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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. here's a live look at a dry downtown san francisco. all of us should be bracing for rain two strong storms coming in. i'll show you where they are right now. when they will get to your neighborhood and how much rain they will leave. >> i'm following your thursday morning commute dry now debris on 580 heading over the altamont pass. we'll check on mass transit and more. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. the san francisco sheriff will be in court today, not in his role as sheriff, but as a defendant. ross mirkarimi will face the three charges against him today.
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will likely see his wife for the first time in a week. i'm terry mcsweeney live in the uc berkeley campus the story of a plan to abolish tuition at all uc cam bus -- [ inaudible ] good morning. it is 5:01 on this thursday, thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. the rain we've been waiting for almost here. starting to see the first raindrops yet? >> i'll ask the guy who knows. >> radar return around santa rosa no official reports yet. moisture is starting to move in. not as cold as it has been the last couple of mornings. fog developing around novato and napa, also watch out for reduced visibilities there. let's take a look at a wider picture you can see where most of the rain and the mountain snow is falling the same area it well yesterday to the north
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of us in mendocino and lake counties towards chica and -- chico, excuse me heading towards tahoe. the sooner you get to tahoe the better off you are snow elevation dropping to 4500 feet overnight. heading south you are going to be okay two storms strong, heavy rain update on that. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will make his first court appearance today on domestic violence charges watched over by the bailiffs who work for him. the sheriff hopes he will be allowed to see his wife and son again after the hearing. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: stay way order has been in place for the last week. that expires today. look for that issue to come up today. we'll find out whether that is going to be lived or extended. ross mirkarimi will be arraigned today and wilt have to face three charges against him.
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he has been ordered to stay away from his wife and child since he was charged last friday with domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. according to court documents, he screamed at his wife, left a bruise on her arm from grabbing her in front of their 2-year-old son. in the affidavit his wife says this has happened before. now she is saying she has no complain against her husband, she stands by him. she went to a neighbor with her concerns. police say they have two neighbors who saw something. even without lopez's help, prosecutors still have a case. >> then there's the matter of that bruise. certainly these witnesses did not make up the bruise. if we want to get down to it, there's also, we are told now, a statement by their 2-year-old son in childlike terms he describes daddy causing harm to his mother. >> reporter: ivory madison is
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the neighbor who iliana lopez confided in. lopez had madison video her bruise to document it. it was madison who called police. lopez is now questioning madison's motive. madison has not spoken publicly about this. mirkarimi will first report here to serve as the city's sheriff today. then he will step out to make his court appearance. he says he plans to fight these charges. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:04. this morning there's a new $100,000 reward to help solve a two year san francisco murder case. homicide inspectors admit they have no new evidence in the murder of 83-year-old two years ago. a group of teenagers attacked chen at a muni bus stop and he later died. inspectors say getting new information after two years is not unusual. >> there's always people down here and residents along the area.
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so far we've had no luck. it could be a situation where just there was no one who observed it. but i believe there probably was. >> police hope the reward will help shake something loose from people's memories. the money comes from a special city fund. 2500 oakland employees, more than half the city's workforce don't know if they will have a job next month. they've received notices telling them they may be among the 200 who will be laid off because of the loss of redevelopment funds the city is losing 26 million dollars officials say they've issued so many lay-off notices because seniority rules will let some workers bump others. police, firefighters, 911 dispatchers and human low source employees are exempt. the uc system attracts the best and brightest and those elite students have an idea about making education more affordable, eliminate tuition. uc's president says it is an
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idea worthying about. terry dropping tuition doesn't mean the education would be free. >> reporter: that o'absolutely not. when you first hear this idea, students have come up with an idea to do away with tuition you might think another pie in the sky idea this has a serious backer. uc president mark yudof says he likes this plan. he wants it to be considered. he has told some executives to take a serious look. it is called the uc student investment proposal it would abolish tuition at all campuses, $12,000 a year, students would pay back after they got out of college and got into the workforce. students from uc riverside came up with this. they say it would triple uc revenues over the next 20 years and it would allow uc to be in the black by the 7th year of this program. take a look at some examples the pay back would be 5% of
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your income every year for 20 years. students say the average uc makes $50,000 a year if that held steady over 20 years that graduate would pay back $50,000 about the cost of tuition. someone who gets out and averages $100 over 20 years would -- averages $100,000 over 20 years, you would pay back $100,000. uc would make a bundle. uc regents meeting will look at this propose. questions, should it be capped at paying back $100,000 or $200,000. and how do you enforce this? students not bake pack their loans, -- not paying back their loans. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. call it. learn apple will announce --
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call it i-learn. this is not just a charitable cause it could be profitable for apple. >> reporter: you bet steve jobs was always a visionary when it came to his products an end . 30 years ago he got apple computers in school. -- if textbooks go digital students need ipads someone will pay for them in some cases that is state or federal money. at 7:00 this morning from the big apple the speculation is apple intends to revolutionize the 10 billion dollar textbook industry. the company is expected to announce new tools and partnerships to make it easier to public interactive books and other educational constant. -- content. even embed video and graphics.
