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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 14, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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is. >> terry: in the news this saturday morning, january 14th, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is facing criminal charges for an alleged domestic violence against his wife. police arrest a high school teacher on allegations of sex with a student. 20s and 30s around the bay. it will be a nice mild afternoon. this is the last of the good weather. >> terry: i'm terry mcsweeney. ross mirkarimi is vowing to stay on his you a new job as he fights domestic violence charges. the new sheriff could be in court on tuesday to face three charges, domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuade ago with it.
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yesterday mirkarimi surrendered at the jail he oversees. he was booked and fingerprinted at the hall of justice. he is free on bail. domestic violence groups are calling for his resignation. tomas ramon says his wife calls the charges unbelievable. >> he looked tired, accompanied by his wife. he just received confirmation from the district attorney's office. >> three disdemeanor charges have been assigned to me. >> he quickly stated he will be vindicated of all wrongdoing. >> i believe that these charges are very unfounded. we will fight these charges. i'm confident confident in the end we'll succeed. >> reporter: george gascon that
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the charges recorded by traffic evidence and conversation with a neighbor will be proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> as in all domestic violence cases was based on sufficient evidence. >> gascon says the case going further. >> however, it is common for victims to be uncooperative in domestic violence cases. >> gascon says lopez has not spoken to police investigators. she did speak her mind to reporters. >> this is unbelievable. i say this, i don't have any complaint against my husband. we are together. we are fighting. we are going to fight this. my son and my husband, this is unbelievable. >> mirkarimi's attorney says he is prohibited from seeing his wife and child from an emergency
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probing i have order. >> it doesn't allow him to be with his wife and child that he wants to be with. >> kathy black the executive director which counsels and houses domestic violence victims. an emergency protective order gives lopez some time alone to make a decision. >> to convert that into a restraining order. there is different kinds of restraining order. that restraining order covers visitation. it helps define where that child needs to be. >> reporter: emergency protective order louisiana for seven days and is automatically included in a charge of domestic violence. district attorney could have made these charges felony and charges of child endangerment alone carries a one-year jail sentence. mirkarimi's attorney says he will show up to work as the sheriff on tuesday morning. the. >> terry: after the d.a.
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announced the charges, mayor ed lee says as mayor i must review the options under me under the city charter but i have to make sure that we don't take steps to undermine the criminal proceedings. >> willie brown said the sheriff should step aside for now. >> i am of the opinion that any elected official finds himself in a position involved in domestic violence has to remove himself from any responsibilities until the smarter cleared up. >> terry: sheriff mirkarimi is expected to be in court for his arraignment on tuesday. >> in fairfield, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a huge fire last night. flames shot out of the roof of a commercial building on empire street. eventually the fire engulfed the entire structure. arson is not suspected. at least 50 firefighters were called in to put out the fire. nobody was injured. >> also, in solano county, authorities are trying to
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determine what caused a natural gas pipeline to explode near rio vista. no injuries are reported. the eight-inch line was scheduled to be decommissioned on tuesday. it is not owned by pg&e. >> three young children killed in separate street shootings in oakland will be honored today. two oakland churches will hold save our babies block parties starting at 11:00 this morning. they will offer music and refreshments and doves will be released in the names of each kheils. carlos nava was shot and hiram lawrence was shot during the taping of a music video. five-year-old gabriel martinez, jr. was shot on december 30th. >> in san jose two eighth grade
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girls became ill what may have been candy laced with marijuana. they are students at middle school. they became nauseous and were disonshore zblentd two children that were at home, they started to get sick. two students were sick and transported to local hospitals. >> terry: san jose police are investigating how the girls got that pot laced candy. >> they say an elderly woman badly beaten during a robbery in san francisco sunset district was known to carry large amounts of cash. they are looked in the assault. it left the 76-year-old victim and restaurant delivery woman both in critical condition. both women were beaten with a
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hammer and stabbed. >> she was targeted specifically but there was a pattern she does every day. >> she owns several restaurants and a bakery near her home and is politically active in the community. the attacker is described only as a young asian male. >> a high school teacher is under arrest accused of having sexual contact with a student. he teaches at james logan high school in union city. he is facing charges of statutory rape. they say he was on his way to meet with the girl on tuesday when he was taken into custody. according to the girl the relationship begin when she was 16 and lasted for nine months. police are now looking for other possible victims. >> another east bay teacher accused of having sex with a student has reportedly admitted to the crime. 40-year-old marie johnson was formally charged with 24 counts
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of sexual assault. investigators say johnson's relationship with a 14-year-old granada high school student begin with text messages. court documents revealed that the math teacher she had sex with the boy dozens of times over a six-month period. >> a fourth homeless person is murdered in southern california but police may have caught a break in this case. 49ers are set to host the first playoff game at candlestick park in nine beth!
