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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 15, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> go niners! >> let's go niners! >> playoff fever spread after the nines has the saints marching back home. we'll get to the lead story in a minute. first, developing news on the peninsula. all three eastbound lanes of the san mateo bridge have been shut down because of an accident involving three cars. the crash happened half hour ago. one car flipped over. the chp says three to four people have been hurt and all the injuries appear to be mine you're and happen to have the bridge re-opened by 11:0. >> now the lead story. the 49ers advance to nfc
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championship tonight after a slugfest at candlestick park. mike shumann was at the game and the nines were impressive. >> mike: it wasn't believable. i played in a number of playoff games but this game was one or the ages. jim harbaugh's time jumps out the lead. but in the fourth quarter, four minutes to go bro brees brees to sproles saints take the lead. but alex smith responds. on the bootleg, third and april. stays inbounds, he'll score. saints turn. pres brees to gray half. graham stays on his feet. goes in for the touchdown. 40 second left. alec smith to davis.
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and rather than go for the game, tying field goal they go for the win. alex over the middle to vernon davis. the catch, two. two. niners win in dramatic fashion and advance the championship game. >> right now feels like the best. it really does. it's -- like i said before, can't recall a win like this and this kind of spectacular fashion as this. by our football team. >> and a great team win. >> you say, yeah, going to live or die in these games. we live, and we move on in spectacular fashion. >> one of the best fourth quarters in nfl playoff history. alex smith and vern knopp -- vernon davis played their best games as pros,let more coming up in sports. >> now, niner fans have waited a long time for a postseason victory. lillian kim was at candlestick
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park when they poured out of the stadium. >> this niner fan was in tears. >> they won! they won! i walk out of the game because i thought we were losing. >> this season ticketholder of 49 years is very happy. >> it's great after nine years of not making the playoffs. this is right up with the catch. >> fans felt pretty confident throughout most of the game until the final minute when the saiptz took the lead for the first time. the close game had everyone on pins and needles. >> i thought we were going to goo into overtime. but greatest game we had in a long time. >> she is taking credit for the victory. she left the stadium. >> it's bad luck for in me to wh the fourth quarter. they come back and win. >> you're the rope. >> i'm the reason. san francisco has me to thank.
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>> a handful of fans got carried away. police arrest a few people for fighting andle public drunkenness and made 19 misdemeanor arrests. slightly higher than the 12allya niner game. >> this game was sold out and some earlier games were not and there is a lot of excitement around the playoff so people partying to hard. >> there's no fans -- no question the fans will save -- satisfier the fan. >> fans say they will take this one game at a time but can't help thinking about the niners in the super bowl. >> all the east coasters, west coast coming down. west coast, niners! >> in san francisco, lillian kim. >> the niners now face the winner of tomorrow's green bay
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packers-new york giants game. >> in oakland is police are dealing with protesters who warned demonstrators they would be using aggressive tactics tonight. here's pictures as police and protesters came face-to-face. we're live in oakland. tomas, what's happening? >> there's a lot of activity going on. as you say, protesters washed off anyone who planned on joirching them and who might have planned on stopping them or preventing them from using a diversity of tactics, they called it. police are lined up here on eighth and washington and they're ready to send in tactical officers as needed. let's go to a live shot. these protesters are now gathered at 14th street in broadway. oakland police say they have tactics of their spoken that's arresting any one of these protesters who either vandalizes property or attacks police officers. sky 7 has been following the march and following con front --
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confrontations between the protesters and officers. we spoke to business own expers residents earlier about tonight's planned protest. >> business owners and operators here in the section nope as old oakland, along washington street, have been dreading another night of vandalism. the group has already affected new businesses in the area. >> it kills business. who wants to come down when there's fires in the street and there's people essentially standing in front of a wall of 80 cops and it's not the police's fault. they're doing -- police officerses are doing what they have to do. >> the voice is a business owner who fears repricals like prone windows if he is identified. the same holds true for another business owner. >> my first order is to make sure my customers and staff are safe. so i close the doors and make sure whoever is inside is safe and get everybody away from windows. that's my first pry over. make sure airways safe.
