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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 20, 2012 12:00am-1:05am PST

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of us. i'm nick watt, for "nightline," in london. >> nick watt, on the babies of stars. thanks for watching abc news. we hope you check in for "good morning america." they're working while you're sleeping. we're always onloin at jimmy kimmel's up next. see you here tomorrow. up next, on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> texas governor, rick perry, dropped out of the race this morning. he left the same way he entered it. confused and possibly a little bit drunk. >> tom arnold. >> now, i get a tweet that i didn't wash my hands. i go back -- i usually do. i usually do. >> keke palmer. >> the lady bugs are red. >> they'reababababababababababab
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- tom arnold. keke palmer. and music from filter. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's jimmy kimmel live >> dicky: and now, this just in, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hola. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching at home. thanks for assembling peaceably here in our studio. it was another beautiful day here in hollywood. sunny, just above 60 degrees. it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt. but just cool enough for the homeless not to smell. [ laughter ] well, some people complained about the weather here. [ laughter ] don't mention any names. meanwhile, it's freezing in seattle right now. 200,000 homes are without power because of a rare ice storm. their first one in 15 years. the governor of washington has declared a state of emergency, which would allow him to bring in the national guard that would allow him to hug people to keep them warm. what do you do when it's cold? i used to live in seattle. it's very hilly. when it snows, it's hard to get around. but it can also be fun when you have a sled. this happened yesterday before the weather got really bad.
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the local nbc news channel were warning people that sledding can be dangerous. and this reporter got an earful from a very angry sledder. >> we know it's not going to get any better. it probably will get worse, as long as this corridor is open. you saw a car go behind me. buses are coming through here, too. a number of close cars. >> we stopped because of your reporting. thank you so much for ruining the fun. total, complete kill-joy. >> okay. >> for a decade and you've ruined it. >> okay. >> jimmy: well, rarely do you see a reporter say wah, wah, wah. i hope you survived the great wikipedia blackout yesterday. yesterday, wikipedia and a number of other websites shut themselves down, to protest the stop online piracy act, that's being considered in congress. the protest seems to have worked. a bunch of congressmen withdrew their support of the act. but our sources of information
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were limited, which made it hard for us to put the show together. i wasn't joking. [ laughter ] fortunately, though, our receptionist, angela, knows all sorts of things. so, in lieu of wikipedia, we set a camera up at angela's desk. she works at a reception desk. and had random staff members asking random questions all day long. angela, you didn't know what was going on, did you? >> no. >> jimmy: for someone who was completely in the dark, i think you did a pretty good job. >> angela? >> what's up? >> my computer is kind of busted. my internet's down. it's kind of bad. you know how many seasons we've been doing the show? >> ten. >> ten. cool. okay. >> and what's johnny depp's maiden name? >> what?
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>> hi. i've been thinking about cats a lot lately. >> what? >> where do they go? >> what are you talking about? >> where do cats go? >> what do you mean, where do cats go? >> angela, where does electric come from? >> what? >> what is the national currency of bolivia? >> i have no idea. >> some cats, they are cool. i throw my cat, chloe against the wall sometimes. she's, like, fine. >> what kind of cars do you like? >> i have no idea. i don't know a lot of lesbians. >> where is brussels? >> what? >> where is brussels? >> what are you -- >> someone was talking about brussels. you know where it is? is it a place? >> like brussels sprouts? >> is that what they were talking about? >> what kind of questions are these? what is wrong with these people. i'm going to be in the middle of nowhere. i would never want to live -- it's in belgium.
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belgium. >> why do bees die when they lose their stinger? when they stinger? >> yeah, i know. >> why? >> because they have nothing else to give. >> thank you. >> i don't know. >> brussels? >> brussels? >> i don't know, brussels. >> that's what i said. it's in belgium. >> so, i have to go to this party this weekend. and i have to -- >> teach me how to. >> teach me how to do it. >> it's like you're washing your hair. >> teach me how to dougie. everybody wants it. >> do you know if it's t-1 or regular phone lines? >> what? >> just regular. what are you doing? are you kidding me? >> no. they're t-1. >> oh, my god.
