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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  January 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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sky 7 shows you the scene minutes ago after san meg gel elementary in sunnyvale, students and teachers are locked down. >> david louie joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: we areazf on san miguel avenue. you can't see much from this advantage point. sunnyvale public safety out in full force trying to make sure the students, teachers and
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staff inside the school are safe. when we arrived we saw police had surround the school. an administrator tells us three threatening calls came in a male caller made those threats saying he was angry and would take business into his own hands many no one knows why he's angry. public safety offs are take nothing chances about what the caller means about taking business into his own hands. students from kindergarten to fifth grade, parents were notified and they've been told to go to fair oaks park, a mile away to wait for the release of their children. a search of the school is half complete. here's what the assistant superintendent and a parent said about the emergency. >> calls came into the school afterschool started around 8:15. they were threatening in nature. the principal immediately
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notified public safety and the school district, she notified me then we responded. >> he's five, six in kindergarten. he didn't want to go to school today, i told him he to go. 30 minutes later, i get a call. >> reporter: how do you think he's handling this? >> i think he's okay. i don't think he knows what is going on. i think he's okay. as long as they are calm, then the kids will be calm. >> reporter: what do you think of the response and how the city is handling this? >> they 2ks handling it pretty good. >> reporter: assistant superintendent gallagher tells us they are following a code red procedure. the students are moved from the windows. doors are locked. emergency personnel move in to secure the school. back live you can see they are taking it seriously. we'll keep you updated. parents are handling it well given tension in the air.
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we'll keep you updated. david louie, abc7 news. we'll continue to follow that for you on a statewide amber alert has been issued for a 12-year-old girl taken in a violent attack. a 42-year-old man broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend with a gun and took her daughter in the middle of the night. amy hollyfield joins us with the story. >> reporter: police are worried. they have five different units dedicated to this case. they've been working on it since the abduction happened. take a look at this picture of taylor, she will be easy to spot, blonde highlights at the tips of herçtu dark hair. if you see this 12-year-old call police immediately. they say don't approach her abductor they believe he's dangerous. the girl was in her home when the man stormed into the house. the family says the man is the
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ex-boyfriend of taylor's mother. they say he a gun. i was 1:15 in the morning and they say he was angry. >> i heard a loud sound and then i saw someone holding a gun at my dad's head. he asked where my sister was. and he couldn't find my sister then he went after my niece. he took her out of the house. >> reporter: here is who police are looking for. they say he's from san jose. he fired two shots inside the house. they did find shell casings in there. they are concerned about what he might do to the girl. >> he conducted a one-man home invasion took over the house, fired rounds, kidnapped her forcefully. he was a prior for domestic violence. he is known to the announce that is important because i don't know about you, i don't think any of us go to our
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friends's houses and do these things. he has something in his mind where he feels he's been wronged and maybe kidnapping her was a way to if he back at them, we don't know. >> reporter: police say no one has spotted the pair. they think the first day is the most important one of the search that's why they haven't stopped working the case. they need anyone who sees them or knows him to please call police. they believe they are going to be driving in a dark minivan they don't have that license plate. they are hoping someone will see the pair and all in that license plate or any helpful information. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. now to our series of winter storms the most powerful round two is nearly here. >> rain was coming down at a good clip this morning. it is going to a lot more precipitation to get caught after a record dry december. >> snow is finally falling in
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the sierra. the major highways are open. the snow a welcome sight to ski resorts going into the weekend. mike how long is this storm door going to stay open? >> a least a couple more days. monday afternoon it is probably going to shut. south bay quiet east bay best radar returns some small. green is light rain. up to the north bay impressive ones maybe moderate rain north heading towards st. helena, all moving west to east this is waves of showers you can see the beret - returns from the north that's the cold front -- better radar returns from the north. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. it hasn't rained like this in sometime. drivers may be caught unprepared for the dangers that come with storms. katie marzullo is live at the bay bridge toll. you have talked with the chp, what are officers saying?
