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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco there's a new sheriff in town. according to a new report the district attorney is likely to file misdemeanor domestic violence charges against him making him possibly one of a kind in california. also, violence overnight. one person shot and two are stabbed outside a bar and grill in san jose. a car with a 5-year-old girl asleep in the backseat is stolen she ends up safe after the thief realizes she is there and ditches the vehicle. good morning. first clear and chilly, i'll show you where 20s are waiting for you. another spare the air. record high temperatures possible the next couple of days. good morning i'm frances dinglasan. you are looking at a live shot of bay bridge toll. so far quiet start.
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[ inaudible ] thank you 4:30 this wednesday, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. in san jose police investigating an overnight shooting and double stabbing outside a restaurant and bar after 1:45 this morning reports of gunfire. one person was shot, two were stabbed. investigators say all three were taken to a nearby hospital in private vehicles. no word on how serious the injuries are. police will not say at this point whether the victims had come out of the restaurant. san francisco's new sheriff may be the first in county history to not be able to carry a firearm. stems from new word that ross mirkarimi is looking like he will be charged with domestic violence against his wife. terry mcsweeney is live with the latest. >> reporter: according to this morning's san francisco beyond cull it is now likely that
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d.a. george gascon will be filing misdemeanor domestic violence violence charges against ross mirkarimi. if he is convicted on those charges, he would be the only sheriff this state of california to not be able to carry a handgun. take a look at pictures from last weekend. ross mirkarimi being sworn in as sheriff. this incident began new year's eve. mirkarimi allegedly grabbed his wife's arm with such force he left a bruise on it. allegedly, the wife iliana lopez had a neighbor document it with video and the two exchanged text messages. police got a search warrant and obtained all of that. we talked with the district attorney over the weekend. >> i think if we deal with this like with any other case politics will step to the side. obviously, we have a law enforcement official and that adds to the complexity.
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we want to do the right thing. >> reporter: mirkarimi's wife miss lopez says the allegations are wrong and taken out of context. the chronicle report says the new sheriff will likely be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. if convicted he won't be able to carry a firearm and has to take weekly counseling sessions for a year. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 4:33. this morning san jose police are looking for possibly more victims as an elementary schoolteacher faces child molestation charges. 35-year-old craig chandler is accused of aggravated assault on a child between august and october of last year. san jose police will not say fit happened during school hours or if the child was -- a student there. they worry there may be more victims because chandler has been a teacher at the school for nine years. most recently he thought a
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combo class he is scheduled for court friday. in oakland, police investigating fatal shooting second homicide of the year. shooting reported on the 6500 block of foothill boulevard 9:00 last night. when officers got there a man was found with gunshot wounds pronounced dead at the scene ii this morning a 5-year-old girl is waking up in her own bed. -- she was sleep in the back of her family's car when it was stolen in front of their house yesterday. >> reporter: 5-year-old slept through the ordeal. her father said the family just returned from her doctor's appointment 6:30. he parked the car in front of their home and helped bring their 3-year-old in the house with while his wife ran in to use the restroom leaving selma asleep in her car seat. >> my wife was coming back out
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to get my daughter and the car was again less than two minutes. >> i ran down the street because i thought the car rolled down the street. >> reporter: they called 911, the police were there in less than four minutes and quickly combed the neighborhood. he and whaoeufs were frantic. >> it was like -- he and his wife were frantic. >> it was like my life flashed in front of me i was having that fear. >> reporter: 15 minutes later, police found the abandoned car on grasswood drive several blocks from their home on fleetwood drive. police think the suspect was after the rims on the car. >> he was still in the backseat sleeping didn't even know what was going on. >> reporter: police believe the tinted windows hid the girl from view and the suspect ditched the car after realizing the car was -- the girl was sleeping in the backseat. his wife's purse was stolen from the backseat. police think the thieves used
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what is called a shaved key which is popular in stealing late model japanese cars. i'm alan wang, abc7 news. the city of novato is offering $15,000 this morning for information leading to the person or persons responsible for a rash of arson fires. someone has set 57 fires since saturday. so far the fires have only burned grass and brush. flames have come close to some homes. police are trying to determine if the fires are being set by adult orchids. oakland playing -- adult or just kids playing around. the bay citizen reports the department suspended officer john hard grave for 30 taste door covering his name batch with a piece of tape in late october. lt. was -- the lieu tenant was demoted to for failing to
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properly report the incident. there's the first known disciplinary actions officials have taken after hundreds of police misconduct complains were filed following occupy demonstrations. san francisco police say officers inadvertently tipped off protesters last month. the chief says the officers made comments on twitter and facebook revealing a raid was imminent. it helped some reporters learn about the planned sweeps. then media reports tipped off occupiers. the department is implementing new social media restrictions on officers as a result. officers will be kept in the dark about similar raids until just before they happen. santa clara law make have taken another step towards building a new stadium for the 49ers. the city council approved agreement between the great america theme park, stadium authority and the 9ers to allow the use of the amusement park's parking lots for stadium events. the deal will give crews
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access to great america's over flow parking lot. 4:37. i don't know if you experience today this morning, hard to roll out of bed because it is so cold. >> you could have stopped at kind of hard to roll out of bed. let's check in with mike. chilly once again i'll show you those in one second most of us in the 20s and 30s. it is so cold out, but you can burn wood to warmth house. it is a spare the air, the 13th of this season poorest air quality in santa clara valley and north bay any time today. right now 28 up in napa, freezing in novato 32, same fairfield, mid 30s around santa rosa, concord, livermore, mountain view upper 30s low to mid 40s fremont, oakland antioch and half moon bay 47 the warm spot in san francisco. temperatures will remain
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steady may drop a degree or two by 8:00 we have fairly light winds dry air and no clouds to speak of. by noon total sunshine mid 50s to even 60s showing up around fremont, san jose, morgan hill, as we head to 4:00, low to mid 60s across the board except half moon bay close at 59. accuweather with seven day forecast the warmest days tomorrow and friday, we'll make a run at record high temperatures, mild through the holiday weekend, tuesday, especially wednesday and thursday of next week pretty good chances of rain. good morning. right now the big concern is the roadwork. there's a major connection ramp closed in the milpitas area eastbound 237 to northbound 880. that should be reopened in the next 20 minutes. that's scheduled there right now. i also want to take you to the waze traffic map. what you see are wazers.
