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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 13, 2012 2:40am-4:00am PST

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a ygsr a6 in phoenix. >> yes. brianna staub and her sixth-grade class were going to hear from brianna's mom via skype, but there w well-timed technicablem >> and wh thoserian cam out of hiding and sup >> i love that. >> of course you can see e birthday present that we mentioned. you've got to love that kind of moment's. staff sergeant christina staub was in afghanistan for about six months and now she's home just in time for brianna's 1h birthday. those stories are like pet stories, never get old to me. love to see that. >> love to see the reaction on . the kid's face. so cool. well earned reunion. that's what i'm talking about. >> enjoy your time together. we'll be back with more "world news now." ♪ close your eyes ♪ i'm already there ♪ i'm already there we know a place where tossing and turning
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♪ papa's going to buy you a mockingbird ♪ that will put you to sleep. ♪ and if that bird >> please stop singing. my kid would not fall asleep to that. well, insomnia is a disruptive disorder. many of you out there at this hour are aware of it. >> aren't we all? up to 6 in 10 women regularly suffer from it, in fact. there are some controversial treatments out there that help insomniacs catch their much-needed zs. here's abc's claire shipman. >> i'm still tired. >> reporter: millions of women at a cross-roads every night. >> it wore off. >> reporter: making a choice. sleeping pill or bat it will through. >> really don't want to take any medication. >> reporter: hoping to find some rest. >> i take a pill every night to go to sleep. >> so when was your last good night of sleep? >> probably about a month ago.
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>> a month ago? >> with the help of this one right here. >> reporter: monique mclaughlin, desperate, is rolling the dice one more time, spending an uncomfortable night at the u penn sleep lab. >> it's not too bad. >> okay. she's awake here. >> this is unremitting wake. >> reporter: almost 30% of american women taking sleeping pills at least a few nights a week. but it turns out there is another way. cognitive sleep therapy. changing your brain and behavior. new research shows in the long run it's more effective than those pills. >> when you stop the medication, you don't maintain those cliicalins. the game isver. : tou can start tonight. first, tam write down those worries awt second, it improves thqual and you it e, buseroomlee and >> and fall asleep o cf& docty
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working with a sleep ther t u ask debbie hamilton life changed. it was brilliant. >> reporter: in ausrali pioneering treatment isg exteep room. doctors won't l more thantes time, exhausting you, to reind your brain ep ir friend. the results, astounding. sleeplessness decreased by 50%. >> it's a very different treatment. i call it similar to waterboarding. but it's an awesome idea. >> reporter: experimental for now but a possible glimmer of hope for millions still longing for sleep to become more than a dream. claire shipman, abc news, philadelphia. >> and this is our facebook question of the day. what helps you fall asleep bides this show when you have insomnia? let us know at >> definitely not that singing. >> no, i'm sorry. >> i mean, come on. >> i don't know where that came from. fireman bob is over there. he and i were having a lullaby moment. >> when i read, a lot of time that makes me very tired. >> comics or -- >> no. i read some pretty deep novels. >> you're deep, huh, faris? >> yeah. coming up it's that time of the week again. >> time for some pigskin predictions.
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as we crank up the nfl picks competition. we have some catching up to do this week. a big week in football ahead. stick with us. competition. we have some catching up to do this week. a big week in football ahead. stick with us.
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♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. that music heralds another week of nfl playoff football. the divisional playoffs round. we'll explain what these cakes are doing up here coming up in just a second. >> don't eat them yet. and of course it also means another round of our picks competition. let's call this one the redemption round for us here at the desk, especially me. >> here is why. after last week's games broadcast producer david meyer had had the lead. he's now one game ahead of both jack sheehan and fireman bob. >> you went 2-2. i was obviously the bottom feeder after going 1-3. ugly week. but turned it around this week. >> you're a former sportscaster.
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a shoddy debut. >> how hard is it to pick the favorites? >> all the home teams are the favorites this week except one, my new orleans saints. those of you that picked the 49ers, morons, but enough about our offensive machine. let's get to this. >> it all starts tomorrow with rob's saints out west taking on the san francisco 49ers. >> who dat? >> tebow and the broncos look to keep the magic going. they are at new england. >> the texans visiting the ravens in baltimore. and a rematch of the 2008 nfc title game, the giants take on the green bay packers. >> as for the picks, david meyers goes with the niners, broncos, ravens, packers. >> picks competition commissioner jack sheehan is backing the saints, patriots, baltimore, and he's the only one taking his father's new york football giants. >> the g-men. fireman bob must have been cheating again. he's also got new orleans, new england and baltimore but he's taking the packers. >> do i even need to say that i am of course supporting the super bowl-bound new orleans saints. i'm also going with the pats, the ravens, and those packers from green bay.
