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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> she credits heram l closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. a city on the verge of losing 28 million dollars in state money. last night people wanting to know is that my job you are going to cut? i'll show you more coming up. also, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court today with a new attorney. mirkarimi wants a judge to lift a court order forcing him to stay away from his family. state regulation ares set to prove new rules requiring 15% of new cars sold in california aid good morning i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. mild temperatures, despite that plenty of clouds and dense fog.
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[ inaudible ] 4:30, up and at 'em, foggy, cloudy. we are not describing mike's state of mind. -- i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. in oakland city leader's ears still ringing after a raucous meeting. the council had painful and unpopular vets by the time the dust cleared not much had been done. terry mcsweeney is live at city hall. the volume was up loud. >> reporter: it was a standing room only meeting here. 105 oakland city workers are going to be losing their job. it is going to be announced next week. some programs are going to be cut. a lot of people wondering how is that going to impact me?
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occupy protesters were here and broke up the meeting. take a look. the protesters forced the meeting to be adjourned for 30 minutes. councilmembers notified thousands of workers last week their jobs might be eliminated. now they are looking at maybe 105 jobs eliminated. the decision has to be made february 1st. one man feels that the city is falling short of its pledge, its mission statement to treat employees with dignity and respect. >> we are seeing none of that today. tonight, those words are not worth the paper they are written on. >> reporter: also facing cuts the budget for the oakland zoo. three years ago it received a million dollars from the city. next year about 215,000. children's ferry land facing a loss of $54,000. doesn't sound like a lot but that is big money for that.
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the jack london aquatic center will lose its entire subsidies. it has come in with money from grants and other means. oakland uses redevelopment money to fund positions most city uses for development projects. city administrator santana says she has it in writing from the state that 7.5 million dollars of that 28 million dollar will be available to help deal with lay-offs and the final decision on which jobs and which programs are going to be cut will come next week terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. an occupy oakland protesters threatening to shutdown the airport if police try to stop their next demonstration. occupy leaders plan a march this saturday from city hall to an abandoned building. they plan on making it their new home. occupy leaders stay they are
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evicted they may repeat a shutdown of the port of oakland or attempt a blockade at the oakland international airport. sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court this afternoon to try to get a stay away order lifted. there are new developments in the domestic violence case against mirkarimi. a third woman is now claiming he abused her. she in contact with police. mirkarimi also hired a new attorney. legal analyst dean johnson says a damaging statement made by mirkarimi's previous lawyer may have prompted the switch. >> former criminal defense attorney mr. wagner did say before the press that he considered mr. mirkarimi a bit of a tyrant if you are trying a case in the court of public opinion that's not the sort of thing you want to say about your client. mirkarimi supporters plan a rally. his wife denies the charges against him. prosecutors still may try to call her to testify during his
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trial next month. an ex-girlfriend who claims mirkarimi abused her when they dated in 2007 is also expected to testify. the brother of a homeless man shot to death by bart police is filing a wrongful death suit. 45-year-old charles hill was killed july 3rd, last year at san francisco's civic center shot he was shot after he threw a knife at police. you can see it in the blue circle on your screen. the suit claims the bart officers were not properly trained and fired at hill even though their lives were not in danger >> testimony continues in the triple murder trial of a gang member as accused of shooting a father and his two sons in san francisco in 2008. yesterday 21-year-old star witness who survived, testified against edwin ramos. he said they were all in their father's honda civic driving home when a car came slowly along side and stopped. he pointed to ramos during the
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testimony and said i seen his face, i seen his hair, i seen his shirt. he said he saw ramos pull out a gun. he ducked. then heard more than three shots. >> his testifying in such an emotional stressful situation just shows his courage and strength to fight for justice for his family. >> the testimony was too much for his mother she rushed out of the courtroom. the defense says because baloneyia ducked when the shooting started he couldn't -- -- positively identified ramos. state assembly members from the peninsula are set to hold a gas pipeline safety forum 6:00 tonight at palo alto city hall. representatives from peeling and california public utilities commission will provide status reports.
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the forum will give residents a chance to ask about the repair work and pipeline testing. 4:36. state air quality officials state regulators today could put california in the driver's seat. they will vote on new rules requiring less pollution and more green technology on the road over the next decade. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the story. in this case with what california does may happen across the country. >> reporter: that is typically what the past has shown. what california does in this case the future could look very different. not flying cars like the jetson's cartoon, but if they pass the new advanced clean car rules today, then we are going to see changes. first, the rules then what it could cost you. by 2025, 15% of new vehicles would have to be electric, hydrogen or another low or
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no-smog producing system. new gas and diesel cars will have to reduce smog emissions by 75% and reduce green -- greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. how about saving money? the regulations will add $1900 to the cost of a new car. over the lifetime of the car, you would save $5900 in gas costs. gas prices are a part of why car companies aren't fighting the rules as they typically do. companies know whens go prices go up, fuel efficient models fly off the lot. it is not likely gas prices will go lower in the future. many are already making electric cars. the chevy volt and nissan leaf are two examples, even bmw is working on one. if regulations are passed today they would be implemented in 2818.
