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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 12, 2012 2:40am-4:00am PST

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carbendazim found in juice from brazil. as for your pocketbook, grocers tell us it will be at least one month before you'll price adjustments on juice. in plant city, ashley glass, abc news. a much dryer day is in store for minnesota today. snow that started coming down yesterday ends finally this morning. but some much colder air moves on in. cities like rochester will dip to single digits today with wind chills plunging well below zero. it's cold in minnesota in the winter. shocking news this morning. >> but it's beautiful in minnesota too. it's really hot in the summers and really cold in the winters. extremes. >> extremes. here's a look at your weather now. across the country, up to ten inches of snow in des moines. chicago and milwaukee. snow and sleet in northern new england and upstate new york. heavy rain tapers off from boston down to philly. windy from new york to the carolinas. >> 55 in atlanta. 43 in boston. dallas 45. freezing 16 in the twin cities. even colder, 4 degrees in fargo. 30s from billings to salt lake city. and 60 in sacramento. well, two chinese institutions came together to launch a rather unique project. the first, former nba star yao ming, and the second was a half
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dozen of china's giant pandas. >> speaking of giant, it's yao ming. he is huge. >> he's a big boy. >> well, he was there to help open what's being called a semi-wild enclosure for the pandas. the hope is that these pandas, which were born in captivity, can eventually be introduced into the wild. >> it is a long-term project, to say the least. the experts claim the project won't reach its goals for 50 years. that's a long timeline. >> good to see he's doing some goodwill in his retirement. >> yeah. good for him. more "world news now" when we come back. ♪ everything i own ♪ all my mistakes ♪ you already know ♪ i want to be free ♪ i want to be free we know a place where tossing and turning
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have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake.
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walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. well, over the years barbie has been many things. a cowgirl, a figure skater, even a tv news woman.
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>> indeed. well, the next barbie you see on shelves could be one you never imagined, actually. a bald barbie. abc's lana zak has more on what's become a major facebook campaign. good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. for more than 50 years barbie has been an iconic image of beauty. and now some moms are enlisting her help in showing everybody that bald can be beautiful. like many 3-year-olds, little tatum loves this plastic doll. >> what do you think about a barbie that wouldn't have hair? >> i don't know. >> reporter: she brings her barbies to the hospital, where she started receiving treatment for leukemia. tatum's mother, debbie, has tried to explain that she will soon lose her hair. >> i'm going to look like a boy. >> reporter: a tough concept for one so young. so when debbie saw the facebook site beautiful and bald barbie, she immediately decided to share the link with her friends. thousands of others have joined in hopes that mattel will soon manufacture the doll. it's the savvy idea of two
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friends facing off against cancer in their own families. jane bingham was battling non-hodgkin's lymphoma at the same time that becky sipen's then 11-year-old daughter kinley was losing her hair from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, known as a.l.l. >> actually, i have a daughter who's dealing with cancer herself. so we thought it would be a great idea and a great tool for other girls dealing with hair loss to have a barbie that looked like them. >> reporter: in just three weeks their facebook campaign has exploded, tripling the number of supporters in the last 24 hours. >> i went to bed last night, and it was about 7,000 likes last night. we were hoping to get to about 10,000 sometime this week, maybe grow a couple hundred a day. >> reporter: it didn't take a week to get to 10,000. in fact, they surpassed the 20,000 mark in one day. and the number is still climbing. for little tatum's family it's not hard to understand why. a simple idea to help us all
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recognize the great beauty that can be found in bald heads. we reached out to mattel, the makers of barbie, who so far have not responded to our request for an interview. the women for their part have only received form letters saying that mattel does not solicit ideas from outside sources. there is some good news, however. hasbro, the makers of g.i. joe, are responding positively to their ideas for a campaign. paula, rob? >> and the public responding well. thank you, lana. the public responding well too. 28,000 facebook fans as of this morning. >> this could be great for girls and even there are some men out there that suffer from alopecia, which is, you know, a disease where you lose a lot of your hair. good for them. i hope they can do it, actually. >> well done, barbie. a good cause for sure. all right. coming up next, she is a working mom with a voice all her own. >> celine dion on how she juggles family matters and her demands as a performer, next. ♪ rising in the east ♪ rising in the east
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♪ song as old as time ♪ beauty and the beast ♪ song as old as time ♪ beauty and the beast there you go. >> they're talking about us. >> aren't they? that song, of course, introduced celine dion to the world and shot her to stardom two decades ago. >> i love her. since then the artist has won emmys, oscars, grammys, you name it. but as she tells abc's juju chang, her most important accomplishment is starting a family. >> reporter: celine dion is backstage and about to face a packed house at caesars palace. >> showtime. >> reporter: somehow she manages to balance all the glitz and glam with the dirty diapers and the homework. >> i still love what i do. but not at any price. i'm not talking about money. i'm talking about what my family needs. >> right. >> i want to be there for my children. >> let's go. >> reporter: but juggling divahood and mamahood is not easy.
