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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> reporter: good morning i'm h live in san jose. police believe a sexual predator assaulted a child at an elementary school on school grounds. and they worried there could be other victims. plus, violent confrontation leaves within man shot and two stabbed overnight out -- one man shot and stabbed overnight outside a bar and grill. officials considering drug dogs on high school campuses in pleasanton. >> air looks clean but it is a
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spare the air day no burning of wood until at least midnight. record high temperatures and rain for next week looking more likely. i'm frances dinglasan estimate looking good at the bay bridge toll. the new waze traffic app that will help you get to where you are going, while you -- [ unintelligible ] exactly. frances, thank you very much. 6:01 on this wednesday morning, thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. the latest on overnight violence outside a popular san jose bar and grill. within person was shot and two more were -- one person was shot and two more were stabbed. [ unintelligible ] police are not releasing
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identities at this time. also, san jose police are trying to determine if there are more victims after a schoolteacher was arrested on allegations of sexually assaulting a student on an elementary school campus. amy hollyfield is live at whaley elementary where the teacher worked. >> reporter: he worked here for about nine years, teaming second and third graders recently. that means he was with -- teaching second and third graders recently, that means he was with 7, 8 and 9-year-olds. his name is craig chandler. police say he sexually assaulted the child on campus between august and october of last year. that's about all police are saying at this point. they won't say if it happened during the school hours or if the kid is a student here or the age of the child. of course, people who are charged with crimes are innocent until proven guilty, but the arrest is having a powerful impact on the community and the opinions here.
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they must have gotten the evidence on him. they must have been investigating him for sometime. because if he did what he did he has to serve his time, has to pay justice. and because now that child will for years to come will be ruined. >> reporter: the evergreen district superintendent released this statement: the district is cooperating fully with the san jose police. we want to assure the community that the safety and well-being of our children is our primary concern. police are worried that there could be more victims. they are urging anyone with any knowledge about this incident or any possible other incidents to come forward and call the police department. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03. in richmond police are searching for a suspect who stole a car yesterday evening
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with the 5-year-old girl asleep in the backseat. she was found 15 minutes later still asleep and safe. her father says the family had just returned from a doctor's appointment around 6:30 last night. he says he parked in front of their home. he was bringing their the bathroom, leaving the girl sleep in her car seat. >> my wife finished, coming back out to get my daughter and the car was again in less than two minutes. -- was gone in less than two minutes. my first inclination was the car rolled down the street. >> they called 911 police found the car abandoned 15 minutes later several blocks away police believe the tinted windows hid the girl from view and the subject ditched the car after realizing the child was sleeping in the back. police drug dogs could soon begin patrolling high schools in pleasanton. officials are considering the possibility of using drug
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sniffing dogs from the police department. the district is considering the move after parents raised concerns about drug use at foothill high last year. the district says there has been an increase in drug and alcohol-related suspensions. the dogs would patrol parking lots and locker rooms during school hours on selected dates, but not in the presence of students. a decision is expected at the board meeting january 24th. san francisco's last sheriff chose not to carry a gun. now his successor may be legally prevented from carrying one. new word that new sheriff ross mirkarimi could be charged this week with misdemeanor domestic violence against his wife. terry mcsweeney is live with the latest. >> reporter: the new information comes to us from this morning's san francisco chronicle. it says the district attorney gascon is now likely to charge sheriff ross mirkarimi with misdemeanor domestic violence. result of something that happened new year's eve.
