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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  January 12, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. the arrest of a teacher forces school officials to reexamine social media between teachers and students.
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furry-year-old marie johnson's relationship a -- 40-year-old marie johnson's relationship with a 14-year-old boy began with text messaging. >> reporter: the just just updated its policy. now officials are taking -- talking about whether to go over it again with teachers as they are trying to help students deal with the arrest of their teacher. the community at granada high in livermore is having a tough time thinking of marie johnson as accused sex offender when yesterday she was miss j the math teacher. >> i'm really shocked she was a very nice lady. she really showed us she cares for the kids. to this moment i think it is not true. i hope it is not true. >> reporter: 40-year-old johnson faces 24 charles of sex with wall assault. the wife and mother is an -- accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy from december
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to may of last year. the principal called police when a student came forward and told adult about the possible crime. >> the whole community is reeling. our goal is to get through it together. >> reporter: police say johnson had the boy in class and corresponded through facebook, tess messages and words with friends. -- officials are trying to navigate through newóxé÷m frontr of social media and teacher-student relationships. >> we certainly want connections, but there's appropriate ways to do that >> reporter: theu:cç school just recently changed its policy. officials say they don't have much control of what what happens beyond the school grounds. >> there have been recent court cases that limit us in what we can demand. teachers do have certain freedoms. and they can communicate with students legally outside of
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school. >> reporter: police are encouraging parents to talk to their kids about their social media relationships. the school's old policy only mentions computers. the new policy includes smartphones and tablets and communication must be age prom right, respectful and not harassing. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san jose police looking for a teenager who they believe was kidnapped by a former boyfriend. investigators say the 15-year-old was last seen late last week in a car driven by her 19-year-old friend. police say vargas from stockton may be holding her against her will with. the vehicle in which she was last seen was described as a gold toyota. detectives say the two may be in stockton or ukiah where they were reportedly seen over the weekend. hundreds of jobs are up for grabs in the east bay. new target store will be opening in two months in
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fremont and job fair to fill those positions got underway this morning. terry mcsweeney is live at the job fair. how is thesg'az turnout? >> reporter: larger than target was expecting. there's been a line outside the door all morning. 2,000 are expected to come through these doors over the next three day. all of that for maybe 300 openings. odds aren't good, but spirits are high. the line stretched out on to the sidewalk all morning. thousands expected over this three-day job fair. 300 will be hired. jasmine is within very excited applicant. >> in -- is one very excited applicant. >> my pastor told me target was hiring and told me to go this morning. i was happy. hopefully something. current store lots of people sharing that sentiment with the high unemployment rate that drives so many to apply for work, works in favor of the employer. >> we are excited with the wayc% the economy has been we are
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getting a high calibre of candidates. it is bringing out a lot of individuals that weren't aware that target is a career. >> reporter: stopped short of saying consumer demand driving target's move to a new location but did say the company had a great fourth quarter last year. >> food service, sales floor, cashier, logistics. >> reporter: many of those applicants say they will take any of those jobs, because they know there aren't many tunes out there what do you see when you go looking for -- for jobs? >> a lot of people, it is kind of hard now. because is looking for a job. hopefully, i get one. >> reporter: the people who are hired are going to be finding out quickly they got a job. all these people are going to be working at the pacific common store that opens the first week of march. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. meantime, the number of
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people applying for employment benefits nationwide spiked last week the labor department says applications jumped by 24,000, the biggest increase in six weeks. applications typically soar in the first two weeks of the year because companies are laying off temporary workers brought in to help during the holidays. retail sales barely rose in december. it was enough to push sales to a record level for 2011. commerce department says sales topped 400 billion dollars last month for all of 2011 sales totalled nearly five trillion. the largest annual retail sales increase in more than a decade. new report out today says bankrupt solyndra wants to give some of its employees bonuses. the frommont-based company received a half billion dollar loan guarantee from the federal government under the stimulus program before going bankrupt and laying off all staff. company lawyers are asking a judge to okay $500,000 in