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>> i usually don't walk with my babies in heels. >> my kids get very upset when i put makeup on because they're like oh, mommy, don't go. >> yeah. i understand. yeah. my son, r.c., my oldest, was always like, mommy's going to stay home. she has bare feet. her hair's in a ponytail. >> right. >> and she's going to be playing with me all day. that was his favorite outfit, mommy in her p.j.s. >> hi, my name's belle. what's yours? >> r.c. >> r.c. and this is my friend beast. >> reporter: tonight r.c. and his brothers are celebrating a major milestone in their mother's meteoric career. ♪ tale as old as time it's been 20 years, and "beauty and the beast" is being rereleased this week in 3-d. ♪ >> i can't believe that this song is so known and it's mine. the first song that was played on the radio a lot was "where does my heart beat now." "beauty and the beast" has started my career. ♪ beast
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>> reporter: and celine credits her family for making that career possible. the youngest of 14 children, she keeps her loved ones very close. her husband has managed her career since she was 12. the stage manager is her brother. the tour manager her stepson. and the live-in babysitter her beloved sister. >> it's a family affair. >> it is a family affair. and it makes it possible for me. ♪ >> since you're 12 years old if you decide to spend all your life doing your work, it's amazing to be able to surround yourself with people that make you feel at your best. >> and she's earned that success, man, the hard way. before the twins were born she did 200 shows a year. now she's down to a mere 70. but that's a lot. that's impressive. >> but it's so refreshing to see a woman who not only balances career with family but she's putting family above her career. nothing is going to
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there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." we're fighting over our morning papers. >> yeah, we are. there are some good ones, though. >> okay. i applaud "plus model" magazine for this latest article that they have. there -- a new feature claiming that most runway models meet the body mass index, or the bmi, for anorexia. >> ooh. i believe it. look at her. that does not look good. >> no. now, 20 years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average woman. today she weighs 23% less. and get this, the majority of plus-size models are between a size 6 and 14. so by the fashion standards i
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would be a plus-size model. >> really? >> i would be a plus-size model -- >> you are anything but plus size. so that's a scary standard. >> i'm not, but it's kind of like a reality check. and i totally applaud "plus model" magazine. 50% of women wear a size 14 or larger, but most clothing is catered to 14 or smaller. >> i will never understand that people think that bony skeletor look is hot or sexy or whatever. i think most dudes like a little curve, a little meat, something you don't feel like you're going to break somebody when you hug them. >> not a good feeling. >> no. i don't get it. the ally mcbeal look is out. it's over with. all right. move on to number 2 here. interesting thing for all you work couples out there. according to the "daily mail," couples who do similar jobs find it harder to maintain a proper balance between work and home, a new study has found. so they're saying it may not be good to be with someone who does the same job. >> then you end up inevitably talking shop. and you can't distance yourself from it. >> they say it's not good. but also they say it can be beneficial because you can relate to each other and help each other out when things get stressful because you can relate
2:57 am
to those similar job stresses. so i don't know how i feel about that one. but i think it always gives you something to talk about, which is good. married people tend to run out of things to say. >> do you ever do "the new york times" crossword puzzle? >> every now and then. if i'm feeling really smart. >> it sparked a big debate. illing, which was the answer provided for saturday's puzzle for the hip-hop clue whack. people are confused about what whack means, what illing means. >> break it down. >> ill means good and cool and hot. if you say illing then it's whack. you whack. >> so basically this woman sent an e-mail trying to call out "the new york times" -- >> so this show is illing. >> this show is definitely illing. >> and you're ill. >> i am ill. >> talk about the next one. this makes some people ill. >> this may make you ill, too. espn, according to the new poll, tim tebow is america's favorite active pro athlete here. this is a poll they do monthly. they've been doing it for 18 years. only 11 athletes have been featured including michael jordan and tiger woods. but people are shocked at how
2:58 am
fast he's climbed the ranks before the end of his second pro season, he's already number 1. so tebow mania is sweeping the
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this morning on "world news now," disturbing images that could show u.s. marines urinating on the bodies of dead taliban rebels. >> the video immediately went viral, forcing the military to do damage control while launching a full investigation. it's thursday january 12th. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. the military is trying to determine if the images circulating the internet are authentic and show real marines doing the unthinkable. military brass are demanding answers right up the chain of command.
3:01 am
>> just unbelievable photos there. almost reminiscent of the prison scandal during the bush years. those prisoners being tortured. we'll get to that in just a second. also this morning, a topic very important to all of you insomniac viewers out there. how to recognize and treat symptoms of a very serious sleep disorder that could actually threaten your health. you and i will be listening closely to this one. >> things it affects we don't really think it affects. >> exactly. and later this half hour, that lowly bottle of gin is getting a makeover and going upscale. your favorite martini may never taste the same. i've only had two in my life, and that was enough. >> really? >> i don't remember that night. >> you had a rough martini experience, did you? >> yeah. what are they, chocolatinis? >> that's like a girlie kind of drink. >> they're good. can't do that again. >> bring in some photos of that to share tomorrow. but first, there are fears this morning of a major backlash against u.s. service members and civilians serving overseas after that shocking video surfaced online.
