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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco. two women are fighting for their lives after a savage assault in the sunset district. one woman the apparent intended victim. the other one wrong place, wrong time. i'll explain in a live report. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in san francisco. students at city college could have their identities stolen. officials here just discovered a massive infestation of computer viruses in their system. good morning i'm mike nicco. clear start to the morning. talk about a couple more days of above average temperatures where we could see record highs then big cooling trend for the back half of the weekend and rain in the back half of the forecast. good friday morning i'm
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frances dinglasan. looks great here, bay bridge toll. southbound 17 camden avenue off-ramp blocked. we'll keep you posted. good friday morning just about 5:01. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. san francisco police looking for suspects in the horrifying hammer attack and stabbing on an elderly woman at her home in the sunset decision strict. a second woman delivering food was also brutally assaulted. -- terry mcsweeney is live what is the latest on victims? >> reporter: they both sustained life threatening injuries in this attack on 20th avenue near noriega. the first attack apparently happened inside this house a woman in her 70s viciously assaulted in that house. take a look at the activity out here last night. police responded initially to a report of a woman walking into a restaurant around the
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corner bleeding profusely talking about an attack. that woman had come to this house to deliver some food that's when she found the other victim. she, the food deliverer was herself assault in kind. she got out, conscious, down to the restaurant and reported the crime. police are having trouble with a language barrier. with one of the people who was assaulted. they are also having a problem with the other one unable to speak because she is unconscious. they don't know much about in case right now. >> it is just one suspect? gentleman we don't even know if it is one or two -- >> we don't even know if it is one or two or three, we don't know at this time. >> reporter: again, a woman in her 70s knocked unconscious by someone. the instrument is described as a hammer-like object, wrench, pipe, something along those lines. they don't know how many attackers there were or their gender or the description. this case ongoing but it does
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appear the woman delivering food just happened to walk in on a crime in progress and became a victim herself. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. very disturbing. 5:03. a woman suspected of biting the faces of two young children at a bookstore is now charge -- charged with felony child an 46-year-old polly beltramo of palo alto was arrested after being caught near the bookstore at a starbucks. the mother called police 1 yesterday afternoon saying a woman had bitten the cheeks of her toddler and infant son. beltramo ran out of the store they were able to track her down. the two children were treated at the bookstore, fortunately the store owner says the bites were not too terrible. tens of thousands of students that attended san francisco city college may have had their personal information stolen. officials detected computer viruses transmitting data
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overseas. amy hollyfield is live at city college. what is shocking is how long this has been going on. >> reporter: yeah, for about 10 years or more. it appears that the students' banking information was stolen. their medical information is safe. this is according to the san francisco chronicle. the story is appearing in today's paper. it is a big story. it could have a huge impact. the chronicle reports that city college has an infestation of computer viruses that have been invading the college system more more than 10 years. tens of thousands of students and faculty may have had their personal information stolen the viruses are still in there. according to the report, the viruses have origins in criminal networks in russia and china. the viruses are transmitting the data to sites in russia, iran and half a dozen other countries. they haven't linked cases of identity theft to the viruses. but the investigation is just getting started they may have to bring in the fbi. data also expert is quoted as
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saying criminals see college students as an ideal victim. they have a potential of making a good income, so there's a good identity to steal. officials at the college are just starting to uncover this and trying to start figuring out how to solve this issue. figure out what to do, how to contact all of these students. keep following this one. this story is going to be developing for some time. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. there is embarrassing and potentially expensive new information out this morning on pg&e's role in 2010's deadly san bruno gas pipeline explosion. not only is the utility facing the possibility of huge fines, the report says it charged you for upgrades that were never made. katie marzullo is live with more details. >> reporter: falling in line with the ntsb and others the california public utilities commission has found pg&e is completely responsible for the
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deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. maybe just as bad, the commission found that pg&e has been ripping off rate payers charging customerses almost half a billion dollars for system improvements that were never made. the report shows pg&e was authorized to 134 million dollars since 1997 on gasline improvements. since 1999 the company collected 430 million above what was authorized and it spent the surplus on executives and stockholders. assemblywoman spear calls it unconscionable and says the money should be returned to rate payers possibly as a credit. a credit toward the 2.2 billion dollar pipeline upgrade that pg&e has proposed since the 10 san bruno explosion. a proposal that asks customers to cover 90% of the cost. the puc has launched an investigation to determine if pg&e broke any laws related to
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the explosion. if so, the company faces hundreds of millions of dollars in fines. in response to all of this, pg&e's president says the company is taking the findings very seriously and will cooperate fully with the investigation. live in the newsroom, katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:07. the state's prisoner realignment program is only a few months old. already city and county agencies are feeling the pinch. program moves low level phoners out of state prison into county jails to ease overcrowding a move some on the local level call dangerous. two inmates were released a few days later back in jail. one led police on a high speed chase after a carjacking. yesterday, gilroy police found the other in a stolen car with methamphetamine. >> we are adding criminals back into our community we don't have the added resources to monitor them.