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take look at video from last sunday. ross mirkarimi being sworn in as sheriff of san francisco. that new year's eve incident producing a cloud over the festivities even that day. he allegedly grabbed his wife's arm with such force it left a bruise. the wife allegedly had a neighbor document the bruise with video and exchange text messages with the neighbor about the incident. she would not hand over to police the video or the text information. police obtained all that with a search warrant. we talked to the district attorney about it over the weekend. >> i think if we deal with this like we would any other case that is similar situated politics will step to the side. obviously we have a law enforcement official that adds another level of complexity. we want to make sure we do the right thing. >> reporter: mirkarimi's wife miss lopez says the allegations are wrong and
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taken out of context. the chronicle report says the new sheriff will likely be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. if convicted he will not be allowed to carry a firearm. has to go to counseling, one day a week for a year. if he gets the -- [ no audio ] >> our apologies about using terry's signal. on to other stories. in palo alto firefighters were called to tesla motors overnight. a fire broke out shortly before 1:00 this morning at the company's battery testing facility on deer crack road. the sprinkler system put out the fire and there were no injuries. no word on how the fire got started or the extent of the damage to property. 6:07. remind they are is a in burn day. we have winter spare the air day, another one mike? >> winter spare the air day, the 13th of the season. no burning of wood and the
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air quality could be poor any time. right now santa rosa has the poorest air quality followed by vallejo and san francisco. not like in the summer where pollution builds throughout the afternoon and peaks during the evening commute in could be at any time. for -- forecasting the north bay and santa clara valley to have the poorest air quality while all of us are under that woodburning ban for the rest of us today. freezing in santa rosa, novato fairfield mid to upper 30s everywhere else except for antioch, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay low to mid 40s there we stay with these temperatures through 8:00 with a lot of sunshine, sunshine, dry air, lack of wind allowed us to be cool this morning allows us to warm quickly. noontime mid 50s to low 60s around fremont, san jose, morgan hill. those areas will be in the mid 60s by 4:00, the rest of us in the upper 50s like half moon bay 59 to low 60s.
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run at record highs tomorrow and friday. then, saturday, sunday, a little cool, the biggest cooling begins monday into tuesday, temperatures drop back where they should be in the 50s, there's a chance of rain late tuesday the better chance wednesday. more about that in a minute. first traffic. good morning. new crash reported in fairfield westbound 80 at travis, big rig involved blocking right lane we are picking up a little slowing now on westbound 80. we'll keep you posted on this. still looking good here in contra costa county, southbound 680, fine towards highway 24. now, we know traffic is slow in the usual spots. i want to show you that with the waze traffic map. this is an application you can download to your iphone or smartphone. a lot of slowing westbound 580, we have wazers out there, drivers on the road sharing their real-time traffic speeds with you. westbound 580, a little
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sluggish, moving at 31 miles an hour through the area. you can even get traffic information for any street where other wazers are driving. you can find out more by going to and join the abc7 traffic spotter group. 6:10. are they ready to say l.a. again? they offer a new hint they could be parting ways with the entire bay area. that story is straight ahead. do you know where your oj came from? chances are it is mixed with imported juice and it could contain a potentially harmful [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. put down your grass of original juice and listen to this warning. the fda is investigating after the discovery of unapproved chemicals in the product. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: this is not a time for panic but the fda has phone a chemical in some juice that is not supposed -- has found a chemical in some juice that is not supposed to be there. it is not approved for use on citrus in the united states. the fda did testing and did find the chemical in imported juices. right now those levels have
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tested low. in high concentrations the pesticide can cause harm. you might be drinking imported oj and not know. >> not all of the original juice that u.s. consumers drink comes from oranges grown here in the united states. because a chemical is illegal here doesn't mean that other countries don't allow it to be used. >> reporter: 26% of the orange juice we buy in the u.s. comes from other countries, mostly mexico and brazil. the fda is warning american juice makers to find a way to keep the pesticide out of their product and more testing is being done. high levels of the chemical have been linked to hormonal and preproductive problems in animals. right now the fda is saying orange juice is safe to drink. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:15. this morning the raiders are looking for a new head coach after hue jackson was fired yesterday. some fans are far more worried about another announcement
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paid by the owner. he says moving to los angeles is still a possibility. davis says he's had conversations with groups in los angeles as well as with the 49ers about possibly sharing a stadium in santa clara. davis says his prefrpts is still getting a new stadium near the site of the coliseum. raiders' lease with oakland runs out after the 2013 season. we are checking out the tahoe picture. i know you have been looking like other folks hoping to ski martin luther king weekend. >> right after. maybe not this weekend but the following weekend there will be a lot of snow up there the pattern will make that shift we wanted to see the last couple of weeks. until then record highs in the forecast not only today but the better chance tomorrow into friday then we start to cool over the weekend then finally the door opens to some pacific storms and waves of rain roll in next week.
