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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> in the news this sunday morning a squirrel monkey taken from the san francisco zoo is back home this morning. but the investigation continues. fireworks dazzle thousands of new year's revelers in san francisco. >> good morning. downtown only 53 degrees. expected 63 this afternoon. sunny and warmer everywhere today. >> good morning, everyone. thanks nor joining us and happy new year. i'm katie in for carolyn tyler. san francisco police say they are still investigating a case of a stolen monkey that was returned to the zoo yesterday. here's a picture of banana sam safe in his keeper's arms. the 17-year-old squirrel monkey was taken by the zoo thursday night. zoo officials say someone cut
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through the gate, climbed through the roof of the primate exhibit building and broke into the squirrel monkey habitat. a man called police yesterday and said he found the monkey in stern grove two miles from the zoo. he said he coaxed the monkey into his backpack. he said banana sam seems okay but they doubt that recovery story. >> he looks pretty good. thirsty, hungry, trembling a little bit but we did an exam and he did pretty good. knowledge. >> is it easy to coax a monkey into a backpack? >> i would say not. a monkey would be place into a backpack forcefully. >> the investigation remains open. so far the man hasn't tried to claim the $5,000 reward. he won't be on business play for a while. keepers want to make sure he's okay and repair the damage to his habitat. there is throwing concern about violence in oakland after the death of a child on friday night. five-year-old gabriel martinez
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junior was killed in his father's food truck just blocks from where another was killed earlier this year. >> he was just five years old and helping his dad load sodas in the food truck friday night. someone shot and hit him in the chest. he saw his boy's father react to the shooting. >> he had blood on his hands and started screaming my skid got shod, my kid got shot. he has a gun, he has a gun. someone call the cons. >> the gunman is a light complex blackman about 5'7". with a companion. three-year-old carlos was killed blocks away on august 8th. this gang shootout captured on a camera resulted in the death of
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this person on july 9th. his families formed these candles into a cross. evelyn lives nearby with her children. >> it hurts because i work for this guy one day only in his restaurant. really good guy. it's sad to know these things are happening in oakland. >> the police chief said his talk with the family today was a sad and difficult one. >> i couldn't imagine what they are going through because i have a kid myself. and you are not supposed to outlive your kids. >> the yearly memorial at the the catholic church commemorates those lost in oakland each year. this year the count is 110. oakland police have issued a $25,000 reward. if you have information you can log on to for their anonymous tip line. abc7 news. >> a san jose woman is in custody this morning hours after police thought she was the victim of a physical attack.
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40-year-old woman is under arrest on suspicion of murder. she's one of two women police found when they arrived at johnston avenue. both women were wounded. the victim died at the scene. they believe a machete like weapon was used but the motive is under investigation. two suspects are behind bars of a leading police on a wild chase. it ended yesterday afternoon in the excelsier district from the suspects crashed into a parked car. officers chased them at high speeds. and finally into excelsier. the suspects also sideswiped a car, injuring two people. if you didn't make it to san francisco to ring in the new year, you missed quite a show. thousands of people crowded on to san francisco's embarcadero to watch a fireworks spectacular, and thanks to the
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the weather's cooperation, there was no fog to spoil the view. earlier in the evening abc7's john alston caught up with some bay area residents that were getting ready to say good-bye to 2011. >> although it ended with a little bump, it was still a good year for this family of san francisco who were celebrating with ice skating and fireworks. >> family time. my oldest son is in college in texas and he's home for the holidays and we wanted family time this new year's. >> we felt we wanted a special year this year. we thought everything went pretty if for us so we wanted to do something different. >> by 9:30 the embarcadero started filling up, waiting for the midnight fireworks show over the bay. police are there in force with a new tool, called sobering tents. one is set up near sf general. people can spend the night there sobering up instead of getting arrested and going to show. >> if there are no impending criminal charges or no medical issues, they will be monitored
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by the department of public health workers and once they sober up they are allowed to go home. >> all afternoon they put the finishing touches on the fireworks display. knew this year, the display at water level. >> it will look like a ducky race out in the water. depending on the current tonight. there are little strobe devices that pulse state out on the water so a lot of little specks out in the water. >> the ringing in the new year started with a quiet dinner. >> we are going to go to the palace hotel for their evening fall, and after that we will walk down market street and hopefully catch the tail end of the fireworks. >> john alston, ab c c7 years. >> across the country new york city marked the year in a new way. the famous ball had a makeover this year. it's decorated with 3,000 waterford crystal triangles. the huge street party has been a new york tradition since 1907. >> in san jose this morning, firefighters are cleaning up
