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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  January 16, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> why do you think it's important for the community to come out today? >> this is where we live. you know? we eat here and live here. you know? so that is why. >> on 31st street volunteers planted trees. a project not only brightening a neighborhood but doubling as a science experiment what we're doing is planting these trees showing that benefits of water related to drought. >> in richmond volunteers focused on renovating six homes, they're before around the east bay. she thinks dr. king would approve. >> it would be like yes this, is the dream. this is what i see. there are different people here doing this one thing in the state to make things
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better for everyone. >> saying maybe last year there are 25 volunteers and this year, four timeses that. this appears the idea is a day of service is catching on. >> dr. king is called to end economic injustice in america inspiring pastors to organize occupy rallies today. occupy the dream protests were staged at 13 federal reserve banks including in san francisco. many were from oakland ame baptist church. >> martin luther king junior had a dream all people can enjoy a high quality of life. we believe that what the occupy movement is trying to do. >> today being martin luther king holiday i wanted my daughter to be part of the day of service and recognizing today is not a day off but a day on. that we need to get active in
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communities. >> organizers are calling for an immediate moratorium on all foreclosures in america and would like to see wall street nairms profited from predatory lending put money back into communities nationwide. >> many of those who attended the king celebration at yerba buena center for the arts arrived on the freedom train. this is the 28 blg -- 28th year it's been part of the festivities. riders became marchers and headed downtown. it began to memorialize dr. king's march to montgomery alabama in 1965. >> dr. king honored in the nation's capital this, is the first year a new memorial was opened to the public. more from washington. >> a day of celebration and service to remember the late martin luther king junior. in this spirit of the civil rights leader the president of first family emphasized giving back to the community.
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>> there is nobody who can't serve. nobody who can't help someone else. and whether you're seven or six, or whether you're 76... that you can find opportunities to make a difference in the community. >> others spending the day paying tribute to king in washington. his family gathered to celebrate what would have been his 83 birthday on sunday. >> if something is down inspire others to continue this work and journey that he took our nation and world on through his team, then... i think he would be very pleased. >> a trunk yaited quote on the side of the memorial is set to be constructed -- corrected after critics say it made him appear arrogant when
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paraphrased. his most-famous quote was about a dream, a dream many say has yet to be realized. >> he died trying to raise issues that are still before us. >> his fight is carrying on through the generations. in washington. >> as you know weather changed dramatically. we're in for freezing temperatures tonight. >> and this morning with the credit card on the windshield. >> tomorrow morning might take a very big credit card. it's going to be cold and we're talking subfreezing. this is the alignment of systems bringing us frigid air. into the bay area tonight. producing this cold snap. result is that there is a freeze warning in affect from 11:00 until 8:00 in the morning including vir wallly all of the bay area. there is temperatures dropping into the teens and 20s into coldest locations. freeze damage to sensitive
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plants is a strong possibility. there may be patches of ice on bridges and overpasses so that should be caution to motorists. here is projection of the lows down to 20 degrees in napa. and 23 in livermore. and 31? n.san jose. it's going to be cold. but what about the rest of the forecast? we'll take a look in just a moment. >> a 12-year-old girl hospitalized and 15 people displaced after a fire burned their homes to the ground in redwood city park this morning. the fire broke out just before 11:00 at the lamar trailer park. two homes were gutted and two more damaged. one car, destroyed. the girl was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. her condition has not been released. the cause of the fire may be accidental. the cause of an early morning fire in pinole is raising suspicions after residents say they heard popping noises and breaking glass just before the fire broke out.
