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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 23, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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this morning on "world news now," newtm. this morning on "world news now," newt-mentum. after a huge win in south carolina, newt gingrich has shaken up the republican presidential race. >> yet another dramatic turn in this one. now, the remaining candidates shift their sights, of course, to the sunshine state. but is it now just a two-man race? it is monday january 23rd. good morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. >> it is monday. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. three republican races behind us, and we have three different
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winners now. newt gingrich, of course, is riding high this time after that big and stunning win in south carolina on saturday. but was it enough to take the front-runner title away from mitt romney? really newt shocked the political world with this winning so handily in south carolina. now january 31st, florida, it's going to be a huge ballot down there. millions being spent right now to see who's going to finally if anyone emerge as the front-runner. >> i think it's great. just all the political drama. keep it coming. keep us tuned in. >> the only people that love it more than you, the white house. >> that's right. also this morgan, stepping down. just over a year after that tragic shooting in tucson, gabrielle giffords has decided to resign from congress. the emotional message she had for the people of arizona, explaining why now is the right time. emotional is right. just a very well-put message out there. and she's going to explain why she is stepping down. but she is clearly making progress. and that is good to see. but she doesn't rule out maybe she'll eventually come back. >> maybe so.
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and everything she's been through in a year i think people understand why she has to focus on her recovery. also this morning the man who accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun. he didn't even know it. for 36 hours he had this, a three-inch nail, literally stuck in his brain. how did it happen, and how it went unnoticed for so long. i'd think there would be -- >> a three-inch nail? >> a little headache, a little something. but he went a while and didn't even know it. kind of scary. >> i can't even imagine that. that looks straight painful. my head's hurting. but first, after a stunning weekend in politics, newt gingrich arrives in florida savoring his upset win over mitt romney. >> the former house speaker says his job now is to convince voters that he, not romney, is the one candidate who can actually defeat president obama this fall. with more on the race here is abc's chuck seifertson. >> reporter: for newt gingrich it was yet another political resurrection. >> we proved here in south carolina that people power with the right ideas beats big money. >> reporter: gingrich is
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savoring his dark horse victory. a 12-point upset of mitt romney. and he credited his success to an electorate fed up with elites. >> the establishment is right to be worried about a gingrich nomination because a gingrich nomination we're going to change things. we're going to make the establishment very uncomfortable. we're going to demand real change in washington. >> reporter: south carolina was a bitter setback for mitt romney, who as he did in iowa saw a big lead in the polls dribble away by the 11th hour. >> we've still got a long way to go and a lot of work to do. >> reporter: and romney was back on the attack against gingrich. >> i don't think that the people of this country are going to choose as the next president of the united states a person who spent 40 years in washington as a congressman and a lobbyist. >> reporter: and he tried to settle a flap over his taxes. >> i will release my tax returns for 2010. i'll do that on tuesday of this week. >> reporter: rick santorum, who finished a distant third in south carolina, pledged to soldier on. >> just wait till the next race. >> reporter: that's in florida
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on january 31st, where romney leads in money and resources for a contest that has now become crucial to preserve his perception of electability. >> i'll keep fighting for every single vote. i will compete in every single state. >> reporter: and now he's competing with what's being called newt-mentum and a chief rival with newfound confidence. chuck seivertson, abc news. >> romney making very clear that his game now is offense, not defense. he didn't waste any time taking the gloves off. he called newt gingrich a "failed leader who resigned in disgrace." they are ready for some hardball in florida. >> and they're going to be laying out the cash. the tv economy is going to benefit big-time. in 2008 giuliani, romney, and mccain spent 10.64 in tv advertising. >> million. right. >> romney alone 7 million so far. they expect that number just to be blown out of the water. >> they're going shatter what happened in 2008. florida, get ready.