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good morning. 6:17. beautiful picture of fairly clean air now. in case you weren't with us a few minutes ago, it is a spare the air poorest santa rosa, vallejo and san francisco. how should you dress? chilly still around napa, santa rosa and novato. mid to upper 30s in a lot of areas. entire peninsula fremont down into the south bay east bay valleys except for antioch 48. mid 40s around oakland and san francisco, 40 at half moon bay. around the monterey bay mid to upper 30s inland warm spot at salinas, 41 cool spot 29 in gilroy. here's what is going to happen, sunshine, warmer temperatures in afternoon, spare the air until midnight poor air quality any time, no burning of wood until at least midnight. dry through monday then rain for next week much cooler temperatures then. today will be two degrees cooler in oakland, still 65,
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warm for this time of year, concord 64. nine hours and 45 minutes of sunshine before it sets at 5:10 this evening. low to mid 60s in most neighborhoods, santa rosa 67. half moon bay 61. around the monterey bay inland doesn't matter where you are, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s around a wealth of sunshine. tonight clear, calm, chilly once again with the 20s around napa and santa rosa upper 20s there low to mid 30s most inland valleys around the bay shore mid to upper 30s, san francisco, san mateo and half moon bay may stay in the low to mid 40s. clouds around southern california may make it as far as the south bay, a lot of sunshine today. main jet stream well up to the north that's why it is going to be dry through monday tomorrow could push-upper 60s
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to near 70 in some areas. 60s through saturday, 50s start showing up at the coast sunday, the rest of us 10° cooler by tuesday. -- back to fairfield, this injury accident is on the shoulder luckily this is westbound 80 at travis boulevard. still a little slowing at the scene kind of to be expected when there's a lot of activity even though it is on the shoulder. 80 berkeley still good westbound a little more crowded near university. once you head down to the bay bridge toll, traffic is still light there. i just got an e-mail from a viewer sandy telling me vasco road is slow now we can tell you how slow with the waze traffic app. it is moving at 9, 7 miles an hour this is information that we get from our waze drivers who are on the road. all you have to do is turn the application on and it tracks
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your speeds. and it will share the speeds with other waze drivers in the community. in fact, i can tell you how slow it is on other city streets. check out this road, 16 miles an hour, this is information now available to you while you drive just turn the application on of course you have to download it. you can go to then join the abc7 traffic spotter community. we now have 750 members. our time is 6:20. downloading a diagnosis. the new program that could have you logging on for your next doctor's an payment -- appointment. what police are saying about the current investigation into the death of hollywood star natalie wood ni
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the l.a. sheriff's department says it has found in evidence of foul play in the death of natalie wood. the actress and san francisco native drowned in 1981 while on a boat with her husband and actor christopher walken. the department reopened the case last month after the captain of the boat claimed he had new recollection -- new recollections about the night of the drowning, investigators have found no new evidence in the case. what if doctors could predict your odds of living another year? that is possible thanks to
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researchers at uc san francisco they've created this website called e-prognosis. 16 assessment scales to determine the likelihood of death within six months to five years in older populations. drugs and operations are never evaluated for the elderly. the website could help doctors recommend tests, treatments and medications for older patients. 6:25. the latest on a late night shooting and double stabbing in the parking lot of a san jose bar and grill. why the store's owner wants you to see this. all-out ban the only solution? drastic measure san francisco is considering to deal with a fast growing parking placard problem. >> reporter: a san jose teacher arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a child on campus. reaction from the school, up next. good news if you are traveling to or through
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atlanta, the rain has moved on the flies are on time. phoenix different -- flights are on time. phoenix fright arrival delays into that airport. hey guys, breakfast!
