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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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irrigation. >> everything is growing slowly because of the cold. tulips have been stunted. howard says he was picking strawberries until last week. >> they frost took them all. it's rare to pick strawberries in watsonville. >> everyone we spoke with say they're waiting for rain, expected later this week. especially the skiers. >> and temperatures low enough to set freeze records. take a look at the ice that covered a lagoon. and sandhya another freeze warning is in effect for tonight. >> and icy cold this morning. there is richmond, 33. 26 in santa cruz. new records for the day, low temperatures, 23 in napa.
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and looking at other areas, fairfield was a bone-chilling cold 18 degrees. we do have high clouds move nchlgt not all areas are going to be under a freeze warning. it covers lows in the 20s and watch out for patches of ice over the bridges and overpasses. here is how low temperatures goring to go. mid 20s in fairfield. and there is 26 degrees in vallejo, freezing cold in palo alto. 31 degrees in jant cruz. here going to be trading chill for rain. i'll be back with a wet set up. dan? >> thank you. and here is a picture that captured just how cold it was this morning. there is a photo of a cherry
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orchard that is frozen over. seems farmer left sprinklers fochbl you have photos you'd like to share just upload them or e mail us. >> and prosecutors lee ree leased arrest warrant for san francisco's new sheriff, ross mirkarimi as he was wrapping up his first day on the job. mirkarimi spoke with abc 7 arriving for work telling us he's looking forward to his day in court. he said he planned to speak with his staff today about the situation. >> there is a managers meeting and i will address the duties and needs and matters at hand. the department and of course, i'll address my situation. and in the most professional way, possible. >> he faces three misdemeanor charges and highlighted is
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cell phone video taken by a neighborhood that authorities say shows mirkarimi's wife crying and pointing to bruises on her arm. and we're going to dig deeper into the warrant affidavit tonight at 6:00. >> and major shake up in yahoo tonight. co-founder jerry yang resigned from the board. yahoo is struggling to grow and keep shareholders happy. and there is more on this surprising decision. >> that is right. surprising and big news for the valley. jerry yang's resignation is sending a signal that something may nbt works. jerry yang took a lot of heat when blocking an effort to buy yahoo in 2008. that was a deal worth $44 million. young is a co-founder of the company with a fellow class mate thought they can reinvent
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the company against growing competition. and criticism grew. the stock langished. molly wood, execkive ed heitor at c net thinks a change is in the works. >> it's possible that scott thompson made a statement to the board and said maybe look, we're going to turn yahoo around. i need to be able to act independently. and insiders say that that has been a problem all along. >> and you've been with a company like that and it's your baby. skm that is what yahoo needs right now. >> yang saying my time at yahoo has come for me to
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pursue other interests outside of yahoo. there is plenty of speculation it could be a chinese internet company alibaba in which yahoo has a 40% station. and they started this company in 1995. and this today ends a 17-year career. in sunnyvale, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much and. >> the captain of the italian cruise ship is a coward according to a italian recording. passengers were forced to try to save their own lives. 11 died and two dozen, still missing. there is more on the story. >> the hope, however, slim of
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finding survivors, all they found are five more bodies. underwater video shows images of the damage sustained when the ship slammed into the rocks just off italy's western coast. >> people pushing and passing out. >> among the missing, two americans a couple from minnesota now a recording of a conversation between coast guard and the captain. who was reluctant to go back on the ship. the coast guard says you tell me whether there are children, women or people needing asis stance, and maybe you saved yourself from the sea but i'll make you pay for sure, go aboard. the captain replies commander, please, coast guard, what are you doing, captain? captain i'm coordinate rescue, what are you coordinating there? go on board and coordinate on board. the captain says no, no. i'm in the refusing i'm not
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going because there are other life boats stopped there. and the captain's alleged cowardice comes as no surprise to a resident who returned to san francisco international airport due to a last minute change of plans the favey veteran and wife got off the ship at the port before the disaster but not before the visited with the captain. >> the captain table was next to ours. and my first impression i told my wife i said... you know that captain there doesn't care about anyone but himself. >> and his attorney is praising his client for bringing the ship to waters but one executive says the captain took the vessel close to an island as a favor a ship mate who was from there. and it could take two to four
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weeks to remove the fuel safely. >> there is a long overdue honor for a navy veteran. the secretary of the navy presented a 95-year-old with a navy and marine corps commendation medal. he was passed over back when he should have earned it because he is african american. he received the award for bravery when battling a raging fire when hit by six planes in may of 1945. >> he took up the fire hose usually manned by several sailors and stood his ground until the fire that threatened to ignite the locker were extinguished. and he was, and is a hero. >> and he says he only did the best he can do we're going to
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hear from him tonight at 6:00. stay tuned for that. >> and in other news a 14-year-old boy wanted in two sexual assaults turned himself in today. and i is accused of robbing and sexual assaulting a woman january 26th and accused of a second robbery and assault. and in both cases women said the boy appeared to have a gun. >> students going back to school today in san francisco got an unexpected lesson in cyber left theft, notifying that hackers had been stealing pass words almost a decade. and is warning students to avoid doing shopping or banking or going on face book on campus computers. >> boy not type it in.
