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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 30, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. and breaking now, a race against time to rescue the trapped crew on a russian nuclear submarine, as a fire blazes out of control, sending toxic fumes into the air. and the last-minute decision to plunge the sub into the water to get control. the ultimate cliff-hanger. this teenager hanging on by his fingertips after going to rescue his dog. rocks falling. helicopters blowing. the kid who wouldn't let go. and the men who saved his life, all here for an exclusive interview. the mad, mad dash for votes now. a fever pitch in iowa, as mitt romney faces last-minute threats from two surprising candidates. we're live in the middle of the frenzy. and we're dancing into the
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new year here in times square. 1 million people will be packed tight right outside our doors for the biggest new year's eve party on the planet. the world will go gaga, as we bring 2011 to a close. it is a bit dizzying. >> a little vertigo there, watching that show. >> the pre-dawn calm before the celebratory storm. it is just ahead. we wish you all good morning. george and robin are off. joined by elizabeth vargas this morning. take a look outside, everybody. that's going to be packed with, oh, 1 million people. come for the year's biggest and, let's face it, last celebration. some people are staking their claim to the choice spots, as they get ready for the greatest show anywhere. >> last celebration of 2011.
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sounds slightly apocalyptic. >> the year's last. >> that's true. and they're expecting more people this year because the temperatures are rising. it's going to be warmer. and new york city police are getting ready for more and more people to come out. it's not so bitterly cold. lady gaga and justin bieber will be sharing the stage outside. we'll check in with ryan seacrest to find out all about the new year's eve celebration. and let's look at the scene, the dramatic rescue that played out live yesterday. you can see him there in the red jacket. that kid went over a ravine wall to get a dog who went over herself. they had to hang on for almost two hours, as rocks pelted them in the face. we're going to meet with him and hear how close he came to dying. >> all right. and if you're traveling this weekend, a lot of people probably are, you're probably worried about getting your luggage there with you. but for stylist to the stars, rachel zoe, a catastrophe. her own personal nightmare, all those bags gone.
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a lot of expensive things. first, we're going to turn right now to breaking developments, dan, with this submarine. >> absolutely. good morning, everybody. we're going to start with the breaking news overnight involving a nuclear submarine, a raging fire and possibly a group of crew members trapped inside. these are the pictures out of russia this morning, where firefighters had to scramble for hours after that fire broke out at a shipyard along the arctic ocean. and abc's kelly cobiella has been following this story all night long. she joins us live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. we're told this morning that some crew members did stay onboard that sub. the russian government said they're technicians and they're not in any danger. this was an enormous fire and incredibly stubborn, as well. they're using tugboats, helicopters, cranes to put it out. the wooden scaffolding around it caught fire last night.
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the sub's nuclear reactor was shut down at the time. no missiles onboard. no sign of any radiation leaks so far. and this morning, they partially sank that sub to douse the flames. it appears to have worked at this hour. but the obvious concern, dan, is for those crew members. >> kelly, thank you. if you thought the new, untested leader of north korea might be a breath of fresh air, this morning, a harsh dose of reality. the regime sent this somewhat hypercaffeinated news anchor to shout out a rather belligerent message calling the enemies, foolish. and the north will not stop in its opposition of south korea. this comes as kim jong-un, only in his late-20s, officially took control of this nuclear nation, ruled for decades by his father, kim jong-il. police in north carolina have raided a butterball turkey
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farm after an investigation. workers mistreating turkeys, throwing them into trucks. kicking them. some of the workers could be facing animal cruelty charges. butterball is saying this morning it has zero tolerance for abuse. and it is working with the police. first, it was bank fees causing all that outrage. now, a new fee on your cell phone bill, courtesy of verizon wireless. you can pay $2 for paying on your credit or debit card. call it the day that never happened. at least on the island of samoa. that island in the pacific canceled friday, december 30th. they are skipping it altogether. why? because they are moving to the other side of the international dateline, which runs right by the island. that means people went to sleep there on thursday night. and they're waking up on saturday morning. they have made this move because they want to be on the same day
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as australia and new zealand, who are their main trading partners. that to say, this is an option i wouldn't mind exercising on certain days of my life. >> i would like to go to sleep on sunday and wake up on tuesday. skip monday. >> i like the way you think, elizabeth vargas. >> just a day that didn't happen. thank you, dan. we're going to switch gears and turn to that heart-stopping cliff-hanger that millions watched as it happened. a teenager and his dog, clinging helplessly to a steep and unstable hillside near los angeles. and clayton sandell was witness to it all. >> reporter: ivan salas thought he was on his last hike. >> a plume of dust and rocks started to pelt this guy. >> reporter: walking along this 130-foot-high ridge with his dad and his dogs, ivan's father threw a bottle over the edge. that's when ivan's dog lola
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chased after it. ivan went after her. and soon, they were on steep, unstable terrain. that's ivan going after her. watch as choppers move in, hoping to pluck ivan and lola off the side of the ravine. they aboarded the plan when the rotors kicked loose a shower of dust and rocks. >> there's a real good chance we're going to knock that dog off the side of the hill. that's a risk we're going to take. >> reporter: as ivan and lola hang on for their lives, rescuers delicately inch closer. first, lola was led to safety. finally, in one incredible moment, ivan and his rescuer make one, last white-knuckle descent, repelling down the hillside as it collapses. ivan was not injured. he was able to walk the rest of the way out when we caught up with him. how long were you up there? >> like two hours. >> reporter: as for coming to lola's rescue, ivan says he would do it all over again. >> it's not just a dog.
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it's family. >> reporter: what he won't do again, he says, is go hiking with his dad. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> clayton, thank you. joining us, now, from los angeles, one lucky man. ivan salas, his dog, lola, and his rescuers there. gentlemen and lola, it's good to be with all of you this morning. ivan, i want to get to you. i want to take you back to the moment that your father threw that bottle over the edge. what happened then? >> once he threw the bottle, the dog went after it. and then, i saw, like, other dust going up. so, i went to go and check on the dog. and i saw lola stuck. so, i decided to go help her out. and then, i went -- i was sliding down carefully. and then, i kind of slid down halfway. then, i got stuck with my dog. >> you go over the edge. and you can see that lola is stuck some distance down that
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canyon wall. as you go down, can you describe your descent and what you managed to hang on to stop yourself? >> when i was sliding down, i was trying to hold on to whatever i can. and then, i managed to hold on to a rock that was stable inside the dirt and stuff. and from there, i just got lola to stay with her. >> as you made your way down, was there a point before you got to lola, that you thought you might go all the way down? that you might just fall altogether? >> when i was halfway down, that's when i thought that was the end for myself because i was going too fast. and i couldn't stop. >> did you think in that moment that you were going to die? >> when the helicopter was going to rescue me, that's when i thought i was going to die because the dog was getting nervous. she was shaking a lot. and then, like, i was sliding down, as well. >> how close were you to actually falling off?