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>> business owners believe customer who experience this kind of activity while dining women avoid the city. >> i had 30 people who watched a minilittle war zone, and they're not coming back to this neighborhood for years. >> what is going on is that a group has set saturday nights as their night to confront police with whatever they deem necessary to get their point across. their chant is "f the police" and they gather near the plaza, which disturbed residents. >> violence and negativity towards them and they retaliate, and their jobs may be a bit extreme but this is the same job. >> none of us are happen or safe anytime soon because these kind of things just kind of disrupt life for everybody. for the common man. >> reporter: now, we're taking a look at sky 7 live pictures here at the plazay the protesters are
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gathered and they're taunting the police. we haven't heard of any arrests or injuries. back here live at seven and washington. the officers areering to move over to another area. they stationed themselves at strategic places around the city to make sure they can contain the protesters if they're moving in other other business areas. that's the latest from here. >> now, tonight's protest followed an earlier one in san francisco where demonstrators occupied the roof of a bank. police arrested five protesters when they finally couple down from the wells fargo bank in the mission strict. they were calling for an end to home foreclosures. >> one man is dead and another seriously injured tonight after a traffic collision that closed highway 58 in los gatos. sky 7hd was over the scene. it happened just before 4 , forcing the chp to shut down all
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northbound lanes for two and a half hours. >> well, a nine-year-old boy and a woman in south sacramento are recovering from a pitbull attack. happened around 10:00 this morning after police say the boy walked into a back yard. sheriff's deputies say the boy was bitten in the arm and the head. a woman was also bitten when she tried to pull the dog off the boy. >> put bills -- pit bulls are dangerous dogs. i don't play with them. people need to make sure they keep their dogs secured and registered. >> animal rights groups say most animal aggression stems from the way owners treat their dogs. today deputies destroyed the dog after it tried to jump a fence. no charges have been filed. the boys is hospitalized with a severe injury to his arm. >> coming up, the amazing story of survival on the luxury cruise liner that on aground in italy, and two soldiers awarded one of
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the military's highest honors, and comele un, joe paterno breaks his silence on jerry sandusky and the ending of his career. >> leigh: a cold night tonight, and an even colder day tomorrow. you're not going to believe how much the temperatures will drop tomorrow, and also there's rain in our accuweather
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>> a disaster at sea claimed three lives in a ship crash off the coast of italy. but two people have been found alive on a lower cabin. >> tonight, a miraculous story of survival, more than 3 years since the cruiseliner accident, a man and a woman have been found alive. the costa concordia is on its side and half under the water. it was here in the evening darkness that a pleasure cruise game an excursion into fear. >> i thought i was going to die. >> the rocky reefs tore a 160-foot long gash in the hull. the passengers were initially told it was just a minor problem. they say they were not told to evacuate in a timely manner. >> one of the crew members told us we need to stay on. and 150 people jumped in and started swimming. >> then the mad dash for the life boats as the vessel tipped
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over. the captain abandoned ship and is detained in jail. >> people were jumping in the water, yelling, pushing. >> 3200 passengers and 1,000 crew were in a race against the sea and they described harrowing escapes. >> one of the boats had 200 people on it and caught on the railing and fell and swung and everybody was screaming. >> survivors faulted the crew for incompetence, but most were saved and evacuated to a nearby island. the 950-foot coast a concordia was on an eight-day cruise. for many passengers friday night felt like an eternity. on board, 126 americans, all believed to have survived. >> back here in the bay area, two american soldiers being treated at the palo alto v.a. medical center were award the purple heart today. one stood from his wheelchair to
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accept the medal for being wounded in combat. the 20-year-old lot of his left arm and left leg after stepping on an improvice viced explosive device, and the army specialist was awarded the purple heart. the 25-year-old was hit in the back of the head by shrapnel in a mortar attack. >> the patriot guard riders zoo stood in silence to honor the soldiers as they war awarded the metals for bravery and sacrifice. >> this has been one of the driest years on record but california could be getting a little help. members of indian tribes will perform a blessing at lake tahoe.
