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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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morning, january 7th, police say they have arrested a suspect wanted fort1j three sexual assas investigation into sheriff elect ross that may involve violence. >> 46 in san francisco, but sunny and warmer for everyone today. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. a 32-year-old man faces charges for a series of violent attacks on women in the mission district going back to june. abc7 reports they identified the suspect using surveillance video and a tip from the public. >> women who live in the area
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are relieved that the man wanted in three brutal sexual assaults in the area has been caught. >> i am happy he is caught. this has such a name of being a very quiet, nice street. >> it's quite a sigh of relief because honestly it's pretty unnerving to know that there's someone out there like that. >> they are happy but still cautious. >> good news. >> going to change your behavior a bit? >> probably not because there is always the possibility there could be somebody else. >> members of san francisco's special victims unit announced the arrest of the man wanted in connection with three sexual assaults, robberies and kidnappings. two attack occurred here on fair oaks. >> he is responsible for three sexual assaults committed along the 24th street corridor. he will be booked in jail on
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multiple felony sexual assaults, robbery and kidnapping charges. >> the victims were all attacked in the early morning hours. police say all were petit women and range in age from to 20 to 50. members of the unit wishes include officers from 11 different disciplines, helped put the case together. dna and a tip helped them make the arrest. >> there was some characteristics on this case that were a little bit unusual that narrowed down our suspect pool. it kind of made us focus on a certain type of a suspect. we were lucky to have the fbi in on this case. >> police say the attacks started in june. the most recent was december 8th. supervisors said residents have been understandably on edge. >> people in the neighborhood were extremely concerned and fearful that this rape had happened, you know, right on their street, right on the sidewalk. >> san francisco police say they aren't releasing the name or photo of the 32-year-old
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african-american male they arrested. they said they won't do this until they are finished talking to the witnesses and victims in the case. abc7 news. >> he will be sworn in as san francisco sheriff tomorrow but this morning a former supervisor is being investigated for an allegation of domestic violence. abc7 reports. >> this photo of sheriff elect and his wife shows what appears to be a loving couple. but a police investigation suggests otherwise. it's a case now in the hands of the district attorney. >> we will evaluate the case. we will do so as we will do with any other case involving domestic violence. >> the domestic violence accusation comes from one of their neighbors, who we tried to talk to tonight. she didn't answer her door. same story at the their house. a neighbor called police saying she spoke to her wife who asked her to videotape a bruise on her
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arm after her husband grabbed her on new year's eve. it also indicates the neighbor said she'd a text message conversation with the victim about the incident, her injuries, how the injuries were caused and who caused the injuries. but a spokeswoman for his wife quotes her as saying what is happening here is wrong. i have absolutely no complaint against my husband. my husband has never been abusive to me. ross and i are committed to our marriage, our son and our family. >> probably the most frequent problem in domestic violence prosecutions is the victim doesn't want to testify. >> dean johnson said such cases can be won without the victim's testimony. >> frankly, i have seen cases filed, i have seen cases tried to injure verdicts successfully on weaker evidence. >> the affidavit does show police seized the neighbor's video camera and i-phone, possible evidence in the d. a. decides to go to trial. and if he is charged, he has a lot to lose. >> there are a number of
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provisions that prevent people who have been convicted of felonies from holding public office. it's usually one of the normal incidents of the sentence in a felony. >> johnson also says that one of the most problematic thing that a defense attorney will face sometimes is if a peace officer is convicted even of a maryland domestic violence charge because he can no longer carry a firearm. in johnson's word, a peace office who are want carry a firearm is pretty useless. abc7 news. an assemblywoman pleaded no contest to stealing from the san francisco theme muss marcus store. she was arrested in october after a camera showed her talk walk being out of the store with items. she's accused of stealing nearly $2,500 worth of clothing. after reducing the charge to a maryland, they sentenced her to 3 years probation, $180 fine. she wouldn't answer our questions about a motive but a spokesperson said a medical
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diagnosis may have impaired her judgment. >> she's been diagnosed with a brain tumor, but for her it's benign and can be taken care of and addressed with medication, which is exactly what is happening. >> after the sentencing her spokesperson confirmed the brain tumor but said it had nothing to do with the incident. she's been ordered to stay at least 50 feet away from theme -- the store. >> five people are hospitalized, including at least one child after a crash about 10:30 last night. one driver drifted over the center divider and collided head on with another car. the victims were taken by ambulance by three different hospitals. hundreds gathered in oakland yesterday to remember a five-year-old shot and killed last week. gabriel martinez was killed outside his father's food truck.
