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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning aim h live in san francisco where sheriff -- i'm amy hollyfield, live in san francisco where sheriff ross mirkarimi will be in court again today. this time he will have a new woman by his side. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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it is 5:00 on this thursday morning thanks for join us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. when sheriff ross mirkarimi shows up for his court appearance today he will have a new female attorney by his side. meantime, another accuser has come forward with damaging new domestic violence allegations. amy hollyfield is live at the hall of justice with more. >> reporter: a lot to cover today. let's start with what is happening today. ross mirkarimi will be back in court for his second court appearance this week. today these going to ask the judge to lift the stay away order that is in place or to at least amend it currently, mirkarimi is not allowed to get near his wife or his 2-year-old son. he will be going to court with
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a new woman by his side. she is mirkarimi's new attorney. he fired his attorney yesterday and did not say why. witness list for mistrial has been released and an ex-girlfriend is on the list, christina flores filed a police report over the weekend saying mirkarimi abused her more than three years ago. >> the addition of flores to the witness list, is a big addition for the prosecution and pretty good-sized problem for the defense. >> reporter: abc7 news has learned that another woman has come forward and she is in touch with police that name is not on the witness list at this time. mirkarimi's wife denies that she was abused. mirkarimi says, he's ready to fight the charges against him. he has pleaded not guilty to to three misdemeanors. his trial is set to begin at
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the end of february. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. oakland city officials say they will go back to the drawing board to come up with a budget plan toe eliminate fewer jobs after a raucous -- plan to eliminate fewer jobs after a raucous meeting last night. terry mcsweeney is live at oakland city hall. >> reporter: 28 million dollars in redevelopment money is gone, at of next week. the city council is talking about 105 lay-offs, cuts to city programs, no wonder it got loud last night. at one point occupy protesters broke up the meeting. take a listen. last week thousands of city workers were told they might be laid off. now the city council is looking at maybe 105 being laid off, giving the city council a lot of flexibility by notifying a couple thousand they might be victims, about
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half of what was previously thought. the city funding for some programs will be cut. the oakland city zoo will impact the public directly. >> we can adjust our admission prices in which case it is going to get more sensitive. our most vulnerable programs don't bring in revenues, the three educational programming we provide for title i schools, free bus transportation. >> reporter: three years ago the zoo received a million dollars from the city. next year it will receive $200,000. a huge cut. children's ferryland facing cuts as well. councilmembers say they will do everything they can to keep that money available to children's ferryland. jack london aquatic center facing cuts, it saw the cuts coming and has turned to other sources of revenue. there's a ray of hope. the city administrator santana says she has it in writing from the state that 7.5 million dollars of the 28 million dollars being cut is
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going to be available. it is a very fluid situation. they are still trying to figure how the is going to go, which programs are going to be cut and by how much. they will have that next week. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. oakland mayor quan is promising to request quickly reform the scandal plagued police department after a federal judge threatened to take over. the judge said he was in disbelief that oakland police have failed to adopt reforms from the negotiated settlement of the police misconduct case from a decade ago. mayor quan and police chief jordan say a federal takeover will not be necessary because oakland's new leadership has made compliance a priority. california regulators taking a step that could lead the nation toward a major revolution in the auto industry. state expected to require the sales of more clean cars. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: they are called advanced clean car rules.