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after an early morning fire destroyed a victorian style home. the house on 4900 block of north fifth street burned for an hour and a half and was a total loss. luckily the four people who lived there were not hurt. no word on what caused the fire. at least four more cars have burned in los angeles as authorities conduct an all-out hunt for an arsonist. at least 48 arson case necessary three days are being investigated. a joint task force is trying to find those responsible. we have the latest from l.a. >> by daybreak the affects of last night's rampage were clearly evident. the burned out carcasses of car after car. >> we want to get these s. o. b.s before they hurt somebody. >> the last 48 hours this scene unfolded dozens of time. nearly all starting at car fires which spread to homes and apartment buildings. firefighters scrambling to contain the damage. >> a fire like this causes
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terror. it's intentionally meant to make people afraid. >> we were in bed, my wife heard some popping noises, looked around because we heard about the fires and so she ran outside and said, hey, our neighbor's house is on fire. >> friday's fires were concentrated in and around hollywood. but the ones today were more widespread, making it seem less likely that it's the work of just one person. so far known has been injured. >> one fire out of control can cost dozens. lives. you are trying to say something, this is not the way to say it. >> this woman showed us her husband's car completely charred. it was his christmas gift. >> we can always get a new one. both of us are safe. that's the most important. >> investigators are still trying to determine if the rash of fires is connected. searching through surveillance footage for clues. >> i don't have any suspect that's being detained at this time as part of our investigation. >> or angeline nos, new year's
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eve traditionally a night of hope and celebration could instead are one of worry. abc news, los angeles. >> starting today san francisco is the first major city to offer a minimum wage of over ten dollars. the voter-approved increase is getting mixed reviews from small business owners but workers say it's still not enough. abc7s dan ashley reports. >> it's menial jobs in so many ways. and then, you know, you at least feel like you get paid over ten dollars so it's a little respect as well. >> david is an usher at this theatre in san francisco. starting january 1st he will earn $10.24 an hour. that's a raise for him but minimum wage in san francisco. >> more money in my wallet to pay my bills. and also money, you know, to spend in the city to help the economy. the voter-approved wage increase makes san francisco the first city in the country to pass the ten dollars mark.
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california's minimum wage has been at eight dollars minimum and the federal $7.25. >> the cost of housing in the bay area is one of the highest in the country. people just expect to pay $1,200 a month for a studio apartment without even having a bedroom of their own. >> but struggling business owners say it's another burden for them to bear following a city-mandated initiative requiring them to also pay health benefits for all of their workers. >> that drives me nuts. i'm a chef. i had to cut my kitchen. what i pay, when i pay for a waiter is more than double what manhattan pays, more than double what chicago pays. it's four times what boston pays, and those are not alabama, those are other big, expensive, liberal, pro labor cities but i pay what they all pay added together. >> are we better off with more jobs or fewer jobs that pay more?
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>> the president of san francisco's chamber of commerce says the wage increase could result in layoffs and end up costing consumers. >> let's remember that san francisco businesses have to charge more when we are doing out bids for products and services. >> even with the increase, a minimum wage employee here working full time will still only make about $21,000 a year, just below the national poverty level. in the newsroom, dan ashley, abc7 news. >> well, you are waking up, or going to sleep, to some news laws and regulations this morning. up next we will highlight the driving law changes. one aims at keeping drunk drivers off the roads for a very long time. and b. y. o. b., bring your own bag or your retail store bills
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>> welcome back, nationwide some 4500 state laws take effect today. in california several involve driving and parking. starting today drivers convicted of three or more duis can have their driver's license suspended for ten years. a change to california's child passenger safety seat law requires children to ride in a car seat or booster seat until
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the age of 8. and electric vehicles must be plugged in for refueling when occupying an e. v. designated parking space. another new law in san francisco, a ban on plastic bags and a restriction on paper. paper bags with recycled content will be handed out only by restaurants, nonprofits and social organizations. retailers will now sell paper bags to customers for ten cents each. similar laws take effect in unincorporated marin county. a north carolina man tried to leave a wal-mart store with a lot of change, but instead he landed in jail. get this. the man tried to use a fake $1 million bill. now, to pay for $476 worth of goods. he was arrested. there's no such thing as a million dollars bill. the largest bill of made was a $100,000 bill. the largest still in circulation is the $100 bill.
