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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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nicco [ inaudible ] one patch of fog i'll show you where that is. we set record highs yesterday. [ inaudible ] live look at the bay bridge toll, things starting to stack up a bit, better news for mass transit world. details coming up. 6:00, wednesday thank you for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. police have spent more than 12 hours playing a waiting game with a suspected burglar. here's the catch, that burglar is wandering along a very steep part of telegraph hill. terry mcsweeney is live at fell graph hill with the latest on the chilly standoff. he -- he may wish he not tried to escape. >> reporter: he may be enjoying his last night of freedom for sometime if police have this right. they believe he's hiding in the bushes that are lighted up,
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you can see behind me on the cliff this is telegraph hill coit tower at the top, lights shined on to that hill. they believe the suspect is still in there. they've had some communication with him. they've seen the bushes moving, suggesting he's still in there. the last time they talked to him was three hours ago. haven't heard from him since as far as we know. this began 6:00 last night at the top of the hill where you see the light shining that is where according to police, this guy was spotted going into a condo unit. a woman saw him, called 911. the manager came out and confronted him. he pushed the manager away. and came down that cliff. some people are amazed how go down that cliff it is sheer there are some bushes and trees to hang on to, but he made it about 3/4 of the way
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down. he's 60 feet up that cliff still and there has been communication with him. >> took off down into this bush hill area that you see behind us. it is pretty sheer, 10 to 20 foot high bushes over there. i know our tactical team was out earlier they said base of the night and the terrain it was pretty dangerous to go down there after him. >> reporter: the communication when something like this he asked the police to turned the lights off, they said of course we are not going to do that. according to a neighbor the police were asking him if he's injured? he said he is not injured. that communication again about three, four hours ago. he's still hiding in the bushes as far as police note a few minutes ago, police came out, pointing up above and to i guess it is possible despite the fact he is being watched
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he might have made it up to a different location on that cliff. they are sure he's still there. police waiting for the sun to come up. this one burglary that he allegedly committed involved the stealing of a ring. there have been a rash of burglaries here on telegraph hill. it is going to be interesting to see if he may be involved in some others. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. also this morning, several san jose police officers are recovering from injuries after a carjacking suspect rammed into four police cars while trying to escape. the car jagging happen 11:30 yesterday morning at a gas station. -- the suspect punched a 68-year-old man in the nose and took his suv. the suspect identified as alejandro gonzalez. after leaving the gas he crossed over i-680 where officers say he rammed into a police car seriously injured that officer.
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the chase ended close to where it started, but not before he rammed three more police cars officers had to tase him to get him out of that suv. in san jose right now police wrapping up an hour's long search of an apartment complex after a suspect ran from a traffic stop. amy hollyfield is there live near the area. >> reporter: good morning. they got him. they just got him. they found him hiding behind a shed here in san jose. they say the man was not armed, but inside his car they did find some stolen goods this is how it happened, they tried to pull him over around 1:00 this morning for a vehicle infraction. there was a short pursuit. then he pulled over and got out and ran away police called in back-up. sunnyvale police officers,
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also santa clara sheriff's deputies. officers found him hiding behind a shed. he will be charged with resisting arrest and also possession of burglary tools. they say he was not armed. it does appear that he was up to no good. they've got him. right now they are trying to figure out who he is, they will have to fingerprint and get him. didded. right now he has been caught and -- and this appeared complex is considered safe, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:05. right now fire investigators are in petaluma are examining a suspicious fire that destroyed three big rigs overnight. the fire started around 2:15 this morning at a fedex facility on north mcdowell boulevard. firefighters say all three burned in the middle of an enclosed warehouse 10 feet from a 3,000 gallon diesel tank that thankfully
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firefighters nag managed to knock the blaze down before it spread to that tank no word on injuries. san jose mayor may be softening his stance on pot clubs. the change coincides with a new referendum that just qualified for the ballot. the referendum would allow voters to decide whether to roll back an ordinance the city council passed last fall that would cut the number of pot clubs from 100 to 10. the mayor backed that ordinance but also said he would consider modifying it if the referendum may the ballot. cities in san mateo county working to up with one uniformed plastic bag plan. they are drafting an ordinance that aims to be adopted by most peninsula cities banning retail business from providing plastic bags. shoppers who don't bring their own would have to buy paper bags. restaurants and none proves would be exempt. fines from $100 for the first
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offense to $500. the group will meet january 18th. new report could put brakes on california's plan to build a high speed rail line. a group of financial and transportation experts say the 99 billion dollar project creates an immense financial risk to the state with no long term funding source or commitment. high speed rail add kits say other -- advocates say other projects have been built by segment. in january you don't hear us asking to put the brakes on the sun and 60° weather but we are kind of at that point. >> it would be nice to get rain in here because it is very, very dry. >> extremely dry, 29 to 35% of average for this date. we are still supposed more rain over the next couple of months before the rain season is over, that is not going to happen, at least not in the short term. the fog is on the move.