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bonuses as part of an employee incentive plan. they say the goal is to give employees, the few remaining, motivation to stay at the company. the bonuses could go from $10,000 to $50,000. as outrage grows over a video that appears to show u.s. marines urinating on dead taliban fighters, there are reports the marines have identified the unit and some of the individuals involved. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. where are they based? >> reporter: a marine official is saying the marines in the video are from the 3rd battalion second marines out of camp lee june, north carolina and they've identified at least -- camp lejeune north carolina and they've i'ved at least two. secretary panetta has ordered a full investigation. >> it is absolutely inconsistent with american values, with the standards of behavior1+- that we expect from
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our military personnel. >> reporter: politicians and military officials are outraged by the images. four uniformed men, said to be marines urinating on three dead bodies, reportedly those of taliban fighters in afghanistan. with >> sadly, behavior like this often occurs. it is really very ab recent -- ab recent. >> reporter: in the video is real a national security expert says what the men did is illegal and against the code of military justice. there's more at play. the video could be used to train and inspire taliban and al-qaeda fighters. >> also the video has consequences that go on far beyond just this story. >> reporter: including interfering with fledgling peace talks between the u.s. and taliban -- taliban. washington has been considering releasing several taliban prisoners from guantanamo to pave the way. >> united states remains
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strongly committed to helping build a secure, peaceful, prosperous, democratic future for the people of afghanistan. >> reporter: afghan president hamid karzaifszyf has issued a statement demanding the u.s. government investigate and severely punish those responsible for the act. the taliban calls the video shameful. but says for now, it will not hamper peace talks itch the taliban also says, despite peace talks the group will to -- fight against what it calls an illegitimate government. the u.s. says regardless of the status of peace talks its military campaign against the taliban will continue. katie marzullo, abc7 news. still ahead, not so cheery about cheerios. the mothers who are calling for a boycott of the newest variety. find out what you won't be able to do on any uc campus in the near future. a friendly 49er-stain --
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. that company linked to a cantaloupe outbreak finds the company gave the farm near perfect marks during an audit last july despite finding
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three major problems. one of the problems not washing the canteloupes with an anti-bacterial additive. last september a listeria outbreak killed 30 the deadliest outbreak of food-borne illnesses in more than 25 years. a mom's group is cam takening to stop general mills for making peanut butter flavored cheerios saying kids -- they are afraid some of theç peanutç butter variety will get mixed in the kids could eat it began into shock. general mills issued this statement: with we can say with confidence that multi-grin peanut but ter cheerios will not cross contaminate other varietys. smoking will be banned at all california cam s -- campuses. the president of the -- it
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going to prohibit students, professors workers from smoking or chewing tobacco on campus. nearly 600 other college campuses around the country already have smoking bans. bart is ready to dig deep to replace aging fleet of cars. bart plans to award a one billion dollar contract for 260 new cars in may. new cars will have three doors to speed up boarding with reconfigured seating with easier to clean seats. the agency plans to test 10 cars in early 2015, the first full set of cars will begin arriving in september 2016. bart presently operates the oldest fleet of train cars in the united states. 49ers are set to take on the saints this saturday in the 9ers first playoff game in a decade. there's a lot riding on it, including the traditional mayor's bet if the 9ers win new orleans mayor land drew will send over gulf shrimp --
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king cake, favorite mardi gras treat and beer. if the saints win mayor lee will have to give up dungeness crab, sourdough bread, beer and chocolates. we don't have to worry about that. the saints will be crying like a baby in the king cake. >> i love your optimism. >> then we'll win the super bowl. >> that's it. how about luck for skiers? >> next week. not this week. every model we are going please keep coming. until then we have another spare the air day the 14th of the season probably another one tomorrow we'll talk about near record high temperatures before with the rain does arrive. were you late for work today? better have a good excuse. we'll have the annual list of most outrageous excuses, next >> first lady michelle obama gets more social.