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not the sharpest tool. >> interesting. >> in the files of stupid criminals. >> did you notice how warm it is out there? >> yes. >> in fact, we are 60 degrees at half moon bay. some pretty gusty winds out there and that will lead to a very warm afternoon. in fact, ten degrees warmer than yesterday in some spots. so we are talking just a very little frost out there. and a look at the dry seven-day outlook coming up. >> thank you, lisa. plus n.a.s.a.'s moon shot. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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>> welcome back. some people didn't wait until the stroke of midnight to celebrate 2012. they couldn't, it was past their bedtime, as it was for those who work in the morning. so just for the little ones the space and science center held their new year's eve balloon drops. the balloons dropped when it became midnight in other time zones. then off to bed for the little ones. that's fun. n.a.s.a. is focusing on their latest moon mission. >> one, zero, and liftoff of the delta 2. >> twin spacecraft bound for the moon will make back-to-back arrivals over the weekend. one slipped into orbit yesterday. the next will arrive today. the probes, named grail-a and grail-b will measure the lumpy gravity field to determine what is in the score of the moon. lisa is in with the weather today with the first weather forecast of 2012.
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that's exciting. >> it is exciting because things keep changing and we are still hoping for rain. hopefully things will go our way in january because we are still about 27% of normal. even los angeles has had more rain than we have, about 46%. >> doesn't seem right. >> and today 81 in l.a. >> wow. >> yeah. really unseasonably warm conditions across the state. napa is sitting at 47 degrees. they have an east wind at 20 miles an hour and we only have a couple of places, santa rosa, redwood city and los gatos that have temperatures in the 30s. elsewhere that breezy east wind making its way down to the surface and keeping numbers very, very mild this morning. good morning, san francisco, 53. look at half moon bay. the only location at our coast that is experiencing such mild conditions. good morning, san jose, 40 for you. 46 in livermore. we have a little bit of fog here and, there but notice it is
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definitely a warm start to 2012. the fog is by the delta, less than a quarter mile visibility. and some fog tense to form in santa rosa and livermore and concord this morning. so that may be a problem, but, you know, that sun is going to bring us warmer conditions and dissipate the fog very quickly. compared to yesterday, we are 11 degrees warmer in napa, 13 degrees warmer in novato, and elsewhere some areas are even cooler. so you will notice san jose is cooler as well as santa rosa this morning. so this morning we are looking at some changes for the week ahead because we were hoping to see a little bit of rain. and now it looks like with the warmer air today we've got a spare the air. high pressure is in control. it really changes again tomorrow. a few weak systems come our way. not only one tomorrow that could bring sprinkles far north but another one that was thought to bring us measurable rain on thursday. now that doesn't look like it's going to happen. we are looking at the next ten
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days for more dry weather across the bay area. here's a look at the satellite and radar composite. no green to show you. just some higher clouds out there. high pressure has built back in. that is bringing us not only the mild day today, but the winds, or the flow around the high, the clockwise flow, bringing the gusty offshore winds. tomorrow a weak system is going to move to the north and that will flatten the ridge a bit. the winds will come off the ocean and it will be more onshore and that brings the temperatures down. one-day warming event today. 57 big sir. and back home highs in the mid-60s. san jose 65. on the peninsula more mid-60s for redwood city. for january, very warm out there. san francisco coming up about two or three degrees, 63. in the north bay if we see the north winds, a little bit stronger, we could see a 70-degree temperature here. mid-60s for the most part not
