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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. two women are fighting for their lives after a savage attack last night. the story coming up. a bizarre attack on two children at a mountain view bookstore. a woman is arrested after biting the two youngsters on the face. what witnesses say a woman did. also sheriff ross mirkarimi charged with misdemeanor violence today involving his wife. pretty clear this morning. it is not a spare the air even though we you do not burn wood. how hot is it going to be before the cooling trend next week. good morning i'm frances dinglasan traffic light at the bay bridge toll hope it stays that way. i'll show you more about our cool new app waze, coming up. hopefully it will be friday light all morning for you.
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4:30. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. it was an especially brutal attack in san francisco a manhunt is underway for the man who attacked two women at a sunset district home sending them both to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, a hammer possibly involved. terry mcsweeney is live at the home. >> reporter: definitely some kind of a blunt object. a hammer fits the description it happened at this house, 20th avenue at noriega the call came in 9:20 last night from police not from the woman attacked still in the house but from a woman who staggered back to a nearby restaurant. the scene last night out here, police received a call of a possible assault. when they arrived out herself teen00 block of 20th avenue they found -- a woman beaten unconscious in this home.
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the call had come if a woman had come to the house to deliver food, possibly just stumbled upon the assault and attacker was there. and he attacked her as well. police aren't saying a lot. there's a couple reasons. they don't know much about this, here's why. >> one, language barrier trying to find out the information from the victim. to my understanding one of the victim is still unconscious. >> that's the elderly woman? >> correct. >> reporter: again, the woman who was attacked in the house in her 70s, the other woman younger. we don't have any age on her. she was delivering food from just around the corner, maybe a 75 feet away, brought the food over here that is when she was attacked herself. went back to the restaurant and told the people there that she had been attacked and what she had seen at this house. police are not giving out description they don't have any idea what this person
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looks like if it is a man or woman, what the motive might be. as we heard there's a couple reasons for that. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning a woman suspected of biting the faces of two young children at a mountain view bookstore is charged with felony child abuse. authorities say 46-year-old polly beltramo of palo alto was arrested at a starbucks. a mother called police around 1:00 yesterday afternoon after she said a woman bit the cheek of her toddler and infant son. in the children's section of bookbuyer's on castro street. >> girl started running to her mother saying that lady bit me. she had a big wealth or something on her cheek, red -- a big welt or something on her cheek. then the boy a couple months old starts screaming. his cheek was bleeding.
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>> beltramo ran out of the store they were able to track her down the mother positively identified the suspect the two children were treated at the bookstore. the store owners say bites were not too terrible. police are asking for the public's help in identifying two suspects who they believe shot and killed a 39-year-old man in front of his son in east oakland. the department released these sketches. the gunman is described as 17 to 20-year-old black man 5'10, dark come and dreadlocks. his accomplice, 17 to 20-year-old man, 5'10 with short hair. jose was killed in front of the market on august 28th, in what police believe began as a robbery attempt. crimestoppers and police offering $15,000 reward. 1500 oakland city workers will get lay-off notices neck week.
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-- next week. a state supreme court ruling effectively killed california's redevelopment program city officials say only 200 people will actually lose their jobs. the 1500 notices are intended to give the city flexibility in deciding who goes by february 1st, when the money runs out. >> we have a workforce that will be reduced in a short period of time without the normal engagement process that the city has put in place in the past. >> this is premature? yes. i think it is a lack of information. i think it is a lack of planning. i think we can go about this better without upsetting the entire workforce. >> police and firefighters are exempt from the lay-offs. san francisco's new sheriff ross mirkarimi could be charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence today after an incident involving his wife. pressure is mounting on mirkarimi to step aside. a coalition of anti-domestic violence leaders call on him
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to resign yesterday. his wife suffered a bruise arm when he grabbed her on new year's eve. video taken by a neighbor as well as text messages are in the hands of investigators during yesterday's press conference his wife was in the background listening. mirkarimi's attorney says she was on her way to visit her husband at city hall. san jose elementary schoolteacher arrested on child molestation charges set to make his first court appearance today. craig chandler taught second and third grades at whaley elementary for nine years. he's accused of sexually salting a student on campus. police -- sexually assaulting a student on campus. neighbors say chandler is a family man with two children and his wife is pregnant with their third child. two suspected bank robbers under arrest in large part because of the bravery and quick action of a good
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samaritan. the two crashed their getaway car yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the two men ran from the scene. a man who happens to be trained in martial arts witnessed the crash. steve brown thought it with was a hit-and-run and ran after the two men and caught one of them. >> i got him to the ground put him in arm bar with one hand i call the police women in the beginning he just resisted heavily. after when i applied the pressure he started to say i'll cooperate. >> police arrested the second suspect at a nearby high school. highway 85 was closed for more than four hours while police examined suspicious devices discovered in the vehicle. 4:37. to me today looks like yesterday i don't think we have a spare the air day. we need mike to explain. >> it is friday the 13th, so keep that in mind, things could change. >> thanks for the reminder. >> no problem. >> i don't have that phobia.
