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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  January 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and police are saying from either novato or petaluma. police say there is a long criminal history. >> during this residential burglary we believe the resident of the housmannaged to shoot the suspect. the suspect returned fire, shooting the resident one time. >> and. >> he lived in a unit below leoni. she heard two big bangs and ran upstairs to see what is going on. >> i looked at the front door and i saw a chair trying to block the entrance. i got it. i knew something is wrong here and i need to get out of there. >> and both the 90-year-old and suspect are in stable condition. they were both taken to marin
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general hospital. and according to police, we're told that the victim and the suspect did not know each other. this is random. a lot of people are asking how is it that a 90-year-old man manages to confront a burglar. we're told that he is incredibly fit, very agile and he was able to confront the suspect. >> what a story. thank you. >> and in the south bay, four men were arrested this morning accused of possessing child pornography. some victims as young as five years old. the suspects detained a 48-year-old man, a 29-year-old, a 50-year-old, mark ford and a 25-year-old keith curber, investigators have been following their activities for weeks. the internet crimes against children task force used a mobile lab to go to the homes and search their computers and portable hard drives in
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minutes. that is something that wrused to take months. >> and there is in many situations we might have expected the suspect had child porn. now, we can do it in a day. >> experts say they typically use peer to peer sharing service autos it's a story of a burglary went bad. plunge down the cliff or give up to san francisco police. we're live where the wait continues. wayne? >> who thought would it go on this long? a manhunt has become a man wait. take a look up the hill that. is part of telegraph hill. up there in the brush is a suspect. we think there is a suspect. and this became clear what
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began as a burglary became an ordeal. cue officer was flashlights and other was flood lights and somewhere up there, a suspect says his name is dan whork declined to emerge from his hiding place. >> we want to be here if he asks for help we're going to give him assistance if he needs. if he doesn't ask for help there is officers around here that will greet him when he comes down. >> down from the steep thick ys et filled with black berry bushes and thorns and a slippery slope in the literal sense, despite fire trucks, spotters on roofs he's been mobile and stealthy like an urban rambo. >> i think he's someone in the middle of the thicket over here. >> we can't pinpoint him. we've been told they hear us better than they can hear him. so that would lead to us believe we're closer to him.
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and police pulled back a bit figuring a pursuit might be more dangerous than it's worth he will come down, help or no help. >> key word is help? >> yes. it's heart felt. not just a key word. we don't want anyone to hurt themselves. if he calls for help there is a fire department and police department here to, help him. >> and now, you're looking again at that hillside. we presume dan is still in hiding. one of the ways police say they intend to shep with fingerprints and they'd like to see if the prints match. that is the latest, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you. and to politics now. there have been shake ups in the republican race for
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president a day after the finish. it still isn't clear who has the upper hand but one front runner landed a major endorsement today and another candidate dropped out. on the political clock, iowa is ancient history n new hampshire, mitt romney won the support of a former arch rival. >> new hampshire will catapult him on to victory. that is why i'm here. >> senator john mccain won that state primary four years ago and beat romney in a bruising fight. now, he hopes to start rolling during a win over rick santorum. santorum isn't promising to make that road rough. >> i did say i was going to reassess last night. i reassessed and we're headed to new hampshire and then, south carolina. >> pick per -- rick perry wants another shot.
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fourth place newt gingrich is on the attack. >> governor romney is a moderate massachusetts republican to the left of the vast majority of republican autos he's a favorite to win in new hampshire next tuesday. >> i think we can get more than a vote margin, i'm going to try. >> ron paul is also heading to new hampshire but michelle bachmann is not. she plunged to sixth place after winning the summer's straw poll. >> i have decided to stand aside. >> others still aiming for president obama's job, appearing ready to aim at each other, first. >> longer primary season goes on, tougher it is for the republican autos one candidate is not impressed with the mccain endorsement. john huntsman skipped iowa to focus on new hampshire. shrugging off the news and says nobody cares. >> and president obama made an announcement today that is certain to infuriate the
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g.o.p.. the president denounced appointment of richard corebray. the appointment had been blocked to senate republicans objecting to the lack of congressional oversight. mr. obama made the move while congress was on recess. republicans promise a court fight. and he will crack down on abusive mortgage servicer autos to do everything we can to prevent financial crisis like the ones we've been through from ever happening again. that starts with letting richard do his job. >> today the president also made three recess appointments to the national labor relations board. >> san jose mayor reed wants to see a compromise preached -- reached on the number of pot club that's can operate. the city council voted to reduce the number to 10.