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out of the question, could be even warmer than that. 66 oakland, 65 fremont. look at the mid-60s from dublin down to livermore and down around the monterey bay. we saw 70 yesterday there, almost as warm. but remember spare the air so not ideal weather for january. our chance of rain just north. we are talk being sonoma county, not even marin county, and then we were looking at the rain. pulled it out of the seven-day outlook so another dry stretch for us. >> well, looks like we will be celebrating 2012 outdoors today at least, enjoy the sunshine. >> right. >> thank you, lisa. >> okay. >> park officials say they replaced a barricade that collapsed during a high school football game earlier this month. this weekend's craft hung ehrhoff goal was the first to be held at the park since a portion of it came down. the railing gave way under the weight of the crowd. some students went over the edge and fell on players below but there were no serious injuries. a tv camera became an
5:23 am
on-field camera during the inside goal in tempe, arizona. the camera that provides overhead shots for espn fell when the wire it was attached to appeared to snap with just a few minutes left in the game, which was between oklahoma and iowa. the camera bounced off the field around the 20-yard line and narrowly missed receiver marvin mcnut junior who got tangled in the wires. the camera had to be dragged off the field, causing a delay of about five minutes. the late start to the nba season is taking its follow on the warriors. as collin resch tells us, they looked flat last night. here's sports. >> good morning. minus monta ellis, who is attending his grandmother's funeral in mississippi, the warriors looked like fish out of water last night. and he looked good, shifty handles, scoop off the grass. curry with 21. second quarter, game tied at 31. dominic inside for the jam.
5:24 am
all downhill from then on. curry misses the three. ahead to jrue holiday, the left-handed flush. and off the mark on the three. holiday ahead to lou williams. warriors blown out. they fall to 2-2. both cal and stanford going for a sweep, a home sweep of the l.a. schools yesterday. mikemike montgomery gum which bs hosting ucla. going baseline. cal a one-point lead at halftime. they dominated the final 20 minutes. could be, sweet reverse, 57-45. allen crab, he had 20. 4 of 7 beyond the arc. 85-699 final. first sweep of the south cal school there in eight years. they are now 12-3. and bright of stanford, they had usc, trojans grabbed the early lead. 9-0 run to start the second half for the cardinals.
5:25 am
bright among the trees. 36-25. then they hang around literally. 5'7" hanging, hitting, 4-point game. but here's the bright side. 7 of his 16 down the stretch, 51-43 stanford. they sweep both l.a. schools as well and improve to 12-2. stanford women, they are now 2-0 in pac-12 play. cal starts 0-2, beaten by usc74-54. and the lions rolling here in the first half. alex osbourne inside. 37-20, lmu gone. 50 points second half. michael williams driving for two. anthony ireland, three-pointer here. he would end up making the game-winning lay-up in overtime. the thriller, 77-76. saint mary's men hammered pepperdine, and the women used an 8-0 run to end the game and beat byu saturday's kraft fight
5:26 am
hunger goal. ucla and illinois at&t park. jerry rice, a pat on the butt. i like this. illinois kicker from the bullpen to mccuff have you cove. he likes it. terry hawthorne likes this. stepping in front of the pass. read it perfectly. 39 yards, 10-7, illini. five minutes to go. here's the big play of the game. nathan, a hole in the ucla defense. aj jenkins, 60 yards. illinois lost six straight and end on a high note. the pac-12, 1-4 in the season. >> we knew we were coming into this game. our defense is good and their defense is good. we knew we had to score some points to try to keep them off us. fortunately, i mean, that's what we did. >> lone conference win for the
5:27 am
pac-12? trailing georgia tech by 14 in the fourth. he never looked up. christopher, game goes to overtime after a field goal. third and goal from the 8. john white driving into the end zone. game over. 30-27, utep. jordan rogers, he's the younger brother of aaron, just 4 of some 114 for 26 yards against cincinnati in the liberty goal and then they pulled him. despite his performance vandy took the lead in the fourth quarter. then this happened. ralph abernathy, 90 yards on the kickoff return. sincy the winner. and the northwestern and texas a&m, quarterback about ryan, 329 yards passing, 26 here to jeff fuller, 33-26 aggies. their first goal win since 2001. northwestern's last win, the 1949 rose bowl. that hurts. and while most were partying last night, robbie maddison and levi were jumping san diego bay roughly 400 feet. madison on the bike, and lavalle
