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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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closed captioning services,inc >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. what are you doing with this day off? community organizers would like to encourage you to not think of it as a holiday, but as a day of service. also the santa clara county d.a.'s office investigates a deadly shooting involving a police officer. santa clara police say the shooting was justified. good morning i'm mike nicco. we have bone chilling temperatures not only this morning, but a deadly freeze coming on the way. rain and snow in the forecast also. good morning i'm frances dinglasan. light at the bay bridge toll. i'll tell you about the special schedule for many mass transit systems. new crash just reported in the north bay. details coming up. 49er fans still fired up, they can't feel the cold. 9ers host the new york giants
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for the nfc title. first time in 14 years. good morning, did you watch it? >> yeah! >> exciting. >> [ unintelligible ] >> i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. across the bay area and the nation americans will be sell ing this martin luther king -- celebrating this martin luther king day by volunteering to help others. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: this is the big one. they call this the jewel of oakland. they are saying let's bring our efforts here to cleanup the lake and the gardens around it this is the 9th annual day of service here in the bay area for martin luther king day. community organizers are saying if this isn't your tradition, it should be o'be. we have video of last year's event. hundreds turn out for this, most of the projects -- start
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at 9:00 in the morning, tree-planting, cleaning up trails, shorelines, weeding. organizers quote coretta scott king when she said the day is not only for celebrating and remembrance and education, and tribute but its is day day of service. she said these projects bill the beloved communicative his dream. hundreds expected. you -- you won't be alone. it could be a lot of fun, you meet new people. most of the events start at 9:00 in the morning. we have a full list on amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 4:32. bart and cal train will be running freedom trains today to get people to the martin luther king, jr. holiday celebration in san francisco a charter train will leave the san jose station at 9:30 it will stop at sunnyvale, palo alto and
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san mateo on the way to san francisco. a march beginning at 11 from the cal train station to the mlk celebration. there will be a series of day long activities at the center to mark king day. federal, state, courts and -- offices will be closed. banks and post offices will be closed. bart and community will operate on a saturday schedule with ac transit on a sunday schedule. parking me tears in san francisco, will be enforce -- meters in san francisco will be enforced city wide. >> the 49ers will play in the nfc championship game for the first time in 14 years. san francisco won a thriller saturday against the new orleans saints coming didn't to the wire. the stage is now set for the 9ers to host the giants in the nfc title game next sunday. if we win we go on to the super bowl. 9er fans like their chances.
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>> you never discount home field advantage and we've already beaten the giants, [ inaudible ] probably better chance at the super bowl. >> sunday's game at the stick begins 3:30. tickets go on sale officially this wednesday. only on the team's website and by phone. 10 a.m. for season ticket holders, 1 p.m. for the general public. online marketplaces tickets are available if you are willing to pay more than face value. the play that has become part of the legend is the come from behind touchdown pass from alex smith to vernon davis with 14 seconds left in saturday's game. gotta feel good about this one that catch not -- [ unintelligible ] it helped erase years of frustration for the team -- [ unintelligible ] the santa clara county d.a.'s office is investigating
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an officer involved shooting that left one man dead. it happened saturday night on karen street. authorities say an officer pulled a driver over on suspicion of driving under the influence. a neighbor heard the officer warn the suspect three times before shooting him. >> the third one was i told you to put your hands-on top of your head or i'm going to shoot you. not a second after he said that, two bullets. >> the driver inside the vehicle reached for a weapon that being a revolver, prompting the officer to respond. >> the man died at the scene. the officer has been placed on paid leave which is rue between procedure. oakland -- police are taking the unusual step of identifying a 14-year-old crime suspect wanted in connection with the sexual assault of two 28-year-old women. the first attack happened january 6th on market street the second last thursday on 11th street. police say 14-year-old claimed
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he had a gun that -- then he robbed and assaulted both women. he's described as an african-american male 5'5, weighing 110 pounds. he's considered armed and dangerous. this morning investigators in san rafael are trying to determine the cause of a fire that drove several out of their homes. flames broke out 7:00 last night in a three story victorian house. firefighters tell us they had to rip part the walls of the structure to get to the flames. the house had been divided up into four apartments. fire started on the top floor, nobody was hurt. >> firefighters had to cut through the roof of the home in redwood city to battle a stubborn fire there it broke out after 7:00 last night in a house on observingdale street. nobody was hurt. the cause under investigation. -- mike did say that the
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weather was going to turn sunday, it did. kind of chilly this morning. >> had to turn cool to cool us off we still had that 49er fever from saturday. >> that's right. >> definitely cool often giants when they come in this weekend with rain and cool conditions also. it going to be an interesting game. good morning, winter is pack. four degrees warmer in nap and five in novato everybody else at -- fairfield in morning most of us about one to five degrees cooler. right now 22 in fairfield, 29 in livermore, freezing in mountain view, 32 nearly that in loss day toes 33 freezing in -- in loss day toes 33 freezing in
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-- definitely feels like the 20s in santa rosa. we hang out in the 30s and 40s through 8:00 this morning. we top out this afternoon with increasing sunshine in the low to mid 50s breezes continue 10 to 20 miles per hour slightly warmer and calmer tomorrow rain moves into the north bay wednesday look at all that wet weather for thursday through sunday. good morning. you were talking about winds, wind advisory for bay area drivers one across the san mateo bridge the other across the palm beach. it is delay-free signs are up if you are heading across the span shortly, no trouble across the bay bridge. accident in the santa rosa area highway 12 stoney point off-ramp, injuries reported we might see crews headed to the scene. on 101 traffic light bay area freeways. here's a live shot of 680 walnut creek, looking good at