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[ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. >> terry: at least three people are dead and 70 others are unaccounted for after a luxury cruise ship sank off the coast of italy.
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they are inspecting the situation in case anybody sells trapped inside. their dinner was interrupted by a loud boom and an announcement that was suffered with an electrical problem. hit a huge gash. italian coastguard says flee bodies have been recovered so far. most of the passengers were rescued. this morning, many are complaining that crew prevented them from lifeboats. police in orange county are questioning a suspect in the latest stabbing death of a homeless man. last night's victim was found behind a fast-food restaurant in anaheim. they are not sure whether they captured a serial killer believed to be responsible for other murders. they found a suspect and detained him. there has been intense manhunt for a similar looking man taken with a surveillance video.
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>> it sounds like something out of a movie, a retired bay area truck driver believes that his dog discovered a meet right. they found a smoldering dark-colored rock on wednesday. you are looking at it right there. he says he calls lawrence livermore laboratory to find out if it's the real thing. they are awaiting test results. if it is the real thing, he should be grateful it landed in his backyard rather than hitting his roof. >> it's nice and sunny out there still numbers in the upper 20s. it's 34 in concord. 33 in livermore. emeryville, nice and sunny but not great air quality. today the last day. >> and drew brees, can he stopped from marching up and down the field. jim harbaugh's advice to the
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team that has not been in a playoff game in almost a giad. e and keeps ca
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welcome back. 8:15 on saturday morning.
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we are looking at golden gate bridge. i want to say something about golden gate bridge that they will say about me. you may be 75 years old but you don't look a day over 50. even that word of rain creeping in. >> tailgate parties begin where 49er fans are in a frenzy against the new orleans saints. it's been nearly a decade since the niners were in one. police are warning fans willing to pay thousands of dollars for a seat to beware of scalpers. >> all the way to the superbowl. >> he and his pals worship the 49ers in the park. they are filled with hope. and a little inspiration. >> sense they come over here, look like they come and visit. 49ers will go all was the i.
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>> they don't have what every niner's fan dreams. tickets. these belong to ryan who bought them $150 apiece before christmas. now, he has to give them to a friend because he has to work. >> how painful was that? >> you don't want to know. i don't want to talk about it. >> he tends bar at kezar pub. >> superbowl, great for the business, great for the city. we love it. >> on websites there are still hundreds of tickets available ranging from $149 to more than $300. this website it has safeguards against selling fake tickets but they are warning fans against buying tickets from online sellers that are not reputable. >> it's buyer beware. if you do buy a ticket from a
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non-reputable source, it turns out to be counterfeit, you won't get into the game. >> police will be enforcing a new rule that cuts off tailgating at 1:30 once the game starts. >> you enter the game with a ticket or if you don't have a ticket you have to leave the premise. >> they are treating this as a rivalry game. they will have 25% more officers in uniform keeping an eye on the situation as well as the big traffic expected later today. we have started a slide show of 49er fans displaying their pride. take a look at cook family of brentwood. in a picture taken last week. here are the butlers of san carlos. you have to make sure the kids dress like this every sunday. here is family dog and to share your pride with us, upload video
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to us or e-mail your photos to ureport@kgo >> you are start tailgating about eleven minutes from now because the parking lot is opening at 8:30 this morning. if you get there early at 8:30, but at 1:30 if you don't have a ticket. >> our producer is out there? >> he dresses for the occasion. >> it looks nice from some of the shots. we have a little fog and haze and pollutants are close to the surface. this shot from santa cruz looks really nice out there. why not enjoy it with numbers in the 40s. mid-60s later on but for mount tam a little hazy and winds are pretty flat. we will be looking at changes in terms of gustier winds that improved the air quality. finally at the end of the week, looking like a little rain
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mid-week for our north bay communities. look at these temperatures. at about 8:20 we are still very cold out there with 28 in fairfield, santa rosa. 27 in napa. concord and livermore, freezing, 34 on the senz. 39 in san jose. certainly cold out there. but we are looking for a mild afternoon and spare-the-air day, this should be the last because things will change. sharply cooler tomorrow with a dry cold front headed our way. the setup, nothing has changed, except you can see the beginning of a cold front that is to the north and west of us. this has been missing week than a week, but this time it will pave the way of cooler systems come wednesday, thursday and friday. one more mild day with numbers above average. that is low 50s northern southern sierra. 70 in southern california. snow pack keeps disappearing with only 11% statewide of
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normal. i can see the southern sierra doing a little better but compared to last year, we have a lot to make up. finally looking like things will begin to change. cold air headed our way. this cold front that will sweep on through. behind it we get the gusty winds northwesterly winds. high fire danger. relative humidity really low in sierra nevada and dry throughout the next day and a half. winds will shirt and get more of an onshore component. tomorrow, fire weather watch, wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour. hopefully by the end of the week we'll talk snow. right now looks like rain and back home this afternoon, another sunny, dry and beautiful day at candlestick. lower 60s at 1:30. back home, look for more mid-60s around the bay. another mild afternoon. 66 in livermore.