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>> triskaidekaphobia. >> triskaidekaphobia, yeah. now i can't function eric, thanks. good morning. north wind three miles per hour in fairfield, oakland, three miles per hour out of the northeast at half moon bay everybody else calm. no threat of any fog, no haze it is not a spare the air day. even though the bay area air quality management district would like to you refrain from burning. all close to where we were yesterday except for half moon bay four degrees warmer napa seven degrees warmer that put s us in the 30s. -- puts us in our 30s, 29 santa rosa, 37 palo alto, mainly low to mid 40s for the rest of the bay shore and south bay, upper 40s half moon bay and san francisco 60 half moon bay noon same around santa rosa, napa, mid 60s around fremont, san jose, palo alto 62, mid to upper 60s by 4:00, another warmer than average day around the bay. a few areas could hit 70
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today. slightly cooler two to four degrees still above average. then check out the clouds, the breezes and temperatures back in the 50s where they should be for sunday through tuesday, chance of rain begins wednesday and thursday. we are starting off well. temperatures will be nice, road conditions look great. 680 walnut creek north main looking good southbound through the san ramon valley. traffic quiet all around the bay area another live shot of 280 and 17 interchange in san jose. i want to take you to the waze traffic maps. traffic going to get crowded for the 49er playoff game later today this is an application you can download for free and use. right now we have someone heading on 101 you can see speedy part of the abc7 traffic spotter group is moving along at over 40 miles an hour. the cool part is if you are trying to decide whether to take city streets or different
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routes heading to the 49ers' game if there are other wazers on those streets you will be able to get their speeds this might help you, you might decide to pull over and take a bus instead. quite a few wazers on the road now. if you would like to be part of in go to download the free application to your iphone, android or blackberry and join our abc7 traffic spotter group. we are now over 1,000 members. we just started last week. we were at 24 members. it is really gaining a lot of strength and speed. >> i can't believe you were only a week ahead of us and were you 23 now 1,000 something, okay. that's great, thanks frances. >> editorial comment you may not want to use the nickname speedy on an app that tracks your speed. 4:40. still ahead, on the move. the impact occupy protesters are having on one of oakland's most popular events.
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4:43. live look from our sutro camera toward san francisco and the bay bridge. as mike told us, this is not a spare the air day although air quality officials would still prefer that you don't burn wood. it is friday the 13th mike, reminding you again for those of you who suffer from triskaidekaphobia, don't worry about it, it is cool. >> we are banishing bad luck around here. organizers of this year's oakland running festival are moving the start and finish to the festival to lake merritt. officials are concerned about recent problems involving protesters near city hall. the race which attracted 7,000 runners for each of the past two years has started and end at frank ogawa plaza.
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this year's festival with will begin at snow park on lakeside drive it will provide more space to accommodate the large number of runners and spectators. federal regulators say metal tissue holders found in the bay area are contaminated with low levels of radioactive material they may have been distributed to a bed bath and beyond stores in more than 20 states first discovered when two packages triggered alarms at truck scales there is no threat to human health but it is better to avoid unnecessary exposure. authorities say the tissue holders contain manmade cobalt 60 radioactive material. we have more fall-out from a most disturbing individual the pentagon identifies the marine accused of desecrating the bodies of taliban fighters in afghanistan. driving a stake into the heart of electronic vampires.
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new rules to make the chargers we use more energy efficient. >> the inspirational story of the new football coach at menlo college. a gifted ex-athlete with a winning attitude despite his unusual c co$o$o$o$o$o$jjjjú
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let's take a look that the arctic air mass. eyes for the east coast where in the 40s today, 20 chicago, 27 st. louis. here mid to upper 40s take over seattle and portland, 69 in phoenix we have flight delays arrival delays into laguardia all major airports and regional california airports are on time. any time you travel flight tracker at abc7 news do the company at the bottom. -- 4:47. cal train is considering raising fares on riders who pay cash. the system is trying to push
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riders towards using the universal clipper card. cal train is proposing raising one-way cash fares by 25 cents for each zone, six zones will cost $1.25 more. make that if $1.50 more. meeting january 26th and february 2nd, where the board may vote on. california's cell phones tablet computers, power tools and hundreds of other portable electronic devices will be required to have energy battery charges beginning next year. the energy commission has approved efficiency standards that would end vampire charging systems that waste as much as 60% of the electricity they suck from outlets. regulators estimate the new rules could save californians 305 million dollars a year in power costs. indication a decision by major league baseball whether
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the a's will be allowed to move to san could be coming sooner rather than later. -- commissioner selig says the decision is now on the front burner. selig and major league owners are holding their meetings in arizona. officials 40 minutes in session with a special committee appointed by selig to examine the a's request to build a new stadium in san jose. mayor lee says 49er fans can rest assured the lights will stay on at candlestick park for this weekend's playoff game. the 49ers and saints face off tomorrow in the first game the -- to be played since two embarrassing blackouts last month. city crews will be at the game to watch over electrical equipment. pg&e workers replaced more than 8,000 feet of electrical cable. cell phone towers were clogged with activity the blackout making it nearly impossible to get a wireless signal. mayor lee says at&t has fixed