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what is wrong with everyone today? people are really psychotic. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what did you think was going on? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: did you know why they were asking you all the questions? >> i thought everyone lost their minds. people are weird here at jimmy kimmel. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: angela, our receptionist, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] we need to get her a reality show. tonight on mtv, got gifted us with a new episode of "jersey shore." and tonight's show, the housemates celebrated the simultaneous birthdays of the situation and pauly d. i guess they have the same birthday. i have no idea how old these guys are. they could be anywhere between 19 and 58, for all i know. but the situation was upset because the gang was paying more attention to pauly d.'s birthday than his because they like pauly
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d. more than him. and i felt a little badly for him. >> wishing something you have you don't. pauly has family. i feel like i have nobody. i'm like a house with no legs right now. not sturdy. >> jimmy: can you imagine anything sadder than a house with no legs? [ laughter ] they can't even walk. 99% of what's said on the show "jersey shore" is stupid. but sometimes, you have to pan to find the gold. you can find some intelligent signs of life on this program. you just have to look for them and have an editor spend eight or nine hours editing to find them. >> you don't need to be a rocket scientists, to understand that a perfect way to deal with problems in anxiety, is being nonchalant and having a perfect meatball diet. let's get waisty-pants. >> jimmy: how can you get wastey pants if you don't wear pants? last night on "american idol,"
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the show lost 18% of its total viewers and 26% of its younger viewers. of those who did tune in, more than half was just checking to see if steven tyler is still alive. and he is. it was "american idol's" lowest rated season premiere since the start of the show in 2002. i knew this show wouldn't work. it's a total rip-off of "the x factor." tonight, they were in pittsburgh with auditions. there were some good singers. but some of the singers -- this one -- some of the singers are hard to figure out. like this girl. listen to her sing. ♪ 'cause this is my destiny it depends on me alone ♪ ♪ alone alone ♪ >> awesome. >> jimmy: yeah. not a great performance. but you get the sense, she goes in and out. maybe she can sing. especially if she got some help,
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like most professional singers do. we took jessica's performance from last night. and we ran it through autotune. and if you do this, it works a lot better. ♪ 'cause this is my destiny it depends on me alone ♪ ♪ alone alone ♪ ♪ in this home >> can we make this, like, really simple? >> yes. >> one, two, three. >> jimmy: much better, right? for me, the best part of "american idol" is steven tyler. i've enjoyed steven tyler's work for years. but until he got on the show, i had no idea how ridiculous he is. his outfits, over the last few nights it looks like someone gave captain jack sparrow a gift certificate to chico's. [ cheers and applause ]
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his libido is insane. these women walk in. and if looks could impregnate, there would be 12 more teen mom shows on mtv. and tonight's show was no exception. it's time for "steven tyler's creepy leer of the night." >> wow. >> how are you? >> good. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: cannot get over it, each time. meanwhile, in politics, in south carolina, yet another debate between the republican candidates for president. one more and they'll have enough episodes to go into syndication. the big question throughout the primary has been which of the candidates has the best chance of beating president obama? fox news directed this question to donald trump last night. and he had a very interesting response, i thought. >> do you think that speaker gingrich, governor romney, congressman ron paul, governor
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perry and senator santorum, that each one of those, in a general election, if it were held today, could beat president obama or not? you think some of them could? >> i don't think that they all could. no. ron paul could not beat him. >> okay. how about speaker gingrich and governor romney? >> well, i think they could. yes. >> jimmy: all right. i think he just gave his opinion. i don't know. newt gingrich had a rough night tonight. one of his two ex-wives, marianne gingrich, sat down for an interview on "nightline" tonight. she thinks newt lacks the moral integrity to be president. gingrich, if you don't know, was caught cheating on marianne, with the woman who is now his third wife, while he was leading impeachment proceedings against bill clinton for the monica lewinsky stuff. in other words, he puts the hippo in hypocrite. here's the former mrs. gingrich on "nightline." >> she was asking to have an open marriage. and i refused. >> he wanted to have an open
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marriage? >> yes. that i accept that he had somebody else in his life. >> newt, you dirty dog. >> jimmy: yes. he is getting some support. herman cain, by the way, who i miss, gave a great speech in south carolina today. ever since he dropped out of the race, people have been wondering who herman cain would endorse for president. and today, he finally revealed his selection. the candidate herman cain is endorsing is we, the people. he said, we, the people. i didn't even know we were running. [ laughter ] he endorsed the american people for president, which i see several things wrong with this. first and foremost, how are we all going to live in the white house? i think there's only one bathroom right there. and cain is adamant that this isn't a stunt. and i agree. stunts are interesting. but his speech today, say what you want about herman cain. the man knows how to get a crowd going. >> the message is real simple.
