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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> have >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live at the bay bridge. we are on storm watch. we will have the latest on what we just experienced and what is still to come. >> good morning i'm mike nicco. round one wasn't too bad. round two is going to be the big one. i'll tell you when it comes and how much rain we'll get during the game sunday. good morning sue hall. following your friday morning commute. 49er friday we have protests, slick roads golden gate bridge with only one lane northbound. high wind advisories. all that and more, coming up. also, occupy san francisco activists hope to disrupt business in the financial district with marches, and flash mobs. >> dis -- despite a plea from
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his wife a judge keeps ross mirkarimi from his family. mirkarimi has pleaded not guilt to domestic violence and child endangerment charges. >> it is 4:30. i'm kristen sze. >> yes you are. i'm eric thomas. the first wave has moved through sort of an appetizer for the next storm. >> this is the calm before the big storm again so don't be fooled. >> yesterday probably a good trial run to see how things are going to see if your windshield wipers are good, tires, got the gutters cleaned out. today the heaviest of the rain moves in. live doppler looks quiet pockets of drizzle and light rain around santa rosa best radar returns around half moon bay down to santa cruz across the bay to monterey. if you are traveling up to the north you can see the next wave starting to move in that will come in to our
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neighborhoods during the afternoon heading to the sierra it is snowing right now. there's more on the way. music to the ears of skiers. mike will be keeping a close eye on that storm. >> folks around the bay area preparing for the first real storm in two months. amy hollyfield is live at the bay bridge toll. there have been several accidents overnight. how is it where you are. >> reporter: it looks okay. we like to check in to see how the wind is, if there's a wind advisory in place, standing water here at the toll plaza. everything looks good this morning. the warning is still in place. these roads are slicker than they are after a normal rainstorm because it has been so long since we had rain. chp officers are saying be careful. this storm did represent the start of winter for us. it a major downpour but it was enough to help us get ready
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for tonight that's when we will see maybe double than we saw in this last round. good news for water districts across the bay area. they say water levels in our reservoirs aren't looking good. >> we are glad it looks like winter finally beginning. we have a lot of catching up to do. we are expecting the first part of the storm will saturate the ground. we are not expecting it would produce a lot of runoff because the ground is so dry. >> reporter: right now we are experiencing a nice break. your friday morning commute shouldn't be too painful. keep in mind that the roads are wet. take a minute to get in some last minute preps. this is a good break to clean those gutters out and search for rain boots. no major problems reported from this last round, no flooding no major accidents. tonight is the big one, rolling in maybe around 6:00, 7:00 tonight. the woman i spoke with at the
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national weather service said this might be a good friday night to stay home. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in the sierra sit tell is producing much needed snow. take a -- system is producing much needed snow. light dusting along i-80 up there chain restrictions are in effect. the snow's arrival is welcome news for ski resources that have had so little. >> switching gears this morning occupy san francisco and other groups are preparing for an all-day protest in the financial district. the groups are calling on big banks to end what they say are predatory evictions and for closures. protest begin 6:00 this morning with a squid fry outside goldman sachs a reference to an article in rolling stone that called sachs a great vampire squid
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wrapped around humanity. march at justin herman plaza is planned at 5 p.m. with >> this morning dozens of occupy cal demonstrators remain in a library they took over yesterday afternoon. more than 50 are being allowed to stay overnight. after the anthropology department's chair made arrangements with a chancellor to allow the occupiers to stay as long as they had supervision. students protesting cuts made on operating hours only open five hours a day. >> we need to replace staffers that leave. we are here to say that we are here to reclaim our space. and we are here to study too. >> the university says the hours were trimmed because a librarian quit over winter break and the school has not hired a replacement. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is due back in court
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monday to set a trial date. he pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence violence charges yesterday. the judge rejected his emotional plea that a protective or that keeps him from his family be lifted. his wife eliana lopez denies anything happened. >> i feel like i am [ unintelligible ] i feel like i am a ball in a little game. >> the -- in a political game. >> mr. mirkarimi did not commit domestic violence. he did not endanger his child. and he did not try dissuade his wife from talking to the police or anybody else. >> the judge cited a video showing lopez bruised and upset as the basis for continuing the protective over. a car that ended up stuck in a muni tunnel yesterday morning is out.
