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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  January 19, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and now back to cheryl and dan. >> a look outside before heading out. so there is some weather here, we'll see you again at 6 welcome to "world news." tonight, number one. general motors recaptures its crown as the world's largest automaker. and we'll tell you the secret of engineering a huge comeback. made in america. a $600 billion boost for the economy. our team first told you how foreign tourists can create a million jobs. tonight, the white house takes action. wild day. rick perry drops out. newt gingrich surges amid controversy. and mitt romney learns, he didn't win iowa after all. healthy living. are millions of women getting unnecessary medical tests? a new study, tonight, changes what we know about women and strong bones.
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and kodak moments. one of the great american companies goes bankrupt. tonight, we remember the weddings, the family vacations, the snapshots of our lives. good evening. we begin with a big comeback for the usa. as of tonight, general motors is back on top. once again, the number one automaker in the world. leaving the giant japanese rival, toyota, in the dust. so, how did gm come roaring back? and what is the secret for powering up other jobs in this country? abc's david muir has it all. and he's here right now. david? >> reporter: great to see you, diane. this was an unthinkable headline, just two years ago. but tonight, general motors, as diane mentioned, is back on top. as the world's top-selling automaker. gm is making money again. in every corner of the globe, from north america to europe, from south america to asia,
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sales of gm cars and trucks are up. more than $7 billion in profits. and final figures are expected to go higher. 640,000 more cars and trucks sold last year than the year before. ♪ see the usa in your chevrolet ♪ >> reporter: it was hardly the journey dinah shore once dreamed of. a grueling road back after gm's 2009 bankruptcy and the taxpayer rescue. gm has now paid back nearly half of that. >> it's clearly a comeback story. and one of the notable aspects of it is that they've been able to achieve this sales success not using the incentives that they might have used in years past. >> reporter: without those incentives or rebates, he adds, gm had to win with quality. and tonight, there are brand-new signs of ford's turnaround, too. ♪ have you driven a ford lately ♪ >> reporter: the answer to that question, for many americans, is yes. sales, up 11% in the last year. and tonight, ford is now planning to give raises to 20,000 employees. contributing more to their 401(k)s.
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union workers, under a new, four-year contract, got signing bonuses, and profit-sharing. a giant change of fortunes. to think ford was $40 billion in the red. the colalucas of dearborn, michigan. they've had four generations on the assembly line. there's been prayers at the dinner table about the automaker's future. >> i'm telling you, we were close. we were close to going under. >> reporter: ford, borrowing $23 billion in private loans, to get back on track. we pressed ford's ceo on that staggering figure. how much of that $23.5 billion do you still have to pay back? >> we have repaid over $21 billion of the $23 billion. >> reporter: so, you're almost there? >> almost there. >> reporter: our recent sitdown with ford's ceo. one industry insider said what ford and gm had to do was pair down their product lines and make the cars and trucks they're still selling better. making them more competitive in quality in the long run. and, diane, we know japan's toyota had a rough year with the tsunami. they're back in force this coming year.