3:02 am
>> the navy's crime unit is working to verify that the images are authentic, but clearly the damage is already done. abc's luis martinez is joining us from the pentagon with details. good morning, luis. >> reporter: good morning. the marine corps says it doesn't know much about the circumstances behind the video but says it will be fully investigated and that those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. the video appeared on several websites wednesday and shows what appear to be four marines standing over the bodies of three afghan males, presumably taliban fighters. they look around before urinating on the bodies. one of the men chuckles and can be heard in a mocking tone saying, "have a great day, buddy." the marine corps responded quickly after the video appeared online and said they would launch a full investigation. even though they had not verified the origin or the authenticity of the video, the marines' statement said, "the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values, and are not indicative of the character of the marines in our corps." the description accompanying the video in one website identifies the marines as belonging to a combat battalion from camp
3:03 am
lejeune, north carolina that served in afghanistan last summer. the council on american-islamic relations has condemned the video as disturbing and said it could endanger the lives of american soldiers and civilians serving in afghanistan. rob and paula? >> whenever images like these surface, you have to wonder what the impact is in terms of the global perception of the u.s. military. it just puts such a bad light on us after a pretty historic last couple of months of us kind of ending the war and trying to improve relations in that part of the world. now this. >> one photo like that can ruin all of it. >> of course. >> one photo. >> huge setback. we'll follow that story throughout the week of course. >> for sure. the u.s. is denying it had anything to do with the assassination of a nuclear scientist in iran. mustafa ahmadi roshan was killed instantly when a bomb blew up in his car yesterday in tehran. his driver was also killed. secretary of state clinton categorically denied that washington was involved in the violence. israel, however, has made no such denials. joran van der sloot, the main suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway, has now pleaded guilty to the murder of a young woman in peru. after his plea yesterday van der
3:04 am
sloot's attorney claimed the murder was the result of stress stemming from the holloway case. the murder took place back in 2010, exactly five years to the day after holloway of course disappeared in aruba. van der sloot will be sentenced tomorrow. an update now on those controversial pardons handed out by the mississippi governor on his last day in office. a judge has temporarily blocked the release of 21 inmates while the state attorney general investigates whether those pardons were legal. haley barbour, the former governor, said yesterday that people misunderstood why he gave reprieves to the more than 200 inmates. >> and there's context to that story. because one, he's certainly not the first governor to do that. hundreds have been released under former governors including reagan and schwarzenegger. secondly, some of those folks were not in jail, they were already back on the street. so it's not like he opened the jail cells and said 200 guys come on out. >> it was just to clear those guys' record. they were already members of society and integrated
3:05 am
themselves back into society. so there's more to this story. >> there is. >> a lot more. >> just seems on the surface for an odd move for such a staunch conservative governor. >> 200. >> yeah, it's a big number. turning to politics now, and another high-level show of support for mitt romney. former u.n. ambassador john bolton endorsed romney last night. >> bolton had been mentioned as a possible secretary of state if newt gingrich were to be president. abc's scott goldberg is following the gop campaign. good morning, scott. >> reporter: rob and paula, mitt romney wants to keep his momentum going, and his opponents are fighting for their political lives as they all move on to south carolina, a state where the winner of the republican primary has gone on to win the gop presidential nomination in every election since 1980. mitt romney landed in south carolina with the wind in his sails. >> i think you have to say, this has been a failed presidency. >> reporter: but also a target on his back. his rivals already are playing hard to the conservative crowd. >> i'm proud to stand up and say that i'm a christian. >> reporter: rick perry is talking up his evangelical
3:06 am
credentials, knowing romney's mormonism might be more of an issue in the south. perry also kept pummeling the management firm romney used to lead. >> companies like bain capital could have come in and helped these companies. if they truly were venture capitalists. but they're not. they're vulture capitalist. >> reporter: before he left new hampshire, romney said voters aren't buying his opponents' claims that bain killed jobs instead of creating them. >> i think their argument fell flat here in new hampshire. >> reporter: but for those other candidates, ron paul, rick santorum, jon huntsman, and newt gingrich, new hampshire might just have been practice. >> romney signed government-mandated health care with taxpayer-funded abortions. >> reporter: a super pac supporting gingrich is spending nearly $3.5 million on ads, and the former speaker says romney needs to get used to this from his fellow republicans and from
3:07 am
president obama's team. >> if they think they could get through a general election with obama and axelrod and not have to be capable of answering tough questions, that's a formula for guaranteed defeat this fall. >> reporter: there also will be new calls for romney to make his tax returns public. but the multimillionaire told abc as of now he has no plans to do that. rob and paula? >> all right. thanks for that report, scott. and president obama is back at the white house after a quick campaign fund-raising trip to his hometown. the president told supporters in the windy city of chicago that they can't give up in the battle to win the white house for another four years. speaking at three different events, the president never specifically mentioned mitt romney, but he said come november voters will have a clear choice. following the penn state sex abuse scandal, first it was former football coach joe paterno who revealed he's fighting lung cancer. and now we know that athletic director tim curley is also battling a recurrence of the disease. curley is currently on administrative leave while he battles charges in connection with the scandal. his attorney says he kept his cancer private because he didn't want it to appear that he was seeking sympathy.