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two guys we personal know they are quite violent they continue this pattern of gavior. >> counties were given money by the state to prepare for the move. some used it to create prisoner rehab programs. others used the money to add additional officers. this morning the lights are back on. pg&e will spend hours trying to figure out what lead to a transformer explosion and brushfire in mountain view. the fire started before 9:30 a powerline fell behind microsoft's campus. the flames were put out by firefighters before they could reach any structure. no injuries reported. pg&e says at one point more than 37 occurs were without power. -- 370 customers were without power. crust will investigate. 5:08. i've been promising myself i wouldn't mention friday the 13th, any more so i'm not going to mention it. let's check in with mike now pan get a look at the forecast. what? >> -- >> i think we are going to get lucky if you like sun and
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warmth this afternoon. >> absolutely and tomorrow for the big game. then things will turn, starting sunday back to cooler, cloudier and wetter as we get into the back half of the weekend. right now clear unlimited visibilities that's what the tends mean no spare the air for today, temperatures still cool out -- outside mid to upper 30s east bay valley as long the peninsula into los gatos low 30s novato santa rosa 37 napa from san jose, fremont, oakland, half moon bay low to mid 40s san francisco 48°. watching an area of high pressure to our north and low to our south when you get those stacked on top of each other, this is pulling our winds off the land once again keeping that cool ocean water away from us that's why we'll top out in the mid 60s to around 70° today. tomorrow not as warm still warmer than average with low to mid 60s chilly sea breeze
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and clouds return putting us into the 50s through the end of the weekend into next week you can see chance of rain begins wednesday and thursday. i want to take you to the waze maps right away. we found a big slow down. it is on highway 17 near summit road. it was reported by a driver complete standstill as you head towards summit road. there's roadwork scheduled now on summit road out towards los gatos. lanes could be blocked in both directions until 6:00 this morning. so, that's something that you can only find using these waze maps. it gives you very specific details on where traffic is slow. here we are showing you a problem in the south bay, southbound 17 at the camden avenue off-ramp a stalled big rig they need to shutdown the off-ramp temporarily. on the freeways 85 and 17 still looking pretty good. as we go out and show you a live shot it is flowing nicely
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all around the bay area northbound 280 san jose that's highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. of course that waze application i told you about, you can become part of the group by downloading it from abc7 newses do come/waze and learn more and -- waze and learn more. no other convenient way to find out about that standstill on highway 17 that was great. could facebook have helped california balance the budget? why sacramento is eagerly an waiting the social network's expected move to go public. redbox under fire. the unlikely group claiming discrimination over the touch screen menu. why you may want to watch your change the next time you fly. hey guys, breakfast!