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>> well, i was pretty close. but i think. and especially, there was nothing to hold on to. it was really hard. every, little mistake, i could have gone straight down. >> how much longer do you think you could have lasted? >> to be honest, about 20 minutes more because i was tired and exhausted. >> oscar, i want to bring you in. first, we see, in fact, in the piece there, that the helicopters came in to try to air-lift the dog and ivan to safety. but why were they not able to do that? >> it was kind of impossible with all of the rotor wash that was kicking in the actual loose dirt and debris. we decided to go with plan "b," and have a team and firefighters go to the rescue. >> robert, you actually got to the dog. and you took the dog up. at that point, is the dog just looking to get to safe ground? >> yes. when i got down to assist oscar with making sure ivan was secure
7:11 am
for their descent down, the dog was very nervous, scared. and was basically, just clinging on to whatever was holding on to it. >> and, ivan, we heard in clayton's piece that you will go hiking again. just not with your father. what did your dad say to you when you made it down safely to the bottom? >> he gave me a hug. and then, he gave me money. so, and that was it. >> why did he give you -- >> i got happy with that. >> why did he give you money? >> because he knew it was his fault. >> how's lola, by the way? >> lola? she's fine. she's calm and relaxed right now. >> terrific. maybe we stay away from canyon edges in your near future there. ivan salas, and lola, it's great you're still with us today. and we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> incredible. >> you see the picture again. he was hanging on to virtually nothing, for almost two hours.
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>> i'll bet his muscles were shaking. >> i can't imagine the relief of that first foot on the canyon floor. >> no kidding. all right. let's turn, now, to politics. your voice, your vote. t-minus four days until the iowa caucuses. the gop race is reaching fever pitch. mitt romney is feeling confident as we enter the final weekend. abc's jon karl is in des moines, iowa, with the very latest. good morning to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it is down to the wire time here in iowa. that means a last-ditch frenzy of campaigning, a flood of nasty ads, as the candidates make the final push. >> reporter: mitt romney seems to be having the time of his life. >> what a crowd. this is unbelievable. >> reporter: after watching so many of his rivals rise and fall, romney finally seems to be hitting his stride. he's up in iowa. and now, the latest gallup poll
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shows romney tops nationally. it's almost enough to mange him want to start singing. >> i feel like breaks into "76 trombones." but i will not do that right now. i'm not that good of a singer. >> reporter: the biggest threats to romney in iowa, are two that were seen as fringe candidates just two months ago. first, there's ron paul. the libertarian that wants to end the war in afghanistan and slash government spending. he's had some of the most vicious ads. >> a story of smooth-talking politicians. >> reporter: at 76, paul is the oldest candidate, by far. but he's the one that's caught fire with the youngest voters. counting on hundreds of college student volunteers to help on caucus night. and then, there's rick santorum. >> this is an election where i believe the future of america hangs in the balance. >> reporter: the former senator is picking up support from evangelical conservatives. and is moving up in the polls. and now, to find he's under
7:14 am
attack. >> santorum grabbed for a million in earmarks. >> reporter: newt gingrich is falling so far, so fast, that he'll be okay if he comes in fourth in iowa. battered badly by negative ads. but insists, he will not hit back. >> iowa could set a new tone in politics, if the people who ran negative ads didn't get any votes. and the votes only went to people that were positive. >> reporter: there's a new poll out this morning, an nbc/marist poll, that had newt gingrich falling to fifth place. this poll, once again, puts mitt romney on top, barely ahead of ron paul. >> jon, thanks so much. and more on this, let's bring in democratic strategist and "gma" contributor, james carville. james, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's begin with the man who is giving mitt romney the most run for his money. that is ron paul. a new hampshire newspaper called him yesterday, quote, a
7:15 am
dangerous man who spouts nonsense. is ron paul a one-state wonder? >> i don't know. the one thing he can do is he can keep going. he doesn't need to win to raise money. he's not in the confines of a traditional campaign. he's going to be around for a long time. and romney's very smart the way he's handling it right now. he's not attacking him too much. he knows if ron runs as a third party in the general election, that could hurt him. he's a real threat out to him in the general. >> are ron paul's remarks on foreign policy not hurting him at all? when he says things like iran has the right and should close the strait of hormuz because u.s. sanctions against iran are unjustified? >> sure, it makes him unacceptable to a lot of republicans. people that support him are hearing two things. number one, he wants us out of our wars. number two, he wants to legalize drugs. and he wants to talk about the fed and printing money. that's breaking through with a lot of people, in particular, the younger people.
7:16 am
i have parents telling me all the time, i can't believe my kid's actually for ron paul. and i think that's to a large extent, yeah, he's unacceptable to the republican party establishment. he's unacceptable to a wide number of republicans. but he only needs 20% or 25% to cause a lot of mischief over there. a whole lot of mischief. >> are you surprised on jon's reporting showing this latest poll with newt gingrich in fifth place? this second sudden drop for him in the polls? >> actually, not too much. the history of this thing, once somebody starts to slide, if it was perry, if it was herman cain, if it was bachmann, if it was anybody. once you start to slide, you're kind of toast. >> but he's the one that managed to come back up. >> well, he didn't slide. he managed to have a run. and then, he got high. and he went back down. he kind of started without very much. he shot up. and then, he shot back down, a kind of inverted "v" curve, you can call it.
7:17 am
>> what do you think of michele bachmann's accusing the paul campaign of bribing him? >> in politics, if you're a difficult person but you're going to win, people will stick with you. or if you're a pleasant person and you're going to lose, people will leave you. she's had this problem for a long time. ed rollins quit. she lost any number of people during the course of the campaign. any guess is she's a difficult person to work for and she's going to lose. and that caused her a lot of grief over the course of the campaign and continues to cause her grief. >> there's been a number of polls that shows that if mitt romney is the nominee, he might have a good chance of beating president obama. how much cause of concern is that for the president? >> look, i think the president has people that's very smart. they know it's a very difficult thing. if you look at the economy, if you look at the presidential approval, it tells them they're in for a tough battle. on the good side to this, it seems to have gotten somewhat better over the last couple of months.
7:18 am
and they're also aware that the demographics are going to be better for them in the presidential year than they were in 2010. it's always going to be difficult. but it's a little more hopeful for president obama than three months ago. he can take solace in that. >> quickly, james. former labor secretary, caused controversy, predicting president obama would take hillary rodham clinton as his next running mate. what do you think of that? is there a chance? >> i know one thing. that doesn't make hillary rodham clinton pleased about that. there was an op-ed piece. she works with the vice president. she is very close to him. and i suspect she doesn't appreciate all of the speculation. knowing that, i think they'll back off of it. i 24i the world of her. she'd make a great contribution to anything. >> all right. james carville. thanks so much for being here this morning. happy new year to you. >> same to you. time, now, for the weather. and sam champion out in times
7:19 am
square. hey, sam? >> we are, elizabeth. we're going to spend some time with folks in times square, already gathering for the weekend. let's start with some of the places on the board, the only place with bad weather. pictures out of cheyenne, wyoming. this wind comes out 100 miles per hour. all the way from denver, golden, cheyenne, wyoming. and another storm works on today. this is bad for the northwest. seattle, portland, spokane, boise, all getting a low moving through. a quick look at the big board. it's nice and warm in most of the country. losten at 54.
