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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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and fistfights and there have been a number of arrests reported. that's a small fraction of the 70,000 people who are here, but we found a number of niner fans who were not kind to their visitors from the east. [cheering] >> niner fans waited nine years for this moment and they came ready with anything they thought would bring victory. >> got this right here. got manning right there. going to be a good day. >> it was party time outside candlestick, despite a cold ran. fans did it up big yiernlg hauling out stoves and wood-fired barbecues and tvs to keep an eye on the afc games and say the rains did not bother them at all. >> not a bit. the best fans in the world, and
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going to be great day. >> we waited 14 years for this. this is our time. this is our house. this is the 49ers house. >> this was not the warmest place for new york giants fans to wear their blue. [shouting] >> the san francisco police officers who were not patrolling in uniform were undercover, some wearing giants blue to catch abusive fans. police were on the lookout for counterfeit tickets and unlicensed nfl merchandise. officers stopped this man and pulled shirt after shirt out of his jacket. >> getting towards the super bowl here, it's getting really bad all over the place. last game we seized about 1,000 items, and just small amounts, a dozen here, dozen there, and they're all over the place. >> incidentally, sales over $950, it becomes a felony. there are extra cameras to keep
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an eye on the situation. also, extra police on duty and some shifts were moved into the night to keep an eye on the postgame crowd whatever happens. >> thank you, john. our resident nfl veteran and super bowl champion mike has the latest on the game. >> mike: alex smith and very nondavis working their magic in the first quarter. niners 7-0. but the giants respond with an 11-play drive andly and they led in the first half. they're in the third quarter, 49ers up 14-10. of course, larry beil is at the stick. >> we've been keeping an eye on the tv. >> we'll see what happens. >> bars around the bay area have been packed with fans watching the game. and let's go to nick smith.
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he is at noe's bar in san francisco. >> al an, this place is on fire, everybody is glued to the screen. [cheers] >> this is what 49ers fan excitement looks like. and this is how it sounds. >> on to the super bowl, baby. >> niner fans pulling and praying for a win and the nfc championship title packed bars across the city, and screaming their team to victory. >> we're going to run through new england if we get there we have to get this game done first, though, and after this game we'll take care of the new england patriots. >> i live down the street from the stick. got love it. faithful right here, all day, every day. >> it was more of the same across town at the final final, where this group found their
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spot before noon, for kickoff that didn't happen until after 3:00. >> we've been here since 11:00 a.m. go niners! >> alex smith is the best! >> the secret to a 49er victory would be teamwork, coming from everybody on the whole team. >> 14-10 what will it take for victory. >> smith to stay composed and turnovers. >> we'll bring you fan reaction later at 11:00. live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> nick is right in the middle. tributes are coming in from all over the country for joe paterno, the former penn state football coach who died at age 85. paterno led the until any lions for 46 years until he was fired in a fallout from a child abuse
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sex scandal. fans gathered at his statue outside beaver stadium. >> i don't know why but i got up and drove an hour up here to pay my respects. so, don't really know why. i felt like i needed to be here. >> i'm proud to be part of happen valley, regardless of what happened. i stopped to take pictures because i care for the family, i care for happy valley. >> pa term know passed away this morning from lung cancer. >> in antioch, six people, mostly teens, are recovering after a shooting at a sweet 16 party. it happened last night at a home on willmont court. dozens teens were running from the garage when police showed up. five teenagers and a 21-year-old woman were taken to a hospital. one neighbor says he was playing his xbox when he heardded the
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gunshots. >> heard gun shots going off. i was actually kind of scared. not used to that stuff. it was pretty hectic. >> the youngest victim is 13 years old. antioch police are following up on leads but as of right now no one has been arrested. >> the water is back on for dozens of customers in the oakland hills after a roadway collapse made a mess of things. a chunk of wild current way is gone after collapsing when the saturated ground from the rain gave away and crumbled on to the street below. repair crews say it will be a while before the road is re-opened. >> after a fight for her life, arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords says goodbye to washington, dc. >> get ready to calm -- cough up more money at the post office. >> rain, snow, and the 49ers fans show you the winning combination. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we have had light from moderate
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showers. some heavy rain will move in overnight. wind advisories posted for some parts of the bay area. we check out excitement.