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but the american automakers feel they have the wind at their back now. they're ready. >> comeback, kids. all right, david. up next, big news, action today on a story you covered in part of "made in america." another potential source of american jobs. we learned that foreign tourists are eager to spend a lot of money in this country. but have a hard time doing it. the average chinese tourist wants to spend $6,200 here. but there's a huge backlog. in all of china, the u.s. has only five places to get a visa. and in brazil, tourists had to wait 145 days just to be interviewed to get a vacation in the u.s. and spend their money here. well, today, look who showed up at disney world to make a big announcement. saying, that is going to change. and abc's jake tapper was right there. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, the white house says that every 65 foreign tourists equals 1 american job. and the travel industry says, if you add up all the jobs that could be created if the u.s. government eased restrictions on
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these foreign tourists, it could total more than 1 million new american jobs over the next decade. an irresistible photo op. cinderella castle in the distance. >> i am excited to see mickey. it's always nice to meet a world leader who has bigger years than me. >> reporter: and here, the president announced he would try to reverse the trend from the last decade that saw the u.s. share of global tourism industry shrink. >> i want america to be the top tourist destination in the world. >> reporter: tourists from emerging economies, such as china, india, and brazil, are ministimulus packages. a key part of the tourism economy, says robert iger, president and ceo of the walt disney company, the parent company of abc news. >> the international tourist comes, stays longer, spends money. and that creates jobs. >> reporter: but since 9/11, the u.s. government has made it more difficult to obtain tourist visas. look at these long lines in rio
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de janeiro. potential tourists also have to be interviewed. >> there are only four visa offices in brazil. and the waiting time to get a visa is about 120 days. >> reporter: many brazilian girls when they turn 15 are given the choice between a big party or a big trip. today, we met a bunch who opted for the trip. would more brazilians come to the united states if it were easier? >> that's for sure. >> reporter: so, many simply go elsewhere, costing the u.s. economy an estimated $606 billion and 467,000 jobs over the last decade. so, the president, today, said the u.s. government would ease interview requirements for many young people and seniors, increase the number of consults to speed the process and extend how long tourist visas apply. >> obviously, our national security is a top priority. but we also want to get more international tourists coming to america. >> reporter: when it comes to tourism and tourists' dollars,
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it's a small world after all. jake tapper, abc news, with president obama in orlando, florida. and now, "your voice, your vote." and a wild day on the campaign trail. two days before the south carolina primary, a major shakeup in the republican race for president. one candidate is out. another has new strength amid controversy. and abc's jon karl is in south carolina for us tonight. >> i would love to have your support. >> reporter: tough times for mitt romney. >> tonight, we made history. >> reporter: just a week ago, it seemed he had the nomination sewn up. with victories in iowa and new hampshire and a big lead here in south carolina. today it turns out, he didn't even win in iowa. a recount turning his 8-vote victory into a 34-vote lead for rick santorum. >> guess what? we defeated mitt romney in iowa. >> reporter: romney didn't want to talk about that today. what is your reaction to iowa? no longer winning? and that big lead in south carolina? no more.
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a new poll, today, shows gingrich surging, now within striking distance. and this , on the eve of the last debate before the south carolina primary. >> today, i am suspending my campaign and endorsing newt gingrich for president of the united states. i believe newt is a conservative visionary who can transform our country. >> reporter: we also asked romney about that. could you comment on rick pery? >> governor perry, a terrific guy. a terrific conservative. has been a great governor. was great in the race. and we'll miss him on the stage tonight. >> reporter: how worried is romney? he's lashing out at gingrich. >> the speaker was talking about all the jobs he had helped create in the reagan years. he had been in congress two years when reagan came into office. the idea that he was author of reaganomics, not real likely. >> reporter: but gingrich is riding high, attracting large,
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enthusiastic crowds. and getting a big boost from a debate this week where actually got a standing ovation. but complicating matters for gingrich, his ex-wife has given an interview with abc's brian ross, talking about the affair he had when they were married. >> he asked to have an open marriage. and i refused. >> he wanted an open marriage? >> yes. i accepted the fact that he had somebody else in his life. >> and you said? >> no. no. that is not a marriage. >> reporter: gingrich's two daughters, today, said their father never asked for an open marriage. >> divorces are always very painful. they're never easy. they're always very sad. dad tried very hard to make the marriage work. and unfortunately, it didn't. >> reporter: when voters go to the polls here in south carolina on saturday, they may be a little confused by the ballot because it's filled with candidates, like michele bachmann and herman cain, and now rick perry, who have dropped out of the race. diane, this is the ballot. you probably can't see it because the names are too small.