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>> and i'll take the home teams in my redemption bid. niners, patriots, ravens, packers. >> why do you think san francisco? are you kidding me? the commish is a little under the weather. so fireman bob, who must be a new england fan this morning, joins us. which first before we get to bob, what these cakes are. explain this first. zbleli's cheesecake back in chicago sent me a ghirardelli just to say thanks. they like watching us. >> that's so cool. i can't wait to see the bears playing this weekend. >> they're not. >> oh, yeah, that's right. >> i'm playing the price is right model. >> and this is another cake thanks to the good folks at hadel's bakery in new orleans. >> didn't we do that already? >> we did but -- hadel's bakery. the purple, green and gold carnival season saints. who dat nation. >> and you've got a baby. >> plastic baby baked inside. if you get that that means you have to buy the next king cake. i got the baby last time. >> it sounds like a voodoo doll. >> you know they like that voodoo down in the bayou baby. fireman bob, this is a big week in football. any upsets you think could happen? >> the giants' defense has really come together. and i think they have a shot at beating the packers. that defense is scary.
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those guys up front, it's scary. >> do you realize the packers have lost one game this year? >> i understand that. >> do you realize it's at lambeau field? >> i understand that. >> she's calling you out. >> it's 10 degrees. that neutralizes everybody. i don't care what team you are. that even slows down drew brees, he has to play in green bray. >> green bray? >> green bray. >> it's cold in the studio, too, hard to talk. >> see, that's the thing, you live in new york and everybody has an affinity for new york. >> you really think san fran's going to beat -- you really think san fran's going to beat new orleans? >> i do. because give it up, jim harbaugh, my imaginary boyfriend when i was growing up. played at michigan. and he's now coaching the 49ers. >> i'm not talking for the rest of the show. >> drew brees the man, baby. drew brees. >> drew brees. >> saints and patriots in the super bowl. >> that's an excellent call, my friend. >> you've got the patriots jersey on. >> well, i can't root for the eagles. >> who's that on the jersey? >> bruschi, baby. >> bruschi, by the way, last week picked the bengals like me. so did tony dungy. >> patriots and saints. i'm telling you right now.
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have a great weekend, everybody. enjoy football. >> tune in monday to see the results of our picks competition. we're going to eat these cakes and come back with your "morning papers." competition. we're going to eat these cakes and come back with your "morning papers." do your lashes want volume or length?
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." you know, there's at least one friday the 13th, but this year we have three. >> 2012. >> the fear of friday is -- the fear of number 13 is triskadophobia. i actually have an uncle freddie krueger. >> because your married name is krueger. >> my married name is krueger. my husband's father's brother uncle freddie krueger. he can't order pizza on halloween. >> they think it's a prank, right? so strange. there's a very interesting new
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crime out these days -- >> how are you? good to see you. absolutely. so nice to see you all. >> did they just -- >> where's our stuff? there's this new crime called hugger muggers. and actually the person pretends they're drunk, they come up and hug you and they actually take something from you like your mug or your wallet or something like that. be careful, you're out at the nightclub or bar because that drunk person, hey, how are you doing? could actually be -- and this comes with from the manchester paper now because it's apparently hitting there, but it's a problem across the country. hugger muggers. be careful of those drunk huggers. they're taking your stuff. >> don't be taking my stuff. but i'm not in the club. >> and don't be taking our what? friday polka. >> hey. news got you down? come on, let's polka! ♪ ♪ politics and foreign wars ♪ all the weather, all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ business news from tokyo ♪ stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night ♪ you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your world news now
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♪ do the world news polka >> gee, thanks, mr. jennings. >> gee, thanks, mr. jennings.
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this morning on "world news now" -- intense this morning on "world news now" -- intense investigation. the military's swift response to a video that appears to show marines urinating on the bodies of taliban rebels. >> the pentagon identified some of the marines and say they're part of an elite military force. it's friday january 13th. friday the 13th. i hope you're not superstitious or anything. could be a scary day here. >> it won't be. >> on the show. >> isn't it always a scary day on the show? >> this shift is scary. >> it's overnights. it's supposed to be a little scary. >> good friday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. that videotape could not come at a more sensitive time for u.s.
3:01 am
relations with afghanistan. the marines' disturbing action could violate international laws on warfare. >> also this morning a tornado that leveled neighborhoods in north carolina. so rare during january. was even more powerful than first thought. we'll get an update on the damage, the injuries, as well as the ongoing power outages. >> i think this might be one of my favorite stories so far this 2012. later this half hour. a 17-year-old girl who's a real standout in school and a bug-time award winner even though she's homeless. what an inspiration. >> see, it is not about your lot in life. it is what you have the drive to do. so stay tuned for that story. but before we get to all that, for those who hoped that video of u.s. marines desecrating the bodies of afghan rebels was an internet fake, the u.s. marines has confirmed it is actually all too true. >> and that launched top americans on a campaign to control the damage. abc's martha raddatz reports from the pentagon. >> reporter: the marine corps
3:02 am
has now identified these four marines as part of the 3rd battalion 2nd marines from camp lejeune, north carolina. they have names of two of the marines and are looking for i.d.s on the others. these are not just any marines. they are elite, highly trained scout snipers. the four are seen not only urinating on dead, bloodied insurgents, but one is heard saying, "have a great day, buddy." u.s. officials condemned the tape with secretary of defense leon panetta saying, "i have seen the footage, and i find the behavior depicted in it utterly deplorable." >> anyone found to have participated or known about it, having engaged in such conduct must be held fully accountable. >> reporter: the marines could face charges of bringing discredit to the armed forces and lengthy prison sentences. the video is also reminiscent of the 2004 torture scandal at abu ghraib prison in iraq, which caused worldwide outrage. as to these marine corps tapes, the taliban called the images
3:03 am
shocking but said it will not affect peace talks, which were just made public but have been going on for a year. martha raddatz, abc news, the pentagon. >> and as disturbing as all this obviously is, it's good to remember this was just a small number of marines who were involved in this and should not tarnish the reputation of the entire force. it's just these guys who happened to exercise some extremely bad judgment. >> but what is kind of disturbing, you and i were looking at the facebook page and just some of the comments of viewers and people. they actually -- they don't condemn this sort of act. they said, surprisingly, you know -- >> what's the problem? no big deal. >> exactly. which i think is more disturbing than anything else. >> it's a little frightening out there. but i think 9/11 maybe changed the tone of the country a little bit. a lost folks, we've become a little more tolerant of some of the violence. you know, for better or worse. >> human life is human life.