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those sounds came from a porch occupants were able to escape out of the back of the house. the fire was out in about 15 minute autos and then, someone was becoming more louder and louder. and started to -- thought someone was breaking into the house. he walked out through the -- to see what is going on, he saw a lot of smoke in the house. >> and now this video is from the helmet cams that firefighters were wearing today this, is remarkable stuff. there is a picture inside of the blaze. they have been in use about three months now and they're for training purpose autos another sign of just how dry it is. a rare winter brush fire broke out near the abandoned concord station today. the flames never threatened buildings but did char 40 acres. the fire started near bailey road. and this bay area usual
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experiences few brush fires but as you know there has been little rain so far this year. >> now to the story everybody is talking about. 49ers fever is everywhere. so is wayne freed man. wayne joins us live now. wayne? >> in a time like this, two words come to mind chbl a place like this, there will be a lot of consuming going on. as for come mod di. have you tried to find 49ers gear? it's not easy. >> this is all i've got. niners are so hot and everybody wants it. so when you walk here you have niners and you look on the
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wall. there is not a niners cap right now. >> are you crying about this? >> crying loud and clear. trust me we have opportunities now. i mean any store that ships it to me, i will sell anything niner autos next question, what if you want to wear stuff to the game? could you get in? answer to that is yes. assuming you bring your walt. -- wallet. one guy is doing brisk business today is known as mr. ticket. he's dealing with plenlty of ticket holders. we're there when one woman call whod wanted to sell tickets at $9,000 each. >> she said she saw an ad going for $9,000 a piece. that is why half of the people just fantasize. reality never sets in this town pe. have no idea how to look to see what prices are really going for. before you sell your tickets see what they're going for. then call people. there is a fantasy ad, some guy asking $9,000.
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put an ad for $8500 a piece. maybe you can under cut them this, is the people that make the market crash. they never sell tickets. >> you deal with that? >> i go nuts. it could drive me to drink, but i don't. >> maybe phil needs to come back here and join some of the other people. then again, they'd probably say hey, phil, got any tickets? so, stewart got any real tickets? they go on sale at 10:00 wednesday. 10:00 in the morning. 1:00 for the general public. they will be selling we're told if you have a lot of tickets in a lower section they might sell on game day for as much as $2,000 apiece. we'll have to see. it's early and anything can happen. we might get rain. so as you said sell early. at least you know what you're dealing with. wayne freedman abc 7 news.
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>> and a lot of variables. there is a way to get free tickets. if you want there is a tweet from the team president offering up to four tickets and free-game field passes to whoever gives best reason by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow on why you deserve them. you have just over 24 hours now to answer jed york on twitter. >> what a deal. well, many niners fans are showing their pride wearing red and gold. at least those who already have it. they're sharing pictures with us through you reports this, is a dog joining in the excitement in his niners tee shirt. and these kids right here... they weren't around last time the 49ers won the super bowl or made playoffs. but they're loving every minute of the run. remember, you can send us your photos via you reports at
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>> and still, yes. still to come at 4:00 italian officials nearly doubled the number of people missing in that cruise ship disaster. a look at the toll the accident could take on the vish. -- environment. >> how babies learn to talk. why a study finds it's more than just listening. >> and coming up later. >> traffic. taking a look at traffic you think it's a holiday. and you think traffic is going to be light. not the case. in a lot of areas including the skyway which is lighter than normal but there are a ton of cars out there. apparently a lot of people dmot have this holiday off. more with the news at 4:00. 8t8tp
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officials raised number of people following a disaster over the weekend. 25 passengers and four crew members are still unaccounted for. there are fears fuel might leak into a protected sanctuary for dolphins, porpoises and whales. >> it's a terrifying scene. night time video shot from an italian coast guard helicopter. lines of passengers going around the huge gash in the hull, waving for help as life boats dangle in the air, useless. the captain of the vessel instifts it wasn't his fault. they didn't share the reason the ship sunk but the ceo is telling a different story. >> the captain decided to change the rules and he went
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into water that he did not know in advance. >> according to the black box the italian coast guard wasn't alerted until 10:43 and order qler orders to abandon ship not given until an hour and 15 minutes after the ship ran aground thchl morning an american couple told gma it was chaos. >> from what we saw, it was every man for themselves. >> what would you like to say to the captain? >> what a coward you are. >> the captain is in jail facing possible charges of manslaughter. among the missing is a retired couple from minnesota. gerard and barbara on a 16 day vacation. friends are holding out hope. >> whatever happened that is for someone else to figure out our job is to pray for their recover rye and the british newspaper "the telegraph"
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reported the sister of the ship's posted the ship will pass very close to shore. a post that foreshadowed a tragedy. >> checking healthy living news running a marathon isn't going to hurt your heart anymore than any other vigorous exercise as long as you're fit enough. this looked at a huge sample, 11 million runners over 10 years and found incident of cardiac arrest. saying it was very small just one in 184,000. accord together study most participants that did experience cardiac arrests had undiagnosed preexisting heart problem autos have you ever wondered how babies learn to talk? a new study shows they learn by listening but by looking. researchers say when babies enter basketballing stage they become lip readers focusing on mouths until mastering a basic speech forms. the authors say this could
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help diagnose childhood autism. >> on to business news now. victoria's secret on the hot seat. and some big news from airline carrier that's is expected this week. >> new york stock exchange is quiet today. markets closed in observeance of martin luther king day but it's back to work tomorrow. and there get ready to hear more about airlines possibly merging. so far, delta and u.s. airways looking into a purchase of bankrupt amr. and jet blue's ceo tells air travel is healthy now and for you and me, it may lead to higher fares. and limited brands may be in the hot see. u.s.
