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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in livermore. a high school teacher is in jail accused of having sex with one of her students. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo with good news, bad news on the country's housing crisis. the number of foreclosures was down in 2011 but that is not where the story ends. live look downtown san francisco, clear, we will have poor air quality to go with our near record highs today. good morning i'm frances dinglasan. looks great now, no problems at the bay bridge toll. i'll show you more on our cool new traffic app, waze. it is cool. i have to agree with you on that. 4:30 on this thursday i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a livermore teacher in jail waiting for her first court hearing on charges of sexually assaulting a teenaged boy who
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was her student. the relationship began through a popular social gaming app. amy hollyfield is live at granada high with the latest. >> reporter: words with friends we've all heard of it, she was playing it with the boy, according to police. she getting some support here at granada high. some parents tell us some of the students in her class are coming to her defense other kids are not being so nice. but everyone is talking about it. 40-year-old marie johnson, a math teacher, her students call her miss j. she is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old. she was arrested afterschool officials gave them a call they had just found out about the alleged relationship they were told it took place between december and may of last year so they called police. the boy and teacher corresponded through texting, space book and playing words with friends.
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other students have played game with her too. >> i have never played with any of my teachers except her. my relationship was different. i talked to her about other things she was like a friend almost. >> reporter: the school district released a statement saying that the teacher has been placed on leave and that the school district is cooperating fully with law enforcement officials while conducting a simultaneous personnel investigation. a recorded message was sent to parents telling them about what was going on. police say they have no reason to believe there are any other victims. they encourage parents to have a talk with their kids about appropriate relationships and inappropriate relationships. the teacher is due in court tomorrow. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 4:32. an alameda woman and a south san francisco convenience store owner face charges of helping a teenager get alcohol. that teenager later died in a dui accident.
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17-year-old died in a crash on highway 101 in brisbane last february. authorities say a woman went through a drive-thru market with the girl. investigators say store owner sold alcohol to them. >> minor tried to purchase the alcohol with a debit card. the transaction did not go through. so the minor left and went to get cash, came back in, purchased the alcohol. left the store with the alcohol in his chin's hands miss chin furnished the alcohol outside the store. >> my client did not sell to a minor my client sold to adult who put that purchase on her tab. >> authorities say he didn't check the teenager's id. the accident killed her early the next morning after a party. the drive pleaded no context. -- no contest. police putting the word
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out about a teenager they believe was kidnapped. the 15-year-old was last seen last week into a car driven by her 19-year-old boyfriend. police believe she be helped against her will. detectives say the couple may be in the stockton area or in ukiah where they were seen over the weekend. family and friends of missing 15-year-old hayward girl will hold a search for her today. she was last seen leaving her parents' home 7:00 tuesday morning taking a taxi to the hayward bart station. her family thinks she took a train to oakland. her final communication came in the form of text messages with friends at 10:30. darlene is 5'4, 100 pounds. supporters say she suffers from social anxiety disorder. so call police if you have information. 4:34. home foreclosures in
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california and across the country took a steep drop last year. that trend is not likely to continue into 2012. there are signs that banks are gearing up for a big wave of foreclosures this year. katie marzullo is live with more on the story. >> reporter: it is a ray of sunshine in what has been a dark and stormy housing market. but say there are more clouds on the who are lie stone. there was a huge drop in foreclosure activity, the est since 2007. but not necessarily because -- because homeowners paid up and got right with mortgage. reports nationwide foreclosures were down 34% in 2011 from 2.9 million in 2010 to 1.9 million last year. in california foreclosures were down 20%. still the third highest rate in the country. realty track experts say a large part of why there were fewer foreclosures banks were in a holding pattern waiting
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for certain legalities to be worked out. now that they have been worked out the banks will move quickly to clear the backlog. the new wave of notices will likely push home prices lower this year. that's some of the bad news. positive note, even with more foreclosures coming this year the numbers are expected to stay below the peak of 2010. and the prices should bottom out this year. so 2013 looks to be the year of recovery. katie marzullo, abc7 news. it is estimated two million more people will be living in the bay area in the next 25 years. a long range land use transportation plan is being launched to accommodate all the people. last night regional planning officials were met by an angry crowd in dublin at a meeting design get feedback on the project called plan bay area. those who oppose it call it social engineering. officials say the strategy is
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to get more people living near their jobs and mass transit which would reduce greenhouse gases. >> all of the most important decisions on this subject have all been made. they've been made by big developers. and high density growth advocacy groups. and we were not at the table when all those decisions were made. >> plan bay area is scheduled to be adopted in april 2013. the next meeting next tuesday in san rafael. pg&e and san francisco officials say candlestick park is ready for saturday's playoff game between the 49ers and saints. mayor lee says the city and utility have completed the last of several improvements and testifies to make sure there will be -- there will not be another power outage. last month two outages twice delaying the 49ers nationally televised monday night match-up against pittsburgh. the mayor says he thinks the only lights out at candlestick