3:04 am
well, iran may be feeling the heat over its nuclear program. diplomats say tehran has agreed to discuss charges that it is secretly working on nuclear arms. after refusing to talk for three years. u.n. nuclear experts visit there later this month. the change comes after iran announced it is producing highly enriched uranium followed by the assassination of one of its nuclear scientists. and president obama is asking congress to increase the nation's debt limit, but it's considered a formality. he's calling for a $1.2 trillion increase. it's the third and final request allowed under a deal made by the white house and congress last august to prevent a government default. congress has 15 days to reject the request. the state of mississippi still reeling in controversy after the state's departing governor pardoned some 200 convicts including four murderers serving life sentences. now, lawmakers are scrambling to find ways to relieve -- sorry, to reverse their release. abc's steve osunsami is in jackson, mississippi with the full story. >> reporter: we have searched high and low for former governor haley barbour of mississippi,
3:05 am
and he is nowhere to be seen, has not spoken a public word since the release of those 200 or so inmates who were released from prison, given pardons as barbour was leaving office. there is a firestorm of controversy here in mississippi, mostly because even though the courts have stepped in to try to put the pardons on hold four convicted murderers were set free and no one knows where they are. the victims of those families who were involved in those cases are furious. one person told me that she felt that governor barbour was a coward for not talking to the families and actually giving them a reasonable explanation as to why he would set these inmates free. >> i can't understand how a man that has children of his own could do this. >> reporter: the courts have now stepped in and put a pause on the process. they're also asking on the 23rd the inmates who have been released to return.
3:06 am
but the mississippi attorney general who has been leading this effort says there's really not much he can do, they are free men and are entitled to go where they please. steve osunsami, abc news, jackson, mississippi. >> yeah, this morning jackson's "clarion ledger" said those four convicted murderers who steve osunsami just referenced that they can't find right now are expected to return to prison because none of them met deadlines to publish announcements about their requests for pardons. typically, you know, the governor has to give a heads-up to the families and also to the authorities that this is going to happen. it just kind of came out of the blue. >> so some legal technicalities may bring them back -- but honestly, coward's the right word. you can't let murderers out and at least oust respect to the victims not say this is why i did it, this was my rationale, and beyond that kind of ridiculous rationale of well, they worked in the governor's mansion so, that's tradition in our state that we let them go. i think the people are owed more
3:07 am
than that. we'll see if haley barbour comes out of hiding, mans up to his strong rhetoric reputation, and we'll see how it plays out. now to florida where an 82-year-old man ended an apparent robbery attempt by shooting and killing the intruder. charles robbins did not hesitate when he heard some banging around his side door. he said he just got up, got his gun, and fired one round straight through the door, hitting that would-be robber in the stomach. >> everybody should do it, and everybody's -- if somebody's trying to break into your house, what do you think you ought to do? wait until they break in or shoot them? >> the 24-year-old suspect then collapsed and died in robbins' driveway yesterday. he was wearing a stocking and a mask and carrying tools that could be used in a robbery. the police chief said he was right to pull the trigger. reminds us of the mother from oklahoma a week ago. >> she did the same thing, i have a baby, you're breaking into my house, i'm going to pull the trigger. now some lighter news to space, where there is a lot of
3:08 am
junk floating around out there. just this morgan the international space station had to fire up its engines to dodge a softball-size piece of debris. nasa says it came from a private satellite and could have caused a deadly puncture. the station has dodged space junk 13 times and five serious incidents since last june. weather experts confirm it was one, or maybe two, powerful category ef2 tornadoes that hit the western north carolina town, but property owners in the town of hickory found that out firsthand, as abc's yunji de nies reports. >> when he heard it howling outside he held her in his arms and they began to pray. >> we had nowhere to go. it was already tearing the trailer up. >> you wrapped yourself around her? >> i wrapped myself around her and just held on tight. >> we was going around like around in circles and all of a sudden we started flipping and flipping and flipping. >> reporter: when 2 was all over they crawled through the debris
3:09 am
bruised and bloody screaming for help in the dark. when the sun came out they came back to search for what's left of their home. eddie's leg is broken but their spirits are not. it's rhonda's 41st birthday. >> even though i've lost everything, i feel happy because i'm here. god blessed me for my birthday. i'm here. >> reporter: the rare january tornado tore through their house with winds of up to 130 miles an hour. it destroyed 15 other homes and damaged dozens more. how on earth do you think you survived that? >> good lord up above. >> reporter: the national weather service says a strong ef2 tornado with winds of up to 130 miles an hour blew through this area. it destroyed 15 homes and damaged dozens more. thankfully, though, there are a limited number of injuries and no fatalities. in hickory, north carolina yunji de nies, abc news. we've seen such horrible
3:10 am
weather over the last year. thoughts and prayers with those folks in western north carolina. and more weather news this morning. it is no more mr. nice guy for old man winter in your former hometown of chicago. the first big snowstorm of the season blanketed the windy city and much of the region after an unusually mild start to winter the last few weeks. at least three auto fatalities are now being blamed on that storm. hundreds of flights were canceled at chicago's two main airports. >> now, i contacted some of my friends back in chicago, said is it bad as everybody's saying? they said it's bad but it's supposed to snow. >> it's chicago in january, right? it's not suppose to be 80. >> here's a look at your earth. the snow is heading to the northeast today. another four to eight inches could fall on a big area from cleveland to syracuse. clear and partly cloudy in the south and sunny in denver. >> mid 40s in much of the northeast. and not much warmer actually in new orleans. 20s in the midwest. but minneapolis will only reach 13. that's even colder than fargo. seattle will hit a cooler than usual 43. 66 in phoenix.
