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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. >> reporter: good morning aim live in concord. reds say the bad smell is back. they say this is no way to live, they want it gone and they want answers. -- >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland a raid by police overnight has removed a symbol of the occupy oakland movement also removed several protesters and taken them to jail. the story coming up in a live report. new worries as the dry winter has calfire concerned enough to change its off-season staffing plans. good morning i'm mike nicco. another die forecast. one of our highlights. -- fog to talk about, very isolated dangerous waves on the way to our coast. i'm frances dinglasan.
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live shot of the bay bridge toll, a little back up, in the cash paying lanes new accident in san jose north 10 -- [ inaudible ] thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. residents are holding their noses in an east bay neighborhood near the former concord naval weapons station this is not the first time they are smelling the foul odor and they want answers. amy hollyfield is live in concord. this happened in november. is it the same source >> reporter: it looks that way. conoco phillips owns that pipeline and has said it has been doing work on the pipeline doing some excavating so the smell seems to be hitting residents when they move the dirt around. the smell is gone this morning, what is still here is a feeling of unease and a lot of questions from the people who live here. the residents are now being told that oil may have spread to private properties it may have migrateed under homes and
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land from the -- county haz-mat crews. residents say the smell has been unbearable. they received an automated call from conoco phillips, the recording explained the smell is coming from a nearby pipeline on the former concord naval weapons station. the crews have been doing some excavating looking for a pin hole leak. residents say when they move that dirt around they really notice it. >> i'm surprised it is back. i would have thought they would have figured it out the first time around. >> reporter: how bad was it? >> this time i don't notice it nearly as bad much worse the first time. >> i'm still dealing with the cough and the sinus infection and the headaches from the initial one. >> reporter: the first time was in november when the smell first surfaced, so awful then many stayed with friends, family or went to a hotel to seek a break from the smell. the bay area air quality
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management district issued a public nuisance violation to conoco phillips for the november smell that polluted the neighborhood. conoco phillips told us yesterday over the phone they are doing maintenance work and would get back to us. we are still waiting to hear back from the company. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is 6:03 now. a number of occupy protesters in oakland were hauled off to jail when police moved in to knock down their latest encampment. the arrest followed a dispute over a teepee. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland with the story. >> reporter: there are still 12 occupy oakland protesters out here right now. as you look behind me, most of them are in their sleeping bags, curled up on the steps of frank ogawa plaza. there were many more out here last night about 11:30 when police moved in. here's what it looked like. >> you have to leave or go to jail, this is our don't now.
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>> reporter: -- police say several were arrested, occupy people out here this morning are telling me 21 were arrested in a dispute over a teepee set up with the city's permission in late november. monday the city pulled that permit saying the occupy protesters were in violation of the agreement that they stored things in the teepee, they were serving food from the teepee and set up a table next to it. the city gave them notice monday and last night about 11:30 they moved in. i talked with one of the protesters out here this morning. he talked about the message of occupy oakland going forward. i don't speak for the whole occupy oakland i speak only for myself. i think we are starting to get out the point that the system is corrupt. and it is time that we change that. more and more people are starting to realize that this
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american dream that they live in is really an american nightmare. >> reporter: occupy oakland set up tents in october. police moved in a short time later and tore 'em down. a few days later occupy oakland up tends again in the middle of november police in again and tore them down. they received this permission to have the teepee up as a symbol of the movement. everything was fine until the city noticed there were problems with the permit regulations and they were in violation of them. going forward i am told that at 2:00 today, occupy oakland protesters plan to take over oakland city hall. we'll see what happens there. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. :05. this morning oakland police are investigating their first whom decide of the new year. a man in his -- homicide of the new year. a man in his 20s was shot before 9:00 last night.