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under them, by the year 2025, 15% of new vehicles would have to be electric, hydrogen or another low or no smog producing system that would mean more than a million zero emission cars in the state up from 10,000 now. new gas and diesel fuel vehicles would have to greatly reduce smog and greenhouse gas emissions. the country is watching, historically, california has set the bar. the state was first to ban leaded gas, require catalytic converters and limit greenhouse gas emissions at least 10 other states are considering the same rules. money-wise for consumers the california air pollution board estimates the regulations will add about $9 1000 to the cost of a new -- about $1900 to the cost of a new car over the life of the vehicle you would save $-- the companies know we
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gas prices go up, fuel efficient models fly off the lot. if the regulations are passed today they would begin being implemented in 2018. katie marzullo, abc7 news 5:07. $1,000 reward offered to vandals who defaced the san jose mural somebody pained åver itç between monday night and tuesday morning. the mural was painted by children it covers a wooden fence at huron and santiago. the creators wanted it to promote peace in the neighborhood. the supervisor's office is putting up the reward money >> of trustees set up a cap for salaries of new campus presidents limited to a maximum of $325,000 a year. trustees are limiting schools from raising salary by more than 10% what the outgoing
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president earned. the decision after public outraged forced truce tees to table a higher salary plan. senator leland ye says the pay scale is still too high he plans a bill that would limit pay further. as we look outside, we can see the fog on the golden gate bridge. not foggy everywhere. >> not everyone, is it getting thicker? yes, in fact, the visibility has gotten worse in the past hour temperatures mild 57 concord and oakland good morning mountain view, 56 for you as well as san jose 54 in the city, 51 santa rosa, visibility down to two miles, a little better than that in mountain view, 2 1/2 miles in san jose, half mile visibility from napa to half moon bay, 2 1/2 miles in oakland and santa rosa down to a quarter mile, novato one mile. low clouds, fog and those
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cloudslinger in the north bay. temperatures not as warm as as yesterday. -- a front is flirting with extreme northern california not going to make it our way. we'll hold on to the clouds in the north bay, partly cloudy elsewhere in the afternoon. temperatures mild with low to mid 60s. we should that sunshine by 1:00, 2:00, late day today, tomorrow we are into an offshore flow milder and sunnier through the weekend. dry through next week. sue is checking in with our commute. good morning. if you are headed out now, we look at some your drive times , carquinez bridge to the maze less than 20 minutes, highway 4 hillcrest to 242 in the concord area less than 10 minutes, 580 from livermore altamont pass up to the dublin interchange, less than 15 minutes. clear and smooth sailing as you head out. public transit, bart on time leaving as you would expect.
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vta, ferries getting underway in 15 minutes, no delays on cal train, they are expecting no problems this morning. did put in a special event with muni because coming to mosconey center today, mac world 2012, slow traffic and delays, howard and third and fourth streets in san francisco through the weekend and maybe closures as well. mooney could be apecked in that area. -- and muni could be affected in that area. 880, 580 moving well, golden gate bridge very heavy fog on to the deck. you will need to keep speeds lower this morning. 5:10. an out of this world proposal from a presidential front-runner. the new promise newt gingrich is make going he's elected to the white house. washington goes social in an effort to spread the news about millions in aid for struggling homeowners. finding hopes for
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four-legged friends what is behind the successful placement rate of one animal shelter? [ beep ]
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[ man ] you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick... you were always good at cutting your vegetables. and it's got tender white-meat chicken... the way i always made it for you. oh, one more thing honey... those pj's you like, the ones with the feet, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. . good morning. interest rates remaining low for the next few years. fed announced no plans to raise rates until 2014. short term rates will remain near zero. treasury secretary geithner says he's unlikely to be asked back for a second term should the president be reelected he has been something of a lightning rod since leaving --
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starting today airlines ungovernment orders to reveal all surcharges that are tacked on to fares the rule forces airlines to advertise the full cost of a ticket boost for netflix after that customer revolt last summer. the company lost 800,000 customers after a price increase and plans to separate its dvd rental business. netflix has regained nearly all those customers and their shares are up 13% that's america's money. our time is 5:14. a curious campaign promise from newt gingrich. the former house speaker told an over flow crowd in florida that if he is elected he will establish a permanent base on the moon by 2020 and wants to expand coloration of mars. the message was well received in an -- an area hard hit by cuts to nasa recent poll shows gingrich tied with mitt romney
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as the front-runner for the nomination. california officials say they won't sign a preposed settlement between u.s. states and the five biggest mortgage lenders. the settlement is over deceptive foreclosure practices state officials say the deal is enact advocate it would help one million homeowners reduce their mortgage by $20,000. the attorney general says it would limit her ability to bring charges. washington is using social media go the word bout two billion dollars in federal financial aid available to californians who have mortgage trouble. keep your home california has helped 100,000 homeowners it was launched last year. the program is now using facebook and twitter to reach people who don't know about the help available. the messages in english and spanish. everybody communicates differently. especially in this day and age social media has become a very popular way for getting your message out, very easy for
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people to share information. >> you can sign up to receive text messages from keep your home california. oakland residents can now receive public safety notifications from the police department on their smartphones. the tribune reports police have started posting crime alerts that can be received through text messages, e-mail or the internet on various neighborhoods. yesterday the department joined 4600 other agencies across the country in using -- it notifies people through texts and e-mails about alerts in both field operations. the department has been posting crime alerts for several months. good to be a pet in santa clara county. the animal shelter is boasting its successful adoption rate for last year, 100%! 100% of health kay cats and dogs were placed in homes in 2011 a drop shun and re-- reclaim rate was 80%.