3:11 am
>> i need to call this woman when i do my picks. actually, i already did my picks. so maybe next week. with another nfl playoff weekend upon us, we know one granny who's going to be glued to the tv when the action starts. >> oh, yeah, meet this woman. she is pat hanslik of north plainfield, minnesota. and at 87 years old she may be the oldest ever winner of a fantasy football league. she made all the right moves this past season. the result was her first ever league win. >> she says she has no strategy and that she just hopes she's making good choices. her grandkids say it's proof that their granny is just cool. if you've ever played fantasy football, you have to make trades. this is pretty complex. you go, granny. >> she looks good for 87. keep on rocking. more "world news now" coming after the break. ♪ it's not the real thing ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ sometimes a fantasy ♪ it's not the real thing ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ sometimes a fantasy let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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the friday segment, yes. welcome back, everybody. we were just chatting. the friday segment, yes. welcome back, everybody. we were just chatting. this is your first week in review segment we've done.
3:16 am
last friday was a big anniversary. >> big celebration. >> that's right. >> a lot of firsts. time to rewind the week and check out the sights and sounds that made headlines over the last week. the new hampshire primary of course was a big story. and so was jay-z and beyonce's new baby. >> maybe we'll get a little royal couple in there just for you. there was also an encouraging step in the recovery of gabby giffords. they're all part of our friday rewind. or is it this way? >> one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> we've all seen the healing that is possible. we've even seen it here tonight as my incredible wife, gabby, led us in the pledge of allegiance. >> i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. if -- you know, if someone doesn't give me the good service i need, i want to say, you know, that i'm going to get somebody else to provide that service to me. >> governor romney enjoys firing people. i enjoy creating jobs. >> his company, bain capital, all the jobs that they killed, i'm sure he was worried he'd run out of pink slips.
3:17 am
>> tonight we celebrate. tomorrow we go back to work. >> michelle obama is a very smart lawyer who you would expect to be involved in her husband's administration. >> it's always best for the staff to recognize that it is not wise to ignore the president's spouse. >> i actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of what it was caught into. >> i'm having to explain to my 8-year-old why slavery or slaves or beatings is in a math problem. and that hurts. >> why build it in ohio? >> we've decided that this car is for americans, this is the primary market for this new sports car, and why not build it and develop it here. >> what has life been like for your dad without football as a daily mission? >> i don't know that he knows what that is like yet because of
3:18 am
the cancer treatments. so every day he's had a fight to go fight. >> i'm excited to see them again. i haven't ever met kate. and i met william when he was very, very young. and so i'm looking forward to seeing him again. ♪ baby i paint the sky blue ♪ my greatest creation is you >> well, coming up, overcoming obstacles to win and holding a little baby. are you trying to tell us something? >> no. and homeless teens -- a homeless teen's drive to excel. it really does pay off. >> my favorite so far this year. >> we'll be right back. story coming up next. we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back.
3:19 am
♪ ♪ i refuse to lose ♪ i ♪ i refuse to lose ♪ i thought i told you i was born to win ♪ ♪ everybody else a winner ready? feeling the music? >> i'm feeling it. you ready? the last one for the week. bam. time for our favorite story of the day. >> yes.