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crews removed it early this morning. a driver went into that church tunnel yesterday morning and didn't stop until his suv got stuck. the accident disrupted muni service for several hours. the vehicle damaged a switch which crews repaired overnight. the driver was realized on dui charges. he's 40-year-old scott mitchell. the driver of a uc shuttle bus has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for allegedly running a red light last summer causing a crash that killed a doctor onboard. 64-year-old wallace richardson was the driver of the shuttle and ran into a big rig july 14th. witnesses say richardson was distracted by having a conversation with dr. mack who was thrown out of the shuttle. seat belts are not required, officials say they would install them in the wake of
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mack's death. fire officials have stopped the forward aggression of a fire south of rina that has forced the evacuation of -- of reno that has forced the evacuation of 10,000 residents. it resulted yesterday with 80 mile per hour winds fanning the fire. crews were able to stop the wall of flames before it reached the high school where vice president biden had his appearance cut shore. the fire was visible from the downtown casino district, 10 miles away the crews expect to work through the weekend to get the blaze fully contained. 4:38. we are in that lull between storms. >> mike looks like we are not getting the rain now. is it still windy? >> we have a little light rain falling around and the winds not as fast as they are going to be later during the afternoon and evening with the next system. if we have delays at sfo because of the low ceiling. it is still moist. live doppler not picking up
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much in the way of radar returns the moisture is out there. visibility as low as one nile novato to less than two miles around santa rosa, fairfield and concord. everybody else technically unlimited. the other big story look at how warm it is three degrees in antioch to 15 to 20° around redwood city, hayward, 13 half moon bay and nap that puts our temperatures in the 40s to near 50. 50s truth the bay shore and out to the -- 50s throughout the bay shore and out to the coast. you can see by noon the whole area fars to fill in with rain increasing during the -- afternoon. another push of heavier rain during the evening with the cold front that's when the winds start to pick up. another chance of rain sunday afternoon into monday. sounds like we have a lot of incidents this morning. here's sue hall with traffic.
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san jose accident cleared out of the lanes at 280 southbound the ramp to highway 80, early "sig alert" lifted. we have highway wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. be forewarned that could blow your car around a little if you are out there driving. a lot of slick roads the reason for a lot of incidents overturned northbound 101 peninsula at the holly street off ram that is out of lanes now. it -- off-ramp thatják
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to foster city. 4:40. >> popular website is off-line this morning. this time it has nothing to do with the anti-piracy bill. federal prosecutors take down one of the world's largest file sharing sites. a hindu couple has their children taken away for what they say is a cultural misunderstanding. the outrage it is sparking in 3q join the revolution against scrubbing on your hands and knees. use new resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just three easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night.
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easy-off oven cleaner cuts through five times more grease than the leading all-purpose cleaner. cook with passion. clean with easy-off. good morning. live look san francisco kind of cloudy right now maybe a little drizzley nothing major coming down that is going to change for your evening commute. mike tracking the system and timeline for your neighborhood, all that and sue's traffic coming up. federal government has shutdown one of the world's largest file sharing websites
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prosecutors accuse the founder of violating internet piracy laws. copyright holders lost more than 500,000 in revenue. the company claims it has been diligent in responding to complaints about pirated material. outrage in the bay area's hindu community after an indian couple living in norway had their children taken away over what they say is a cultural misunderstanding. the parents say because they say were feeding their kids with their hands. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: they are making a global plea for help. they spoke of their ordeal on india-based tv. the two are living in norway, eight months ago the country's child protective services put their two small children in foster care. >> the reasons given by the norwegian child protective
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services has been the couple was feeding their children with their hands. and number two, they were apparently, the children were sleeping with the parents in the bed. both of which are common practices, not only in indian culture but are found in western societies. >> reporter: the pain is felt here in the bay area. the hindu-american foundation is taking action. the group launched this online petition to put pressure on the norwegian government to return the children to their parents. norway officials insist the one and 3-year-old were being raised inappropriately. >> why are you sitting with your -- why are you sleeping with their children in the same bed? >> reporter: a child welfare attorney calls norway's decision surprising. >> nationwide, you would not see children removed because they were being fed with hands or because they were sleeping with their parents. >> reporter: the parents are only allowed to see their children twice a year.
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their visa expires in march. they say they refuse to leave the country without their children. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. it is 4:45. >> making a pledge the actions some of the nation's most powerful mayors are taking in support of same-sex marriage. >> reporter: south carolina primary looms. republican candidates are firing on all cylinders. i'm katie marzullo, coming up newt gingrich gets mad and the others defend their personal lives. one of the bay area's most popular delicacies is going to cost you an arm and a leg, maybe eight legs. we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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switch from cascade to finish - over two million so far. maybe it's because finish quantum gives them cleaner, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. see for yourself why millions have switched. join the finish revolution. welcome want. -- welcome back. cold spreading through the great lakes into the northeast temperatures top out in the mid to upper 30s and drop.