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good morning. opening bell ringing right now to start your trading day. [ inaudible ] maker of twinkies and wonder bread filed for bankruptcy this morning. we go live to the in 15 minutes. in morning san jose -- police holding an element there schoolteacher on charges of molesting a child. detectives are looking into whether there could be other victims. amy hollyfield is live in san jose. parents must be furious. >> reporter: it is impacting the faculty too. a woman just arriving for work here at the school this morning tells us she devastated to hear about this. she says she is not ready to talk about it yet. there is a lot of concern. especially, since police believe the assault happened here on campus. they have arrested craig
6:31 am
chandler. they say he was teaching second and third graders. he he was around 7 and 8-year-old -- kids. he has been here at the school whaley elementary for nine years. officers believe the sexual assault happened on the campus between august and october of last year. he's accused of attacking one child, police say there could be more victims. officers haven't said if the child is a student here or how old the child is they are keeping those details unwraps. the community is struggle with how to deal with the news of this arrest. >> it is a shame. it is a shame. because he was in a profession where parents depended on him because of his profession, he was a teacher and now this has taken place. i am shocked, really i am. >> reporter: the evergreen school district superintendent released this statement, the
6:32 am
district is cooperating fully with the san jose police department. we want to assure the community that the safety and well-being of our children is our primary concern. police are worried there could be more victims. they are urging anyone who knows anything about anything that has happened with this teacher to come forward and call the police department. chandler is being held without bail. his first court appearance is friday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. right now police are investigating overnight shooting and double stabbing outside a restaurant bar. police were called to the creekside bar and grill after 1:45 this morning on reports of gunfire. investigators say all three victims were men and taken to a nearby hospital in private vehicles. no word on how serious those injuries are. police won't say whether the victims have come out of the restaurant. in oakland, police are investigating a fatal shooting. the city's second homicide of the year. the shooting was reported on the 6100 block of foothill
6:33 am
boulevard, 9:00 last night. a man was found with gunshot wounds pronounced dead at the scene, no suspect information is available. 6:33. the owner of an ice cream store is hoping one of you can help identify the man who robbed his store. the owner of the baskin-robbins sent us this video. it shows the robber coming in and ordering ice cream. then, he pulls out a revol he haver and demand -- revol revoller and demands the money in the cash drawer. no one was hurt. a few officers inadvertently tipped off protesters last month via social media the officers made comments on twitter and facebook revealing a raid was imminent. it helped reporters and occupy protesters learn about planned sweeps. the department is implementing new restrictions as a result of the leak. most officers may be kept in
6:34 am
the dark about similar raids until just before they happen. oakland police have kiss politicianed -- have disciplined two officers. the department suspended one officer for thirty days for covering his name badge with a piece of black tape during a demonstration in late okay. and the lieutenant was demoted to sergeant for an failing to properly report the incident. someone at the demonstration posted this video online. there's the first known disciplinary actions officials have taken after hundreds of police misconduct complaints were filed, following the occupy demonstrations. richmond city council adopted a resolution that would allow the police department to decline requests by neighboring agents sees for mutual aid during certain incidents of civil unrest. a reaction to the occupy oakland protests where police have used batons and tear gas against demonstrators.
6:35 am
some richmond city council members say the city would still be open to giving mutual aid but would not necessarily provide support when the requesting agency uses tactics that richmond considers violent. san francisco is considering the drastic measure of banning free parking for people with disables. officials say it is in response to the growing number of people using the placards illegally, even though that abuse carries a $1,000 fine. >> there is some abuse. we also need to make sure in looking at that, we don't ignore the fact that there are many who are following the rules who need this. and having that kind of system in place is something we should be proud of. it is just a question of addressing some of the abuses. >> the free parking ban would require a change in state law. the city of novato offering $15,000 this morning for information leading to the person or persons, responsible for a rash of arson fires.
6:36 am
somebody has set 57 fires since saturday so far the fires have only burned grass and brush. the flames have come very close to some homes. police are trying to determine if the fires are being set by adult orchids playing around. this morning -- adult or kids playing around. this morning two men will be awarded a certificate for helping safe an -- save elderly couple from their home. they called 911 and then went in to investigate themselves. they found 85-year-old sam a world war ii vet and his wife in the backyard and helped them escape before firefighters got there. the two men will receive certificates of commendation. hopefully we can talk about three things in this weather forecast coming up, spare the air, record high temperatures and rain coming it >> well, when is that rain coming?