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by 20251.4 million zero emission cars in the state, right now there are just 10,000. katie marzullo, abc7 news. if you are behind the of -- behind the wheel of your car this morning what do you have to look out for? >> [ unintelligible ] we definitely have some fog out there from hayward to vacaville, napa, santa rosa even at our coast temperatures are mild as you head out 51 santa rosa. redwood city 56 the same in mountain view, san jose. oakland 57. as you head out, napa only has a quarter mile visibility, half mile half moon bay, as well as santa rosa. definitely thick fog out there. for hayward now four miles visibility that will be changing be careful, use your low beams this morning the fog will lift by 8:00 then clouds lynner in the north bay.
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mild afternoon temperatures today -- linger in the north bay. mild afternoon temperatures. extra clouds in the north bay this front is not going to make it to the bay but will bring stubborn clouds from san rafael to santa rosa, 65 in san jose, middle 60s watsonville, a look ahead, dry, sunnier and warmer through the weekend. here's sue hall with our traffic. good morning. just about 4:40. pretty light on the roads, we like it like that. overnight roadwork avoid this area if you can, no specific slowing you will not get on and off at high street north and southbound 880 due to construction, should be reopening about 5:00. live shot at walnut creek 680 light towards 24, taillights southbound. both directions roadwork between al costa and -- farther south through the
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san ramon valley. tl at the bay bridge -- toll at the bay bridge, metering lights off. jut a few cars heading into san francisco through ti into san francisco with no delays. our time is 4:34 41. >> gentleman next the incentive -- police are offering for help in finding the suspect in the city's first murder of the year. byob, big changes coming to the east bay as another county says good-bye to plastic bags. battle over a bay area city council. the group that says minorities are not being represented. introducing the new flip & fresh from air wick
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switch from cascade to finish dishwasher detergent. that's about 150,000 a month - over 2 million people so far. maybe it's because finish quantum gives them cleaner, sparkling dishes without having to rinse them first. now see for yourself why millions have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. and for two years in a row, finish quantum was rated #1 by a leading consumer publication. good morning. our high-definition camera on the roof of our headquarters showing the embarcadero, bay and the bay bridge relatively clear in other spots there's
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thick fog take the golden gate bridge area. meteorologist lisa argen is checking those things. she will have more information coming up. $20,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect in oakland first mur of the year. police say 36-year-old man -- shot and killed a man on january 4th, the victim was 19-year-old isaac white. investigators say mcdaniel may have changed his appearance. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. shoppers in alameda county will have to shell out 10 cents or bring their own bags starting next january when they shop. waste management board approved a measure imposing the fee in an effort to eliminate plastic bags. restaurants clothing retailers and nonfood related stores are exempt. the law will require county residents to begin putting paper and bottles into
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recycling bins starting in july. committee recommending that santa clara change the way it elects city council. the current system in which candidates run for specific seats unfair to mine norths. the it wants to switch to at large -- minorities. it wants to switch to at large voting. according to the 2010 census, santa clara is 37% asian, 36% white and 19% latino. four asians and two latinos have run in the last 10 years. but the seven-member panel remains all white. the bay area lawyers committee for civil rights says it will sue the city on behalf of minorities if a change is not made. 4:45. cleanup crews go to work at a san francisco rockslide. battle that could be brewing over who will pick up the tab. >> june of the largest hospitals gets a record financial shot in the arm. new change it is now facing. preparations underway for a rescue -- rescued american
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good thursday morning. plenty of low clouds, no delays yet here in the west coast as you head east look at showers, thunderstorms from the gulf coast from mississippi up through memphis also into washington dulles to the east a little rain and snow mix right now no delays. if you need to check your flight or you want weather check out we are learning more of the dramatic rescue of american hostage jessica
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buchanan from somalia. preparations now underway so she can be reunited with her family. they are speaking out about what she went through. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: after three months in captivity, jessica buchanan is now safe at a u.s. military base in africa, awaiting a re-- reunion with her family. tuesday night the president told her father his daughter had been rescued by u.s. navy seals. buchanan's family is relieved and thankful. >> it is just such a weight off of our shoulders such an answer to at prayers. >> reporter: the 32-year-old aid worker spoke with her father shortly after her rescue. >> she says, i feel safe for the first time in 93 days. the men that risked their lives, she can't say enough. really, really appreciate. >> reporter: the men were the elite navy seal team 6, the same specialists that killed