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investigators say so far there is no suspect information and no known motive. >> a 90-year-old man and burglary suspect are both in stable condition as they recover from gunshot wounds. investigators say 90-year-old jay leone shot a 30-year-old burglary suspect three times after the man broke into his greenbrae home yesterday morning. the suspect also had a gun and shot the home owner in the cheek. leone is former law enforcement agent and ww ii vet. his roommate is not surprised. >> i was -- i was concerned about safety he said don't worry about it. i have a gun and i'm the best shooter. if somebody comes in, -- [ inaudible ] >> the suspect took off in a car called 911 himself. investigators say he claimed he needed a medic after
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shooting himself. he will face burglary and attempted murder charges. special san jose police unit has helped arrest four bay area men suspected of possessing child pornography. the internet crimes against children task force use a van with a forensics lab to search the suspects computers and portable hard drives. in minutes, a search that used to take months. they found videos containing images of preschool age children. >> these videos are not of 16, 17-year-old girls gone wild. these are children that are from three, four, 5-years-old engaged in sexual intercourse with adults. experts say suspects commonly use programs designed to illegally download music and movies to trade images and videos of child pornography. this morning calfire is increasing staffing and cancelling planned burn days
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because of concerns about increased fire danger due to our dry winter. over the last month there were an unusually high number of fires for a typical december when wildfire usually slows as the wet weather begins. a survey this week showed statewide water content is at 19% of normal. officials say the dry winter could mean er fire danger in the spring and sum -- mean greater fire danger in the spring and summer. >> when the winds pick up, you really see that danger shoot up. let's check in with mike. we don't have the wind, quiet. here are the winds right now. only about three miles per hour, calm in most areas. we have the dry vegetation. when the winds pick up, which they will tomorrow, especially in -- tomorrow is friday, tomorrow we could see a little bit high fire danger right now no red flag warnings or anything like that out, good
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morning. let's talk about the temperatures when you step outside. they are running in the mid to upper 30s north bay valley, fairfield, live more mountain view the rest of us low to mid 40s except antioch, oakland, san francisco upper 40s. most of the moisture passing to the north in the form of high level clouds. we may see a few. what it is doing for us, not bringing us any rain, as issue. but it going to push that air mass that warm record setting air mass away us. while it will still be mild today i don't think we'll set any record highs. low to mid 60s, possibly 67 livermore. with the big waves tonight and tomorrow comes breezy conditions watch out for that especially over open bodies of water dry through wednesday. good morning. new injury crash in san jose. we'll see if this causes a slow down. it is in the center divide. usually when they request
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emergency crews with flashing lights it tends to slow things down north 101 capital expressway, lanes blocked some slowing. north 101 approaching 880 stall reported in that stretch. we'll show what 101 looks like right now at the 880 interchange flowing well santa clara, sunnyvale and towards the peninsula. >> 6:10. >> the problem that plagued two cities as the bay area rang in the new year. plus, got milk? the specific type that is suddenly nearly impossible to find at stores. dinner? candles?
