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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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check out the fourth quarter. just over 4:00 to go. saints at the niners 44. brees to sproles. you knew he would bust out. makes one man miss, for the chowb. 24-23. but alex responds. after the pass to davis, keeps it himself on third and eight bootleg. two-point conversion fails, 29- 24 rayners. willis and smith, they get the two-point conversion and lead 32-29. game over? not even close. alex smith to davis. 47-yard completion before he is finally taken down, and here is the sequel to the catch. could have gone for a field goal. instead, smith to vernon davis. caught it in dramatic fashion. niners win 36-32. advancing to the nfc title game. here's coach harbaugh after the
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game. >> i know there was the catch. i don't know what you're going to call this one. the throw and catch. it was great play by vernon davis and alex smith. vernon was huge today in this ball game. but it was a great team effort. great team victory. >> the main part of the play was vernon post. >> yeah! >> and we told alex, let's go to vernon here. it's either vernon or nobody. >> mike: the packers and giants play tomorrow. winner of the game get the 49ers. if the packers win, niners travel to green bay. if the giants win, they come to candle stoic. -- candlestick. >> now to sergio quintana. he is live at seasonal stoic -- candlestick park. >> you know you're always
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wondering how it's going to turn out, because if the home team wins they have a happy crowd, and the 49ers are happy tonight, and this is a day that started out pretty good. >> niner ask the ask! >> these jazzy tunes mixed with chants is the sound of pregame jubilation. brass boppers added their sound track to this cornucopia of tailgaters. >> go niners! >> for this first playoff game for the 49ers in nine years, this is the hottest ticket in town. >> i got it for christmas. thank you, mom. >> the matchup was treat like a rival game this the san francisco police mobilized 25% more cops and made sure the tailgaters cleared out.
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>> folks that want to have a beer that aren't driving, that's fine, but no tailgating after the game either. >> the party spirit bubbled over into some intense joshing by niners fans. >> go niners! >> with chants aimed at saints fans. >> it's the niner fans. just having a good time. >> at least one reporter was caught up in it. >> we want to know how are you feeling today about the game? >> never had an interview taken over. [laughter] >> but one saints fan got in a little joshing at the mayor? >> what do you say? >> crab and chock splat sourdough bread. >> the mayor of new orleans and the mayor of san francisco have a bet, and the loser has to send the other a basket of goods from the city. >> i guess from mayor landrieu of new orleans, going to be sending mayor ed lee some eats from new orleans. wonder if he is going to get any
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gumbo. the fans are happy tonight, and thousands of them are making their way home from candlestick tonight in a good mood. >> alan: and before the niners sent the saints marching home. the who-dat nation never gave up until the very last moment. >> who dat! >> i know the city is crazy right now in new orleans. >> alan: it was jam-packed in the black magic voodoo lounge on almost bard street, which is home away from home for all things saints. fans say despite the loss they're excited to be here cheering union their saints. right now in the bay area, the chp is at the scene of a fatal accident in los gatos. we were over the scene just after the accident happened. just before 4:00. all northbound lanes of highway 85 near winchester boulevard have been closed for over two hours. two cars were involved in the collision.
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in addition to the fatility, another person was seriously injured. >> fire investigate glors fairfield believe they pin pointed the origin of a huge fire that destroyed several businesses. flamed jumped from a two-story office building on empire. by the time firefighters put it out the fire consumed the entire building which most likely will have to be torn down. arson is not considered to be the cause of that fire. >> despite facing charges of spousal abuse and child endangerment, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to report to work on tuesday. he was charged with three misdemeanors, one count of dome violence bat -- battery, one counseled of child endangerment and one consistent of dissuading a witness. a protective order prohibits him from seeing his wife and child. he says he will be vindicated of
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all wrong-doing. >> in these bay the young lives of three murdered children are being remembered today. carlos and a half varks high rem norris, and gabe recall -- gabriel were shot and kitchen there was music, face-painting and a bounce house for kids. something organizers say the three boys would have liked. >> we have a pact with the city of oakland, and what they're going to do they're going to allow to us come into certain recreation centers and they're going to allow to us man them for a couple nights a week. we'll put in mentorship programs. >> alan: we're told a sports program is also in the works. members over the tower of faith ministry and full gospel church say recreation is not the sole answer to gang problems but offers kid an alternative. >> the terrifying chaotic escape from a luxury cruise line that
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ran aground off the coast of italy. the search for those missing and why the captain has been arrested. >> the rescue of an elusive elephant seal. >> plus, the girls basketball team on a losing streak but still proving they know how to do it gracefully. >> leigh: a terrific day across the bay area. mild temperatures. 60s, a few low 70s. hope you enjoyed it because the big cooldown begins tomorrow and there is rain in the accuweather seven-day forecacacacacacacacacacacacacaca