5:28 am
on the snowmobile. they stick the landing and live to tell about it. good stuff. mike shumann will be in tonight. he will wrap week 17 in the nfl for you. niners in st. louis. the raiders hosting san diego with the playoff berth on the line. happy new year, everyone. i'm collin resch. >> happy new year, indeed. next, we will show you how the arrival of 2012 was celebrated around the world. and the explanation pg&e is giving state regulators as to why some gas pipelines went 14 years without required inspection. h@
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>> thanks for watching. welcome to 2012. it's now 5:30. here's how people around the world rang in in the new year. in london, i think land, some 250,000 people watched the fireworks set off from the london eye, which is the giant wheel on the south bank. gorgeous. one of the most spectacular fireworks displays came from rio de janeiro in brazil. people headed to the beach to welcome in the new year there and russia kicked off the new year with fireworks in moscow. beautiful. pg&e officials admit the utility failed to inspect about 14 miles of gas pipelines in contra kosta counties because several maps had been miss a
5:31 am
placed. according to reports, official recently admitted to state officials they did not conduct the inspections, even though federal laws requires those inspections every five years. as a result, some pg&e lines in east contra kosta county went unchecked for 20 years. a new survey uncovered 22 leaks in those abandoned pipes. with just two days to go to the iowa caucuses, republican presidential candidates are jockeying for position. policy show an upset win for texas congressman ron paul or for rick santorum is not out of the question. mitt romney is pulling ahead, helped by a barrage of tv ads targeting gingrich. and romney spent most day spending obama a footnote of american history. >> i look forward to doing a few things in a hurry if i'm able to get this job, and i think i will. >> ron paul took time off to
5:32 am
celebrate new year's eve back home in texas. despite the negative ads, newt gingrich is hoping to get undecided voters at the last minute. michele bachmann was met by protestors at her headquarters and rick perry refused to answer questions about his campaign being in disarray. a costly state supreme court decision will affect cities all over california. hundreds of municipalities are losing redevelopment money from sacramento. it will save the state a lot of cash, but it could be devastating for local communities. abc7 has the consequences of the supreme court decision. >> cities across the state are marking the end of an era that began in the mid-1940s. in san jose redevelopment money funded everything from the hp pavilion and the tech museum to affordable housing. >> the same is true of north san jose. thousands of jobs were created. that would not be there without the tool of redevelopment. >> in the tough budget times the state wanted the $1.7 billion
5:33 am
funneled to redevelopment agencies. the state supreme court made two key rulings that do away with the agencies, even if they were willing to pay into a fund to stay alive. >> the court says that the legislature can eliminate redevelopment, that's constitutional. on the other hand, they said you can't force a pay to play. so as a result there will be no redevelopment. >> the decisions are considered a key victory in the state's effort to balance the budget. it heads into the new year with a $13 billion shortfall. >> this was a critical step to make sure that schools in this state got more than a billion dollars. not only for this year but this is a funding stream that will be going in future years. >> the court ruling will help shore up funding for public education. but even with the elimination of some 400 redevelopment agencies statewide, many education advocates say it does not solve an ongoing problem. >> there's not a lot of good news in what we are spending per student k through 12 so it's not something i would score a victory.