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>> 6:14. pg&e says it will conduct a widespread inspection of powerlines in daly following a fire that burned a utility pole tuesday night. there have been three power outages in the last month. crews will search for weaknesses in all of the powerlines. this morning we are getting our first reports of how much gunfire two peninsula cities had to deal with on new year's eve. east palo alto and redwood city say their shot spotter technology reported at least
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170 gunshots on new year's. police showed us the technology last year -- last week and warned officers would be out to track down anyone who celebrated by firing guns into the air. despite that nobody was arrested for gunfire during the weekend. police say they responded to dozens of calls, but never found any suspects. president obama is set to announce a summer jobs plan today for teenagers. the white house says it has received commitments from the private sector for nearly 180,000 opportunities for next summer. many of the positions will be unpaid training opportunities. the president says with young people facing record unemployment, the government must do everything it can to make sure they have a chance to learn skills and a good work ethic. buyers beware nationwide shortage of organic milk. everyone can expect to pay more for it. the cost of organic grain and
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hay rising, dairy farmers are feeding cows less, resulting in lower milk producing -- production while demand is growing. price rise by as much as 10% in the upcoming weeks. some stores in the bay area posting signs notifying shoppers of the short supply. we know what is in short supply in terms of the weather. >> a lot of rain and snow needed because we are out of it right now. we just done have it in the forecast. we are a day closer and a day closer, doesn't mean much lately especially when the best chance rains are a couple weeks away let's talk about something more positive. over the last hour or so, most of the fog gone. visibilities improving, beautiful picture from vollmer peak looking west across the bay looks very still, when you look at the reflection. temperatures with the clear air and the calmer air it is
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cooler in a few areas like mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys, livermore, money -- mountain view, redwood city, los gatos. most of news the low to mid 40s if i didn't mention your neighborhood the exception, san francisco 48. mid 40s around the monterey bay inland to salinas, 38 gilroy. three things about this forecast, mostly sunny, mild today but probably not a record setter like yesterday, dangerous surf kicks up today and hangs through tomorrow, slightly cooler today, tomorrow, saturday another warming trend may threaten a few highs sunday and monday. high clouds and sun today and low to mid 60s in most neighborhoods, livermore could touch 67 for the warm spot, richmond, san francisco and half moon bay around 60. down to the monterey bay 62 for the cool spot, mid 60s for the rest of the bay, as you head inland, mid to upper 60s.
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tonight, a few more clouds around, not as much fog. temperatures running in the mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys, east bay valleys could hit 40 in san rafael. upper 30s freemont and palo alto, low to mid 40s for the rest of us. cold front weakening and falling apart as it moves across our neighborhoods. it is pushing the warmth away from us. as we look upstream, several systems, well to our north once again. it is going to be breezy tomorrow with the big sur of, -- big surfing swells 13 to 16 feet from 6:00 this mo -- this evening from noon to tomorrow. have a great day. good morning. we take you back to san jose north 101 capital injury accident it is in the center
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divide no lanes blocked. traffic still moving along at 66 miles an hour. slowest spots are westbound 580 right now moving at around 40 miles an hour through the altamont pass into live more. the heaviest is in antioch westbound 4, lone tree to somersville 10 miles an hour. mass transit reporting no delays. outside live shot of the bay bridge toll nice and light, just minor wait for a few of the -- of the cash paying lanes. if you are heading towards the golden gate bridge shortly, this is what expect light traffic, no fog, no problems out of marin county so far. he san mateo bridge has been fine all -- the san mateo bridge has been fine all morning westbound out of hey word great, eastbound -- find out of the foster city no problems 880 from oakland towards milpitas and san jose. now 6:19.
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>> the new language the iphone siri will be speaking this year >> and the new numbers that could give netflix a reason to say, we told you so. h@h@atatatat beth!
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apple is putting its new iphone 4s on the world map. 22 countries will get the latest iphone china with an
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estimated one billion cell phone users will get the device january 13th. apple says sometime this year the 4s will come equipped with a mandarin-speaking siri that takes verbal questions and commands and carries them out or gives you answerses. netflix -- says thousands of customer cancellations over recent price hikes the company must be doing something right, the company says its 20 million members stream more than two billion hours of old tv shows and movies in the last three months. some analysts say the numbers may help vindicate the company's decision to split the streaming and mail order services and phase out its dvd by mail business. news reports out of your guy say -- [ unintelligible ]
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reports say they ban pets because some guests were allergic. everything was scrubbed with special chemicals all old furniture replaced with new and eight servants and security guards were hired. marching a different direction. the speech president obama will give today that could change america's military strategy forever. a curious update to a bizarre hillside standoff in san francisco. >> reporter: there's been another raid by police and more arrests of occupy oakland protesters. this one had nothing to do with tents. it had to do with a teepee. the story coming up in a live report. good news if you are traveling by air, all major airports and all regional airports in california on time. check out our flight tracker,
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good morning. you are looking live at wall street seconds from the opening bell to mark the open of the trading day. the labor department released weekly jobs report last hour. the number of people filing for jobless benefits fell by
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15,000. in the final week of 201011. -- 2011. that is the opening bell. that rate could mean the job market is getting stronger. we'll find out how it is affecting early trading when we go live to the new york stock exchange coming up in 15 minutes. new skirmish between police and ouch protesters overnight. some -- and occupy protesters overnight. some remain after police in riot gear swept in last night to remove a symbolic teepee and make arrests. terry mcsweeney is there live. >> reporter: oakland police say several protesters were arrested last night, occupy oakland people tell me more than 20 were arrested during the raid at 11:30 last night. protesters who remain out here chose the option to leave rather than be arrested. this is what it looked like.