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the snow packs in the sierra are 19% of average for this time of year. >> some award-winning ice dancers and fig skaters got their skate on tonight for the first annual walnut creek on ice gala. and our very own ice-skating anchor, hit the ice for a special performance with his partner, who used to be a production assist stand here. the event is a celebration of the newly reed -- remodeled ice rink. pretty nice skating there, dan and paul. pretty cool. >> leigh: yeah. >> alan: we're looking for rain, is it going to happen? >> leigh: we are, and a weather pattern change beginning tomorrow. we have had some mild days. dry weeks, the past month and a half or so, and things are going to start to change a bit for us. today, 60s and 70s. tomorrow we'll barely get out o 23450es.
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-- 50s. and you can clearly seesee in the north bay already touching the freezing mark in napa. a few high cloud over san francisco 50, degrees. 48 in oakland, livermore, 40 degrees. 46 in antioch, and 46 in san jose. here's a look at some highlights for you. we'll look for high clouds to pass overhead tonight. still going to be quite cold inland with the frost. and in the north bay valley areas, a much colder day tomorrow. the wind out of the northwest is really going to make it feel raw and even chilling to the bone, and then, yes, dot look like we'll see cold fronts start to move in here to produce some rain chances as we get into the latter part of the work week. actually being squeezed by two systems. a little high cloudiness from the south, and some cloudiness, some low clouds being pushed from a cold front from the
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north. growing be cold in the north bay. 27 for napa tonight. santa rosa, 28. 44 in san francisco. 38, half moon bay. low cloudiness there. and 32 for livermore. now, i want to show you the water vapor energy map. these are the high clouds here and this is the leading edge of a cold front. and this is going to move in here tomorrow. we can show you the timing overnight tonight. we look for low clouds to thicken right near the coast, and as the front starts to move through by mid-day tomorrow, all of the rain will stay to the north of us, and as we get on the back side of this system, that's when the cold air starts to move in and those winds start to pick up out of the northwest. anywhere from ten to as much as 25 miles-per-hour. and this really going to make its feel raw out there. check out the highs expected tomorrow. anywhere from eight to as much as 12 degrees cooler than what we were today.
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santa rosa, only 56. you had a high today of 68 degrees. really going to notice that. san francisco tomorrow, 54. 57 for livermore. san jose, you'll see some clouds and sunshine, 57. salinas today with 70. and 58 tomorrow as the cold air starts to sweep south and morgan hill, 57. for the holiday on marx still keep it cool. around the bay area. temperatures in the 50s. get a break on tuesday. clouds thicken. rain picks up in the north bail by wednesday night. rain likely for all of us as we head into thursday and friday. >> my grass is dead but i've been loving the weather. >> leigh: it will come back. >> alan: let's talk to shu so we can obsess a little more about the 49er victory. >> mike: never thought we would have a better playoff game than 1982 and dwight clark and the catch but today we had another
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>> mike: the fourth quarter of the 49ers saints matchup was among the best ever played in the nfl. for the niners first home playoff game in nine years, trying to stop drew brees and the new orleans offense. open position, witser in hammers pierre thomas. out on this feet. fumble. niners recover. later in the first, great protection for alex smith. over the middle to vernon davis. these two just getting started. he breaks a tackle. watch vernon, almost takes down the goalpost with his post touchdown dunk. brees throwing deep. picked off. it's down inside the five. niners with red zone issues all
2:25 am
year. not in this game. smith draws back, crabtree on the slants. four yards there, it is. niners up 17-0. brees didn't throw for 5,000 yards by accident. perfect pass to coltston, four td passes. 17-14 niners at the half. fourth quarter. frank gore, 42 yards, 11 carries, and equals that a little right here. dragged down. sets up akerss. third field goal of the game. just over 4:00 to go. saints at the niners 44. brees to sproles. right here. 44 yards to the house. saints on top for the first time, 24-23. alex smith responds. he keeps it himself on third and eight. 28-yard touchdown, two-point could converse stales. saints turn. brees to graham.