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>> make it rain. >> yes. the white house is closely watching from the sidelines as the republican race takes yet another dramatic turn. >> abc's senior washington editor rick klein says the democrats do have a clear favorite in the race. >> reporter: if president obama got to choose his opponent, it would be newt gingrich without question. even republicans are starting to worry that gingrich could drag down his fellow republican candidates if he's the presidential nominee. so democrats are still training all of their fire on mitt romney, which actually could boost gingrich's chances in florida and beyond. >> interesting. the remaining four republican candidates, gingrich, romney, paul, and santorum, meet tonight for the first of two debates ahead of the florida vote on january 31st. and don't forget, diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos will anchor live coverage of president obama's state of the union address and the republican response tuesday night. it all begins at 9:00 eastern. rob. representative gabby giffords will be at that state of the union address this week. and it will be for the last time. the arizona congresswoman released a video statement sunday to announce that she will resign from office. as you remember, it was just
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over a year ago now that a gunman attacked her at a constituent event at a supermarket parking lot in tucson, leaving her with a life-altering brain injury. >> i don't remember much from that horrible day. but i will never forget the trust you placed in me to be your voice. thank you for your prayers and for giving me time to recover. i have more work to do on my recovery. so to do what is best for arizona i will step down this week. >> remarkable not even the word for her recovery. giffords will be back in tucson today to actually complete that congress at your corner event that was interrupted by the attack last january. she'll meet privately with those
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who were injured that day as well as the heroes who saved their lives. well, salvage experts could decide today when and how to remove more than half a million gallons of fuel from the "costa concordia," capsized off the coast of italy on sunday. divers recovered the body of a woman wearing a life vest in a submerged section of the ship that now brings the death toll to 13 with at least another 19 people missing and reports also potentially of unregistered passengers. it is a somber week at penn state as that campus remembers legendary coach joe paterno. students gathered for a candlelight vigil on campus last night. paterno died sunday morning at the age of 85 from complications of lung cancer just two months after he was fired, of course, in the wake of that ongoing sex scandal at the school. joe motown of our philadelphia station wpvi has more. >> reporter: it seems appropriate that those who love joe paterno would come straight here to beaver stadium to say good-bye. >> who he was. that's what he lived by.
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just built tradition. >> reporter: the news came quickly that the long-time penn state football coach had lost his battle with cancer. paterno's family released a statement saying, "he died as he lived. he fought hard until the end, stayed positive, thought only of others, and constantly reminded everyone of how blessed husband life had been." his family goes on to say, "his ambitions were far-reaching but he never believed he had to leave this happy valley to achieve them. he was a man devoted to his family, his university, his players, and his community." emotional penn state alumni agree. >> he represents penn state. he represents who we are. he brings us together. >> reporter: on paterno's street the barricades are up to give his large family some privacy. supporters left candles and notes for his wife on the walkway to his home. back at the statue that bears his likeness this penn state community is praying for his family. >> he's a fighter, a nittany lion, and we love him.
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and his family. >> reporter: paterno's family says from his living legacy of 17 grandchildren and five children to his student athletes, joe paterno made an incredible impact. kenneth moton, abc news, state college, pennsylvania. >> end of a chapter for sure. wow. >> we hear that he died of a broken heart potentially. >> a sad ending to an otherwise amazing career. well, the super bowl match-up is set. it's going to be the new york football giants against the new england patriots. a repeat of the 2008 contest. >> our stage manager pat has his giants sweatshirt on tonight. first up, though, new england patriots and the baltimore ravens in the afc title game. patriots qb tom brady was the big hero. no surprise there. scoring a come-from-behind td in the last quarter. then with just 11 seconds left a chance to win when billy cundiff missed wide left. 32-yard field goal. didn't make. patriots eke out the win. they head back to the super bowl. final score 23-20 over the