5:34 am
it's maintaining a bad situation. it prevented it from getting worse but it's not something we should be celebrating. >> cities are definitely not celebrating. some say the elimination of redevelopment agencies will be devastate and all of them say it will change business as usual. >> we've been preparing for it and we recognize we need to move forward with economic development cincinnati strategies that really develop partnerships with the private sectors instead of large subsidies from the public sector. >> and redevelopment agencies have been before the court for months now. the state supreme court ruling means they will officially take their last breath on may 1st. in san jose, corina rusk, abc7 news. >> ieds have cost count less brain injuries in american troops. now a national effort is underway to focus attention on head injuries. the son of late ted kennedy talked to cheryl jennings about the new program. >> three years ago i lost my father to brain cancer. >> brain disease is intensely personal to former congressman
5:35 am
patrick kennedy. his father was the late senator ted kennedy. patrick deemed up on a project about brain disease. their son brandon recovered from a 1990 illness called schizophrenia. it makes people unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. >> we need to put it on the same footing with cancer and aids research. >> they wanted to learn about their son's disease. so they create the the international mental health research organization 17 years ago. they started holding fundraisers at the winery. the 2011 event raised more than $3 million for research. now they and kennedy are working on a new initiative called one mind for research organization. it has a ten-year goal. >> we call this the race to inner space. >> kennedy said it's a call for an urgent national collaboration
5:36 am
on brain disease. he said the effort was called by his late uncle. president john f. kennedy 50 years ago in 1961 to put a man on the moon and bring him home safely within a decade. >> we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. >> we are saying we need to go to inner space and understand how the galaxy of neurons in our brains work in order to get to the therapies and cures that are going to relieve us from everything from epilepsy, parkinson's, other diseases. >> we got them to come together and actually write a ten-year plan for neuroscience. >> they believe everyone can benefit, from the thousands of soldiers with brain injuries and posttraumatic stress disorder to the general public. they say it will create a
5:37 am
superhighway of information about the brain. >> we owe it to our veterans to do better by researching brain injury and posttraumatic stress so we can better take care of the people who took care of us and kept terrorism off our shores for the last ten years. >> that was cheryl jennings arting. president obama has sent the staglands a thank you because their fund raising and partnership has raised a combined total of $135 million for mental health research. you can find a link on our website, lisa is in to look at the weather this morning and off to a warm new year. >> that's right. spare the air today. we do have some winds of that kept the temperatures up so it is mild out there. but the wind not doing enough to mix those polluteants out of the atmosphere. i will tell you about the rest of weekend which includes unseasonably warm weather today and then a cool town. that's next. >> thank you.
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for the same low price. verizon. >> good morning. thanks nor joining us. it's 5:39 on the first day of twelve. you are looking live at the embarcadero, the bay bridge in the background. this was the scene of a lot of excitement not too many hours ago where the big fireworks took place. looks like all is quiet now. hopefully everyone is back home safe and sound.
5:40 am
i definitely saw some strayinglers still out weaving their way home. i don't mean driving weaving, i mean walking. >> usually we can count the cars. there was a lot of people out 3:00 this morning. still out. so it was a big night. and the weather cooperated, more or less. >> yes. >> although some folks, we all want the snow for the sierra nevada but people are still skiing even though nothing new in the forecast from mother nature you are. so they are doing well up there but temperatures, once again we hit a record in south lake tahoe. it was 51 degrees. it's been in the low to mid-50s. reno with 63. a couple days ago. right now you are looking at the breezy winds of that allowed temperatures to stay up this morning for the most part. we only have a few selected areas where numbers of below freezing. here's another look from our sutro camera. it is quiet out there with the sun coming up at 7:25. setting 5:01. take a look at the numbers. 53 san francisco.