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this morning we have a better picture of the toll the recession has taken on the state's economy. the state's economic output with was 1.9 trillion dollars last year. that makes it the 9th largest economy in the world 10 years ago we were the 6th largest economy. state officials are counting on facebook to offset the state's budget woes anticipating facebook will announce plans to take its stock public this year if that happens the capital gains tax paid on the deal would do wonders for the state's nine
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billion dollar deficit with >> it is something that with we've tried to take into some of that likely greater than average ipo-related revenue. we are going to be looking at that when we come out in february we'll speak more to it. >> facebook ipo is predicted to be the largest initial public offering of an internet company on record. the company is expected to reach a billion users sometime this spring. redbox facing a lawsuit by a group of people with disabilities. the suit claims red bach discriminates against the blind -- redbox discriminates against the blind. the kiosks are almost impossible to use by people who are visually impaired. >> they have neither tactile buttons nor any other screen reader. >> it is so important for technology a/k/a redbox and their touch screen technology
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be accessible to everyone. >> martinez points to bart's ticket kiosks as an example of the system using more intuitive technology for blind people to navigate. red bach did not respond to our calls. safety check points at -- airports you put everything in your pocket empty bins you pick it back up? passengers left nearly $400,000 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters last year. travelers forgot or chose not to pocket the change. new york's jfk collected the most almost $47,000. sfo, l.a.x. and atlanta were close behind. the unclaimed money goes back to the transportation security administration. what a shock. >> yeah. what about after work we go to sfo and troll for loose change. it does add up. >> knowing the government they probably put that in the
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budget now too. >> it will be tackable income, i'm sure. >> nothing taxing about your -- weather forecast today, nice temperatures then a big change. >> we'll take baby steps to get to the rain one of the big changes temperatures dropping back half of the weekend will start to feel more like winter good morning 5:17 once we get past that looking forward to rain this time next week. looking down from san francisco all the way over to berkeley look at how clean the air is this morning. no spare the air day on this friday. let's check out temperatures, almost as cold as yesterday right now 29 in fairfield, 32 in novato, santa rosa mid to upper 30s everywhere until you get to fremont san jose oakland san francisco and half moon bay where we are in the 40s. low to mid 40s santa cruz, watsonville, gilroy 20° cooler 29. near record warmth today and tomorrow that's it more clouds,
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much cooler weather sunday and then a chance of rain late next week. as far as today compared to yesterday, i think we'll be almost spot on in redwood city and santa rosa 67 and 69 san francisco 63 concord 68, that should be redwood city right there two degrees warmer 67 san jose 65. yesterday 67 so two degrees warmer. here's the temperature 71 oakland, 70 livermore. everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. around the monterey bay inland low to mid 70s with morgan hill behind it 68°. tonight if we see 20s in the north bay valleys specifically santa rosa a lot of low to upper 30s there through fremont palo alto san jose morgan hill and santa cruz usual spots in the low to mid 40s richmond oakland san mateo upper 40s along the coast into
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san francisco heading to the game tomorrow big playoff game saints in town we are bringing them hospitable weather, 60° almost like playing in the dome, sunny with that 1:30 kickoff. what is going on upstairs, jump up and you can see the high pressure sinking south that's what we want two see for this past to change biggest change is not going to take place until next week dry spell will continue through the weekend even with the cooler weather all of us back in the 50s by sunday mo -- sunday, monday, tuesday. thursday -- warmer more humid weather that's why a chance of rain those two days. have a great day. big slow down northbound 17 this is great because we found some drivers heading here approaching summit road that showed us the slowing. one of the drivers reported a
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standstill and the traffic speed right now 13 miles an hour. this was due to roadwork on highway 17 scheduled until 6:00 from summit road towards lexington reservoir. we just found out it has been cleared. what happened was when they were clearing the roadwork, i think traffic was term rarely stopped. this should be improving southbound 17 you might still find some lanes blocked but not seeing a slow down there. south bay stalled big rig blocking southbound 17 camden avenue off-ramp. the off-ramp is open, but part of camden avenue might be blocked we'll keep an eye on this. traffic flowing well on this elsewhere it was been quiet and friday light, no problems at the golden gate bridge, also looking good right now westbound traffic on the san mateo bridge on the right. of course, you can find out where traffic slows for routes you are interested in, down to the street level by going to
5:21 am download it to your iphone, android or smartphone and join our traffic spotter community. our time is just about 5:21. beijing's iphone frenzy what sets off this angry crowd waiting for the release of apple's latest phone in china? >> the first big show of the entertainment awards season. the big winners at the critics choice awards. ht to buy the iphone 4s. and that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson.
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good morning. 5:23. you are looking at live pictures from our camera atop vollmer peak in the east bay there is the bay bridge traffic moving just line -- just fine on this friday.