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critics collected 49,000 signatures to repeal the law within a month. and our media parter reports reed says he'll consider at least 45 clubs to compromise with advocates. >> and demolition is finally underway on a detention facility that is as old as alcatras. >> this is is modern at the time, and archaic now. >> the outgoing sheriff christening a wracking -- wrecking ball that began tearing down portions of the jail in san bruno this morning. he vowed to shut it down 40 years ago. today, explaining what took so long. >> money. jail construction costs a lot and jail destruction costs a lot. we had to put money aside from
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a litigation that the city won. >> it was the sheriff's last official act in office. supervisor mercurini will be the new sheriff in town on monday. there is a nice ring to it when you say i'm the new sheriff in town, here. >> let's get the first check of the forecast. >> and there is sheriff in charge of warmth today. two record highs today. i'll show you numbers later. and let me give you a look at what is coming our way. this evening, we can expect partly cloudy skies. there is a fi high clouds, temperatures from low 50s to low 60s and temperatures dropping and chilly in spots. in the morning we'll see high, thin clouds around and sunny skies temperatures ranging from 36 to about 48 into very early hours, then, tomorrow afternoon, mild and sunny skies. and there is a little bit less
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mild than today. highs from 60s at the coast to mid to upper 60s inland. i'll give you a look at longer range view of the weather for seven days later. >> and yahoo named a new ceo. some doubt he's right for the job. a report on that and more ahead. >> and a winter freeze griping the east coast as far as florida. why it could mean higher prices in grocery store autos and michael finney is taking your questions through his facebook and twitter pages and will answer them here, live later. you can contact him on twitter, facebook. >> checking traffic as 4:10 p.m. it's wednesday now. so the traffic is back to normal after the holidays. we had days of relief. you can see there is he eastbound traffic that is going from left to right on the screen is bottled up. and right side, southbound
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checking healthy living news preschoolers need to get more outdoor exercise that. is a finding of a study examining how children spend time in day care settings, finding there is only 1% to 2% engaged in running and skipping. pediatric experts believe they should get perfect an hour and a half to two hours per day that have kind of play. many day care centers focus on classroom learning instead of outdoor play. the research appears in journal pediatric autos if losing weight is your res you solution a group of experts
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ranked several popular diets. the dash tops the list of the die yismts the tlc, therapeutic life style changes diet came in second. and then, three diets tied for third. and research finds babies needing liver transplants do better when receiving a liver graft from their mother instead of father. doctors reviewed liver transplants performed in the united states and found the failure rate from maternal transplants just above 3.5% and more than 10% from paternal transplants. researchers believe maternal cells might lower the rejection rate. >> shares of net flix surged today after it reported that it's users logged billions of
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hours in viewing time. and first, latest on yahoo and details about the new ceo. >> this his name is scott thompson, until now was the president of pay pal. he's got the daunting task of trying to save yahoo as the new ceo. he is credited with doubling pay pal users and helping the kch expand into international markets. still what he doesn't have is media content or advertising experience cue keys to reviving yahoo. now in terms of leadership style he may be the opposite of ousted former ceo, known for her brash personality, and swearing in public on occasion. and thompson is more polite. so big is does a guy who knows payments have what it takes to
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turn around a company with a major content problem? a lot of analysts are skeptical. everyone seems to agree he has work cut out for him. and there is another big story coming from cable companies. the deal will give subscribers access to disney products and it's a mega-sized 0-year deal. disney may receive up to $25 billion for espn programming alone. both sides made the deal to avoid fee zuts that could interrupt service. companies say this is the first time the customers will be able to watch espn, disney and abc shows live or on demand on multiple screens. taking a look at numbers today, shocks -- stocks flat. positive auto sales pushing stocks up and concerns out of europe dampened those gains.