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280 and 17 interchange. mass transit, we've had a couple problems, not a couple problems there but we've had some schedule changes due to the holiday. part on a saturday schedule. ace train 1 and 8 will not be running today due to the holiday. cal train on a regular schedule. muni operating on a saturday schedule. also, vta, no delays. ac transit on sunday schedule. some ferries operating on a holiday schedule look out for that today if you are taking mass transit. >> cal train, freedom train will roll into san francisco later this morning. keep in mind there may be a lot of people in that area. >> if you are driving in, keep in mind to bring change with you the meters are working today in san francisco. >> >> 4:39 now. a tragic death turned into a
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lifesaving gift. -- the two families touched by one young man meet. how they plan to honor his memory by giving others a second change. >> big change coming to san jose international airport tomorrow.
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we take you live to washington, d.c. gorgeous picture of the sunrise at the martin luther king, jr. memorial. this was dedicated last year this is the first martin luther king holiday in which is it open to the public after completion. great shot there. . >> there was a touching tribute this weekend to an oakland man shot to death last month near his home. charles butler, jr. was an organ donor. daniel murphy and his wife came to meet and thank
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butler's family. butler was shot on december 22nd. police are still looking for suspects. butler signed up to be an organ donor on christmas day murphy received butler's liver. >> i can go on living and watch my grandchildren grow up. >> i feel myself within him some kind of way. and i will keep in touch with them as much as i can. >> i know my son won't be back. but guess what, he's living on. and i'm thankful for that >> butler's family is now organizing year long or donor drives to try to save more lives. delta airlines making a move at san jose international moving from terminal b to the recently venerated -- renovated terminal a. officials say the move will provide greater plex ability
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to accommodate growth -- greater flexibility to accommodate growth. delta is the our port's fourth busiest carrier with 54 flights a week. thousands of san francisco property owners find themselves responsible for the trees on street in front of their homes. the department of public works has started taping notices to the trees informing homeowners the city is transfering to them the responsibility for pruning and maintaining the trees. a budget move designed to save the city $300,000 per year. the chronicle reports 2/3 of the city's more than 100,000 trees laning the streets are already -- lining the streets are already privately maintained. death toll continues to climb from a cruise ship disaster. >> jon huntsman ends his campaign and endorses
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mitt romney. the lateness the gop battle for the nomination, coming up. come for the surfing but stay for the fun. mavericks' organizers hope for a new tradition on the coast. @ae
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and keeps ca chilly temperatures, 10 great falls, nine fargo. check out dallas 76, new orleans 73, 74 miami new york 33, washington 41. 37 seattle, 41 portland. all major airports green. that means from the east coast, midwest and out here even our regional airports, all running on time. any time you
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travel. 4:47. a cruise ship company is blaming the captain for an accident that led to the grounding of its ship off tuscany. the rescue operation has been suspended after the ship shifted a few inches there is concern if the ship shifts significantly the 500,000 gallons of fuel may leak. the death toll is now at six. 16 people are missing. you can see in this live picture from italy the cruise ship still on its side. it was too close to shore and struck a rock while passengers were having dinner friday night. the ceo of the cruise company says the captain made an unapproved and unauthorized maneuver to change the ship's programmed course. an -- among the passengers on the ship were several from the sacramento valley. a couple was celebrating their anniversary and her perth day. they got off the ship in rome and missed the trip to bars
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loan that. that may have saved their lives. -- barcelona. that may have saved their lives. >> look at the pictures of the ship my state room would be underwater right now i met the captain on the second day my first impression was that he didn't care anything about the ship. >> he says this is the worst of the five cruises he's been on. even before you count the accident. 4:49. the republican race for the white house will be minus one this morning. overnight, we learned that jon huntsman is dropping out and will endorse mitt romney, despite bashing him on the campaign trail for months. tahman bradley has the latest on the race now focused on south carolina and saturday's upcoming primary. >> reporter: mitt romney stars the final week of campaigning before south carolina with a boost. later today former governor huntsman will dropout of the race and endorse romney. a week ago huntsman implied the former massachusetts
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governor lacked decor. >> he has not put forth a reason for us to trust him. >> reporter: after a disappointing third place finish in new hampshire huntsman pledged to keep going south carolina polls showed him in the single digits. a spokesman told apc news the candidate doesn't want to stand in -- abc news the can doesn't want to stand in romney's way. polls show romney leading in south carolina, since the social conservative vote appears to be split. candidates get a chance to go after romney tonight in south carolina. that money pradly, abc7 news -- tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> postal service says there will be new hours in six conties starting february 20th. the affected branches will open 30 minutes to one hour
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later starting that day as part of a cost-cutting measure that will include the planned closure of 3700 post offices across the country. >> martin luther king day a lot of folks planning to do community service maybe outdoors. it is going to be kind of cold. >> dress warmly, absolutely, breezy, the changes shocking a pew people heard some people in radio -- a few people heard some people -- r feels like the 20s, not 34.