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we'll check in with mike in a little bit. apple is postponing the sale of its iphone 4s in china because of concerns about scalpers. an angry crowd shouted and threw eggs at the beijing store when it didn't open for the overseas release of the new iphone yesterday. thousands of people waited overnight for hours in the freezing cold only to be told the store would not open due to safety concerns. witnesses say many of the people were place holders who were paid $15 to wait in line overnight for scalpers. artist waltzed away with the big win the black and white ode to the silent film era took top honors best picture, best director, score and costume design. the help, followed with three wins. viola davis for best actress. act taffia spencer best
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supporting actress. -- the whole cast as best acting ensemble. george clooney took top honors for the descendants the wins can help who will take home academy award which will be here on abc7 on february 26th. feeling expressed? one of the best solutions may be to pick up the phone and call mom. researchers have found that the sound of a mother's voice triggers a physical response that comforts and destresses. conversations with mom over the phone or in person [ unintelligible ] were ed is with a drop in court -- were associated with a drop in sort . those moments with -- cortisol. those moments had no affect if they were a text or instant message you have to hear the voice. does your kids away at college
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call mom more than you? >> if it is something he wants he calls mom. toll talk about sports he calls me. it may be one of the bay area's worst privacy breach withs ever. next, the virus attack that has compromised personal information of thousands of san francisco college students. a live report. one-two punch for pg&e. the public utilities commission has released a report not only blaming pg&e for the san bruno explosion but for putting profits above safety. profits that came out of your pocket. how san francisco's new sheriff may go from lawman to criminal defendant. our winter storm is on the move, great lakes, midwest, heading all the way into the east where it is 40s now temperatures will be dropping later today. mid to upper 40s seattle and portland, check out flight delays, arrivals into laguardia because of the rain changing to snow also into
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good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. city college has an infestation problem. it could mean that tens of thousands of students and faculty have had their personal banking information stolen. fees you paid to pg&e so the company could improve pipeline safety was spent on something else. what the public utility commission uncovered in an independent audit. good morning. looks like clear air over the bay area from the east to sutro tower now no spare the air near record warmth the next couple of days before a cooling trend that will a couple chances of rain. good morning i'm frances
5:30 am
dinglasan -- [ inaudible ] 5:29 on in friday thank you for ending your week with us. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. high-tech historians will debate what happened for decades to come. experts say the college's computer system is crawling with viruses that have put financial information of thousands at risk. amy hollyfield is live at city college. these viruses go back a decade? >> reporter: yes, tens of thousands of people would be at risk. college kids are the ideal victim, according to an expert quoted in the san francisco chronicle. he says they have clean records, good earning potential so criminals like to steal their identities. this is a story that is in this morning's san francisco chronicle. it says city college has been targeted. the viruses have grabbed students' banking information it appears their medical
5:31 am
information is okay. this has been going on for more than 10 years, tens of thousands of students and faculty are at risk. the chronicle reports the viruses have origins and criminal networks in russia, china, iran and half a dozen other countries. the tells are still contaminated. administrators haven't figured out how to eradicate the viruses and trying to figure out how to contact the students that have been exposed no identity theft cases have been linked to the breach. they are just getting started probing into this mess. it looks like they may have to get the fbi involved. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:31. imagine paying for a utility safety upgrade and finding out the improvements were never made. that's what a new report is saying about in the wake of an investigation prompted by the 2010 san bruno explosion.
5:32 am
katie marzullo is live in the newsroom to explain. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission is accusing pg&e of having a corporate culture in which the focus is on financial performance profits over safety. new report by the commission reveals pg&e charged customers almost half a billion dollar for system improvements that were never made. it shows pg&e was authorized to spend 134 million dollars since 1997 on gasline improvements. since 1999 the company collected 430 million dollars above what was authorized and it the surplus on executives and stockholders. assemblywoman spear says the money should be returned to rate aers possibly as a credit like a -- payers possibly as a credit to the pipeline pg&e has impose. that proposal asks customers to cover 90% of the cost.