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ravens. >> and in the nfc it was the 49ers it was the giants and 49ers tied in overtime. lawrence tynes said after the game that he dreamt about kicking the game winner. that's what a field goal kicker does. and not doing what billy cundiff did. >> he had a much better day. new york -- we report today from a very excited new york city to say the least. storm chasers were very busy in arkansas on sunday. a wild line of storms whipped up fierce winds that lit up the sky with flashes from exploding transformers. >> at least eight tornadoes were reported across the state damaging power lines, turning over at least one tractor-trailer. it's part of a line of strong storms moving across the south and midwest later today. >> to think there are a lot of brave folk who chase storms. kudos to them. >> yes. here's a look at your weather. freezing rain threatens the
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morning commute from virginia to maine. strong storms still shaking up the south with some risk of tornadoes. rain turns to snow in the northern great lakes. high winds in northern california. snow inland and the pacific northwest. >> 50 atlanta. 65. average almost everywhere else. 26 minneapolis. 43, kansas city. seattle 45. the place to be as always, miami. a lovely-sounding 80 degrees today. >> do you think i'm going to be able to say this? lunar new year. the lunar new year. >> there you go. >> arrived just at midnight. and on chinese tv the year of the dragon was welcomed in with a special show featuring glittering performances including this one. take a look. ♪ i've been working on the railroad ♪ ♪ all the livelong day >> working on the railroad. may have bought it too. that of course is america's own billionaire warren buffett singing and playing the ukulele. buffett is very popular in china actually because of his
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investments there and because he is so successful. we saw the president sing. we've got warren buffett on the ukulele. good to see those guys, the rich and powerful let their hair down. cool. we'll be back with more after this. >> even though he doesn't have any hair to let down. ♪ work on the railroad ♪ all the livelong day i'm just a bit of residue left behind by some mop. why you... nobody's taken a shine to me in a long time. phooey. i don't need anybody...but you! ♪ i believe in miracles [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can push muddy water around. swiffer wetjet's new, upgraded solution helps prevent streaks and residue to reveal more shine than a mop or your money back. you're a fresh swiffersnapper!
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♪ welcome back, erybod welcome back, everybody. our next story is a real nail-biter. bad pun totally intended. an illinois man shot himself in the head with a nail gun. he didn't even know it. >> and it wasn't a joke. a three-inch nail was in the guy's brains for 36 hours, during which time the man chatted with his wife, got a good night's sleep, and even plowed his driveway. how does that happen? abc's t.j. winick explains. >> reporter: look at this image. that's a 3 1/2-inch nail lodged smack dab in the middle of a man's brain. that man is dante atulo. just days ago dante was doing construction work when his automatic nail gun recoiled
3:17 am
against his skull. >> ripped my head open. and then pat oochlt oochlt i heard the nail go in. i thought it went past my ear but it obviously went into my brain. >> reporter: still not knowing if it went in, dante walked around with a nail in his head for a day and a half. >> continued on to work. then went salting and plowing for eight hours. went home, went to sleep. >> reporter: only after feeling nauseous the next day did he seek medical attention. doctors performed a cat scan and gave him the incredible news. >> i thought he was joking. i go, are you kidding me? he goes, no, man, i'm serious, this is in you. >> yeah, this is the nail right here. >> reporter: he was rushed in for emergency surgery. his surgeon, dr. leslie schafer, says injuries like these run common and fraught with risk. >> the most concerning risk is the possibility of infection. and also that the nail may move within the brain and cause damage to the structures inside.
3:18 am
it could have been fatal. fortunately, it wasn't. >> reporter: dante's unbelievable story is the latest in a line of people who have lived through extreme injury caught on x-ray. the man who survived a 20-foot fall off a ladder and a steel rod bursting through his chest. and just last year las vegas native andrew lynn, who somehow survived being impaled in his neck by a two-inch thicke metal pole. as for dante, he realizes just how amazing his survival is. >> i feel really lucky. thinking about my kids. the whole time i was thinking about my kids. so yeah. >> reporter: and is pushing for one last souvenir of his ordeal. >> yeah. i'm trying to get dr. schafer to give me the nail and part of the skull. yeah. i want to build a frame and glass it up and put it on the wall. >> reporter: t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> unbelievable story. he saw the cut on his head but assumed it was the recoil from the nail gun is what caused it. but obviously he was a little wrong. unbelievable. >> took them four hours, the
3:19 am
surgeons four hours to remove it. >> yeah. but they nailed it. coming up next, another celebrity marriage -- this one's a shocker -- may be on the rocks. >> what's really going on with singer seal and supermodel heidi klum? we'll be right back. heidi klum? we'll be right back. rl exciteme.