7:20 am
>> we have a -- over times square. we'll be here all morning long. josh? elizabeth? >> watch the trucks, sam. coming up here on "gma."
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what happened to this mom, an emergency operator, at a christmas party, nearly two weeks ago. ♪
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nurse...! [ female announcer ] dawn power clean can give you the power of an overnight soak in just 5 minutes. [ sponge ] it's a scientific miracle! [ female announcer ] dawn does more. [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. there is a collision this morning involving a san francisco police car and a muni train. we are just getting word of injuries reported in that crash, two police officers and also the muni driver injured this is on the t-line, third
7:25 am
now is closed between 20th and 23rd. closed for a few blocks. not a problem for drivers through the area you are taking muni, you might find big delays on the t-line. also, 280 northbound at monterey there's an accident where they've issued a "sig alert" blocking -- a couple lanes for the next 20 minutes. also fatal crash blocking one of lanes of the connect ramp northbound 880 to westbound 237 for the next hour. look out for that one. when we come back, we'll
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good morning look at at view from tam sun officially up a few minutes ago, marine layer and higher clouds, a cold front hung up to the north and west of us we've been dealing with the miff, drizzle, light showers and the -- the mist, drizzle, light showers and fong, delays at sfo, upper 50s to l
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♪ that is one party audience. and something of the conference breaking up. as ron claiborne knows. they are getting ready for tomorrow night. >> we're having a baby. surprise, we're having a baby. congratulations. >> that's terrific. >> i wonder if they're announcing that. >> let's get them a microphone. >> cool. >> we're going to raise our glasses. let's just raise a coffee mug. we'll get the party started in times square. from sam upstairs next to the iconic ball, to ryan seacrest, we bid you a good morning. robin and george off today.
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>> it's great to be here on this new year's eve eve. traveling is never easy, especially with a newborn. you traveled with your daughter? >> oh, yes. i survived. >> so did i, with my son. but for stars' stylist, rachel zoe, the hardest part may be packing. she's been known to travel with a dozen suitcases with her new baby. so, imagine what happened when the airline lost all her luggage. we'll tell you in a few minutes. also coming up, gotcha videos of drivers running red lights. they're now being posted online. it helped cut down on car accidents that we're reacting to. >> oh, my goodness. these are all people running red lights, by the way. first, we're going to get to the latest in a desperate search for a missing mother in arkansas. the dispatcher went missing over a week ago. and there's been no clues on the
7:32 am
response. ron claiborne is here with more on this. >> reporter: this case is baffling. the missing woman is a mother of three and a police emergency operator. she vanished just a few days before christmas. but just as baffling to some, police waited until the day after christmas to start looking for her. in the small town of hot springs village, arkansas, questions. what happened to donna and more. why were police so slow to launch the search for one of their own? nine days ago, she went to a christmas party and later returned home. her live-in boyfriend reportedly told police, she was watching television alone, when he went to bed around 11:00 p.m. that was the last time she was seen. a phone call from her. >> two days later, one of donna's sons report her missing. christmas eve, police notice that her car, a 1997 green ford
7:33 am
escort, like this one, was discovered charred in a remote part of wachatah national forest. >> the fact that the victim was found a short place from her residence suggests that somebody wants to cover up. >> we're praying with the family that there will be a peace for whatever happens. >> a good person. a nice friend. we miss her. we hope for the best. but we just don't know. >> reporter: for the past six years, she worked at the hot springs police department, as an emergency dispatcher. >> she's family. we're going to do everything we can to try to find her. >> reporter: but police are coming under fire from some for not beginning the search sooner. it was not until the day after christmas that it began. police said it takes time to get dog teams in place. >> one of the keys, the very minute you hear someone is
7:34 am
missing, whether they be an adult or child, is that you pull out all the stops to find them. >> reporter: once they did begin to search for the missing mom, it's been intense, with dogs and police on horseback. but the critical first days are lost. and brad garrett says the reason for acting quickly is obvious. the sooner that the search begins, the more likely it is that the missing person will be found. it's been nine days. >> hope for a happy ending to this. now, nearly 44 million americans will be flying during these holidays, even with fares and fees skyrocketing. so, when that one little bit of extra aggravation occurs, say the airline loses your luggage, you can often lose your temper. and abc's bianna golodryga is here to tell us more. >> reporter: something we all bred, losing your bags. american airlines is making headlines again this morning and not the good kind. after alex baldwin last his cool
7:35 am
for playing a game, the stylest to the stars lost her bags. rachel zoe has never been a light packer. here on her show, she packs six bags for new york's fashion week. known as the stylist to some of hollywood's stars, she discovered her bags were lost in transit. this is the story every american traveling around the holidays can most certainly sympathize with. especially when you get to the ticket counter and are faced with those dreaded fees. last year, americans shelled out an eye-popping $7 billion, most to check bags. some to change reservations. in exchange, you'd expect your luggage to be there when you land. 99% of bags make it. but every year, millions do not. >> you lost my bag.
7:36 am
am i supposed to intend the entire weekend with just the clothes on my back? >> reporter: it happened to ben stiller in "meet the parents." he was forced to wear his girlfriend's robe. >> it's pam's. my pajamas were in the suitcase with everything else. >> reporter: rachel's pjs were surely in her bag. although i'm sure she didn't hit the store for a new pair of prada pajamas. that's why in our family we carry on. the two phrases that rachel zoe uses, are bananas and i die. >> how do they lose all ten bags? >> i don't know. >> that's pretty incredible. >> i have no idea. >> as news warrants. >> i'm on the case. let's get back outside, now, for a look at the weather for all the fun to come. sam? >> good morning, josh, elizabeth. everyone. times square looks like it's relatively quiet right now. a few news crews are setting up.