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this revolution is going to have to be driven from the bottoms-up. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's the actual audience. plenty of tickets still available. [ applause ] i haven't seen a crowd like that since sanjaya at the north hills mall. [ laughter ] texas governor, rick perry, dropped out of the race this morning. he left the same way he entered it. confused and possibly a little bit drunk. [ laughter ] in his concession speech today, perry endorsed newt gingrich. he said he decided to endorse newt gingrich that the first choice, g.i. joe, was not a real person. i'm not sure how far an endorsement from rick perry goes nowadays. you'd be better off with an endorsement from katy perry. i am going to miss rick perry, especially during the debates, when anyone asked him a
12:16 am
question, he looked like he was trying to figure out the plot to "inception." rick perry was a fun candidate. he brought many a smile to my face. so, tonight, we bid him a fond farewell. >> if somebody's looking for the slickest politician or the smoothest debater, i readily admit i'm not that person. it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education, and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. fed up to 95613. and you can follow me on tweeter. >> all of us agree in a the word that was on that rock is a very offensive rock. ♪ you had a bad day >> actually, the reason that we fought the revolution in the 16th century. the third agency of government i would do away with. education, the -- ♪ you had a bad day
12:17 am
>> that's the constitution. read it. those of you that will be 21 by november 12th, i asked for your support and your vote. let's see. i can't. >> you have to get deep in those eyes. >> i can't. sorry. oops. >> i'm going to say no this time. i'm sorry. >> i'm going to say no. >> bad. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i hope to see him again somewhere down the line. we have a fun show tonight. keke palmer is here. we have music from filter. and we'll be right back with tom arnold. so, stick around. [ cheers and applause ] right now we have a deal going on, and you can have it for free.
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>> jimmy: hi, there. and welcome back to the show. tonight on the program, a talented, young actress you can see now alongside queen latifah and dolly parton in the movie "joyful noise," keke palmer. [ cheers and applause ] and then, with music from this album, "the trouble with angels," filter, from the bud light stage. that's a good band. we have a new show for you tomorrow night. tomorrow night on the show -- we don't normally do a show on friday. but tomorrow, we're doing one. with terrence howard, the young star of "extremely loud and incredibly close," thomas horn will join us. and music from safetysuit. so, join us tomorrow night. our first guest is an exceedingly likable and excitable golden globe and peabody award winner, who, this weekend, goes for his second peabody with his new show, "my big redneck vacation." the show premieres saturday at 9:30 on cmt. please welcome, tom arnold. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:21 am
normally, they get out here faster than you. >> i have lots to do. >> jimmy: well, i want to get to the bottom of something, if i could. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i hope i'm not embarrassing you. but this morning at 11:15 you tweeted the following. doing jimmy kimmel show to talk "my big redneck vacation," politics, sports and my vaginal rejuvenation. and then, the tweet changed to, doing jimmy kimmel show tonight to talk "my big redneck vacation," sports, politics and more. >> i want to say, i have a great wife. she's the best. she has my back. anything that could be about me, she's on it. i do something stupid in her mind, she fixes it, apparently, without my knowing. i'm talking to your producer. and in the middle of it, she
12:22 am
hands me this. >> jimmy: oh. look at that. do not -- >> she thought -- it was a joke at the end of it. i don't know anything about vaginal rejuvenation to talk about it. she thought i was that crazy and would do that. >> jimmy: there's not some surgery going on that you were going to reveal the details of? >> not at all. she said, if i talk about it, people would probably think she is doing it. now that i realize it, i am talking about it, she's not doing it. i don't know what it is. but she's -- >> jimmy: you know what i'm going to do, if i don't mind? >> i don't mind at all. >> jimmy: i'm going to make a t-shirt out of this and you can wear it around. >> thank you. she edited my twitter without telling me. >> jimmy: she did, huh? how did -- she has your pass word? >> yeah. she has everything. yeah. i'm not taking any chances. she has everything. >> jimmy: she can read your e-mails? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: all right. that's good for me to know.