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♪ but we're never gonna survive ♪ ♪ but we're never gonna survive ♪ ♪ unless we get a little crazy ♪ crazy you asked me to sing last week. there it was. >> things got a little too crazy. many thought it was a marriage made in heaven. but after seven years it is official. supermodel heidi klum and multigrammy-winning singer seal appear to be calling it quits. >> no one saw this coming. this is bizarre. the couple released a statement overnight announcing their separation, saying "they have grown apart." abc's tanya rivero is here with all the scoop. >> reporter: they were the model couple, sealed with a kiss. ♪ kiss from a rose on the for legions of fans this split
3:21 am
could come as a real shocker. the german supermodel and the british singer seemed to have broken the mold, having finally figured out the elusive formula to a successful celebrity marriage. >> here's a couple that's always giving the advice in magazines about how to make your marriage work. they're a brand together. >> reporter: and less than a month ago heidi tweeted this happy photo from aspen. "sun snow and seal." but they've not been seen together since. heidi hit the red carpet solo at last week's golden globes, and this friday seal was spotted alone at l.a.x. the same day he tweeted this mysterious image with the caption "the end." >> a lot of it has to do with two busy people. seal is busy promoting an album. heidi is promoting all of her tv shows. >> reporter: in happier times heidi gushed about her relationship with seal to diane sawyer on "gma." >> you do renew your vows every single year. >> we do, yeah. we got married five times
3:22 am
already. yeah. it's so much fun. why not? >> reporter: and they renewed those vows again with their four children by their side just this past may in another lavish ceremony. tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> they seemed so happy and well adjusted. it's kind of crazy. >> yeah. and she even has a tattoo of -- >> sorry, dude. sorry, seal. >> sorry, dude. sorry, seal. that's why you should consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. all medicare supplement plans can help pay some of what medicare doesn't, so you could save up to thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit and medicare guide. if you're turning 65 or you're already on medicare... you should know about the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp; see if one's right for you. all medicare supplement plans let you choose any doctor or hospital, that accepts medicare patients...
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side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. ♪ it's "insomniac theater." not "insomniac dance theater." stop dancing. >> sorry. >> you saw right there "red tails" came in second at the box office. and our very talented digital news associate and movie reviewer amanda allen saw it as well. she's going to tell us all about it. >> i did. >> now, lucas pumped a lot of money into this. about 93 million from his own pocket. so was it worth all that dough?
3:26 am
>> it was worth all that dough. it was worth all the years that they waited. he said he's wanted to see a moef like this for 20 years. it was worth the wait. it was worth the cash. and i'm very happy that i got to see it this weekend. as we all know, it was a movie about the -- it was a fictional-based tale based on a true story of america's first all-black aerial combat unit. and of course the title of the movie comes from the red painted tails on the back of their planes. >> they know that cover well. >> it was a very fun movie. i mean, of course it was very historic. and it taught us a lot about the history back in world war ii. but it was a really good film. you got connected with the characters. and you know what? it was just a really good film for the whole family. so let's listen to what some of our moviegoers had to say. >> it was real. i felt like i was back in the days like right there. >> i really loved the cast. >> i loved the special effects. >> they could have did more in terms of, you know, like the storyline. >> i think that a lot of stuff was glossed over.
3:27 am
i think it could have been -- had better characters. >> i'm not very emotional myself. but i feel like i connected to it. >> excellent movie. great. a must-see. >> i think this film did a great job of portraying a cultural history while also, you know, putting together something that's more mainstream. >> so everybody, you know, they really liked it. they had a couple things to say that it was a little bit too cliche, it was a little bit -- >> cheesy in parts. >> cheesy at parts. but for the most part people really liked it and it was a really good movie that people must go see. >> good acting, too? sorry. >> sorry. diverse crowd at the theater? >> very diverse crowd in the theater. which was one of the problems. they thought maybe we can't market this to a lot of people because it's an all-black cast. but you know what? everybody came out to see it, and i was really, really happy to see that. >> what did you think about the acting? >> the acting was great. cuba gooding jr. and terrence howard were great.