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schools can skip the heavy textbooks student cost use ipads and teachers could design lesson plans. 3300 schools across the country are already experimenting with ipads in the classroom no evidence it is helping students learn better teachers say they are excited about schoolwork. because of its pilot program arlington county, virginia has committed $400,000 to ipad projects. there are detractors who sadist stricts shouldn't get too attached to one company. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:09. pg&e and the city of san francisco say they've spent nearly a million dollars to make sure the power stays on at candlestick during sunday's nfc championship game. the contra costa times reports more than a mile of wiring has been replaced. computer software upgraded.
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and faulty switch in the stadium fixed. you may remember two outages darkened candlestick park last month one before and the other during the 49ers nationally televised game against the steelers. monday night games draw a bigger crowd than usual. >> we'll keep an eye on the weather for the game and when the rain arrives. right now all quiet no reporting stations saying any rain we did have a radar return over santa rosa they are saying it is cloudy now cool in napa 30, 34 novato, 33 livermore. mid 30s along the peninsula into the south bay 38 fremont low to mid 40s oakland, san francisco, half moon bay santa rosa these temperatures are warmer than yesterday. we have fog, ebb and flow of it through the north bay valleys moisture ahead of the next system watch out for
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varying conditions there 2 1/2 miles in santa rosa as bad as it gets that's negligentable. here's a look at the storm -- negligent able. here's a look at the track, tail end diving to the south and east going to hit us during the afternoon. steady rain will hit the north bay during the afternoon and spread south during the latter parts of the afternoon and evening you are seeing a 3:00 snapshot rain starting to move in. low to mid 50s north bay valleys mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. lingering light rain tonight tomorrow's storm stronger heavier rain and breezy conditions will hit mainly in the late afternoon and evening hours taper saturday, sunday evening rain polls back into the forecast towards the end of the game. -- >> good morning nice live shot of 80 westbound east shore freeway towards macarthur maze no problems if into the bay
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bridge still light metering lights off, no delays at the bay bridge toll. mass transit everybody is off and running on time no delays muni, bart, cal train, great way to go. travel times right now 80 freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze less than 20 minutes highway 4 looking good from hillcrest towards 242 into concord. 580 off the altamont not bad drive to the dublin interchange, less than 15 minutes. our now waze traffic app is real-time information provided by our fellow drivers. you can see slow traffic through pleasant hill. here's a driver right here she signed up about a year ago traveling over 40 miles an hour you can see slow traffic as you head towards highway 24 on 680. if you would like to join us and become a traffic spotter you can download waze from your itunes store on android
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market and learn more and join us go to our time is 5:12. fading memories. the company which pioneered photograph timor than a century ago falls victim to the digital -- age. first snow was the problem now the big concern in the northwest is warmer weather. a stuck elevator turns into a delivery room. the extraordinary lengths a new dad went to, to be there when his baby was born. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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the name used to be synonymous with cameras and photography, today kodak is in bankruptcy part of koda's plan to boost cash position and stay in business after failing to find a buyer. the company thought its 1100 digital imaging patents would be worth billions no one showed interest. kodak has secured 950 million dollars in financing from citibank to keep running for another year. storm that hit the pacific northwest could give way to warmer weather and potential for flooding. the storm from washington to the oregon coast closed schools and cancelled dozens of flights.