6:37 am
>> good question. it is not in the seven day forecast. but it is just after it, next week starting around tuesday. especially wfpbs day, thursday into the weekend. -- healthy rain and really ben initial snows. until then the air is stagnant again high pressure bringing poor air quality right now san francisco jump add head of santa rosa and vallejo for the poorest air quality this hour. by any time today santa clara valley and north bay forecasted to have the poorest air quality the difference between winter and summer is the air quality could be poor any time because it is woodburning fine particulates in the atmosphere not the ozone we see in the summer that builds throughout the afternoon. temperatures within three degrees of yesterday except antioch not hazy unlimited visible. in the 20s and 30s in most areas through 8:00, 40s around oakland, san francisco and
6:38 am
half moon bay with the dry air, the lack of winds variable, 5 to 10, mid 50s to near 60 by noon total sunshine by the 4:00 hour temperatures hold in the low to mid 60s half moon bay 59. best chance for record highs tomorrow and friday then you can see 50s back in the forecast monday and tuesday, dry all seven days. good morning. bay bridge toll metering lights on, starting to see a back-up now almost towards west grand, not horrible, but it is getting crowded westbound 80 through berkeley. as you head here, look pout for a crash in fairfield, westbound 80 travis boulevard already on the shoulder, injuries reported. north bay, 101 through san rafael still moving at or above the speed limit southbound past the marin civic center. now the waze traffic maps, all drivers on the roads right now
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who have turned on the waze application they are sharing their speeds with you. we can see things are moving along nicely in the south bay with i also found a couple abc7 traffic spotters who joined the group. there's one, chipper, moving along at over 40 miles an hour on highway 85. things are looking good in the south bay. some of the typical delays north 101 how it gets a little crowded. slowing on westbound 4, more wazers on the road as well. pretty heavy out of antioch. when you are on the traffic application it will show you red speeds and yellow, that's 29 miles an hour. of course, you can have this all available to you while you drive, just be a part of our community abc7 news traffic spotters you can go to the website and learn more about the waze application. now :39. we just got word of a massive ford recall we'll tell you which vehicles are among
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the nearly half a million affected. live report from the new york stock exchange. here's a live look at the big board right now the dow down 49 points.kztúx hybrid technology the smaller sized and smaller priced prius ready to roll out on to america's street. a look at the candidates experts say is walking away a winner and who is just walking away after the gop presidential primary in new hampshire. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco, any report says san francisco's new sheriff will likely be facing domestic violence charges. it is something that could have him serving time in a jail that these charge of. the story coming up in a live report. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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welcome back. :44. california forecast quiet up and down. sunshine 47 tahoe, mid 60s through the central valley into big sur, san diego, a lot of cloud cover around l.a., palm springs and san diego, low to mid 70s, l.a. and palm springs no rain in their forecast either. 6:44. this morning first lady michelle obama is expected to announce a new effort to help
6:45 am
future doctors better treat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. today mrs. obama will detail the more than 100 medical schools across the country that have now committed to help train future doctors to better treat ptsd and traumatic brain injuries. the effort will include starting more research and clinical trials and doing more to share findings and best practices. the candidates are now focused on south carolina's primary now that mitt romney last emerged -- has emerged victorious in new hampshire. [ unintelligible ] rick san rum, newt gingrich and perry trail the pack. things could -- get nasty in south carolina where romney has established himself as manhattan to beat. his challengers are spending mill -- [ unintelligible ] >> the biggest factor in
6:46 am
south carolina is going to be the endorsement by governor nikki haley of romney early on. >> what you will see in south carolina is perry, sanatorium and gingrich will clash over the same nonromney vote one will dropout, maybe even two. >> romney is the first nonincumbent candidate to ever win both iowa and the new hampshire primary in the same election cycle another day, another apple rumor. >> bloomberg reporter joins us live from the new york stock exchange. what is going on? >> reporter: good morning. it wouldn't be a day without an apple rumors. a bunch of rumors about the ipad. apple -- [ unintelligible ]
6:47 am
6:48 am
>> looks like we have more auto news. >> this involves toyota. best selling hybrid about to get a baby brother. the company unveiled the prius-c yesterday with a starting price under $19,000, a smaller, more affordable version of the wildly popular hybrid the car is set to go on sale in march, the goal is to attract younger buyers who may have previously believed a hybrid was out of their or their parents' price range. the starting price is under $19,000 if a hot -- [ unintelligible ] >> starting prices always without the options when you start adding those in. >> yeah we got options for new afternoon or this week we should say the weather is going to bring warm
6:49 am
temperatures also some spare the air, right? >> poor air quality right now san francisco leads the way. you can see it makes for a beautiful sunrise this morning, the orange from sue toe towards mount diablo in the -- sutro towards mount diablo in the east bay. temperatures cool thanks to this clear and calm start freezing temperatures throughout the north bay valleys mid to you upper 30s until you go antioch, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay 40s mid to upper 30s monterey bay inland salinas 41 gilroy 29. sunny, warmer our first highlight this afternoon. spare the air will continue until midnight tie time -- any time today. dry through at least monday rain still looking good for next week of compared to averages san francisco and san jose six degrees warmer,