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these are drivers who downloaded the free traffic app and they've turned it on. by doing so, they provide real-time traffic speeds. one of them has a little abc7 logo that is someone who has joined our traffic spotter group in is running solo they are heading down 680 now. it is looking quiet. as you head down 680, there is some construction on 680 in both directions scheduled until 6:00 this morning. there's some drivers who went through earlier, they are warning you ahead of time there's a little slowing on 680 between alamo down to san ramon valley. you can be part of this traffic-based application by going to our website you can download the free app to your iphone, android or blackberry. you can even choose the wazer mood, whatever you are feeling
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that day, once you gain a certain amount of points, you do that by diving around and turning the application on. >> commuting has -- has never been so much fun. our time is 4:40. frightening moments for travelers at a northern california airport. next the confrontation that lead to security officers tasering a passenger. riding night new hampshire after back-to-back wins the next move for mitt romney. new odor detect from air wick. a new air freshener so smart, that it detects and overcomes unpleasant odors.
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a sheriff's deputy used a gun three times on a passenger who refused to complete the screening process at sacramento international airport yesterday afternoon. investigators say 26-year-old edwin barton of new hampshire forgot his bag on his flight which just landed and was trying if get back through security to get it. he got hostile when agents
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wanted to examine a bag he already had with him. he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated he's booked into jail and is being held on misdemeanor charges. the next six days are critical for the field of republican presidential candidates. next week's south carolina primary might be the last chance to stop mitt romney. he is celebrating a big victory this morning in the new hampshire primary taking 39% of the vote. t.j. winick with the details. >> reporter: mitt romney is on a roll. first republican since 197 to win both the iowa caucus and -- 1976 to win both the iowa caucus and now the new hampshire primary. >> thank you new hampshire, tonight we made history. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor was gracious but didn't back down from recent attacks on his work. >> president obama wants to put free enterprise on trial the last few days we've
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seen some desperate republicans join forces with him. >> reporter: almost after of tuesday's voters identify themselves as independent. ron paul's second place finish. >> he a victory but we have had a victory for the cause of liberty tonight. >> reporter: jon huntsman experienced a recent surge of support. only good for third place. >> third place is a ticket to ride ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: rick santorum and newt gingrich tied for fourth place with 9% each. their messages only inspiring small passionate groups in the granite state. >> we have a message that can appeal not just in south carolina, but across this nation. >> reporter: rick perry already campaigning in south carolina. he finished with 1% of the new hampshire vote. >> other candidates have long seen south carolina as their firewall for mitt romney if he does win a third straight victory there, there may be no
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stopping his march to the nomination. t.j. winick, abc news manchester. he demanded cash and ice cream. bold robbery in the east bay caught on video. why the owner wants you to see in crackdown on the illegal use of handicapped parking placards the uproar it is creating among the disabled. wanted, new head coach. hue jack o'jackson shown the door moments after the -- hue jackson shown the door -- [ unintelligible ] . os [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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we have a canadian air mass starting to push into parts of the u.s. most of us will fly over fit we are traveling today it is 24 in denver, 25 fargo, low 40s seattle and portland mid to
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upper 40s around new york and washington everybody else south of that in the 50s and 60s. we have arrival delays in atlanta a lot of rain around nashville this morning also cincinnati. at home everything is quiet even with a lot of clouds, no delays. any time you travel flight tracker at the bottom. 4:49 now. the owner of an ice cream store is hoping someone recognizes the man who robbed his store. >> the owner of the baskin-robbins on sonoma boulevard in vallejo sent this video. it shows the robber ordering ice cream then pulls out a gun and demands the money in the cash drawer. he go the money and the ice cream. nobody was hurt. san francisco is considering the drastic measure of banning free
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parking for people with disabilities. city officials say it is in response to the growing number of people using the blue parking placards illegally even though that abuse carries a $1,000 fine. >> i think it is a problem in the sense there is some abuse. i think we need too make sure in looking at that we don't ignore the fact that there are many who are following the rules who need this and that having that kind of system is something we should be proud of. it is a question of addressing some of the abuses itch >> the free parking ban would require a change in state law. this morning the raiders are looking for a new head coach. hue jackson was fired after one season with the team. yesterday raiders owner mark davis announced the hiring of reggie mckenzie as the new general manager. in his first move he decided jackson was not the man he wanted to coach the silver and black after the team faded down the stretch to finish 8-8 last season.