2:26 am
patrick lohse and reggie smith collide. the go-ahead touchdown. the two-point conversion is good. 32-29 saints. alex to vernon. niners can tie it with the field goal. harbaugh says, they're going for the win. niners win it. vernon davis in tears on the field. here he is after an emotional victory. >> a lot of fire within me at that moment, and something just hit me. and i just had to let it out. alex made it happen. if it wasn't for alex, i wouldn't have made the play. kudos for alex. >> i didn't want to force that. and it's a fine line. and vernon made my right. >> nobody ever say the game would be close. nobody ever expect 1:37 our offense is going to score but
2:27 am
they did. >> showed again tonight what our team has been about all year long. and when everything was against us, we found a i would. >> mike: niners get green bay or the giants tomorrow. the tebow train is off the tracks, tom brady took care of that with six touchdown passes. highlights of the afc matchup as
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tim tebow and the broncosshop shocked the world and upset the steelers. today, mr. brady showed tim tebow who is the boss. gronkowski, ten catches, three scores for the gronk. brady throws five td passes in the first half, six on the day. pats spank the broncos, host the afc title game next weekend. >> nba action.
2:31 am
bobcats hosting the warriors. ellis for the slot. it's all bobcats after that. how about this shot from kemba walker. 23. bobcats win it 112-100. >> in columbus, tied at one. pavelski on goal. hillary low cashes in on the rebound. >> that was your toyota sports report. more from the 49ers locker room. what a day at the stick. >> alan: thank you very much. coming up. former penn state coach joe paterno breaks his silence on the scale that ended his career. >> cut backs have gun, fewer hours are available at the post office coming soon.
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>> good evening. in tonight's headlines, members of "occupy" oakland are wrapping up what they call their march against police brutality. the occupiers said this was a militant action and no reports of arrests or violence. an horrific accident in los gatos killed another man and left another person seriously injured. the chp closed all northbound lanes for two and a half hours, and fairfield firefighters are still on the scene of a huge commercial fire in more than 24 hours after it started. investigators still don't know the cause but as of right now they say nothing looks suspicious. >> the building was destroyed. >> two months after he was fired, former penn state coach joe paterno is breaking his silence. he gave his first interview since the scandal ended his
2:36 am
illustrious career. here's what paterno is saying about his former assistant, jerry scan does -- san sandusky. >> jo pa turn -- joe paterno explained his decision to go to the administration instead of the police. >> i called my superiors, and i said, hey, we got a problem, i think,. i didn't know. i had never had to deal with something like that. i didn't feel like i could. >> the coach, who spent more than 60 years at penn state, denies not living up to the moral standards he set for his players and himself. >> i don't think i deviated from my -- what i'm all about and what i thought was important. >> revealing moments from a man waging a battle not just for his legacy but for his very life.
2:37 am
abc news, new york. >> a woman and her ten-year-old daughter are recovering tonight from major injuries after a big rig nearly pushed their car off a freeway overpass. the woman, her daughter, and a ten-month-old baby were inside this bmw hanging from the side of highway 101. the car was rear-ended by a big rig that win over the side and killed the driver. the collision was so powerful it knocked out chunks of cap crete from -- con crete from the guardrail. by chance seabees came by with a fork lift to help. >> the international auto show is heating up. thousands of people poured through the doors the detroit auto show. the annual showcase of new vehicles and concept cars. the ford fusion won the eyes on design award for the best design of a production vehicle. the president of automobile
2:38 am
magazine says it's a game-changer. >> this is the star of the show. jot just for me. to the designers from the other car companies to manufacturers all around are chewing their fingernails off, and this fusion is going to stick a knife in the neck of the camry. >> other must-see vehicles including the new small cadillac ats, crafted to take on the bmw 3 series, and the lexus ls/lc concept, futuristic view of a lexus hybrid. >> if you're among the millions who own an ereader or ipad or smart phone you have the ability to load thousands of books on to your new toy, and there are ways to get some of the books for free. michael finney shows you how. >> pretty automatic. >> david lived has been an avid reader, even more so now he bought this new electronic reader.