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but there's nine candidates listed. only four of them still left in the race. >> okay, jon. thank you so much. and as you heard our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, conducted that headlinemaking interview, with the ex-wife of newt gingrich. and you can see this "nightline" exclusive and the reaction. it's all later tonight on "nightline" on abc. we move overseas, now, to the new clues about what really happened when that cruise ship ran aground off the coast of italy. another recording, a new recording, from the moment of crisis. and who was the mystery woman with the captain that night? abc's chris cuomo on the scene in italy again for us. chris? >> reporter: diane, we've learned captain francesco schettino has been suspended by costa cruise lines. and the company will not provide a defense for him. we also have new information on the delay of ordering the evacuation from the ship. but tonight, there is a woman at who may be at the heart of this story. her name is dominica cermotan, a 25-year-old from moldova. on the fateful night, she was
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seen dining with the captain. later with him on the ship's bridge when the accident happened. crew members we spoke with recognize her. do you know the girl? have you seen them together before? >> i saw that girl. she is a hostess. >> reporter: in an interview, she defended the captain. saying, after the ship ran aground, he took charge, telling officers to repair to abandon ship and to take care of children and the disabled. that he did a great thing. saved over 3,000 lives, by steering the ship towards shore. >> get the kids. go. >> reporter: but what she doesn't answer is why that call to evacuate came so late. at 10:12 p.m., a full 40 minutes after the ship ran aground, a port official radios one of the officers of the ship. do you have problems onboard? the ship's response, yes, affirmative. we have a blackout onboard. it wasn't until a full 68 minutes after the crash that the evacuation began. the judge blasted the captain and crew, saying, the grave
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imprudence and incompetence is evident and indisputable. today, the rock embedded in the "costa concordia's" hull is a reminder of how this tragedy began. rescuers, today, scaled the sides, searching for the missing in a desperate race against a coming storm. authorities worry storm waves could push the unstable ship into deeper water. and it may become swallowed by the sea. for those waiting for word about the missing, the next 24 hours could be tense, diane. >> well, chris, we want everyone to know that tomorrow night, you will have an anchor, a special "20/20," "cruise ship confidential." all the new details on this ongoing drama. and what you need to know before you take a cruise. and we want to tell you about a cyber attack against the u.s. government websites under way tonight. hackers have shut down the websites of the justice department and the patent office. and have been trying to do the same to the fbi. all in retaliation for the justice department indicting the leaders of the biggest
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file-sharing website in the world called megaupload, a site where some people illegally download movies, video games and other copyrighted material. and still ahead on "world news" -- millions of women worried about their bones may be getting unnecessary tests. we'll tell you. to the rescue. the billionaire who decided to save the washington monument for us all. and one of the iconic names in america. kodak declares bankruptcy. you respond, from your scrapbooks and a flood of memories. looking for financial advice. ago, he wasn't back then he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future. but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever,
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serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. in "healthy living" tonight, a groundbreaking new study says millions of american women are getting unnecessary tests for osteoporosis. and that there's another way to make sure american women have healthy bones. it changes what women have been told for years about a test that medicare pays for and is suggested every two years. abc's claire shipman has the story. >> reporter: all of us lose bone density as we age. but it turns out, it happens much more slowly than we thought. the dramatic report in "the new england journal of medicine" says a 67-year-old woman whose bones test strong, doesn't need to be tested again for 15 years. to those women, doctors will say -- >> good for you. continue your calcium. continue your vitamin d.
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keep walking. you're in good shape. we don't need to do this test anytime soon. >> reporter: fewer scans are a good thing. but doctors worry the headlines hide a danger. they say it's critical that more women get that first test by age 65. right now, only 13% of women are getting that vital baseline test. so, who should be getting scans and how often? a 67-year-old woman with a normal bone scan can wait 15 years. women whose bone scans show moderate loss should be tested every five years. and women with severe bone loss should get the test every year. there are risk factors which mean you should be tested more often. a family history of osteoporosis. a broken bone after age 50. having more than two drinks a day. or taking medicines like steroids that can weaken bones. but today's good news, get that first bone test. and if you get a clean bill of health, you can take osteoporosis off your worry list for 15 years.
