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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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coming up next rvetion a bay area teacher accused of having sex with a student. >> and the sierra resort is offering a unique guarantee to its guest. abc7 news begins in 60
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good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight another teacher faces charges of having sex with a students. >> this time it is a high school teacher in livermore. her name is marie johnson, and police arrested her this morning when she uh -- arrived for work at granada high school in livermore. that's where ama dates is with the story. ama? >> carolyn and dan, marie johnson has been a teacher here at granada for 13 years, and tonight she is on administrative leave and in jail after police say she had a sexual relationship with a student. >> i saw it first on facebook, so i saw what happened to ms. j? >> students at granada high school called her ms. j, and
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police call her a suspect in a sexual assault involving a students. 40-year-old marie johnson is a math teacher at granada, and she is also married. this morning she was arrested by livermore police. >> there are 24 counts ranging from sexual intercourse with a minor, lewd acts with a minor and oral copulation. >> a student called and talked about the a relationship that happened between december of 2010 and may of last year. the boy was 14 at the time. >> they met each other through social media, texting, facebook, and then through words with friends, chatting. >> the friendship lead to a sexual relationship. >> that sexual relationship occurred inside her car and throughout other different locations in livermore. mainly in her car. >> the school district released a statement saying the teacher was placed on leave and it was cooperating fully with law enforcement officials while conducting a simultaneous personnel investigation. a recorded message was also
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sent to parents. >> it is upsetting to hear anything like that. >> it seems everyone at granada high is talking about it. >> some of them are really coming to her defense who have had classes with her and really like her. other kids are not being as nice. >> pam's son didn't have johnson as a teacher, but played word with friends with her, a scrabble-type game that allows you to play scrabble with people on-line. >> i never played scrabble with any other teacher than with her. my relationship was unique. i talked to her about other things. she was like a friend almost. >> but calvin didn't think much of it. >> she wants to get to know her students better, that's how i think of it. >> parents need to be mindful of their kids' social media relationship. >> for the most part it is appropriate, but some people take advantage of it. >> it is never any kind of issues that have come to my attention before worrying about a teacher being friends with a student on facebook. >> now you might be? >> oh yes.
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>> johnson is scheduled to be in court on friday. right now her bail is set at $1.8 million. livermore police tell me that they don't have any indication at this point that there are any other victims out there, but they want parents to sit down and talk with their kids tonight and if something is discovered give them a call as soon as possible. ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. today's arrest is the fifth child molestation case in the past five years involving a school employee. the other defendants include a coach and two teachers and a janitor. meantime san jose elementary school teacher craig chandler was arrested on child molestation charges and tonight he said he sexually assaulted his victim on campus at whaley elementary school. counselors were there on campus helping students and parents cope with this news. chandler taught second and third grades at the school for nine years. police are now looking for other possible victims. the police are looking for a san jose teenager and the man accused of kid p thating
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her. investigators say raquel menchaca was last seen geting into a gold toyota solara driven by her boyfriend. detectives say they may be in the stockton area or ukiah where they were reportedly seen over the weekend. new developments in the death of a bay area teenager in a drunk driving accident. 17-year-old margaret kakish was killed in an accident on highway 101. the 19-year-old driver was arrested for dui, and now as leslie brinkley reports, two others are facing charges. >> she purchased three bottles of 40-ounce bottles of beer and one bottle of this pink wine cooler. >> this attorney represents the owner of the good and rich drive through market in south san francisco. on february fourth, 2011, a regular customer, a woman named amilia chen came with a teenage woman's friend.
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she was 17 years old. at 3:20 the next morning kakish died in an accident on the highway. her friend, the 19-year-old driver had been drinking heavily. who paid for the whole is at the center of the tragedy. >> to check the identification of the minor. >> according to the beverage control officials they didn't. >> the minor tried to purchase the alcohol with a debit card. the transaction did not go through. the minor left and went to get cash and came back in and purchased the alcohol and they left the store with the alcohol in the hands and then took it outside the store. >> my client did not sell to a minor. my client sold to an adult. it was an adult who put the purchase on her tab, on herbal she has with the store. >> the owner along with 51-year-old amilia chin both face charges of providing alcohol to a minor.