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yesterday families friends and even strangers gathered for a memorial service for the five-year-old. >> every sometime he came to my house, make me laugh. i love the little kid. >> he didn't know you and you didn't know him but he would tell you, hey, i'm gabriel, come, come play with me. >> congresswoman barbara lee and oakland mayor jean quan were among the mourners. they don't have a motive but said the little boy was most likely not the target. he's the third child to be killed by gunfire in the past five months. >> the owner of san francisco's historic gold dust lounge is facing eviction. the landlord wants to take over the bar space as part after building development for a chicago-based clothing company. he said even though there's three years left on the lease, he's received three months notice cancelling his lease. he plans to appeal to union haul to try to save the union haul watering hole that opened back
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in 1933. and construction on the sonoma-marin smart train could again on tuesday. that's contingent on a vote on monday. voters were misled they said when they approved the quarter cent sales tax increase that's paying for the train and they are trying to get a measure on the ballot to repeal it. . >> and coming up next, is it political extortion? and our unseasonably warm and dry weather doing unseasonable things to plants around the bay
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>> hi, i'm snuggle. look, i get towels fluffy... blankets cuddly... and clothes stay fresh... [sniffs] for 14 days. and i cost less than the leading brand. let's snuggle. >> with the state facing another year of a budget shortfall, everything from schools to courts will be cut deeper if voters don't approve the
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governor's tax increase. that has critics crowing foul. we have the story from sacramento. >> governor brown built another round of potential trigger cuts into the state's budget. this time nearly $5.5 billion if voters don't approve his tax hikes. the reducks would hurt schools the hardest. $4.8 billion less, which is equivalent to shortening the school year by three weeks. >> a student entering first grade this year, by the time that student graduates with three fewers weeks each and every year in accumulation, it would be the equivalent to one fewer year in that student's entire educational life. >> u. c. and c. s. u. would each are slashed another $200 million. cal fire would have to cut back 10% which means grounding some of the aircraft and closing some fire stations. all 600 season alive guards would lose their jobs and
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rangers would be laid off. they call the governors proposal extortion. >> it certainly is political extortion because he's basically saying i'm going to really cut essential services unless you pass this tax. >> it really is. >> park visitor mary johnson feels like she's being coerced. she will vote for the tax hikes to avoid increasing california's unemployment rate. >> i think it's terrible. even though i'm disabled and i'm not working right now, i would rather pay the taxes than to see people laid off. >> many in the education community don't look at the potential cuts at threats, saying the governor really has no choice but to be straight with voters. >> laying out a very clear picture about what those choices are and what the consequences will be if that revenue doesn't come to fruition is what they actually have to know. it's about being honest with voters really. >> the governors campaign advisers expects to get approval by the end of the month to begin gathering signatures and get the
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tax hikes on the november ballot. abc7 news. the city of oakland is getting the nod as one of the best places to go in 2012. oakland came in fifth on the new york times list of the 45 places to go in 2012. oakland continued finished behind panama, helsinki, finland, and london. they said oakland's growing nightlife and tensions calling down of a recent clashes in the occupy movement, the mayor tweeted it should have been number one. >> you might think it's march or april outside and so do some fruit trees that are starting to bloom. this early warm weather could hurt many fruit trees in the long run, especially in the rain comes and they start to bloom. this is not the first time this happened in the bay area. >> this happens around here not that infrequently, actually, but
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this year i've heard of some that have finished blooming and that does seem unusual. what will come of that, i'm not sure burks hopefully they just get their fruit earlier. >> a tree expert pointed out blooming is a natural process and there's nothing you can do to stop it or even delay it once it starts. but now that it started, when will we get rain to end it? >> we will get warmer damages first. >> warmer? >> yes, we are talking 70s. this is a live look in emeryville. numbers in the 40s, not bad. but we have 29 in napa right now. i'll tell you about the warmer winds headed our way next. >> also next, the warriors travel to l.a. hoping to take down kobe and company without one of their stars. could the newest addition help? that's coming up. so, this is delicious