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bin laden. this mission saved jessica buchanan and aidan niche aid worker may have been tougher. -- >> self-containing unite can go any place in the world and literally do nothing but kick ass. oakland police department warning about an increase in armed robberies. police say expensive cell phones are becoming lucrative targets. victims should not be distracted while walking. here's advice to help keep you safe, consider installing anti-theft or tracing software on your cell phone. use phone locking or pin features. mark your handset and battery for identification with an trawl violet pen. prepare to provide information about your carrier service, phone number, make and model, when filing a police report. crews will be back on san francisco's telegraph hill today trying to remove boulders that came down monday. there are huge rocks in the parking lot of a condo tower
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on lombard street. it is still not safe for some residents. another look at the damage yesterday the question is who will pay for the cleanup and shoring up the hillside to prevent another slide? >> we haven't ran estimates, you could be looking at a couple million dollars or so the slide involved public and private property. this section of telegraph hill used to be a quarry. 4:51. i was extra tired this morning. nice to hear lisa confirm there's a deep fog. >> not just you it is all of us. especially anyone's lab, east bay and north bay if you head out -- especially peninsula, east bay, north bay. temperatures are mild, as much as 10 to 20° warmer than yesterday. we are already 57° in oakland,. we will hold on to this cloud cover for sometime. 56 half moon bay, 55 novato
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with the north end of the bay the cool spot, 51 santa rosa. you translate that intos have ability, boy it is like pea soup from napa to -- santa rosa, half moon bay, four miles in hayward, nine mile visibility in san jose. changes from yesterday with the fog this morning, cooler afternoon, the clouds lingering in the north bay. still, we will look for a mild afternoon. we will get back into an offshore flow tomorrow. right now we've got light winds thanks to high pressure hurt sitting over us. to the north of us, weak system spreading rain from washington, oregon and light snow up through mount shasta, not going to make it any further south. the moisture out in the pacific continues to ride up and over the ridge. you can see the green representing the rain sliding just a little south and then look what happens, kind of evaporates certainly by the afternoon low cloudiness will
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begin to dissipate east bay and along the peninsula. look at southern california 82° in los angeles, palm springs, 60 in fresno, a lot of clouds sacramento valley you hold on to that cloud cover all day with mid 50s in the northern sierra. southern sierra 55. any new snow? looks like we'll stay mild. today's westerly winds switching to an offshore component tomorrow and the weekend. still, mild today, 64 fremont, 65 san jose, san francisco cloudy, 59 today, more clouds mort of the golden gate, 62 in san rafael, 67 in watsonville. a look ahead calls for the fog this morning, milder in the days ahead with an offshore flow. the weekend mid upper 60s, cool are off into next week maybe a few drops into the middle of next week. sue is here with our morning traffic. >> good morning. pretty light out to there,
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wanted to remind you those of you communitying to downtown san francisco, mac world 2012 coming to mosconey center delays around 3rd and howard, possible closures not at this time, just in the future through the weekend want some rerouting of muni and delays in the area around mosconey center. please take public transit, if you can. i put the special event there for the muni around mosconey. everything elseç, bartç, cal train everyone on time this morning. live look at the san mateo bridge if you are headed towards foster city from hayward, no delays, headlights headed in the hayward direction no problems 880 a bit of construction, no significant slowing. 80 through berkeley yesterday it was horrendous due to an accident that happened around 6:00. today is a new day, different story. a little bit of company along your east shore freeway into
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the macarthur maze no problems, no delays so far. 4:54. vallejo middle school band will play a thank you concert for the public tonight. the young musicians want to acknowledge the help they2%2 received during a very dark period. while the ban performed a holiday concert in december, thieves stole $700 in admission money that was supposed to help support the program. the community mobilized and raised more than $3,000 in donations to help buy new instruments and uniforms. this morning, six new tabletop hearts will go on display at macy's union square before being auctioned off this is from last year's vent which raises -- event which races money for -- which raises money for lifesaving
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programs. all 14 hearts will go up for bidding at the annual heroes and hearts february 9th at at&t park. valley medical center has received the largest donation ever to a hospital west of the mississippi. real estate developer is giving valley med a five million dollar challenge grant new hospital under construction using bond money that covers the building. the gift will furnish the hospital he has worked with valley med for years. he says he likes its mission to treat people, regardless of their ability to pay. >> the mission of the family's foundation is similar, we like to serve the unprivileged in our community. it only made sense, since our missions were aligned, that we would help pay for part of the equipment that is if going into the new billing. the goal now is to find donors to match the grant.
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more trouble for san francisco's embattled sheriff. ross mirkarimi heads back to court today on domestic violence charges we'll tell you why he needs to appear before a a judge again today as a third woman comes forward. he has a new defender. we are live at the hall of justice wall an the latest. >> reporter: more electric, less gas. if california regulators vote with yes today the roads will look different in the coming years. find out what it could mean for your next car purchase. salary cap set for cal-state's top executives. is the pay still too generous? [ male announcer ] a soup opera from bertolli.
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