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a little warmer here with 68 in watsonville. gilroy at 68. tonight, onshore flow, deck of low clouds and fog tomorrow. that will be bringing us only partly cloudy conditions the next several days. look at the numbers, as much as 10 degrees colder tomorrow. next weather system prompts more clouds and more rain thursday and friday. wednesday may be north bay rain. >> terry: your forecast for the game nice day and forecast for the game's outcome is niners? >> absolutely. >> terry: thanks a lot. the kickoff a little more than five hours away for the divisional playoff game. here a larry beil with a preview. >> good morning. count down, 49ers will head into their first playoff game. new experience for patrick
8:23 am
willis and alex smith. how will they react. jim harbaugh, has advice, don't put too much pressure on your yourself. >> not to overcook it like a burned piece of meat. >> to be more specific. >> make it about the team. trust the team. guy doesn't have to do too much. >> it's been a winning formula all year for the 49ers. a defense, consistent special teams and offensive that makes very new mistakes. >> we're going to be hopeful and on passing game. it won't be easy for the defender. >> drew brees have similar mentality. >> we're going to throw the kitchen sink at everybody. with our tempo, with our formations and running the ball, inside, outside, drop-back pass,
8:24 am
heavy pass action. we're going to do everything. >> last week jim harbaugh jokingly referred there will be 26 keys to winning an n.f.l. game. this week, it comes down to three. >> score more points than the saints. execute, most ball, not turn it over. >> you want to bring the "a" game, even though you do it every week, biggest day is right now. >> this particular stage has not been kind to new orleans over the years. they are 0-4 in road games. only franchise game win not played in a dome, way back in 94. >> it looks like mid-60s and sunny so i think that is the best you can ask for. is in the week that tebow mania runs into cruel reality.
8:25 am
facing tom braid i did i in the playoffs. he shocked the world knocked off steelers last week. two touchdown underdogs coming in this game. patriots defeated bronco by 18. brady out played tebow that day. all eyes will be on tebow for this one. >> we're excited. every week, trying to learn and improve and get better. not just looking forward to the destination but enjoy the journey. that is what i'm trying to do. live out my dream. ratings will be sky high. >> new gm can't interview any of the green bay buddies until packers are done with the playoffs. he is scheduled to meet with todd boles. 48-year-old boles has coached defensive backs for the dolphins
8:26 am
and raiders. oakland has not hired a defensive coach since john madden took the reins back in the early 70s. >> rams will hire jeff fisher as their new coach. he was weighing offers. he coached the titans for 17 years, led them to four divisional titles. baseball news, unable to come to terms on a contract in lincecum and giants are heading to salary arbitration and it could be record setting. 142 players filing for arbitration yesterday, he is expected to ask for the highest award ever, would eclipse $22 million for roger clemens. lincecum made $13 million last year. you can't blame him because the giants offense was so bad. two years ago the giants went through this before, they agreed
8:27 am
to a deal just before the arbitration hearing was about to commence and that could very well happen again. that is a wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will have highlights at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> terry: next at 8:30. >> reporter: could be more trouble for high speed rail project? governor brown says, california is forging ahead. >> terry: also, how many atoms does it take to store a single bite of computer data. the answer is nothing
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okay. is there a woman i can talk to? [ female announcer ] tell your story at for the chance to win an ultimate makeover in hollywood. >> terry: governor jerry brown says he is not ciflg up on his high speed rail dream for california. even though two leaders
8:30 am