6:31 am
here's some video. >> you got to leave here or go to jail this is our zone right now. >> reporter: video provided to us by a photographer with occupy oakland. all of this because of a teepee set up by occupy oakland protesters in late november with a permit from the city of oakland. over the past few weeks the city says there have been violations of the agreement the protesters have been serving food out of tent, storing things in that teepee i should say and storing things in the teepee they set up an informational table outside the permit area. last night police moved in, arrested several, at least and remove the teepee. i asked one of the protesters this morning what is the significance of that teepee? >> it is a place to elope with eternity. that kind of thing. representation of the spiritual conundrum of
6:32 am
everyone, which is to be alive and to know when we'll die, perhaps. >> reporter: the occupy situation began back in october when a number of tents, dozens of tents up in frank ogawa plaza. police moved in and removed them. a few days later they went back up. middle of november police removed them. that lead to the agreement for the symbolic teepee which has now been removed. as far as what is going to be happening next, according to protesters i talked to this morning, 2:00 this afternoon, occupy oakland protesters plan to occupy oakland city hall. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. it has been more than 30 hours and as far as we know, a burglary suspect is still somewhere on telegraph hill in san francisco. police pulled officers away from the hill last night. they decided it was too risky for officers and the suspect to try to arrest him on the
6:33 am
steep hillside. the suspect who calls himself dan ran on to the hill tuesday night after an unsuccessful home burglary. officers have been driving patrols past the area to try to make contact. fresh from his advisingly in iowa, rick santorum is basing -- facing new criticism as -- this morning. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the latest from the campaign trail. newt gingrich making news as well. >> reporter: yes newt gingrich always famously subscribing to the ronald reagan philosophy of never speak ill of another republican, it seems his campaign is going in another direction. he's going after mitt romney. romney is hoping to widen his lead over rick santorum who he beat in iowa by eight votes. santorum since tuesday has raised almost one million dollars in campaign money. >> governor romney is a
6:34 am
moderate massachusetts republican to the left of the vast majority of republicans. >> you would think we could get more than an eight vote margin here in new hampshire, i'm going to try. >> reporter: santorum does have demons to face. some republicans say he was heavy-landed in his use of earmarks in spending bill -- heavy handed, in his use of earmarks in spending bills in congress he said he was trying to return money to pennsylvania. jon huntsman did not campaign in iowa, next week is his first test he says he can smell success there the gop candidates are going to debate in new hampshire this saturday you can see it live on abc7 starting at 6 p.m.. this morning jon huntsman and rick santorum are campaigning at rot clubs, mitt romney at s and boys club moving on to -- rotary clubs, mitt romney --
6:35 am
less than two hours from now the president will outline new policies that could permanently change the united states' military. 7:50 this morning president obama will give a speech at the pentagon outlying line -- outlining a radical change army will drop below half a million soldiers part of a 450 billion dollar cut from the pentagon's budget. the new plan indicates the administration will put a bigger emphasis on creating weapons and developing tactics to deal with threats from china. the new focus will mean the u.s. military will only be capable of dealing with one major conflict at any given time rather than two. in youtube, -- in utah, a shootout has left a police officer dead and five injured. anti-drug police tried to serve a search warrant in ogden neighborhood, 40 miles
6:36 am