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winds were 100 miles per hour. the storm is winding down. the national weather service is warning that rain and small stream flooding is possible tomorrow when another storm brings rain and warmer temperatures that could quickly melt the snow already on the ground. in tacoma, washington an hospital elevator turned into a delivery room. the couple drove for miles to get to the hospital to deliver their son. they made it to er, when they were about to get off the elevator, the doors got stuck. trapping kate and a nurse inside. the baby could not wait. kate gave birthright there in the elevator. does that sound like grey's anatomy? dad was determined not to miss the birth and did quick thinking. >> i was able to climb down into the elevator and cut the umbilical cord and see my son for the first time, see my wife, it was amazing. >> today when people say elevator, i laugh because it is still surreal.
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we definitely were very lucky. >> the truth is always stranger than fiction. they were you can is in the elevator for two hours while it was fixed both mother and baby are doing fine. >> you are right, i could totally see that as a tv plot. very dramatic storm coming our way >> first probably not as dramatic as the second probably an appetizer to get us ready for the second one tomorrow. you can see low clouds, moisture coming back into the picture, live doppler showing most of the rain to our north still have one radar return that's about it, the heavier returns to the north going to be a couple of hours before it joins us. let's talk about temperatures updated these 32 livermore, mid to upper 30s bay shore and to the south bay and through most north bay valleys, 40 antioch, low to mid 40s oakland, san francisco,
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half moon bay and santa rosa. monterey bay inland mid to upper 40s goal roy 27°. -- gilroy 27°. here's what we are going to fixate on, if you will afternoon and evening when the steadiest rain moves through today light rain overnight hours mild lows tonight heavier rain and breezier conditions with the second storm tomorrow. 3:00, most of the steady rain in the north bay starting to move into the heart of the bay low to mid 50s up north, around the monterey bay dry most of the day a few peeks of sunshine. tonight lingering light rain and temperatures in the low to mid 40s inland except clear lake and cloverdale upper 30s. the moisture plume still moving into northern california as we trail back we head to the south and west. the system is slowly sagging
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south that's why the best chance of steady rain during the morning and into the lunch hour will be in the north bay, then you see the the yellow spread across the bay from north to south still around 2 to 7 timeframe. tomorrow, there you go the heaviest of the rain once again during the latter parts of the afternoon hours into the evening hours. saturday morning lingering light rain by saturday evening, it is over it will remain dry through sunday morning into early sunday afternoon. by the time the game ends looks like rain could come back rainfall amounts impressive up north as they usually are with these storms up to four inches in north bay mountains everywhere else one and and a half to three inches. -- if you are heading up to the seer going to get dicey once -- the sierra going to get dicey once the sunsets
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tonight. there you go looking at rain ending monday and then a dry spell tuesday and wednesday temperatures in the 60s for most of us. have a great time. good morning. nice shot of the golden gate bridge traffic smooth across the span towards the toll plaza no problems out of the waldo tunnel north san rafael another live shot looking good too headlights headed southbound past lucas valley road making the curve at the parkway headed towards downtown san rafael. bay bridge live, no problems, no delays as you need san francisco, metering lights remain off. wanted to touch base with our new waze community-based traffic app. it is neat you can get involved real-time with fellow drivers. you can see slow traffic at pittsburg towards highway 4.
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here's an traffic spotter buster, only 13 days ago already enjoying the commute. you can too. all you've got to do to become a traffic spotter download this free waze app. all the information is waiting for you at our time is 5:22. >> next, repairing a piece of history. history buff gives a monumental lift to a damaged national treasure. the tennis player who may need a few lessons in anger management. [ girl ] to protect against dental problems, my dentist said use act.