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novato 3/4 mile visible. napa up to four, quite an improvement from the half mile visibility you had last hour. everybody else okay. patches of fog here and there the tule fog for the most part is staying in the delta communities right now. temperatures, mid to upper 30s north bay valleys, redwood city, concord and livermore. antioch, the rest of the bay shore, south bay out to the coast in the low to mid 40s. san francimrmñ
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50s at the coast to the low to mid 60s for rest of us. sounds like we have a new accident here's jacqueline with details. chp has issued a "sig alert" for this crash westbound 205 just past i-5 involving two big rigs one overturned it has the far left and far right lane blocked. for those of you coming interest the valley this is no doubt going to slow you down, anticipate delays and allow yourself a little extra time this morning. live look at walnut creek 680 at north main, taillights headed in the southbound commute direction. things are moving still pretty well through there. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet those usually get turned on in the next 10, 15 minutes. we are starting to see a bit of a back-up just in cash lanes. that's your traffic. 6:09. what is it worth just ahead a look at what it is
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good wednesday morning it is 67:13. picture of the bay both sides -- :13, picture of the bay both sides.
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there's a little fog. mike says more weather records could top, warm temperatures and he's got the ones in your neighborhood coming up. you've heard of dui, right? how about fwi? flying while intoxicated. the charge against a pilot in the north bay. chp aerial unit spotted a plane flying recklessly yesterday in sonoma county. officers say the 60 to-year-old flew as low as 50 feet off the -- off the ground within 100 feet of traffic both violations of faa regulations. officers were waiting for man when he landed. they gave him a field sobriety test then arrested him. no secret living in california is more expensive than most parts of the country. staubach announced yesterday it will hike coffee prices by 10 cents but is sparing
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california. saying the price increase is need dude to higher cost for coffee and fuel. no word on why california was spared. spores say competition in the market may be one reason -- experts say competition in the market may be one reason. you may not have a lot of water to make your coffee now. >> another problem all together. >> still seeing sprinkler systems going around everybody's neighborhoods because it is so dry. still a fire danger because of the ground being so brown. we sill have a lack of snow up in the sierra. it is going to continue at least the next couple of weeks or so just really don't have much of a change in this weather pattern. you can see outside it is clear. and it is much cooler as we thought it would be let's check out temperatures, 32 in novato. mid to upper 30s santa rosa, napa, concord, low to mid 40s for the rest of bay shore to half moon bay 49 in
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san francisco. monterey bay temperatures as you step out low to mid 40s warmer salinas 49 and 34 at gilroy. highlight force this forecast, we tied in concord set one in livermore and santa rosa, we could have more record high temperatures this afternoon under amosly sunny sky clear tonight fog like this morning will move in late for the most part another night where we can see the stars pretty well. dry pattern the next seven, possibly 14 days, two weeks from today is when the models are saying we'll have our next best chance of rain. santa rosa 65, napa 64 these are two areas where i'm forecasting record high temperatures everywhere else close with low to mid 60s to 67 in ukiah. monterey bay watsonville, salinas, 70 and 72 everybody
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else in the mid to upper 60s. tonight clear sky, dry air cool with most of the 30s in the north bay valleys spilling towards vallejo and fairfield we'll have low to mid 40s for the east bay valleys and san rafael low to mid 40s around the bay shore, south bay upper 40s along the coast into san francisco. let's check out the pattern see if it looks any different. not really. high pressure anchored over the western united states. also over the eastern pacific. very strong blocking ridge pushing the storms well up to the north. paltry precipitation values 29% of average in san jose and santa rosa, 35 to 37 in san francisco and oakland. just no rain in the forecast, we may cool into the upper 50s along the coast mainly low to mid 60s all seven days.