3:08 am
and a horrible freestyle skiing accident has left one of the sport's pioneers in critical condition. 29-year-old canadian sarah burke was training in park city, utah when she was injured tuesday. she's in a salt lake city hospital, where it's believed she's being kept in a medically induced coma. she lobbied to have freestyle halfpipe skiing included in the olympics, where it will debut in 2014. some north carolina residents are spending the night in shelters after a rare winter tornado ripped through two counties. the twister hit the western part of the state yesterday afternoon, damaging or destroying more than two dozen homes. some of them blown right off their foundations. take a look at that. at least ten people were injured. hundreds lost power. here's now a look at your thursday forecast. up to ten inches of snow in the midwest around des moines, chicago, your old stomping ground. ♪ chicago milwaukee and the upper peninsula of michigan. some heavy rain wraps up this morning from philly to beantown. some snow and freezing rain in western new york and northern
3:09 am
new england. >> speaking of former towns, it's going to be 50s from new orleans -- >> nawlins. >> -- to new york city. nawlins. a bone-chilling 4 degrees in fargo. teens in minneapolis and omaha. phoenix 66. sacramento 60. and seattle 40. so if you really think it's cold, just think of that 4 degrees in fargo. >> bundle up. >> up until this morning we had been telling you about the warmer than usual winter that they've been having in paula's hometown of chicago recently. well, here's another result of those conditions. >> it's a rare hummingbird that had been nesting on one bird enthusiast's property until about a week ago. this type of bird usually spends summers in the pacific northwest before flying south for the winter. why in the world would it be in chicago this time of year? >> it got fooled by this -- this unusual winter. >> heat wave? it's snowing now, though. >> of course. there you go. it's believed that the
3:10 am
previously mild temperatures and strong winds may have blown the hummingbird into the area. but no doubt it's snowing now, it's on its way back out if it's smart. >> fly south or fly to the northwest. because it's going to get really cold in chicago. >> what's the coldest temperature you ever remember in chicago? like negative what? anything you remember like oh -- >> like negative frozen. it was just really, really cold. actually, last year, last february we had the third worst blizzard in chicago history. >> i remember that. >> i mean like huge snow drifts, like five feet high. basically had to shut everything down. >> last winter was rough for a lot of folks. i was glad this winter's a little more mild. we deserve a mild winter. >> but us midwesterners, if we ever travel, we're tough. we can get through the winters. >> i'll be in miami. we'll be right back on "world news now" after this. ♪ hummingbird ♪ happy ♪ spread my wings and make me fly ♪
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♪ golden slumbers ♪ fill your eyes you don't even want to know who we were just talking about. >> all good things, right?
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>> all good things, yes. >> dinner table conversation. >> yes. well, as i'm quickly learning, getting a good night's, or should i say good day's sleep on this shift is hard to come by. because we literally sleep during the day. >> vampire hours. insomnia, of course, is a problem sweeping the country right now. especially for women. and what's causing those sleepless nights actually could be deadly. here's abc's claire shipman. >> reporter: in the darkest hours of the night, familiar anxiety-ridden laments. >> it's 4:30 a.m. everybody's asleep -- >> asleep but me. >> it's 1:00 in the morning. i'm not asleep. >> i'm absolutely exhausted. >> i'm tired all the time. >> i just want to sleep. >> reporter: millions of women sleepless. cathy rossi was one of them. she remembers being constantly crushingly exhausted. >> it hurts. i want to die. i was on one interstate, and the next thing i knew i was on another road and i had no idea where i was. >> reporter: it took her six doctors and six months to be diagnosed with a condition
3:16 am
usually associated with men, sleep apnea. >> i didn't have any of the typical symptoms of what would be sleep apnea. >> reporter: in sleep apnea your airway becomes blocked when throat muscles relax too much at night. the result -- you wake up dozens of times to breathe but you may not know it or it may keep you up at night. untreated, the health problems can be alarming. heart disease, dementia, hypertension. it affects up to 1 in 25 middle-aged women. and upenn doctor grace yen says as many as 80% of those cases may be undiagnosed. >> the symptoms we think about with sleep apnea are those that were first described in men. >> reporter: but women don't always have those symptoms. for instance, they may not snore, the trademark red flag in men. what should women look for? at night irregular breathing or gasping. during the day, dry mouth, headaches, exhaustion, or mood changes. the reliable solution, this mask
3:17 am
that pumps air through airways, keeping them open. at first women may not be thrilled with it. >> this doesn't scream romance, right? >> reporter: cathy had her doubts, but now she uses it every night. >> i sleep so much better. >> reporter: a mystery solved. and waking hours, say cathy, that feels like hers again. claire shipman, abc news, philadelphia. >> it is a serious problem. and obviously, you're still getting your body clock adjusted to this shift and you found something that worked for you yesterday. >> i have an eye mask but it's white and it doesn't block the light. so i got home in the morning and i thought i need something to block it out. maybe some socks or pantyhose but i thought maybe that might strangle me. so i got a pair of the little boy short underwear and i literally put it over my head. and because it had the elastic in it it stayed on great. a towel would come off. i slept for 6 1/2 hours. >> okay. so the trick is underwear over the eyes. >> clean underwear. >> thanks for that image. we'll be back with more on a cocktail makeover. so tell me more about this. >> you just put it over your head --
3:18 am
>> you just put it over your head -- more about this. >> you just put it over your head --
3:19 am
♪ well, that was of course the theme to tv's hit show "mad men." and if i were don draper i'd be sipping on a gin martini right about now. >> you wouldn't be working with me? >> absolutely not. >> all right. but gin was not always considered hip. the bbc's louise hubble reports. >> reporter: this 18th century scene depicts a time when gin in london was cheap, copious, and thought to be the ruin of its citizens. >> we've built the first copper distillery in london for nearly 200 years. >> reporter: today, often hidden in residential streets, traditional gin distilling is back in london. but now the emphasis is on an expensive, exclusive product and discerning flavors such as juniper berries rather than downing glasses. >> the gin that we make here at tipsworth is a wonderful
3:20 am
reflection of the old school style authentic london dry gin that once was. >> reporter: since this distillery was set up three years ago, six others have sprung up in london alone. one leading supermarket reports national gin sales were up by nearly 30% in december, compared to the same time the previous year. and sales of the new boutique-style gins rocketed by 150%. the boom in small distilleries now means there is a wide range of gins available. some are very distinctive. like this one flavored with grapefruit and coconut. and this spanish gin, which flavors include olives and rosemary. >> people come in the bar, and they seem to know exactly what type of gin it would be. so there would be more of a premium type of gin. and they really enjoy it. and they are very specific in what they want and how they want it served. >> reporter: and it's not just
3:21 am
the drinkers. the new independent distilleries know exactly who they're targeting. >> we're aiming at the more discerning, high net worth individuals who are driven by luxury, quality, who aren't going out looking just to have lots to drink. >> gin is actually one of my favorite spirits. and one of my favorite cocktails as well with the gin are the classic ones. >> if i could afford to i'd drink cocktails every night. but not many people can. i want to drink good cocktails. i'm prepared to pay sort of 8, 9 pounds, a bit more maybe, for a decent cocktail. >> reporter: so while gin may have been the downfall of 18th century drinkers, some believe it has finally come of age. louise hubble, bbc news, london. >> you mentioned that you have trouble with gin. have you ever had a few too many martinis, anything like that? >> martinis. yeah. >> oh, see?
