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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  January 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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brentwood. we have more on the next warning from tonight. >> winter chill is here. there is san jose, 29 degrees and other locations, lows into teens and 20s, fairfield a morning low of 18. napa county 19. 21 in sonoma county airport. cold all over the bay area, and we have freeze warnings again. second one this, one santa clara valley and san joaquin valley from 11:00 tonight until 8:00 in the morning, looking for lows into 20s sh freeze damage is possible. looking out for patches of ice on bridges and he overpasses. and there is lows into low to mid 20s in parts of the inland north bay and east bay. big chill all around the bay area and rain coming later in the week.
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>> a wood stove being used for heat sparked a fire in a martinez home known as the christmas house. and crews say homeowners just changed batteries yesterday so very good timing on that. the house is well known for its displays. the fire started with something too close to that stove and one person treated for smoke inhalation. >> oakland police ended their search for a 14-year-old boy wanted in two sexual assaults. >> he did turn himself in to juvenile hall. so that is good news for the community and city oo. police say the boy robbed and sexual assaulted a 28-year-old woman on january 6, on market street and is accused of a second robbery and assault january
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12th on 11 street. in both cases the boy appeared to have a gun. >> and oakland is sending outlayoff notices and promoting its crime fighting initiatives. laura anthony is live with the latest. >> they're supposed to have another rally and at this point we don't see too many people out here, leaders have their hands full there. is a looming crisis, and trying to fight crime. this this is where 92% of the murders happened over five years. >> and the mayor prom yotd her 100 block effort in east oakland, at city hall, city workers waited and wondered which of them will receive more than 1500 notices going out this week. >> what is moral like?
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>> like resignation. >> the pink ships supposed to arrive by wednesday, by the end of the month, 200 employees will be let go, making up for $26 kblinl lost when redevelopment agencies are eliminated february 1. >> this goes beyond opd enforcement. >> emphasizing it will relie on support from departments across the city. and those include public works and parks and recreation. two that could be hard hit by the impending layoff autos we'll have cuts and this is a question changing how we do business, what are the changes we need to make? >> city administrator says it will be about channeling limited resources to neighborhood that's need them most. for her part the mayor is hospital mystic the plan will work. and it is being launched at the same time the city is
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having to cut deeply. >> it's challenging times, i have no idea what other cuts are going to happen, but we'll pryor ties these block autos facing possible layoffs is nothing new for oakland employees but they can't help feel like they're caught in the mid wreel you look across here, you've got occupy. and you look over here, you have city hall. and it seems like each day, there is a new story. >> and the mayor is flying to washington, d.c. tonight to attend a conference for the rest of the week. and she will not be in town as layoff notices are received knox decisions will be made this week. that process begins next week. >> students heading back to class are being warned by campus officials to be careful when using the school computers and official as announced criminal networks
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have been hacking into networks for years now. and a security team decision covered a breech in november. the hackers possibly from russia and china accessed financial information of anyone using the computers to do online banking. >> my teachers admitted she lives here and makes use of it all the time. i don't know anyone that does business on school computer autos i know a couple people, man, lost their money. and people broke into their stuff. >> the virus that's permitted hacking might have been copied to flash drives used to transfer data, that, then, infected home computers. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is set to be arraigned on domestic violence charges but today he went back to work. and there are a lot of questions whether he can do his job with charges hanging over him. >> he insists he can. but a court order separating him from his wife and-year-old son is taking an emotional
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toll. san francisco sheriff says he's looking forward to his day in court and looking forward to being at work. >> i have a managers meeting and through the managers of the department i will address the duties and needs and matters at hand. the department and of course, i'll address my situation. and in the most professional way, possible. >> it's the first day back on the job since being charged all stemming from new year's eve when he's accused of bruising his wife's arm. he has been ordered to stay away from his family and has not seen them since friday. >> brushing. >> his attorney hopes to persuade a judge during arainment to awill you family to be together again. and bob wagner says the case being charged by the district attorney is not being treated like a routine domestic