12:23 am
>> that's good for you to know. absolutely. >> jimmy: wow. so, you're very open. >> open, yeah. scared to death of her. i'll be scared about this. >> jimmy: you tweet an awful lot. >> i do sometimes, yeah. we were on the plane last night. and i spent a half hour. i'll answer any questions. i do an awful lot. is it bad? >> jimmy: i don't think it's bad. i think it suits you. people, i would imagine, and i know you. you have bursts of energy. >> right. >> jimmy: and in those bursts of energy, it's probably better that you're tweeting than doing something terrible. >> that's true. that's very good. but also, i read tweets. our friend dax shepard. he had to get off google alert. i used to be on that. but i have low self-esteem and i used to read that. being sober from google alerts for almost a year. but twitter has a notification. if someone mentions your name, your name in general, it will notify me. i'll find out. last week i was shooting a pilot
12:24 am
down at fox sports. my name comes up. and this woman says, i can see tom arnold shooting a pilot. rad. pound, sarcasm. so, i was like, what? i go into the office building. i'm trying to figure out which woman it is. i figure out where she must have been sitting. and i go right up to her. excuse me. did you tweet about me? and she's like, absolutely not. i go, look at this. i have an ipad. and she said, i thought those were private. well, they're not. and it's like a couple weeks ago -- >> jimmy: wow. i love that. >> i went to the bathroom. i come out of the bathroom. i get a tweet that i didn't wash my hands. i go back -- i usually do. i usually do. [ laughter ] so, i go back in there. and i wash my hands. and there's ten guys in there. and i go, listen, buddy. whoever you are, i am washing my hands. i want you to retweet that. >> jimmy: did he do it? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i don't know what show
12:25 am
you're shooting a pilot for at fox sports, but that's the show. you going around, confronting tweeters. >> isn't that great? >> jimmy: i love that. people get nasty on twitter. >> they do. >> jimmy: for no apparent reason. >> they do. >> jimmy: and there's a p presumption that you're there to entertain them at all times. >> like you're a tool. i love it. those are the ones -- people will be, i love you. you're great. and i see, you're a tool. all right. i'm reading this one. >> jimmy: i'll find you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you also tweeted that you've been studying transdental meditation. >> t.m. dax took that and he told me. this is the selling point. you know, we go to a lot of charity events. and at some point, they give a speech. a speech to raise money. you do t.m., your brain goes completely to a different place. you're having a 20-minute vacation with a smile on your face when they're talking about sick kids. and you don't even know it. you can do t.m. at a wedding, a
12:26 am
funeral or whatever. and it's just a great thing. so, ashley and i went down there. we went to the orientation, you know? >> jimmy: okay. >> it's a bunch of hippies, which is fine. but they make you take your shoes off. so, it's got the aroma -- i know they burn sage or whatever it is. it's a combination. and i happened to bring my bag. i always bring my bag with my gear in it. >> jimmy: what's in the bag? >> a towel, a change of clothes. i bring it everywhere. i brought it here. you never know what's going to happen in these places. so, halfway through, everybody's all in the t.m. place. but i'm cascading sweat like this, crazy. and everybody's like -- i'm so nervous. i have my towel. i towelled off. that's why you carry a towel. >> jimmy: you sweat? >> yeah. >> jimmy: like a fighter. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but you're not fighting. >> i'm fighting on the inside. >> jimmy: so, do you find it's helping center you? >> i'm just getting there. i don't have my mantra yet. >> jimmy: oh, you have to get one of those. >> yeah. the first mantra.