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you had an imaginary friend once, too. she's full. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper beef pasta. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak. ...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, h ho. green giant >> welcome back. 5:17 on this saturday morning looking out from our roof cam down here near the embarcadero. you have the bay bridge there. looking at the ferry building, in the last couple weeks i was thinking how seasonal the red is, but now the season is over, i'm looking forward, you have the red tower and the golden clock, think of 49ers and today we may be finding out if in fact we will be playing the new or
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orleans saints. >> we have 35 mile-an-hour northeast winds and a wind advisory outward the delta. that's going to mean some breeze does easterly winds but it will also work to warm us up later on in the afternoon. starting out with freezing temperatures in the north bay valleys. it is a cold start. but in the city numbers are in the 40s. we are talking about below freezing in napa right now. 29 degrees. 37 in concord, as well as novato, with santa rosa coming in at 33. 36 in mountain view. 33 on the coast. oakland sitting at 44 right now. so our highlights then, we've got freezing temperatures, the patchy fog around santa rosa and napa. elsewhere it's a clear start and the visibility is just fine. but this afternoon we are talking mild temperatures. in fact, i think the warmest day
5:19 am
of the weekend will be tomorrow. still dry into next week. so maybe some changes into the week of a next, but for now at least the next seven to ten days we've got double barrel high pressure. and with the high pressure building into the coast, it is going to set itself up to the east of us. that's due to the clockwise flow. the gusty north and northeast winds. today and even tomorrow we will see the northerly down sloping winds so he felt the north bay valleys i think around santa rosa could even approach near 70 degrees tomorrow. as for today it will be breezy. in fact a red flag proceeding for the west slope of the sierra nevada. dry and low relative humidities. we are talking about gusty winds around the grapevines and some difficult travel in southern california. keep that in mind if you are he had had had there.
5:20 am
63 in los angeles with 51 in yosemite yesterday, another tie. south lake tahoe a record high of 56 degrees. the mild weather continues with 61 in sacramento. back home we are talking about temperatures again today coming up low 60s to mid-60s. so this will be a good five to seven degrees warmer than in some spots yesterday. so feeling mild. remember, the winds here by the delta, fairfield, antioch and even around mt. diablo the winds will continue to gust around 25, 30 miles an hour. san francisco coming in at 62, on the peninsula 63. half moon bay a beautiful day at 60. down by the monterey bay we are talking upper 60s. 68 watsonville with 65 in monterey. here's the 7 day forecast. a very mild weekend with numbers coming up today, even warmer tomorrow. then a weak system, not going to bring us rain but it will bring
5:21 am
the cooler temperatures come monday, especially tuesday, and then by the middle of next week we are talking still above normal. so it's getting like we can't trust the forecast models. we keep thinking things are going to change, but maybe another week it will come. >> our director just got back from a week in tahoe. when he booked it he was thinking skiing. he was telling me he was walking around during the day in a t-shirt. not what he was looking for. but there it is. >> in sports, the nfl playoffs kick off today. tonight the 49ers might find out who they will be playing next saturday when the saints come marching in against the lions. last night the warriors took on the the staples center. and the golden state hoping the arrival of little nate robinson could provide a spark against the lakers last night. speaking of a spark, charlize
5:22 am
their -- theron in the house. colby, 14 points the first half. tied it up at 10. the little man off the bench taking over, nate robinson just signed this week making his warrior debut. looking good in the lane. nate had nine points the first half but shutout the second. golden state up by four at the break. and klay thompson 6 of 8 from the field, 14 points. warriors got within three. monta with the steal here. doral wright, yeah. one of 18 warrior turnovers and golden state drops it's fourth straight, 97-90 in l.a.. for years people noted there were 38 teams in the league and 31 operated in the same fashion
5:23 am
