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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  January 4, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc michelle bachmann is giving up her campaign after she came in far behind mitt romney and sick santorum in the iowa caucuses last night. romney edged santorum by eight votes the snailest margin of victory in iowa history. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. katie marzullo is here to explain. >> reporter: the most recent development happened about an hour ago. what you are seeing is a town hall meeting in new hampshire in which the 2008 gop
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presidential candidate john mccain has officially endorsed mitt romney for the job. earlier this morning, two other candidates made big announcements. michelle bachmann is out, rick per are staying in. both implied the opposite last night. -- >> last night the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice. so i have decided to stand aside. >> reporter: michelle bachmann finished sixth in iowa, last night boldly stated she wasn't going anywhere. in the light of day she arrived at a different conclusion >> i have no regrets. >> reporter: also changing his mind rick perry. this morning he tweeted, here we come south carolina. last night he said he was going too reassess his campaign many cokie roberts weigh in. >> rick perry has a lot of pressures from his funders to stick around as long as they
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think he has any prayer. >> reporter: let us not for the -- forget the winners, romney and santorum with a time >> a tie in a caucus state is going to behold. >> reporter: romney received eight more votes. >> that's a big win for santorum and a problem for romney going forward. >> reporter: romney says he will take every win he can get. >> i plan on winning the nomination. i think if i do my , if our team is able to do a good job we ought to be able to post up pretty well against president obama down the road. >> reporter: heading into new hampshire, ron paul and newt gingrich in third and fourth place. since huntsman didn't campaign in iowa the next contest will be the first to truly test his popularity. >> the new hampshire primary next tuesday, january 10th. president obama is in ohio
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right now pushing his plan to help america's economy recover. his top priority. >> the president: when congress returns i'm going to urge them to extend this tax cut through 2012 with no drama, no delay. do the right thing. it is a no-brainer, let's get it done. >> the president's advisers say this isn't a campaign stop but the trip comes as the republican presidential nominating process begins. ohio is a critical swing state that voted for president george w. bush in twoeur and president obama in 2008. -- president obama also announced he's using a recess appointment to named richard cordray as the consumer watchdog. republicans repeatedly blocked that appointment saying the bureau has too much power.
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the agency will oversee financial companies often blamed for the nation's economic crisis. republicans called it illegal and suggesting asking the courts to intervene. yahoo has a new ceo scott thompson. he served as president of paypal since january of 2008. the struggling internet company has been without a ceo since early september when the company fired carol bart and morris. morris will return as yahoo's chief financial identify. east palo alto city council will meet to consider possibly suing facebook. some city officials believe the social networking giant's growth in menlo park will have an unfriendly impact on residents in east palo alto. amy hollyfield is live at facebook's headquarters with the story itch
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>> reporter: the mayor of east palo alto told me she met with -- met with facebook this morning to discuss her concerns she says one in a series he says it is important facebook does what it can to make sure the move is beneficial to the community and the company. city leaders recognize there are a lot of positives with having facebook here. >> we are excited that an internationally known corporation like facebook is moving into our neighborhood. >> reporter: east palo alto city officials are hoping the move to menlo park will buy jobs and other positive impact to their residents as well. the enormity of facebook concerns them. the corporation hopes to have 9400 employees by 2018. >> certainly, the traffic impact, there may be some housing impacts related to increases in housing prices, some displacement of tenants possibly. >> reporter: east palo alto's city attorney will present
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what options the city council has in its negotiations with facebook at a closed door session tomorrow. one option includes the possibility of suing facebook. >> my main concern i wanted it to be clear when listed at potential litigation, it is potential. something we are talking about, it is not pending. which means nothing has been filed question. so it is still open for discussion at the council level. >> reporter: city council members realize that option is on the table. at this point, they say they don't think they are going to need to go that route. >> i don't think anyone either in east palo alto or from any other jurisdiction that may be affected is talking about any type of lawsuit. >> reporter: city leaders in east palo alto say so far facebook has been responsive and -- responsive and cooperative and has been listening to their concerns no one from facebook returned our calls for comment. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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san francisco police are in their service teenth hour of a bizarre standoff -- are in their 17 hour in a bizarre standoff. >> reporter: this is a bizarre case. police have managed in the past half hour, 45 minutes to reestablish contact with this man who describes himself as dan but they haven't been able to get him out university -- him out of the bushes. we can show you coit tower, over to the right the apartment complex where this began that is the one that was burglarized last night about 6:00. take a look at a camera shot that can give you an idea how steep this cliff is. the suspect is in the middle, somewhere of all that. the police have not yet coaxed
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him out. pictures from the roof of the build ago tkros the street. police know where he is because they've used thermal imaging but they haven't seen his face. 6:00 last night man caught burglarizing an apartment, ran down the cliff, police did talk to him he shouted out he was not hurt and asked them to turn out the light. this morning a negotiator reestablished contact with this man calling himself dan. >> he's requesting that we leave. he won't tell us whether or what kind of position he's in whether he's in a precarious or stable position up there. he keeps telling us, he's not going to talk to us, but he does keep answering our questions whether he wants us to help him or not. >> reporter: we have an idea what dan looks like. the manager of the apartment spotted him. white man, 5'7, 170 pounds.