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seattle and portland flight cancellations. major and regional airports in california on time. flight tracker, abc7 news at the bottom. 4:48. four republican presidential candidates are hitting the trail early on this final day of campaigning before tomorrow's south carolina primary. sparks are still flying after last night's debate that put newt gingrich and his ex-wife's open marriage accusation front and center. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with highlights. >> reporter: i have to back up a hair. it was bombshell after bombshell yesterday between the iowa caucus results changing to favor rick santorum. rick perry dropping out and then newt gingrich's ex-wife accusing him of wanting an open marriage. the four remaining candidates took the stage in south carolina for the cnn debate the first question the moderator asked of
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newt gingrich giving him a chance to respond to his second ex-wife's accusations that he wanted to stay married and openly see his mistress. gingrich fired back, not at his ex. >> destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country. harder to attract decent people to run for public office. i am appalled you will begin a presidential debate on a topic like that >> these are issues of our lives and what we did are issues of character for people to consider. >> let's get on to the real issues. >> setting standards are important and i'm proud that my wife of 54 years is with me tonight. >> reporter: another hot topic taxes. an audience member ask if they would release tax returns? newt gingrich already has. mitt romney says he will release his returns if he is the nominee. in the meantime, he doesn't want to give democrats any
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ammunition with which to attack him. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 4:50. a big endorsement of gay marriage coming today at the u.s. conference of mayors in washington, d.c.. the mayors of more than 70 cities will join forces to support same-sex marriage including los angeles, new york, houston, boston and san diego. the group will work with advocates trying to overturn the marriage act. mayor lee will raise a 49ers flag over city hall to honor the team. the recreation and parks department says the field will be ready despite all the rain forecasted between now and kickoff. workers painted the nfc logo lines, end zones and covered the field with tarp in anticipation of the storms. it will be taken off sunday. the nfc championship game starts 3:30 p.m..
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we know the mayors have made their bet. san francisco sourdough vs. new york city bagels. >> send the smear with the bagels. >> we want lox with ours. >> how about pizza? >> maybe for the super bowl. >> whatever keeps you warm. it is not that cold but it feels like it because it is so dam. >> it is damp. lingering moisture. -- you can see puddles that's what you are going to find standing water bay bridge in front of the toll the mini lake is back and probably will be for the better part of the morning commute and return and be big we are the heavy rain during the afternoon and evening. our best radar returns now on the peninsula into the santa cruz mountains. everybody else drizzle and a little fog heavy rain still offshore still a couple hours away. low 50s around the bay shore into the south bay out to the coast north bay and east bay
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valleys right now mid to upper 40s mile. low 50s monterey bay salinas 46 gilroy, 22° warmer than this time yesterday. we'll have afternoon and evening heavy rain. one-two punch. when the first one goes through, another is coming through during the evening. last storm sunday in time for the game. drier and warmer next week. could hit 60 in palo alto, san jose livermore the rest mid to upper 50s today. widespread nature of the rain into the monterey bay inland where temperatures hang out in the low 60s. tonight showers more than this morning 40s everywhere clear lake 39, half moon bay 50 that's your temperature spread. first system fell apart as we expected as it moved moo into the south bay. look at this wall of water, the brighter tops of the clouds mean they have more moisture. warm front comes that's the
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first push of rain during the afternoon second push with the cold front sunday's storm doesn't have as much moisture with it. during the overnight hours we watch the rain taper into drizzle and pockets of light rain through the morning. as we head into noon warm front drawing near the rain increasing steady, light to moderate with the warm front even heavy at times in the north bay with the heavier, faster rain falling with the cold front coming through during the evening and then tapering overnight to showers for saturday morning and showers will dry by saturday afternoon. saturday afternoon into sunday that's when we get our break from the wet weather. once the game stars at 3:30 rain -- starts at 3:30 rain moves back in mid 60s with sunshine next week half an inch to an inch in the south bay to an inch and a half around the bay one to two inches in the north bay. good morning. we have just an update. no chain requirements if the sierra if you are headed
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towards tahoe they are screening big trucks at applegate. to saratoga southbound 9, accident blocking lane saintil born, northbound 101 holly street off -- off-ramp blocked with overturn san francisco financial district 6:00 this morning occupy san francisco planning a protest at the intersection of montgomery and california. san francisco pd asking to you avoid the area if possible. flooding typical, low-lying street at northbound 101 at sir francis drake, highway flooded a couple lanes some cars slowing to make it through that area. the bay bridge toll metering lights remain off, no problem heading into san francisco upper deck into the downtown area. 4:55. crabbers off the northern california coast are getting a
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high price for their catch. that means we crab lovers will likely pay more for fresh dungeonness. the season was delayed after crab tests were showing too little meat. the storm is expected through the weekend. right now pacific choice seafood saying it is paying fishermen $3 a pound up 50 cents from last month. the distributor says the cooked crab market will require the highest sales price in history if retailers are to make money. >> good thing the mayor didn't have to pony up the crabs to the saints bet. a second more powerful storm is knocking on the bay area's doorstep. we are on the storm watch with well. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in downtown san francisco. occupiers are saying it is not going to be business as usual today. they are talking about occupying buildings, mass
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demonstrations, civil disobedience. even promising, what you could call an ocu-fry. i'll explain in a live report. the warning brokers are giving if you are trying to snag tickets to sunday's game. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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