of money and i'm traveling to new york today, and i keep texting my brother and saying you have to put some money in my account. and then secret santa came right along and helped me. so i'm very happy and pleased. >> the self-proclaimed secret santa has given away $20,000. secret santa is a businessman who wants his identity to remain anonymous. >> accept is very -- santa is
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very busy. you can follow his travels. this video shows santa making stops in france and egypt tonight before the big $100 bill thing. north american air aero space command say they're getting $4,000 an hour from people wanting to know santa's location, norad has followed santa every year since 1955. today updates are blowing away social media, beyond facebook, twitter has a tracker for santa claus, and you can go to our web site and click on "see it on tv". >> thanks for joining us, see captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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