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arrests they say are part of a witch hunt. >> it is a witch hunt. just trying to pick somebody out to make somebody take care of this tragic thing and make somebody responsible for it. >> there is surveillance video showing the transaction. meanwhile, the 19-year-old driver who had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit could face four years in prison when he is sentenced on february 3rd. in south san francisco, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. well, a decision is imminent in the domestic violence allegation against san francisco's new sheriff. he said he expects to decide whether to file charges by the end of this week. according to a police affidavit, a neighbor says he grabbed and bruised his wife's right arm during an argument on new year's eve. he denied the allegations and his attorney insists there was no domestic abuse. >> i have an idea what happened here.
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i don't think a crime was committed or an offense was committed. >> we want the well being of the alleged victim which is our number one concern. >> the mayor's wife was at his side at sunday's swearing in ceremony. she says she has no complaint against her husband and this incident has been taken out of context. in the next 25 years it is estimated that two million more people will be living in the bay area. to accommodate them, a land use program is being launched. alan wang is live in dublin where officials were met by what sounds like an angry crowd. >> most were not very happy, dan. tonight's gathering was part of a series of meetings designed to get feedback on a project called plan bay area. the strategy is to get more people living near their jobs and mass transportation that would reduce greenhouse gases. opponents are calling this social engineering.
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>> it is willing to pay for it and it will get built. >> a growing opposition is forming against plan bay area, a 25-year integrated land use and transportation plan for the nine bay area counties. >> you are forcing the plan on the cities despite your pretty words about it not really being forced. but they have a choice. >> there are 200 priority development areas, much planned for high density living that would rely on mass transit. >> you are going to make it hard for the middle class to use their cards. the -- cars. the cost of living will go up. how will those with low income move up? >> the plan is lead by the association of bay area governments and the metropolitan transportation commission. they say it is based on the changing deem ma grivegs of the bay area. >> with the change and the preferences by the young professionals and by new families pursuing more of an
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urban environment. >> but the biggest issue is the process. many called it a sham saying the public is left to make only minor decisions. >> all of the most important decisions on this subject have been made. they have been made by big developers and high density growth advocacy groups. and we were not at the table when those decisions were made. >> the largest development calls for 24,000 housing units in downtown san francisco. the smallest is 20 units in sonoma county. the plan is scheduled to be adopted in april of 2013, but the next public meeting will be held at the marin center in san rafael this coming tuesday at 5:45 p.m. reporting live in dublin, i'm alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks, alan. the west contra costa county school district says security cameras will finally be installed at pinole valley high school.
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they were supposed to be set up after a shooting there almost two years ago. the project ended up on the back burner until recently when community groups started asking about the delay. bidding on the estimated $400,000 project will begin next week with the cameras expected to be up and running by april 1st. they will be connected directly to the pinole police department. well, coming up here next, detecting a nuclear bomb has never been easier. the amazing material that has affected -- that is effective and smaller and cheaper than anything else in use. >> and the crisis in slow motion. why banks appear to be taking back fewer homes. >> and it was a hard sell on the sierra. it is guaranteeing snow. >> coming up next on "nightline" one mother and two lovers are raising a child together under the same roof. inside an unconventional love triangle. and shocking revelations from a psychiatrist who evaluated
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the murder of an iranian scientist in iran.