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national figures are 50%. the animal care and control shelter takes in 3,000 pets a year it has an open door policy for strays. maybe take your dog out for a walk this morning. lisa here to talk about how it going to be warm but maybe a little damp. >> definitely the clouds are going to linger throughout most of the day. the fog a problem this morning as you head out. winds are light, as we look at emeryville, you will notice that, yeah you can tell there's moisture out there. be careful, it going to take time until we see partly cloudy condition in the east bay. it will probably be after lunchtime. right now look how mild, 53 in livermore, 51 antioch, 57 oakland, 56 redwood city, low 50s napa, santa rosa, the real story is this, the visibility that is reduced to less than a mile around santa rosa, napa, right now san jose, mountain view, a little better than two
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miles as well as oakland a half mile on our coast light winds high pressure is our dominant weather feature over the bay area today with that it is going to be tough to scour out these clouds. we will in the afternoon, south and east it looks like san francisco north will hold on to cloud cover mild afternoons you can tell numbers already in the 50s it going to be not much of a to make night the mid 60s today. we have high surf that will be an issue with large westerly swells, -- 12 to 15 feet today with the largeçç breaking wavs possibility for strong rip currents 15 feet waves up and down the coast right now they will be decreasing tonight he with high pressure in control, the next weather system is just going to stay north of us. in fact, it won't reach the bay area we'll just see a few light rain drops north of i-80 looks like the sierra staying partly to mostly cloudy in the
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50s there. back home a little above normal upper 50s from half moon bay to san francisco today 63 in oakland, 64 concord. san jose coming in with partly cloudy skies, 65, upper 60s here, wow, what a day from gilroy to salinas, 67, 68 respectively. the look ahead with our offshore flow tomorrow we are going to warm up, we won't see much fog. friday, saturday, sundayç,ç monday, next weather system flirts with the north bay maybe a slight chance of showers. overall, still looking like we ing to hold on to this dry pattern. sue hall, good morning. -- live shot of walnut creek southbound 680 towards north main to highway ten foye four -- highway 24, i don't see any delays or problems. live look at san rafael, helding south this is past lucas valley road on around the corner up the hill past
5:20 am
civic center traffic light. novato one lane of traffic due to roadwork between at they are -- atherton and highway 37, bay bridge toll no nearing lights no delays once you get past the lights up the incline section through the tunnel, moving well into san francisco. here's 80, east shore freeway, headed into the macarthur maze headlights headed westbound, no problems here. traffic is moving well, just getting a little bunched up. san jose 280 north past highway 17 a few headlights headed toward the cupertino area, no problems through either. -- there either. new studies reviving debate over a controversial cancer-fighting drug. getting your zen on at the airport. we'll take a closer look at that relaxing new addition coming to sfo today.
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oscar guess high-tech. the change coming to the way hollywood votes for its biggest prize. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. 5:23. the president has been traveling quite a bit after making his state of the union speech this is where he comes back to. live shot of the white house in washington, d.c. where the sun is up. the washington memorial in the background d.c. got important things going on vis-a-vis congress and measures coming up, we'll tell you more coming up.
