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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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skasz a. >> storm watch tonight. winter finally arrives. we certainly need every drop of rain. what about the huge forty-niner gam game. >> wildfire in reno. flames spread fast pushed by ferocious winds. 7 news begins in 60 spread fast pushed by ferocious winds. 7 news begins in 60 seconds
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jeans. >> it's been awhile but financially rain is falling in the bay area and morris on the way. good evening. >> let's head right to sandy for look terrain totalled and the next big storm heading our way. >>reporter: yes. we have had anywhere from few hundredths to an inch of rape in the wet east north bay location. let's look at the doppler. you will see white is raining right now. starting to taper off. pan around the bay area here. you see around novato we see very light showers out to american canyon. san francisco south
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san francisco daly city area we still get rainfall at this point and in the sierra nevada this is all turning to snow believe it or not. chain control on 80, 50, 88 and 4 but you can see that the snow is winding down. more snow on the way for the sierra nevada and another storm, stronger storm on the way for the bay area. it comes in tomorrow i'll let you know exactly when. it will bring heavy rain and wind and we are not done with the storms yet. third one to follow. >> okay thanks very much. >> preparation for tomorrow storm are already under way tonight. we are live in san francisco with the story. >>reporter: we are financially getting some steady rain for the most part most of us need to make sure we can find our rain company. here in the city of san francisco department of public works really doing the heavy lifting getting things prepared for the storm ahead. again this is much-needed rain that some area reservoir are going to be very happy to see. winter finally making an
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appearance in the bay area. just some light rain tonight like hear at fourth and king in san francisco. but with more rain to come the department of public works gets out ahead of tomorrow expected storm. >> most important we check all the catch basin. >>reporter: craw clean out the don't back up and flood the streets and checking for tree or branches that are cracked or too close to power lines. >> with rain normally comes some wind and kind of swaying can create branches to fall on overhead lines. >>reporter: city resident can also be pro active. >> every resident is entitled to have 10 free sand bag. >>reporter: they can be pick up at this corporate yard on caesar chavez >> load them newspaper the back of the truck. >>reporter: south bay the santa clara valley water district is watching water levels at the local reservoir lake lexington. >> we are certainly glad this lacks like winter is finally beginning but we have a lot of catching up to do. we are expecting first part of the rainstorm will just sort of
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saturate the ground. not expecting that it would produce a lot of run off in our reservoir because the ground is so dry. >>reporter: despite all the rain we got last year this dry spell is becoming a concern for the water district. >> we get to the point whether it's looking like it's hard to have an average or normal rain year with the slow start that we have had. >>reporter: reservoir are 79 percent of normal for this time of year and practically no snow pack up in the situation air 8. santa clara county we definitely always looking at the snow pack because we get our water imported through the delta. >>reporter: all they hope for now is the rest of january february and march will be rainy. the water district spokesperson says any little dry spell can lead to dry series of years so he stresses that people conserve and any water we save today is water we use next year or the year after that. this is abc 7 news? thank you. >> there is finally some snow in the sierra tonight. look at
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the cal-trans traffic camera. light dusting of snow along interstate 80 near soda springs and there are some chain restriction in effect. snow arrival is welcome news for ski resort that have had so little so far this winter. >> tonight fire crew in nevada say they have stopped fast moving brush fire that forced 10,000 people from their homes south of reno. fire which broke out this afternoon was push by 80 miles an hour wind and it burned nearly 6 square miles of brush and grass and destroyed at least 20 homes. >> we have several hundred acres of smoldering trees. telephone poles. buildings that have collapsed and that we are going to have to go door to door neighborhood to neighborhood and begin the mop up operation at day break. >>reporter: nevada governor has declared a state of emergency. highway 395 is closed until further notice. one death reported but officials are not sure if it was fire related. >> san francisco sheriff ross back in court on monday to set