3:28 am
>> and stars, too p. >> i gave it four out of five stars, which is really good for me because i am tough with these. >> you are tough. >> but it was great. >> that's a rave review. that's like an a-plus. 4 out of 5 is like an a-plus for amanda. >> she's tough. don't mess with her.citement.
3:29 am
3:30 am
now" -- saying goobye to a this morning on "world news now" -- saying good-bye to a sports legend. joe paterno, the winningest coach in college football history, has passed away. >> we'll take a look at the legacy the penn state icon leaves behind and of course the scandal that rocked his career. it's monday january 23rd. good monday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. joe paterno, the man that for better or for worse was bigger than life at penn state, has died at the age of 85. he of course will be remembered as a teacher and a mentor to countless students. but what will the sex abuse
3:31 am
scandal that ended his career mean for his ultimate legacy? also, emotional good-bye as congresswoman gabby giffords has announced she will resign from congress as early as today. in a video message posted on her website, she says she needs more time to concentrate on recovering from her wounds from last year's assassination attempt. and that is going to take place at a very prestigious rehabilitation institute in houston. and this morning the amazing voyage of that 16-year-old girl who just finished sailing around the world by herself. after logging more than 27,000 nautical miles she now has a place in the record books. but interesting caveat on this story in terms of how the good folks at guinness view this accomplishment. so stay tuned for that. but incredible accomplishment for such a young girl. but first joe pa. and the tributes are pouring in as thousands of fans remember the life of joe paterno. >> just months after a sex scandal engulfed the campus and forced him to step down, the penn state coach died yesterday of complications from lung cancer.
3:32 am
school officials say they will soon announce a memorial that will be held at a later date. abc's t.j. winick has more on the passing of this true sports icon. >> reporter: the chant among the student body is "we are penn state." but for the 46 years he was head football coach, penn state was joe paterno. a native of brooklyn, new york and a graduate of brown university, paterno followed his college coach to penn state as an assistant, disappointing his father, who thought he would use his ivy league education to study law. after 16 years as an assistant he took over as head coach and built the university into a powerhouse on the gridiron. in 1982 he won his elusive first national title, and four years later he repeated that feat. his teams would also have five undefeated seasons, and paterno would earn more bowl appearances and bowl wins than any other coach in history. he was a five-time national coach of the year, and in 2007 was inducted into the college football hall of fame. more than 350 of his players signed nfl contracts, many of them fiercely loyal to their college coach.
3:33 am
and yet all the success on the field was never at the expense of education. graduation rates for penn state football players annually ranked among the highest of any college football program. in 2011 the man affectionately known as joe pa became the winningest coach in ncaa division i history. but that 409th win would be his last. decades of excellence would soon be overshadowed by the revelation that paterno knew of allegations that his former defensive coach jerry sandusky was sexually abusing young boys but didn't do enough to stop it. less than a week later, in
3:34 am
november of 2011, the living legend was abruptly fired. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach, effective immediately. >> reporter: the announcement sparked massive student rioting. to the end paterno maintained he'd upheld the standards he set for his players and for himself. >> i've had a wonderful experience here at penn state. i don't want to walk away from this thing bitter. >> reporter: his accomplishments are undeniable. but only time will tell to what extent joe paterno's legacy will be stained by the scandal that consumed the final months of his life. he leaves behind his devoted grandchildren. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> arl. >> arl. hatu thout e scandal, that is going to be a part isley. it's going to be a part of the joe paterno discussion forever. in terms of what he knew, what he didn't know, and how he acted. >> and did he die of lung cancer, which he was diagnosed with this in the fall? they said it was treatable at that time. but you have to wonder, did he die of a broken heart? did he kind of lose his will to live? and when you lose your will to live, forget about it when you have cancer. >> lots of discussions to have about his career and his choices.