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surprising results from two new studies may reopen the debate about the value of the drug treating breast cancer effective only in the early stages of the disease. avastin lost its fda approval for treat advantaged stages of breast cancer after researchers found the drug caused serious side effects it failed to extend the lives of patients who took : it. doctors continue to follow the women involved in the study to determine if avastin keeps the cancer in remission. starting today in 5 1/2 hours, you can have a moment of zen while waiting for your flight at san francisco international airport. with we've been talking to you about the zen room. today is the day it opens in terminal 2 past the security screen area. exercise physiologists say yoga or stretching is great because sitting for hours on a
5:25 am
plane tends to shorten muscles that can lead to back problems and stiffness and all kinds of stuff you don't want. >> is it free? >> i believe it is free. >> open to all. >> hollywood's biggest award show going high-tech academy of motion picture arts and science developing an electronic voting system for next year's oscars. the academy is working with everyone counts to create this new system. get in on the act this year at, predict winners watch video from the red carpet and go backstage. >> you can do all that? we provide all of that for you? >> we sure do. >> that's good stuff. >> that too is free. more trouble for san francisco's embattled sheriff. ross mirkarimi heads back to court today on domestic violence charges. new details emerge about a third accuser.
5:26 am
we are liver at the hall of justice. pg&e -- on the hot seat, answers neighbors on the peninsula will be looking for from the utility. emotional day in a san francisco courtroom a victim faces down his family's accused killer while his mother rushes out in tears. waking up to plenty of fog. airport delays could be a problem. across the country we are looking at of storms. especially in the deep south from memphis to the gulf coast. as you head up through the tennessee river valley. northeast hail rain/snow mix right now no delays, -- check out our website and look at our flight tracker at we'll be right back. i'm in a tricky situation here.
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[ inaudible ] brother of a homeless man shot to death by bart police files a lawsuit against the transit agency good morning i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco, plenty of fog with visibility along the coast and our north bay valleys, less than a mile two miles mountain view, south bay, very mild temperatures. good morning i'm sue hall following your thursday morning commute, live shot of the bay bridge smooth sailing into san francisco, traveling south on 101 near morgan hill, an incident and i'll update that in a few minutes. >> 5:29 thank you for joining us. i am eric thomas.
5:30 am
and i'm kristen sze. sheriff ross mirkarimi returning to court today. another woman is claiming' abused her. meantime, the sherr river has a new defender. -- amy hollyfield is live at superior court. >> reporter: he wants to fight a stay away order that is in place. he wants to see his wife and child. now he's dealing with possibly two new accusers, ex-girlfriends. never one has come forward. she is working with police. she says mirkarimi abused her. another ex-girlfriend is on the witness list, christina flores will be asked to testify about her claims that mirkarimi abused her three years ago. three of mirkarimi's neighbors also on the list of witnesses. he's going to trial on charges that he abused his wife in front of the couple's 2-year-old son. and he is going to trial with a new attorney. he switched attorneys yesterday but he did not say
5:31 am
why. >> the former criminal defense attorney mr. wagner did say before the press that he considered mr. mirkarimi a bit of a tyrant if you are trying a case in the court of public opinion that's not the sort of thing you want to say about your client. >> reporter: the new statement from the new attorney says we are confident that sheriff mirkarimi will be absolved of all charges once the facts are separated from rumor, inwent dough and regretably, attention-seekers. -- innuendo and regretly, attention-seekers.ç seç is expected to be by his side today when he asks the judge to lift or amend the stay away order that keeps him from seeing his wife and son. the hearing is scheduled for this afternoon. it will be the sheriff's second court appearance this week. his trial is set for the end of february. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is 5:31 now. the oakland city council decided to delay a crucial
5:32 am
vote until next tuesday on home jobs to cut. they are trying to come up with a new plan to save more jobs. while they were doing business occupy protesters interrupted the meeting last night, delaying it by a half hour. the city council is under pressure to slash 105 jobs which includes 20 city administrator positions, by the end of the month. the loss of 28 million dollars in redevelopment funds has the mayor proposing big cuts to the budgets of the oakland zoo and children's ferryland. occupy oakland protesters threatening to shutdown the airport if police try to stop their next demonstration. they plan a march this saturday from city hall to an abandoned building they plan on taking over the vacant structure and making it their new home. occupy leaders say if they are evicted they may repeat a shutdown of the port or attempt a blockade of oakland international airport. 5:32 now. the brother of a homeless man