north of salt lake city. officers have injuries ranging from serious to critical. the shooter is being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. this afternoon, east palo alto officials will consider the possibility of filing a lawsuit against menlo park based facebook over the company's expansion plans. facebook took over the buildings and has plans to accommodate 10,000 employees on two campuses. east palo alto city officials are worried that facebook employees will move in and displace the current people who live there. they are also concerned about increased traffic and reduced air quality. the council will be briefed on the potential lawsuit in a closed door meeting at 12:30 today. it is easy to like the record temperatures we've been getting. we really need the rain. >> mike i'm willing to hold a sign that says will rain for food or anything like that, if it will help. >> how about you dance for
6:37 am
rain. >> sorry, there are places we cannot go. >> too bad one place you might not want to go 6:00 tonight through noon tomorrow, the coast. 13 to 16 foot waves strong rip currents, northwest facing beach cost see a little erosion. most of our waves -- around 10, 12, 11 feet. please be careful there. let's talk about what is going to happen as far as going around this morning, improvement in our sky everybody almost with unlimited visibility this morning. the fog almost gone. winds fairly light only three miles per hour to calm. temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s where we will stay through the 8:00 hour. as we head towards noon temperatures hit mid 50s to near 60 by 4:00, we'll top out in the low to mid 60s. record highs less likely today
6:38 am
with the high surf tomorrow will come breezy conditions in most of our neighborhoods calmer and warm saturday through a dry wednesday. we take you back to san jose north 101 near the capital expressway minor injury crashes in the center divide for sometime, didn't cause much trouble maybe just a little bit of slowing in some spots where you possibly could be under 40 miles an hour. it is around 40 miles an hour north 101 approaching 880. we have a live shot near that intersection, this is north 101, looks good past 880 which is across the screen, traffic still light through the downtown san jose area. bay bridge toll, near the shot, metering lights were turned on 10 minutes ago, traffic is backed up for just some of the lanes, not even quite to the end of the parking lot, not even to the overcrossing yet, still good. here's a live shot of
6:39 am
westbound 24 towards the caldecott tunnel in orinda, getting a little crowded approaching the caldecott no other major problems elsewhere. 6:39. a dark chapter for a book selling giant. the troubling announcement from barns & noble this morning. live report from the new york stock exchange moments away here's a live look at the big board, dow opens down about 75 points. this is different, call it the latest and greatest crime fighting tool, the weather? how one california community fog helped stop a wanted criminal. getting by with a little help from your friends the new traffic tracking tool that can help you fan your way around traffic problems. >> reporter: just when they thought it was again. concord residents say it is back and making them sick. i'm amy hollyfield, that story, just ahead
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6:43. california forecast, 50 in eureka, mostly cloudy the rest of us sunshine and mild low to mid 60s central valley. tahoe 58, 84 in l.a., near 80 palm springs, sunny 75 in san diego. it is now 6:43.
6:44 am
troubling new chapter in the book business. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on that. and the careers -- [ unintelligible ] >> good morning. we have had a real rollercoaster ride for barns & noble shares this morning it started about an hour ago. the company announced it is exploring spinning off its nook e-reader business. shares surgeed more than 15% for a few minutes. they are projecting an annual also that is way, way bigger than analysts had been expecting, twice as big in some cases. possibly three times bigger than its own forecast. it is blaming the loss and shortfall in projected sales of the nook simple torch plus additional money to expand and market the business. shares are down about 30%. by the way jc any and
6:45 am
eli lilly out with lower than expected earnings. -- private report on employment big monthly jobs number for december comes out tomorrow. [ unintelligible ] so far the market on the defensive bloomberg silicon valley index this morning is trading to the downside as well. new survey says a growing number of companies are hiring temporary workers to cut costs and remain competitive. 36% of companies in the u.s. will do this, this year. occupational and physical therapists, speech therapists, mechanics, -- [ unintelligible ] can you say that again slower? thanks jane. >> this going on forever.