5:33 am
also, the puc has launched an investigation to determine if pg&e broke laws related to the expo if so, the company faces hundreds of millions -- to the explosion, if so the company faces hundreds of millions in fines. pg&e was found completely responsible for the explosion. pg&e issued a statement saying the company is committed to raising the level of safety to new, higher standards. katie marzullo, abc7 news. this morning two women are fighting for their lives after a brutal attack last night in san francisco's sunset district. police say a self -- 70-year-old with woman was assaulted and knocked unconscious in her home before 9:30. investigators say a delivery person from a nearby restaurant possibly stumbled on to the assault and was also attacked. she managed to stagger back to the restaurant and police were called. the suspect or suspects left
5:34 am
before officers arrived. they have not been found yet. police have not released any description or motive for the attacks. this morning a woman suspected of biting the faces of two young children at a mountain view bookstore is charged with felony child abuse. authorities say 46-year-old polly beltramo of palo alto was arrested after being caught at a starbucks. investigators say a mother called police around 1:00 yesterday afternoon after she said a woman bit the cheeks of her toddler and infant son they were in the children's section of bookbuyer's on castro street. >> then the girl started running to her mother saying that lady bit me and she had something on her cheek, red and suddenly the little boy just a couple months old, started screaming and they went to him and his cheek was bleeding. >> investigators say beltramo ran out of the store but they were with able to track her down. the mother positively identified the suspect, the
5:35 am
two young children were treated at the bookstore, the store owner says the bites were not too serious. san francisco's new sheriff ross mirkarimi could be charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge as soon as this morning, after an inch dense involving his wife. pressure -- incident involving his wife. pressure is mounting on mirkarimi to step aside. according to court documents mirkarimi's wife iliana lopez suffered a bruised arm when he grabbed her on new year's eve. video taken by a neighbor as well as text messages are in the hands of investigators. during yesterday's press conference, lopez was seen in the background listening. luke thomas with the fog city journal snapped these pictures. mirkarimi's attorney says she was on her way to visit her husband at city hall. this morning police are asking for the public's help in identifying two suspects who they believe shot and killed a 39-year-old man in front of his son in east oakland. the department released these sketches of the suspect.
5:36 am
the gunman is described as a 17 to 20-year-old black man 5'10, with a dark complexion and dreadlocks. his accomplice, 17 to 20-year-old black man, 5'10, with short hair. the hand was killed in front of the market on august 28th of last year in what police believe began as a robbery attempted crimestoppers and police are offering a $15,000 reward. 1500 oakland city workers will get lay-off notices next week. oakland budgeted nearly 27 million dollars in redevelopment funds to pay 159 fulltime salaries. a state supreme court ruling killed california's redevelopment program. city officials say only 200 people will actually lose their jobs. the 1500 notices are intended to give the city flexability in deciding who goes by february 1st, when the money runs out. >> we have a workforce that
5:37 am
will be reduced in a shore period of time without the normal engagement process that the city has put in place. >> this is premature? yes. and i think it is a lack of information. i think it is a lack of planning. i think we can go about this better without upsetting your entire workforce. >> police and fires are exempt from the lay-offs. -- and firefighters are exempt from the lay-offs. very told in the morning and warm in the afternoon. could we see 40° gap between morning and afternoon? >> some of us also want to know what the weather is going to be like for the football game tomorrow, mike. >> the game tomorrow, sunny, a few clouds, low 60s for that 1:30 kickoff, very, very nice. right now we have calm conditions for the most part winds just a breath out of the north to northeast in most areas which means a little warmer weather coming in as we downslope winds from a higher to lower elevation cop press
5:38 am
and heat 'em three miles per hour fairfield five napa three half moon bay southwest wind five at sfo everybody else calm nine degrees warmer in napa six in half moon bay there's the exceptions everybody else within one to two december of what you felt yesterday morning. 20s and 30s inland 30s and 40s bay shore out to the coast through 8:00 by noon mid 50s to mid 60s from 54 in san francisco to 65 in san jose. everybody jumps into the 60s by 4:00, mid to upper 60s except for san yes, ma'am, 62, temperatures will -- san rafael 62. temperatures will spike, tomorrow it will be cooler, 50s return sunday and the first chances of rain are wednesday and thursday. here's frances with an accident update. westbound 4 willow pass road two cars spun out, both on the shoulder traffic moving well through the area 68 miles an hour, slow westbound 4
5:39 am