resigned. nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >> reporter: governor jerry brown reiterated his commitment to california's high speed rail project one day after resignation of two leaders. the jolt at the top brings cries to scrap the plan but the governor says he is not backing down. >> we're going to build but we're not going to be stupid. we'll listen to the critics and fix things and we'll do the right thing. we're not going to go overboard. we'll be careful and build as we go. >> reporter: he elevated one of his appointees as chairman of the authority while the search for a new ceo takes place. questions swirled on over vanark departure and whether he was forced out over a bad publicity the one billion dollar price
8:31 am
tag. he sees the vacancies as opportunities. >> i'm putting my own stomp starnl on it. >> he is considerable high speed rail experience. >> he is not from california. there are a lot things he had a to learn. >> when the titanic hit the iceberg the smart and lucky ones got off. >> the xart you are signals the project continues the project's downward spiral and this is perfect time to pull the plug. >> there is a growing sense this project is doomed. i think given that, the sooner we do it, let's not drag it out. let's terminate it now. >> lawmakers want to prove the sale of $3 billion of voter approved bonds. a growing number of democrats may be joining republicans to say no, but remember, governors
8:32 am
have veto power. nannette miranda, "abc 7 news." >> in his n his weekly address president obama says he he'll offer tax inserns seven activities to bring jobs back to america. the president brought some props for his weekly chat. a padlock, a pair of socks and a candle all made by american workers in american factories and shipped worldwide. an insourcing forum on wednesday president met with ceos of companies that are bringing back jobs to america. he is asking all business leaders to think about doing that. >> ask yourself what you can do to bring more jobs back to the country that made your success possible. i'll make sure that you got a government that does everything in its power to help you succeed. >> terry: in the coming week he'll outline new tax breaks for companies that bring more jobs. in the race to make things
8:33 am
all digital there could be a game changer of i.b.m. research center. here is david louie. >> this small lab makes for cramped working conditions but they are working on a tiny scale. it takes one million atoms to store digital information today, they have found it only takes 12 atoms. >> the doctor and his team used this electron microscope to do their research. portions were handmade with an occasional piece from an a aluminum cap. it's subjected to temperatures of 460 degrees below zero. >> we can see them and come out. we can operate on them. >> they started out with the ambitious goal if a single atom
8:34 am
could retain information. they found a smaller piece was 12. you make each atom has opposite magnet this i can positive later. it's called anti-feral magnetism. >> the changes are reported and then we do this. so the image we will see with this atom on the surface. >> scaling down from one million to 12 atoms can lead to smaller servers and devices that run on less power. >> packing this in smaller, take a look at the first hard drive with a capacity of five megabytes. compare that 16 mega by the iphone. >> challenges remain for atoms to be at close to zero
8:35 am
temperature. this afternoon a second bone marrow donor drive will be held for a four-year-old san mateo boy with a rare and potentially deadly disease. kyle crawford as aplastic anemia. some say he will be in a hospital until he can find a donor. he is half chinese and half caucasian that makes it difficult to find a match. last saturday nearly 600 people were tested at a drive in san mateo. it will be held at haight-ashbury clinic on clayton street running from noon in the 3:00. lisa argen is here. you got a word we haven't been using. >> lisa: finally we're going to see rain. it will take a couple days. is it cold this morning, another spare the air. here is a look from the roof camera. couple neighborhoods in the 40s. we're talking about still 20s north and east bay valleys.