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he was assassinated when a bomb exploded in his car. two motorcyclists targeted the car attaching a magnetic bomb to the vehicle. it is the latest hit aimed at the members of the nuclear brain trust. four have been killed in the past two years. they blamed agents link edz to israel -- linked to israel and the united states. but secretary of state hillary clinton insists the u.s. is not involved. >> i want to cat tau gore rickly deny the united states involvement in any act of violence inside iran. >> and there are on going concerns that today's assassination could increase the risk of execution for the former u.s. marine sentenced to death in iran earlier this week. detecting nuclear material could soon be a bit easier. lawrence livermore laboratory revealed a new, cheaper material that can detect neutron radiation including materials used to make bombs. it is made of plastic that is far cheaper than the crystals
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currently used, and it can be small or large as necessary. it is not in production yet, but it should be available in a few years. to the presidential politics. he had a good week, but mitt romney is not claiming victory in the gop race just yet. he traveled to south carolina today, the site of the next republican primary a week from saturday. the former massachusetts governor is two for two in the gop contests with victories in iowa and last night in new hampshire. >> we are prepared to go the distance. we've got a great team. we've got support from across the country and more and more people are joining our efforts. i hope to be able to get the nomination, but it is not going to get a decided -- going to get decide anytime real son. >> competetors are not ready to give in. the santorum, perry and gingrich campaigns believe they have a shot in the conservative southern state. poll shows romney ahead in south carolina with gingrich second and santorum third. new numbers released show a dramatic drop in
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foreclosures last year. 1.8 million properties faced foreclosure filings. that's down from 2010. it is the lowest level since 2007. according to reality track it is due to industries plaguing the industry. -- things plaguing the industry. california has the third highest rate in the nation. it is one in 31 homes had at least one foreclosure notice last year. those rates are expected to go up in 2012. a hotel is hoping to head off a winter of discontent for skiers. the forest suite rez sort is offering what it is calling a snow guarantee package. if you book a visit this month and there isn't two feet of fresh snow when you arrive, you can can sell -- you can cans sell your reservation and get your money back, or stay and choose between a sight seeing cruise for two or one lift ticket to heavenly. they are trying to get people up there. >> and perhaps next week some snow may arrive.
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certainly some wet weather here perhaps in the bay area. >> we are hoping. meteorologist sandhya patel is keeping a close eye on it for us. >> perhaps is the underling word here as we head into the middle of the week. dan and carolyn, we could be seeing some snow in the sierra nevada. there is a chance on wednesday and some rain in the bay area. before we get to that, i want to show you a you report photo. people are enjoying this lovely weather. salmon fishing submitted by bee winters. you can see how gorgeous it was with the clear skies and mid to upper 20s this morning in the coldest locations. we are headed for another cold night ahead. this afternoon, nice recovery. 67 degrees in fairfield, oakland, redwood city. close to 70 degrees in santa rosa, cloverdale and a pretty warm day in livermore as well. at least by winter's standards. 69 there. 66 in san jose. mid60s in places like half moon bay and san francisco. another you report photo. this is flying high in the sky in sonoma county and submitted
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by suzanne to "you report." it was hazy and with the haze with us it is a spare the air as we head into tomorrow. the temperatures right now are falling. mid to upper 30s in the north bay. and you notice 40s around the bay and down toward the south bay. it is a couple of low 50s in san francisco and antioch. cold in the valleys again tonight. spring-like days the next few days, and we are looking at cooler weather for the weekend. poor air quality in the santa clara valley. moderate air quality elsewhere. we really need storms to clear out the air mass here and make for some better air quality. and we could be seeing that by the middle of next week. but until then bundle up when you head out the door tomorrow morning. it is a cold start. napa 28. 29 in santa rosa. down to 30 degrees fairfield, 32 livermore. mid30s for morgan hill. santa cruz, 39 in palo alto and 40 in oakland, san mateo and half moon bay. here is the satellite and