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violence investigation. >> i have never heard of a situation where there have been investigators going out and canvassing a neighborhood where someone lives. and asking any neighbor, anyone if they know the people involved. >> the not commenting on aspects of the investigation. while the case is underway, domestic violence activists want the sheriff to step asichld and they rallied at city hall last week. >> to ask him to try to use his moral authority to help him take a leave of absence to the sheriff's department can continue its great work. >> and the mayor is out of town today sh he did not give an indication of what he might be planning to do. but that activist was on mirkarimi's transition team when moving from supervisor to
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sheriff. you heard her say she would like him to take a paid leave. he has said he has no intentions of stepping down. >> and as we reported at the top of the newscast, yahoo co-founder jerry yang is leaving the company. for more on how analysts and wall street are reacting let's go to emily chang from bloomberg west. >> this was surprise news of the resignation, yang co-founded yahoo but had come under pressure from major share holders including one who called his word abusinessa. this is as yahoo faces a difficult task to prove it matters in the era of face book and google. and two weeks after scott
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thompson was named new ceo, yahoo asked him to complete a review of the board. question is will they follow him out of the door? this afternoon saying he's thrown in the towel giving him a cleaner slate to explore options. and he was then replaced by carol barts, fired in kept. and he says he appreciates the enthusiasm and is confident thampson will lead yahoo in the right direction. but more resignations may be coming down the pipe. listen to what the bloomberg contributing editor hold toeld us just minutes ago. >> we've probably got a fantastic golden parachute and wanted to make sure he had zero connection to, we'll say
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against employees as a company that can block him from doing things he wanted to do. that is probably what he took to yank him out of pay pal and into yahoo. my guess is that the door won't stop swinging until it hits. >> so what is next for yahoo? he thinks large layoffs and plans are come together company very soon. needless to say this could be the beginning of an exodus. and we'll keep you posted as events continue to unfold. u.s. stocks ending higher but not as a high. they paired gains after an unexpected drop in earnings. your bloomberg index is up slightly with shares of syma symantech leading the way. >> and there is a lot of
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thicks to decide. >> that has been an issue. >> you're right. >> it turbs out a study on social and health benefits of talking about others. >> the story of heroism recognized nearly 70 years later. the story of a 95-year-old world war ii veteran. >> big storm headed to pacific northwest. spencer christian will answer the question will any of it reach here? >> and 7 on your side puts bargain air fares under the microscope. are they as good as they claim? >> taking a look now at the maze. you're looking at traffic that is huf moving slowly. and on the right side of the screen cars moving slowly right now. the news continues right after this. ♪
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a hong overdue medal awarded to a bay area world war ii veteran today. the secretary of the navy came to peshl personally present one of the highest honors. >> carl clark was 19 when joining the navy. today at age 95 he was a guest of honor in a ceremony that was long wrofr due. the secretary of the navy cold the crowd this is coming 67 years late. he received the navy and marine core commendation medal with a combat decision for
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actions during world war ii. he was on the us uss around ward during battle of okanowa. six japanese pilots hit the aaron ward, nearly sinking it. he said he did what was needed. >> he put outraging fires and carried wounded ship mates to safety. ship mates who disrespected him with rarely slur autos simply put carl clark was and is a hero. >> it's almost enough to be overwhelmed. i never kpekted anything like this. >> congress woman anna eschew made sure this was possible and says that racism had
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robbed him of recognition he so deserved and today, he was so gracious in receiving the medal and the honor and the recognition and he says he was accepting it on behalf of all african american who's served proudly without that position. at moffett field abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and checking healthy living news what is being called exciting advance in breast cancer therapy. a new study found a combination of cancer drugs shrink tumors. when they join forces they've been join to reduce the size of the tumors. this took just six weeks to show results in patients. and breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women. >> this afternoon we're finding out gossip may have an upside. a study finds some forms help maintain social order and can be therapeutic.
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researchers say pro-social gossip is warning others about people behaving badly, sharing information about someone we see acting immorally. the study shows you'll feel better after telling someone about that behavior. saying it can prevent exemploymentation and lower stress. here is another easy way to reduce stress. laugh it up. studies suggest one of the best ways to lower stress is laugh. laughter has been shown to fight illness. >> there has been other investigators have shown that there may be an immune response. so better response to someone with a common cold or infections when they laugh. >> and suggesting the best way is hang out with friends, watch a funny book or watch a comedy. >> they're not laughing about weather that hit in seattle.