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>> i have been reading every day. mostly science fiction fantasy. >> he says buying ebooks costs from $5 to $30 on average but now his ken dill -- kindle is loading books for free with this, his alameda county library card. >> public libraries now offer thousands of ebooks to borrow for free. he browzs the alameda county selection, clicks on this novel, and in second the book appears on his kindle. it wail cities on his kindle for three week asks then automatically expire. no worry about paying fines for overdue books. >> i think it's just opens the door for a lot more possibilities to read different kind of books you normally wouldn't. >> overwhelmingly they love it. they love to have access to free ebooks. >> trent garsways the ebook librarian. he offers 14,000 titles and work shops on how to plug in.
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>> it's not the easiest system in the world to use. it takes a little time and effort. >> the how-to depends on what kind of reader you have. a kindle requires setting up accounts with the lie expwrear, but you need a wi-fi next. borrowed ebooks go from the library to amazon and then ton your kindle. with an ipad or nook you must joan load a free epa for -- app for reading. with the nook you need to hook the device to a laptop and drag it over. libraries on the only places with free ebook. david finds them on web sites like you don't need a card and they're yours to keep. you find best sellers. they offer only classics with expired copyrights so they're in the public domain.
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great books like war of the worlds and pride and prejudice. >> try wizard of0s. >> in seconds he has the wiz sars of oz on his ken del. >> public libraries buy a certain number of ebooks just like print books so there are limits how many pate trobsz -- patrons can download a book. so you may find yourself waiting for popular books. many libraries have help to help you set up your reader. >> the postal service cutbacks have begun starting with shortened hours. the new story store hours will take effect february 20th with most branches opening 30 minutes to an hour later as part of a cost-cutting measure that includes shutting down 3700 post offices across the nation.
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>> coming up, a three-time oscar nominated director. just ahead, he talks' his newest film. >> the bizarre rock uncovered in a bay area backyard. >> leigh: hi there again. i'm leigh glaser. today, upper 60s, even a few low 70s. tomorrow, we're not even going to get out of the 50s. yes, big weather changes do you in here tomorrow, even and rain in the forecast.
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>> steven daldry is known for films like billy elliott and the reader. his latest movie is a touching tale of a connection set in the backdrop of 9/11. lizieber mud da -- bermuda talk to the director. >> what was it like working on the set? >> it's a story about a boy, a family, who lose their father, their husband in 9/11, and it's about the kid creating his own way of coming to terms -- trying to find a way to come to terms with the loss. >> the young boy that stars in the film, thomas horn, and is from the bay area. this is his first film. >> his first time acting at all. >> tell us -- i thought it was interesting how you actually
2:46 am
found him. you saw three other kid audition for the role. >> 3,000. we auditioned all over north america and europe as well, and thomas came in quite late and we found him really my bruiser remembered him winning kid jeopardy di, and he suggested there was an amazing kid on kid jeopardy and he is one of the more amazing performances by a young actor. >> his first film. amazing. you worked with tom anxious, sandra bull lock. what was is like directing those two amazing actors. >> they're fantastic people. and the story is told from the kid's point of view so the child has this idealization of his father, and what better idealization of tom hanks. the mother has a estranged relationship with a child, and sandra brought a great
2:47 am
understanding to it. >> these are a-list actors. does that make your job easier? >> in a sense it does because they come with a a huge amount of experience and in this particular case, when the whole film rests on the shoulder of this young actor, they're taking care of him, making sure the kid is okay and making sure there's an environment where the childod can flour wish and they were fantastic. >> you-watch 7 live every weekday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. right here on abc-7. >> we're getting a closer look at a discovery a bay area man believes is out of this world, pop meeterrite. a 55-year-old man named mitch sent us this photo. the retired trucker says his dog found the smoldering rock on his property on wednesday. he is waiting for test results from a new mexico lab find out if it is in fact the real thing. >> leigh glaser is standing by with a look at the forecast.