3:35 am
again, this morning big news out of the sports world. penn state football coach joe paterno dead today at the age of 85. and it is the end of gabby giffords' political career, at least for now. on this video posted on her website, the arizona lawmaker revealed that she plans to resign from congress later this week. giffords said she will concentrate instead on of course recovering from those wounds she suffered in that assassination attempt a little more than a year ago in tucson. i don't think anyone was really surprised that she's stepping down per se. but she became such a symbol of resilience and recovery here. you hate to see her career end on that kind of note. but she's doing what's in the best interests of her health and her family. >> and she said she did not want to resume that position if she wasn't 100%. she's going to be rehabbing at a very prestigious houston rehabilitation institute beginning probably this week. and they haven't ruled out a potential return in the future,
3:36 am
abc news has learned. >> and rumors that mark kelly, her husband, may run. but he's disputed that so far. we'll see. to presidential politics now and that evolving republican race. newt gingrich arrives in florida with what supporters are calling newt-mentum after his stunning upset in south carolina. but experts point out that voters in the sunshine state are vastly different than those in south carolina. older and less culturally conservative. the four remaining candidates take part in the first of two debates in the state tonight. and don't forget, diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos will anchor live coverage of president obama's state of the union address and the republican response tuesday night. it all begins at 9:00 eastern. in other news this morning, a hearing is set for today in jackson, mississippi that could overturn the pardons of four convicted murderers who were all set free earlier this month by outgoing governor haley barbour. they are among the 200 very controversial pardons issued by barbour. most of those are now contested by the state attorney general's office. barbour, though, says his political opponents misstated how many dangerous convicts would actually be set free. sometime this week salvage crews hope to begin removing fuel from the shipwrecked cruise
3:37 am
liner that capsized off the coast of italy. so far 13 bodies have been recovered and at least 19 are still missing. here's abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: in a few hours officials here will decide if they will start pumping out more than half a million gallons of heavy fuel from the "costa concordia." it has been perched on a rocky underwater ledge for the last nine days, dipping half an inch an hour. protectives booms have been deployed, but experts describe the situation as an ecological time bomb because the ship could easily plunge into waters 300 feet deep. because of the danger rescue workers only searched above the water line and recovered another body, leaving at least 19 people unaccounted for. among the missing, minnesota couple barbara and gerry heil. their son and daughter were here on the island meeting with the ceo of the company that owns the "concordia," and he could only offer his support. lama hasan, abc news, giglio, italy. and back here in colorado a spunky 9-year-old is home with
3:38 am
her family after a harrowing ordeal. calysta cordova was abducted while walking home from school but escaped from her captor at a convenience store and then called 911. abc news paid an exclusive visit to the family's home in colorado as friends came by to see her and bring this lucky little girl some gifts. >> awesome. yes! >> wow. >> who is that? >> that's justin bieber. >> you're not a justin bieber fan, are you? >> yes, i am. >> how relieved she must be. calysta says her father taught her to fight and stand up for herself and that is what helped her get away. >> what little girl doesn't love justin bieber? well, new medicines based on marijuana could be soon on pharmacy shelves. a british company, g.w. pharma, is in advanced clinical trials for the world's first pharmaceutical developed from raw marijuana. a mouth spray it hopes to market in the u.s. as a treatment for cancer pain, the company is
3:39 am
hoping for fda approval by the end of the year. >> and marijuana use is obviously illegal under federal law, but 16 states as well as washington, d.c. have legalized it in its medicinal form here. so we'll see -- >> a mouth spray. >> a mouth spray. >> interesting. on to the weather. >> i think there's more you want to say but i guess -- >> fierce winds across the south. on the watch for tornadoes there. freezing rain from virginia northward. this morning rain turns to snow along the northern great lakes. strong winds move into southern california. a big storm on the way. sometimes i need to keep my mouth shut. in that instance i did. >> especially if there's spray around. >> 56 in sacramento. 66 in phoenix. the pacific northwest warms back to normal. 46 in portland. in the east 10 to 20 degrees. warmer than the weekend. 47 in baltimore. 45 in beantown. my kind of story here. maybe you've heard the expression having a puck on a string. well, some hockey goals sure
