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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> hold the office of the sheriff of the city and can use of san francisco. >> congratulations. >> but the new sheriff himself acknowledged that the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over the event as a domestic violence investigation continues. during the gnawing racing of mayor ed lee next door at city hall, we talked with the san francisco police chief. >> we treat all the cases the same regardless. we take domestic violence in san francisco seriously, and we made the investigation as complete as we can make it and now it's presented to the district attorney. >> this is an investigation launched last week. according to court documents, his neighbor called san francisco police to report a new year's eve incident between the sheriff and his wife. according to the documents, mirkarimi's wife said he grabbed her arm during an argument and bruised it. we talked with the district attorney about the case.
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>> i think if we deal with it like any other case that is similarly situated, policies will step to the side. we have a law enforcement official and that adds another level of complexity and we want to do the right thing. >> our legal analyst says the district attorney's office has some latitude about possible charges. >> clearly not the most violent type of domestic violence case, and also pretty clearly in that range from felony to misdemeanor. this one pretty clear -- >> following his gnawing racing, -- nag inauguration, they responded. >> a private matter, family matter, and this is -- >> completely taken out of context. and this is completely wrong. >> now, in talking with analyst johnson, he did mention that even if this is prosecuted as a misdemeanor, one of the possible
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penalties is that he could not be allowed to be carrying a weapon, which could be interesting as the sheriff of san francisco. you might have seen that the former mayor actually administered the swearing-in, because the supreme superior court judge actually body out of the ceremony, citing a possible con fliblght of -- conflict of interest if this continues in the court system. >> san francisco mayor ed lee was inaugurated in his own right and in his own way today at city hall. [applause] >> lee was greeted by all five living san francisco mayors, willie brown, dianne fine -- feinstein. lee was appointed mayor and is the first elected shame --
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asian-american mayor. >> i want to thank you for giving me this historic opportunity to serve as your elected mayor. thank you. gracias, san francisco. >> since his appointment he has worked to expand investment in the city, something he promises to continue. >> turning to the presidential election, the gloves are off for the g.o.p. candidates in the race for the white house. in the second of this weekend's debates their fire was directed at mitt romney. the man expected to win tuesday's new hampshire primary. here's the story. >> reporter: g.o.p. presidential candidates battled in two debates in just 12 hours. their final face-to-face encounters before the tuesday new hampshire primary. mitt romney under attack from his rivals, engaged in a heated exchange with rick santorum on sunday morning.
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>> if is record is so great why didn't he run for re-election. >> i have the opportunity to use the experience i have -- you have a surprised look on your face. it's still my time. >> are you going to tell people you're not going run for re-election if you don't win. >> politics is not a career. >> newt gingrich joined in. >> you rankin' 1994 and lost, that's why you weren't in the senate riff rick santorum. you had a bad re-election rating you dropped out of office, had been out of state 200 days prepareing to run for president. >> i was criticized last night by governor romney for putting my country first. >> in saturday night's abc news debate, antiwar candidate ron paul, when challenged over his isolationist posture on iran, turn his sights on president obama. >> the president is the commander in chief, not the king. >> and rick perry took a
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position on one war front. >> i would send troops back into iraq. >> the contenders face off again this week in the nation's first primary. barbara hall, abc-7 news. >> it's been exactly one year since the deadly shootings in tucson that killed six and injured 13 others. ♪ >> a ceremony remembered those killed and injuried in the shooting spree that seriously injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. tonight giffords made a rare public appearance at a candlelight vigil a university of arizona. jared loughner has pleaded not guilty to 49 charges in the shooting. he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. >> know val to fire investigates are looking for suspects in a dozen fires. it started with a dumpster fire and then falled -- followed with grass fires.