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>> san francisco sheriff has a court date on charges of domestic violence. >> he faces three mims counts related to an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife on new year's. his trial date is expected to be
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set tomorrow. he plead not guilty and says he will not resign as sheriff. >> arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords says she is getting better and her spirtz are high but she is stepping down. >> i have more work to do on my recovery, so doing what is best for arizona. i will step down this week. >> the dem crosswalk lawmaker made the announcement on her web site. she was shot in the head outside a tucson supermarket last january. she says she doesn't remember much from the horrible day and thanks supporters for her prayers. a special election will be called. >> the republican presidential race is focused on florida. after news gingrich's victory in south carolina last night, all three primaries have had three different winners. gingrich claims he is the only candidate who can defeat president barack obama, but for mitt romney and rick santorum, it's far from over.
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>> just wait until the next race. >> i don't think the people of this country are going to choose as the next president of the united states a person who spent 40 years in washington as a congressman and a lobbyist. >> early voting has begun in florida bought the official primary is on january 31st. >> meanwhile, g.o.p. presidential candidate rick santorum ran into a dozen "occupy" protesters in south carolina. they threw glitter on the candidate. the protester's escorted out and santorum brushed off the glitter. he is taking days off to raise money for his cash-strapped campaign. >> get ready to shell our more money for gas and stamps. >> a soggy sunday for all of us. what's ahead for the work week. leigh glaser is coming up with the forecast. >> mike: the afc title game came down to a field goal to force an
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overtime. 32-yard gimme. are you kidding me? he shanked it. some upset player nez locke room. we'll hear from the cu
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body of a woman was discovered this morning. at least 19 people are missing but one rescue official says that number could be hired because unregistered passengers may have been onboard. search efforts are delaying
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attempts to remove the fuel but rescuers say they're not giving up yet. >> an incident at sacramento international airport forced a united plane to return shortly after takeoff. the problem? birds and a problem that's becoming more and more common, because the airport lies in the path of a bird migration route from the north down to mexico. some passengers aren't worried. >> the numbers increase. as birds migrate from the far north with the snowy condition. >> it's a bird, it's a plane so there's no problem for me. >> they think it's superman, right? last january alone the faa recorded 34 air strikes at the airport compared with ten in the next two months. the planes from yesterday completed its flight to houston. >> it's going to cost you more to mail a letter. the postage rate is going up to 45 cents. officials hope the price increase will raise an
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additional $88 million in annual revenue. the hike comes as the postal service fights to stay afloat by cutting hours and closing retail outlets. >> and gas prices are on the rise. the average price of a gallon jumped more than 3 cents over the past two weeks. the nationwide average is now 3.39 a gallon in california, the statewide average is 3.67. and los angeles is spending the most at 3.71 a gallon. >> a wet weekend around the bay area and more is on the way. in san francisco, lots of umbrellas in union square today. not a lot of rain fell but enough to get wet and mess up your hair if you didn't have an umbrella. >> in lake tahoe, no truth to the rumor only 49ers fans are allowed on the slopes. they're making the snow angels.
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the storm dropped nearly two feet of fresh powder on the slopes and more is on the way. >> leigh: hi there, guys. more snow is on the way. probably pick up as much as three additional feet of snow up there at the 7,000-foot level in the next 24 hours. we have a lot of weather to get through and the brunt of the next system will move through while we're sleeping overnight. the live doppler 7hd showing you scattered showers that are rotating into the heaviest cells north of petaluma. near the stick, a little bit of a break. we can see some cells redeveloping off the coast and those will sweep in as we continue the play there. of course, this rain will intensify as we head to the overnight hours. boulder creek right now pick upg moderate rain, scotts valley and santa cruz, moving from south to northeast. so saratoga will see showers
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shortly in the north bay, temperatures have cooled considerably, mid-to-upper 40s. with '8at napa. 51 in san francisco. half moon bay, brisk southerly wind, gusts up to 24 miles-per-hour. 54-degree thrvmentz 51 in mountain view, and antioch, 48 degrees. here is a look at our highlights. heavy rain and very gusty winds will arrive after midnight. really the most potent part of the next system, midnight to 4:00 a.m., will deal with lingering monday morning showers, and then after that get ready for the storm to move on out and we'll look for afternoon clearing. and then after that get ready for a dry weather pattern to set until and temperatures by mid-week will warm back up into the 60s. this is the next component to move in. it's an area of low pressure. it's right here right now, but overnight it's going to push -- move right over the bay area, and all of this moisture will just feed in. so that's where the heavy rain
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will move in at that time frame and also as it starts to move in along the coast, that's when the winds pick up as well. let's take a look at the timing. 6:00, and i think the model did this very well. you can see the break we're in right now. heaviest rain in the north bay. check out 10:00, 11:00, the heavy band as the low gets closer, the rain picks up. 1:00 a.m. the dark oranges and the yellows denoting some very heavy rainfall, and then as the low continues to sweep to the south, this is 4:00 a.m. we'll start to get on the back edge of that and we'll start to clear out. we may have a few lingering showers here and there throughout the day on monday, but really it looks like most of the heaviest rain will be tomorrow morning in the high country, storm warning until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the toughest part of the trip up there will be tomorrow morning. one to two, possibly as much as three feet of snow, move the 7,000-foot level.