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>> reporter: they have seen a few extra spin-outs today and a couple of fender benders that might be weather-related but saying they got through the morning commute pretty much unscathed. traffic is light and moving along. the key word today is slow. slow down. the chp is reminding drivers their cars will respond differently on the wet pavement than on dry pavement. >> slow down. adequate following distance. good attitude. extra patience. so that you don't have to call one of me or my distinguished colleagues to assist you because of a collision or spin-out. >> reporter: as the rain is going to stick around a few more days for planning purposes you want a couple maintenance things ready. make sure tires are properly inflated, the tread is good and you want your wipers and defrost system working properly.
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an seeming -- assuming we can get through the driving situation safely then the rain is good news. reservoirs 75% of normal. sierra almost no snow. slow it down, be safe and this will be good news for everyone. katie marzullo, abc7 news. right now weather following occupy protests on both sides of the bay they coincide with a national day of action. we begin with terry mcsweeney near the intersection of montgomery and california in the financial district. >> reporter: intersection closed down now a few minute ago police moved the demonstrators back up montgomery. then the demonstrators pushed back and the police retreated. there was an arrest a few minutes ago i did not know what that was for. right now cable cars not getting there. nobody getting through california heading towards the embarcadero going the other way they've got it blocked too. here come the police now.
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i don't know what action they are going to be taking. earlier in the a, far more peaceful, still boisterous scene. what the protesters lacked in numbers, they made up for in volume. chaining themselves to the entrances to the wells fargo building. seven arrested with when concerns for occupants trumped those of the occupiers. >> we explained it was for public safety people had to get out of the building in an emergency. when they didn't do that we gave them a few minutes the identifies came in without incident arrested those folks. >> reporter: those still chained to other doors told us they too are willing to be arrested. >> banks are not being responsible. we are tired of being foreclosed. getting in so much debt, student debt as well, it is just time to change the system. >> reporter: the attempt to shutdown wells fargo building
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partial success it kept some from getting to work. few wanted to talk. one man did. you are all right with it? >> for the moment. >> reporter: back out here on california and montgomery, a slew of police vehicles. a sheriff pad day wagon, police paddy wagon, a number of police vehicles as police move in coming up montgomery toward california you have a number of police in riot gear. they are not clearing the intersection. they seem to be going up california street towards kearney. i don't know exactly what they've got going on over there. i'm to run over here and see if i can get a look. there seems to be something going in front of the old bank of america headquarters, where police are gathering. there are a number of people. those doors were locked earlier today. nobody was allowed in, not even the employees. now police are up in that
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area. dozens of them dealing with the situation up there. i'll try to find out what is going on and get back to you in a little bit. live at california and montgomery streets in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. to jonathan bloom now with more. >> reporter: were weigh here at another protest if of the san francisco federal reserve. folks are from iraq vets again the war. video from a few minutes ago of the grand entrance they made to the plaza in front of the federal reserve. they told us this demonstration is a simulation of a couple of things. it is a simulation what it is like for people in countries where the united states military has a presence to be taken prisoner. referring to folks in iraq and afghanistan objecting to the way folks are taken prisoner
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if they seem to pose a threat to united states military operations. they tell us this is another meaning of the demonstration taking issue with the fact they see american civil liberties eroded at home. why are they having the demonstration in front of the federal reserve? it is one of the organizations in the pipeline getting money from america to the war. one of the organizations that is helping to fund the war. they are going to be demonstrating in front of various financial institutions today. they say this is the way they need to bring attention to where the money is going in america. they say the money should be going to the 99% at home, maybe even the 99% in other countries instead of going to war and destruction they say. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. again, series of occupy protests. >> still ahead some people in hayward woke to find their cars smashed up. the charges that the injured driver who slammed
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wet that james died from leukemia complications this morning. james made many hits throughout her career best known for her powell rendition of "at last." president obama famously danced to it during his 2008 inauguration ball. james always said she lived the life of the blues. after being abandoned by her teenaged mother she wrestled with weight problems, abusive relationships and drug addiction. james would have been 74 next wednesday. in the east bay a man in jail on dui and hit-and-run charges this 29-year-old was drunk when into a plantar box then two parked cars he smashed his head into the windshield, police found him three blocks away and took him into custody. mike nicco with the heaviest rains still to come.