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many classes delayed or canceled in seattle because of a powerful winter storm system. that could result in snowfall by the time last flakes have fallen. >> streets are slick with slush in seattle. a tease of what is still to come. and there is a storm that could dump more than two feet of snow wednesday night, twice the annual snowfall in just two days. portland preparing for up to 10 inches stism leaders tracking the progress. and trying to marshal resources for areas expected to be hit hardest. >> and want to make sure we can maintain critical services like health care and can get people to dialysis. >> the hilly areas surrounding seattle have ensnared he their share of cars, semies, and tow trucks. >> i've been driving a truck
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16 years this, is the first time i've ever spun out. it's slick. very slick. >> higher you go, more dangerous a situation is getting. and rangers celebrated rescue of a missing snow shoer they say two climbers and two campers remain unaccounted for. and stretches of interstate 90, closed. and they may stay closed for a while. worst of the system is yet to come. >> and there is some weather coming our way. >> there is rain and finally there will be snow in the sierra. it's great news, last week, ski slopes had no snow. and there is a live view,
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mainly clear and partly cloudy skies. there is a gorgeous afternoon. cool but not cold. and there is a cold morning. right now looking at 48 legs and low 50s in other locations. uniform range of temperatures. so there are freeze warnings begin tonight. we had clouds increasing tomorrow, there is a rainy pattern beginning thursday morning continuing into weekend. there are lows dropping into mid to upper 20 ndz parts of the north bay. 26 in livermore, inland east bay will be cold. and there is a low 30s around the bay. satellite shows a weakening ridge of high pressure making way for a series of storms and we're going to get some stormy
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weather. and there is some raen in the bay area, there may be sprinkles in parts of sonoma county. most of the bay area will be dry and most of the area will remain dry. there could be periods of light rain in the north bay. then, thursday morning get ready for rainfall. we'll get periods of heavy rain across the bay area, we're going to get a soaking and in the sierra, there will be snow. a winter weather advisory is in effect from 10:00 in the morning to 10:00 tomorrow night. looking at possibility of four to eight inches of new snow and interest there are gusts to 75 miles per hour. and back to the bay area, partly cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle or two in the north bay. and there is just a little bit milder to the south near monterey bay. and there is highs into upper
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50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is periods of rain may be heavy at times thursday and friday. over the weekend may be wet for niners free game against giants sunday. at the moment we think there may be breaks in rainfall sunday. perhaps much of the game can be played with out rainfall. right around kickoff? >> i'll see what i can arrange. >> yes. >> and i do have connections. >> yes. >> really? >> let's talk about fees later. >> all right. thank you. >> and there was drama for madonna on golden globes. >> and finding out whose dress she stepped on. >> lindsay lohan practiced smiling in court after a judge gave her a positive review at a probation hearing. >> she was to do 12 days at the morgue and four counseling sessions and she's done it
4:23 pm
all. >> and if she keeps up good work she'll complete it in march. the probation stems from drunken driving and theft cases now to the feud between madonna and elton john when madonna beat john in the best song category. john's husband saying her speech was embarrassing and madonna's thoughts on win something. >> i hope he speaks to me for the next couple years. he's known to get mad at me. >> on the red carpet, cameras caught madonna stepping on jessica beal's dress but there is no controversy here, wards are just aaround the corner, you can get in on the action now at official online home of the 84th academy awards. featuring clips from host billy crystal that. is it for us on the red carpet. >> and never want to step on a beil's dress, point that out.
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>> still to come u.s. turned into a world leader in wine at least consummation. how it may signal the economy is improving. >> iran refuses to hand over a u.s. drone it captured while iranians could be able to buy their own personal version for about 4s oodz then at 5:00 california fight against smoking is working but in a strange twist, some kids programs are running out of money because of it. we'll show you why. >> and taking a look at traffic right now, flowing nicely in both directions. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this. i remember the days before copd.