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investigators are conducting a preliminary inquiry into forced child labor in a program supplying the retailer, limited brand says it's is taking the matter very seriously and does not tolerate child labor. >> there is less than eight hours left to ice skate this year in the heart of san francisco. the safeway holiday ice richk in union square will los for the season at 11:30 tonight. this other rink closed earlier this month. you can hit the nice san jose. that rink remains open until january 29th. >> and there is a on the subject of ice, i believe winter arrived. >> it arrived subtlely. temperatures into low 20s. and there is a cold skberj
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rain coming later this week. there is a beyond ala traz there, it's beginning to get cool. how about this morn something lows of 21 degrees in clear lake. and 20 in fairfield cold gerj this worning. and we're looking at 49ers in san francisco and los gatos, around or just above 50 in other locations around the bay. these are the highlights there. is a freeze warning in affect tonight. mostly sunny skies and cool tomorrow. then, a rainy pattern begins wednesday night and will continue probably into weekend. and there is lows down to 20 in napa. 23, livermore, 22, santa rosa. like tonight. only last night freezey conditions in spots and there is -- if there is no rain
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tonight temperatures will fall qlor, right now, high pressure is still in control of the weather but this stormy pattern is going to break through and once it does, will be with us for a while. we'll start at 10:00 wednesday morning. during the day wednesday we'll see rain pushing into the bay area and then, continuing throughout the day, thursday, into friday, so two rainy days with a break saturday. maybe around mid day. and there is rain coming back saturday night and into sunday meaning conditions against giants sunday afternoon to determine who goes on to the super bowl. hold onto the ball, guys. mainly sunny skies tomorrow, high temperatures only into low 50s most of the bay area and perhaps only 47 in clear lake. there is the accu-weather
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forecast. so freeze warning, sunny, cool, then, rainy pattern continuing throughout the weekend with perhaps a little break saturday afternoon. once again, niners taking on giants and sunday, wet, rainy. >> it's unlikely? how likely? >> likely to be a wet day. not talking about continuous down pour autos yes. >> and there is both passing and running game. >> golden globe is the talk of hollywood. >> there is a look at what big winners had to say. >> parties are over but if you missed it there is a recap of the golden globes. big award best motion picture drama went to the defendant. >> thank you to wonderful
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actor who's made this film wonderful. thank you to alexander payne who makes wonderful film autos best actor was given to meryl streep for the role in "the iron lady". >> happy to play interesting people who have challenge autos as far as best motion picture come yesterdayy or musical that went to "the artist". and best actress went to michelle williams for her portrayal of marilyn monroe. >> there was a responsibility that was new and terrifying. and probably more challenging than anything else i've attempted. >> big award went to "modern family". for a complete list of winner goes to >> if emily and i can climb to
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the top of the bay bridge together there is no telling how far we can take this trip relationship. >> will they make it? will emily plunge? no. she's not going to plunge. just joking. the bachelorette travels to san francisco for the upcoming epitoday. this 29-year-old ben, rejected. now, they're vying for his reyex, embarking on a romantic journey, what is going on here? -- through the city. this is -- a high-risk episode. i'm watching. tune in. true love tonight at 8:00. >> it's time to move along. beyonce so fly she gets a bug
4:24 pm
named after her. >> when facebook will go public. >> then at 5:00 son of a northern california couple on board a sunken cruise ship talks about his parents survived.