in the nfl and then there were the raiders. that might change with the hiring of mckenzie. he played linebacker back in the late '80s. went into management and worked his way up in the green bay organization. 19 years with the packers. he leave them and get started with the raiders. often the raiders would take forever get people hired and make decision, mark davis' son made a swift move. it will be interesting how he will react with the newman in charge and see if they can get on the same playbook if you will. mckenzie will be introduced tuesday. and the niners play the waiting game. many figure the saints are the most likely opponent. they will pace the lyons today. two of the league's most explosive offenses. >> do you remember how the game unfolded and the type of talent
5:24 am
that you were going up against. but then again, a lot has happened in the last four weeks and i like we are playing better football. >> it will be a also bit different atmosphere. all nfl games are intense. there's only 16 of them during the course of the regular season so it's not like cranking it up. i think the big difference is, you know, the season is over. >> stanford beat the cowboys in recute cuting. sanders will pick stanford over his dad's alma mater. remember his dad. he was unbelievable. small, electric running back, junior is bigger, 5'11", 190, he can fly. he is expected to make his choice official today. one of the factors in his
5:25 am
decision, sanders is going to blend in, not be bothered, no celebrity status at stanford. at oklahoma state you would be under the microscope every day. and two big recruits tweeting they will formally play for cal in the fall. safety shack thompson from sacramento, rated the number two player in the state overall and the third best safety in the entire country. he's expected to be joined at cal by wide receiver jordan payton. payton a four-star recruit from west lakeville language in southern california. to the cotton goal. kansas state and arkansas. razorbacks came out firing. second quarter tyler wilson on the money to jarrius white. 19-0, arkansas. k-state cut it in the half. and collin klein doing what he's done best. they get within 3. arkansas puts it away, wilson a dart to colby hamilton, and
5:26 am
arkansas wins the cotton goal, 29-16. a little whale watching off the coast of spectacular. the pga season opening. the tournament of champions. shot of the bay, 25-year-old keegan bradley, the approach on 9 for eagle. watch the backspin here. he's two back of byrd heading to round two at maui. have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry beil. coming up next at 5:30 an online campaign commercial criticized for crossing the line. just ahead the ad that takes aim at a candidate that adopted two children from overseas.
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jon huntsman saying a new online add targeting his adopted daughters is out of line. it's sponsoredly supporters of rival ron paul shows the two daughters adopt the from china and india. it labeled huntsman un-american or speaking mandarin. and it shows a caricature of him dressed as the official. >> if someone wants to poke fun of me for speaking chinese, that's okay. what i object to is bringing forward pictures and videos of my adopted daughters and suggesting there is some sinister motive there. the ball campaign said it doesn't know who it behind the ads but called it distasteful.
5:30 am
don't forget the candidates will debate in new hampshire tonight and the only place you can see it live, right here an abc7. that starts at 6:00. in his weekly address president obama said recent economic news said the country is headed in the right direction and he promises not to let up in growing the economy this year. he is referring to yesterday's better than expected september jobs report. the nation's jobless rate stands at 8.5%, down two percentage points from november. next wednesday the white house will source a forum on showcasing american jobs. leaders that are bringing jobs back to america. >> we have to keep creating jobs and we have to keep creating our economy. everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules. we can't go back to the rules when the days the financial system was stacking the deck against ordinary americans. >> in their response, the republicans say the answer to bringing back jobs to america is to help small businesses and reduce government regulation,
5:31 am
and that was two-tenths of a percentage point. the rate going down in december. the appearance of -- the parents of a are 4-year-old are trying to find a bone marrow donor to save his life. they said it's been tough to find the donor. >> the four-year-old has a disease that his bone marrow doesn't produce enough new blood cells. >> this disease means he's not producing any blood cells. he needs a complete new immune system, and you do that through a bone marrow transplant. >> kyle has been in and out of the hospital since december 25th. he urgently needs a bone marrow transplant. his father, david, is caucasian. his mother, angie, chinese. that makes itfhew a biggerejecñe to find a donor.