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still following major accident westbound 205 past i-5 involving two big rigs within overturned. chp has issued a "sig alert" no time as to when they will have those lanes reopened. this will slow you down coming in from the valley as you continue along westbound 580, speeds clocking in at 37 miles through there better news for mass transit. bart had been reporting earlier delays. everything is back on schedule. ace and muni, cal train all check in problem-free. westbound 580 from 205 towards the dublin interchange, 26 minute trip out of antioch this morning about a 16 minute ride towards pittsburg and northbound 880 from 238 up to the maze about a 21 minute trip. over to the bay bridge toll, any minute they should be turning on those metering lights unless things continue to be pretty light, which they
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are right now. we are just seeing a little back-up in those pay gate lanes. for the latest traffic you can go to 6:19. reality tv star kim kardashian is the starve a video she never in-- is the star of a video she never intended to be in. one promoting taxing the 1%. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a group call the courage campaign is using clips of kardashian enjoying the good life to push for an initiative on the november ballot to raise taxes on the wealthiest californians. kardashian said being on tv has changed my life because you get lots of free stuff. the so-called millionaire tax would raise income tax rates 3 to 5% for those making over a million dollars a year. it took minutes for the
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49ers to sell-out their first home playoff game in a decade. limited number of tickets for the january 14th, game on sale, online at 10:00 yesterday morning. then poof, they were gone. 9ers say some could be available between now and game time if you have the cash. thousands available online. they will cost you with prices already ranging from a few hundred dollars a piece to nearly $5,000. >> the sale started 10 a.m., i got on at 10:01, it was too late. 6:20. insult to an icon. the new snub for the bay area's most famous bridge. the peninsula community that may sue
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it could add another 2800 employees at another campus bay 2017. if it is not the world's most famous bridge it is among them. where do you think the golden gate finishes on the list of the world's beautiful spans? nowhere. forbes magazine is out with its 11 most amazing bridges in the world. number one is rome's bridge which has been around a couple years maybe 2,000 or so. about the time christ was . why didn't golden gate make the list? forbes says it is past its prime. new name at the top for yahoo. the ceo that has just been named to lead the tech giant. the political first as iowa counts votes in the first contest latest on who is moving on and who may be
6:26 am
heading hope. questions being raised about the person who found a stolen san francisco monkey. >> reporter: latest on the tower heist, the coit tower heist. police say they've got a burglary suspect surrounded halfway up a cliff on tell hill. the story coming up in a live report. -- >> here's a look at major airports, all green. everybody running on time, even our smaller regional airports around the california running on time flight tracker at the bottom.
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we just received that >> has its new ceo. you are looking at the new york stock exchange where the bell has already rung. sunnyvale company yahoo has been without a permanent ceo since early september. thompson stars next -- right now latest on developing news in san francisco, police are shining a spotlight literally on a burglary suspect who ran from them and now hiding high up on telegraph hill. terry mcsweeney is live near the scene.
6:31 am
what is the police strategy? >> reporter: right now it is to wait out this burglary suspect who they believe they have right where that spotlight is shining against telegraph hill below coit tower in the last few minutes, we have seen police officers pointing up to the left of the light also way off to the right. that is thick coverage. if he was smooth enough, didn't shake the bushes too badly, i guess it is conceivable he could have slid off to the right up and off to the left. it all began 6:00 last night, way up top of this cliff. that is where the burglary took place. a woman spotted this guy going into one of the units she called 911 told the building manager he came down confronted him he pushed the manager out of the way and headed down that cliff, it is
6:32 am
so sheer, a while ago we were talking to police and we asked what they could tell us about this suspect. >> we know that he had possibly two backpacks with him. he probably still has them we don't know what was inside if anything itch >> reporter: what did he get out of that apartment -- apartment. >> we believe per the manager wait's ring. >> reporter: police strategy, wait until daylight time is on their side they believe they have the light where he is. they asked if he was injured according to a neighbor, he said he was not police say he asked hem to turn the light off. they said they would not. right now it is a waiting game. police are confident and hoping that they've got the light right on the bush underneath which is this burglary suspect. there has been a rash of burglaries up here on telegraph hill. no way of knowing if this person is involved in more