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david rubenstein, co-founder of the carlyle group private equity firm, said he is personally donating $7.5 million. in this tough american economy, it is the largest gift ever made to the trust for the national mall. and he did it so we can all enjoy the monument. and every month, we like to introduce you to a bold, new american thinker, whose ideas may change the world. and tonight, a chicago chef who says we have to think about food in the future in a whole, new way. how our eyes fool our tongues. he was a star at the conference of big, new ideas, better known as the t.e.d. conference. so, when i was in the windy city, i stopped in to see what's cooking. think of it as part-kitchen, part-superfuturistic, high-tech laboratory. welcome to the world of homaro cantu. that's him, with the devilish grin. the genius chef is behind one of
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chicago's most sought-after dinner reservations, moto restaurant, where even the menu is on the menu. after you order, take a bite. and the edible paper on a cracker tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. >> people pay a premium for moto restaurant because it's food that they're never going to see anywhere else. >> reporter: and now, take a close look at the juicy, rare hamburger meat. filled with unhealthy fat? remember, in this kitchen, nothing is what it seems. >> we kept it very simple. just a burger with a bun. but it's actually made from what a cow eats. >> reporter: he sculpts corn, barley and beets to have the exact texture of meat. nothing like those dry veggie burgers. and the beet juice ensures it looks really rare. and what about the artery-clogging cheese on these nachos? it's, in fact, a fantastic mango. the salsa is strawberries and kiwi. and just for fun, he asks me to eat this dirty, old cigar, snuffed out in an ashtray. this is like god's tamale.
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>> it's actually a philadelphia cheesesteak that looks like a philly cigar. >> reporter: but in fact, his artistry, his fun, has a serious purpose. recently on the t.e.d. stage, cantu wowed the audience, asking them to bite into a raw lemon. they were stunned that it tasted like the sweetest, freshest lemonade. he did it by first having them put a little pill on their tongues made from a wild berry grown in west africa. it's nicknamed the miracle berry and looks like a long cranberry. inside, a mysterious protein that tricks the taste buds. so, if you wait a minute after you put it on your tongue -- >> just go ahead and lick that lemon. >> reporter: it's lemonade. no calories. no chemicals. and in a world facing an epidemic of diabetes, he wonders if this could replace the craving for something sweet. and in a world in need of food, what if starting with that berry
5:54 pm
could make shrubs, and cactus and even grasses, that are bitter but nutrition, turn into something that everyone loves to eat. >> you have yourself a dish that could be procured from your backyard, depending on where you live. >> reporter: oh, it's great. in his kitchen, anything possible. as one american chef tries to whip up a whole new way of thinking about the future of food. >> it looks good and it makes you hungry, why not? >> thinking way out of the box. if you want to see more of his magic, for instance, turning watermelon into what you would swear was seared tuna, watch his full t.e.d. talk at and coming up next, kodak goes bankrupt. and we remember all those great snapshots of our lives. wanted to visit us... in louisiana. they came to see us in florida... nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome sign out, they couldn't wait to get here.
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it's beautiful. ♪ ♪ in this constantly changing world, we all cling to our old friends. those names, so much a part of american life. but today, kodak declared bankruptcy. and it got us all thinking about childhood memories. in fact, our producer showed me an old brownie camera. remember this? and the true colors from the classic commercial. and a lot of you sent us in your
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photos, too. so, we say good night, now, with some of the kodak moments, back when america seemed so young. ♪ true colors >> kodacolor gold 100 film. no film gives you more truer, accurate, realistic color. ♪ true colors are beautiful ♪ ♪ like a rainbow ♪ ♪ san francisco sheriff confronts a domestic violence charge. the attorney who wrote the book on prosecuting these
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cases. >> rain continuing to fall in the bay area, some locations received over a quarter inch. and i'll show you where the heaviest rain is now. >> we're live in uc berkeley. three dozen demonstrators have taken over a library. >> good evening, i'm carolyn johnson. >> an fran sheriff ross mirkarimi will not be allowed to go home to his family any time soon he made appearance on domestic violence charges and the judge extended that order that keeps him away from his wife and child. we are live in san francisco with what is an emotional appearance. >> this was a long day. ross mirkarimi sat from


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