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[ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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the washington monument just got a monumental gift to fix its earthquake damage. last august a rare quake caused cracks in the national symbol. ed closure to the public. now billionaire history buff david rubinstein is donating the amount needed to make the repairs. he's co-found earth of the carlyle group private equity firm. -- tennis fans got a lesson ( we haven't seen since john mcenroe during a match at the australian open. take a look this is him taking out his anger on a racket frustrated with a set. still feeling the need to vent he grabbed a second racket and
5:26 am
destroyed it, then a third which he didn't bother town wrap, he didn't unwrap the fourth one either. he was fined for his display. he lost the match. and he need to get some new rackets too. >> i think those rackets will come back to haunt him. 5:26. san francisco's new sheriff gets his day in court. we are live with what ross mirkarimi's wife says is fueling the an abuse allegations. >> reporter: how about free tuition for all uc students? i'll tell you about it in a live report. the unusual step san francisco's district attorney is taking in a fatal accident involving muni. temperatures across the country from the highs in the negative 4, minus 1, great falls, fargo, 2 minneapolis.
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[ unintelligible ] all major airports on the east coast and midwest on time as you head out to the west phoenix has flight arrival delays of 42 minutes. check out specific flights with our flight tracker at at the bottom. it's your social network.
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so you can choose what people see and what they don't. and with the speed of verizon 4g lte, you can chat as a group in a googleplus hangout without missing a beat. introducing the first phone built for android 4.0. only at verizon. good morning. we are bracing for rain even though we are looking at cloudy conditions. live doppler picking up rain to our north i'll show you where now. when it gets to your neighborhood and how much rain it will leave behind. it is dry out there and light live shot of san jose 280, a few headlights in the northbound direction towards cupertino. a look at the rest of your commute in a couple of minutes. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco.
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the sheriff will be in court today fighting the charges against him. he will likely be fighting to see his wife and son again. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney with a story about tuition with not tuition going up, but going away. no tuition at uc campuses you won't believe the powerful man who likes this idea. the story coming. 5:30 on this thursday morning. see highway bundled up everybody was out -- did you see how bundled up everybody was out there? we'll find out more about that cold and when it is going to make way for the rain we've been expecting. >> what are you seeing mike? >> milder and moister or more humid air is now moving in showing a radar around st. helena i think that is low clouds starting to move in. the bulk of the rain still up
5:31 am
to our north moving almost west to east we have to wait for the entire system to start sliding south before the rain moves if in. i think we'll get through the morning commute dry. the evening commute is a different story. tomorrow the second and stronger storm moves in i'll show you those in just a minute. when you hear uc officials talk about raising the revenue, students fear another tuition increase. this time, a twist. a student group has come up with a unique plan that involves eliminating tuition. uc officials are paying attention. terry mcsweeney is live at uc berkeley with details. >>reporter: uc students over the years have come up with plans to -- to end all wars and free all people when you hear about a plan to do away with tuition, there's a powerful man not rolling his eyes, uc president mark yudof has heard the plan and likes
5:32 am
the plan. he has told executives to take look at it, see if it can work. it is called the uc student investment proposal. it would abolish tuition at all uc campuses right now $12,000 a year students would pay back after they got into the workforce. members of the group came up with this idea they say it would triple uc revenues over the next 20 years one of the reasons the president likes the plan. they say by the 7th year the university would be in the black on this plan. take a look at what we are talking blood pressure. the pay back would be 5% of your income in 20 years after you graduate. students say the average student right now graduate, i should say makes $50,000 a year over 20 years that would translate into $50,000 worth of payback if the income held steady. if a graduate makes $100,000 they would back $100,000 and
5:33 am
you keep going with that. the richer students would be helping to subsidize those who don't make as much after they graduate. uc stands to make billions on this plan. students came up with it, regents seem to like it. at some point do you cap what a student is paying back if you start making a million dollars on average over the next 20 years? would there be tax benefits? we tried to talk to some uc students there haven't been many showing up they are not as induce as kristen sze was she would have been here by now. -- >> june of san francisco's top lawmen will be in court today at the defendant's table to face charges of domestic violence and child endangerment. those charges have kept sheriff mirkarimi from seeing his family for the past week. amy hollyfield is live at city hall with more on this >> reporter: a lot of irony
5:34 am
today, he will show up at city hall to work as sheriff then step out to happen -- out to appear in court as a criminal defendant. ross mirkarimi will be facing three counts, domestic violence battery, child engagerment and dissuading a witness. the judge issued a stay away order last week. meaning mirkarimi has not been allowed to see his wife and child sis he was charged friday. there's a -- good chance that iliana lopez will be in court supporting her husband. she has said she doesn't agree with the charges even though he's accused of hurting her she says the charges are politically motivated. prosecutors think they have a case without lopez's help. they have two neighbors. >> the fact remains you have two independent witnesses one of home didn't come forward, she was found completely at random by a neighborhood canvass by the police. both of them seem to corroborate one another.