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can and ee. yaib is a big loser, down almost% on news mentioned about scott thompson move ng on to yahoo. pay pal is owned by ebay. take a look at shares of net flix up more than 11%. the company reporting users watched two billion hours of content from october to december. way more than analysts expected. he net flix is expanding streaming libraries creating content with new shows set to debut in february and is trying to commission exclusive content that competes with premium channels like hbo. >> and winter arrived in some parts of the country. it could mean higher prices at the grocery store. there is more on that from new
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york. >> january 1 it's looking like january 4th. after a warm december, this felt like a surprise. two feet of snow and a storm as far as north carolina. >> this is unreal. today, i'm here and it's freezing. >> winter's first real broadcast tumbled deep into florida farmers scrambled and freezing temperatures could threaten the billion dollar industry and could push orange juice prices higher. >> this is going to be i shock. >> a brief cold snap might have an upside... >> a little bit of cold makes fruit taste sweeter. >> and that tastes good n new york we woke up to wind chills at zero. in new hampshire, negative 36.
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tomorrow, east coast welcomes a warm front. >> we won't feel temperatures they enjoyed by morning yesterday in southern california. >> i've got a sister in virginia digging cars out and i've got aunts in chicago, same thing. >> as far as times square, the forecast calls for temperatures into low 50s by weekend. spring like temperatures we haven't felt since last weekend. >> and that is one thing we don't have to worry about is cold weerj this is remarkable. and any records today? >> yes and there are two recognized here in oakland and profit field. temperatures 69 degrees. we have higher readings that were not records in other parts of the bay area there, is a live view right now from our camera. and looking at western sky, this is a gorgeous presunset sky. sunset at 5:04 p.m.
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and let's take a look at mild conditions this afternoon including two record highs for this date. and both records from the date and we had 70 in clover dale and half moon bay and santa cruz, numerous mid to upper 60s. this is quite a warm day in the warmth continues to hold on now. and we've got temperatures at this hour into mid-60s across most of the bay area. so the warmth will be slow to recede tonight. high clouds tonight, mild tomorrow. but not quite as today. cooling down friday. sharply, i might add. temperatures will rebound this weekend. now, the satellite shows that big ridge of high pressure still controlling factor in weather. there is no rain for us as jet stream is flowing well north so any disturbances will be moving away from the bay area for the for seeable future, low temperatures on the chilly side in spots.
4:21 pm
assuming clouds dissipate. we'll see lows dropping to mid-30s. and upper 30s in vallejo. and low 40s over most of the remainder of the bay area. and there is another mild day. goitsing to feel unjanuary-like. highs into mid-60s in cloverdale and low 60s around the bay. 65 in san jose. farther south, we'll see highs into mid to upper 60s near monterey bay. there is the accu-weather forecast. it becomes breezy. more clouds friday. and cooler, highs up to 62 degrees. and there is how it warms up again over the weekend. we have dry, mild pattern coming back at us and no rain is in sight. >> not a drop of it. >> just clouds going by. >> and entertainment news now.
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mariah carey's husband spending the week in the hospital. >> chris bailish has that and more from los angeles. >> singer mariah carey is asking fans for prayers. her husband is in the hospital with mild kidney failure, on her web site she showed the two snuggled up in a colorado hospital bed. they're on vacation in aspen. she writes it's a serious moment that is very tough on all of us. and remember alec baldwin's airline indus dent? it caused a new york grocery store chaing to yank commercials that feature the actor. it received hundreds of tweets and phone calls in support of the actor. abc's new comedy "work it" premiered last night. we got a peek of what things are like on set. it's about two unemployed friends who land sales jobs by
4:23 pm
dressing up as women. the actors say it taught them a lot. >> heels, i understand now. it's really, they do it for us. so thank you. you guys are angels. and watch the guys work it tuesday nights on abc. as far as tonight brand new episodes on abc including revenge at 10:00. >> and a brutal start to the new year, hundreds of bees inside vaid a family home. measures to get their house back. >> and american down loaded a record number of apps for smart phones. and how that is creating fierce competition in silicon valley. >> then at 5:00 keeping up with kardashians, proponents of an initiative to tax the rich explain why most californians just can't compete. >> and there is traffic
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flowing nicely in both directions. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues. so, this is delicious
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a family had to call in an expert to eliminate tens of thousands of bees that built their hive in a ceiling of a house near miami. a specialist believes they might have been there as long as eight month autos 90,000 bees. >> it's pretty dangerous. >> it is. in the backyard, you get stung they mark you and release a pheromone. then, the rest of the hive
4:27 pm