6:50 am
fremont seven, napa and oakland eight, livermore nine you can see while we will make a run at some record highs today and more likely tomorrow. low to mid 60s in most neighborhoods this afternoon. santa rosa 67. mid to upper 60s monterey bay and same type of temperatures as you go inland you may have a few high clouds from time to time sun will dominate. the only 40s tonight san francisco, san mateo m -- and half moon bay, clear calm, chilly, upper 20s around napa, santa rosa everybody else in the 30s. high pressure still come dating, a few clouds that's what we talked about around southern california no radar returns. look how far north up in the arctic circle heading east to the rockies this week they are getting an arctic outbreak we are on the other side of that. we get above average temperatures and dry weather
6:51 am
through at least tuesday. temperatures peak tomorrow and friday in the upper 60s we'll stay in the 60s through saturday upper 50s at the coast sunday all of us in the mid 50s tuesday with the rain starting to roll in towards tuesday night especially wednesday of next week enjoy these beautiful sunrises hanging around thank you peggy for sending in this beautiful picture of the sunrise over san martin. if you have pictures just upload or e-mail them. we are going to take out to bay bridge toll, just a minor back-up beyond the end of the parking lot, not bad. we are starting to see typical delays all around the bay area, including 680 and walnut creek, southbound slow towards highway 24. you may want to consider mass transit this morning. so far systems reporting no delays. new crash reported on
6:52 am
westbound 580 grant line. now the waze traffic maps this brings real-time traffic speeds on any bay area street, at least any area where a wazer is driving. i want to show you how slow it is now as you head towards vallecito, 16 miles an hour. 18 miles an hour on elizabeth avenue. all you need to do is turn on the application and it collects speeds and then you can share those speeds with other drivers on the roads. you can be a part of the group by going to download the free application to your iphone, android or blackberry, you can even choose your waze mood icon and join our abc7 traffic spotter group. it is now just about 6:52. four bay area schools have been nominationed for the blue
6:53 am
ribbon schools program. which recognizes best or most improved schools. to be nominated the schools must be in the 86th percentile on tests or top 10% -- [ unintelligible ] recapping our top stories. police in san jose are trying to determine if there are any more victims after an elementary school teacher is arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a child on a school campus. >> amy hollyfield is live at whaley elementary. >> reporter: a woman arriving here for work this morning tells us she devastated to hear this. there's a lot of concern in this community, especially since police believe the sexual assault happened on
6:54 am
campus. craig chandler is in jail he's being held without bail. police are worried there could be more victims. they are asking people with any information that could help their investigation to please come forward. they believe the child was sexually assaulted on the whaley elementary school campus between august and object. they haven't said whether the child is a student here or the child's -- age. chandler taught second and third graders which are 7, 8 and 9-year-olds. he's been near for about nine years. the superintendent said in a written statement: the safety and well-being of the children is their primary concern. our other top story covered in san francisco by our own terry mcsweeney. let's check in with him for an update. >> reporter: good morning. new report in today's chronicle says sheriff ross mirkarimi is likely to face charges of misdemeanor domestic violence. the d.a.'s office says there is a case there and they are going forward with it.
6:55 am
take a look at sheriff mirkarimi with the ceremonial swearing in over the weekend. even at the time he said there was a include hanging over him that started forming new year's eve when mirkarimi grabbed his wife's arm with such force that it left a bruise. the wife had a neighbor document that bruise with video. when police went to get that she refused, police obtained a search warrant and got it. mirkarimi's wife now saying that the allegations are wrong and taken out of context. i received an e-mail this morning asking for the difference between misdemeanor domestic violence and felony? the difference is in the severity of the injury. in this case there was just, quotes around the word just, just a bruise. if convicted mirkarimi could face one year's worth of counseling he could lose his right to carry a firearm. if he gets the maximum, could spend time in his own jail. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
6:56 am
6:55. final check on weather and traffic. a little mea culpa here i said san martin instead of san martina. let's talk about temperatures that's what it going to look like, 28 napa, 46 in san francisco all of us will top out in the low to mid 60s with sunshine today. >> final check bay bridge toll pretty good the last few mornings only just beyond the end of the parking lot. san francisco waze traffic maps, 16 miles an hour on octavia getting on to the central freeway. this information is provided by waze drivers out there. all you need to do is turn on the application and it will collect your speeds. you can even join our abc7 traffic spotter group like
6:57 am
this person did. the more people that join, the more accurate the information is. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24 this morning. keep track on twitter and you can talk about it at fast book/ abc7 news. go to our website to learn how to download the waze app. have a great day. >> no fireplace burning it is a spare the air day.
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