2:48 am
>> leigh: you're going notice the cooldown tomorrow. a cold front. we're on the back side of it tomorrow and that's going to bring cold or much colder air mass coming in. and the northerly winds pick up as well, keeping a chill in the air. so no more 60s, and even low 70s being replaced. 56 is the nye accepts rose -- high in santa rosa. san jose, 57 degrees. looking for the winds to pick up. santa cruz, watsonville, 57. 58 for hollister and salinas, 58. salinas today was 70 degrees. so you can get a sense of just how much cold air will start to move on in here. for our monday holiday, those cool temperatures will be with us as well. mid-to-low 50s expect just for daytime highs. a little more sunshine for tuesday. we may warm up and then the
2:49 am
storm door is going to open. finally, a touch of winter. chance of showers in the north bay, spreading across the entire bay area on wednesday and thursday, and a series of storm systems moving in, and we need the rain and the snow. >> that will be nice. better talk to shu but he is coming down off his adrenaline high. >> mike: it's been a long day but it was worth it. the catch was recreate in candlestick. vernon davis and alex smith put their names on the all-time great plays at the niners beat the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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2:52 am
49ers saints matchup was pick -- picture perfect. the 49ers trying to stop drew brees and the saints. a fullle and -- fumble and niners recover. alex smith over the middle to davis. just getting started.
2:53 am
49-yard touchdown catch. 7-0 niners, vernon almost takes down the goalpost with the dunk afterwardses. new orleans turns it over a second time. brees down the seam. golden says, huh-uh. picks its off. brees had two career postseason picks. niners inside the four. niners with red zone issues all year. not in this game. watch alex find crabtree on the slants. perfect strike. niners up 17-0. brees didn't throw for 5,000 yards by accident. watch this throw to colston. 17-14, niners at the half. let's go right the fourth quarter. frank gore, only 42 yards on 11 carries. equals that at right -- that at right here. one man to beat. that's all right. sets up david akers. just under a minute to go. pres to sproles you.
2:54 am
knew the little man would come up big. saiptz on top. alex smith responds. after the pass to vernon davis, alex keeps it on third and eight. the touchdown run. the brees to his big tight end, graham. graham goes 66 yards. 2 point conversion is good. 40 second left. alex to very nonagain. seven catches for a tight end postseason record. niners can tie with a field goal. harbaugh says, going for the win over the middle. are you kidding the davis, that is. the catch all over again. the niners win in dramatic fashion. vernon davis, check out the locker room afterwards. >> a lot of fire with me at the moment, and something just hit me and i had to let it out. alex made it happen.
2:55 am
if so kudos for alex. you're the man. >> if the window was there i was going kit loose. if not. i didn't want to force that. and it's a fine line. but vernon made me right. >> nobody ever said the game would be close. nobody never expect 1:37 second our offense would score but they did. >> showed what our team has been about all year long. and we found a way, and we done it tonight when it counted most. >> right now feels like the best. really does. like i said before, i can't recall a win like this in this kind of spectacular fashion. >> live or die in these games. we lived. we move on, and we move on in spectacular fashion. >> just an incredible victory. one of the best fought quarters in nfl playoff history. niners get the packers in grebe greek or the giants at
2:56 am
candlestick. teak dispeeb the broncos shocked the world upsetting the steelers last week. today, tom brady shows mr. tebow who is the boss. tebow, 136-yards which a fumble. brady much better. watch this catch by gronkowski. 10 catches, three scores. 14-0 patriots. brady never lets up. 'brady threw five td passes in the first half, six on the day. ties aord. they host the afc title game next quebec -- weekend. nba action. the cats and the warriors. all bobcats after the warrior lead. look at this shot by kemba walker. the buzzer beater. bobcats win it 112-100. so the ice, the nets and sharks in columbus. pavelski throws it on goal.
2:57 am
sharks win on the road 2-1. that was your toyota sports report. niners get green bay or the giants. >> whoa do you like. >> i like the giants in an upset. that's wishful think saying don't have to go to green bay but great to see see see aaron rodgers meet alex smith. >> if they have green bay they have to play in lambeau. >> that's it. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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