6:46 am
monday you will see us debut a new technology when frances does her traffic reports it is called waze aimed at helping you avoid traffic jams. >> reporter: frank commutes everyday from san calos to palo alto >> usually 30 minutes with little traffic. on a bad day an hour and 10 minutes. >> reporter: to cut down on bad days frank has been using a free app called waze telling you where the traffic jams are and how to get around them by gathering real-time gps data from millions of uses, as they drive. >> we have a community of 10 million drivers responsible for helping us collect that information all driven by the crowd, all created bay the crowd. >> reporter: waze's vp thinks of it as a win-win sharing information in exchange for a
6:47 am
free turn by turn navigation service. >> 100% a community. people know that all they have to do is he did the application and drive with it, and they are contributing to the information that everybody else gets. >> reporter: waze works on any newer smartphone or tablet any android device newer models of the blackberry, iphone and 3g models of the pad. frank uses waze on an iphone mounted in a suction cup holder to keep both hands-on the wheel. you should never type while driving waze won't let you. if you are parked or a frank showed us how you can report traffic problems. >> moderate traffic and send and now it has put an alert there >> reporter: those alerts help other drivers and abc7 news traffic you the most accurate and detailed reports. >> heavy traffic this telling you it is on octavia streets.
6:48 am
>> reporter: city streets and back roads have always been a challenge for reporters. abc7 news traffic reporter frances dinglasan is using waze to report the missing information. >> the thing i'm most excited about is taking the driver down to the street level, especially if there's an incident. >> reporter: incident reports on waze are up to the second. >> there it is, there is the truck. >> reporter: frank can acknowledge he has seen it too. >> thumbs up, there you go. >> reporter: if you join the abc7 news traffic spotters group on waze we'll mention you on air when your report helps us out. >> less than 10 miles an hour verifies the slow speeds. >> reporter: you can download the waze app by going to or going to the. tune store or android marketplace then join our abc7 news traffic spotters' group. >> the more traffic ers we have the more reliable the information will be -- will be. >> reporter: jonathan bloom,
6:49 am
abc7 news. frances, you have been beta testing waze, what has it been like? >> fun, almost a little distracting you have to be careful if you are driving out there it is fun to see the other drivers on the road and see where things are slow. of course, if you are a pang you can play with it more and report -- if you are a passenger you can play with it more and report incidents, as long as you are not driving. if you join traffic spotters you can use you on air try to pick a g-rated name right now i want to take you outside, rather to the maps, we have a new crash it is in a rough spot, southbound 680 near and doctory, things always slow -- near andreotti, things always slow there. traffic moving 28 miles an hour, could be slow the rest of the morning. we'll show you 680 further
6:50 am
north walnut creek seeing brake lights southbound near north main heavy as you approach highway 24. then we go to another live shot this time the bay bridge toll plaza, it has been -- traffic is light, not much of a delay. i-80 berkeley as you make your way westbound, traffic is slow at university, at least no major accidents reported along the stretch on the east shore freeway. over to 101 in san rafael, things really slowed down all of a sudden. no accidents reported. slow ride past marin civic center. mike has cool record breaking information for us coming up shortly, right mike? >> here it is. thank you. the record highs from yesterday the orange circles around santa rosa and livermore tied record highs santa rosa airport set a record high, napa, concord's
6:51 am
oakland downtown moffett field set record high temperatures yesterday. let's look at what is going on today. you can see it is cool out there, temperatures running in the mid to upper 30s north bay valleys, livermore, mountain view, redwood city the cool spot fairfield 31 everybody else low to mid 40s, san francisco 48. mid 40s around the monterey bay inland salinas, gilroy 38. three things about this forecast: mostly sunny, mild, not record setting like the last couple of days, dangerous surf today and tomorrow, breezy during that timeframe cooler friday and saturday we could make another run at record warmth next week. today 60 half moon bay, san francisco, richmond, 62 san rafael, vallejo, may hit 67 in livermore for the warm spot. monterey bay 62 monterey, to the mid 60s for the rest of the bay mid to upper 60s as