3:22 am
>> speaking of don draper. >> that's you at home? >> look at that dress. i'm digging it. >> after work that's you? until you pass out? >> that's waiting for my husband. >> yes. out? >> that's waiting for my husband. >> yes. [ eva ] you know when you push your hair to the breaking point?
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that's me with the blow dryer and the flat iron until i see smoke. so pantene said, "breakage and split ends? no problem." they gave me this pantene called breakage to strength. [ female announcer ] the keratin protection pro-v system helps prevent then repair split ends. zero fear of breakage, 100% more strength.
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[ eva ] no regrets, just health. [ female announcer ] split end repair creme, winner, cosmo beauty award. pantene. hair so healthy it shines. ♪ i know you str uggled with this at the holidays, what to get the royal couple. >> oh, it was a big dilemma. >> so what do you get the couple who has everything? apparently, you can get them anything. just ask prince william and his bride kate. >> the log of gifts given to the newlyweds has just been released. from cowboy hats to ipads. here's abc's nick watt with the big list. >> reporter: their royal swag bag looks like a flamboyant kid's dressing box. four cowboy hats, a flying
3:26 am
helmet, beaded moccasins, and cobra hat. also in there, 54 books, 18 cds and dvds, six cuddly toys, one bottle of ice wane, two chef's jackets, a pair of his and hers sweaters. sweet. >> kate was given a polar bear broach by the jeweler harry winston. but this was not just any broach. this was a broach that had 320 diamonds in it, which would just make any girl blush. >> you don't think kate liked that? >> i can't say whether she liked it or not. i'm personally saying it wasn't exactly my cup of tea. it was just quite over the top. >> reporter: and here's a weird one. canada's ministry of foreign affairs gave them three pairs of shoes. who's the third pair for? and the governor of california gave them one ipad. someone gave william a sleeping bag, kate an apron, william a cricket jacket.
3:27 am
i have no idea either. kate a papier mache model of a castwary. william a jar of vegemite. someone in canada gave kate a pair of antelope snow goggles and a dragonfly. someone gave them two packets of notelets. >> it can be a slightly difficult situation for members of the royal family because you're going to have to feign utter delight whatever it is. >> reporter: kate got two lovely fascinators. you know, those sort of half hats for weddings brits seem to love. and william got a plaid vest. them's the breaks. i'm nick watt in london. >> what did you get them? the his and hers sweaters? >> i really wanted to get them a gift. i just couldn't figure out a way to gift-wrap relevance. >> ooh. not a big fan of the royals? >> i just don't understand the people's fascination. >> for those of you that are, members of the public can also give gifts during their engagements and tours. >> there we were last april. >> show the wave.
3:28 am
remember i showed you the royal wave. like this. wave. like this. >> more from abc coming up next8 i m a a @merican. a$a ñm anmerica #e ji i am an amer mniecan. i am aamteran." .am an errican. i am an ameran!o.
3:29 am
rñamy aamt7icran. d aana american. i l i a @m anme1rin.m] rh..ñu ;ñ eiv...r0 i... ;] ""am,3.÷ .anfmeacaren ñk i am an american. zei am an ericané& i am americae )oi aam0icga. b voi: : am0 an ererican. voe: i axm an ameran . (oi aan americaun
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- emergency action. a mississippi judge stops the release of 21 prisoners given pardons by the outgoing governor. >> and now governor haley barbour is facing national scrutiny for giving reprieves to hundreds of inmates. it's thursday january 12th. good morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm rob nelson. it's been quite an outcry in the mississippi state capital, where victims of crime and their families have demanded a stop to all of these pardons. but thanks to action by a judge just last night, some of those reprieves granted by former governor haley barbour are now
3:31 am
being put on hold. quite an outrage there in that state over what's going on there. also this morning, you expect snow in alaska this time of year. but this much? look at that. the state of emergency there. and why certain types of shovels are a hot commodity in the frozen tundra. i can only imagine how much a shovel would go for there. >> that town of cordova literally ran out of shovels. so much so that some had to be flown in and air-dropped down into the city because they've gotten 18 feet of snow already this winter. that's where all the snow is. it's not here in the northeast or midwest just yet. it's in that town. unbelievable. later this half hour, a dispute fought online between an atlanta barbecue joint and an unhappy customer who left a scathing review online. the owner and that customer are exchanging some pretty salty comments for everyone to digest. i'm a huge fan of yelp. and to kind of base bar and restaurant choices on it. it can get pretty nasty with those reviews.