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there is now a fly named after beyonce. a researcher has named this newly discovered horse fly with a golden haired bottom after her. it apparently had been sitting in fly collection since being
4:27 pm
captured in 1981. the 24-year-old researcher says beyonce came to mind because there was no other name worthy of the fly's beauty. >> okay. an english teacher has come up with a novel way to engage her 7th grade students. with music. the class made a video of the hit "harder better faster stronger". and the long heest was making the sign. and this video received a quarter million hits. >> and coming up one less candidate in the g.o.p. race and how it could shake up the south carolina primary. >> a 49er fan shot just for cheering for his team.
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>> and here is a view from mount tam onto the bay on this clear, cool afternoon. it's going to get cold tonight. i'll have the frigid details coming up. f@f@f@f@
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to politics now, and then, there were five. the field of republican presidential candidates got smaller today.
4:31 pm
jon huntsman announced he's pulling out and is endorsing the man he's been attacking relentlessly. he entered as a moderate, many believed could foes poes a chal dwrompk president obama. but jon huntsman is leaving with out making a splash. >> i believe it's now time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat barack obama. >> that candidate, huntsman says, is mitt romney. the same he called out of touch a few days ago. >> governor romney enjoys firing people. i enjoy creating job autos things trn around quickly on the campaign trail. in new hampshire, huntsman thought he had a chance but finished a dispatting third. in south carolina it would have been an uphill battle. >> this race defen rated into an onslaught of negative attacks not worthy of the american people. >> now, the former utah
4:32 pm
governor and china embass door is trying to undo the campaign his campaign waged. >> i believe abortion should be safe and legal in this country. >> i have been pro life he wasn't in the room when huntsman endorsed him but bad blood isn't the only reason. >> being branded or embraced by the moderate candidate is probably not something he was looking forward to owe doing before the vote in south carolina. >> and. >> he says he ran a spirited campaign and thanked him for his support. >> a 49ers fan is in critical condition tonight after a shooting outside of a georgia restaurant. investigators say the gunman was rooting for the saints saturday and upset over the victory. >> this is cory adams says
4:33 pm
this hole shows how close he came to being killed. >> this is about run skpeg started shooting at me. four, five times. he hit the back, the back of my head. put a hole in my hood. and this is all over a football game he says he was here watching a playoff game. he says the fan took offense to him cheering for 49ers. >> home team and this is where this is only one touchdown he says he blew off the conversation. >> i saw a pop. >> yamds says he had almost forgot again and walked out of the restaurant and got into his friend's car. he says the man approached wearing a hood sh didn't say a word and just started shooting. his friend a 30-year-old chris middleton was shot in the
4:34 pm
chest. >> that all i kept hearing was dive, dive. >> this is just 6:30. adams says he's hoping his friend will pull through. >> i'm just praying he's okay. he was talking and laying down on the ground talking about his kids and his wife. >> and police have the suspected shooter in custody now. and he's being held without bail. >> rumors about one of the most-an miss 'tis paited public offerings in history. reporting facebook will go public in late may. founder mark zuckerberg long resist aid public stock offering. and by some could raise up to $10 billion on a valuation for the company as high as $100 billion. >> and tech leaders are in the
4:35 pm
silicon valley today hoping to learn how to use tech to help rebuild their economies. and we're live with the story. >> there are big challenges ahead for many arab nations. entrepreneurs working on start ups need mentors and countries have to build or in cases rebuild their modern communications networks so they've turned to silly could be valley this gleaming center is an example of ambitious goals arab nations have. ministers from 11 middle east countries convene forward a conference. and this man is on a mission. >> contact private companies, those looking to invest in the country. to tell them that when what are the opportunities, what challenges they may face and also future plan autos and each one needs expert ease and
4:36 pm
in cases investment capitol and a venture capitolist he says there is some reluctance toin vest. >> this is quite a bit. there are six companies that were financed this year as compared to zero. the year before z in the case of let's say, e commerce and after years of war iraq needs to rebuild and has a five-year plan to connect in 32 million people to the internet. ministers are trying to assure potential investors not to worry. >> we're committed to industry and to our partners. >> mike cassidy has a personal interest in supporting a high-tech future. >> for some way we can help bring more stabbible by
4:37 pm
bringing entrepreneurship, jobs and more wealth. we hope that that is a way to help give back to some of the things we've been working on. >> the ministers will tour tour several companies tomorrow then will head to washington. >> thank you, david. >> still to come at 4:00 case of a miss boig from oakland about to get national attention. why creators of a new show want to put a new focus on the case of hassani campbell. >> important information you want to know if you're one of the 24 million people who shop add >> and at 4:37 a holiday monday does not look like a holiday monday in terms of traffic. those moving left and right headed towards berkeley is stop and go. and that is kind of sluggish