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because. >> to make matters worse anyone using a flash drive may have copied viruses to their own computers. city college said it's upgrading its antivirus software as a result. >> and coming up a good and bad of the new figures on american obesity rate. >> childhood programs at risk because californians are kicking the habit of smoking. >> and do you enjoy walking around plugged into your music? it could be the next area lawmakers crack down on. the news continues in one minute. so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. hey, i love your ceal there-- it's got that sweet honey taste.
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but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. a state agency that runs several plam programs is being threatened by a loss of funding. the program is paid for through cigarette taxes. good news is that fewer people are smoking but the tax drop is huge. abc 7 joins us in sacramento
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with the story. >> california is one two of states to reach the target of 12% for adult smoking rates but good news is coming with a price. the sacramento nursery is one of numerous programs under first five california benefiting from a 50 cent tax on cigarettes which was approved in 1998. funding education services for young children. >> we provide emergency day care and overnight care for children whose parents are facing a crisis. >> but adult smoblging rate in a record low, just 11.9% meaning with fewer cigarettes being sold kids programs are not getting as much money from the tax. the balance sheet is $79 million, nearly a $40 million
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drop in just eight years. and state budget hardly in a position to makeup the dimpbs we'll be looking to pro tri to protect children. >> conservatives say the state should not bail out first five because supporters knew the day would come when the programs could be success oofl it would look like the proponent as chiefed their purpose. so now they have to live with it. >> when the tax passed, lawmakers moved several programs away from the unpredictable budget noorks the more stable first five. and now, some regret it we probably should have never pulled funding from these services. -to-create the swigs we're now in. >> first five programs are nervous fewer smokers could mean cuts to service autos considering the children we see and situations it could be
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hard to imagine. >> and all 58 counties are expected to discuss the funding drop. it will be a chance to talk about solutions. >> and for the first time in decades the nation's obesity rate has stopped soaring. researchers don't know wr. they aren't sure if it's a permanent trend but americans aren't getting any thinner, either. we're just not getting any heavier. and it says waist lines stopped expanding in 2003. women are not anymore obese than in 1999 and childhood obesity has plateaued. still, more than one in three american adults are obese and so are one in six kids. >> and new research indicates wearing heathead sets while walking can be deadly finding the number of people killed or injured while walking with the head phones tripled over seven
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years. the rate mirrors a growing popularity of digital music players, researchers say it's because our brains stop paying attention to world around us. >> your brain is sort of multiyi tasking. >> experts say texting while walking poses a same danger. recently a woman was videotaped walking into a fountain in a mall. and the problem has become so wide spread legislatures in new york and arkansas are considering penalizing distracted pedestrian autos there is something you may or may in the like. there may be benefits to gossip for those who are doing talking. uc berkeley study found kit be therapeutic. it focused on pro-social gossip that warns people about untrust worthy people and found spreading information about bad behavior tends to make other people feel better.