6:33 am
than one. police believe certainly he was involved in that one last night involving the ring. we'll keep you posted. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:33 now. oakland city councilman dell puente hopes the fatal shooting of a 5-year-old boy will spark city leaders to crackdown on crime. he says he doesn't feel the police or mayor have accountability. a small group gathered for a vigil last night where gabriel martinez was kill. was the third child to be killed by gunfire in oakland in the last five months. the bay citizen reports del puente will try again to introduce a proposal calling for a teen customer few -- teen curfew. police have asked the city zoo to hold off on giving reward money for the return of a stolen monkey. the case involving banana sam
6:34 am
is still open. the 17-year-old squirrel monkey was taken thursday night. saturday a man called police saying he found the monkey and coaxed him into a backpack. zookeepers have said it is doubtful that a squirrel monkey can be anything but forced inside a backpack. there was a $5,000 reward. >> >> on to politics the razor thin margin of victory in the iowa caucus may launch one campaign but may mean the end of another. congresswoman michelle bachmann finished last and calling a news conference in iowa this morning as well as cancelling a political appearance in south carolina. katie marzullo joins us to explain. >> reporter: first, she cancelled her campaign trip to south carolina and since, michelle bachmann has announced a news conference for 8:00 this morning. last night she was emphatic she was not dropping out, now
6:35 am
signs are pointing to the contrary. back to the big winners, mitt romney and rick santorum came as close as you can get to a time 122,000 votes cast. mitt romney received 30,015. santorum 30,007, a difference of eight votes. 25% each. officials checked twice and no one is asking for a recount, so technically, romney won. given santorum's come from behind surge some argue the win is his. >> to build a great society from the bottom up. >> reporter: for the rest of the field, ron paul takes third with 21% of the vote. newt gingrich fourth with 13%. rick perry came in fifth place and said he would go back to texas and reassess his candidacy. michelle bachmann received 5% of the vote. again, we expect to hear from her in about an hour and a half. also, later today watch for
6:36 am
john mccain to endorse mitt romney. meantime, president obama will to the battle ground state of ohio to renew his push for boosting the economy. president obama spoke to 250 democratic caucus sites like this in des moines through a live video conference. he praised the caucuses for putting him on the road to the white house he won there in 2008. >> the president: because of the work that so many of you did, even before the caucuses four years ago, health care is a reality for millions of americans, seniors have seen the price of prescription drugs lowered. >> mr. obama's trip to ohio is his first presidential trip of 2012. ohio is a swing state. it went for the president in 2008 and for george w. bush in 2004. a troubling prediction from east bay mud. the agency says we should
6:37 am
expect to see more water main breaks like the one that flooded a berkeley street this week. east bay mud's aging water distribution system covers more than 4200 miles with pipes this old, breaks are to be expected. this business owner's basement was nearly flooded monday night. >> all of the other drain pipes and the other things leading from the street, none of that has been done in years and years. i don't think it has ever been redone since it was built. east bay mud spokesperson says utility replaces six to eight miles of pipe each other when one breaks it moves to the top of the list. the fix costs five million dollars to replace one mile of pipe. >> more water coming out of those water main breaks than the skies. >> minimal compared to where we should be and where we were last year. snow pack came in 19 to 20%.
6:38 am
some figures that i saw varies depending on what region know it is very low so are our rain totals a fog around novato 3/4 mile visibility there. the rest of us doing okay, a little hazy in some spots nothing like yesterday. northerly wind still watching the tule fog to see if it will fill in the bay, right now it is being held out in the central valley in the delta communities. temperatures under a partly sunny sky, high clouds. 30s and 40s 8:00. increase in sunshine by noon, mid 50s to near 60 by 4:00 low to mid 60s we could set record high temperatures again today. we'll see what happens for the rest of the forecast. it is dry all seven days we could see a few 50s along the
6:39 am
coast by friday everybody else low to mid 60s through day. -- through tuesday. good morning. chp remains on the scene of that earlier accident bay bridge toll metering lights have been turned on you can start to see that back-up develop to the west grand overcrossing at this time. expect a little delay as you are making your way into san francisco. looks like that holiday light traffic is no longer. let's take a look at that "sig alert" still in effect westbound 205 just past i-5, two big rigs, one overturned. they have that right lane blocked. two left lanes are still getting by. expect delays if you are headed out of the valley this morning. quick check of drive times, very slow out of antioch, speeds clocking in at nine miles an hour on westbound 4. westbound 580 from 205 towards