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a southern chef paula deen confirms she's been diagnosed with type ii diabetes. she features dishes such as macaroni and cheese and bacon cheese fries. she says she received the diagnosis three years ago. it can be brought on by excess weight, high blood pressure and high blood levels of fat and cholesterol. >> some of the beverage industry see it as a sign the economy is getting better. and american americans kons yumd 1.7 million bottles of wine and china cracked the top five, showing its the world's fastest growing wine market. why the wine sales act as an economic barometer? because many consider a wine to be a luxury compared to
4:28 pm
cheaper beverages like beer. >> new recordings painting a bad picture of the captain whose ship cap sized off itally's tuscan coast. the latest on the wreck and a cruise ship simulator here in the bay area designed to prevent that from happening. >> part of the bay bridge is closing for construction next month. a look at what's happening and what weekend you want to avoid. >> and looking towards golden gate, clouds are arriving and rain is not far behind. the forecast is coming up. ha you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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right now rescuers in itally say they're confident that finding more survivors of the cap sized cruise ship, five bodies were found today in the submerged portion of the ship. and survivors continue to tell horror story autos felt like the titanic. a very scary experience seeing everybody panic. >> the ship is lifting and people are running for life boats. i was just waiting for the band to start playing. >> rescuers believe they'll find survivors onboard. there italian coast guard recordings indicate the captain abondanned -- abandoned
4:32 pm
his vessel. and he has since been placed under house arrest. >> you would think that given today's technology there is no way a cruise ship could run into a reef. how could that happen? that is what they're trying to figure out at maritime academy in vallejo. >> pictures are draw matic. and how in the world could this happen with today's technology? we checked out experts at the academy. they have simulators putting you into what it feels like on the bridge of virtually any ship. >> we're going to go between hand and this rock. it's a narrow area. not common place any big ship would go. >> this key is ask yourself is that okay rit? is it worth taking my vessel and testing that information? is there a rock just never charted? >> and if you deviate from
4:33 pm
course you may be asking for trouble. >> there is a island there and there and maybe insufficient water in between. >> too shall joe yoe. >> then, that according to pemplts here is unforgiveable. >> he's the person in charge. his responsibility is to his passengers, crew and vessel. >> being the sole person responsible for every soul on board that person is morally required to do everything they can to mitigate that emergency. >> handling ships is not like driving downtown. it's interesting what happens in the simulator because the system shuts down if you make a wrong turn. a lot of the cadets you guys, get quite nervous and uncertain about what they should be doing in that
4:34 pm
physical location. >> what happened to those that failed the test? >> that is interesting. if they run aground they have to go before a tribunal. it's serious business. they ask, what happened? and when they graduate if the real thing happens it could be just like what happened in italy. that captain is going to face a lot more than just a tribunal. >> no doubt. >> more closures coming for bay bridge. westbound gap will shut down president's day weekend for construction work starting at 8:00 p.m. on friday. and this is through tuesday morning. we're live with the works that will be done. >> this will be the fournl construction-related closure, caltrans says it can afford to do that and wait that long which is why the agency
4:35 pm
selected president's day weekend. crews started work on the new detour alongside the westbound deck. from sky 7, you can see what it looks like today. with this drivers will experience a slight change. and traffic is shifted away from construction. >> four days to push traffic onto it. and there is my friends will be complete. >> only one thing could delay the reopening of the bridge. >> challenge for this particular closure is weather. because we can't put patterns in if it's raining. >> and during the weekend the bridge will be open for people driving to the east bay.
4:36 pm
for those trying to get to san francisco bart will have overnight service and buses will be operating and dropping commuters off. >> we'll be running service. buses will terminate at west oakland station. >> by putting in that now, the bridge will open ahead of sked yu.. >> there is a opening web, then, keeping eastbound traffic on the old bridge to do the work we're go dog now. >> and people will have to use other bridges to get to the east bay to allow, additional fares will also go online. >> thank you. >> and there is another bridge closure, west sidewalk is
4:37 pm
closed until april 1. that is normally reserved. groups and bridge district are restoring portions of the trail connect together west sidewalk. >> occupy protestors spent the day doing battle in the nation's capital. why they targeted congress. >> cutting cost of flying. explaining how to snag a great airline fare online. >> and there is a take a look at traffic right now this, is interstate 80. it's a typical crawl there. heading eastbound towards berkeley. for a look here is spencer christian. >> there are delays again because of construction. we have delays but not weather related.