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saturday will be the 9ers shutting out the saints frbgs kickoff 1:30 p.m.. he said yesterday, they made the bets they normally make with the mayor of new orleans, dungeness crab versus gulf shrimp. >> hopefully we'll eating a lot of gulp shrimp. the weather is ready -- gulf shrimp. the weather is ready. >> upper 50s to lower 60s by the time the game ends. good morning we have a spare the air, 14th of this season so far. poorest air quality supposed to be in the santa clara valley right now that is the case. visibility, fog, we have it forming up around santa rosa 1 and 3/4 mile visibility even with the very dry air a little following -- a little fog forming there. 30°, freezing fog possible but
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not likely because the air is so dry. napa 30, novato 32, 28 fairfield for the cool spot the rest of us 30s and 40s another chilly start to a day where we will see rapid warming. by noon sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s 60 around napa, san jose and morgan hill. by the afternoon mid to upper 60s with all that sunshine. seven day forecast, another run at record high temperatures tomorrow, slightly cooler saturday. you will notice the cooling and extra clouds monday, tuesday and wednesday begins the rain. at least in the north bay. here's frances with a look at waze. we are keeping our fingers crossed for that rain. traffic light, no accidents reported. you saw how good it looked at the bay bridge toll. i wanted to spend time and show you this waze traffic app. it is free and really cool. all you need to do is when you get on the roads or head to
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work, turn on the waze application. and it tracks your speed and it provides other wazers out there with your information and you get their information as well. it will show you where things slow down, even on city streets. right now a few wazers on the road. someone joined the abc7 traffic spotter group. they are probably getting ready to head to work now leaving oakland. and what you can do is report traffic as well when you are on the roads. here someone reported moderate traffic right now on 35th avenue in oakland this is reported eight minutes ago. you get an idea of what to expect on city streets as well. i just wanted to so you another abc traffic spotter on the san pablo area. we have around 876, abc7 traffic spotters right now and we just starred this group.
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last week when i joined thursday we only -- only had 24 people. you can be part of this community by going to and enjoying the abc7 traffic spotters group and you can download to your iphone, android or blackberry. the more people who join the more accurate information then you can be in my traffic report as well. >> who doesn't want to be in a club that frances is in. >> exactly. a lot of people realize the benefits of getting the street level info that you don't get from other traffic tools. mystery in a northern california town. a plot of land holds promise of hundreds of new jobs, nobody will say who is hiring. >> the over-the-counter cold medicine that could soon 3q join the revolution against scrubbing
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san francisco, bay bridge and east bay looking clear. we've got mild temperatures coming our way. mike is talking about record highs in the daytime. a big change coming as well. we'll check in on that, coming up. more news. this morning there's wide expect in the central valley community of patterson that amazon is planning to build a distribution center there. city leaders will only say there's a plan for a project x and a giant unnamed company may be coming to the small town. but they won't give out the name of the company yet citing a confidentiality agreement. last september governor brown cut a deal with amazon to delay collecting online sales tax in the state if the internet giant created 10,000 new jobs in california. the named patterson center would bring 1500 jobs, a butte for a town with an -- a boost for a town with unemployment approaching 21%.
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>> the agriculture base has brought seasonally and higher unemployment we've been working hard to diversify over the last few years. -- >> the new center will join several others already in patterson. you may need a prescription for many popular over-the-counter cold medicines. state legislature considering a bill that would make any drug containing pseudo ephedrine a controlled substance. >> the challenge we have in california we are the leading examine poe of crystal meth in the united states. >> -- examine poe of crystal meth in the united states. we feel there's a better way do that. >> but, prescription bill advocates say consumers will still have plenty of choices. they are at least 130 -- 130 over-the-counter cold remedies that don't contain the drug
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and won't be restricted. >> the republican presidential race shifts south. while gop candidates stump for votes president obama is raking in the bucks. a possible tornado ravages towns in north carolina. more wild weather is on the way. i'm tahman bradley with the details, coming up. 1.3 billion people can't be ignored. the new push google is making in china. intel searchers bay area high schools for talented science students and finds a record number of them. ptptptptxq
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we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands. with the lysol no-touch hand soap system healthy hands can be automatic. for healthy tips and more, visit arctic outbreak gripping the upper midwest 11 fargo, 27 st. louis. mid to upper fives along the eastern seaboard also where we
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have the flight delays developing. flight arrival delays into philadelphia, laguardia and phoenix. everything else in california running on time. use that flight tracker you will need it today and tomorrow with that big storm in the east. at the bottom. now 4:49. the republican presidential candidates are working south carolina today getting ready for the primary in nine days. mitt romney host an early morning meeting with voters. huntsman attends a gop breakfast. rick perry has several events in the state. rick santorum will hold a town hall. newt gingrich has two afternoon events in columbia. south carolina residents cast votes january 21st. >> president obama's campaign has hauled in more than 68 million dollars in combined funds for his reelection and the democratic party during the final three months of last year. his campaign manager released