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annual outrageous excuses for coming in late. here are some of the over-the-top excuses: my cat had hiccups. my roommate cut the phone to my charger and my alarm didn't go off. i had to take a personal call from the governor. i had a interview with another firm. 16% of workers surveyed say they were late at least once a week. the excuses may not work more than a third of employers say they've fired an employee for being late. >> oh my goodness those are outrageous. >> yes, not the dog ate my clock or anything like that. >> i used that last week. who has been eating up our rain? we want it back. >> we do want snow back. we keep looking for it, not in the offing right now. record highs to deal with that's come -- what's what is going to come our way. first north carolina, funnel
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cloud turned into a tornado once it reached the ground this is the damage it caused an hour west of charlotte between charlotte and asheville. very remote area, those folks that are there, you saw what happened to their houses. any time you get twister in the southeast, just rummaging through their stuff, sad to see. back here, this is sad to see too. look at how barren it is in heavenly in tahoe, a lot of ski lifts over brown ground not much snow. back at home, haze. spare the air take a look at the east bay valleys, some of the haze hanging out right now the worst air quality is up in santa rosa. our temperatures are running warmer than this time yesterday. 60 fairfield, 50s everywhere with else. around the monterey bay, 60 watsonville, mid to upper 50s for everybody else even
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inland. a little bit of a break from winter, as usual. temperatures will be above average but not record setting today probably tomorrow spare the air until midnight youjiund want to burn fires when you again frost inland valleys cooler and cleaner air towards the back half of the holiday weekend seven degrees warmer than average in san jose, eight in fremont, oakland, san francisco, nine in livermore and napa, you will enjoy this warmth until 5:11. mid to upper 60s where we are everywhere on the cool side richmond 63, 69 in livermore, cloverdale, 68 santa rosa, salinas 70° today. around the state, clouds in the southern sections in so cal 70s for palm springs and l.a., 68 san diego, low to mid 60s through the central valley tonight upper 20s around
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santa rosa with mid to upper 30s for rest of inland valleys fremont, palo alto and san jose. richmond, oakland, san mateo, san francisco, low to mid 40s. look at high how the jet stream into the arctic circle that's why the first outbreak of cold air in the eastern united states. we are on the other end of the spectrum like a seesaw their temperatures go down ours are going up, 70s around tomorrow that's why i think we'll have record highs. low to mid 60s saturday 50s sunday. the rest of us more cloud cover monday, tuesday, wednesday. wednesday into thursday first chance of light rain, heavier towards the weekend. first lady michelle obama received a presidential welcome to twitter this morning. mrs. obama just opened her twitter account today. she has more than 1207,000 --
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127,000 followers. her account will be managed by the president's reelection campaign a tweet sent out from the first lady will be signed mo. president obama is also on twitter his first tweet this morning, it is not everyday you get to welcome the first lady of the united states to twitter, happy to have you. she says hi everyone thanks for the warm welcome look forward to staying in touch with you. >> it was only a few minutes ago when she had 116,000. >> you are on it. >> quake rate. we'll get -- quick rate. >> we'll get to
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a rock band that dances to a different beat. and an immortal tribute. don sanchez has what's hot. >> reporter: the immortal world tour provides michael jackson music and artistry of cirque de soleil a show for the sents in helmand province pavillion -- for the senses in hp pavillion. the crucible presents a newç ♪ ♪ >> reporter: whip it good. memorable music and look of divo they are back this weekend. laugh at the skills and talent of the harlem globetrotters this season a woman joins the lineup monday hp pavillion. ♪ ♪ >> new music from two legends
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friday night in oakland. ♪ ♪ >> the oakland interfaith gospel kphoeur with mavis staples s in the name of love sunday at the paramount theater. their show friday night has been cancelled they will be here in april. >> it defies everything we know about baseball. >> at home, moneyball the oakland a's story. don sanchez, abc7 news. last check of the weather before we head out. >> a lot of sun, spare the air. you can burn any wood. >> that's it for now thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> keep track on twitter, talk about it >> have a great day. kacl male announcer ] for some reason
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