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a trial date after an emotional arraignment this afternoon. he pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor domestic advise charges and asked protective order to keep him away from his family be lifted. his wife consistently has denied anything happened. >> i feel in lake i am involved and everybody is using my family myself in a political game. just for destroy. this is real. >> whole bottom line of this is he didn't commit domestic violence. he did not endanger his child. and he did in the try to dissuade his wife in talking to the police or anybody else. >>reporter: the judge cited video showing lopez bruised and upset as the basis for continu continuing that protective order. california medical marijuana law are in the hands tonight of the state supreme court. justices have agreed to rae view whether local government can ban pot
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dispensary despite veter approval that legalize medical marijuana. court will also weigh in on the conflict between state and federal law under which pel marijuana is illegal under any circumstance circumstances. ruling is at legislature a year away. there is outrage tonight in the bay area ooh, behind you community after couple if norway had their children taken away over a cultural misunderstanding. parents say it's because they were feeding their children with their hand hands. lisa is live in san jose with the story and reaction. lisa? >>reporter: the family moved from calcutta to inner way several years ago after the children father got position there as geologist for haliburton. >> we had lots -- really, really very difficult. >> very difficult for us to survive. >>reporter: l if this couple are making a global plea for help. they spoke of their
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ordeal on india base nd tv. 2 are living in norway and eight months ago the country child protective services services put their 2 small children into foster care. >> the reasons given by the norwegian child protective services services have been that 1, the kim was feeding the children with their hand and no. 2 apparently sleeping the children the children were sleeping with the children in the bed. both of which are common actually practice not only in indiana culture but found in western society as well. >>reporter: the couple pain felt here in the bay area. tonight the behind you american foundation is taking action. group launched this on line petition to put pressure on the norwegian government to return the children to their parents. >> we have had 4 44 signatures. >>reporter: norway officials meantime insist the 1 and 3-year-old were being raised inappropriately. >> they told to me why are you sleeping with your children in the same bed. this is also cull tawrl issue.
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>> nationwide with you not see children removed because they were being fed with hands or because they were co-sleeping with their parents. >>reporter: andrew cain is a chilled welfare attorney. he calls norway decision surprising and he questions norway past tweeltion children. >> they were cited by the united nations in 2005 for concerns about their resorting to foster care too quickly. >>reporter: those we spoke with tonight are stocked by the couple treatment. >> feeding by hand is a very normal thing. all of us have been fed by our parents by han hand. >> it's odd. they whisk the kid away just for sleeping in the bed with the parents. >>reporter: right now the parents are only allowed to see their children twice year and the visa to stay in norway expire in march. they say they refuse to leave the country without their children. live in san jose, lace, abc 7 news. thank you.
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car finally expected to be rae moved from a san francisco muni tunnel in about an hour. 40-year-old scott mitchell of is a bass poll after driving his car in the church street tunnel. he drove in at 40 miles an hour and didn't stop until the suv got stuck 2 block in. car will be pulled out of the tunnel after midnight when muni service ends for the night. tonight antioch police rae lease photo of man who tried to rob a wells fargo bank branch. he's described as being in his mid 20's. 5 feet 7 inches tall with some facial hair and wearing a black sweatshirt, sweat pants and glasses and apparently we don't have that photo to show you. would be robber ran away without any money when a teller alerted others. officers tried to stop him but got away by jumping over fence ins the neighbor. more to get tonight. fiery debate in south carry lane as g.o.p. candidate go head to head on taxes health care and
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each other. >> plus how another occupy protest could affect your travel around san francisco ncaa tomorrow. >> forty-niner fever intensif intensifies. how much it could cost you if you are trying to get tickets to the big game. >> then later on "nightline". many coming up next on night inlook n.a tv exclusive one of presidential hopeful gingrich ex wives speaks out. questioning his morale fitness to be president sky plus mystery woman seen with captain of italy cruise ship the night it crashed. on
