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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good thursday morning. we are bracing for rain. right now it is quiet. i'll show you where the rain is and when it gets to your neighborhood. it is dry out there. we are expecting a change, live shot of the bay bridge it is pretty light. this morning san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to be arraigned on three misdemeanor charges, including domestic violence and child endangerment. san francisco police have a warning for 49er fans. if you are going to sunday's playoff game, behave.çc i'm live in the newsroom with what could be an exciting announcement for teachers and students who are tired of lugging around heavy backpacks. what is apple up to now? it is 4:30 that you for
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waking up and join us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. cold start to the morning. so far we haven't had rain. >> that is on the way. here we are with live doppler. good morning. you can see how quiet it is. clouds increasing. temperatures starting to rise as more humid and warm air mass is starting to take over. during the overnight hours heaviest of the rain still to our north as far south as ukiah. radar returns on the sonoma county coast now. that's about. scattered light rain possible in the north bay during the morning hours. i still think our heaviest rain is afternoon and evening hours tomorrow's storm will be stronger. details of that, right now just know it is dry for your morning commute. topping our miss, lots of irony when san francisco's new sheriff appears in court today to face domestic violence charges. ross mirkarimi's courtroom
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behavior will be monitored by deputies who work for him. amy hollyfield is live at city hall. he's also been prevented from seeing his family until now. that could change today. >> reporter: yeah, there's a lot of issues to cover in court. you are right there's a lot of irony today. he will show up at city hall to work as sheriff and step out to head over to the courthouse to appear as a defendant in his own case. ross mirkarimi will be arraigned on three charges of domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. the judge has issued a stay away order meaning he has not been allowed to see his wife and child since last friday. there's a good chance he will see his wife today, she will be in court supporting her husband. she has said she doesn't agree with these charges. even though he is accused of hurting her. investigators say she had a bruise on her arm from where mirkarimi grabbed her. she says she has no complain
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against her husband. she went on venezuelan radio yesterday and said she believes he's being unfairly targeted. >> there's people with a lot of money behind this political fight k >> they are doing a lot, i think, to try the case in the public forum, rather than in court. they know that she is going to be impeached by her original statements and by all of the evidence that she produced in the beginning. >> reporter: that stay way order in place expires today. we'll be watching to see if the prosecution asks to have exit tend -- extended. the defense has said it does not want it. mirkarimi could enter plays today and they would likely be -- enter plays today and they will likely be not guilty. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a muni bus driver in a involved in a fatal accident
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will face a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter. emily dunn was hit by a bus last august. the driver was negligent for failing to see dunn. the 36-year-old driver was realized saturday he's free on $10,000 bail. expected to be arraigned tomorrow. deputies in arizona where america's toughest sherr i have -- they wanted to know who posted a picture of sheriff joe arpaio the picture includes the words wanted dead or alive. arpaio says he respects free speech but says the line is crossed when a person threatens violence. he has nationwide controversy for his opposition to illegal immigration and treatment of prisoners. a is for apple. today apple hopes to cap light
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on the abc's with the announcement of a major partnership to get more ipads into american classrooms. katie marzullo is live with way preview. >> reporter: good morning. let's get one thing out of the way first. officially, apple is only saying it is an educational event. everything else is speculation, standard stuff with pell launches. the speculation is, -- that apple intends to take a big bite out of 10 billion dollar textbook industry. the company is expected to announce new tools to make it easier to public interactive books and other educational content. software would allow publishers and authors to produce more digital books like textbooks and embed video graphics in them and schools can skip buying heavy, expensive text books. thousands of schools are already experimenting with pad pilot programs. at this point there is no
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evidence that the technology is helping students learn better. the teachers say the kids are more excited about schoolwork. 30 years ago steve jobs successfully lobbied if get apple computers in schools. according to his biographer jobs was frustrated with the lack of technology in schools now and very intent on moving forward with digital textbooks, when he died. the big announcement is 7:00 this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 4:36. occupy san francisco protesters and dozens of other groups are planning a day of action tomorrow. the 50 plus groups are planning a day long series of demonstrations to protest what they say are unjust foreclosures, war profiteering. the protests are set to start at 6:00 in the morning and will culminate in a 5 p.m. march from justin herman plaza to 555 california street. police are warning drivers to
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expect traffic disruptions all day. san francisco police will be out in full force sunday as 49ers try to return to the super bowl for the first time in 17 years. the chief has asked officers not to request sunday off making 2,000 officers potentially available. the 49ers will have 25% more security in the stadium. [ unintelligible ] many saints fans have blogged and complained of harassment at candlestick last saturday. >> we want the 9er fans to know that it is for everybody. be as classy a fan as we are classy a team. >> the chief says officers will be on standby around the city if the 49ers win to make sure any post-game celebrations remain peaceful.