5:35 am
>> reporter: one of those neighbors the one who did call police is ivory madison. she told police that iliana lopez confided in her. lopez is questioning madison's motives. the stay away order will come up in court today it expires today watch to see if prosecutors ask to extend it, defense will ask it that be lifted. mirkarimi says he has no plans to step down as sheriff and will be fighting these charges. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. muni bus driver involved in a fatal accident will face a misdemeanor charge of vehicular man slaught . 23-year-old emily dunn was -- killed last august while crossing a castro district street. prosecutors say loggins was negligent he was arrested saturday free now and $10,000 bail, loggins is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. >> man who calls himself
5:36 am
america's toughest sheriff doesn't like being threatened that's why he has sent deputies from arizona to santa clara to serve a search warrant on google trying to find how the who posted a picture of sheriff joe arpaio including the words wanted dead or alive with dead underlined. arpaio says he respects free speech but says the line is crossed when a person threatens violence. he stirred nationwide controversy for his opposition to illegal immigration and treatment of prisoners. no comment from google. san francisco police will be out in full force at and around candlestick park sunday as the 49ers try to return to the super bowl for the first time in 17 years. the chief has asked officers not to request sunday off making 2,000 police officers potentially available. the 49ers will have 25% more security in the stadium and the police department has added 25% more staffing as well.
5:37 am
the chief hopes 49er fans will be better behaveed when the team battles -- behaved when the team battles the giants. many complained during last say day's game. >> we want the 9er fans to know it is for everybody. -- be as classy a fan as we are a team and city. >> the chief says officers will be on standby around the city if the 49ers win to make sure any post-game celebrations remain peaceful. folks waiting for rain and snow in the sierra are celebrating today. meteorologist mike nicco tracking the storm closely. moisture moving into that usually means mild temperatures with the includes. everybody warmer than yesterday from three degrees if antioch and livermore san francisco and oakland to 11° in santa rosa. the winds right now fairly calm, if not just a breath out of the southeast at five at
5:38 am
oakland northeast three livermore southeast seven in san -- san jose most activities taking place above 3800 to 4,000 feet where we will find the clouds. clouds thickest through 8:00 in the north bay light scattered rains possible for the most part dry through the morning commute with temperatures still in the 30s and 40s. steadier rain starts to move into the north bay during the lunch hour with 50s the rest of us thickening clouds and mid to upper 50s by 4:00 you can see the steadier rain moving into the heart of the bay higher elevations around the bay low 50s north bay because the rain will be coming down mid 50s falling temperatures for the rest of us the evening commute going to be tougher than the morning commute lingering light showers tomorrow stronger storm moves in tomorrow during the evening commute lingers through saturday morning saturday afternoon through sunday morning should be dry back half of the game sunday could be wet through monday morning then dry tuesday and
5:39 am
wednesday. time for traffic with sue hall. pretty light nice thursday morning commute, 5:38 we have checked in with bart and muni, ace train all on time no problems with mass transit. i thought we would like at some of your travel times. 80 east shore freeway looking good from the carquinez bridge into the macarthur maze where traffic is light metering lights remain off. slowing but not bad mostly pittsburg towards hillcrest highway 4 westbound speeds pick up less than 10 minutes to get over towards concord. 580 over the altamont pass not bad less than 20 minutes, 15 minute drive headed into livermore, dublin-pleasanton area looking good. live look now at the golden gate bridge southbound out of marin county you are driving at the limit, no problems there. san mateo bridge same, a little more crowded taillights headed westbound towards
5:40 am
foster city no reported problems the toll plaza metering lights off and traffic is at the limit on the upper deck into san francisco. we are approaching 5:40. moving a step closer to reality, san francisco's central subway project clears major hurdle. city parking made easy. there's a new app for that. and it talks. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy.