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mckenzie played for the raiders in the late 80s and spent the past a teen years working in the green bay packers' front office. raiders' firing of jackson is getting a lot of reaction on our facebook page. peggy: how many coaches in this last decade? unbelievable. i like jackson's attitude and presentation of himself, sad, i feel the raiders didn't give him a chance. jose: he talked his way out of the job when they lost -- they loss the last game. so hard when playoff team -- [ unintelligible ] the 49ers are playing this week against the saints playoff game, no chance of rain. >> no, everybody is hoping for rain to slow down the saints, it going towñ[ñ be dry, sunny my even get sun burn if you are at the game for too long that's how strong the sun is without the clouds we normally
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have this time of the year. if you are out in the sun, four, five hours, could get a little red. 4:51. let's talk about getting red for another reason, being chilly. bay area down from vollmer peak no clouds hardly winds, very dry air temperatures are very cold. freezing around novato, napa, fairfield. mid to upper 30s santa rosa, concord, live more. the entire peninsula into the -- south bay, los gatos, low to mid 40s fremont, san francisco the warm spot, 47°. mid to upper 30s monterey bay, salinas 43, gilroy 31. in the short term sunshine warmer this afternoon, it is a spare the air, if you are thinking about starting a fire this morning to stay warm you have to pay a hefty fine if you get caught. the entireñc$< holiday weekend with no weather worries,
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tuesday into the weekend next weeks, a couple of chances of rain. until then, stagnant air that means poor especially north bay in the santa clara valley all of us under a spare the air until midnight. 67 santa rosa the warm spot, 61 in half moon bay the cool spot, the rest of us in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. may set a record. i think the better chance is tomorrow into friday. mid to upper 60s not only around monterey bay but inland. around the state clouds across southern california mixing with sunshine low to mid 60s l.a., palm springs. mid 60s big sur 47 in tahoe. tonight 20s up around napa, santa rosa low to mid 30s. low to mid 40s out the coast into san francisco. watching an area of high pressure reestablish itself storm track to our south main storm track look how far to
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the north it is well up into alaska. the arctic circle. that's why it is getting so cold east of the rockies all that is spilling their way. for us upper 60s tomorrow around the bay low to mid 60s through sunday. more 50s in the forecast as clouds gather monday and tuesday, our best chance of rain out of this forecast cycle, wednesday and thursday. we head to the santa cruz mountains roadwork highway 17 both directions between los gatos and summit road. not causing a big delay. scheduled to be out there until 6:00 this morning. i want to take you outside and show you a few live camera shots. north bay 101 san rafael and southbound traffic on the right really light right now heading past marin civic center. east bay 680 walnut creek, no major problems reported in contra costa county.
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to the waze traffic map this is a cool free traffic app that you can download to your smartphone or iphone. by turning it on, you share your speeds with other drivers on the road. what you see here are other wazers on the road. one of these guys is part of the abc7 traffic spotter team. i'm going to click on this person, they are moving along on highway 4 bypass road, they are not having any problem. -- what is cool about this application is you can get speeds on street that other wazers are driving on. you can be a part of this community by going to learn more about the application. you can even choose your own icon and your wazer mood, if you will and be part of the abc7 traffic spotter group. it is free then i can put you in my traffic segment as well.
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4:55. four bay area schools have been nominated for the blue ribbon schools program which recognizes the country's best or most improved schools. in san francisco north star academy in redwood city, woodside elementary all nominated. to be nominated the schools must be in the 85th percentile on statewide testsqmflz. this morning the alameda county fire chief will honor two good spartans for helping to save the lives of an elderly couple -- good samaritans for helping save the lives after elderly couple from their home. kevin and john called 911 then went to investigation game they found 86-year-old sam a world war ii vet and his 77-year-old wife in the backyard and helped them escape before firefighters
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arrived. the two men will receive certificates of commendation. we are following developing news in san jose. police are investigating a double stabbing and shooting outside a popular bar and grill. what investigators are revealing about this crime, next. >> reporter: some san jose parents reeling after hearing an elementary schoolteacher has been arrested. i'm amy hollyfield, details, next.
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