5:32 am
>> in kyle's place he's a mixed-race, chinese caucasian so most likely he will need antddy# aggies-mixed-race6l it makes it more difficult to find a match. >> there will be two drives this month, one in san mateo and other at a free clinic in san francisco. the process of finding a donor starts with a cheek swab test. the test is free and painless. donor must be between 18 and 60 years old. if a match is found, in most cases stem cells are collected from the child's blood. kyle's mother is encouraging people to join the bone marrow registry. >> some will say i can't imagine. i think parents can imagine what it would be like. >> can also order a swab kit through the aggies american donor program. all of that manufacturing of information is on our website, awc7 in san mateo, leeann malendez,
5:33 am
abc7 news. >> this morning at 10:00 parents can get a free child seat safety inspection in redwood city. a new state law requires children to be restrained in a rear booster seat until they are 8 years old or at least 4'9". there is also new legislation this week requiring hospitals discharging young people where they can get free instructions and inspections. the national safety transportation board estimates 80% of child safety seats are not installed properly. we will look ahead to the fast. here's lisa. let me guess. sunny, no rain? >> good guess. you know, it is so cold out
5:34 am
there. hard to believe we are going to warm another 35 degrees or so because it's freezing and below freezing in our valleys this morning. here's a look from our sutro camera. we are talking about numbers not only above normal, near 70 tomorrow in some neighbors. i'll have the details next. >> also ahead we will show you some of the big waves of that been lashing the bay area's coast and the plans for this
5:35 am
5:36 am
>> 5:36, looking out at a live picture from the follow plaza. not much traffic you wouldn't expect much at this time on this day. can't really tell just how chilly it is out there. boy, it is bitter cold north of the bridge. not all that warm right there. but up in sonoma and napa, bitter cold. more on that in a little bit. looks like the slightest -- no, that's not fog, that just is a
5:37 am
lens that needs wiping. it's peak whale watching season right now and there's been several sightings in the pacific. let's start in hawaii. the mother and calf were trailing a fishing boat for days before following it right into the harbor. they said the rare move may have been because the mother was trying to keep an eye on the young whale and the whale was the one following the fishing boat. another sighting off the washington coast. a large orca spotted. killer whale populations have vs. insteadly since 2006 and that could explain why there have been so many sightings recently. and the mavericks surf contest could be called any day now. yesterday the window for the famous competition opened and big waves attracted a lot of surfers. but as wayne freedman reports, not the right kind to hold the
5:38 am
contest. >> on the san mateo coast there may have been more shutter clicks fran waves but the waves is what drew people here, even from a save distance. >> how far away do you think we are? >> i don't know, i would say maybe half-mile? >> on this day when they held opening ceremonies. there were lots of diehards waiting for moments like this, as 24 of the world's best big wave raiders geared up for competition. among them alex from brazil. >> big enough for sure, but just really lumpy, you know. breaking all over. >> speck stating may have been as good as it will get because local officials plan to close the beach and bluffs on event day. too many people, they say, too dangerous. part of the logic that large crowds have wells of their own and short memories when it comes to this beach and those waves. >> this is the rogue wave that injured spectators and nearly
5:39 am
wash away the contest for good in march of 2010. between this threat and more danger from the crumbling bluffs, spectators must watch in screens at pillar point. the event already iures people here almost as much as their dairy free clam chowder. same for this woman5 flowers and expects a big percentage bump for her business. >> i would say likehgu >> meanwhile the surfers and photographers wait for the contest that will come on short notice. >> i just lost my second set of camera equipment. >> he was out there when one large wave rendered $6,000 of equipment worthless. it ace error 50 on the screen. >> we now know that stands for -- >> your camera got wet.