8:36 am
a rapid warmup before things change as soon as tonight. i'll explain next. >> also ahead, trash that littered the roof at candlestick park. see what dan yones
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>> terry: some like it hot but some like it cold. especially those, this is a live picture of lake tahoe. right now in truckee, california nine degrees. balmy at tahoe airport where it's 13 degrees. plenty cold enough for snow but none there. will we be getting some from this next system? >> monarch butterflies, they are here in record numbers. jonathan bloom explains the big surge and why they are one of
8:39 am
nature's great mysteries. >> at first glance they look like clumps of trees. >> there is a cluster there. there is right one above us there. >> look close think you will see the biggest population of monarch butterflies. >> we had 4188 butterflies. >> that is ten times the year before? >> right and more than we've had in the past ten years. >> they say last year's rainfall caused a spike of milk weed plant. >> this is eaten away. >> they will eat nonstop for 15 days. >> you have a whole butterfly in that tiny space. >> most only live a few weeks but one generation will live for six months, migrating across the country to where the climate is just right. they have come from as far east as iraqi mountains. >> they need a ring of trees
8:40 am
that is shielded from the wind but just enough sunlight. they don't go looking for it but they seem to know where it is. >> they've never been here before. they've never seen any butterflies coming here but they find their way specific spots. >> the population surge tells a story far bigger. >> monarch butterflies is indicator of a good environment. >> in february, they will head back out across the country to lay their eggs and let the cycle begin again. >> they will not return here, but their great, great grand children will come back next fall. >> jonathan bloom, "abc 7 news". if you would like to check out butterflies in person, there are a number of viewing events scheduled. we have a link at under see it on tv.
8:41 am
if you want to see butterflies, maybe today might be the day. >> just need the sunglasses, what about the rain gear and snow gear? maybe a chance to use it by the end of the week. we do need it but today it won't happen. emeryville, haze towards the surface. that is why we have spare the air and from sutro camera, it looks a little bit better. very hazy conditions and not great air quality. we are looking forward to changes. just 28 by the delta. 27 in napa. look at novato and santa rosa, quite cold. concord at freezing. 34 in redwood city. mountain view with 46 in san francisco. tomorrow temperatures really taking a hit. so with the spare-the-air day today remember take it easy. one of few or many that have
8:42 am
problems with the poor air quality, try not to burn. winds kick up and relative humidity will definitely take a nosedive in the next day. dry air is still in place. we are looking at another day of mild conditions. look at the areas of high pressure but we are beginning to see the beginning of a cold front carve out to the north and west of us. it will be affecting our weather later on tonight. today the winds are out of the northwest. as the system continues to sink to the south, winds will switch around to an onshore component. look at the mild day today, low 60s. in sacramento they saw a few records in the 70s. the entire state has seasonal highs but that is going to change. 11% of normal statewide snow pack with the central area of sierra nevada, paltry 9%. compared to last year, 174% of
8:43 am
normal. so conditions will be changing with that onshore push and chillier air as much as ten degrees colder. and highs struggling to make it into mid-50s. it will be dry. we're not going to see any precipitation associated with it. it will kick up the winds along the coast. in the sierra nevada, high fire danger here. good news by the end of the week we won't be looking at any problems at all in terms of fire weather watch. that will be confined to tomorrow and eventually getting to more seasonal temperatures and hopefully adding to the precip around here. lower 60s by the afternoon at candlestick. another sunny day in the city. we'll see milder numbers as we head east and south with mid-60s for livermore. 65 san jose. 46 in santa rosa and even upper 60s once again returning to gilroy and hollister. overnight tonight, conditions
8:44 am
won't be as cold. we'll have the clouds, the deblg of low clouds and fog and 1500 feet. we won't have freezing temperatures. not going to warm up, mid-50s. mid-50s monday and tuesday, chance of rain begins on wednesday. maybe half an inch, thursday and friday, upwards of an inch in sonoma county. it looks like it won't make it down to san jose or central coast. sierra nevada we could see rain first. >> terry: maybe the start of some good things to come. >> lisa: we're looking at three systems. first will be wednesday night. >> terry: thanks a lot. if you plan to attend the 49ers game this afternoon against the saints, leave your trash at the jam not in the neighborhood. that is the plea from morning who live near candlestick park. dan noyes took a look around for the you fix it report.
8:45 am
>> exiting off highway 101 on the way to to candlestick park, there is wildlife and a lot of trash. >> welcome to the stick. >> he lives out here. he is trying to get something done about the constant barrage of garbage, dumped on the bayshore. >> we have a budweiser. i don't know if this is insulation or what this is. >> on our tour, we saw every kind of trash. thousands of tiny pieces of plastic. we even found medical waste. >> so where is it all coming from? is. >> one of the biggest offenders, 49er fans who need parking passes and tickets. >> beside bad fans, he took that desolate area to dump garage.