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4:37. now mike is telling us the rain might hold off for that game. you got to be happy about that. >> won't hold off for your evening commute. >> thetz evening commute is the big story. let's talk about what going on this morning. first, everybody is warmer as we expected except for napa, same temperature as yesterday, three to five degrees warmer until you get to santa rosa, 13° warmer than yesterday. current conditions, 30 napa frost there almost frosty around livermore 33 mid to upper 30s everywhere wells, antioch, oakland, san francisco, half moon bay mid 40s don't forget the rain gear the rain in scattered nature will move through the north bay starting 8:00 in the morning the rest of us cloudy temperatures holding where they are rain will become
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steadier in extreme north bay by noon the rest of us will see increasing clouds and temperatures in the low to mid 50s hang out in the mid 50s everywhere except 4:00 low 50s where the steady rain is if the north bay from 4:00 to 7:00 that's when i think the heaviest rainfalls across the bay in the heart of the evening commute another heavy rain event and breezy conditions for tomorrow evening saturday afternoon through sunday morning looking dry sunday evening towards the back half of the game might start to get wet that will linger through monday. trim for traffic. we've got a -- bit of debris westbound 580 up and over the altamont pass around north flynn in the lanes you can see travel times still looking good less than 15 minutes as you head over towards pleasanton dublin area live shot of walnut creek southbound 680 on the right of the screen taillights
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southbound past north main construction between al costa and sycamore valley road towards the san ramon valley be aware of caltrans crews. toll plaza light no metering lights on to the incline section upper deck into san francisco no problems you are free sailing right through the tunnel into the city and we'll follow that of course for you the rest of the morning. free and smooth sailing, thank you sue. 4:40. >> moving a step closer to reality. san francisco's central subway project clears a major hurdle in washington. city parking made easy. there's a new app for that and it talks. new odor detect from air wick.
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a new air freshener so smart, that it detects and overcomes unpleasant odors.
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odor detect works on more than a thousand odors, to keep your world at its brightest. new odor detect. something in the air wick. good morning 4:42 on the abc7 news morning news. when i stepped out it was bitterly cold. mike says things are warming up as that warm, moist air
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pushes in that will bring rain and this afternoon's commute may be greatly affected. mike will have more on that as will as sue hall. >> from someone from the midwest says it is bitterly cold take that seriously. >> but i've lost my immunity to it now. we'll talk about that later. federal officials have given mayor lee approval to move ahead with the city's central subway project. the city applied for a billion dollars in federal funding for the project that will connect muni metro t-line from cal train station to chinatown. the department of transportation will allow the city to proceed with digging a tunnel at stockton and 4th to store equipment underground the project is schedule today to be completed in seven years. new tool might boost your parking karma in san francisco, an app that talks guiding i to the nearest open spot. alan wang takes it on a test drive.
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>> reporter: it is just a big green button that guides you to the nearest open parking spot in san francisco ii >> congratulations. >> reporter: there it is. -- david designed voice park, it uses data from existing parking sensors, installed by the san francisco municipal transportation agency which designed the park app. he thought it was too difficult to use while driving. voice park uses real-time information on more than 19,000 spots in eight areas around san francisco it knows when commercial spots are open to the public and refreshes every eight seconds. >> if somebody snags that in that eight seconds it will take you to the nearest one after that >> reporter: to see how good it is, with we decided to let an expert at finding spots use the app. the parking valley.
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>> picked up a -- up a spot on pine street there was a spot open. >> reporter: the app could not keep up with quick u-turns and sudden direction changes it doesn't anticipate temporary construction zones he says it is a work in progress and the first of the its kind. in less than a month 30,000 more spots will be available. alan wang, abc7 news. caucus, confusion why a count to certify the closest ever iowa republican caucus is leading to questions about who really won. president obama releases his first tv ad for the 2012 campaign. from losers to cover boys look who is on the
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the natural order of things almost restored we are
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about to rain here in san francisco, [ unintelligible ] still warm around dallas at 68, 70 new orleans, 28 boston, 36 new york, 44 d.c. all major airports and our regional airports here in california are on time. watch out for that rain around portland and the rain moving in here when those delays develop will have them with our flight tracker at the bottom. i have to throw the flag for excessive taunting, 15 yards, thank you very much. divers have resumed the search for 21 people still missing after a cruise ship capsized off theqe;gqí1 of italy. the ship has stabilized for now. the captain of the ship says he didn't intentionally abandon the ship when it was sinking. francesco schettino told an
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italian newspaper he tripped and fell into a lifeboat when the ship tilted. told the coast guard he couldn't get back onboard because it was too dark and dangerous. 11 people died when the ship slammed into a reef last friday. developing news in the republican race for the presidential nomination. according to the des moines register the eye caucus count sun resolved. new results show rick santorum finished ahead by 34 points. romney was declared winner by eight votes over santorum. the iowa republican party says it will now certify this month's caucus as a split decision saying results from eight precincts are missing. officials discovered inaccuracies in 131 precincts. the split likely to come up in tonight's debate in south carolina before that state holds its primary sat >> president obama's reelection campaign will
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release its first tv ads today. >> oil billionaires attacking president obama with -- >> the 30 second spot highlights the president's ethics and achievements in creating clean energy jobs. the campaign bought time for the ad to run in six states. all critical to the president's reelection. the spot will also run on cable. vice president biden spending the fight in san francisco after a busy day in the bay area. attended two fundraisers in the city and had dinner last night in palo alto with the ceos of google, netflix, apple, zynga and yahoo. he apologized after telling supporters the giants are going to the super bowl. he quickly realized his mistake and explained that he mixed up the city's football and baseball teams. okay. >> wow! okay. another sign of the reher
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jones of the 49ers this week they are on the cover of sports illustrated. here's the photo featuring quarterback smith, good win, miller and gore. before you worry about the si jinx. the giants are on the cover back east it features regional covers to appeal to local fans this is the first time the 49ers have been featured on the cover of "si" since october 1998. >> shouldn't they have the giants on the cover here and the 9ers back there so we see each other jijinxed? >> that would be an illusion of jinx. we decided to put -- [ talking over each other ] >> probably a flag or two towards the end of the game because of the foul weather may that be moving in.