3:20 am
it's about a remarkable teen who not only overcame the problems that the average high schooler faces but the real world ones, too. >> all too real. when the 17-year-old found herself homeless, she turned into a -- she turned to a source in motivation and not an excuse to fail. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: samantha garvey is a 17-year-old who would rather read something called "the journal of shellfish research" than "glamour" magazine. >> i get so excited to tell people about my mussels and crabs that i become a completely different person. >> so outside of mussels and crabs you're listening to katy perry and -- >> yeah. i'm a party animal. >> is that actually true? >> no. >> reporter: what is true is that this ceaselessly update 4'11" dynamo was just named as the some of the in the prestigious intel national science competition. her research on shellfish blowing the judges away. and she did that by overcoming this. >> most recently we were evicted from our home, and we're now currently living in a homeless shelter. >> reporter: samantha, her two younger siblings and their parents, a nurse and a taxi
3:21 am
driver, were forced to give up their home, even their family pets, when the bills became too much. and it wasn't the first time. >> it hurts. like leaving everything behind and just having to be rushed out of your home. well, your home. you know, it's just -- >> it's not your home anymore. >> yeah, basically. you don't have a home. >> reporter: but what she does have is grit. excelling without even a desk on which to do her homework. if she wins, an award of $100,000 will be hers. >> there are so many kids in this country right now who through no fault of their own find themselves homeless. >> yeah. >> what would you say to them? >> that i totally know where you're coming from. i'm right there with you. and i hope things get better. because they do. >> reporter: a lesson from a young woman who is the american dream personified. dan harris, abc news, brentwood, new york. >> and her answer's really
3:22 am
simple. when she was interviewed, she says, "i want a better life. so that's why i try so hard. that is why i work so hard." >> she's been at a homeless shelter since she was a kid. kudos to her. let's hope she wins that award. s shelter since she was a kid. kudos to her. let's hope she wins that award. pe she wins that award.
3:23 am
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then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. ♪ ♪ ♪ and finally this half hour, "insomniac theater." another first for me. right? >> that's right. >> a few new movies hitting theaters this weekend. we're going to preview the queen latifah and dolly parton movie, "joyful noise," in a moment. >> good to see dolly back. >> how was that? >> nothing. but i'll start the day off with -- >> i didn't like that hand gesture. >> the new -- i keep saying walk. the new mark wahlberg don't call me marky mark movie "contraband." we've seen this prop before. marky mark has found the good life after a life in crime. he has the wife, the beautiful wife, played by kate beckinsale. he has the kids. but his brother-in-law is still living that life of crime. he botches a drug deal for his
3:26 am
ruthless boss, and somehow this entanglement draws marky mark back into the drug trade a little bit and back into a life of crime again, running contraband to settle his brother in laus's debt here. that runs him right back into the middle of a network of brutal drug lords and cops and hit men, basically trying to navigate the crime world yet again. he got out and they pulled him back in. take a listen. >> what am i going to do, let him go alone? >> no, we're going to think of something else. >> there's nothing else to do. i hate to tell you, but they don't get the money from him they're coming after us. so what else do you want me to do? >> you know what i don't want to do? visit you in jail like we're visiting your dad and raising those kids on my own. >> oh, so it's -- i don't want to fight with you about this. okay? i know what i'm doing. >> he knows what he's doing, folks. marky mark and the funky bunch. his family becomes the target because he's trying to save his
3:27 am
brother-in-law. 63% on rotten tomatoes. they say january's a rotten month for tomatoes. you have something much lighter. >> people are saying that if "glee" met gospel you would get "joyful noise." this is a movie about a choir and a town that have come on hard times in georgia. this choir's trying to win this national competition. the choir leader is queen latifah. she wants to stick with the tried and true traditional style. while dolly parton wants to go with a little bit more upbeat. and there's a little bit of cat-fighting going on because dolly parton has a grandson who's going out with queen latifah and here's a little bit of a food fight. >> wherever you need to be to make everybody love you. oh, she's so larger than life. well, it pisses me off. >> you want to know what pisses me off? >> not particularly. >> you are going to hear it. it is your holier than thou, pious, self-righteousness. >> two out of four stars. but you know, it's all
3:28 am
subjectivity. so if you want to see it, if you like dolly parton, knock yourself out.h@
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- wild weather. a rare january tornado rips through north carolina, leaving neighborhoods in shambles. >> while a powerful snowstorm with ice and bitter winds reminds a big section of the country it is in fact winter time. it is friday january 13th. and good morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. and yes, it is friday the 13th. >> yeah. ooh. scary. i'm rob nelson. it's always friday. it's always good. we've learned overnight that the north carolina was a powerful category ef2, a storm that hit that state. a nasty summer-like storm, in fact. meanwhile, in the midwest and
3:31 am
northeast nobody is getting anywhere fast as a big snowstorm slows down travelers. nasty scene out there. >> isn't it supposed to snow in the wintertime? >> typically, yeah, it is. >> also this morning the prognosis for a fearless professional skier who's being kept in a coma after a tragic injury. we'll get an update on sarah burke's condition, who needs all the care that she needs. and later this half hour, paramedics rushed heather locklear to the hospital in l.a. the bombshell actress of course from "dynasty" and "melrose place" is now facing a real drama this morning. we'll have details in "the skinny." her life kind of spiraling out of control. a little bit. kind of frightening there. >> definitely. all over a relationship, too. i know her family's concerned about her. but first, we may have been fooled into thinking the mild weather was going to continue all winter. not a chance. >> not going to happen. there is snow on the ground in much of the midwest and now it's