5:40 am
>> those cameras will not be the first nor the last. abc7 news. >> is there a wave forecast wheel you are at it? i know you do the bay area all over the place, but is the mavs going to be a good one? >> it's getting there. it seems like the opening of it was a good thing. you remember the past couple years they didn't even have it. we are going in the right direction. but, you know, things have to really get going out there. we are going to have the winds in southern california, and as that guy heard, it was kind of not the best out there. we will look for warmer temperatures that may get more people out to the beaches. as we head outside now, boy, is it cold in the north bay valleys. freezing temperatures, we are 32 degrees in our valleys. but those are the places where numbers will come up well above yesterday's readings. we are talking five to seven degrees warmer thanks to some north-northeasterly winds. and tomorrow, sunday, the latter
5:41 am
part of the weekend even warmer temperatures. so right now it's 41 degrees in fremont. 37 redwood city with the numbers in the mid-30s in the livermore valley and we are talking fog here for santa rosa and napa. 36 in mountain view, that's cold, as well as 37 in los gatos. freezing in the valleys. a little bit of patchy fog but for everyone today sunny and milder thanks to the northeasterly winds blowing around the diablo range. they will work their way down to the surface and allow the temperatures to come up today rapidly this afternoon. so we will stay dry into next week, including next weekend, and still hoping for a pattern change by the next weekend. so here is you are used to it now. in the upper levels of the atmosphere we will look for the winds to increase.
5:42 am
already a problem in southern california and forecasting low relative humidity around the western side of the sierra nevada. a red playing has been posted there. so the delta and sacramento valley will have the breeziest winds around the bay area today. if you are headed out that way or will be in the higher elevations of our east bay hills, you will definitely feel those northeastly winds. up to some 30 miles. the wind is not always a good thing for the waves, making them pretty choppy out there. we are looking for temperatures very beach like along the shoreline, though. mid-and upper 630s along our central coast with lower 50s in yosemite, and 74 watch springs. san diego 72. back home temperatures all in the 60s today. it should be feeling much more mild than we were yesterday. look at napa at 65. 29 right now. 64 san jose and mid-60s at our coast, santa cruz and down by
5:43 am
the monterey bay even a couple degrees warmer, 67 in gilroy. tomorrow it will be warmer in the north bay valleys. we could hit 07 near santa rosa. then the highs begin to flatten and we will see a few higher crowds. cooler temperatures. the pattern has been with us for a while. but no rain. we are looking at another dry week. what can you do? go to the beach. >> yeah, try to enjoy it. >> lisa, thanks a lot. microsoft has patented a gps feature that helps user avoid dangerous plays. it takes into unsafe driving areas or terrain. there are fears that avoid the ghetto could penalize poor neighborhoods. >> people don't want to get shot
5:44 am
or carjacked. it's not dissing poor people, it has to do with staying alive. it works in realtime so it gives users up to the minute information. microsoft will likely implement the new setting into windows phones. you are about it start seeing a new technology exclusively on abc7 when we do our traffic report. it's a free app you can download called waze that helps you avoid traffic jams and also helps you become a traffic spotter to help make our traffic reports more accurate. jonathan bloom has more on how it works. >> take a left at middle field road. >> frank commutes every day from san carlos to palo alto. >> it's usually 30 minutes door to door with little traffic
5:45 am
knowledge on a bad day? >> as much as an hour and ten minutes. >> to cut down on the bad days he's been using a free app called waze. it tells you where the traffic jams are and how to get around them and it does it by gathering realtime gps data from millions of users as they drive. >> we have a community of 10 million drivers that are responsible for helping us collect the information. it's all driven by the crowd and created by the crowd. >> she thinks of it as a win-win. gps drivers agree to share their gps information and it gets more accurate as more people use it. >> it's 100% community. people know all they have to do is open the application and drive with it and they are contributing to the information everybody else works it. works on any newer smartphone or receiver. that's pretty much any newer device. >> i can see there's a lot of
5:46 am
traffic on university avenue. >> frank uses waze on an i-phone mounted in a suction cup holder. you should never use it while driving because it is illegal but if you are parked you can report traffic problems. >> i can say moderate traffic and send and it's put in an alert there. >> it helps abc7 news traffic give you more details report. >> this is telling you heavy traffic on octavia street. >> it's always been a challenge for reporters. abc7s traffic reporter francis is using waze to report the missing information. >> right now the thing i'm most excited about is just taking the driver down to the street level, especially if there's an incident. >> incident reports on waze are up to the second. >> there it is. there's the truck. >> frank can acknowledge he's