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and in san francisco, firefighters made quick work of an apartment fire this morning. it happened around 11:00 at a bitting on neo and 17th 17th street. the fire was contained in 20 minutes two people were dispreetd released the scene. >> it's full steam ahead at santa clara as the city prepares for a new stadium. >> today they started selling seats for a stadium that has not been approved yet. we're live in santa clara with the details. a lot of cost behind the project. >> the 49ers don't see any road bloksz ahead for building a stadium, and tomorrow they're going to start selling stadium builder club seates. these seats are special because you can own them for life, pass them on to your heirs and sell them on the open market if you can spend 20 to $30,000. >> this is the 49ers season ticket sales room where some 9,000 season ticketholders come
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to offend out what the new stadium looks like, and what they get for their money. stadium builder club seats range from 20 to $30,000, the money goes to build and maintain the stadium. you get seats somewhere between the 10-yardline. no obstacles to watching the game. and a host of amenities. the 49ers don't see any obstacles to billing the stadium. he is the president of the legend company in charge of ticket sales. >> i -- we're excited. we have raised over $225 million worth of suite revenue. so we're excited to get going. >> there is a group who wants to stop public funds from being used to build the more than $1 billion stadium. they're gathering signatures for a local ballot measure. tomorrow, 9,000 club suites go on sale by appointment only here at the tech mart.
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and site preparation for the stadium begins on january 23rd january 23rd and they start construction sometime during the spring. reporting live in santa clara, abc-7 news. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, dramatic video after a woman takes a major plunge and lives to tell about it. we have her story. >> the declining air quality in the central valley, why it's the worse in more than decades. >> dozens hitting the streets, missing something very important. where they're headed and why. just ahead. >> leigh: i wish i what mild for all those legs being shown. outside, a bright moonlight for you this evening. clear skies. be with us all evening long. it looks like we may get a few sprinkles in here the next couple of
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>> she dove 330 feet off a perfectly good bridge, and then her bungie cord snapped. tonight, an australian woman says she is ready to jump again. erin decided to ring out 2011 with a bungie jump from a bridge on the zimbabwe zambia border. the bungee snapped and she fell into the water. her feet with still tied when she fell into the rapids. >> and yanked the bungee cord off. they put a my on my back and all
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the water i inhaled meant i couldn't breathe, so i made them roll me on to my side, and i started coughing out water and blood. >> she was scraped up pretty bad, but a week in the hospital was all she needed, and she says she is ready to start jumping again. >> the san joaquin valley is suffering through its longest time of unhealthy air. particles that create heck -- health risks for everybody and most of the air is coming from the bay area. >> a unique sight on b.a.r.t. why dozens of passengers are missing a little something on their ride and their rear. >> i forget things walking out
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the door but that's crazy. >> a beautiful sunday but what the heck next week? leigh glaser, we're searching for rain. >> mike: wild card weekend is over. and you won't believe the end of the h@ i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small.
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>> retail sales may have been up during the holidays but gadgets were not at the top of the list. a group says camcorder sales plunged 43% and gps units dropped 33%. tv sales dropped just 4%. the figures were released at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas. >> gas prices sure are not dropping. the average price of a gallon spiked 12 corrects -- 12 cents. the nationwide average is 3.36 a gallon in california, the average is 3.64, and in the bay area, gas is going for 3.73 a gallon, up 30 cents from a year ago. >> you may have noticed something strange today. today was the 11th annual global practical joke day known
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as "no paptz day. 'o" in san san francisco, they got on muni, and then dropped their drawers and acted like everything was normal. they started this tradition in hopes of organizing crowds to get laughs by pulling public pranks and no doubt people were laughing today. what they were laughing at, it's debatable. >> leigh: i wasn't doing that. a great day. pants or no pants today. in some locations in the 70s. a beautiful, clear sky out there. a beautiful full moon for you. nice viewing this evening, and of course, it's a clear sky. not as much wind today, so definitely we will have colder temperatures, especially in the north and east bay locations where we could see a little fog.