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eight to 16 inches of snow up to 5,000 feet. and wind advisory from 10:00 tonight to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the coastal hills, east bay hills, diablo range and gusts possibly as high as 50 miles-per-hour, mainly at the higher elevations, and the timing will be right as the low starts to move in. once all of that moves out, temperatures will rebound nicely tomorrow. mid-to-upper 50s. clearing beginning north bay, then south bay. watsonville, 55. 54 for holster, and after this big impulse moves through overnight. we dry out nicely. we'll have to deal with morning fog throughout the day, and then on tuesday and then sunny and mild with 60s returning by mid-week. >> more rain on the way tonight. >> shu, we're in the fourth quarter. >> mike: all right. let me give you an update. the niners and giants battling in the nfc title game.
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fourth quarter, niners take the lead on the touchdown pass. the g-men respond with a pass by manning, and they led 10-7 in the half. in the third, frank gore, 24-yard catch and that led to smith and davis again. two tds for very non. they're up in the fourth. a controversial play. >> in the afc we'll not have a harbaugh super bowl as the ravens are never more. john harbaugh looking to get to his first super bowl with the ravens. joe flacco called out by his teammates today but he delivers. the pats led by three in the half in the third, patriots up 16-10. flacco to smith. gets inside the pylon. ravens on top 17-16 to the fourth, now 20-16 baltimore. pats with fourth and goal. inside the one. brady gets some air. back on top by three. they get oat back and go right
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for the jugular. brady going deep. a great pick by smith. the ravens would be forced to punt and then 27 seconds left, flacco to evans. drops it. looked like a sure bet that would have won the game. unbelievable but that's okay. they can still send it to overtime with this 32-yard field goal. >> 32 yards to tie it. and the -- look out. look out. >> are you kidding me? shanks the gimme. the patriots are going back to the super bowl as they hang on to win it 23-20. >> they laid it all out there. sometimes it's just not good enough. if you play long enough you're going to have games where things just didn't good -- go your way. >> came up short at 53. 53 begin 53 lose. i'm proud of the way we did it. we didn't quite get it done. >> the games come down to one or
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two plays, and our defense really made some huge plays there, very critical plays, and went down to the end. it was a legal of a game. >> as we reported earlier. former penn state head coach joe paterno died of lung cancer this morning at the age of 85. he won 409 victories, winning two national titles in 46 years as head coach of the nittany lions sthefnlings all abuse scandal involving one of his top assistants cost him the job two months ago. >> i remember joe for what joe did. what joe did positive. and there's so many positive things, you can't even begin to count them. i think that to me is the biggest mark that coach paterno left. >> mike: let's serve them up from down under. federer taking on a young aussie, tommic.
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federer takes the second set. now serving for match. just completely fools him with a soft touch. roger wins, moves on to this 31st straight gram grandmother quarterfinal. >> for the women, wozniak up one. how about this fight. right past jankovic but the set was close. the 21-year-old is moving on. woes. >> now how about some hoops. cal women hosting washington state. cal up 1, less than a minute to play. the running jumper. led all scorers with 13. wsu had a chance to go ahead late. cal hangs on to win it. we'll have complete highlights and locker room talk from the 49ers at 11:00. larry beil is at the stick. looks like the giants might have scored on a punt. >> thanks, shu. >> now to more pictures of
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49ers fans. check out this little guy. his little 49ers touchdown. plus, the niners' girls there with the little gold dancer. and laurie sent us a picture of sfo decked out in niners and gold. there it is. that's so cool. i saw that at city hall. all red and gold. we want to see all your videos. send them to you or you can e-mail them as well. photos to you report@kgotv. >> a battle at the box office. we'll have the top films when we return.
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>> in china they rang in the year of the dragon today with explosions of light and sound across the city, including 108 manages -- bangs on a large bell in beijing's old city. >> kate is back with a vengeance. >> why are you following me? >> her latest underworld movie opened this weekend at number 1. it's the fourth film in the vampire action saga. >> second place was red tails about the tuskegee air men. last week's film contraband
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dropped to third place, and hay wire wraps up the top five moves. >> thanks for joining us. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪


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