5:47 am
seen it to. >> so we can give it a thumbs-up. there you go. >> if you join the traffic spotters, we will mention you on the air. >> blip trip is moving at less than 10 miles an hour so that verifies the slow speeds on the central freeway. >> you can download it by going to or go to itunes or the android marketplace. >> the more traffic spotters we have the more reliable the information will be. >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> to become an exclusive abc7 news traffic spotter, down waze. to find out more go to our website. don't go awaze. 7 on your side is next. >> the secret that has been help
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without question. just look for the white check. you see market street. we have a clear morning for the most part. the fog, lisa is telling me in the valleys in sonoma and napa. clear for the most part and chilly. we will go through at least two seasons, headed to the third today as we go from the cold temperatures to the very nice, pleasant, definitely spring like temperatures on the way yet again. lisa will be along with that in a little bit. many team find the new year is a good time to get finances in order. if you are buried in debt there's a little known way to rebuild your credit. michael finney shows us how. >> my credit has been in the dump per for a long time. >> robert fowler looks over his credit report. the fran resident said once he
5:51 am
got behind in his payments he just couldn't catch up. >> it no balls on you and you can get there unless you can come one a lump sum. >> he hasn't had a credit card for about five years. one possible solution is a secured credit card. >> but for those trying to rebuild damaged credit it's the single best way to get back on your feet if you can't get a secured card. >> secured card works this way. you to deposit $300 into an account and it's held as collateral in exchange for $300 in consumer credit. and the consumer group likes the one from golden one credit union. >> they actually have a secured card that has no annual fee. what's more, you actually earn 1% interest on the amount you deposit in the dedicated bank account. try finding 1% interest in an ordinary bank nowadays. >> he also like the capital one secured card. he said you can put down as
5:52 am
little at $49 and get a credit limit of $200. robert knows not all secured credit cards are created equal. in fact, his experience with some secured credit cards has not been good. >> i don't like them at all unless you can hook up one through a bank where you have an account, you know, a reputable bank. >> there are couple that will give you a secured card with no annual fee. the interest rates vary a bit. but eats probably best not to carry any balance at all if you are trying to rebuild credit. >> secured credit cards are better options than payday lenders or credit cards that charge you super high interest rates. you can see a cleat survey of secured cards by going to our website at i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up, ceremonies are tomorrow for he had lee that will reflect the city's
5:53 am
diversity. don sanchez has a preview coming up next.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> hi, i'm snuggle. look, i get towels fluffy... blankets cuddly... and clothes stay fresh... [sniffs] for 14 days. and i cost less than the leading brand. let's snuggle. >> inauguration ceremonies or ed lee will take place tomorrow. former mayor willie brown will mc. an array of festivities will follow. we have other preview. >> dancers of the white crane international dragon and lie on association preparing for sunday's special performance in city hall at the inauguration of mayor ed lee. >> being the year of the dragon, we will form the golden dragon and make sure he has a smooth,
5:56 am
smooth year for his new office. >> the dragon faces are impressive. over the years the heads have become lighter for the dancetories manipulate. it's appropriate they should be part of the ceremonies for san francisco's first aggies-american mayor. dragons of filled with symbolism. >> the best part of all the animals together, it becomes the most powerful and that's what this city is, made up of all these components like a dragon. that's appropriate for this city and this mayor. >> this is organized by world arts west that started the dance festival 34 years ago. >> we are fortunate to have such a thriving arts commune knit san francisco and to be part of that diverse cultural pollism that we've been known as the jewel.
5:57 am
only san francisco can do this type of thing. >> a collaboration, so it will be with with the mayor owes inauguration, dance and the san francisco symphony, the boys chorus and many others. willie brown will m. c.. it's in contrast for brown's first inauguration during a booming economy. thousands attended. this time it is simply about celebrating the cultural richness of the city. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> next at six. >> he is responsible for three sexual assaults committed along the 24th street corridor. >> san francisco police say the streets of the mission district are safer this morning, and police investigate a newly-elected bay area sheriff, what he's accused of doing coming up. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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