6:40 am
the dublin interchange, 26 minute trip. southbound 101 from highway 37 to 580, 16 minute ride. east shore freeway 21 minutes from the carquinez bridge towards the maze. 6:40. >> j new name at the top. we go live to wall street for more on the -- silicon valley veteran who has just been named ceo of yahoo. >> how about a live look at the big board. dow off 18 points. it >> it is dry, is it a drought? dismal results from the season's first snow survey. a weighty proposition, new research that could make your next diet -- make shirt your next diet is a
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with welcome back. time for your california forecast. -- sunshine every. tahoe could be the forth day in a row of a record high. low to mid 60s around chico, sacramento, fresno, big sur, san diego 71, 10° warmer 81 in l.a. to 80 in palm springs. time 6:44. >> changes at the top for struggling yahoo and changes on the menu at denny's. >> jane king joins us live with more on all of that. grand slam breakfast at
6:45 am
denny's may cost you more after raising prices by about 1% in june the family restaurant chain raising menu prices again. the ceo telling bloomberg you will see modest price increases to offset their higher food costs he declined to specify when or how much. denny's facing pressure especially on dairy, pork and coffee. yahoo shares, changing at the top. scott thompson the new ceo. yahoo down a bit. he used to be president of pay palestinian. morris goes back to be -- of paypal. morris goes back to being ceo. today investors still concerned about europe's debt problems, selling going on in the bloomberg index trading lower. apple always gets big buzz at the international consumer
6:46 am
show in las vegas without attending. this year tv's that connect to the internet and get content from it are a big part of the show. apple expected to launch a product i -- i-tv. some hotels from miami to hawaii tweaking pictures appeal to potential guests. face pictures on the left. you can see the real deal on the right. -- if you are planning a vacation be careful. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. >> fake thins in miami? -- fake things in miami? [ laughing ] >> good one, very nice, give me some of that. the mavericks big wave sur i have contest announced it will be holding an opening ceremony friday two dozen of the world's best surfers will
6:47 am
head to half moon bay for the ceremony. the contest will only occur if swell and weather conditions are right. it could be announced any time through march. spectators won't be allowed on the beach during the contest because people have been hurt in years past. instead there will be a festival at the nearby hotel and spa. >> first snow survey of the year revealed what most expected that there isn't a lot of snow on the ground. water content measure from yesterday's survey was 1/7 of an inch. that translates into 19% of normal statewide and 13% of normal in the central sierra where that survey was taken. the lack of rain is tying records dating back more than 100 years. it is dry everywhere. the lexington reservoir in santa clara county is at 36% of capacity. calfire has an outdoor burn ban in effect until further notice. 6:47. that was really funny, fake things in miami, good. >> yeah, right.
6:48 am
not so funny and too real is the need for real rain. >> keep looking, we are a day closer has been thv6s mantra, that doesn't moon it is anywhere near us in the for -- doesn't mean it is anywhere near in the forecast. two weeks from today ispjs when we can get a chance of rain. you though that will change. a few high clouds this morning as the system again passes us to the north. fog mainly staying in the central valley just patches of it around our neighborhoods now thickest in novato 32°, watch pout for a little thicker frost in your neighborhoods -- mid to upper 30s most of the inland valleys antioch -- san francisco 49. low to mid 40s around the monterey bay, 49 salinas and 34 in gilroy. today mostly sunny even warmer than yesterday, yesterday
6:49 am
concord, santa rosa and livermore tied or set record high temperatures we see a few more fall today. clear earlier tonight patchy fog like this morning move in from the central valley very late in the morning hours dry pattern, seven day here because it is the self day forecast could be two weeks -- concord, napa and santa rosa three areas that most likely to tie or set some records close in san jose forecasting 64, the record 66, oakland 63, the record 66 in san francisco, going 60, the record 67. low to mid sticksties for most of us today upper 60s to -- low 70s around the money lay bay inland watsonville, salinas in the 70s. 30s tonight low to mid 40s east bay valleys san rafael. as you head out to the coast in san francisco, upper 40s familiar pattern high to our east, high to our west, strong
6:50 am
ridge, storms heading to the north that's why our rainfall totals in the 29 to 37% range of average. temperatures will fluctuate anywhere from two to four degrees over the self day forecast. upper 50s -- 50s at the coast to the low to mid 60s for the rest of us this is phenomenal you are probably familiar with mt. rose around lake tahoe, this is brand done a meteorologist in reason know he went -- went hiking found nothing, no snow. there should be feet of snow up there this time of year. seeing is believing. if you have weather video or photos you would like to share we would love to see them. we have a new accident here is jacqueline. we start off this time around in san jose northbound 101 at de la cruz, accident