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radar. we have an area of high pressure that will keep us in a dry pattern. it continues, but just for a couple more days. the ridge will be breaking down, and we will notice cooler air. and then rain may develop. we take you very far out here. we are advancing to wednesday, and you notice the rain line shifting southward as a cold front approaches. it could be seeing snow in the sierra nevada by wednesday afternoon and evening. rain in the bay area. it would be a welcome site especially since we are running so dry. not just here, but in the high country as well. afternoon highs, 68 in santa rosa. a nice day in vallejo, oakland, palo alto, fremont. all mid60s. near 70 in livermore. 66 for you in san jose. around the monterey bay,6067 in santa cruz and 70 degrees in salinas. here is the seven-day forecast and it features mild sunny spring-like weather the next couple days. cooler over the weekend and right into martin luther king, junior day of the mid to upper
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50s and a chance of rain carolyn and dan coming in as early as wednesday. could see wet weather off and on heading into the following weekend. we will wait and see. >> thanks, sandhya. s . coming up next, bay area researchers discover what gives booze its buzz. gio we will have the -- we os
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researchers at uc berkeley and ucsf say they know why booze gives people a buzz. it triggers the pleasure enducing endorphines in the brain. they reached the conclusion by studying brain images of the volunteer drinkers. the study is published in the journal translation medicine. if you are hoping to buy a ticket to this saturday's 49ers game at the stick, you could find a deal. stub hub says ticket prices are down 20% since monday with the cheapest seats now going for $157. stub hub says the game between the niners and saints is still the hottest selling playoff game on the site, and it expects prices to continue to fluctuate. a couple more day. >> what a game that will be.
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>> tricky on the tickets though. when do you click buy? as for the game, can the 49ers' offense really keep pace with the saints? vernon davis says yes. the solution to red and gold red zone whoas, next. beth!
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the 49ers has one of the worst offenses in the league. heading into the playoffs with the saints we know that the niners must get to the end zone. field goals are not going to get it done against a saints people that averages almost 34 points per game. if you break it down, the saints' average on the road is down to 27 points per game. the niners averaged 28 a game at home. so presto, you can see they can win this thing. vernon davis believes the niners will cash in inside the 20. >> we have to do our job and take care of our responsibilities and keep the
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ball moving. score touchdowns in the red zone. that's one area we have to get better at. there has been a lot of talk about our red zone problems, but i think we got them corrected. i think we corrected all of those things. >> we will see on saturday. the surprise from the giants pitching staff last season was ryan vow -- vogelsung who is back and getting paid. he has a contract worth $8 million. he went from a guy who was hoping to make the team out of spring training on a minor league deal coming in. he became one of the giants' most reliable starters last year, 13-7 record, one of the best e.r.a in the national league. he called it a dream season and rewarded for it. the warriors knocked off lebron and the heat. they host the magic tomorrow night. maybe lebron was looking ahead to tonight's game in l.a. griffen saying hi and hello to the clipper fans in the first row. the slam dunk champion always good for a few of these. 20 for blake griffin.
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lebron james with the answer here. with authority. look at billy crystal. wow. wow. 23 for lebron. fast-forward and 5 seconds left. lebron can hit one of two free throws. he shakes him and bakes him, but misses the final shot in regulation. paul had 27 in overtime. deion drey showing up and showing up angry. the clips win it. when montgomery sits down with the media it looks like he is going through a cia interrogation, but not having as much fun. the coach not thrilled in the past year. tomorrow night the bears host the colorado buffaloes. the buffs have won six straight. cal is just a game back in the conference standings. here is mike. >> we have seven teams that have double figure wins at this stage of the season. so obviously people are doing
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a good job. >> speaking of doing a good job, the most popular pro athlete in america right now is -- tim tebow. yes, it is tebow time. all the time it is tebow time. espn does a monthly poll, and usually the guy winning the vote is kobe bryant or aaron rodgers or tom brady whom tebow will face on saturday. but tebow mania has swept the nation, the universe, the galaxy. the broncos' quarterback is now the most popular player in the u.s. i saw one estimate that he is worth $10 million a year in endorsements if he wanted to take that money. that's your toyota sports report. >> it is indeed tebow time. that's a good time. >> thanks, larry. "nightline" is up next. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and abc7 news bay area. >> check us out there for larry beil and sandhya patel, we appreciate your time. >> good night, even. -- good night, everyone.
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