3:40 am
look like the player has that much control. take for example this shot. that's vladimir tarasenko of the st. louis blues competing in a skills competition in an overseas league. >> this puck was on a string. actually a fishing line to be exact. and when the goalie blocked the shot he pulled it back, gave it another shot, and then scored the goal. doesn't seem fair. but he won the contest. cool move. look at that. >> was it intentionally supposed to be on a string? >> you know what? we'll do some -- >> it was overseas. it was overseas. >> yes, paula. >> there you go. >> sure you didn't spray? we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. ♪ one way or another ♪ i'm going to find you ♪ i'm going to get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm going to get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya ♪ in the beginning your mascara may be voluminous
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♪ our house ♪ in the midd of ♪ our house ♪ in the middle of our street ♪ our house ♪ in the middle such an appropriate song for this next story. the downturn in the economy. are you going to drum the whole time? >> yeah. was you pointed it out, now i will. >> it's changed the way we do a lot of things, from how we shop to how we work to even how we live and how we drum. >> it's created a new portrait of the modern family, one that doesn't look so modern after all. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: first to move back in with mom and dad was daughter jessica, along with her husband, son, and dog. >> to great gram what you made in school. she's going to want to see that. >> reporter: then came grandma and grandpa. >> you've got someone if you need someone. someone to depend on if you need it. >> reporter: in all, seven members of the family, ages 5 to
3:45 am
85, all living under one roof. >> good night, elizabeth. >> good night, john boy. good night, jim bob. >> reporter: this kind of living arrangement used to be common in america. the great depression forced families to live together. remember "the waltons"? >> somebody left her on my doorstep. >> is that where you found the rest of us? >> where are we going to put this? probably on our -- >> reporter: today tough times mean more than 51 million americans are living in homes with more than two generations. this family is not only able to split the bills but the responsibilities. >> we have a lot of babe why zitters. >> reporter: jessica's grandparents can watch little tony while her husband and parents earn the money. >> 95 e-mails. >> reporter: and jessica takes care of the home. >> i'm going grocery shopping and my mom needs groceries, i just pick up her groceries. >> reporter: one survey found 82% of adults living in multigenerational households felt it enhanced family bonds. experts say to make this work it's important to have a clear division of labor and for
3:46 am
everyone to have their own space. so this family built an addition. >> once you get a snapshot of how the house is designed, you know, we have our privacy. >> we love it, having everybody here. >> good night, guy. >> good night, tony. >> good night, jess. >> good night, gramp. good night, gram. >> reporter: one house, four generations. seven happy people. >> good night, little tony. >> good night, jesse. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, sutton, massachusetts. >> good night, gramps. >> sounds cute. i'm thinking if there's kids in the house there could be some benefits as you heard there to having several generations in one house. and get this stat here. since 1990 there's been a 40% increase in the number of multigenerational households. grown by 40%. >> i always tell my parents that down the road, not now because we're living in a two-bedroom, four people, come live with me. i wouldn't mind it. i think it's great because i don't get to see my folks. they live in michigan. i would have no problem. and i think it's great. >> you think your parents would like the big bad city of new york? >> we'd have to move to the burbs. zblae. good call. coming up, the latest big hollywood break-up.
3:47 am
>> didn't see that one coming. also, steven tyler sings the national anthem. stay tuned for how he did. ♪ love in an elevator >> that's not the national anthem. >> i don't know what that was. >> i don't know what that was. c
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny lots of good stuff to get to in "the skinny" today. of course big football weekend. we now know the pats and giants are headed to the super bowl. but before, during halftime of the pats-ravens game the one and only steven tyler of aerosmith fame sang the national anthem here. take a listen. ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ as bombs bursting in air >> whoo. steven tyler. some people are saying, okay, this is obviously a judge on "american idol" and if he can't really sing that well who is he to be judging these folks on "american idol." but of course the same thing, paula abdul really couldn't sing. j. lo can't really sing. no one should be surprised. but steven tyler -- >> hey, j. lo can sing. >> don't lie.