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>> and then there were 4. texas governor rick perry abruptly dropped out of the race for the republican presidential nomination today throwing his support behind newt gingrich happened hours before final debate before saturday south carolina primary and began with a question that gingrich didn't expect right off the bat. >> as you know your ex-wife gave an interview to abc news and washington the only ton post and asked her to sir to enter in an open marriage. would you tlibing take some time to respond to that. >> no. but i will. >>reporter: gingrich denied the charge and attack what he called the elite media for
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protect l president obama. romney defend his business career while santorum attacked both his rival. >> i have been fighting for health reform private sector bottom up the way america works best for 20 years while these 2 guys playing footsy with the left. >> poll she romney clinging to single digit lead with gingrich and ron paul third and santorum in fourth. >> occupy wall street in berkeley tips in and out and may go all night long. students and faculty took over the library to protest uc budget cut and liar pwraer has no full-time staff lay pwrairn and open from 1 to 5 each day and closed on weekends b.60 demonstrators remain inside that building tonight. >> we will not be able to continue the meeting. i'm sorry. you are not letting us. >>reporter: like minded group of protestors interrupted another round of tuition increase meetings were up for
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discussion. they link arm and sat on the floor. meeting resumed after 45 minute delay and what was going to be an open meeting was then closed to the public. >> occupy san francisco and other group day long protest tomorrow. groups are calling on bank to end what they say are predatory eviction is and foreclosures. protest will begin at 6 wam a squid fry outside goldman sachs trovrns article in rolling stone that called sax a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of human. >> other protest take place at 9th district court of appeals and hyatt hotel. >> forty-niner fever spreading and praises for tickets are sky rocketing. seats for the championship game range from 400 dollars to 2400 and up. with those high prices comes warnings of potential fraud. >> just beware. with tickets. better business bureau advises fans when seeking tickets for this sunday game, okay, just to
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be aware where from fraudulent ticket. >>reporter: one of the positive result of niner fever is the increase for local businesses. this market in the south bay has enjoyed a 30 percent increase in sales since the niners reached the play offs. >> more forty-niner faithful sent in their picture to you report. check out little riley here cheering for her favorite team. and look at this entire family all dressed up in niner colors. we want to see your pichblingts up load to you 7 or e-mail at you report at kg o dash t that's a lot of fun to share the picture. >> one of the reasons praises may sky rocketing because the forecast looking better for sunday game. >> sandy is here with the latest on that. >>reporter: i am. we are going to see some rain for the game but not medley. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. see a sfu few spotty showers showing up. very light returns around the north bay. no vat oshtion san rafael. down
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towards the san francisco area still seeing some rain drops. take you down to street level. l great highway third street we still see the very late showers daly city across highway 1 there so just be aware of the fact we have slick roadway. 24 hour rainfall total. 77 hundredths inch in santa rosa and inch in kent field there but really only trace amounts around places like redwood cit city, san francisco, 19 hundredths of an inch, hayward, livermore, couple hundredths there, concord 8 hundredths and san jose 4 hundredths inch of rain. i'll show you what we are, basically going to be dealing with the next couple days. this. this is a photo of steady rain sent by joanne to my face book. she said yes the roadway were wet from castro valley. rain going and tomorrow morning you see more of it. showers tapering officer knight but wet windy again tomorrow afternoon. snow travel to the sierra nevada. here's look at the satellite
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and radar. high pressure financially broke away. cold front came through. storm no. 1. this just prim to the atmosphere. got moisture goin going. got the ground wet. we have a second storm coming. this one looks lake just year that brings us heavy rainfall along with gusty winds. late sunday this next system comes in and it will bring us rain that your sunday afternoon. so here's computer animation of what it is going to look like. few showers tonight. tomorrow morning some damp road which for the morning drive but not really a bad one for 5:00 a.m. friday. by noon time as the front starts to approach rain becomes a little more wide spread and then the warm front goes through. cold front comes in. moderate to heavy rain in the north bay. santa cruz mountains. it will pick up in intensity as you get awhich for the weekend or staying in town just commuting. 8:00 o'clock you will see some moderate heavy rain fall as well. gusty winds out of the south up to 40 miles an hour. the straits under wind advisory for