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where are temperatures are up? probably where breeziest this morning. you have to have calm conditions to let temperatures drop. gilroy 30. 33 santa cruz mid to upper 30s watsonville and salinas, 45 in monterey. sunny this afternoon, chilly breeze continues clear, calm, coldest night this season is tonight. pets, plants and pipes, all need to be protected. first winter storm arrives wednesday then it is just floodgates are open. today 47 clear lake all of us in the low to mid 50s, 52 half moon bay, oakland san jose 55. mid 50s monterey bay mid to upper 50s sunshine this afternoon inland. freezing temperatures even during daylight hours 33 tahoe, 32 in yosemite low to mid 50s
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through the central valley, big sur low to mid 60s around l.a., san diego and palm springs. back home tonight look at all these 20s, palo alto, fremont below freezing tonight san jose at freezing in oakland and san rafael below freezing richmond all inland valleys in the 20s, 38 san francisco tonight. killing freeze along the bay shore, santa clara valley, east bay and north bay valleys from 11:00 tonight until 8:00 tomorrow morning. coldest temperature could be 22 in santa rosa. also hard freeze possible around monterey bay into the salinas valley. 7:00 wednesday morning all is quiet. by 5:00 wednesday afternoon, into the evening you can see the rain moving into the north bay and it moves south from there bringing rain and windy conditions thursday, friday. second storm saturday, sunday
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when we get the dumping of snow in the sierra. traffic still holiday light. here's i-80 in berkeley westbound for head lights. camera bouncing around a bit because there's -- here's gusty winds as mike showed you. there's a wind advisory for the bay bridge at the toll no delays. also wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. quiet across the golden gate bridge this morning. a couple injury accidents one i told you westbound 12 stoney point road off-ramp. another westbound 580 near greenville. if you are driving this is our waze traffic maps this is a driver-reported traffic app. there's also roadwork east pound direction, westbound 4, the 11:41 rolling that means an injury crash. the little bubbles are drivers on the road now. they are moving along fairly well. no slowing on westbound 580.
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this is a traffic app that you can have available to you while you drive. you just go to download the flix for free and once you turn it on when you are driving, -- you are sharing your speeds with other drivers. the more members we have if you join the traffic spotter group, the more accurate the information. 4:55. two top ski resort executives joining the reno-tahoe olympic board with the aim at bringing the winter games to the tahoe region in 10 years. the heads of the firms and ceo of the company in charge say they share the 32-member poured's vision of bringing the winter games back to the region in 2022. squaw hosted in 1960. organizers of the mar -- mavericks contest have until the end of march to call the event on the coast.
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if there isn't a competition they plan a massive outdoor festival. organizers came up with the festival as a substitute for the more informal gatherings on the beach and bluffs. spectators will not be allowed in those areas this year. fans can see the contest on a jumbotron in the parking lot of the hotel at princeton by the sea. look no further than the city by the bay, the daily west beast out with new list of best cities to find a date in 2012, san francisco ranking 8th, including the percentage of people who are dating age, salary, cost of living, physical and mental health. who do you think was number one? atlanta and san jose was 25th, out of 25 cities. >> i have girlfriends who would strongly disagree that.
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-- disagree with that i think further study required. honoring the memory of a civil rights giant through deeds. we are live in oakland with the major event planned there today. >> reporter: 9ers' tickets anyone? i'm katie marzullo live at candlestick park. the big game is going to be here this weekend. but the tickets are not coming up, i'll tell you how and when you can get yours. a crime police cezanne the rise. what you need to -- police say is on the rise. what you need avoid being ripped off.
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