antioch and i want to zoom in a little in that area with our waze traffic maps. i'll show what is going on now. we have a couple drivers on the road who are part of the abc7 traffic spotter team. drivers can report heavy traffic i'm going to click on one, moderate traffic reported by a raising girl, four minutes ago in that area -- by a racing girl, four minutes ago this that area. thumbs up, someone else drove by and agreed. racing girl now past the scene she is moving along now at over 40 miles an hour. we have a few drivers on the roads as well with. buster on the road slowing to 25 miles an hour this is available to you for your ride to work i'll show you that in just a minute. i want to show you bay bridge toll, no delays here. so, how do you get that information? go to, download the application, you
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can learn more you can even choose your driver icon or your mood, if you will. join the abc7 traffic spotter team, group we've again up to 1,000 members in the past week. -- we've had speedy and racing girl this morning. what are we supposed to conclude from that on the freeways? >> that people are going pretty fast to work. on the move the impact occupy protesters are having on one of oakland's mostáoy popular events. tissue holders contaminated with radioactive metal ordered off store shelves. where they were sold, next.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. organizers of this year's oakland running festival are moving the start and finish lines to lake merritt. race officials are concerned about the recent problems involving occupy oakland protesters near city hall. the race which attracted 7,000 runners for the past two years have started and ended at frank ogawa plaza. this year's festival on mar 25th, will begin at snow park off lakeside drive. organizers say snow park and lake merritt would provide more space to accommodate the large number of runners and spectators. fred judge says 3.2 million dollar jury verdict against the san jose police department is excessive. he's setting it aside and
5:44 am
ordering a new trial. police are an accused of improperly seizing a family's two young children and praise placing them in protective custody in 2005. officers ended -- officers entered the home without a search warrant. the judge say the punitive damages were excessive to the extreme. federal regulators say metal tissue holders found in the bay area are contaminated with low levels of radioactive material they may have been distributed to bed bath and beyond stores in 20 states first discovered in santa clara and san jose when two packages triggered radiation alarms at truck scale there is is no threat to human health but better to avoid unnecessary exposure. authorities say the tissue holders contain manmade cobalt 60 radio after tick material. -- radioactive material. bloomberg business report coming up. fall out from a disturbing
5:45 am
video the pentagon identifies the marines accused of desecrating the bodies of taliban fighters in afghanistan. driving a stake into the heart of electronic vampires, if you will many new rules to make the chargers we use more energy effic
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5:48 am
time for the california forecast we'll start by showing what is going on today. sunshine just about everywhere a few high clouds around southern california mid to big sud 60s through the valley sierra 50 in tahoe, 54 in yosemite looks like it will be dry all three days of the holiday weekend. a little breezy come monday, scattered snow shower more than likely nothing is going to fall, sorry. here's kristen with more news. we'll keep our fingers crossed mike. cal train is considering raising fares on riders who pay cash. the system is trying to push riders towards using the universal clicker card cal train is proposing raising will cost $1.50 more. the agency will hold meetings
5:49 am
where the board may vote on it. california cell phones tablet computers power tools and hundreds of other portable electronic devices will be required to have energy stingy battery charges beginning next year. the energy commission has approved efficiency standards ending so-called vampire charging systems that waste as much as 60% of the electricity they take out of outlets. regulators estimate the new rule cost save californians 306 million dollars a year in electricity costs. san francisco mayor ed lee says 49er fans can rest assured the lights will stay on for this weekend's playoff game. the 49ers and saints face off tomorrow in the first game to be played at the park since the two embarrassing blackouts last month. city crews will be at the game to watch over candlestick's electrical equipment. pg&e workers have replaced more than 8,000 feet of electrical line at the aging
5:50 am
stadium. cell phone towers were clogged with activity during the blackout making it nearly impossible to get a signal. mayor lee says at&t has fixed the problem and promises to increase cell phone coverage for the game, tomorrow. 1:30. >> that's right >> 49ers hosting drew brees and the saints the weather is going to be -- >> who's got it better than us? >> no be. -- nobody. >> we would like it to be wet to slow them down. we'll see. we got a pretty good team ourselves. i think we are the only underdog team at home this weekend. looking down at the golden gate bridge beautiful picture frances checking traffic right now finding many wazes out there told you about. as far as temperatures just
5:51 am