3:50 am
don't tell that lie on national television. no, she can't. >> she can sing. >> and steven can sing. but that was not the best rendition ever. that sounded a little rough. so people again finding a little irony in these "american idol" judges who are judging other people's singing ability when he sounded like he was killing a cat. >> he has a huge mouth. >> he's known for that. >> he's always had a huge mouth. >> hey. it's steven tyler. he's a rock star. moving on. >> all right. heidi klum and seal, hollywood's golden couple, seven years of marriage, they are officially calling it quits. >> that's disappointing. >> it is kind of disappointing. they seemed to be really, really in love. they released a statement last night. they said, "while we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal, and happy years of marriage, after much soul searching we have decided to separate." they go on to say, "this is an amicable process of protecting the well-being of our children remains our top priority." they do have three biological children and then her daughter, who he adopted through a previous relationship. but this is a couple that seemed to have it all together. they renewed their vows every year. >> there were rumors maybe he got a little jealous of her success in recent years, maybe that's a factor. i'm sure more will come out
3:51 am
later. but -- >> separating? maybe they'll just take some time off, not divorce. >> we'll see. tracy morgan also back in the news this morning. he was at sundance in utah at an awards ceremony and passed out. he was escorted out of the building after he gave his speech and apparently fell unconscious outside the building. they called the ambulance to pick him up. through see the picture there, tmz of the ambulance there. the initial reports were that he was a little too drunk and had too much to drink but the hospital said no alcohol or drugs were found in the system and his spokesman blamed the episode on exhaustion and a higher altitude in utah. but clearly some scary moments for tracy morgan in utah. hope he's doing okay. >> you mentioned "american idol." well, the original judge simon cowell in the news. breaking it off with his girl. >> really? >> after two years. i know it was just a couple years ago he gushed that she's the one.
3:52 am
you know you found somebody very special. but now he tells "the daily mirror" that "i'm vulnerable. it's not on. it's not off. it's somewhere in the middle. i don't know if i will ever get married but i am happy." he says it's quite complicated. and you know what? paula abdul split from her boyfriend. i'm just stirring it up. stirring up the pot. stirring it up. >> some midwestern dancing there i see. >> the cabbage patch. >> that is not -- oh, we have some lessons to show you. there are things i've got to teach you. >> that was the lawn -- >> more coming up next from abc. god bless you.
3:53 am
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[ male announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. ♪ new york ♪ these streets will make you feel brand new ♪ we're going to hear a lot of that song in the next two weeks as the giants get ready for the super bowl in indianapolis. but first before that it was a triumphant end to a year-long voyage for a dutch teenager. laura dekker docked in st. maarten on saturday. >> the young woman laid claim to
3:56 am
the world record of the youngest person ever to sail around the world solo. abc's mohammad leila has more. >> reporter: for most of her life this is the moment 16-year-old laura dekker's been waiting for. a big smile and even bigger hug from her family as the youngest ever to sail solo around the globe. >> of course there were moments that i was like, what the hell am i doing out here? but i never wanted to stop, no. it's a dream and i wanted to do it. >> reporter: dekker logged more than 27,000 nautical miles with stops you probably only read about in magazines. the galapagos islands, fiji, and south africa's cape of good hope. an incredible voyage that nearly never made it out of port. when she was just 13, dekker created a storm of her own when a dutch court ruled she was too young to make the journey. with her parents' support she fought back and won. >> to go sailing now. and that's great. >> reporter: during her voyage dekker blogged the entire way, saying some nights were like "taking a roller coaster ride." the days and nights were "an endless valley of waves." and that all she wanted was "a
3:57 am
whole night of sleep in a bed that is not rocking, not salty, and not soaking wet." through it all dekker fixed her own sails, even baked her own bread. the journey so lonely, so dangerous the guinness book of world records won't even certify it for fear of encouraging others. >> reporter: the last to even try was american abby sunderland. but she had to be rescued after a heavy storm in the indian ocean. now that dekker's accomplished her dream, she says her next goal is to finish school, but not before a simple celebration, a burger and fries. a meal fit for the newest queen of the sea. mohammed leila, abc news. >> and good for guinness. that was my first thought, about 16 years old. why would her parents let her roll around the world like that? seems kind of dangerous. >> you know what it would do? it would encourage other kids to do the same thing. >> like this young kid here. >> good thing i'm 13. >> yes. >> ahoy, matey. go clean up the poop deck, will you? >> that's your job.
3:58 am
you're the new girl. more from abc coming up next. >> go row your boat. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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