7:37 am
come this way. come on. show the folks. that's the big stage where all of the party happens. of course, this is "gma." might as well start the party now. if you send us your bold resolutions to at "gma," we'll put your resolutions on the ticker tape there under the board. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's happening your new year's eve. we start with a clipper that comes out of -- an alberta clipper out of the midwest. it would normally be a snowmaker. but this year, it's a rainmaker. look at the numbers, from boston, all the way, well, to washington, d.c. nice and mild. a quick look at the big board so you know what's going on. by the way, want to show you we decorated our m
7:38 am
>> if you're in new york city, you might as well get here. we're getting the party started. josh, you're back there. you're back inside there. >> way back in here, sam. we'll see you in just a bit. now, just in time for new year's eve, there's a new push to make the roads safer and reduce one of the most deadly kind of accidents. those that happen when drivers run red lights. you're seeing footage here of drivers doing just that. as abc's lisa stark reports, one company now says their video could save lives. >> reporter: it is not a pretty picture. and that's the point. the nation's largest supplier of red light cameras, now posting video online, of cars caught by the cameras as they blow through red lights. at this florida intersection, the river runs the red and is smashed into by the river who has the green light. >> there's so many people who believe that their time is more
7:39 am
important than your life. >> reporter: these are some of 2011 worst offenders. the hope is if drivers can see what can happen, they will hit the brake the next time they see red. but will it work? >> they might make a difference around the margins. but most people think crashes happen to other people, not to them. >> reporter: there's little doubt that accidents like these are deadly. in 2009, nearly 700 people were killed and 130,000 injured in red light-running crashes. most of those were in the other vehicles, or were pedestrians or bicyclists. when this car ignores the red, it hits an suv, which rolls right into a pedestrian. miraculously, he survived. the cameras are controversial. there's evidence they can increase rear-enders, as drivers slam on brakes to avoid getting caught. but a study by the insurance institute for highway safety, says they also reduce the more deadly t-bone crashes and save lives. >> people know they shouldn't
7:40 am
run red lights. but the best education program is a traffic ticket. >> reporter: in many of these crashes, it appears the driver never saw the red, never slowed down. if you're waiting an at an intersection, and your light turns green, you may want to wait a beat before you proceed. for "good morning america," lisa stark, abc news, washington. >> thank you, lisa. coming up here, gorilla medicine. how trainers are teaching those lovely ladies and gentlemen to be perfect patients. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus. upgrade your ride. that's a plus. rewards with no blackout dates so you can redeem anytime. and it's easy to redeem your points online. already a gold member ? just select gold plus rewards in your profile and start rewarding yourself now. just go to to join. hertz gold plus rewards. journey on.
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if you think it's tough getting people to cooperate with their doctors, imagine if the patient is a 400-pound gorilla. i mean, the real one. abc's dan harris got a firsthand look at cutle-edge medicine for a different patient. good morning, dan. >> reporter: you're about to meet a silverback named gino, who is revolutionizing veterinarian medicine. look at the size of him. >> he's so impressive, isn't he? >> reporter: how much does he weigh? >> just in the low 400s. >> reporter: just. gino, the gorilla, has a pretty cushy life here at disney's animal kingdom in orlando. where he spends his days lazily eating leaves and fruit in front of adoring crowds with his three females and little baby onhand. he's looking at us. >> he is. >> reporter: you wouldn't know
7:45 am
it by looking at this strapping silverback, but gino has a bad heart. when i look at gino, he looks totally fit. >> he does. it's really true that like gorillas, closely related to people. and although we may look good on the outside, we may have other stuff going on inside. >> reporter: heart disease is a common problem among gorillas, especially males. >> across the world, 40% of our gorillas have heart problems. >> reporter: the people at disney turned to human cardiologists for help. who, in turn, suggested giving the gorilla ultrasound tests. but that was not easy. >> we had to dart him. >> reporter: firing a dart gun at them? >> yes. obviously, that's stressful for the animal. it's stressful for the people. >> reporter: to get the best results, doctors said they needed the gorillas to be wide-awake and not sedated. it's a little tricky to give a gorilla a checkup. you can't just march up to a
7:46 am
silverback like gino, with a white coat and a stethoscope. then, someone had a genius idea. train the gorillas to participate, so to speak, in their own checkups. >> we're going to do this at the start of each session. >> reporter: we got a front-row seat as we saw how it's done. take a look at this, as gino crouches next to the bars, raises his left arm and strikes this rather odd pose, prompted by fruits and pickles. and then, allows the zoo keeper to rub the ultrasound probe right over his chest. how is his heart looking? a live window into gino's beating heart, making it look so easy. even though gino is cooperating here, he is still mischievous. look at him try to grab me. >> thank you. >> reporter: if you did an ultrasound on me right now, you would see my heart going very
7:47 am
fast. now, the handlers assured me, he wasn't trying to hurt me. he was just playing around. i don't know if i can ever wear those pants again. >> okay. too much information. >> it's a family broadcast. i apologize. >> thank you, dan. coming up, josh's double >> thank you, dan. coming up, josh's double "play of the day" mrd. we ordered online really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.95. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship and return. by marie claire as one of the 25 beauty products that will change your life because it whitens by removing up to 80% of surface stains. see how it can change your life. crest 3d white. life opens up when you do.
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7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> oh. and what a 2011 it has been. we wanted to bring you the very best "play of the day" of all. but first, we want to show you how it all began. it began rather well for everyone, else for one cyclist, during a bike race here in the wilds of south africa. let's take a look, as he's motoring there. that video was shot by his friend and teammate. >> oh. >> what animal was that? >> antelope?
7:52 am
>> an antelope. >> is he okay? >> he was okay. >> do we know if it was malicious? or a horrible coincidence? >> i think maybe a smashup of both. let's give what everybody's been asking since we first saw them. tae kwon do taken to a whole, new level. take a look. >> hi-ya. >> hi-ya. >> and hi-ya. >> backward kick coming up. >> oh. bust a move. oh. >> i don't see these on weekend "gma." >> they had their dvrs going. more moments when we get back. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
7:53 am
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7:56 am
two san francisco police officers and a muni train operator are injured in a collision on third street this morning. >> third is still closed between 20th and 23rd in that area so plan on delays on the t-line. better news north 280 lanes reopened in san francisco following an earlier crash. fatal accident north 880 to westbound 237 should be clearing shortly. foggy, misty weather continues. cold front on the way. we'll see chance of showers throughout the bay area. mainly through the early afternoon hours then we'll
7:57 am
look for clearing tonight and sunshine for the weekend warmer conditions the last weekend of the year that forecast pretty much through the first week of 2012. the news continues now with "good morning america." another update in a
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah. you know that song if you are a "good morning america" viewer. it is "the party rock anthem." lfmao -- >> didn't you -- >> it was the 31st of october. i can't remember what it was exactly. >> i can. >> a costume we'll remember. and still rocking, right now, right here, in times square. the only place to be on new year's eve. ♪ tomorrow night, some 1 million people are going to pack all of the streets and sidewalks to watch the iconic ball drop us into a new year. and our pal, ryan seacrest is here live, to tell us all about it, the stars and the surprises. we bid all of you a good morning.