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that problem and promised to increase cell phone coverage for the game. >> reporter: his coaching philosophy and his outlook on life are influenced by many things, including fact that he was born without hands. >> i was one of the youngest people in the united states to get fitted for hooks, age 14 i said that's it i'm not wearing them ever again and i haven't since. >> reporter: returning to this campus is a homecoming of sorts for coach expectman he grew up in belmont and played two seasons here at menlo college. the man who signed him up as a linebacker decades ago shared how he overcame the odds with dedication and humidity more >> the joke is he got called once for holding and 15 yard
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penalty and it has been denied and all that. i know as a fact he did hold the guy with his forearm. >> reporter: speckman went on to coach football for 34 years the last 17 in oregon. he has earned a reputation for his fast offensive maneuvers. his new players say they are eager to embrace his no excuses attitude. >> it is like we are all ready and onboard and ready to start winning. >> reporter: no question win something important to coach speckman. also clear his legacy will be much more. >> as you walk in these buildings they are named for somebody who put the money up. i'm not going to be that guy. you can give back to your college in a lot of ways. i'm grateful that i have a chance to do this. >> reporter: in atherton, karina rusk, abc7 news. >> unique position to inspire and show that the impossible is possible. >> you bet. mentally strong is what you
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have to be obviously, he is. 4:51. let's check in with mike for that weekend forecast. a change not necessarily rain yet, still coming later next week. cooler weather is on the way. temperatures more reminiscent of what we should have for this time of the year. good morning. if you got a lot of clothes over the holidays you haven't been able to wear yet, now is the time. i guess sunday will be the time and monday. vollmer peak, pretty clear, not a spare the air today. so, you can burn wood if you want, but they of course, they being bay area air quality management district would like you to refrain from it if you can. 29 fairfield freezing in santa rosa. freezing in novato. a lot of mid to upper 30s until oakland, san francisco and half moon bay mid to upper 40s fremont 40. low to mid 40s around the monterey bay. 49 salinas.
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gilroy 20° cooler. over the hills there drop into the valley 29°. today, near record warmth, more likely tomorrow, more clouds, much cooler sunday and still holding on to that chance of rain for next week. check out oakland and livermore, 71 and 70 the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s today not far behind santa rosa and cloverdale 69 san francisco and san jose 67°. more low to mid 70s monterey bay and inland to gilroy and hollister morgan hill 68 around the state today mid 60s through the central valley to low to mid 50s around tahoe and yosemite where it will be dry. low to mid 70s around big sur, san diego, palm springs, 78 in l.a.. tonight chilly once again, 29 in santa rosa, low 30s around napa and cloverdale mid to
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upper 30s the rest of inland valleys, fremont, palo alto south bay low to mid 40s richmond, oakland, san mateo. by tomorrow afternoon, 1:30 start the saints are in town, take on our 9ers, 60°, that's what it going to be during the game. a few clouds from time to time also but definitely going to be a bright day. the reason, not much as changed, notice the highs aren't as far north as they have been now we are starting to see maybe a little transition but they are close enough that it is going to continue to be dry throughout the weekend. by the time we get to sunday temperatures drop 8 to 12° if the mid to upper 50s, we stay there monday, tuesday then the first chances of rain roll into the forecast wednesday and thursday. have a great day. morning. still looking good on the roads now. southbound 17 in the south bay area, temporarily shutdown the
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camden avenue off-ramp we'll keep you posted on that. oakland maze traffic light westbound towards the bay bridge toll. also looking great in the north bay. a light commute on bay area freeways at this point. back to the waze maps, in san francisco pretty good. dimension that 49er playoff game is tomorrow, sorry about that got a little excited and thought it was today. i want to show you drivers on the road now. you can see that with these tiny bubbles someone in the san leandro area joined our abc7 traffic spotter group this is easy-going 510 with a cute picture they just joined six days ago thanks for being part of our group. traffic is flowing well there much slowing east bay on 880 or 580. if you want to be a part of this group, go to waze. learn more, download the free
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application to your iphone, android or blackberry, don't forget to join our abc7 traffic spotter group. now 4:55. the marine corps has identified two of the four marines caught in a video apparently urinating on the bodies of several taliban fighters in afghanistan. the corps says they belong to a camp lejeune sniper team. the general who commanded the division there spoke at the memorial club in san francisco yesterday. he says, there is no excuse for what happened. >> does not fit with the corps values of courage, horn and commitment. in no uncertain terms our commandant will investigate and we'll find out what happened and get to the bottom of it. >> these marines could be charged with violating the military code of justice. 70-year-old woman is brutally beaten and stabbed in her home. the crime doesn't stop there.
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we are live at the scene with what police are saying about the suspect and the restaurant worker caught up in the attack. >> reporter: tens of thousands of students at city college are at risk of having their identities stolen. i'm amy hollyfield live in the city. a story about an infestation of computer viruses, coming up next. new questions about pg&e's safety record. the money you paid for safety work that was never done. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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