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those figures this morning. combined mr. obama's campaign and the dnc raised more than 220 million dollars during 2011. it is 4:50. wild weather across the nation this morning. parts of the country are finally seeing normal snowfall this winter, not us. while southeast alaska is digging out from unusual amounts of snow one tornado has ravaged the east. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: this morning, part of the country is digging out or picking up, after day day of while and destructive weather. a possible tornado ravaged towns in rutherford and berk counties in pacific the streets were filled with rubble overnight as residents and emergency responders viewed the remains. dozens of homes and buildings were damaged. some leveled. hundreds were left without power. >> i got a call it was about -- saying my grandma's house
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f -- got hit by a tornado.f >> that came from that barn down there. >> trees down, powerlines down. just in that swath. >> reporter: in denver, snow was the problem. it fell at the worst possible time, right in the middle of rush hour. the roads left drivers helpless and frustrated. >> every time it snows people try to get up this hill and they can't make it. most have to turn around and after a while comes a can of worlds. >> reporter: today more wild weather. several states across the midwest are bracing for a major storm that is expected to bring the heaviest snowfall of the season the snow probably won't leave 20 feet on the ground like in alaska. a winter that arrived late for many is now packing a big punch. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. in tahoe we may get the snow we've been waiting for. all the ski resources offering
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special deals for mlk weekend, can you give them snow? >> next week, yeah, this week no. >> load some in your trunk and drive it up. >> i'll try and do that. outside -- maybe alaska can us some, they seem to have a surplus. looking down on the embarcadero in downtown san francisco. pretty clear, there's poor air quality possible today, spare the air our 14th of the winter season. coolest in fairfield, napa, santa rosa, novato freezing or below freezing. mid 30s to upper 30s around concord, livermore, redwood city, mountain view, los gatos everybody else low to mid 40s, san francisco 48. monterey bay temperatures upper 30s to low 40s inland salinas frosty 30 around gilroy. three highlights for today: a sprinkle break from winter
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again near record high temperatures with a lot of sunshine. spare the air until midnight, probably have another spare the air tomorrow and then cooler weather sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and cleaner air will roll in. temperatures today, 7 to 9° above average. san jose 66, san francisco 65 with freemont, oakland 65 all eight degrees warmer than average. livermore 65, 9° warmer than average. sunrise 7:25 it will set at 5:11. everybody else mid to upper 60s with livermore 69 along with santa rosa 68, cloverdale 69 out to the coast in the mid 60s. mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay inland the warm spot salinas about 70°. tahoe no worries with, as you head through the central valley low to mid 60s, sunny 48, 52 yosemite clouds still
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hanging around southern california upper 60s to lower 70s, san diego, l.a. and palm springs. tonight chilly, santa rosa 29. 30 napa, clear lake, 32 cloverdale mid to upper 30s inland. southward into san jose, morgan hill and santa cruz same areas in the low to mid 40s richmond, san francisco, oakland, san mateo and half moon bay. high pressure keeping us locked into the dry pattern through wednesday. wednesday possibility of rain in the north, better chance for the rest of us as with we head into thursday and friday. then over the weekend especially sunday the cooling trend. monday, tuesday, wednesday could be 10 to 12 degrees cooler. fix still looking good around the bay area. -- traffic still looking good
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around the bay area. this is 101 in san jose for head lights moving northbound looking great up the peninsula. that's 880 across your screen. traffic is really light. i'll take to you the 280 and 17 interchange, headlights northbound 280 heading out of downtown san jose up towards cupertino, that's highway 17 across your screen. north 280, highway 17. i'm going to show you the waze traffic maps. this kind of shows you what is going on as well in the south bay. it correlates to the live pictures we saw, no slowing reported the south bay. see all those drivers out there, those little bubbles? those are drivers on the roads with you, right now. all you need to do is turn the application on and it will share and track your speed with other drivers. we have emmy who joined four days ago he or she is now part of the abc7 traffic spotter group. you can become part of the group as well. this is a driver reported
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traffic app. things that are already reported to the chp oracle trains roadwork that is scheduled, is also already automatically put into the maps. if you are driving by and you happen to see that construction you can give it a thumbs up. three folks have given it a thumbs up they say it is out there but should be cleared by 5:00 this morning. you can be part of this community by going to -- [ inaudible ] >> i think the camera was trying to find the website so it was zipping over here. thank you frances for that it 4:56. google has renewed its push in china and looking to expand its web search engine operations there. it scaled down its presence in china two years ago after a confrontation over censorship with chinese authorities. "wall street journal" reports google is hiring more engineers, salespeople and product managers in china.
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also working to introduce new services to chinese consumers that don't require censorship. 14 bay area high students are among 30 semifinalists in the intel science search. they each received $1,000 checks from intel. they did research projects in physics, genomics and bioengineering. >> a lot of people today make science sound like it is really hard, something that only sort of people who are genius do. that is not an impression people should be getting. i'm not a genius. i'm just someone mo managed to work hard. >> -- yeah about it is about the hard work. the work of these will go up against 271 counterparts from 44 states. a group of finalist will be chosen by intel in two weeks. 4:57. east bay teacher is arrested on charges of having sex with
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an underaged student. we are live with what led police to suspect her and the advice being given to parents. >> reporter: aim terry mcsweeney in south san francisco with the -- story that begins at this market and ends in tragedy, two adults arrested for their role in providing alcohol to a minor who died in a drunk driving crash. this story is not that sim. the story coming up in a live report. -- >> the plan to snuff out tobacco on all uc campuses.
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