will come in, sting you 90,000 bees. no one was stung. the family returned home after that hive was removed. >> this is going to be big. there is a new world champion crowned in las vegas this week. there is world series of beer pong. thousands of teams will compete for more than $65,000 in prizes. if you're not familiar, players aim to throw balls into cups of beer on their opponents side of the table. and it's ferocious competition. and this looks like something out of a from a ternity. >> a lawsuit looming for facebook. one city might sue the giant over its new head quarter autos and a man suspected of setting fires in l.a. finds himself in trouble at home in europe. >> and there is another lovely
4:28 pm
day. the forecast is coming up. f f f
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i'm laura, and this is my cvs. i just transferred a prescription to cvs, because they have care 1 on 1. that's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me, about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that! get care 1 on 1, only at cvs pharmacy. we accept express scripts and 5,000 other insurance plans. ♪ i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. a potentially explosive lawsuit sur faus fased over facebook's expansion. the company just moved into former sun micro systems buildings and one neighbor is
4:31 pm
not happy about that. the concern is the number of people and cars. the main campus slated to hold 6600 employees and there are plans for another compound just to the west that could house another 2800 workers. we're live now with east palo alto's beef in this situation. >> right. facebook moved on to the former sun micro systems campus behind me. which, under the rules limits number of employees to 3600. we know facebook has bigger goals for the future. facebook's expansion plans have nearby businesses friending the company. >> this means more potential for the businesses around here. >> the growth has east palo alto concerned. they're worried about traffic. housing impact and air quality. the city attorney says a lawsuit is one option.
4:32 pm
>> this is potential litigation. and it is potential, something that not pending. meaning nothing has been filed yet. >> and facebook says it's a responsible neighbor and says we're in close communication with officials and we're confident that we're building a strong relationship. and menlo park says an impact report is part of the process. traffic mitigation is a huge factor. >> they would be required to meet under this eir. >> the company wants 6600 employees but says it would limit the number of vehicles to 2600 and east palo alto officials say any mention of a lawsuit is overblown. >> no one i can say today no, one said that the city, at
4:33 pm
least our city is planning to sue anyone. this should be handled in a clab bra tiff fashion. >> east palo alto does have a session scheduled for tomorrow to talk about options which does include that extreme possibility of a lawsuit. >> and a different fight between neighbors is brewing tonight in san francisco. a restaurant that was the scene of a serious fight. and a lot of neighbors don't like it. and we're live now with the showdown. >> for years now this jack in the box has been open 24-7. it's a hang out after the bars close at 2:00 a.m. it's on gehry boulevard on the corner are homes. some neighbors, yes, they're trying to restrict hours of this jack in the box.
4:34 pm
they say restaurant is a magnet for crime in the early morning hours. and are pointing to that altercation inside of the restaurant that exskal yaited outside that turned into a hit and gun. and the fire fighter remains in critical condition in a coma. that is enough for these neighbors. >> we need to close this jack in the box between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. to make sure that neighbors have a chance for piece and quiet at night. >> and david lee started an online petition urging jack in the box to cut operations between those hours, it's had owe do that since the tragedy and neighbors say things have been more calm, more peaceful, more safe but here is a
4:35 pm
spokesman he hired a security gaird, trimmeddor grown landscape, installing exterior lighting. so now, this showdown goes between the city entertainment commission that is going to happen next tuesday, night at 6:00 we'll hear from the executive director and district supervisors about what they think should be the fate of this jack in the box. >> and the chan charged with setting fire as cross the los angeles area is on suicide watch. prosecutors filed 37 counts of arson against him and more charges could be coming soon. german prosecutors say he is
4:36 pm
already investigation in his homeland for a house fire in 2011. authorities believe his l.a. rampage taking place over new year's weekend started because he was angry or his mother's pending deportation case. >> city that's could be part of the next wave of a growing ban on plastic shopping bag autos why you have time to file income taxes this year. announcement today by the irs. >> and michael finney taking your questions and will answer them live later, you can reach him at, on twitter and on p. >> 4:36. this is our camera looking at 80. bumper to bumper for everybody heading towards berkeley. better for those heading towards the city on the righthand side of the screen spencer christian back with a look at the national outlook. >> green lights mean go. and air traffic is on the go
4:37 pm
and there is nothing but green lights and no reports of delays. and there is some interesting changes coming up. a sharp down turn in temperatures. i'll tell but that in the accu-weather forecast as abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today. a lot of communities talking about. cities working to come up with one uniform plastic bag ban.