4:38 pm
construction related delays. and there is everything clear and there are delays in boston. low cloud ceilings and strong winds and we'll take a look at winter arriving in the bay area in just a moment.
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4:41 pm
push comes to shoving on the steps of the u.s. capitol this morning. activists scuffled with police. one person was arrested. today's protest was time to take place as congress reconvened. organizers are hoping protests will grow. this capitol emerges as one of the strongest sites in the country in part because national park as loued proestors to maintain encampment there's. >> now, iran responded to the obama administration's demands it return a captured drone. iranian state radio said a model of the drone, one that is 1/80th of its size will be sent to washington. the drone went down over iran last month. the iranian government flatly refused to return it calling the flight an invasion. a homeless girl in new
4:42 pm
york captured the nation's attention with science skills captured attention. she watched president obama's state of the union address. she's a semi finalist in a science competition for her work showing how muscles develop a thicker skin when exposed to predators. they're living in a homeless shelter and officials are renovating a home for them. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney has given a peek at tax reform y it likely to make the issue go away. >> and a makeover for southwest airlines. changes you're about to see, and feel. ♪
4:43 pm
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5 whole grains, 110 calories. creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. there is a live look, you can see san francisco there in the distance. sunset just beginning to get underway. right now, front runner mitt
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romney bowed to pressure to release his tax returns. he says he will, with conditions. today, mitt romney gave a peek into his tax return autos what is the rate i've been play something closer to 15% rate than anything. >> he's worth estimated $250 million. at a 15% tax rate, he may pay less in taxes than some middle class americans. and how is that possible? >> last 10 years i, my income comes overwhelmingly from investments made in the past. >> that means wages and salary are not rom any's sources. and there is a much lower than 35% applied to wages of americans in highest tax brackets. romney has been under pressure from his rivals and democrats to release his tax return autos we need for you to
4:46 pm
release your income tax. >> romney said if, and when he does that, it will be from 2011. not years prior. >> we'll wait until they're completed. >> and democrats hope to make this issue a political problem for romney into the general electric. but it's unlikely to be a game changer in the race. sense of inestibility is growing. a new poll shows him with a nearly 20 point lead nationally. >> there is nearly 75% believe romney will be their nominee. abc news, washington. >> and wisconsin governor scott walker will probably face a recall election. opponents say they've turned in over one million signatures today, and walker ended up
4:47 pm
galvanizing the union movement after he ended bargaining rights for nearly all public workers last year. his actions have made him a national conservative hero but a villain to unions. right now, the governor is out raising money and a law allows him to raise unlimited amount. >> and if you're in the market for a used car you might want to speed up the search. why the price of used cars is about to go up, fast. >> and you've seen candidates for amazingly low air fares but you need to watch michael finney before you book. there are lots of hidden fee autos and walking while plugged into music. why it could be the next frontier lawmakers decide
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as we approach top of the hour on a tuesday afternoon checking traffic at the approach into the golden gate bridge, it's slower on northbound side heading to marin f you're ahead ofing into the city it's smooth sailing at this hour. >> and if you're thinking about taking your trip, maybe you've seen great fares out there and there are spectacular deal autos saying you can be quickly disappointed. here is his report.