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federal officials have given san francisco mayor lee approval to move ahead with the central subway project. the city applied nearly a billion dollars in federal funding for the project that will connect muni metro t-line from the cal train station to chinatown. the depth of transportation will now allow the city to proceed with digging a tunnel at stockton and 4th to begin storing -- boring equipment underground the project is scheduled to be completed in several years. a new tool might improve your parking karma in san francisco. an app that talks guiding you to the nearest open spot. alan wang takes it on a test
5:44 am
drive. >> you are arriving to destination. >> reporter: just a big green button that guides you to the nearest open parking spot in san francisco >> there's one available space on this block congratulations. >> there it is. >> reporter: it uses data from existing senators -- existing sensors. he thought it was too difficult to use while driving. voice park uses real-time information on more than 19,000 parking spots in eight areas. it knows when commercial spots are open to the public and it refreshes every eight seconds. >> however if somebody snags that in that eight seconds it will recalculate and take out to nearest one after that >> reporter: to see how good it is, we decided to let an expert at finding parking
5:45 am
spots use the appear, the parking valet. >> i picked up a spot on pine street and went around the block and there was a spot open, that easy. >> reporter: the app could not keep up with quick u-turns and sudden direction changes it doesn't anticipate construction zones he says it is a work in progress and the first of its kind in less than a month 30,000 more spots will be available. in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. 5:45. at&t is raising prices on data plans for its smartphones and tablets. bloomberg business report coming up. caucus confusion why a count to certify the closest ever iowa republican caucus is leading to questions about who really won. from losers to cover boys look who is on the cover of the nation's most popular sports magazine.
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welcome back many live doppler showing rain and higher elevation snow north of sacramento and it will stay north of i-80 through the better part of today. if you are heading south increasing sunshine low to mid 60s big sur, los angeles, san diego, 73 palm springs 59 fresno. sierra winter storm warning from 1:00 today to 4:00
5:49 am
tomorrow morning. winter storm watch for the second storm friday evening through saturday morning. for the first time up to a foot of snow above 7,000 feet, four to six inches above 5,000 feet, travel is going to be dangerous tonight and tomorrow so be careful if you are heading that way. developing news in the republican race for the presidential nomination. officials say the final count of the iowa caucus puts rick santorum ahead by 34 votes. now no winner will be declared. you may remember mitt romney was declared the winner by eight votes over santorum after the ballots were counted. not only has the vote count flipped but officials say results from eight iowa precincts are missing and inaccuracies were discovered in 131 precincts. what does the gop say? the party will officially certify this month's caucus as a split decision. the new results will likely
5:50 am
come up in the debate in south carolina before that state holds its primary saturday. president obama's reelection campaign will release its first tv ads today. >> oil billionaires attacking barack obama with ads fact checkers say are not tethered to the facts. >> the 30 second spot highlights the president's ethics and achievements if creating clean energy jobs the add running in six states, wisconsin, iowa, north carolina, ohio, virginia and michigan all critical to the president's he re-- reelection. another sign of reher jones of 49ers this week the san francisco team is on the cover of "sports illustrated." featuring quarterback smith, center good win, fullback miller and running back gore. before you worry about that historic "si" jinx the giants are on the cover back east.