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and they're drafting an ordinance together. the goal to have it adopted by most city that's would ban retail businesses from providing bags. shoppers would have to buy paper bags. restaurants could be exempt. and the group will meet on january 18th. >> a volunteer organization took control of the alameda animal shelter, instead of agreeing to give $300 annually to run the facility. and in turn it will take over maintenance for the building including licensing animals. >> this is an expansion of adoption services. we're going to be starting mobile adoptions where we'll have animals out in ala media. so people can come visit them, hopefully arks dopt them.
4:41 pm
>> the shelter will be open on weekends and every wednesday night. two abl animal control officers will continue to be employed by the city. >> the irs is giving taxpayer twoz extra days to get income taxes turned in. it is usually april 15th but they said it's pushing back the deadline to tuesday, april 17th. that is because april 15th falls on a sunday, monday is emancipation day, a holiday in washington, d.c.. if you can't wait to file, maybe there is money coming back irs will begin accepting returns january 17th. >> and it's been a record breaking holiday season for smart phone apps. coming up next hottest down loads and why it's become a new gold rush. >> and ebay's refund policy coming under fire. did the company force a buyer to smash an antique violin just to get his money back? so, this is delicious
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fiber one. a record breaking 1.3 billion apps were down load christmas week. it's a mother load of gold for those developers in silicon valley. and there is this gold rush. >> first we had dot com
4:45 pm
millionaires. now, app developers have the same opportunity. many apps sell for just 99 cents. no one knows how many developers work in silicon valley but it's in the thousands. michael burkes is working on an app playing music on an ipad. >> and you can make a good living if you hit the killer app. it's tricky. and not easy to do. >> there are now hundreds of thousands of apps available. only a handful are killer apps. many focus on learning and sharing information. the demand is now global. >> a lot of companies have bypassed web and gone straight to smart phone for communications and access to information and web. and now, apps. >> tim has a dozen apps in the app store and is working on
4:46 pm
several new ones. >> i think the sense that it's a gold rush has passed. and so many problems in the world waiting to be solved with apps. >> competition is getting fierce it's getting more competitive. over 500,000 apps in the store and this is a challenge but there is a lot of opportunity. >> this start up veteran would like to see young developers could do their own start ups. >> i would love to hire testimony. -- them, i hope to the go try to build something. they're going to learn more about what the phone means to changing our lives. and would love to fire them then, too. >> jerls say they doend don't mind the possibility guesting rich but most say they're just looking to help solve needs.