8:01 am
once again, george and robin are off enjoying some time. and i'm with elizabeth vargas. >> we could just stay on this platform until tomorrow night. and have our bird's eye first-hand view of everything. >> and you could thaw me out in a couple of days. >> the party does start right here with "gma's" rockin' morning. and look who is here. it's carson kressley. he's made so many of our mornings fun this year. we're going to look at our greatest hits in 2011. carson's coming up in a few minutes. >> carson will show us how to dress like jennifer aniston, maybe. elizabeth. the looks for less, straight ahead. first, let's go in to dan harris, who will give us the top developing stories this morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to start with that new poll, just in from iowa this morning in the supertight republican presidential race. this new poll shows that with just four days to go before the caucuses in iowa, mitt romney leading ron paul, by only two points. the biggest news, though, is the slide of newt gingrich. he is now in fifth place behind
8:02 am
rick santorum and rick perry. really, a precipitous call for him. one analysis found 45% of ads in iowa this month attack gingrich. the occupy wall street protesters are targeting the candidates. more than a dozen were arrested outside the romney and paul campaign headquarters. the year is coming to an end on wall street today, on the heels of upbeat news on the economy. on the jobs front, economists are predicting 175,000 jobs will be created every month. in 2012. a solid increase, but still below the 200,000 needed every month to put a real dent in the unemployment rate. as for the real estate market. pending home sales at the highest level since before the recession. so good news there. there's word from russia that the massive burning on the
8:03 am
nuclear submarine is now under control. the sub was in for repairs when fire engulfed the scaffolding around it. some crew members were reportedly trapped inside. several others, now in the hospital. and back in this country, more than a dozen families in pennsylvania have been forced out of their homes because of, look at this. a huge sinkhole in the ground. the grown simply opened up in allentown, after a water main erupted. one man couldn't open up his front door because his entire house had shifted. we are hearing, this morning, from that teenager in california, who got stuck on the side of this canyon wall on thursday, trying to rescue his dog. 19-year-old ivan salas tried to save lola the dog, after lola chased a bottle his father had thrown. he met with rescuers this morning and during an exclusive interview on "gma" with josh, he described his harrowing experience. >> i managed to hold on to a rock that was stable, inside the dirt. from there, i got lola to stay with her. when the helicopter was going to rescue me, that's when i thought i was going to die because the dog was getting nervous. she was shaking a lot.
8:04 am
>> how close were you to actually falling off? >> i was pretty close. there was nothing to hold on to. any little mistake, i could have gone straight down. >> a man who loves his dog. he and lola are fine. ivan says he will never go hiking with his dad. he will still go hiking with lola, however. at the end of this year comes the list of words and phrases that should be banished from the english language. this list is courtesy of a survey conducted every year by college in michigan. topping the list of forbidden phrases, man cave and baby bump. sorry, bianna. other sayings want banished, the new normal and occupy, after all of the occupy protesters this year. you know what's slightly distracting sometimes, when you're reading the news on national television, and a man comes and sits by you off camera wearing glasses -- >> wearing what? >> we're ready. >> happy new year.
8:05 am
>> you wear it well. can i just say that? you wear it well. >> we got a hat and glasses for you? >> really? >> yes. >> actually, bianna is going to wear it for me. >> insult bianna day. >> baby bump. hat and glasses. >> man cave. >> how do you feel about man cave? >> it's shaky. are you ready for pop news? >> who's not? >> you know how they say married couples start to look like each other? what about in-laws? why are you laughing, josh. take a look at this. kate middleton and prince harry. they don't look alike. but they share a love for fine foot wear. the duchess has a different idea when it comes to shoes. those boots right there cost about 500 bucks. >> i like the uggs. >> josh wears uggs. did you know that? >> real men wear uggs. >> it's a surfing shoe. >> we were fighting about this earlier this morning. >> it's like walking on clouds. i have celebrity engagement news to tell you about, guys.
8:06 am
basketball star, michael jordan, popped the question to his long-time girlfriend, yvette prieto. this will be his second marriage. and third time is a charm for singer wynonna judd. she got engaged to her dreamer on christmas eve. congratulations to both couples. i know what you'll be doing this new year's eve? what will you folks at home be doing? zooey deschanel and joseph gordon-levitt pose that question. they record aid intimate duet of the standard new year's number. take a listen. ♪ >> sound good? >> she can sing. >> in "elf" she sang a song. >> she's very talented. >> it remind us of the collaboration, that indy hit "500 days of summer." i love that movie. and the chinese new year is still a couple of weeks away. but this baby panda bear got early new year's presents. this one is fond of its
8:07 am
look-alike toy. this panda lives in one of the biggest panda centers of the world. if you go there, you might be able to hold one of the babies. >> let's go. >> cute. >> sounds like it's worth the trip. >> overwhelmingly cute. and won't attack dan. >> you can take it into your man cave. >> wearing uggs. >> i can't get over the duchess wearing expensive shoes. i find that hard to believe. sam champion back outside. where are you, sam? >> good morning, gang. josh, did you know i have a part-time job? at countdown entertainment? it is to clean the triangles here on the ball. i'm doing that right now. what happens if i break that one? is there a spare one? i'll tell you who knows. jeff strauss, the president of countdown entertainment. you're in charge of the whole thing every year. >> with the times square, we produce the event every year. i have a spare waterford crystal for you.
8:08 am
>> fantastic, just in case i would have damaged this. how many lights are in this thing? how many are in there? >> 32,256 philips l.e.d.s. it's the latest in technology. >> that's amazing. and with this, there are like -- can we actually say there are billions of color possibilities? >> absolutely. it's just like your tv set. you can create all of the colors. we do it with the ball on new year's eve. >> i will continue cleaning. in case i do anything bad, just hang right here. if there's more than one replacement triangle may be necessary. let's get to the boards. here's what's going on your new year's eve. these are beautiful, by the way. and the other thing i want to say, each one of these -- this is a different design for the year. there's actually something unique going on the ball every year. >> every year, we have a new design by waterford. >> here's a look at the next three months. we've taken the forecast over
8:09 am
the next three months. we get into a pattern where we're dry on the eastern seaboard. and we get a little wet and colder on the west. we believe that's going to be our winter pattern. that's what it looks like coming through. warm for the deep south, as well. here's a look at your map today. we'll show you the rain and snow moving into the northwest. it's nice and mild in the southwest. >> don't forget. if you tweet @gma, your bold
8:10 am
new year's resolutions, we'll put them on the ribbon, under our board. so, everyone will see what you're going to do this year. it's a good way to make sure you stick to it, if everybody sees it. josh, we're just cleaning up. just doing the cleaning right here. >> josh, you can just reach up and go clean it, right? >> i probably could, yes. >> all right, sam. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." get ready for a laugh. we wrap up the fun we had this year on "gma." it was a lot of fun. ready to rock in the new year? our friend, ryan seacrest, is here with a sneak peek at new year's rockin' eve. plus, you don't have to be a star to dress like one. carson kressley shows us how to get celeb looks for a lot less. that's coming up. shows us how to get celeb looks for a lot less. that's coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. ♪ that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru
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8:14 am
i can have the best of both worlds with pronamel. take a look. they are already pouring in. again, send us your tweets with the hashtag, "gma." you throw your new year's resolutions in there. to be better to my co-workers. >> i like that resolution. >> check that box. you've already done it, dude. >> i was just looking for the aw. >> okay. tell you what, we have honestly covered so much important news this year. politics, the economy, the weather, here, domestically and abroad. so much more. but somehow, in the midst of all of it, we managed to squeeze in just a bit of fun. let's take a look back.