3:32 am
>> i'm a huge fan of barbecue. now i'm hungry. >> what, pulled pork? ribs? what are you -- >> mm. >> all of it? >> mm-hmm. anything. i don't turn down anything but my collar. i like it all. >> well said. but first, nearly two dozen of those controversial pardons are on hold this morning after a judge's ruling. >> the inmates set for release will have to stay in prison a while longer now as the state investigates whether the pardons are actually legal. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: in mississippi they came searching for their tough on crime former governor haley barbour, who issued a mountain of pardons on his way out of office. it felt like a knife in the back to the victims, whose loved ones were killed, raped and robbed by the men and women set free. 40-year-old david gatlin received one of the last-minute reprieves. in 1993 he killed his estranged wife. her mother marched up to the state capitol hoping to get some answers. >> i can't understand how a man that has children of his own could do this. >> reporter: governor barbour was long gone. randy walker, shot in the head by one of the pardoned men, did find the new governor.
3:33 am
>> the constitution gives the governor that authority. and that is his decision to make. >> reporter: some of the pardons were for prisoners assigned to cook and clean at the governor's mansion. governor barbour once explained it was tradition to show those workers mercy. mississippi's attorney general said he would try to block most of the pardons, arguing that the state constitution requires 30 days' notice beforehand and that didn't happen. we went looking for barbour too and found that he's beginning his private life in florida, earning cash by speaking at an event sponsored by a big bank. while he may have rightly decided that some of the prisoners were either innocent or served their time, families of the victims wish he had talked to them first. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> i know it's a political tradition. i don't think pardons and, you know, in the minutes before you leave office sits well with anybody regardless of what side of the aisle you sit on. it never passes the smell test. >> from 200. and previously he had only issued five pardons and three
3:34 am
indefinite suspensions in eight years as governor. so that kind of puts it in context. but some of these guys that he did pardon, it was just kind of a way to clear their record, these guys were members of society. they were signing in and out. so they kind of had been released. so -- >> it was more of a gesture than a pardon in some cases. >> yes, just to clear their record. >> interesting, though. >> but you can understand that the families would want some sort of heads-up. >> if you're the victim a different perspective. real quick, too, barbour is now going to join a law firm in mississippi, also a washington lobbying firm. he's going to write about his experiences during hurricane katrina as well. so he will still be making some bucks now that he's out of office. police in maine say they aren't ruling out any scenario when it comes to the disappearance of 20 month-old ayla reynolds. they took advantage of some warmer temperatures yesterday to send 18 drivers into a stretch of the kenneck river. but they say no particular tip about the little girl's disappearance prompted their search. she went missing nearly a month ago. and now to a major consumer headline this morning. the recall of nearly 500,000 ford minivans and suvs. more than 244,000 ford escapes
3:35 am
made during the 2001-2002 model years could now pose a fire hazard due to a leaky brake fluid cap. on top of that, more than 200,000 ford freestar and mercury monterey vans made in '04 and '05 have an engine part problem that could cause a loss of power. ford will contact the owners and also make free repairs. well, the republican presidential candidates are hammering president obama on jobs at every turn. so yesterday it was mr. obama's turn to go on the offensive with the help of business leaders who are saving american jobs by bringing them back from overseas. we get the details from abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it's the vacuum cleaner that terrifies and infuriates americans. jobs going overseas. that giant sucking sound. >> the giant sucking sound -- >> reporter: a phrase coined by presidential candidate ross perot in 1992. but while president obama urged ceos to engage in insourcing -- >> insourcing. >> insource jobs. >> insourcing jobs. there are workers ready to work
3:36 am
right now. >> reporter: the trend is already well under way. the vacuum cleaner turning around. a recent report says after 4.5 million jobs went to china over the past decade 3 million are now coming back. like this new intel plant in hillsborough, oregon. 5,000 new jobs. or ford promising by 2015, 12,000 new jobs. driving the trend? rising wages over in china and higher oil prices, which makes shipping goods here from overseas a lot more expensive. the president's promise -- reform the tax code to give companies even more incentive to bring those jobs back. and this man, hal sirkin, an expert on insourcing, on stage with the president, saying that will bolster an encouraging trend. >> anything we can do to accelerate it, to speed it up even a year, will have a major impact on jobs in the u.s. that's a great thing for the country. >> reporter: but critics say the president knows his tax changes are unlikely to pass congress. >> today's meeting was more
3:37 am
political than economic. he expects to run against romney. romney's going to make trade with china a big issue. and he wants to show he's taking action. >> reporter: the bottom line, the vacuum is turning around with or without all the fuss at the white house. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> there has been an encouraging trend with the unemployment rate and weekly claims on unemployment will be released later this morning by the labor department. >> numbers have been good recently. hopefully the trend continues. we'll see. shifting gears now. two north carolina counties are littered with debris this morning after getting slammed by a rare january tornado. the twister destroyed a number of homes there, leaving residents trapped in the rubble. about 10 people were hurt. hundreds lost power. and help is still slowly on the way to two alaska cities. one snowed in, the other iced in. as a russian fuel tanker now inches along with a crucial oil