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first today, thursday, good morning wet weather that is possible likely going to happen absolutely let's put it out there it is going to happen today, tomorrow, lesser extent saturday and saturday looks like rain could move back. downtown san francisco all is quiet clouds out there. live doppler as far south as mendocino and lake county around ukiah and clear lake we could have a sprinkle or two during the next couple of hours. the big story fog around napa and 30 and fog around novato and 34 everybody else mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid 30s to low 40s monterey bay inland to salinas mid to upper 30s gilroy 28°. three things you need to know because the weather is changing quickly, after, evening when the steadiest rain moves in, light rain overnight, heavier rain and breezy conditions tomorrow.
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today's high mid to upper 50s except for around clear lake, 51, the heavy, steadier rain in the north bay through most of the afternoon. around the monterey bay, a little sunshine to go with mostly cloudy conditions upper 50s to near 60 salinas and hollister. north of 80 most of the activity today as you head into tahoe it will start snowing during the evening and overnight. the sooner you can get there the better because it is going to get worse the conditions are for driving overnight through tomorrow. tonight lingering light rain hanging around, milder than this morning low to mid 40s inland mid to upper 40s around the bay shore to the coast. storm track slowly sinking south back here look at how it takes big dip on the left that jet sagging south bringing moisture plume here's the timing you can see during the morning hours most of the rain scattered up in the north bay by noon to 1:00 heavier rain
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moving in south across the bay fading out by 7:00 timeframe close to what it was yesterday overnight you can see the showers taper but they are still around for tomorrow's morning commute. as we head into tomorrow evening you can see the heavier rain starting to move into the north bay heaviest of the rain during the evening hours sliding south when we'll be breezy any flooding that would be the time saturday morning all quiet into saturday afternoon rainfall amounts one to four inches in the north bay four inches in the mountains one to two inches around the bay half inch south bay up to an inch in some spots in the south bay. rain possibly moving in towards the end of the game sunday lingering through monday, dry again tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. time for traffic. still debris lanes 580 westbound chp not clear on what the debris is, our road
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sensors are not showing significant slowing past the area with your drive from the altamont to 680 still less than 15 minutes not a bad deal. checked in with mass transit, everybody is off and running on time, no delays. bart, muni, ac transit, even the ferries are getting ready to get underway no problems, cal train not a problem either ace train 1 on time, golden gate bridge fog-free light commute out of the waldo tunnel southbound on to doyle drive just a few headlights towards the toll. san mateo bridge a little busier, still an easy drive as you head from hayward towards foster city taillights headed westbound. earlier problem 880 hayward on the hayward side of the bridge out of lanes everything flowing smoothly. before you leave the house to get the latest. 4:55.
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>> three men in custody following a police pursuit that lead to a deadly car accident in newark. the car slammed into another vehicle killing that driver. the suspect's car flipped and went air burn 100 yards. -- airborne 100 yards. police saw the car and chased it police say officers broke off the pursuit because of unsafe speeds. witnesses say the impact of the crash sounded like an explosion. looks like the one day digital strike against two anti-piracy bills may be working to protest the stop online by act websites such as google and wikipedia went dark yesterday. google says 4 1/2 million signed an online petition. sofa and a similar bill in the senate called pipa will punish copyright infringement, eight lawmakers have now pulled their support from the bill. the the white house says it
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will not support the bill in its present form. 4:56. from lawman to defendant in court. san francisco's new sheriff set to make his first court appearance today since being accused of domestic violence. we are live with what ross mirkarimi's wife says is really fueling these allegations. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live on the uc berkeley campus with the story about tuition. you know what i'm going to say, right? no you don't this is the story about abolishing tuition at all uc campuses. it has strong support from surprising people that story coming pup in a live report. >> -- >> the extra measures pg&e is taking to ensure the lights stay on for sunday's big game.
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