3:32 am
heading into the northeast. and at least two major tornadoes hit north carolina. rare january storms there. abc's paul bevan is showing us the damage. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. a big dose of winter weather is finally here for much of the country. now, that is normal for this time of year, of course, but this winter twister really caught everyone by surprise. in western north carolina a trail of destruction after at least one tornado with winds of up to 115 miles per hour ripped through two counties. as the winds roared outside their home, eric and rhonda lane could only hold each other close and pray. >> we had nowhere else to go. it was already on top of us tearing the trailer up. >> we was going around like around in circles, and then all of a sudden we just started flipping, flipping, flipping. >> reporter: when it was all over, the lanes' and 15 other homes were completely destroyed. many more damaged. and hundreds left without power. thankfully, there were no fatalities. but as many as 20 people were injured as their homes came down around them. >> i just couldn't quit screaming. i still can't go to sleep because every time i close my
3:33 am
eyes i still kind of see us going through the whole thing. >> reporter: meanwhile, from colorado to kentucky snow and ice are making travel treacherous, causing at least two deaths in iowa. after weeks of being held at bay by the jet stream, an arctic air mass is now plowing south, fueling this brutal blast of winter weather. in chicago over 500 flights were canceled, and the city braced for the heaviest snowfall of the year so far. >> we'll shovel it out, lay down the salt, and hope it goes away by monday. >> reporter: in the east we are still getting rain for now. forecasters say bitter cold is on the way and that this time winter is here to stay. rob and paula? >> yes, it is. whether we like it or not. you can just vacation in the south. >> that's what i'm talking about. snowbird. i'm doing the right thing. >> now to today's forecast. it's going to be windy in the carolinas and the washington, d.c. area as snow approaches the northeast. minneapolis will see more snow as well. sunny in denver.
3:34 am
and of course in southern california. >> mid 40s today in new york and boston. low 30s in detroit. just 24 in both indianapolis and omaha. dallas hits 55. 45 in albuquerque. well, two years after haiti's devastating earthquake, there are few signs of progress. haitians gathered yesterday to mark the anniversary and to remember the dead. former president bill clinton, the special u.n. envoy, was among them. in the capital, the presidential palace is still in ruins, but some new housing is going up for the million and a half people left homeless by the quake. and at the pentagon investigators have determined that disturbing video of marines in afghanistan is indeed authentic. the four men seen urinating on the bodies of dead taliban fighters returned home in september. they could face prosecution for war crimes. top u.s. officials have been condemning their actions and are now scrambling to contain the international fallout. and it was a particularly violent day in the city of new orleans. in the eastern part of the crescent city nine people were shot yesterday morning during a home invasion and a police chase
3:35 am
that followed. four of them died. later, when an officer at police headquarters was searching the car involved in that chase, he found inside that vehicle two live hand grenades. the building had to be evacuated. the bomb squad took care of them before everyone was eventually allowed back inside. a florida high school principal has plead not guilty to criminal charges for hypnotizing students. george kenney faces two misdemeanor charges of unlicensed practice of health care. the principal hypnotized many students to boost their academic and athletic performance. but he came under investigation when three students died, two in fact by suicide. now to a story we're following very closely, and that freestyle skiing superstar who's fighting for her life in a salt lake city hospital. >> sarah burke is in critical condition after tuesday's training accident. abc's diana alvear has the latest from doctors. good morning to you, diana. >> reporter: rob and paula, good morning. you know, burke actually landed the trick she was attempting, then fell over and hit her head. this is a devastating injury for
3:36 am
a woman considered fearless and ferociously talented. they're the words that have defined her life. >> sarah burke sets the new standard. >> reporter: now sarah burke is fighting for her life after crashing during a practice run in utah. the canadian freestyle skiing superstar, one of the best in the world, was training for the upcoming x games. >> we do know that she did land a trick that she had been doing and bounced from her feet onto her head. >> reporter: doctors successfully performed surgery to repair a ruptured artery that led to bleeding near her brain. however, burke is being kept in a medically induced coma and she remains in critical condition. a four-time gold medalist at the x games, burke embraced the extreme risks of her sport and made it look easy. >> you learn how to crash at the beginning and how to take the hits, but you're always really pushing yourself to do something that is really tough and learn and progress.
3:37 am
so a lot of injuries involved. and always a bit of a risk. but it's the price you pay. >> reporter: she successfully pushed to have freestyle skiing in the winter olympics. now burke faces her biggest battle yet. recovering from a brain injury. her husband, also a professional skier, is at her side. and he issued a statement saying his wife is "very strong and that she will most certainly fight to recover." rob, paula? >> and there was a coach who actually witnessed the accident. he said when it first happened he didn't think it was any big deal. he didn't think it was a major accident. obviously, the opposite turned out to be true there. but scary moments for her. we wish her a speedy recovery and hope it's a speedy recovery. >> all our support and prayers and thoughts go to salt lake city and her recovery. well, the president of penn state is getting an earful from alumni about the sex abuse scandal. rodney erickson has met with alumni groups the last couple days. he told a group outside philadelphia yesterday that jerry sandusky, the alleged pedophile, is responsible for the scandal as opposed to the entire school itself.