8:46 am
he also said passing trucks from the recycling center has something to do it. >> we asked hem, he said the recycling trucks are sealed tight. >> this is intact. there was never any garbage can. somebody threw that out the window of their car. >>. >> they are just as upset about the dumping as the neighbors. >> it should have gone into a recycling bin. it can be made into a new paper product. >> this is trash. >> they say the stress on wildlife here can't be underestimated. >> especially plastic bags and when they go down to small pieces they look food and that will suffocate wildlife. >> what can be done. there is so much trash here
8:47 am
caltrans says they can't keep up. >> there is so much litter, it looks like we haven't done anything. couple days later it's littered again. >> changing the mind set of dumpers is an uphill battle. they say laws that get rid of plastic bags instead of going after people is a big step. >> they are encouraging every bay area city to stop polluting material at the source by banning their use. >> reporter: after we called caltrans sent a crew to clean up and plan to pick up trash by hand, a labor intensive project. they are asking fans this weekend to think about it. >> all the things we should be spending our time and resources on, highway maintenance, we have to divert a lot of that to picking up it willer. >> and from recology we got
8:48 am
this. >> we'll sent out our workers to pick it up. we are a good neighbor. we help keep the neighborhood clean. >> reporter: good work won't be satisfied until its all gone. >> if this was crissy field it won't be happening. we are surrounded by trash. please, someone give us a hand. >> terry: there is a problem in your neighborhood, send us your a video. we'll help you fix it. click on the ureport link. be sure and include a phone number and e-mail address. >> straight ahead, michael finney puts pedomoters to the death. we'll show you what works best. t
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> terry: welcome back.
8:51 am
will you look at that. a picture from mount tam looking out to the city. low lying clouds, actually picture perfect shot. wow, that is nice. get a picture with your cellphone camera and now we can move on. >> four miles a day, walking about ten thousand steps is ideal fitness plan. michael finney has a results of a consumer test. >> pedometer has counted every step for the last 25 years. >> it keeps me going. look at me, my age, i'm 86 and i just love it. i love to walk. >> he is on the track and stanford study show they walk about mile a day every day than
8:52 am
those that don't use one. which pedometer should you get? they tested ten pedometers and three watches. logging hundred miles and counting 120,000 steps on a treadmill and climbing nearly 3,000 stairs, testers found several to recommend. most elaborate or gps watches. >> gps watches use satellite stow they are highly accurate. for $200 or $300 they may be more than typical walker needs. >> mere fraction of the cost, consider a conventional pedometer. cost $30 is easy to use and rated excellent for accuracy. it also has added features like a calorie counter and a stopwatch. or $5 on a basic step and
8:53 am
distance from walmart which rated very good for accuracy. it can put you on the road to better health. >> if you are wondering about cellphone app, two rated very high for accuracy. for android phones, go to oxypito, iphone, testers liked the pedometer pro gp plus. they both go for about $4 each. >> terry: coming up next, another oscar formerly streep? a
8:54 am
8:55 am
beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. nogoing back the again. good for you! how'd you do i eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. >> terry: here are the winning numbers from last night's mega million drawing. mega number is 19. nobody picked them all. so tuesday's jackpot is estimated somewhere around $50 million. in bay area theaters this week, meryl streep stars as
8:56 am
margaret thatcher as "the iron lady." don sanchez says, she'll likely get an oscar nomination, too. >> she was an enigmatic figure, margaret thatcher, britain prime minister. meryl streep is thatcher that never becomes parody. >> we see her in different scenes. >> this is valuable education. >> film is flfs british history.
8:57 am
they did not provide clips in later years with old age and mind that wanders. the kind of acting award. she earned the name iron lady and with cool resolve and determination. >> i have done better every single day of my life. >> this is meryl streep showcase. first time you see her it's eerily real with the makeup and that walk. like her role julia child, its tour de force. dementia takes a toll and. i just wish the film was a little more involved and the pace made it more interesting. i will give her a full bucket but the film gets half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, we'll see you
8:58 am
on the aisle. >> terry: big story around here, 49er game and beyond the weather. >> today another nice day but a long holiday weekend. that will bringing changes, more 60s downtown in fact 49ers should see low 60s throughout the afternoon. rest of the bay area, a little milder today. last day spare-the-air day, then cooler and rain by the end of the week. >> terry: thanks for joining us. next newscast is at 5:00. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and you can talk about it at facebook. have a fantastic day everybody. ♪
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