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and researchers say you shouldn't feel guilty if it helps protect other autos an amazing story of survivea. a snow shoer lost for two days says he burned money to stay warm. he was reunited with his family last night. so relieved. he was leading a group when he slipped down a slope and got lost. rescuers from washington state combed the mountain two days and had almost given up. kim was found alive. >> and i decided that day, an and... thank god. >> exercise and prayer he says kept him alive. the 66-year-old says he burned his socks and other personal items. >> very clever. >> and sandhya patel says the storm door is creeking open and today was a freeze.
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>> really cold. we're raining. >> there are several winter storms headed here and the stormy pattern is going on until next week so be prepared for major changes. want to show you a live picture now. there is clouds beginning to move in. and these high clouds may help hold your lows up just a little bit. and perhaps not dropping into teens. and there is a lot of records this morning. there is lake tahoe reporting 34 degrees there if you're heading to high country we're expecting a mix of rain and snow. there are ridge top gusts
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could be about 100. prepare for possible delays. finally, snow coming to the sierra nevada. that is big news here. and there is 50s and 50s and there is a freeze warning again tonight. and rainy pattern begins thursday morning and snow coming to the sierra nevada going to be mixed in with rain but will switch into snow. and there is 29 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield livermore down to 26 degrees and there is a freezing in san jose and fremont. 33 degrees in palo alto. looking at concord antioch, 30 degrees. same thing for santa cruz, bundle up tonight. you'll need warm weather clothing in the morning. high pressure here beginning
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to is one system after another riding in on the jet stream. it's a series of storms headed towards bay area. and so this gun begins on thursday. there is a computer animation beginning tomorrow morning. could see sprinkles up in the north bay. not a lot just cloud cover here. and cloud cover will be increasing, light showers not out of the question. so at least there is a chance of some. thursday morning for that compute we start to see moisture moving in. morning goes on, rainfall begins to spread. evening commute for thursday looking sloppy. could see heavy rainfall. and could see southerly winds so don't be surprise fd it gets breezy at times. in the sierra nevada there is
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a is a winter weather advisory. and could be seeing higher amounts and gusts 25 miles per hour over bridges so prepare for hazardous driving conditions plan to go up to tahoe and ski. high temperatures low to mid-50s and we'll see a chance of rain in the north bay for wednesday around the bay. mid to upper 50s and partly cloudy skies tlchl is a look at the accu-weather forecast. that chance of drops tomorrow into the north bay. rain everywhere thursday, friday. need umbrellas. off and on throughout the weekend. 49ers playing new york giants sunday. there could be a small window. and it tapers off late into afternoon so i'm hoping it tapers off earlier to get the game going. right now it doesn't look like rain is going to let up.
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>> and thank you, sandhya. >> still ahead, kids trying ecstasy in a younger age? how officials are hoping to stop this dangerous trend. >> a local man's labor of love. the inspiration behind development of his franken kindel and how it could make reading easier for disabled. we'll be right back here.
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a one, two combination of cancer drugs are showing promise in shrinking breast cancer tumor buzz this is the first time they've been used together. the tumors began to shrink after just six months according to the study. and the study was published in the lance yet onology.
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>> a new campaign to ed skate kate teenagers about the dangers of ecstasy in response to what officials are calling a public health emergency. finding one in four have tried ecstasy in past three years five people have died after taking the drug. county officials say it is more available than ever and now, younger children, even those in junior high are trying it kids are getting their hands on it. it's cheap. it's coming in from different places and canada and other countries. sometimes, mixed with other, more dangerous drugs. kids don't know what they're getting. >> and this county is created a documentary that film is available to school districts and online. >> and one in four teenagers? that is shocking. contest for 49ers fan to win a prized pair of tickets to the playoff game. >> team owner jed york's challenge on twitter. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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new tonight at 6:00 our freezing temperatures putting squeeze on california citrus growers. hard work to keep the crop from becoming a loss. >> and a piracy protest and a blackout that could take your favorite web sites off line starting tonight. those stories and more coming up on the news at 6:00. right now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and any word now -- any minute now we can get word from jed york on who he has toes chosen as a winner on twitter. >> to convince why you deserve four free tickets to sunday's big game. >> also included a promise of free pree game field passes to the winner. and no word yet who won. fans continue to share their pride with us via you reports.


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