5:51 am
this is the first time the 9ers have been featured on the "si" cover since october of 1998. >> is the jinx responsible mike for eli manning the stomach bug having to leave practice. >> didn't know anything about that. >> i didn't know either. >> i usually list 10 to mike & mike in the morning but i didn't hear that. look at you, nice job. you heard it hear first. we have a lot to talk about the weather is going to change rapidly there could be wet weather for the back half of the football game. it is an ebb flow -- ebb and flow of wet weather systems about to roll into the bay area. right now east bay from emeryville to the south everything looks quiet there. live doppler showing a few radar returns across the north bay haven't found ground -- clear lake east of mount
5:52 am
st. helena showing a little wet weather. temperatures mid to upper 30s except livermore 32 antioch oakland san francisco half moon bay santa rosa low to mid 40s monterey bay inland mid to upper 30s gilroy 27. three important parts of this forecast, steadiest rain this afternoon and slide south during the evening. rain lingers overnight mild lows, heavier rain and faster winds will roll in tomorrow. in the north bay snapshot about 3:00 this afternoon where the steadier rain is low to mid 50s, upper 50s for the rest of us. a few peeks of sun upper 50s to near 60 around the monterey bay and inland you will get your rain later in the evening and overnight you can see tonight better chance of light rain around the monterey bay some of it lingers around the a here low to mid 40s inland stem for clear lake and
5:53 am
cloverdale upper 30s everybody else mid to upper 40s tomorrow. see how much farther south the jet stream is going now? we have to wait for it to sag into our neighborhoods. here's that timeframe, 7:00 this morning a few scout showers ahead of the main band that moves into the north bay near noon sliding across the bay through 5:00 exiting south bay steadier rain 7:00, 8:00. overnight it tapers a little with lingering rain for the morning commute. by noon it stars developing with the heavier rain moving in -- around 5:00, 6:00, hanging around through midnight to 1:00 that's why i think we'll get more rain tomorrow and faster winds. saturday morning a few light showers. saturday afternoon, it is gone. then sunday morning, pretty quiet then sunday afternoon towards the end of the game, another system moves in with rain likely through monday morning, tuesday and wednesday, dry and warmer. we'll get about one to four inches of rain in the north
5:54 am
bay from the valley to the mountains, one to two inches around the bay, half inch to an inch in the south bay. time for traffic with sue hall, good morning. good morning. couple of big rigs, two big rigs stalled on the side of the road westbound 580 at the 680 juncture doesn't appeared to be slowing traffic past the scene. be aware they are there. live look at san rafael heading from lucas valley road towards the civic center on to central san rafael, a little company, headlights moving southbound pretty much at the limit. highway 24 from the vollmer camera, headlights snaking through on the bottom headed towards the caldecott tunnel no reports of problems just a nice clear shot before the rain hits later today. our new waze app, i wanted to share this a community-based traffic app real-time information provided by your fellow drivers. you can see highway 4, traffic spotter joined just 13 days
5:55 am
ago we encourage you to join be careful on the roads. slow highway 4 just updated from pittsburg towards antioch you can join our exclusive news traffic spotter network download waze it is free for more information. 5:55. bad news if you are hoping to score wings for this year's super bowl. plus, big news at kodak. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning the company that invented film and introduced the one dollar brownie camera more than a century ago has filed for bankruptcy kodak filing for protection against creditors. american airlines may be losing cockpit control. analysts say its bankrupt parent running out of time. price hike coming from at&t
5:56 am
data plans for smartphones and tablet users going up by $5 a month starting sunday, more data for your dollar and will apply to new customers only. super bowl chicken wing prices flying high wings will be the most expensive because of production declines. more than a billion wings will be eaten that weekend. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:56. it appears the one-day digital strike against to federal anti-piracy bills may be working to protest the stop online piracy act or sopa websites like google and wikipedia went dark yesterday. sopa and a similar bill in the senate called pipa aim to punish online copyright infringement and piracy. the house has delayed a test vote set for next week. the white house will not support the bill in its
5:57 am
present form. just ahead, redecorate a san francisco icon or rename a new york street. the big bet between two mayors for this weekend's nfc championship. >> reporter: the san mateo -- the san francisco sheriff will be in court as a defendant. you will hear what he will be fighting for. hey guys, breakfast!
5:58 am
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