5:41 am
good morning half moon bay. 60 degrees. 51 in oakland with mid-40s in the livermore valley. how about napa? 47 degrees with an east wind at 20 miles an hour. so with those warmer -- that warmer air in the upper levels of the atmosphere, those offshore winds bringing that warmer air down to the valley in the north bay, but look at santa rosa just down the road, 30 degrees. we are looking at 39 redwood city. 38 in los gatos. it's certainly chili in some spots. the delta has some fog this morning. less than a quarter mile visibility there and i expect more fog in santa rosa throughout the next few hours as well as livermore and concord has five miles visibility with the airport is doing just fine. between yesterday and today comparatively speaking we are talking anywhere from four to 13 degrees above where we were. so definitely very mild out there. so that's a plus if you are slow to get going today. in fact, the afternoon we will
5:42 am
finish with temperatures well above the norm today. in fact, about ten degrees above normal. so if you like that kind of weather, that's on tap for today. but with that becomes the high pressure, which will put a lid on the atmosphere and that also brings more pollutants, spare the air. so officials asking you not to burn today. really no need with warmer air. in fact, this isn't going to last much longer because we do have a couple of systems that want to flirt with the north bay. any rain, possibility of a little bit of rain tomorrow but we are talking sonoma county, not even marin county. the spare the air will be lift there had tomorrow. the ridge will flatten and it will be cooler. the warmer air, a one-day event. here's a look at the pacific satellite. you will notice once again all the cloud cover bumping up against a big ridge of high pressure over the eastern pacific and in fact the clouds just up into oregon and portion
5:43 am
of seattle. widespread 60s all across the bay area. how about the rose bowl today? 81 degrees. 57 in the southern sierra and back home we are talking widespread 60s today in the south bay. it should be a mild afternoon in san jose. and los gatos 66. 63 san mateo. it's already 60 half moon bay. those numbers will come down a little bit and then back up along the shoreline when the winds again to back off. 63 downtown. into north bay, some of these numbers could be conservative. with the north wind we could see some upper 60s and even 70s around santa rosa. we will have to see how strong the north wind gets. fremont 65 and our inland east bay over in livermore, a little cool now but 65 later. mid-and upper 60s with the
5:44 am
spare the air. here's the look ahead. tomorrow cooler. a slight chance of showers up in sonoma county. then we are back to partly cloudy skies tuesday, wednesday, thursday more clouds, upper 50s should do it with the cooler weather. that's been the pattern, those frigid overnight lows and mild averages. >> we will take it. thanks, lisa. well, if you think it's tough getting people to cooperate with doctors, how about working with a 400-pound gorilla? it's not a punchline. here's abcs dan harris on turning primates into patience. >> geno has a cushy life at disney orlando kingdom in orlando. he eats fruit in front of an adoring crowd with his three females and baby on hand. but geno has a bad heart. heart disease is a common problem with gorillas, especially males. >> and 40 percent of our
5:45 am
gorillas have heart problems. >> the people at disney turn to human cordologist to help which suggested giving him ultrasound tests but that was not easy. >> you have to dart animals to do that. >> you are firing a dart gun. >> obviously that's stressful for the animal, stressful for the people. >> to get the best results the doctors said they needed gorillas wide awake and not sedated. but it's a little tricky to give a gorilla a checkup. you can't march up to a silver back like geno in a white coat with a stealth scope. then somebody had a genius idea. train them to participate, so to speak, in their own checkup. >> basically we are just going -- we do this at the front of each session. >> we got a front row seat. >> you are excited. the chest is all the way up. >> take a look at this as geno crouches next to the bars, raises his left arm and strikes
5:46 am
a rather odd pose, prompted by fruits and pickles and allows the zoo keeper to rub the ultrasound probe right over his chest. >> how is it looking? >> awesome. >> a live window into his beating heart, making it all look so easy. but even though geno is cooperative here, he is still mischief russ. look at him trying to grab me. >> oh, you are close. >> thank you, amy. [laughter] >> if you did an ultrasound on me right now, you would see my heart going very fast. >> dan harris, abc news. >> disney is the parent company of abc and abc7 news. 7 on your side is next. what to do if you cancelled your airline ticket and the refund never showed up? that's what happened to a viewer who called michael finney for help.
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
>> good morning, everyone. you are looking live at our emeryville camera. the headlights heading toward us are heading into the east bay. a steady stream, if you will. hard to know where folks are going this morning or where they are coming from. it was certainly a big night in san francisco, a lot of beautiful fireworks shot over the embarcadero. now it's over. 2011 is over. we are into 2012 and we will see how the day goes traffic and weather-wise. it's definitely warmer today. get this, for the rose bowl tomorrow in l.a., lisa says it's going to be 81 degrees. she will have more on that coming up in weather. well, airlines charge travelers a premium to get a refundable ticket. so when you buy one you should be able to cancel your flight and get a refund as promised, right? that was not the case for one international traveler until 7 on your side's michael finney got involved. >> okay, here we are.