updated them 28 santa rosa, 30 fairfield, 32 novato close to freezing in concord in livermore 33, mid to upper 30s napa, redwood city, mountain view, san jose, los gatos, upper 40s along the coast into san francisco low to mid 40s monterey bay inland 47 salinas and 28 in gilroy. by the afternoon hours we'll have sunshine and near record again today and tomorrow. more clouds cooler wind shift starting sunday and eventually that pattern change will lead to our next chance of rain late next week. for today, check out how much warmer than average we are eight in san jose, 67, fremont, napa, san francisco when you hit 67, 10° warmer than normal, livermore 70 and oakland should be 71, 14° warmer than average sun comes up 7:25, set it 5:11 oakland and livermore
5:52 am
the warm spots 71 and 70 santa rosa 69 cloverdale 69 everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. more 70s around the monterey bay imagine what a beautiful drive it is around monterey and carmel, pacific grove today with light winds, the sun glistening off the beautiful turquoise water. can i get off work early today? low to mid 70s around the rest of the bay inland to gilroy and holster, 68 in morgan hill. tonight clear, low to mid 40s richmond oakland san francisco -- san mateo upper 40s along the coast into san francisco inland neighborhoods in the 30s except santa rosa around 29°. here you go, sunshine, a few over candle stick, near 60 at 1:30 tomorrow. as far as what is happening our areas of high pressure starting to sink south, not far enough that will get -- that we'll get rain here but
5:53 am
far enough south we'll see the change in the temperatures towards sunday and monday everyone in the 50s into tuesday, a few 60s wednesday, thursday also when our first chances of rain show up in the forecast a great day. good morning. back to highway 4 where there's this crash westbound at will low pass road. someone reported a crash near bailey they said the wrong-way driver i think i could be the same thing because apparently one of these cars is facing the wrong way. traffic still flowing well 68 miles an hour. then it is very heavy here lone tree to psalms somersville 25 miles an hour. -- past that looks good southbound past north main through walnut creek and highway 24 nice and friday light around most of the bay area. waze traffic maps, this is a great way to show you how traffic looks down to the street level. we have a few drivers on the road you see those little
5:54 am
bubbles. there is some slowing as you are heading through the san francisco airport and even just getting out of airport on to 101. also, notice there's folks or drivers with the abc 7 logo, moving along at 40 miles an hour. i also want to quickly take you to highway 17. there was some slowing northbound earlier that cleared. southbound traffic is now a little slow and these speeds are calculated by actual drivers heading through the area. you can learn more about it by going to 5:54. rowdy crowds force apple to suspend sales of iphone at stores in china. good morning. the voice recognition on the iphone 4s, you know siri doesn't understand mandarin but iphone fever in china is
5:55 am
so intense people started throwing eggs at the apple store in beijing when it failed to open on time apple calling that chinese demand incredible and has suspended sales of the model for safety reasons. in the u.s. more service problems at best buy. consumer experts tell u.s.a. today even though the holiday rush is over the retailer still advertising online and instore deals that some customers can't find. bank of america has its eye on the emergency exit. it has told regulation forces it is willing to dump branches in some part of the country if its financial problems get worse. new workout buddy jenny craig and purina teaming up to fight fat cats and dogs designed to help pets and owners get a new leash on life that is your latest look at business at the new york stock exchange. this just in the marine
5:56 am
corpses says it has interviewed at least two of the -- four marines caught in a video urinating on the bodies of several taliban fighters in afghanistan. the corps says they belong to a camp lejeune-based sniper team. a marine corps general who commanded the division there spoke at the memorial club in san francisco he says there is no excuse for what happened. >> it does not fit with the corps values of courage, honor and commitment, our commandant will investigate and we'll find out what happened and get to the bottom of it. the marines could be charged with violating the military code of justice. tomorrow, a second bone marrow donor drive is being held in hopes of finding a match for a 4-year-old san mateo boy with a rare and potentially deadly disease. kyle crawford has aplastic anemia which prevents his body from making new blood cells he's half chinese and half
5:57 am
caucasian which makes it more difficult to find a match because of a shortage of bit racial donors. last -- of buy racial dough mores. -- biracial donors. it is 5:57. just ahead, the growing crime that has left many parts of one south bayy in the dark. now hiring! the -- home improvement giant that is looking for a few tens of thousands of new employees. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco two women are fighting for their lives this morning after a brutal assault in the sunset district overnight, the story coming up in a live report. c c ced
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