5:33 am
shot to death by bart police is filing a wrongful death suit. 45-year-old charles hill was killed july 3rd, at the civic center station he with was shot after he threw a knife at police in the blue circle on your screen. the suit claims the bart officers were not properly trained and fired at hill even though their lives were not immediately in danger >> testimony continues this morning in the triple murder trial of a gang member accused of shooting a father and his two sons in san francisco in 2008. yesterday 21-year-old andrew -- andrew bologna the star witness who survived the shooting testified. he said they were#çy die when a car came slowly at them and stopped along side. bologna pointed to ramos during his testimony and said i seen his face, i seen his hair, i seen his shirt. he said he saw ramos pull out
5:34 am
a gun bologna ducked and heard more than three shots. >> his testifying in such an emotional, stressful situation shows his courage and strength to fight for justice for his family. >> the testimony was too much for bologna's mother danielle she rushed out of the courtroom. the defense says because bologna ducked when the shooting startedci he couldn't positively identify ramos. she says ramos admits to drive the get away the car but a passenger fired the fatal shot. state assembly members from the peninsula set to host a gas pipeline safety forum 6:00 tonight at palo alto city hall. representatives from pg&e and the public utilities commission will provide status reports on the steps they've taken since the fatal 2010 pipeline disaster in san bruno and last year's explosion at a condominium complex in cupertino. the forum will give residents a chance to ask about the repair work and pipeline
5:35 am
testing in their neighborhoods. 5:34. we want to bring meteorologist lisa argen in to talk about this developing fog it visibilities less than a mile right now. less than half mile up in santa rosa, half mile on our coast, half moon bay little bit over two miles over land, san jose, novato just a mile. the airports doing okay as well as concord. hayward you've lost another mile in visibility. the air quality so, so in the north bay today high pressure putting a lid on the atmosphere so the temperatures with the cloud cover very, very mild 56 in fremont, good morning san jose, 55 for you with 56 half moon bay, 53 in napa. this morning taking a look at satellite and radar, you can see the green representing the rain extreme northern corner of the state not going to make it down, we are looking at the strong swells offshore 12 to
5:36 am
15 foot waves, be careful if you are getting out to take a look at those waves today high pressure maintains over the bay area. we hold on to clouds especially in the north bay that will allow for temperatures to cool off just a couple degrees today. we'll break out into partly cloudy conditions in the east bay and our south bay today. once again, we are looking at highs on the mild sigh, mid 60s and overnight tonight, -- mild side, mid 60s and overnight tonight, offshore flow. sue is talking about an accident in the south bay, good morning. good morning if you are traveling southbound 101 before cochran morgan hill area car in the center divide, mattress flew off the car that is in lanes, possible vehicle fire expect delays southbound 101 morgan hill before cochran. walnut creek now live shot from pleasant hill to walnut creek on towards the 24
5:37 am
junction, traffic moving well, taillights in the southbound direction, headlights headed north towards concord, 80 berkeley, smooth sailing through the berkeley area past university avenue on into the macarthur maze, headlights headed towards the maze. once you get into the maze, toll plaza metering lights off, bunching left hand toll lanes those are the cash-paying lanes backing up just a bit no problems on the incline second into san francisco. 5:37. next, the incentive oakland police are autographing for help in finding the suspect of the first murder of the year. big changes coming to the east bay as another county says good-bye to plastic bags. >> >> the group that says minorities aren't being represented. --. dinner? candles?
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5:41 am
thick in some places. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking your neighborhood. we'll get a closer look in a few minutes. a $20,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect in oakland's first murder of the with year. police say 36-year-old raymond mcdaniel shot and killed a man january 14th, the victim was 19-year-old isaac white. investigators say mcdaniel may have changed his appearance. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. shoppers in alameda county will have to shell out 10 cents or bring their own bags starting next january. waste management board has improved a measure to reduce the number of plastic bags used. sit-down and take out restaurants, clothing retailers and other nonfood related stores are exempt. the law will require county residents to begin putting paper and bottles in recycling bins starting in july.