8:15 am
>> good morning, america. >> oh. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> want to give an official welcome to josh elliott. >> lara spencer is coming back home. >> i do think the good morning, america, delivery would use a little work. >> good morning, america. >> i am a little turned around. i need to get to times square, to the studio. >> times square. times square is that way. >> you're stressing too much. just relax. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning. good morning. >> good. good. >> which way to times square? >> that way, lara. >> sorry to interrupt. >> real sweet. but no sense of direction at all. >> and the squint. >> good morning, america. >> wow. ♪
8:16 am
>> let's see that picture again. look at the shrimp on a treadmill. oh, i'm sorry. >> shrimp on a treadmill? that's the worst intro i've ever had. george? george? is this it? is that it? >> sam champion's right behind you. >> yes. >> you know that. he's right there. >> everyone get me in trouble. i'm working back here. >> here we go. this one. am i in your shot? >> why do you keep doing this? >> do i have lipstick on my teeth? >> i'm done. thanks. >> abc's jack taper. abc's jack tapper. abc's jake tapper. i've had trouble with your name the last few days. >> it's very complicated. >> how it's going, man? how is this job working out for you. >> maps are broken. that's what i've been told. imagine this, here's the eastern shoreline right here. >> look at my field producer?
8:17 am
that's elizabeth vargas taking cues from the field control room. this is elizabeth's cue, let me tell you. with a flourish. >> oh, yeah. oh, wow. nice. oh. oh, my gosh. >> there's scottie. work it out. >> scottie's working it out. >> "gq" has been calling for george. did you see this? yes. >> you have the -- >> the leggens for men. the perfect angle. >> even in the control room. >> harriet potter right here. >> look at how tyra looks in those. and look at me. i'm like mirna from boca. hello. how are you? ♪ doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ >> grover, you look very
8:18 am
scholarly. >> thank you. you would not think that george's suits would fit me. >> we're doing tv right now. >> how nice for you. i'm double-parked. >> pepe, you're from spain, correct? >> yes. >> and you speak espanol? >> amour. >> so much fun here on "gma." >> norman, the scooter-riding pooch. this is jub jub, the st. bernard. guess what he's balancing. >> when you're teaching bear safety, you need somebody to play the bear. >> i don't feel like a bear right now. >> david wright, abc news, at the moolong panda center. >> can i hold him? >> take him. >> how do i get there? hello, new jersey. we're all hanging out. and i think we're going to have a little time.
8:19 am
let's get the monitor lizard out. why not? >> let him go down your shirt. >> let him go down my shirt? >> he loves you. >> we'll be right back. >> whoa. oh. come on, little fella. hang in there. woo. >> chopsticks. >> chopsticks. ♪ in your eyes the light, the heat ♪ >> thanks for having me here. >> can you hold my hand? >> no. no. the moment has passed. >> i'm your biggest fan. but on the court, i'm going to take you down. you ready? >> the keys to taking a penalty kick? what are they? >> score. so close. >> robin. oh. >> oh. >> oh. oh, my goodness.
8:20 am
>> yes. >> there you go. that's so cool. >> most importantly, how do our rear-ends look? >> welcome to the team, rookie. oh, yeah. get in there. >> personally, i was hoping for a sam champion. but josh looks more like a george stepping off of this. >> sam wouldn't do it. george wouldn't do it. robin wouldn't do it. lara wouldn't do it. >> you're right, josh. i wouldn't do it. that's why you're here. >> it's scarier than usual in the control room. magma. >> robin, i can't do this video without you. we're going to kilauea. >> magma. >> exactly. >> robin? george? >> may i? >> go for it. >> magma. >> balance. and bring the feet around. >> you're not on three-inch heels right now.
8:21 am
>> there he is. to greet "modern family." >> what? >> sam. we're out of the shot. get us over. >> no, no, no, no. i'm good. i'm good. >> hand-to-hand combat never been so darn cute. >> hi-ya. hi-ya. >> smell that. >> you literally walked right into that. >> are you all right? what's going on down there? >> there it is. samta claus. >> i'm so nervous. ♪ don't stop believing >> you have been sharing the milestones in your lives with us in a segment that we love. it's called "your three words." >> we're going to take it a little bit farther today. a lot farther. >> "your three words" live.
8:22 am
♪ ♪ got the pictures on my phone this is going to be a good life ♪ ♪ this is going to be a good life ♪ ♪ good, good life >> going to be revealing "people's" sexiest man. could be talking about any of these guys over here. >> how about our cover girl here? cover of "prevention" magazine. >> it ain't this cover. >> someone has a very special question. >> yes, i do. tricia, will you marry me? >> oh, my god. >> i love you. you're the girl of my dreams and the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with. will you marry me? >> yes. >> i love you. >> will you turn around?
8:23 am
take a good look. >> oh, my god. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> here with me, i have sarina, josh's little girl. >> if there is a baby in the audience, this man right here has a way. >> say hi. come here, buddy. >> there you go. >> i am there for you, josh. i'm there for you, buddy. >> come on, sammy. open up, sammy. you're spilling, sam. come on. >> you have a wife, george? >> happy birthday, honey. i am fully clothed. ♪ >> with her new single, "born this way," lady gaga. ♪ 'cause god makes no mistakes
8:24 am
i'm on the right track, baby ♪ ♪ we ain't stopping keep on dancing ♪ ♪ new york concrete jungle where dreams are made of ♪ ♪ there's nothing you can't do ♪ hey, hey, hey where the girls at ♪ ♪ girls at ♪ your love and your love >> jennifer hudson here live. >> brad paisley. >> we just saw beyonce. >> shake that. ♪ >> are you ready for our party rock halloween? ♪ >> george, as your alter ego. >> i wildly approve. ♪
8:25 am
♪ put your hands up to the sun ♪ ♪ put your hands up to the sun ♪ ♪ get down get down ♪ >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> and as much as we miss george, robin and lara, it is so fun to watch that with the three of you, as well. what a year it's been. carson kressley, known here as mr. fun. >> carson. >> that was really great. there was just -- i was only in one shot. so, i brought my own year in review. roll the tape, guys. ♪ >> i'll pop into macy's.
8:26 am
♪ >> cute on me. i just came out of the fireplace. there you go. i'm just doing my job. ♪ lara. you've been very naughty. good work. ♪ >> that's terrific. >> we can all get up. and you can do another somersault on that sofa. that was so spectacular. >> i can do that. i can cartwheel. i can vogue, whatever you need. >> do you have new year's eve plans? >> yes. yes. are you asking me out or what? >> it's my way of letting everybody know that ryan seacrest is here. he'll talk about his new year's eve plans. that's coming up in moments.