4:47 pm
>> and just ahead, cot next generation of mars rovers be powered by bacteria? research going on now. >> and i'm michael finney. i'll answer your consumer questions coming up next. ar.. >> and later at 5:00 aftermath of a local environmental clean up site that has more contaminants then when the project first started. 8t8t8t8t8p
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4:50 pm
>> just a gorgeous sunset now. you're looking across the bay here from east bay to the bay bridge that is gorgeous sunset that is underway just head of you. golden gate bridge to the right of the screen. >> this is michael finney here
4:51 pm
now to answer qeez and view yirs concerned about photos and privacy issue autos this is a great issue. and there is paul v asked are there laws on companies that specialize in transfering old photos and real movies to dvd? no. they do not have rules and rules are that if if you're worried about ownership, as soon as you create something, it's copy write rited to you. in order to sue, you have to get paper work done. it's yours. you own it f you're worried about it ending up all over the internet and everyone seeing you fall and hit your head or whatever is happening that is a -- is another matter. the places that do direct copy chg is what you're talking about tend to have specific
4:52 pm
privacy policy that's are good and they protect you quite well. the kchs where you share your photographs tend to take away your rights. you need to read fine print owe you know what you're getting into. some take way more rights than others and all take way some. so check that out. ray k wants to know people smoke near our main gate. they, our customers from the neighborhood bar in downtown san francisco. and i asked them to keep 15 feet way but they get mad. your rights are correct. afeet away. they don't want them in the middle of the street. so 15 feet away or the curbf you have a problem you can call 311 and report them, they're not allowed to do that. and final question this, comes from job. i just returned pants to a
4:53 pm
store. the man insisted it was the law i provide a full address and phone number. is this true? no. this is not the law, they have not able to request the information unat the time you buy the item they could ask you personal questions. they're aroued to do that as long as they tell you in advance. a lot of retailers are tracking what returns things. and they have to tell us first. >> good to know. >> thank you. >> and there is a last check of the forecast. >> there is a case of serial warmth. coming our way here in the bay area and there is beautiful skies this afternoon. just wisps of sirrus moving
4:54 pm
through today. there is nice, mild conditions and it's anything but mild now in the northeastern corner. temperatures into 20s in boston and new york. 34 in washington. 32, fargo. 62 in miami. there is phoenix, 79 degrees and there is state wide here another mild day into the south. palm springs a high of 79. los angeles, 82. san diego, 756789 it's going to be mild again, we have record warmth in spots today. and there is no record warmth likely. temperatures into mid-60s. 65 san jose. 66 los gatos, looking for highs into low to mid-60s, up to 62 in redwood city. up to 60 in half moon bay, on the coast near san francisco,
4:55 pm
certainly near san francisco there. is a high of 60 to. there is 62 in san rafael. 65 santa rosa. 66 clover dale. near east bay highs, throw mid-60s. there is inland east bay mild again with highs into mid-60s. 66 in danville z there is 67 in livermore and in monterey bay this has been mildest spot all week long so far. there is 66 in watsonville. 68 salinas. 69 in hollister, but there will be changes at week's end. >> and this would have been unthinkable years ago but kodak appears to be headed towards bankruptcy. "wall street journal" reports they're preparing to file for bank rup sfi efforts to sell
4:56 pm
patents fail. the stock fell 18 cents to just 47 cents per share after the report emerged. the photographer pioneer admitted it could removed from the new york stock exchange the value fails to rise above a dollar. >> ebay is facing claimz that it made a buyer destroy a antique violin. he thought he he had purchased a french violin. he got it and doubted it's authenticity. the seller maintains it was real but says ebay forced the buyer to destroy the violin in order to get a refund. ebay says it's look foogt issue. and there is a fight against piracy ai. group dedicated to file sharing as a religion. the church of copy meism says
4:57 pm
file sharing is sacred and government eavesdropping is evil. to receive a special december nation the group needed to formalize the way of praying. members say they copy and share files with others. authorities maintain piracy of copy righted material is still illegal. u.s. navy just received cash from nasa to receive a new mars rover that will be fueled by bacteria. the current rover runs on electricity. and that will only fuel for one martian year. a scientist believes reproduction of bacteria will act as a natural battery charger extending useful life of the future rovers and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter, talk about it as well on the news at 5:00 continues
4:58 pm
right now with dan and cheryl. >> there is a march picking the wrong place to rob. the homeowner has a police badge and a gun. >> proponents of a proposal to tax the wealthy shows why you can't keep up with kardashians. >> a clean up of a hot spot that only made matters worse. >> good evening, i'm dan ash lie a shootout between a 90-year-old and an armed intruder in marin county sends both to the hospital. >> and police say the two shot each other during a scuffle in green brai. you can see from sky 7 paramedics tend together wounded 90-year-old. >> the victim's name is jay leoni. neighbors will tell you he's fit. still, it's amazing he was ainl to coon front this
4:59 pm
burglar who is only 30 years old. a suspected burglar shot after police say he broke into this home. the homeowner, a 90-year-old retired law enforcement agent was inside. and confronted the suspect, shooting him three times. >> during this, we believe the resident of the housmannaged to shoot suspect and the suspect returned fire. >> sarah rents the unit below leoni. she heard the scuffle and went to see what is going on. >> i looked at the front door perfect inside and i saw a sheriff trying to block the entrance. i knew something is wrong here and i need to get out. >> she called 169 police, too,


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