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here's a look at the highs. oakland, 70 degrees this afternoon. it was 72 in moffet field. 66 livermore. 67, con covered. novato, 62. napa, 66. 65 today in san francisco. right now, 50 in map pa. 45 in fairfield. 59, san francisco. 60, redwood city. 54 in livermore, and the same temperatures, cooling down even more so tonight. with the possible of some of that frost, especially north and east bay, protected valley areas. continued dry tomorrow and could possibly see the sign of changes, maybe a few sprinkles on tuesday. i want to show you the satellite radar composite. you can see this high pressure, this ridge. cloud going up and over the high clouds, moving back towards the west, and that's what we saw this afternoon. we still may see a few high
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clouds tonight, but still, mainly clear in most locations. so cold inland. napa, 35 tonight. 45 for san francisco. 41 for half moon bay. and concord, antioch, livermore valley tonight, actually by tomorrow morning, temperatures dipping into the mid-to upper 30s. let's talk about what we can expect the first part of the work week. high pressure protecting us. storms still being diverted to the north of us. so the dry part will continue but on tuesday, keeping a close eye on the low. the forecast model develops just off the coast, and as it moves along the coast, possibly a little bit of moisture in here on tuesday. a little bit. maybe a drop or two. we'll keep you updated. right now, just say a chance of sprinkles. here's a look at highs for monday. lots of sunshine. a few high clouds. temperature maize drop one or two degrees. get out and enjoy.
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santa rosa, 65. oakland, 65. 64, son jose. morgan hill, nice place to be, 65. 66 for gilroy. 67 for salinas. salinas today, high of 76. there's that chance of clouds moving in, maybe a sprinkle or two on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, bank on mild temperatures, sunshine, and things will start to change for us next weekend. >> thank you, leigh. >> a wild game for the wild card teams. >> tim tebow at it again. i don't know what's going on with that guy. one of the best plays, and tim tebow ushers in a new era, knocking off the six-time super bowl champion steelers. second quarter, who says he can't throw? threading the needle to edie royal. broncos 7-6. denver gets it back. tebow this time to thomas.
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broncos inside the 20. tebow, career high 316 yards passing. two plays later, tebow up the gut. 26-6 denver. wallace on the reverse. mr. 60 minutes can walk in. in the fourth, after a mcgahee fumble. now game time. overtime, broncos get the ball first. first play of o.t., tebow hits thomas. goes 80-yard. broncos win it 49-. how about that touchdown. >> i just jumped in the stands. and thanked the lore again and tried to celebrate with my teammates and fans. >> we executed better. we tried to step up. we new it's win or go home, and this team wanted to fight and we wanted to play another game. >> mike: that's why we call it wild card weekend.
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in the nfc the giants are back in postseason form and take care of the fall fans. eli firsted out of the pocket. throws it away. intentional grounding in the end zone, a safety. 2-0 falcons. didn't take ely long to recover. how about this to nick's. it's 17-2 giants. ly, fourth quarter, what a throw. in double coverage, sets a franchise record with his 11th 11th playoff td pass. giants win, head to grebe dpreeb face the packers. >> let's have fun. these are special moments, go out there and play your best. >> we feel good about whatever the coverage is. we're going to have an answer. >> the 49er defense had to be a little concerned as they
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watched drew brees and the saints man handle the lions. new orleans comes to town and the 49ers' defense will be tested like hey have the never been this season. brees racked up 626 total yards on offend. brugges to -- brees to paroles. saints-under dine feed -- undefeated at home but 5-3 on the road. >> we feel like we're the type of team that should be able to go anywhere, anytime, and play the type of football we know how to play. >> warriors have lost five straight. that it they get the miami heat on tuesday. steph curry who sprained his right ankle three timeness the last 16 times will not play. he will meet with his fission on monday. he may return in charlotte.
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>> let's go to hawaii. webb simpson, birdie putt on 8. nothing but net. stricker doing his best to hold on, though. bird on 7. even par on the day. we have the complete highlights at 11:00, tebow, has to be some kind of divine interveins because he finds ways to win. >> a horror move 0 have i takes some of the scare out of the hollywood box office. >> just ahead. ?
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>> i committed these murders doing an exorcism. an exorcism performed on her. >> freaky! scared up a monster $34.5 million opening weekend. the surprise hit about exorcism debuted well above industry expectations.
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chip wrecked its hanging on to the top five at the box office. >> someone who bought a lotto nick bay area can afford the food at the movie theaters. one ticketed had all six numbers, purchased at cavanaugh liquors and the jackpot is worth $11 million. we want to know who you are. >> share that popcorn. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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