6:51 am
has two right lanes blocked.lz"y chp clearing that off to the right, but the damage is done. speeds as low as 23 miles an hour through there at thyme. "sig alert" remains in -- effect for westbound 205 past i-5 involving two big rigs expect delays from the valley. live look outside right now walnut creek 680 at north main taillights headed in the southbound commute direction, a little slow things still moving along. at the san mateo bridge taillights headed westbound from hayward out to foster city, quick 14 minute trip. for the latest traffic go to 6:51 now. students in the south bay have a new incentive to ride bikes to school and everywhere else
6:52 am
safely. the franklin mckinley district has received a grant to buy new bike helmets for 2500 students the second year of the campaign by the children's initiative to provide pedestrian and bike safety information and helmets to children. san rafael has a new police chief. 50 year old diana bishop was sworn in as the first woman to run the city's police department. she begins her new job monday. she was previously a captain in the santa clara police department. you know how sometimes scientists prove what you have already known. just in time for to you jumpstart your new year's diet a new study suggests it is not what you eat, it is how much. excess calories are the direct link to weight gain. researchers found it doesn't matter if those extra calories come from protein, fat or carbs. despite the differences, the level of body fat increased by
6:53 am
the same amount among all the participants in the study. the study will be pushed this week in the journal of the american medical association. let's recap. police in san francisco playing a waiting game with a burglary suspect in telegrah hill. >> the standoff has been going on more than 12 hours. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. >> reporter: with the sun coming up, we may know where this guy is or isn't. right now we still have the lights shining on the side of telegraph hill where police believe a burglar is holed up on the side of this very sheer cliff under a tree. they got the light shining where they believe he is the last time they heard from him, that is where he was. this started 6:00 last night at the top of this sheer cliff up at that unit that condo complex, a woman saw a man
6:54 am
going into a unit she called the police. before they could get here the man hopped out of a window, pushed the manager of the building to the side and made his way down that cliff. maybe you can see flashing of the flashlights up there. a lot of police at the top of the hill in case he tries to go back up. police at the bottom of the hill in case he comes down. they believe where that light is shining. what he two according to police, get a ring and he has two backpacks with him. what is in the backpacks, he don't know. it is a mystery now. there have been a series of burglaries here on telegraph hill and police were keen to that and were keeping their eyes open when they heard there was a suspect they came out. up the hill is where they believe he is right now. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we just got finished
6:55 am
covering an intense aggressive manhunt in san jose. the entire thing played out in an apartment complex. police were on high alert they were surrounded by innocent mostly sleeping people. what is interesting is how it started. a deputy saw a car and the windows were tinted too dark, which is against the law. the deputy pursued the driver who jumped out of the car and ran into an apartment complex on moore park avenue in san jose 1:00 in the morning. two other people in the car didn't run. police say they weren't too helpful. police called out the k-9 unit and helicopter, about five hours later the police dog did find the man hiding behind a shed in the apartment complex. police say they found stolen goods inside his car. he will be charged with possession of burglary tools and resisting arrest. they didn't say what they found in the car. the suspect was taken to the hospital to be checked out. he had minor injuries. police don't know what
6:56 am
happened. they said possibly because he was running maybe from hopping fences, they are not sure. it didn't look like anything major but he is being checked out at the hospital. they haven't identified this man yet. they say as soon as they figure it out, they will tell us. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. one other top story mitt romney has won the republican iowa caucuses by the smallest margin in the state's history. he had eight more votes than rick santorum. perry, michelle bachmann, huntsman finished at the bottom of the pack. mitt romney is expected to pick up an endorsement by john mccain. michelle bachmann is set to hold a news conference in an hour from now. final check on weather and traffic. patchy fog, 3/4 of a mile that's all we have for the fog that is in novato.
6:57 am
mainly 30s and 40s, 60s this afternoon a few record highs are possible. "sig alert" remains in effect in tracy westbound 205 just past i-5 two lanes remain blocked. bay bridge toll metering lights on traffic backing up to the 880 overcrossing. thank you for joining us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> back with a local update at 7:24. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy.
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