5:50 am
>> she shows us a treasured memento of her courtship with her now husband kent. the indian born woman was introduced to kent during a business trip to san francisco. it didn't take long for the both of them to realize they were meant for each other. >> three weeks, i thought, ah-ha, this sounds promising. >> she returned to india but the two kept in touch by way of e-mail, online chats and phone conversations. eventually kent visited her in india. this photo was taken the first time kent met her family. the courtship intensified and mahua purchased a refundable ticket to visit kent in san francisco. >> the prices were steeper because it was the refundable variety. >> everything went so well on the visit that she cancelled her return flight and received confirmation from the airline that she had done so. three weeks later the couple was married in san mateo county. >> there was no need to waste
5:51 am
time since we were really sure about what we were doing. >> when things settled down, she inquired with the airline about the refund. >> they said your claim has been submitted. i never heard back anything from anyone. >> over the next year she filed several online complaints but there was no response beyond the automated e-mail. al is a nationally known travel attorney. >> months and months, that isn't reasonable. but there's no consumer rights law that says it must be this long. >> more than a year after her cancelled trip, she contacted 7 on your side and we contacted lufansa. >> i'm thinking halleluiah, this is -- there was absolutely no communication from the airline. i had completely written it off. >> they blame the delay on a computer glitch but said they responded to her once they became aware of the situation.
5:52 am
we do need to mention the refund was only about half as much as she expected. it seems she unknowingly purchased what was a restricted refundable ticket which entitles her only to apportion of the refund. >> i was happy which i at least got something back. it wouldn't have happened without abc7s help. >> i'm michael finney, on your side. >> now that 2011 is behind us, which movies will win the awards. up next, don sanchez gives us his picks among the best films of the year. the word is swapportunity.
5:53 am
can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today.
5:54 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's super one plus draw. no big winner so the jackpot for wednesday will be $10 million. the 2011 movie season produced some remarkable films. abc7s arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez presents his top ten list. >> it's been a great year for film production and these are what i think are the ten best, starting with number ten. >> today marks the beginning after fight between two sets of ideas. >> "ides of march" with political intrigue and back room deals. george clooney directs a primer for the election.
5:55 am
and the story of a search for a new beginning. hannah is a fast-based grim fairy tale, a story filled with twists. she is a killer kid. in "the descendents" george clooney tries to reconnect with his daughters. it's not a holiday feel-good movie but the girl with the dragon tattoo recreates the book. i call tinker taylor soldier spy brilliant. cold war espionage. an adaptation of the book. >> these women raise white children. >> "the help" is a beautiful film. and octaveio spencer steals the film. talking to us? "hugo" looks extraordinary and with the best 3d i've seen. it's about preserving film.
5:56 am
>> and to the time of hemingway andstein, midnight in pairs is a glorious film. >> the choice for number one is a throwback to the way they made films more than 80 years ago. the artist is attributed to when they had faces. a block and white silent film, funny, fascinating, and an instant classic. could my picks be a preview of the award season in i'll be voting for the broadcast association critics choice awards. you can see those on january 1 look for my picks and maybe a few more. i'm don an the, abc7 news and we will see you on the isle. >> good stuff. next at six, san francisco zoo officials are celebrating the return of a stolen monkey. but they are requesting questions about how that monkey was found. and we will highlight the new year's
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> in the news this sunday morning a squirrel monkey taken from the san francisco zoo is back home this morning. but the investigation continues. fireworks dazzle thousands of new year's revelers in san francisco. >> good morning. >> some breezy winds out there this morning allowing for mild temperatures but the first spare the air of 2012 is today. >> thank you, lisa. i'm katie in for carolyn tyler this morning. san francisco police say they are still investigating a case of a stolen monkey that was returned to the zoo yesterday. here's a picture of banana sam safe in his keeper's arms. the 17-year-old squirrel monkey was taken by the zoo thursday night. zoo officials say someone cut through the gate, climbed through the roof of the primate exhibit building and broke into the squirrel monkey habitat. a man called police yesterday and said he found the monkey in stern grove two miles from the zoo.


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