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tomorrow afternoon. continuing until saturday afternoon. scattered showers for your saturday then by around 3 or 4:00 o'clock it's all done open saturday. so rainfall total up to three inches in the north bay mountains. north bay 1 to 2 inches. 3 quarters to inch and a half a little less than that in the south bay and santa cruz mountains could pick up to three inches of rain by saturday evening. most of that rain is going to come in with storm that is coming in tomorrow afternoon that the early morning hours saturday. winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada until 4 a.m. friday couple inches expected above 5000. it becomes winter storm warning tomorrow night continuing until 4:00 p.m. saturday 2 to 3 feet of new snow above 7000. pretty exciting. wet wind tomorrow we look at mid 50's to low 60's and around the monterey bay temperatures in the low 60's. certainly need the rain here or there. if heading to the 49 ers game as they play, the new york jets candlestick park giants me giants. 3:30. dropping down to the lower 50'
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50's. new york giants that is. as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast many you will notice the rain and wind taper. coming back sunday late afternoon into early monday could see few lingering showers on tuesday but rate now we are drying it out milder weather for the middle to latter part of next week. new york giants. >> that's right. >> right. >> niners able to play because they have been prepping for the rain is that yes get might be some dry weather first half of the game. >> hopefully? thanks. >> new changes in prenatal testing. >> how pregnant women soon get all the answer was simple blood test. stay with
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>> fortune magazine out with the am best company list. mountain view base google rank as very best place to work in 2012. no. 6 sunnyvale base net app which by the way is now hiring. 152 jobs will be adhere in the bay area. let and restaurant group in san francisco came in 16th. mountain view intuit sales comes in at 27 and
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auto desk san francisco ranked number 52. you will fine the complete list on our web site abc 7 new technology changing the business of prenatal testing that's according to the silicon valley business journal. several local company raising funding to create simple blood tests to detect conditions such as down syndrome. test are expected to eventually replace amniocentesis that carries a risk of miscarriage. >> country top figure skaters coming to san jose. the championship being held at the hp pavilion january 22nd through the 29th. annual event was last held in san jose 16 years ago. so it is nice to have it back. more on these headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> that is a big get. >> sure is. >> always exciting competent snition what do jim harbaugh and world war ii admiral have in xon? >> plus brace yourselves. ♪
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>> good evening. aside prosecute grittiness as coach
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jim harbaugh has strangest analogy floating around in his head. don't over cook the meat. this week he's quoting world war ii admiral bill hall situation. let go back to the meat for a second. it means don't put too much pressure on yourself. play free an easy lake smith did. looking ahead to the giants in title game figures to be a soggy field. could be raining. run the ball best could have a big advantage leads us to the admiral and the coach. >> admiral said if you are going to fight in the north atlantic then prepare in the north atlantic. they are anticipating some rain on sunday. this team is built for just about any weather conditions. >> listen to the admiral. shark hosted ottawa tonight. mean in teal looking for sixth consecutive win. this ace good plan gone awry. jamie trying to deliver the big hit. somebody better lock the door. sharks strike first. 3 minutes in. him if winchester. 1
11:30 pm
nothing san jose. ottawa tied it seven minutes later. setting up carlson and many shakey tonight. power play. green the snap shot. scored twice. ottawa wins rather easily 4-1 in the attaching. richard can kicked off cal basketball team. bears needed another one to step up. thurman. took advantage of the playing time. battle for first place in the pack 12. the pump fake and 1. cal up 10 at the half. hears the walk on. thurman contrary high 16 off the bench. down 3 chance to tie. wide open look. and clang cal hangs on 69-66. stanford falls at wazzu. for 33 and cardinal out of first place. st. mary's wins 8 straight. gonzaga. the weather outside is frightful. and so is the game for the daw
11:31 pm
dawn. williams from way downtown. still down at the half. stockton. dad the hall of fameer john leading the break. robert gonzaga wins 7 74-63. haven't won in spokane since 1989. started with the niners. finish with the niner niners. the tribute to the niners. finish with the niner niners. the tribute to the singer he ♪ [ singing]. >> they were good. that is your toyota sports report. >> national anthem maybe. >> no. >> please no. >> at least he's fearless. >> he is fearless. >> "nightline"next. >> thanks for joining us
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everyone. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> see you tomorrow
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