3:38 am
several alum challenged erickson about the firing of joe paterno. erickson said it's not his place to apologize to joe pa because he was fired by the board of trustees. operators at the atlanta boat show had to deal with a freak accident and a huge mess. a 200,000-gallon water tank which was part of the boat show ruptured, sending water all over the exhibition. all 70,000 gallons leaked onto the floor, forcing workers with heavy equipment, mops, and squeegees to clean up all that mess. inspectors are trying to figure out why exactly that tank ruptured. and for the first time we're getting a good look at the confederate submarine from the civil war. the "h.l. hunley" had been surrounded by a steel truss ever since it was raised off the coast of south carolina about a dozen years ago. now the sub is strong enough to stand on its very own. yesterday the truss was removed. the "h.l. hunley" was the first sub ever to sink an enemy warship, but it too sank. you know what? don't touch my iphone. a lot of people get crazy about their technology.
3:39 am
>> hands off. >> plenty of disappointment this morning in beijing, china, all because of the latest iphone. >> people are crazy. thousands of folks had camped out overnight in freezing temperatures to be among the first to officially buy an iphone 4s from beijing's apple store. there were so many people, in fact, that the cops called the sale off. and that's when things got a little bit ugly. >> shoppers threw eggs at the store, and that was just the beginning of a mob scene that got out of hand. all the store clerks inside could do was watch, and nobody outside got to buy a new iphone. i've only had mine since christmas, and i'm addicted. >> you're a late comer to the iphone game as well. >> i can't believe i went this long without it. i'm a new woman. >> i'm addicted too, but it shouldn't result in violence. you know what i mean? it's called a grip. folks in beijing, get one. you know what i mean? >> why would they shut the store down? isn't that a good thing if you've got a lot of people waiting? >> i would think. i don't get it. it's a wild world out there.
3:40 am
let me take a break. see if i can recover for a second. can i look at your iphone? >> back up. >> more world news coming up. ♪ i get knocked down ♪ but i get up again
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while some fiber ads use super models,
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metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol. moreu're everything i need and ♪ you're everything i need and more ♪ ♪ it's written all over your face ♪ ♪ baby, i can feel your halo you'll know in a second why we played that particular song. time to check out what is burning up the yahoo search engines this week. if you live in the midwest like you used to do, you're probably looking for some forecasts, weather information. >> see if i can get to work or not. for everyone else it's celebrity news, politics, and new year's resolutions. yahoo web life editor heather cabot joins us with the details. good morning, heather. >> good morning, guys, and happy friday. beyonce and jay-z's new daughter isn't just the youngest person to hit the billboard charts with her prize on jay-z's new song
3:44 am
"glory," but she also topped yahoo searches this week. when the couple confirmed on monday that the healthy baby girl had finally arrived, the web went crazy with lookups for all of the details of her birth. especially little blue ivy's photo, which has not been released yet. searches for the baby's name and the meaning of it are up 3,000%. of course, the luxurious hospital suite where she was born also sparked lots of interest. and some people are still hung up on how someone could look so gorgeous wearing maternity clothes. we're seeing a huge number of questions about whether beyonce used a surrogate mother. searches for beyonce fake pregnancy were up 200%. another famous mom is still getting lots of reaction about her second baby. kourtney kardashian. and finally on the baby beat, yahoo users are obsessed with celebrity twins. whether it's angelina's or mariah's children, we continue to see tons of look-ups for
3:45 am
photos of their little ones. internet users are taking notice of the presidential election and paid close attention to the new hampshire primary this week. mitt romney may have taken the granite state, but for the second week in a row ron paul is getting the most searches of the gop candidates on yahoo. former utah governor jon huntsman and his family were also generating lots of buzz online. voters are getting very interested in the personal lives of the republican field. they're looking up all kinds of info about family members, including the huntsman daughters, romney's sons, and newt gingrich's wife. and with new year's resolutions still fresh, yahoo shine's "get it guide" rated the the most searched workout dvds. top of the list, zumba total body transformation. insanity, fast and furious workout. the kettle ball workout with bob harper. and jackie warner's crunch-free extreme abs. our get it guide gurus are real women who tried out the dvds and let you know if they are worth the price. hope you guys have a great weekend. back to you. >> are you an exercise nut? are you trying to get fit in this new year? >> i was for like a week and a half. >> a week and a half? that's it? >> yeah. i'm just carrying you. isn't that workout enough?