5:42 am
advisory committee recommending santa clara change the way it elections the city council seufrpl the committee says the current system is unfair to minorities. it wants to switch to at large voting where the top vote-getters are elected. according to the 2010 census, santa clara is 37% asian, 36% white and 19% latino. four asians and two latinos have run for city council in the last decade but the seven-member panel remains all white. the bay area lawyers committee for civil rights says it will sue the city on behalf of minorities if changes are not made. airplane ticket prices are hundreds of dollars higher this morning. the latest unemployment numbers have just come out. the bloomberg business report is coming up. cleanup crews go to work on a san francisco rock slide. the battle that could be brewing over who will pick up the tab. >> one of the bay area's largest hospitals getting a record financial shot in the
5:43 am
arm. the new challenge it is facing. preparations underway for a rest cued american aid worker to be re-- for a rescued american aid worker to be reunited with her family. how the navy seals saved her, coming up. [ male announcer ] a soup opera from bertolli.
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good thursday morning. mild temperatures before the fog has been a problem not along the southern coast also central california looking clear around hayward and napa, dense fog. elsewhere later today partly cloudy skies in fresno, warm temperatures in los angeles, 82, 82 palm springs. light rain right now around blue canyon later on 56 in the northern sierra. 5:46. we are getting new details on the dramatic rescue of american hostage jessica buchanan from somali pirates. after a day of medical evaluation she is now in italy. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: after three months in captivity, jessica arrived this morning at a u.s. military base in italy, for a reunion with her family. tuesday night after the state of the union, president obama told buchanan's father that his daughter had been rescued from somali pirates by u.s.
5:47 am
navy seals. buchanan's family is relieved and thankful. >> it is just such a weight off all our shoulders such an answer to all prayers. >> reporter: the 32-year-old aid worker spoke with her father shortly after her rescue. her uncle described par of the conversation. >> she says, i feel safe for the tpaoeurpls in 93 days. the man that risked -- for the first time in 93 days. the risked their lives can say enough, really appreciate it. >> reporter: the men were the elite navy seal team 6, the same specialists that killed osama bin laden. this mission saved jessica and a danish worker may have been tougher. >> self-contained unit that can go any place in the world and do nothing but kick ass. oakland police department warning about an increase in armed robberies, police say expensive cell phones are lucrative targets for thieves and victims should not be
5:48 am
distracted while walking. authorities say consider installing anti-theft or tracking software on your cell phone and use phone locking or pin features. mark your hand set and battery with identification with an ultraviolet pen and prepare to give information about your carrier service, phone number, make and model when you file a police report. crews will be back on telegraph hill trying to remove pwould there's came down during monday's rain. there are huge rocks in the parking still not safe for a few re who can't the night in their homes. the public dark character the public works department -- >> we haven't really ran estimates, you could be looking at a couple million dollars or so. >> the slide involves public and private property. this section used to be a
5:49 am
quarry. today federal highway officials will arrive at yosemite national park to assess damage from a rock fall that has closed one of the main links in the park could take week, even months to reon. the closure means force from the bay area must use the highway 140 entrance that adds a half hour to the trip. federal officials will decide on a plan to repair a portion of the road which was destroyed by boulders and trees that came down over the weekend. meteorologist lisa argen in for mike. i'm watching terry mcsweeney he posted on twitter, video of diving across the golden gate bridge, a lot of fog. >> one of our worst spots there. also by the delta and south bay as well across the bay in hayward. >> moving around so do be careful out there bay bridge this morning, the sun coming
5:50 am
up after 7:00, going to take into probably between 8 and 9 until we see things improve. as you take a look at our visibility in miles, you will notice it is not just the north bay, oakland 2 1/2 mile visibility as well as san jose mountain view our coast half mile visibility up through the north bay typically foggy spots even foggier this morning. concord right now doing pretty good as well as livermore. things will change and we will be looking for slow clearing today that's because we've got very light winds out there and weak weather system to our north. good morning fremont 56 for you, 55 in san jose with novato coming in at 55, santa rosa 52. red sigh and half moon bay 56° this -- redwood city and half moon bay 56°. temperatures down a little, it was 67 yesterday in santa rosa
5:51 am