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and a lot of people apparently dmot have the day off. >> there is air traffic moving along ontime. and today, weather reported delays and there are delays in phoenix airports. so delays there up to haifl hour, everyone else arrivals and departures on time. winter weather is arriving and details coming up in just a moment. i remember the days before copd.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. creators after new tv show hope to solve the mystery of what happened to 5-year-old hassani campbell. the first episode will focus on his disappearance. african americans account for 12% of the u.s. population and one third of the missing person cases in this country. find our missing will air on the tv one network. >> and hundreds of people commemorated martin luther king day with a special ceremony. religious leaders spoke and sang at the service taking place outdoors in a grassy area of yerba buena gardens. local leaders say they owe a lot to dr. king. >> i won't be elected if it hadn't been for the bill of
4:42 pm
rights movement. i paid respects forward acknowledging elders and importantly standing on the shoulders of those coming for me. >> san francisco mayor ed lee spoke at the skpfs told the crowd he fwhot be mayor today if not for 9 work of the civil rights lead year just head art and the environment. a living sculpture being built in the bay area. don sanchez will give us a peek. >> and a big new recall for a small car. the potential problem was the mini cooper.
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
a gorgeous look live right now at golden gate bridge with a golden sky in the background. >> this is a butte of the day. >> and an artist is creating a sculpture of the bay area discovery museum that is nature mirroring the
4:45 pm
environment. >> right it's under construction and abc 7 is here now to show us. >> patrick doherty has been at work again. and visited by two million children and grown up. this time the living sculpture is a willow. this is creating a structure, elaborate. patrick doherty's sculpture develops an environmental senszibility. >> this doesn't look man made. part of it is the sticks convey that. then, the way we're working with it as kind of a drawing style. >> doherty starts with a sketch, lays out foot print of the sign but a lot of the work
4:46 pm
is simply ad lib. >> i like the drawing style and quality i can pull out of it. and illusions cast. i had to figure out what they knew and that these sticks will have a method of joining and they intangle. >> so loose ends could be trimmed before people can walk heerk it is earthquake proof, he says. >> it's kind of got a weaving, snagging, and you know bending, throwing your shoulder against it. there is an illusion of freedom and play. and you know... the kind of sense of excitement and architecture. and this will stay up for a long time. he likes making it. >> i like attaching to the
4:47 pm
site. the down side is the point of getting old and gray. it has to be taken way.. >> and do i ever know about that. it will take three weeks to finish. and you should bring your kids maybe to explore it. could you do that? >> yes. it looks cool. >> and it looks like a maze, too. and i don't want to get strapped. you know the last i was hoping for is seven years. it could be longer than that. and know you don't get lost. you walk through there is only access to the outside. >> and there is a little known kitchen tool many say they cannot live without. taking a look at best immersion blenders and whether
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you need one. >> and later on abc 7 news koit get tougher to pay for coverage. the proposal to change cal grant student aid program. ♪
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[ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? as we head towards top of the hour, finally slowing traffic here checking out the approach to the golden gate bridge. and there is northbound traffic very smooth likewise, for those head nook the city it is. sailing at this hour. and possible fire has yartd has bpw recalling several versions of its popular mini cooper. the service board could be faulty in a failure to cause water to smolder and possibly spark fire. the recall affects nearly 90,000 coupes and convert
4:52 pm
tables. bmw says it will notify them next month. and if you'd like to find out if yours is part of the recall there is a list at abc 7 >> and if you're looking for tools for the kitchen you might want to consider an immersion blender. >> here is michael finney. >> chef leslie is known for supz. she makes all kinds and says the key to success is her immersion blender. >> just put it in whatever size pot you have. you can blend the entire contents of the pot. in one fell swoop. >> and leslie uses a big immersion blender there are many available for home kitchens. consumer reports tested six to see if the blenders are all they're cooked up to be. >> to use them, you hold them in one hand and dip them into
4:53 pm
what you want to fix. >> you can use them to make smoothies as well as puree soups. and it blended frozen strawberries and peaches to make smoothies. the most expensive is a professional for $180. >> it wasn't as good as others at pureeing soups and it was lowest-rated. >> and the waring pro left behind a lot of chunks of fruit. but consumer reports did find winners and named this $50 a best guy. rated excellent at pureeing soups and nearly as well as making smoothies. one minute is less mess. there is less to clean up.
