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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 31, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> along the embarcadero, chain-link fences have gone along the bay to prevent any accidents and also chain-link fences around the art exhibits here on the embarcadero, where thousands of people are expected in the coming hours. live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> a lot of excitement. thank you, job. muni, cal train, and santa clara valley transportation authorities will be offering free ride tonight through the early morning hours of january 1st. trips on b.a.r.t. will not be free.
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>> nearly hit an officer at the beginning of the chase. i talked with a neighbor who described how this chase ended. >> heard a crash. we both look up the street and saw the car roll into the brewer's car with the door open, and then the guy jumped out and went to this green house, jumped on the stairs like he was trying to get in, and then the police just jumped on him and got him. >> two people are in custody. they're faced with serious charges. police tell us those charges include attempted robbery and kidnapping and aggravated assault on a police officer. reporting live in san francisco, abc-7 news.
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>> growing concerns about violence in oakland after another child is shot and killed. five-year-old gabriel martinez, jr. was killed while helping his parents at their taco truck. >> tragedy has struck oakland again. this time taking the life of little gabriel martinez, jr. family and friends stand in silence at the corner of 55th 55th avenue and international boulevard where last night someone walked up to the taco truck, ordered food, and then started shooting. gabriel was there with his parents, who own the taco truck. the little boy was near the back of the truck, helping his father carry sodas, when the shooting started. >> came running, and he got shot, my kid got shot. and i was like, he has gun, he has a gun.
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someone call the cops. >> reporter: the shooter and his female companion got away. >> everybody wants to know, like, why did he do it? did he shoot straight up at the kid? come on. he was with his dad, helping his dad. >> reporter: as the memorial of stuffed animals and cames -- candles grows, so does the frustration. he is the third child under the age of six to be murdered since august. a three-year-old was killed by a drive-by shooter, and on december 9th. a 23-month-old died after being shot during a gang-related shootout. >> we're in crisis. a city in crisis, and we have to stop when five-year-old babies are getting killed and three-year-old babies are getting killed. >> fear is following the crisis. two of the three children were shot on international boulevard. >> i'm trying to get a permit to carry, like, firearm.
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i'm scared for my safety and those around me. >> reporter: there's $25,000 reward offer to anyone with information about this shooting. >> oakland's violent and murderous 2011 was remembered today. white crosses were erected in front of a church on san pablo avenue. one for each homicide victim. loved ones are still mourning their deaths. >> see that many, see the kids come. i lost mine and is gone. >> sadly, this year, having a memorial service has become an annual event. church officials stress this is the time every life lost should be celebrated, no matter how long or short. >> a san jose woman believed to be a victim that left another woman dead has been arrested on suspicion of murder. she is suspected of using a
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machete type edged weapon to carry out the attacks. police arrived and found both women suffering from wounds. the victim died at the scene. her identity is being withheld until her family is told what happened. the relationship between the women is under investigation. >> the growing concern for a monkey stolen from the san francisco zoo. why zoo coopers -- zookeepers ae worried. >> the u.s. heads to me moon once more. what is behind the
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> the search continues and a worry grows for a squirrel mover monk monkey stolen from the san francisco zoo. he is 17 years old and will stress out being in a different environment. >> they will go off food. they won't eat properly. whoever has him most likely doesn't have the proper diet for him. they are fed a fortified chow that provides all their nutritional needs and it's their primary food source. >> there's a $5,000 reward for his safe return.
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>> nasa is focusing on the skies tonight but not for the fireworks. >> one, zero, and liftoff. of the delta ii. the spacecraft bound for the moon will make back-to-back arrivals over the weekend. one slipped into orbit and one arrives tomorrow. they'll measure the moon's lumpy gravity field to determine what is inside. >> san francisco is making history once more. the new laws that will increase the minimum wage and why not everyone is happy about it. >> plus, the new year's forecast. leigh glaser is up next. >> i'm colin, cal and stanford seeking a socal sweep, and football, the at&t park kraft fight hunger bowl. highlights
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for the same low price. verizon. >> happy new year brazil. that's awesome look at the waves there and the people and the fireworks. this is live. they're celebrating 2012. so congratulations to them. we'll make our way into the new year in a few hours. tomorrow san francisco will be the first major city to offer a minimum wage over $10. the voter approved increase is getting mixed reviews from small
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business ownerrers but workers say it's still not enough. >> you at least feel like, you get paid over $10. >> david is an usher at this theater in san francisco. starting january 1st, he'll earn 10.24 an hour. that's a raise for him, but minimum wage in san francisco. >> more money in my wallet. to pay my bills. and also money to spend in the city to help the economy. >> the voter approved wage increase makes san francisco the first major city in the country to pass the $10 mark. california's minimum wage has been at $8 an hour, the federal minimum, 7.25. >> the cost of housing in the bay area is one of the highest in the country. people just expect to pay $1,200 a month for a studio
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apartment without even having a bedroom over their -- of their own. >> but struggling business owners say it's another burden for them to bear, following a city mandated initiative requiring them to also pay health benefits for all workers. >> that's enough. i'm a chef. what i pay for a waiter is more than double what manhattan pays, more than double what chicago pays. it's four times what boston pays. and those are not alabama. those are other big, expense civics liberal, pro labor cities. i hey what they pay together. >> are we better off with more jobs or fewer jobs that pay more? >> the president of san francisco's chamber of commerce, says the wage increase could result in layoffs and end up costing consumers. >> let's remember the san francisco businesses have to charge more when we're doling