8:27 am
we have developing news in san francisco where a mine any train has collided with a -- a muni train has collided with a police car on third street. >> better news now the third street area has been reopened between 20th and 23rd. muni trains are running on the t-line there could be slight delays. fatal crash north 880 to westbound 237 may still be blocking lanes minor slowing at the scene. traffic has been light elsewhere. several live shots, no delays at bay bridge toll, looking clear in berkeley, san rafael and walnut creek. >> when we come back, lisa and
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. low to mid 60s fog on the peninsula, south bay, a few showers mist and drizzle throughout the morning hours because of this cold front to the north and west of us it going to fall apart as it slides south and then we are going to see clearing and coal conditions tonight setting up a very -- and cold conditions tonight setting up a dry and mild start to the new year
8:30 am
tonight light showers upper 50s to around 60. >> the news continues now with "good morning america." ♪ just dance [ cheers and applause ] the new year's eve ball is set, ready for the big moment. lady gaga, justin bieber will be performing. the ultimate party in times square. this crowd is ready. it's fair to say that new year's will be rocking. it's fair to say, this is ryan seacrest, who will be overseeing it all. we're minus george and robin. >> what are you saying? >> you can't hear the person next to you. >> i think he said those are your kids.
8:31 am
>> these are my kids. zachary and sam. they came out for a new year's eve celebration. we have a bunch of stuff coming up this half hour. you're hosting the new year's eve celebration, along with dick clark. they're celebrating a milestone anniversary, of the most exciting show ever. we'll talk with ryan in a few minutes. >> that's going to be great. you can start 2012 in style, sporting great looks, say kate middleton or jennifer aniston. it's a duchessly sum. carson kressley here to show us those styles for less. >> i will be bringing you great style for not a lot of money. >> really? >> excellent. and top chef, master chef, marcus samuelsson whips up fast and easy advertisers, so you can spend time with your guests, watching tv, and not in your kitchen. >> ryan, a couple days ago, it was bitter. it was frigid here. but it's warming up. sam champion, what do you have?
8:32 am
>> yeah. what's it look like? >> hey, gang. i cannot wait -- by the way. i cannot wait to show you this. we're going to give you a preview of what you'll see on new year's eve, as we have the giant ball above times square. above everybody in our backyard. let's give you a little preview, shall we? five, four, three, two, one. there's billions of possibilities with in ball. we're going to show you what the last couple minutes will look like on new year's eve, as it goes absolutely wild. the crowd goes nuts. and you're going to get the first opportunity to see those colors. it's kind of an amazing view from up here. and this is a brand-new look at the whole -- wow. it's just kind of awesome. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to show you. as you head out your doors, likely, you're going to be making your plans. here's our plans in times square. we'll be at about a 40-degree temperature by the time the ball drops. it's mild and absolutely
8:33 am
beautiful. wherever you are in the country, except the northwest, it will be comfortable and quiet. here's our decorated map for the >> all that weather was brought to you by h&r block. we like to say that times square is our backyard. but there's one time of year that with like to share with somebody that's pretty wonderful. do you really check out the ball every year before the big event? >> yes. as a matter of fact, i manually push it up and release it to make sure it won't get stuck. that was successful yesterday.
8:34 am
>> everybody was telling me, ryan was just here. the big plan this year is for lady gaga. but tell me some of the other things we're going to see. >> it's the 40th anniversary special of dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. we have lady gaga, as you mentioned. also, justin bieber who has a surprise during his performance. pitbull is going to be with us. as well as jenny mccarthy, hosting part of the night. and dick clark will be back where he loves to be each and every year. it's a 5 1/2-hour show, sam. you can come. >> i know josh will talk to you about the highlights of the show coming up. we're high above times square, above everybody in our backyard this morning. ryan's in the studio. now, back to the studio, gang. >> what is that? >> at the monitor, trying to figure out -- >> if he wants to handle the
8:35 am
interview. i think i composed myself. >> you were getting antsy. >> i know. this is the place to be for the ultimate new year's bash. 40th anniversary, as we just heard. dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest, hosting for the seventh year in a row. we just heard some of the acts, ryan. first, 40. that's a big number. >> it's a big number. i'm not there yet. are you? >> it's been my whole life. my whole life. >> and me. it's become quite a tradition in american culture. and dick, i think, started this by doing a version of "american bandstand" in philadelphia, on new year's eve. and turned it into a tradition here in new york city. i was out there last night putting the stage together. and i feel like there's more people out here in times square than i've seen in a long time for this celebration. >> we're expecting 1 million people. and the weather's going to cooperate. we heard the acts.
8:36 am
gaga, bieber, pitbull. how do you wrangle all of the talent? >> it's tradition. they respect dick clark, number one. a lot of them grew up watching dick clark and love him to death. the other thing is, it's such a special night for a performer. there's nothing like being on that stage, looking at a sea of 1 million people, let alone the 30 billion that might be watching here on abc. >> we heard, it's a 5 1/2-hour show. obviously, the anniversary edition. what other special things are planned for new year's? >> the special things are the things we're not planning. honestly, we know the time that lady gaga has for her performance. we're actually not sure what the entire performance entails, which kind of excites me. >> yeah. >> and you know, to have both bieber and gaga and their followings being in times square, it's pretty staggering. >> if nothing else, twitter might actually implode.
8:37 am
>> yeah. i'm reading it each night. and people will be fighting for their space. >> there will be a tear in the space/time continuum. dick has been doing this for 40 years. how is he doing? >> he looks forward to this. this is one of his, if not the favorite, night of the year. the guy is still in the boss. he walks into the room and you defer. >> as you should. a wise man. we were talking about the revenue streams. the big one, "american idol," getting ready for season 11. simon's out. jennifer lopez, steven tyler still in. and with all respect for mrmr. mr. cowell, did not miss a beat. >> it's so rare. i don't know if it happens like this in many situations. but the new panel had incredible
8:38 am
chemistry in the first season. we were sitting together a couple of days ago, getting ready to narrow it down to the contestants to be in the live shows, talking about how well everybody gets along. and how we have a specific direction for what we're looking for this year. they're fun to work be. they're all very successful. and they're extremely different personalities. >> america's nighttime families. you conquered it all. there are reports -- are you something of a morning person, ryan? >> ah, yes. i am a morning person. >> all right. >> i do a morning radio show, every morning, 102.7, in los angeles. would you like to be on? >> i would. dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest, 8:00 eastern, on abc. coming up, you don't need the big bucks to dress like your favorite star. carson kressley with some style. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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mmm... pillsbury crescent wrapped brie just unroll, wrap the brie and bake. it's so easy. now this might even impress aunt martha. pillsbury crescent wrapped brie. holiday ideas made easy. here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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♪ it's a new day it's a new day ♪ it's a new year and a new you. and if your new year's resolution is to be more stylish, we have you covered. carson kressley is here with celebrity looks for less.