12:27 am
getting that this weekend. >> jimmy: you will come up with that yourself? >> i think the lady does it. >> jimmy: the lady does it? >> yeah. she's really good. >> jimmy: will you tell your wife your mantra also? will she have that information? >> i'll probably share it. she can have everything. >> jimmy: that's so interesting. i can't imagine you really sitting still for -- >> i know. it's hard. we'll see how it goes. >> jimmy: you've been doing a lot of standup comedy lately. >> i've been traveling around. i don't want to brag. but last week -- i am going to brag. all of a sudden, i see taylor swift and justin bieber and selena gomez. and they come in. and they come in to see the show. >> jimmy: really? >> i go around to the comedians, don't lose your justin bieber jokes, for god's sake. he's right out there. >> jimmy: bieber, by the way. it's not beaver. it's bieber. no. he's a human. >> a nice kid. a nice kid. taylor was, like, thank you, mr. arnold. >> jimmy: wow. >> they were very nice.
12:28 am
we had neil diamond down there. >> jimmy: neil diamond was there? >> how awesome was that? >> jimmy: that's like my justin bieber. >> he's the best. >> jimmy: did you talk to him? >> i did talk to him. >> jimmy: did he enjoy the show? >> i think he did. he threw his hat on the stage. >> jimmy: is that good? >> i think it's good. >> jimmy: how young were you when you started doing standup? >> i was at the university of iowa. 21 or 22. we would go to the student union. and i could do my standup act. everybody drank everclear and punch. >> jimmy: yeah. >> we would get looped. and i'd do my act. and the professionals from minneapolis would do their act. but all my friends would leave with me as soon as i got done. finally, one guy said, i own a club at minneapolis. i will give you a job if you get your friends to stay for the show. i said done deal. when? i quit college. i have a trash bag full of clothes. i get on the bus. i go to minneapolis. i go to the comedy club. i said, i need to live close by. i'm a habitual violator.
12:29 am
i have no driver's license. he said, i'll drive you to the club. it's only one weekend for $15. i thought it was a lifetime contract. i wanted to leave college. i was a month from graduating. now, i'm up there. >> jimmy: you dropped out? >> i dropped out. it's sad. university of iowa. but that was my dream. and i had to become a bartender. >> jimmy: well, it seems to have worked out pretty well. >> it worked out well. >> jimmy: we'll take a quick break. and we'll talk about your new redneck show. it's called "my big redneck vacation." it premieres this saturday. tom arnold. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] start the new year with a bang with the subway® chipotle chicken & cheese, january's featured $5 footlong. juicy chicken and melted cheese with a pop of spicy chipotle flavor. this january only, it joins our $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh.
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>> jimmy: hi, everyone. we're back with tom arnold. tom has a new program on cmt on saturday. it's called "my big redneck vacation." what is the show about? >> first of all, i'll be at the golden globes next year.
12:39 am
i have a show called "my big redneck wedding," which i've had for four or five years. and this is different. you have a weekly show with just one couple. what we did was we sent a whole family of eight, named the campettes. we sent them to live in the hamptons all summer. and we let the cameras roll and see what happens. >> jimmy: you really found a clampett family. >> they turned out to be authentic, real people. yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: and then, you see them in a fish out of water situation. >> you see jethro and ellie may. in some cultures, like the rednecks, they get around like the socialites, and they get extra socialite-y or rednecky. but then, we had a hurricane in the middle of the season, which is an awesome thing because rednecks are so good with plywood. you want a redneck. they saved them.