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out bids for products and services. >> reporter: even with the increase, minimum wage employee, working full time can, will still only make $21,000 a year. just below the national poverty level in the newsroom. abc-7 news. >> plastic bags are gone in san jose as of midnight, and consumers will start paying for paper. only restaurants, nonprofits and social organizations will be able to hand out paper bags and they must recycled content. retailers must sell single uses paper bags for ten cents each. >> leigh is here checking on the weather for new year's eve. >> leigh: hard to believe this will be the second driest december on record for the bay area. second driest for san francisco. so, as we look ahead towards the new year, we're going to also kind of look ahead to see if we're going to see any rain out there. no rain in the forecast for this
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evening. actually, perfect weather for all the fireworks displays that will be going on. this from the high definition -- live shot from the sutro cam looking down on the city. the dark sky now, but a few more hours and, boom, everything is going to be exploding out there as we enter into 2012. here's a look at current readings. 48 in novato. oakland, 57. 50 in antioch. starting to cool down. livermore, 49. clear skies. san jose, 54. los gatos, clear as well. 50. our highlights. taking us right into the first few days of the new year, colder overnight. we'll look for patchy valley fog. a warmer day tomorrow. tomorrow is a winter "spare the air" day. the 11th one we have had already. so no burning tomorrow for 24 hours, and putting just a slight -- just slight chance of a sprinkle, mainly north of the golden gate bridge. santa rosa, maybe sonoma county heading into monday afternoon
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and monday night. you can see the fog cast not that much out there. maybe pockets of fog developing for north of the golden gate bridge. livermore valley areas, but just clear skies tonight. that will give way to colder temperatures. we'll dip into the mid, maybe even low 30s. accept rose sacks 36. 46, san francisco. 37. east bay. concord, antioch, 39. and 36 for livermore tonight. we're on the back side of a cold front that brought us sprinkles on friday. high pressure continuing to build in. brought us some northerly winds, a little cooler today. but it is going to clear us out tonight. as we head intos night and monday. there's a system that is going to break through this ridge and just scoot right to the north of us, and might be able to bring a drop or two. mainly around santa rosa, points
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northward, maybe some mist and drizzle. and then after that the high builds back in to bring us another mild next few days. 63 for san jose. remember, no burn, "spare the air" day tomorrow. 64 for campbell. los good at torque 55. half moon bay, a mixture of sun and clouds, 59. the peninsula, terrific. mid-to-low 60s. 63, menlo park. mountain view, 64. san francisco, you'll warm to 62. north bay, mid-60s for some locations. santa rosa, 6 5. oakland tomorrow, 55. interior east bay, look for mid-to-low 60s with 63 for concord, brentwood, 62. and smiled temperatures -- check it out. watsonville, 9 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast. a slight chance of maybe a sprinkle north of the golden gate on monday. otherwise, mild the first part of 2012, and then bringing in some clouds next weekend.
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>> and hopefully rain after that. thank you, leigh. colin, what's happening in sports. >> i like to start with the pac-12. both teams with 11, wins, both going for a sweep of the l.a. schools. bears and ucla. david wear knocking down the three. a 13-10 bruin lead. the last lead. hit in the knee. go to the treadmill and come back. cal dominated the second half. cobb, sweet reverse her. 57-45 bears. alan crabbe hat 24-70 beyond the arc. 85-69 the final. first sweep of the socal school. bears now 12-3. this is the beauty shot. stanford hosting usc. trojans with the lead. josh off the cardinal bench,
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knocks down the three. 15-14 stanford. second half, aaron bright in amongst the trees. 9-0 run for the lead in transition, owens, second effort. cardinal up 11. cardinal unable to put usc away. it was bright in maples late. 7-16 down the stretch. 51-43 stanford. they're now 12-2. the stanford women now 2 or in pac-12 play, taking care of ucla. cal women start 0-2, beaten by usc, 74-54. st. mary's, hammered pepperdine in malibu, there's 13-2, and the loyola mary mount lion tacking it to ucsf. this is number four, michael kidd gilchrist. the layup at the half. tie game throughout.
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davis is a for. remember his name. the hoop and the harm. kentucky win it. >> it's called the crab fight hunger polele. the game between usc and illinois, starving for offense. i like this. illinois kicker, from thebull pen to the covey cove. the tunnel vision. the other way, 10-7 illini. 5:00 to go. the big play of the game. a little hole in the defense. jenkins, 60 yards. illinois started the season 6-0. lost sick straight, end on a high note, 20-14 the final. pac-12 now 1-4 this bowl season. >> we knew we were coming into a defensive game. we knew we had to score some points to keep them off, but
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unfortunately, that what we did and lost. >> the lone win in the pac-12 in dramatic fashion. utah in the sun bowl. yellow jackets, 17-10 lead. utah down 14 in the fourth, they come back. christopher, ties it at 24. after a texfield goal in overtight, ute's third and goal from the eight. white into the end zone. game over. 30-27. utah. >> jordan rodgers, the younger brother of aaron. they pulled him. despite his performance, vandy had a 21-17 lead, then this happened. ralph abernathy. 90-yard on the kickoff run. cincy takes it 31-4. we'll have at 11:00, highlights. >> can't wait. thanks, colin. we're just hours airplane -- hours away
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>> thousands of people are already lined up in times square in new york city. about two and a half hours before the stroke of midnight. 1500 police officers are also on scene to make sure everybody behaves themselves. the highlight of the night, of course, is when the ball drops.
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which it's been doing since 1907. should be positively balmy for new year's. 40 degrees is predicted there. you can catch the countdown on dick clark's new year's rocking new new year's. thanks for joining us, leaving you with a live look at times square. we'll see you back here at captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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