3:38 am
shipment. a fishing village buried under nearly 20 feet, 20 feet of snow, is waiting for an emergency airlift, special order snow shovels. with more on all this, here is abc's david wright. >> reporter: they were already calling it shovelpalooza. it was starting to rain, turning cordova's frozen streets into a cold slushy mess. >> what would you call this? slushpocalypse? sloppocalypse? i think that's the new term. >> reporter: all that wet makes the snow even heavier, weighing down rooftops, already creaking. the town has now special ordered 72 special heavy-duty snow scoops. a manufacturer in quebec started making them. though they likely won't make it to cordova up until this weekend, assuming the airport stays open. >> shoveling the driveway can't be much fun. >> oh, i got a snow thrower for that this year. >> reporter: up north in nome, slow going for a russian tanker carrying fuel supplies. for every mile forward the ocean currents push the ice back and
3:39 am
the ships right back. in cordova the kids have been out of school 25 days. >> stop. >> looks like you've got your hands full. indoors and out. >> reporter: cabin fever. as if mom and dad didn't have enough on their hands. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> more than 20 snow days. those kids must be loving life. >> no, no, no. as a mom with two toddlers, i can't imagine having my children in the house for 25 straight days. >> you can go nuts. go a little crazy. >> they would not like me. >> man -- >> and we may not like them after 25 straight days. >> even though you're from chicago, 20 feet of snow must sound mind-boggling as much to you as anybody else. i can't conceive of that much snow. >> maybe we should send you on assignment up to alaska. i'm thinking we should. give you a nice little parka, scarf. >> i'll file the story from vegas. let you know how it goes. here's your thursday forecast. up to 20 below zero wind chills in parts of the northern rockies and dakotas. also snowy from des moines to chicago. drenching rain tapers off this morning in philly, new york, and
3:40 am
boston. snow and freezing rain in western new york to new hampshire. >> 54 here in new york. 55 in atlanta. 80 in miami. 16 in the twin cities. 23 in kansas city. and 33 in chicago. or you can say -- ♪ chicago 35 in boise. 45 in colorado springs. that's how you do it. >> you can sing a little bit. little tune in your voice. we'll get you to sing soon enough. >> little bit. >> time to introduce you to your very lucky feathered friend. say hello to tundra. >> hello. >> a snowy owl being cared for by the specialists at washington state university. >> now, tundra's story starts the day after thanksgiving, when he was found alongside a road by a wildlife officer. he couldn't fly and may never again because of a broken wing and other injuries. you know they can like rotate their head almost like over 180 degrees? >> it's scary to look at. that officer brought him to an animal hospital. eventually tundra arrived in wazzu, where he, of course, is quite a sight to see. >> try to rotate your head as
3:41 am
far as you can go. i mean, they can almost go -- like in between 180 and 360. >> real "exorcist" stuff. that's kind of weird. more "world news" when we come right back. ♪ fly away ♪ i believe i can soar we know a place where tossing and turning
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♪ good morning. >> headbanging a little bit. >> good morning, headbangers. >> welcome back to "world news now." earlier this week we told you about the new book that claims michelle obama and her husband's staff have had their fair share of conflicts. >> oh, yeah. the first lady has responded now to those accusations, claiming them false and saying, "i love
3:45 am
this job, in fact." abc's cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: she is known for the issues she champions. ♪ jump, jump, jump >> reporter: her fashion sense and for being america's mom in chief. but in an interview, first lady michelle obama candidly acknowledged there is another perception, a negative one that has hounded her for years. >> but that's been an image that people have tried to paint of me since, you know, the day barack announced, that i'm some angry black woman. >> reporter: a new book called "the obamas" paints a portrait of a first lady who in the beginning was frustrated and unhappy with life in the white house. the image of an angry michelle obama has long been fodder for critics. >> i have a lot of people who call me on the radio and say she looks angry. and i have to say there's some validity to that. she looks like an angry woman. >> reporter: it even surfaced on a magazine cover like the controversial "new yorker" cover which jokingly featured her as a caricature of an afro-wearing first lady, a gun hoisted over her shoulder. >> black women everywhere connected with exactly what was going on with her. we've all been through it. so she's not unique, and i love that she's talking about it.
3:46 am
and, you know, it's probably never going to go away. >> reporter: according to the book, the first african-american couple to occupy the white house was acutely aware of their role in history and that all eyes would be on them. "changing stereotypes was part of why the obamas had run in the first place." >> how do you deal with that? that image. >> you know, i just try to be me. and my hope is that over time people get to know me and they get to judge me for me. >> reporter: and as a first lady whose popularity exceeds her own husband's, we'll be seeing a lot more of her. >> the president of the united states, barack obama. >> reporter: as she tries to help the president win a second term. well, even with all this talk about life in the white house, the first lady says she plans to stay on her mission and still push for those causes that she cares the most about. one of those is working with iraq and afghanistan war veterans. on wednesday, she was in richmond, virginia to unveil a new program that trains doctors and medical students to better treat and diagnose those wounded vets. cecilia vega, abc news,
3:47 am
washington. >> just be yourself. good advice for all of us. >> that's right. coming up, the top winners at last night's people's choice awards. >> and the kardashian who some say may not be a real kardashian. >> she's fake? >> ooh. scary story next in "the skinny." ooh. scary story next in "the skinny."