4:51 pm
>> they mark it up or there are taxes. >> it's never a straight up deal. >> usually deals are not where i want to go at the time i want to go. >> when you try to snag great air fare, sometimes it can vanish into thin air. that is what consumer reports found when investigating how to cut the costs. >> you can see a lot of keels out there that sound great. but it can make locking in a great deal tricky as a soft landing. take this deal from philadelphia to london. when you book it costs almost $666. spirit airlines promotes flights costing $9 but to qualify you have to join its $9 club. it costs around $60. you also may be subject to fees. those fees could include up to $45 per piece of checked
4:52 pm
luggage up to $40 per carry on. and one to $199 for a reserve seat. there are ways to get a great deal. you want to book in advance. never, within two weeks of travel. and take advantage of alerts to track fares. >> experts tell us there is a best time to book. that is at 3:00 p.m. eastern standard time on a tuesday. that is when the greatest number of discounts hit the market. >> other money saving moves? consumer reports says don't skip looking at airline sites. and don't assume discount carriers are the cheapest. if they are that lands him them in a lower listing in search engine results. >> and speaking of airlines southwest unveiled plans today
4:53 pm
for a major makeover letting the carrier squeeze more seats into the plans. nearly 400, 737 models will receive new skpeets carpets in march. materials will weigh less. and will be thinner and recline less. that will allow southwest to add one more row, adding up to six additional seats on each plane. >> there is a cozier feel. >> all right. getting cozy with spencer christian now. >> there is some cold weather looking south, clouds moving through the sky from north to south in advance of a stormy pattern. before that there is another freeze warning. there is temperatures dropping
4:54 pm
into low 20s tonight. and there is a possibility skpb on the lookout for patches of ice. state wide we'll take a look at developing stormy weather up into the northern part of the state. there will be rain up there and snow but most of the state will be dry tomorrow and south, will be sunny skies and mild. highs reaching from mid-60s up to about 70. and not so mild here in the bay area, but rb a pleasant day. and partly cloudy skies. there is highs mainly into mid-60s there is 56 in palo alto. low to mid-50s on the coast. there is north bay, a better chance of spotty rain developing perhaps up in northern sonoma county. looks like a dry day. highs into mid-50s. there is mid-50s and 55 in
4:55 pm
oakland and fremont. similar readings into inland east bay. and there is near monterey bay, highs into upper 50s there. and there is if you're in the market for a used car, experts say you better buy now because prices are going up. kelly blue book says they can expect a 5% rise just in the years first quarter alone. and there are older cars on the road. here are numbers to look at. there is a a hybrid 86 mid sized used car could jump $107. tonight wikipedia will show what they believe will happen if an antipiracy bill goes to
4:56 pm
congress. and by restricting access to sites that encourage violation. >> this could interfere with free speech rights to link to web sites that are accused of copy right violations. google may not have done anything wrong. >> and there is a megsage to users that are approximately $25 million a day. >> that is midnight on the east coast for us. and google will post a link tomorrow and to notify users of the opposition. >> and rock collectors in a bidding frenzy to awire rocks that fell to confirm a meteorite did come from the red planet. that makes these rocks...
4:57 pm
>> kids are 4th graders won a nationwide contest to name the twin lunar space craft ebb and flow. that is the twin probes will be called they'll orbit every four hours, their main task, map the surface of the moon. school kids will be able to take pictures with their cameras. they refer to the tides and relationship between earth and moon. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. you can keep track on twitter and talk bit on the news at 5:00 continues right now. >> devastating way cold snap santa martinez home up in smoke. >> what is meant for yahoo now that founder jerry yang
4:58 pm
decided to step aside. >>. >> and and good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm trying to stay warm in this cold weather causing a devastating fire. >> people living near this home know it well because it's decorated for christmas. tonight this home is a loss. and abc 7 is there to explain how that fire started. >> the fire started in the house behind me here on walnut street just before 4:00 in the morning. the home being heated by a stove during coldest night of the season. this family escaped. >> the house was engulfed in flames when crews arrived. smoke alarms officials said had just been replaced yesterday awakened residents.
4:59 pm
the fire marshal told abc 7 the pef pelit stove was being used to heat the house. and gone was so called christmas house, transformed in december into a wonderland of lights, sounds and magic of the season. >> how cold? >> 19 degree autos this woman lives in st. helena. it was a degree above freezing this morning in this neighborhood. and elsewhere, drainage ditches froze, mothers bundled up barries and windshields were white. that has become routine. >> this week and last week we've come to work with cars frozen over. >> at farmer's market produce growers complained about the frost. >> this is affecting our


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