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to tonight rescuers are trying to rescue two people they heard screaming from the cabin of a cruise ship that ran aground. a jagged reef tore a 160-foot gash into the hull. passengers were first told it was an electrical problem. then the ship listed. they described a terrifying and chaotic evacuation. >> one boat had 200 people and caught on the railing and caught the ship and fell. >> one crew member told us we need to stay on. and 150 people. started swimming. >> three people are dead and 30 are wounded. about 40 passengers are still missing. the captain is under investigation on charges of
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abandoning ship, manslaughter, and causing a shipwreck. >> we now have some amazing pictures to show you from a car rescue in santa barbara. this is a picture of a bmw hanging from the side of highway 101. trapped inside is a mother, her daughter, and a baby. it's a 100-foot drop into the creek below. the car was rear-ended by a big rig that went over the side and killed the driver. by chance, u.s. navy see bees okay. by with large forklift and helped stabilize the car. all three got out safely. >> an elusive elephant seal finally caught. the attempt to remove a strap caught around its neck. a beautiful saturday out there. what's ahead? leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: what a game we had today at candle candlestick park. one of the most exciting games here at the stick. we'll hear from the p i'm righte
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finally sed sedated hit, caught off the strap, treated the wound and released him. >> the martin luther king statue has, i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness, the original words are more modest with the words and justice, peace, and reich shoes necessary tend of a separate sentence. the national park service will work with the king family to come up with a more accurate alternative. >> learning huh to lose can be tough for anybody but some teenagers in california are showing how it's done with style. they have lost 46 straight games but they system play with a lot of heart. >> this is not exactly a case of practice makes perfect. >> not necessarily. >> this team is all about persistence. >> we are because we're sticking in there and not giving up. >> losing games by remarkably lopsided scores and still giving
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their all with an incredible attitude. >> i think we're making progress. >> here's video of one game. down 35-2 at the half. they lost 72-8. that followed other jaw-dropping defeats of 71-3, and 10 a 5- -- 105-2. >> that one hurts the least because of the amount of effort in the game. a coach can't walk away feeling upset about it. i didn't lose any sleep. >> opposing coaches are taking notice of the girls' grit. >> it's amazing. i don't sense they give up. they're sticking together as a team. >> the girls on the high ram johnson are on the team because of their work in the classroom. most of the players who tried out were ineligible because of their grades. >> those who made it are learning how to deal with critics. >> most people at school ask the
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score, and they say, you suck, and i say, i don't see you out there trying. >> this senior wants to be a police officer. and the junior hopes to take these lessons on the basketball court to the courtroom. it's a high school basketball team, not willing to be typecast as lovable losers. >> we're not trying to lose on purpose or any of that. but they're lovable. >> the program has a record of 1-63 over the past four seasons. you can learn a lot from losing. >> leigh, still looking for rain. >> leigh: but so much fun to win. >> like tonight with the 49ers. >> leigh: a great game. great weather for the game, and we're keeping the clear skies out there this evening. hi there, a nice shot from the high definition tamalpais camera. and san francisco in the background. we have a few high clouds and may keep some locations a little bit cooler -- or a little warmer overnight tonight.
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boy, it was a warm day today. 71 was the high in morgan hill today. novato, 63. 62 in san francisco. check out napa. 66. santa rosa. you reached a high of 68. and half moon bay with the clear skies today, 68 degrees. temperatures definitely starting to come down as the front has settled in. so 48 in napa. san francisco, 53. 58 in oakland. mountain view, 52. 53 in livermore. here's a look at highlights to take us in through at least next week. we will continue with a few passing clouds overnight tonight. colder in the interior valley areas. on sunday, the winds pick up out of the west and looks like the weather pattern will be changing this week and we are going to bring in some rain chances as we head into the latter part of next week. here is a look at the satellite. you can definitely see where
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these high clouds are pushing up from the south to the north. so we'll look for a few of those this evening, and temperatures, although they're still hovering near the freezing mark, such as in the north bay, 29, santa rosa, 47 for san francisco, we may be a little bit more moderate near the coast. i want to point out a water vapor imagery. these high clouds are moving from south to north. you can see distinct dividing live here. all of this is sagging in our direction so testify it -- definitely a huge temperature shift tomorrow. overnight, there's the cold front. most of the rain with the system will stay to the north of us. we may see a little mist and drizzle near the coast. what you're going to notice is we get on the back side of it is the northwesterly winds. will start to pick up and breezy conditions tomorrow, cold air mass. a dry air mass.