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny oh, the juicy details from the people's choice awards. are you a big fan? >> yeah. it's the most coveted award in hollywood. >> did you know it happened? >> no, i didn't watch. i was asleep. i'm sure it was hot. >> they've been doing it for 38 years. let's take a look at some of the top winners from the night. favorite movie and comedic actress goes to emma stone. i'm a big fan of her. best daytime tv host, ellen degeneres. >> the only daytime -- >> best comedic actor, adam sandler. bobby boucher. favorite band, maroon 5. you know what? >> any other big winners from that night? >> yes, there are some other big winners. neil patrick harris, who could take over for regis. who knows? our favorite tv actor.
3:50 am
>> many rumors out there. >> there's a whole lot of rumors floating out there. but these are the type of awards that make me feel old because i really don't recognize about 50% of the kids. honestly. >> best drama movie went to "water for elephants." lady gaga took home some awards. >> favorite r&b artist, rihanna. >> faith hill. so it was a good night for the stars. >> and look at her. is she not gorgeous? betty white is gorgeous. that's who i was talking about. >> and guess what? betty white turns 90 years old next month. 17th of the month. betty looking good. and certainly everyone loves her. big night at the people's choice awards. but let's get to some kardashian dirt. i know you all get sick of them but listen to this story. this is a bit different than the other stuff we've been talking about. apparently robert kardashian, the dad who passed away years ago from cancer, was married twice before he got married to kris jenner. so now the -- >> twice after. >> i'm sorry, twice after. so the two wives after kris are now coming out saying, you know what? khloe is not a real kardashian. that kris actually was with another man and khloe is the daughter there, she's like the
3:51 am
tall one -- >> she doesn't look like any of them. she even jokes about it. >> she doesn't look like them, she's a little taller, she jokes like it. so now it's coming out through these two former wives of robert kardashian that khloe is not real. she blasted back yesterday on twitter denying the whole thing. but in her autobiography kris jenner admitted she did cheat on robert kardashian when they were married and with a younger man but it was after the four kids were born. >> and robert says -- or one of the ex-wives said robert told her that the marriage was -- they weren't really having relations at the time that khloe was conceived. however, the kardashians are saying that khloe looks just like robert's mother. >> could khloe not be a kardashian? that story's going to get some legs. >> i know you wanted to put a ring on halle berry's finger for the third time. >> who wouldn't? >> but olivier martinez did. she's getting married for a third time. they've been dating since 2010. this will be her third marriage. she was married to david justice and eric benet. she got a nice little ring. it's a one-of-a-kind emerald and diamond ring.
3:52 am
>> so halle's off the market yet again. >> she's 45 and looks amazing. he's 46 and looks equally as amazing. congratulations to them. i'm sure you'll be sending a gift. >> i will be sending all of my love and best wishes to halle. ill be sending all of my love and best wishes to halle. >> you'll be sending your tears.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ you'd better chow down ♪ or it's going to get cold ♪ so eat it ♪ i don't care if you're full ♪ just eat it oh, who doesn't love a little weird al yankovic, man? "eat it." remember that? >> i could eat some barbecue. >> you're obviously still focused on the food. let's turn to our -- >> speaking of barbecue. >> yeah. turn to our, boom, favorite story of the day. >> still a little off there. >> a little off. it's about a restaurant you would think would make news for its name but is actually getting attention over a customer's not so nice review. >> okay. the name of the restaurant is
3:56 am
called boner's barbecue. and it lands -- literally, they received a negative review. they lashed out at the customer. and it went viral. wsb's jeff dore has more on the barbecue feud. >> reporter: a little more than a mile away from her house, stephanie stuck took her husband to boner's barbecue. >> because it's a local business and it's in our neighborhood. >> reporter: she wasn't thrilled with the place and wrote a review on yelp. the owner of boner's lifted her picture and attached it to his response. >> and he went off on me. >> reporter: the owner posted a message on social media to other restaurant owners saying if you see this woman in your restaurant tell her to go outside and play hide and go beep yourself. it says yelp that, beep. bloggers and tweeters picked it up. it went viral. she showed us the tweets about it from around the world. >> this is all of the retweets. >> reporter: all of these? >> all of these are retweets. >> reporter: it just keeps
3:57 am
going. >> it keeps going and going. and it's actually -- it keeps going further than that. >> reporter: these are all just about this? >> just about this. >> reporter: it's been on huffington post and online lists about the worst use of social media. >> i feel bad for the guy, honestly, because it's a small business and he's trying really hard. it's his passion. >> reporter: a spok owner calleotins saying he used felony bad judgment and if he could take it back he would. he also apologized on facebook, but stephanie would have to friend him to see it and she has not. >> i'm glad he did apologize for his actions. that's a little bit much. people have a right to their opinion. they like your food or they don't. >> and then of course you say our bad thing and it just goes question of the day have yorlef comments online tha wispyoake t
3:58 am
y h waiter, could you -- i need anothee and send this back to th
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