12:40 am
and they became buddies. the best moment of the show. they're sitting on the couch and watching president obama talk about the hurricane. and they're just looking horrified at the tv. and i pop in the screen like the avatar. and i say, are they afraid of the hurricane? or the fact they just realized that president obama is the president? [ laughter ] probably think it's -- >> jimmy: you can -- would you consider yourself to be a redneck? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: oh, you would. >> i go back to my hormel days. it's a good job. and people, they're raised -- they did two jobs. they're farmers and they work there. they bring the sheep to work. leave it in the car. go out and feed them lunch. hang out with them, whatever. that's a real redneck. >> jimmy: what? >> yeah. they bring it in their car. and they go shave them up after work. they don't want to go to the farm and come back. they hit two birds with one stone. >> jimmy: wow. they don't keep them in the car,
12:41 am
though, right? >> they do. it's really bad on the interior. he did it. yeah. and so, i ended up -- i red-boned somebody. that's when you dip a bone in a vat of blood. and we have white uniforms. and you up the crack of their butt. we would have the fight at the union hall. it would be so fun. i miss those guys, man. >> jimmy: do you keep in touch with them? >> i do. i do. i had a buddy, sully. a buddy of mine, was working on a hay bailer. i brought him a six-pack of beer. i brought him some fake arms, too. they got his real arms on. i had a farmer tan. and i brought a beer with a thing -- what do you call it? >> jimmy: a straw? >> yeah, a straw. good people. back to work. it's good people. >> jimmy: wow. so, when you do the show, you're coming from a place of knowledge. >> absolutely. i like the four-wheelers.
12:42 am
and i like that lifestyle. i'm one of them. >> jimmy: it's great to see you. you're always entertaining. thanks for being here. the show, "my big redneck" vacation. it debuts on saturday on cmt. tom around. when we come back i keke palmer. number 32,000,108!
12:43 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. we are back. still to come, filter. our next guest has been acting professionally since she was 9 years old, which is half of her life. you can see her now, alongside queen latifah and dolly parton in the new movie, "joyful noise." please say hello to keke palmer. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:52 am
it is keke your legal name? is that on your birth certificate? >> keke is my nickname. when i was little, my sister had a friend named keke. my mom said, i don't think that's a good idea. she may grow up and want a more professional-sounding name. so, she named me lauren campbell palmer. but everybody has called me keke. >> jimmy: and what happened to the imaginary friend? >> my sister, she played with the dog. and those with her imaginary friends. she played with them until the age of 13. >> jimmy: she did? >> she did. >> jimmy: she must love you telling people that. that's too old to be playing with your imaginary friend and dolls, isn't it? >> that's what we thought. >> jimmy: does all your family have nicknames? >> my older sister, we call her lo lori. if you go deep into my extended family, the nicknames go on for
12:53 am
days. >> jimmy: like what? >> lady bug. she was born red. we call her lady bug. >> jimmy: born red? >> yes. she was born red. and she's black. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a lady bug. i see. makes sense. >> my cousin, boogie, was a little monster. he carved his name in our couch. >> jimmy: he did? >> he was nicknamed boogie. >> jimmy: did he carve the name boogie? >> i don't know which he did. and my cousin, buddha. he looked like a little buddha when he was born. and butter. she looked like she was a butter roll when she was born. it keeps going. >> jimmy: you have a cousin named butter? >> yes. >> jimmy: you could be at dinner and say, pass the butter, butter. that's something else. and your siblings, do they want to do what you do? >> my younger brothers and sisters. my sister is talented. my younger one, my older one. they can sing or whatever, like
12:54 am
that. but my little brother wants to get into it. not because he's talented. he wants to be famous. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> if i'm at a mall, with a crowd around me, he's the main one in the middle. >> jimmy: doing what? >> like -- and my little sister told on him. he's been telling people i hang out with miley cyrus every day. he tells people, i'll invite you backstage. like these schemes. >> jimmy: how old is he? >> he's 10. >> jimmy: wow. >> out of control. >> jimmy: is he doing anything? i know he wants to be famous. but is he acting? or singing or anything? >> he went to auditions and stuff like that. but he wants to immediately get the role. >> jimmy: not like -- >> no. they're not doing line. they're not doing anything. and he has the body of a football player but he wants to play basketball because he wants his face to show. >> jimmy: oh, really? to play without the helmet. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and what's his name? >> stinky. he looked like he was stinky as a baby. >> jimmy: turned out he wasn't.
12:55 am
[ applause ] wow. >> everything tastes like kettle corn. he loves kettle corn so much, you guys. >> jimmy: what? wait a minute. >> he thinks everything tastes like kettle corn. >> jimmy: everything in the world? >> he'll be eating ketchup and fries. this tastes like kettle corn, doesn't it? >> jimmy: that is very, very odd, i have to say. you're a singer as well. >> yes. >> jimmy: and i think you tweeted something about recording in the same studio that justin bieber or beaver, whatever his last name is. we're not sure now. you were recording in his studio? >> yes. we were recording at the studio for a while, the one i went to. and i saw this, there was a jesus diamond-encrusted chain. i was like, who has been here? i might take this home with me. >> jimmy: right. >> the producer was looking at it. oh, that's justin's chain.