3:46 am
oh, look at that. >> look at that. >> wow. is that the -- is that suzanne somers? >> that's the thighmaster. >> because my body doesn't look that good. let me tell you. >> you look very happy exercising like that. that's good. oh, if only this show was on cable. coming up next, who is playing matchmaker with -- you know what i'm talking about. >> how many times have we done that this week? >> a lot. because it's -- >> and the real-life medical drama starring heather locklear and a call to 911. it's all next in "the skinny." ♪ skinny r and a call to 911. it's all next in "the skinny." n
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3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny so i think every mom and pop would want to set their little daughter up with tim tebow. just a good kid, right? >> good kid. ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny so i think every mom and pop would want to set their little daughter up with tim tebow. just a good kid, right? >> good kid. >> including katy perry's parents. of course they're evangelical christians. they have a church out in california. according to "ok!" magazine the parents are trying to orchestrate a meeting between
3:49 am
her and the broncos quarterback at their california church. she has mentioned on more than one occasion how much she likes tim because he's handsome, charming, and above all a good christian. she was a christian pop star. have you ever listened to some of her music? >> i have not. >> you should youtube it. >> but neither did most people because she didn't get famous until she kissed a girl and liked it. >> she kind of sold out a little bit? >> well, she made music people actually got a little more into. whatever that says about pop culture. >> i don't think it's going to happen. >> but how do you go from the sex addicted, former drug addicted, to like the virgin, you know, religious guy? can women do it like that? >> he's a virgin. and she obviously isn't. >> clearly. >> and i think he's waiting for a woman that has kind of held herself to the same values that he has. >> i'm not sure that's katy. but her parents obviously very religious. i can see why they want to make the hookup, but i don't quite see the chemistry lining up between "kissed a girl" and -- >> maybe she kissed a quarterback and she liked it. >> maybe she will. you know, tim, come on, how long can you go? also, heather locklear, serious story out of hollywood this
3:50 am
morning. apparently, there was a phone call from her home from 911 thursday from a sister, from her sister, i should say. and basically, there was some belief that she may have mixed alcohol as well as some prescription medications. emergency personnel came to the house, realized she needed a little more attention than they could give her at the scene. so they did hospitalize her as well. she lives northwest of l.a. again, this is the latest in a string of incidents because she was hospitalized back in december of 2010 for a bacterial infection. even last november. she and her former fiance jack wagner called off their engagement at the time. so whatever's going on with heather she's had a string of troubles. dui arrest. >> she's 50? >> 50. >> she doesn't look it. >> we hope she's getting better. >> for all you "entourage" fans mark wahlberg, the show's producer, executive producer, confirms there will be a movie. he actually said -- he told "gq" magazine it's definitely going ahead. the rumors we've seen the end of adrian grenier and his posse are just that, rumors. he said it's definitely something we're actively trying to put together, we're just
3:51 am
waiting for the series creator to write the script. i think a 90-minute movie is sheer craziness, the guys getting back to being guys, lose the ladies. go crazy. he said people were complaining that the episodes were too short, which is his main motivation for the movie. and they were. >> they were really quick. i'm a huge "entourage" fan. if you look through the series finale they did leave a lot of room especially with ari for a movie. great. love those guys. also update to a story yesterday. khloe kardashian and her two ex-stepmoms came out and said she's not really a kardashian. now apparently in papers robert kardashian himself said yes, she is my biological child, in court paperwork he filed before he died of cancer several years ago. so he's coming out saying yes, she really is my daughter despite rumors out there to the contrary that she is not. >> want to get to another story real quick. 50 cent the rapper has insulted the newborn of beyonce and jay-z in a tweet. he kind of -- yeah. he says congratulations to jay-z and beyonce, baby blue ivy carter is gorgeous.
3:52 am
he obviously superimposed jay-z's face on a cute little baby. >> 50 cent's brave for messing with jay-z. especially his newborn baby. >> she's beautiful. what are you talking about? >> not in that picture. good lord. what are you talking about? >> not in that picture. good lord. ut? >> not in that picture. good lord. bored with your one trick lipstick?
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naughty to nice. get gorgeous lips not once, but twice! now your lips can lead a double life. new blast flipstick from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. ♪ hey, bulldog ♪ hey, bulldog ♪ hey, bulldog ♪ hey, bulldog nobody working harder than george stephanopoulos this
3:56 am
election year. the man never sleeps. i don't know how he does it. >> never? >> never. >> ever? maybe a cat nap now and then. >> 20 minutes a week. that's all he needs. finally this half hour, the story of a mama american bulldog who was rescued in northern wisconsin. the only problem was where were her pups? >> don't mess with a mama scorned. the animal shelter knew they were out there. so they released the mom and relied on her intuition. waow's bonnie shelton has the story. >> reporter: meet the star of our story. a dog with no name and no known history. she was found last saturday in an abandoned home in antigo. >> a very good dog. >> reporter: and that's all they knew until they made a discovery. >> you could just tell by how she looked that the puppies were born recent. >> reporter: a dog. apparently a new mother. but where were her puppies? staff at lang lake county humane society wanted to do everything possible to find out. so they packed up the pup and took her back to the spot where she was found to see if she could lead them to her litter. as time passed, concern grew. >> if, you know, they're out
3:57 am
there, they probably didn't survive the night. >> reporter: the mother had been separated from her new puppies for at least 24 hours. until she led them around a corner outside this home to a heartwarming discovery. ten puppies, all crying out for mom. >> they're over here. hurry up. they're over here. it was awesome. >> reporter: the entire litter safe and sound, thanks to mom. she's doing fine. and for her efforts earned a name. >> and we named her star because she -- we figured she was a star, showing us where her babies were. >> reporter: a fitting name. >> rob, i know you're looking for some puppies. they'll be available for adoption in a couple weeks. >> excellent. >> ten puppies? >> there we go. >> wow. >> that is impressive. >> rob's best friend. >> you see, ask me to get a dog, there i am. i told you one day i'd come through. even with no neck i -- >> even if you are a dog, can you get a dog? >> bow wow wow. yippee yo, yippee yay. abc right back. >> announcer: this is abc's
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"world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. ssive.
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