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he had two bags with him, one black, one white, no idea of the contents of the bag. no reason to think he is armed. we are told he stole jewelry from that apartment. there have been a series of burglaries in this area over the past few weeks and months. police are wondering if it is possible he might be responsible for some or all of those. right now they want him off of this cliff and talk to the man calling himself dan and see if he is okay and find out what his connection is totenberg last night. terry mcsweeney, -- to the burglary last night. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. investigators trying to figure out what caused a truck fire in front of the new facebook headquarter earth this morning. traffic was snarled as crews hosed down flames coming from a lawn truck loaded with towels. the driver pulled obvious at willow road and highway 84 intersection because he
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smelled smoke. -- traffic is back to normal. fire investigators in petaluma are examining a suspicious fire that destroyed three big rigs overnight. the fire started 2:15 this morning at a fedex facility on north mcdowell. all three trucks burned in the middle of an end closed warehouse, 10 feet from a diesel tank. firefighters managed to put the fire out before it spread. no word on any injuries. just ahead, some monkey business? new questions being raised about the person who claims to have found the monkey stolen from the san francisco zoo. will kim kardashian convince you? how a california group is using her words again her in its ad campaign to tax the rich. a lot of patients are using toothpaste to clean their dentures.
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right now that wrecking ball in san bruno has started swinging. it is going to be knocking down the old county jail. it is the last official act of the outgoing san francisco sheriff mike -- mike hennessey. supervisor rooney takes over that post sunday. the man suspected in a string of los angeles arson attacks is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. he's accused of setting more than 50 fires in the
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los angeles area over the new year's weekend. german prosecutors say 24-year-old harry burkhart is under investigation in his homeland for a 2011 house fire. authorities believe he was angry over his mother's pending deportation case. san francisco police are asking the city zoo to hold off on giving reward money for the return of a stolen monkey. the case involves banana sam. the 17-year-old squirrel monkey was taken thursday night. saturday, a man called police saying he found the monkey in stern grove in san francisco and coaxed him into a backpack. zookeepers say it is doubtful that a squirrel monkey would get into a backpack without being forced. reality tv star kim kardashian is starve a video
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she never intended to be in. one -- within promoting taxing the 1% -- one promoting taxing the 1%. >> a group called the courage campaign using clips of kardashian enjoying the good live to push for an initiative on the november ballot to raise taxes on the wealthiest californians. she said, "being on tv has changed my life because you can get lots of free stuff." she made 12 million dollars last year and paid 1% more in state income taxes than someone making $47,000 a year. something to think rain, snow, is it on the way? could it be two weeks away? possibly. we'll talk about that in the forecast. look how sunny it is outside, record highs are possible i'll show you the cities i think will make.
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the public proposal goes foul. the rejection at a college basketball game that had nothing to do with the action on the court. >> critical interact -- preschoolers are not getting enough of in daycare. you can seeededed
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this next story could give love birds a reason to reconsider any kind of public marriage proposal. the most memorable rejection at a ucla basketball game this season happened in the stands. watch what happened. >> wow. that was ucla's mistletoe cam
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december 23rd. this video surfaced on youtube. when players were asked what happened their responses were . one saying cold. another saying tough break. -- >> really tough break. >> how did the ring look? awful. poor thing. >> that hearts -- that hurts=gk. >> everybody is feeling pain can fix that and talk about warm weather. if you haven't been out, we are living through history record highs will be set again. yesterday santa rosa, concord and live more either set or tied record highs with the gorgeous sunshine from west to east as we look northbound fromsr9y mount sue toe you can e can see sun has unlimited ability to warm us no winds to push the air out in -- not a
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spare the air day. the fastest wind east 20 miles per hour gusting around half moon bay everybody else calm to five miles per hour localized wind pushed the temperature in half moon bay into 64° the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s where our highs should be for this time of year still have 2 1/2, 3 hours of warming left upper 50s to low 60s around the monterey and inland sunny, warmer record setting temperatures today clear early tonight patchy fog possible late tomorrow morning localized like this morning not only the next seven days dry possibly the next two weeks. models say this day two weeks from now may be our next best chance for rain. concord could tie a record again. napa and santa rosa could set record highs. close in oakland, 3°, san francisco not close that
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67 is impressive, san jose 64, the record 66. richmond at 60 half moon bay 61, 62 san rafael and vallejo everybody else mid to upper 60s warmest around the monterey bay and inland mid 60s to low 70s around watsonville and salinas. three days into 2012 and three record highs in tahoe this at could be the fourth. mid to upper 60s chico, sacramento, big sur. 30s mainly in the north bay valleys tonight the rest of us in the 40s, the same picture, semipermanent high over the western united states, eastern pacific, strong ridge pushing all of our systems to the north that's why our rainfall is pathetic, very bad, 29% santa rosa and san jose, 35 to 37% in san francisco and oakland percentage of what we should normally have.
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we are 60% below average in many areas. where is the rain? not in forecast, cloudiness about the only thing that will change over the next couple of days and slightly cooler towards thursday andçxyóz frida. >> when it happens it is really going to come down, right? >> i hope so. >> thanks mike. listen to this more u.s. women are having twins these days. the reason? older moms and fertility treatments according to a new government report out today. today 1 in 30 babies born in the u.s. is a twin. an astounding increase over the twin rate from three decades ago in 1980 only 1 in every 53 babies were a twin. preschoolers are not getting enough play time outdoors. researchers looked at kids 3 to 5 in childcare centers most got 15 minutes outside.
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coming up this afternoon, a record breaking holiday season for smartphone apps some of the hottest downloads.
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that and more today at 4:00 and 5:00. hoping for a storm. martin luther king in 10 days. >> looks like it will be after that. our forecast is so dry temperatures slicely cooler thursday and friday before a resurgence of warmth saturday and sunday. >> we'll have to enjoy it. >> we'll just have to enjoy the sun. >> thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is next. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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