not as warm today, more changes tomorrow, mild afternoons into the weekend when we get into an offshore flow and that will allow for the fog to be wiped out completely, more sunshine and temperatures come up. right now the northwestern portion of the state, we have a weak weather system a few light showers reported around blue canyon also snow around mount shasta. we are still looking at high pressure our dominant weather feature that going to allow for light winds over the bay, large breaking swells to the shoreline here with 12 to 15 foot swells, so be careful, high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. the high weakening just a little today and that's yes are going to see cloud coverlinger in the north bay. rain line -- more sun in the south bay, 65 san jose, 62 in san mateo, san francisco, little cloudy throughout much of the day, 59 partly cloudy
5:52 am
late day north bay 64 santa rosa holding on to the clouds maybe a sprinkle in clear lake, 62 san leandro inland east bay partly cloudy 65 in dublin milder here by the monterey bay 67 in gilroy we are sunny and milder for the weekend. sue is here, she has an update on the traffic. good morning. debris in lanes traveling from the central valley towards the altamont pass westbound 580 at north flynn, ice chest bouncing around in plains, doesn't go well with your moving commute we'll be following that. accident in morgan hill southbound 101 before cochran. apparently they lost a mattress off the top of the car in the lane that accident is in the center divide you can expect south of morgan hill. mac world coming to san francisco starting today. that will be at mosconey center you can expect delays third and howard, howard and
5:53 am
fourth street also muni in the mosconey center area could be rerouted and could be experiencing delays that conference goes through the weekend. toll plaza, bay bridge, live shot from our emeryville camera, metering lights off, traffic flowing smoothly through the tolls. if there is payback-up behind the toll plaza, another live shot, -- just a few cash paying folks on the left hand toll lanes beginning to bunch up. live shot from lucas valley road in san rafael, traffic smoothly in novato marin not golden gate bridge where you will find fog on the span of the golden gate bridge, limited visibility on the golden gate bridge this morning. that was a jam-packed traffic report, sue thank you. we just go the latest nation's jobless numbers. labor department says last week applications for benefits increased by 21,000 toç
5:54 am
377,000. after reaching a four year low the week before. secretary geithner may soon be out of a job. here's jane king. treasury secretary geithner doesn't expect to stay on-the-job if president obama is reelected. he says he's confident the president isn't going to invite him back. geithner is the last remaining member of the original obama economic team. previously he was head of the new york fed. did he play a key role in the government bailouts during the financial crisis. the government watchdog group says u.s. taxpayers are still owed almost 133 million dollar billion dollars in bailout money that haven't paid the government back. starting this morning, listed plane ticket prices are hundreds of dollars higher, it is not price hikes, starting today airlines are being forced by the government to
5:55 am
advertise the price they actually charge including all those extra taxes and fees they tack on. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. apple once again the most valuable company in america after reporting huge ipad and iphone sales tuesday, apple's stock rose nearly 6%, value at 415 billion dollars. you can see exxon stands at 414 billion. microsoft is a distance third at 247 billion. mac world kicks off today in san francisco more than 20,000 apple fans are expected to gather at the annual world expo. mac world runs through state at theok mosconeyç center. a have a school band will lay a thank you concert tonight. they want to acknowledge the help they receiveed during a dark period. while the band performed a holiday concert in december, thieves stole the cash box
5:56 am
with $700 that was supposed to help the program. the community mobilized and raised more than $3,000 in donations to he did had the students buy new instrumentsi and -- to help the students buy new instruments and uniforms. this is video from last year's annual hearts in san francisco event which raises money for lifesaving programs. several larger five foot hearts will be on display around the city will be auctioned off. all 14 hearts will go up forbid at the annual heroes and hearts luncheon february 9th at at&t park. san jose's valley medical center has received the largest donation ever to a hospital west of the mississippi. real estate developer is giving valley med a five million dollar challenge grand. a new hospital is already under construction using bond money. that just covers the building.
5:57 am
this gift will furnish the hospital. he has worked with valley med for years. he says he likes its mission to treat people regardless of their ability to pay. >> mission of our family foundation is similar we like to serve the underprivileged folks in our community. it only makes sense since our missions were aligned we would help pay for part of the equipment. >> the goal now is to find grand. safety via the new crime alert one city will begin offering. airport argument. the topic that lead to tarmac tensions between president obama and the governor of arizona. sheriff ross mirkarimi has changed his strategy as he fights accusations that' abused his wife. up next, you -- that he abused
5:58 am
his wife. up next, what he is doing now to ab
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