8:42 am
everyone wants to look like a celebrity, i guess, right? >> yeah. i think people look to celebrities for style inspiration. but unfortunately, for a lot of people, maybe it's not affordable or not accessible where they live. we're going to show the viewers today. >> i fit in that category. >> no. you're great. we have a bunch of celebs that everyone looks up to. this is so techy. i feel like a weatherman. kate middleton. kind of her year. got married. everyone looks to her for style. and she's been on all of the top-dressed list. >> and she has -- >> it's not all superexpensive, designer stuff. the dress here is the key piece. if we tap here. okay. yay. sound effects and everything. the dress, how much would you think this dress was? >> $200? $300? >> nope. $95. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's from topshop. that's a favorite store of hers. it's an english import.
8:43 am
they've opened some stores here. it's really accessible. all the looks today, you can go to the different stores and find these pieces. they're available now. the belt, $5.8. superer inexpensive. the jacket. that's a piece for everyone's wardrobe. >> that can go with everything. >> with jeans, with dresses. $80. and my bob barker moment, the total price, $215.79. moving on. jennifer aniston. ignore this backpack. it's being held by somebody else. it's like the picture of the woman's arm that makes her look nude. disregard that. but boho-chic. we're going to see the pieces here. this is all from joe fresh. the jeans, 49 bucks. the shoes, a hiking boot but kind of with a heel and kind of chic and young.
8:44 am
and an oversized boyfriend sweater for 29 bucks. the hat is not joe fresh. it's from forever 21 but it's only $12.50. the total look, $129.50. joe fresh is new. they're from canada. they've opened a bunch of stores in new york. they're opening up across the united states in a couple of years. really great, stylish stuff and inexpensive. moving on to j. lo, this was one of her great red carpet looks from this year. j. lo and other people i know. not that many. it's funny -- i would put pants on because it kind of looks like a top. >> exactly. >> but superglamorous. kind of a fun new year's eve look, now that we're talking about the new year's holiday. we're going to click on here and see the dress. really, the statement piece. superaffordable, $22.80 from forever 21. i thought that was lira or drachma. but that's american dollars.
8:45 am
the clutch, $14.80. and the shoes, $22.80. practically free. >> and finally, our first lady, who is so elegantly dressed all the time. >> she's another example of having great style. but also, she shops at very accessible places. this print dress, really pretty. sleeveless. and great because you can wear it all the way around. we have this lace print copy of the same dress. topshop, 100 bucks. the earrings, $3.80 from forever 21. and the shoes, $27, also. >> i have to check this forever 21 out. >> all of the stores have websites. all of the merchandise is available riblgt now so you can actually get these looks. >> carson, thanks so much. happy new year. >> likewise. >> for all of the great looks, go to on yahoo! coming up, no fuss, no muss. top chef master, marcus samuelss samuelsson, joins us in just a moment.
8:46 am
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8:48 am
all right. it's new year's eve. eve. you can tell, we're very eager to get this party started. you're entertaining, you want great food, you don't want the fuss, you want to enjoy everything. here with all of it, marcus samuelsson. >> how are you? >> check out "new american table," co-founder of you're here to help us with recipes we can throw together so we can enjoy the parties we're throwing. >> new year's eve is all about celebration. what better than the combination of comfort food and elegance. you're going to serve meatballs. >> it's not just any meatballs. >> it's my grandma's meatballs.
8:49 am
you have beef and pork. you're going to mix that up with onions. get in there. there you go. >> manual labor. that's all i'm good for. >> that's fun. you can do it in the morning. you and i should go on the road together. we're a good cooking team. >> marcus, i'm in. we're out. good night. >> there you go. you got that. when you're done, they're beautiful. just like this, nice, small, round meatballs. >> sure. >> we're going to cook them in a pan. >> what was in the pan when they went in? >> nothing. just a little bit of butter. they have the fat. >> sure. keep telling yourself that. >> the healthy fat. then, we're going to make a nice sauce. and the sauce is made with a little pickle solution. it's a sweet and sour sauce.
8:50 am
there we go. steam. and some cranberries. i grew up in sweden. >> this is grandmother helga's recipe? >> grandmother helga's. people travel from all over to get the meatballs. >> there's a reason why. we're going to see the finished product. >> you're about to taste the finished product. get it in there. let it simmer. right? what could be better than an hors d'oeuvre like this. take a toothpick. or your hands. i saw you when you were in there before. that's all right. >> talking about marcus. >> for new year's eve, we want to celebrate. this dish is absolutely perfect. there's some others. come on. >> it's almost new year's. >> eve. eve. >> ready for the holidays? >> let's do it. all right. >> all right. >> yeah. this hat is -- i'm having some
8:51 am
hat issues. >> very special. >> looking really cool. no. i'm going this way. that's nice. >> so, to set the party up right, you want some hors d'oeuvres. it's so simple. you can take some rye bread, a little bit of cream cheese, and some lox. >> i want the endui sausage. >> that's the most amazing meatball. >> thank you. >> incredible. >> affordable. easy to make. it's comfort food. >> that gets the party started. >> thank you, helper. >> everybody's taken care of. everybody has a favorite. and they can go to it. >> some sausage with some hummus and dried fruit. you have lox with a little bit of cream cheese. if you want to have vegetarians at your party, tomato jam over here. you want a cocktail? >> i do want a cocktail. >> it's the season for citrus
8:52 am
and pomegranates. >> whoa. hey. >> you want one? >> you mix a little pomegranate with tangerine juice. and if you want to top it off with champagne or some rum. or if you want to have a cocktail for everyone in the family, you don't have to put the alcohol in. >> insanely delicious. and this easy. >> easy to make. >> if you want to get these recipes or these really sweet glasses, logon to the website, on
8:53 am
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8:55 am
and it's seamless. again, don't forget to tune in tomorrow night. "gma" saturday, new year's eve show. and monday on "gma," we're going to start the year right, with secrets to staying healthy. strong and sexy. i guess i can say that, right, elizabeth? >> thank you so much for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! remember to watch "world news" with diane sawyer. >> before we go, i want to welcome a superstar goalie of the new york islanders, al montoya. i knew you well in my former life. i know you're here on behalf of the team, to make a donation to our warm coats, warm hearts drive. how many coats are the islanders throwing in there? >> this is a great job. we've raised over 500 jackets. >> that's great. >> unbelievable. >> also, there's a special event
8:56 am
coming up january 16th. >> january 16th at our home game, the wives and girlfriends will be collecting jackets. with every jacket you bring in, you get a free voucher to a future game. >> let's open up the envelope. we're trying to get to 1 million. we have 15 seconds. we have 902,485. >> that's awesome. >> happy new year. >> thank you very much. >> happy new year.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
transit authorities say four people are injured in this morning's collision between a muni train and a san francisco police car. those injuries are minor to moderate. the cause of the crash is under investigation. lisa is here with your new year's forecast. good morning. problems with visibility. 3/4 of a mile half moon bay, a mile and 3/4 mountain view andjñ some mist around the bay. north bay seeing hazy sunshine the front will continue to press through chance of showers through the evening sunny and mild over the weekend. better news on muni everything is back and running. earlier fatal accident


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