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and they can't match speed or power of counter top models. >> and there is the latest from them now. and it will be cold air. and perhaps colder so far this season. there is a freeze warning in affect for a wide span from 11:00 tonight and temperatures expect owed to drop into teens and low 20s. and there is freeze damage that possibility. and there is caution if you're driving and even if you're a pedestrian. there are area that's can be there. and it will be colder in tahoe ai. high of 39 tomorrow. 38 in yosemite. 53, fresno.
4:55 pm
milder in the state. highs 66 palm springs and 61 in los angeles and san diego. here in the bay area tomorrow we'll have sunny skies before arriveal of mid week rain. and cooler readings into daytime hours than last week, highs only into low 50s tomorrow and south bay. 52 in san jose. and on the peninsula, we'll see low 50s, 52 san mateo. and low 50s on the coast. and cold there and will be cool and there is 52 in half moon bay. and 51 in the sunset district. and interest is a high of 47. looking for 52 in oakland and the inland east bay there is a similar range of highs. and monterey bay, we'll see milder weather mid-50s there for the most part.
4:56 pm
and 55 inland. and clear tomorrow, and rain coming and sandhya will tell you all about that at 5:00. >> thank you. >> and a if you shop at online shoe reseller zappos, the company says hackers gained access to internal network through servers in kentucky. zappos says they got names, billing addresses and last four digits of credit card numbs as well as enkrifted pass words. the home page has no information but when trying to log in you will be prompted to reset. hackers struck in jerusalem today. a network disrupted online access to the tel aviv stock exchange. and the government called for the cyber phonesive and of this is after a hacker pro claiming power posted personal information on the internet.
4:57 pm
iran's morality police are rounding up again. barbies have been declared an enemy of the islamic values. iran's ayatollah first declared barbie unislamic in 1996. iran will not have to pull steve jobs dolls from shelves. the company decided not to make them. saying it's bowing to pressure from apple and jobs family. the model was going to sell for $99. that does it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. you can keep track of the latest breaking news to talk about it. the news at 5:00 continues right now with dan ashley and cheryl jennings. >> tonight the son of a northern california couple in it cally talks about why his
4:58 pm
parents survived. >> and this is going to be change in this country. >> and combining forces to make a change. some carry on the legacy of martin luther king junior on this holiday by teeming up with the occupy movement. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the number of people missing is rising in a deadly cruise liner off the coast of itally. >> the crash is turning into an environmental disaster. itallin coast guard says 29 people are unaccounted for after the giant cruise liner hit rocks along the italian coastline. one couple that survived lives in placerville. they behaved heroicly during this. >> the california couple who owns this store in placerville had always wanted to go on a cruise, turns out the first
4:59 pm
timers could show a thing or two to the captain, who is under investigation for abandoning ship before all of his passengers got off safely. adam and joannea are among survivors of the ship that ran aground. back home in placerville, one son is tending to the consignment store and was upset when hearing about the news. >> the moment i was scared and sort of broke down a little bit. my mom is the type of person putting others before her. i didn't know what happened. you know? if she just stayed on the ship to sacrifice, you know, for other people. >> they were watching a magic show on the ship. something went terribly wrong. >> they heard this huge loud boom! and everyone just told them it was an electrical problem. >> joanne's sister got a call about the dream cruise ending abruptly and deadly for some. >> there aren't enough life boats initially for everyone.


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