6:52 am
you head inland. as far as tonight, 30s mainly up in the north bay valleys, mid to upper 30s concord, fremont, palo alto, partly cloudy conditions fog going to try to sneak in more prevalent than this morning. cold front pushing away our record warmth not bringing any rain that is going to stay well north as you look at the jet stream healthy storms will head to the pacific northwest instead of coming our way. let's talk about the winds and the waves generated by these storm missing us. northwest swells 13 to 16 feet all:the coast starting at 6 p.m. today -- all long the coast starting at 6 p.m. today to noon tomorrow. 9 to 12 foot waves right now. breezy and cooler tomorrow probably the coolest day in the forecast more 50s, low to
6:53 am
mid 60s with a lot of sunshine saturday to thursday. another rain-free forecast. without the rain, you get these kind of sunrises lake port submitted by peggy one of my facebook friends appreciate her sending in such a beautiful picture from lake port. if you have videos on photos you would like to share we would love to see them. just upload or e-mail them. have a great day. 6:53. central valley man in custody after an unforgettable ending to apparent stolen car case. is the way it ended with the car on top of an apartment building. the driver was speeding in fresno's fog when the car missed a turn, hit large rocks then a tree stump. the car went airborne, that is where it landed.
6:54 am
the driver limped away with a broken leg, didn't get far, he was taken into custody. a large crane was needed to get the car off the apartment. recapping: residents in concord are waking to a stink this morning. that foul smell first hit in november near the old concord naval station. >> reporter: here's what has happened. a cleanup crew came out tuesday after the holidays, lived up a tarp to begin work and the smell escaped and hit the neighborhood hard, once again. i just spoke with a representative from the haz-mat team. he says this is residual smell from the leak that happened in november. it is better this morning. officials say they aren't worried about the air quality. the smell originally hit in november because a nearby pipeline was leaking the pipe had a pencil-sized hole and that sulphur smell hit and it smelled really awful. many left the neighborhood to
6:55 am
stay with family or friends or grab a hotel room they couldn't bear it. there is frustration this week and questions about the smell coming back and what he it all means. a county official told me this morning he doesn't think is cause for concern. he does think that cleanup crew will be out here for another two to three weeks. our other top story this morning covered by terry mcsweeney, he joins us live from oakland. what you got? >> reporter: good morning amy. another raid by oakland police on the occupy oakland campers in front of frank ogawa plaza in front of city hall. there was an occupy oakland member with a camera last night. here's video he sent us. >> you have to leave here or go to jail this sour zone. >> reporter: -- this is our zone now. >> reporter: police moved in about 11:30 several arrested. more than 20 arrested according to occupy oakland at
6:56 am
the center of this encounter was a teepee set up legally with the city's permission in november. the permit for that was pulled on monday by the city. they say there were violations of the agreement that instead of leaving the teepee there from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. it was staying up longer. not only that, they were serving food from it and storing thing unless it. all a violation of the agreement. last night police moved in, tore it down. going forward now 2 this average according to protesters i talked they -- they will be going into city hall and occupy that terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> you saw terry bundled up out there, mike? >> yes, temperatures are cooler this morning, 30s and 40s, cooler this afternoon in the low to mid 50s, breezes kick up with waves and both will hang around through tomorrow. dangerous waves, maybe a higher fire danger also.
6:57 am
bay bridge toll shows prettyhtñz good commute so far. only a minor back-up earlier. also, sorry we lost that i want to show you north 101 san mateo, new crash in the left lane. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day.
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