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and temperatures across the bay area will come down as much as 12-degrees from wham you -- from what you felt today. highs for sunday, 56 expected high for santa rose sample your -- santa rosa. the high today was 68. so you'll feel that. half moon bay, 54 tomorrow. 54 for san francisco. antioch, 56. the 70s gone south of san jose. watsonville 57. our monday, holiday, temperatures cold as well. non the mid-to-low 50s across the bay area with clouds, a brighter sky for tuesday, and chance of showers developing wednesday in the north bay. rain like lie -- likely thursday and friday. >> let's check in with mike shumanns who is covering from the coronary he had while watching the 49ers win. >> mike: one of the most exciting postseason games i have
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ever played in or watched. let's roll the highlights. james harbaugh's to-do list is to slow drew brees and the new orleans saints offense down. saints marching on their opening possession. 11 plays, 73 yards. whitner just knocks pierre thomas out on the two-yard line. ball comes lose. niners recover. first turnover of the game. next saints possession, third and eight. alden smith. shakes off the double team. takes down brees. saints forced to punt. two plays later. great protection for alex smith. over the middle to vernon davis. brakes a tackle and he is gone. 49 yards to the end zone. 49ers with the 7-0 league. gets better. new orleans turns it over for a second time brees, deep down. picked off by a leaping golden. rather than fall on the ball. he decides to go for seven,
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hauled down at the new orleans four yardline. niner offense. red zone issues all year. not today. smith to crabtree. four yards, 14-0 niners. ensuing kickoff. starts to run, picks it up. hammered by a swarm of 49ers. ball pops lose. san francisco recovers. three turnovers in the first quarter. niners get the field goal, 17-0. brees and the saints pull themselves together. 14 yards to graham. capped a nine-play, 80-yard driver. 17-7. niners, three and out. brees on the attack. third and three. perfect pass to colston. both feet down. the niners' lead is doubt -- cut to 17-14 at halftime. mr. relentless, justin smith, fill rush on brees.
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pass is incomplete. frank gore, 42 yards and 11 carries, equals that right here. just one plan to bring down. and he is brought down. but that gets the niners in scoring position. aker. third feel goal -- field goal of the game. it's good. 4:00 to go in the game. brees to sproles. whitner for the touchdown. extra point gives new orleans the lead. but alex smith responds. after the 37-yard pass to davis. alex keeps it himself. 48 yards for the touchdown. two-point conversion fails. niners up. saints' turn. graham, willis, smith, graham goes 66 yards. two-point conversion is good. saints up 32-29. game over? not even close. 40 seconds left. alex to davis. beautiful throw.
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47 yards. niners in prime scoring position. they could go for the field goal, but no. alex, to vernon. the catch. niners in dramatic fashion. advance to the nfc title game with a 36-32 victory. what a game, what a finish. very nondavis, the game of his life. >> you know what? before the play, coach told us, you guys can do this. y'all can do it. i knew it. so i took it upon myself to step up and make plays. >> if the window was there i would cut it loose, but i didn't want to force it and it's a fine line. vernon made me right. >> mike: all right. green bay and giants play tomorrow. if green bay wins, 49ers travel to green bay. giants upset them. they come to candlestick and niners host the nfc title game. what an exciting game. a great finish.
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the fans are still here. they're not leaving. and of course, we have a lot more coming up tonight at 11:00. for now, trying to catch my breath. i'm live at candlestick. back to you. >> in your opinion, who gets the game ball? >> mike: boy, that's a tough call. defense played phenomenal. alex smith had a great game. manages the game. but got to give it to vernon davis two touchdowns and the key one for the victory. vern common davis should get the game ball. >> alan: just ahead, more football news. a group tries to put a little magic into the playoff. how people in salem
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-dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> alan: football fans are trying everything they can to make sure their team wins. in massachusetts, they cast a
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spell to try to stop tim tebow and even had a brady doll to help the patriots win. we'll know in a few hours if it worked. 49ers fans had every right to show off their pride. here's a 49er fan that is three weeks old in walnut creek. jacob is ready to go to the game. no face mask needed. here's tyler. he is all decked out in his niners gear. you won, tyler, and you can upload your video to abc-7 that's all the time we have
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