12:56 am
he leaves his jewelry around. i'm like, he needs to come to my house and leave his jewelry around. >> jimmy: you know him socially then? >> yes. we did do jackson v.p. but he's all over the world now. i can't keep up. >> jimmy: you were friends with him at one time? before he became this multinational phenomenon? is that what happened? >> every time i see him, he's very nice. we don't hang out, hang out. but when i see him, he's like, keke, what's up? >> jimmy: oh, you know his family? >> yes. i have a funny story. i think it was his 16th birth day party. i was texting him, what's the address and stuff like that. next you know, keke, this is justin's mom. he's on punishment for a while. i loved that so much. even though he is a superstar, his mom is like, i will take the phone. >> jimmy: did you bring him a phone for his birthday? >> i did. >> jimmy: he's on punishment. i like that.
12:57 am
i like that terminology. >> don't you love it? >> jimmy: you're in this movie with dolly parton and queen latifah, which is a big deal. who did you like better of the two? >> the crazy thing is this isn't the first time i've been asked this requequestion. >> jimmy: is that right? >> queen latifah, is more laidback. and dolly, is bubbly. if i want to be bubbly and play around, i'll chill with dolly. and if i want to be laid back, i'll hang with queen. >> jimmy: so, you're saying you like dolly better. people give each other presents on film sets when they wrap, right? what did they give you? >> everybody like her custom-made perfume. >> jimmy: she has perfume? >> oh, queen's got it going on. >> jimmy: i rarely wear the queen latifah perfume. >> wait -- >> jimmy: she gave you her own perfume? so, everyone can smell like queen latifah?
12:58 am
>> pretty much. >> jimmy: what did dolly give you? >> it's like -- it opens up. it was dove shape with a crystal beak. >> jimmy: so, they both gave you crap, right? [ applause ] i mean, honestly. where is the dove now? >> it's in my bedroom. >> jimmy: did you release it? >> did i release it. >> jimmy: it's in your bathroom, for real? >> my bedroom. >> jimmy: oh, your bedroom. i see. and is there like a jesus head you stole from justin bieber in there? >> that's many my pocket. i have to take it to the pawnshop. >> jimmy: it's very nice to meet you. congratulations on all your success. >> yes. >> jimmy: keke palmer, everyone. "joyful noise" is in theaters now. when we come back, music from filter. [ cheers and applause ] portions of "jimmy kimmel l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
12:59 am
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the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series, sponsored by bud light. >> jimmy: this is their latest cd, called "the trouble with angels." here with the song, "drug boy," filter. [ cheers and applause ]
1:02 am
♪ come along, sally let's have a breakdown ♪ ♪ come along, sally let's hit downtown ♪ ♪ come along, sally let's have a drug run ♪ ♪ come along, sally let's go get a gun ♪ ♪ drug boy loves the night drug boy loves the night ♪ ♪ drug boy loves the night drug boy loves the night ♪ ♪ you're trying to help me and all i'm thinking ♪ ♪ it's just the biggest waste of time ♪
1:03 am
♪ come along, sally 12 hours of acid ♪ ♪ come along, sally let's dig up a casket ♪ ♪ drug boy loves the night drug boy loves the night ♪ ♪ drug boy loves the night drug boy loves the night ♪ ♪ you're trying to help me and all i'm thinking ♪ ♪ it's just the biggest waste of time ♪
1:04 am
♪ you're trying to help me and all i'm thinking ♪ ♪ it's just the biggest waste of time ♪ ♪ tonight, these chemicals are god ♪ ♪ tonight, these chemicals are sunlight ♪ ♪ golden sunlight ♪ drug boy loves the night drug boy loves the night ♪ ♪ drug boy loves the night drug boy loves the night ♪ ♪ you're trying to help me and all i'm thinking ♪


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