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>> still to come and still rain for the football game sunday. updated forecast. various airports reporting delays.
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sky 7 hd live over one part of the occupy protest in san francisco, a lot of police down there. this is a stand off between officers and protesters outside a wells fargo bank on california street, corner of california and montgomery. protesters blocked the bank entrances and kept it from
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opening and blocked the trolley line. this standoff is the result of officers arresting somebody blocking the parking garage. some protesters are on the move marching around the bank. you can expect cable car traffic slowed or stalled. traffic snarled. if you can avoid that area please try do so. >> you can see how grey it is outside. that means rain continues more on the way. >> absolutely more on the way probably heaviest during the latter parts of the afternoon into the evening if you have plans be prepared. good morning. we start where it is starting to look less brown and more white heaviest of the snow not there yet will start around 7:00 this evening. the sooner you can get up there the better off you will be. snow levels now around 7500 feet they will drop a little the passes will be probably snowbound by the evening hours once that sunsets. at home rain falling as we look down on san francisco to
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the east as you can see. nice shot, appreciate that. let's take a look at radar still the best returns now up in the north bay as next system gets ready to move ashore. rainfall amounts impressive from an inch in santa rosa, almost 2 1/2 mill valley, two 3rds in -- two thirds in san francisco, you will get your rain out of this next system. temperatures still holding in the upper 40s to mid to upper 50s around the bay shore to the coast. low to mid 50s monterey bay inland to gilroy upper 50s around monterey. highlights afternoon and evening when heavy rain starts to move in ponding on the roads and slick spots sthrep. last storm sunday during the game warmer drier next week. near 60 palo alto, san jose and livermore mid to upper 50s today low 60s monterey bay everybody dealing with rain at some point today mean if the
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heaviest is a couple hours away. 50 half moon bay, 39 clear lake everybody else in the 40s with showers tonight. last 10 hours, one system moving out the other moving in much more impressive that shield of clouds with the warmtron that's the first push of heavy rain -- the cold front will bring in the second one sunday next system not as robust. here are scattered rains through the noon hour cold front coming in with heavier rain through the evening and overnight hours there were some pause points, i don't know what happened to them i'll tell what is going to happen during the morning hours around 8:00, scattered showers. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll have sun break out mostly cloudy, dry through sunday morning. then sunday afternoon, the rain rolls through during the heart of the game. you will be wet if you are heading that way you can see nearly after an inch to an inch in the south bay, 3/4 to
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an inch and half around the bay there you go with winter storm warning 7:00 this evening through 10:00 tomorrow that snow could drop down to 5500 feet they will get feet of snow if you can get there oh man the skiing will be nice. sunday into monday next chance of rain. once that passes low to mid 60s with a lot of dry weather, next week. we'll be right back with a look at sunday's top notch entertainment. >> the 49ers nfc championship game in
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another live look over one
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part of the occupy protest in san francisco. you are looking at an area where there's a standoff between police and protesters outside the wells fargo bank on california street. they are protesting bank foreclosures and evictions. they blocked bank entrances this morning and the trolley line police have made several rests. try avoid the area if you can. traffic is a big mess. >> we'll follow that all day. later at 3:00, tim gunn from the new show the revolution. then at 4:00, michael finney has the results of tests on all those cordless drills for less than $100. at 5:00 we are tracking the storm plus the occupy protesters and the problems both could contribute to the commute. finally, the entertainment line-up is out for the championship game this sunday. bay area rap sensation bailey
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will provide the pregame entertainment his whose got it better has become a fan favorite. kristen channel worth will the national -- before -- if you want to give up the rally towel send it to me. go 49ers. >> that is going to do it for us. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter. >> talk about it at >> talk about the 49ers, talk about whatever you want. we hop you have a great day. -- we hope you have a great day. >> we live you with a live look of the occupy protest.
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