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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  January 26, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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see you at 6:00.
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good evening tonight from nevada, where we sat down with the president. and he made it clear, the race for the presidency 2012 is under way. officially, he came here to promote clean energy. but we'll get right to it so you can see how the president took on his republican rivals, signaling, after all these months, it is game on. beginning with the obvious. 9 months, 11 days, until election day. are you going to win? >> yes. >> reporter: how much do you want it? >> badly because i think the country needs it. you know, we started this journey in 2008, understanding that for a decade or more, middle-class families in this country had been struggling. we're now in a position where we're starting to come back. we've created 3 million jobs over the last 22 months. but that work remains, making sure that the economy is working for everybody.
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and there's going to be a fundamental contrast between my vision of how we do that, with american manufacturing and american energy, and skills for american workers. and a vision on the other side, that basically says, you're on your own. and that, america succeeds when the most powerful can play by their own set of rules. >> reporter: watching the debates? >> you know, i don't watch the debates, i have to say. now, i read the reports. and what i get a sense of is that, you know, whoever wins the republican primary is going to be a standard-bearer for a vision of the country that i don't think reflects who we are. the proposal where you're seeing from the republicans is, they would actually cut taxes for those at the very top, even further. but if we are not raising any additional revenue, then we start cutting into the bone of
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things, like basic research or education or caring for our veterans that are critical to who we are. >> reporter: but at the end of the day, governor romney says this is class warfare and is social engineering. >> i think whether it's romney, or gingrich or santorum, or any of these folks, the question to ask them is, we now have the lowest tax rates in 50 years. and if, in fact, we're going to reduce our deficit, while still investing in those things we know make america grow, somebody's going to pay for it. we had an economy that was built on debt and flimsy financing deals. and it resulted in a huge crash that lost us the most jobs since the 1930s. and why we would want to adopt something that we just tried and did not work doesn't make sense. >> the fact is, barack obama is the most effective food stamp president in american history.
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>> reporter: you talked about speaker gingrich. he has said that you're the food stamp president. and that more people have been put on food stamps by you than any president in history. >> well, first of all, i don't put people on food stamps. people become eligible for food stamps. second of all, the initial expansion of food stamp eligibility happened under my republican predecessor, not under me. >> reporter: in south carolina, some people were arguing -- as you know, there's been a debate about whether there's an undercurrent of race in the food stamp president accusation that was levied by speaker gingrich. and he took profound objection to that and said, absolutely not. what's your view? >> you know, as i said, i didn't watch the debate. you know, i think that what the american people are going to be interested in is not these kinds
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of rhetorical flourishes. what they're going to be interested in is, who actually has a plan that makes my life better? >> reporter: not going to go there? on this issue? >> you know what? i think the american people are going to make a judgment about who's trying to bring the country together and who's dividing it. who reflects sort of the core values that helped create this country, values of hard work and responsibility. but also, looking out for one another. and who is, you know, tapping into some of our worst instincts. you know, that's ultimately going to be a judgment for the american people. >> reporter: is that what he did? >> no. i'm just saying, they're going to be making these decisions. >> reporter: we got a lot of questions after the state of the union, from our partners at yahoo! and so many people suffering. homeowners suffering. people hoping for jobs to come back to this country. and they said the same thing. why is he talking about this now? why didn't this happen in the first three years?
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>> well, first of all, in the first three years, we did a whole lot, which is why we're in a position now to continue the growth. look, the auto industry, which has now created 160,000 jobs and sees gm as the number one automaker in the world again, that didn't just happen by accident, diane. we had a little something to do with it. when the body politic goes through a trauma as great as the one that we went through in 2008-2009, then everybody, i think, is going to be frustrated that we don't recover as quickly as we -- >> reporter: you don't second-guess yourself? >> oh, i second-guess myself constantly. look, i make a mistake, you know, every hour, every day. you know, there's always things you're learning in the job. i have no doubt that i'm a better president now than the day i took office just because you get more experience. >> reporter: he personally ordered that daring s.e.a.l.
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team 6 mission, to rescue american jessica buchanan, who was kidnapped in somalia three months ago. >> i could not imagine what he went through, you know, given malia and sasha. and for him to be able to stay strong. and then, for our incredible men and women in uniform, to do what they do, it makes you proud about this country. >> reporter: have you spoken to her yet? >> i haven't spoken to her yet. i know that she still had some illnesses. i think she'll be fine. but you know, the main thing i wanted to do is make sure she had a chance to talk to her dad. >> reporter: and we also asked about that other headline in the last 24 hours, with arizona governor jan brewer, who surprised everyone, flashing a letter, asking him to a meeting. after she'd written a book describing a previous meeting, saying the president was patronizing to her? there's a picture out there with you and governor jan brewer.
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what was going on there? she said you were tense. thin-skinned. she's all over the airwaves right now. >> well, you know, what i discovered is i think it's always good publicity for a republican, if they're in an argument with me. but this was really not a big deal. >> reporter: were you tense? >> you know, diane, i'm usually accused of not being intense enough, right? too relaxed. >> reporter: so, you weren't? >> no. >> reporter: a quick question about the family. >> yeah. >> reporter: you told us before the first campaign, that sasha had said to you, are you going to be sad if you lose? what is mrs. obama saying to you about this one? >> you know, michelle is very enthusiastic about campaigning for the next nine months. and that hasn't always been the case. i mean, this puts a strain on families. but i think she feels very strongly that we're moving the country in the right direction. what she's told me is, we should finish the job.
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and we've got more work to do. >> reporter: and the girls? >> you know, the girls, fortunately, they don't spend too much time worrying about their daddy's job. >> reporter: and do they have you on their ring tone now? singing? ♪ so in love with you >> reporter: or were they embarrassed? >> you know, i don't think they were embarrassed. i'm sure i've done more embarrassing things to them than singing a little al green. >> there will be a lot more of the president's interview tonight on "nightline." now, let's head straight back to new york and david muir, who has the other big news of the day. david? >> all right, diane. thank you. we'll all be watching "nightline" later tonight. in the meantime this evening, a lot of other news to get to. beginning with the men who want to replace the president. explosive words, today, from inside the republican party, about newt gingrich. is his own party growing worried over a newt nomination? who spoke out? it's "your voice, your vote"
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tonight. and abc's jon karl is on the trail. >> reporter: greeted by yet another huge crowd in florida, newt gingrich was also met, today, by a backlash of the republican accomplishment. exhibit "a," bob dole, who was leader of the senate when gingrich was speaker of the house. wrote today, gingrich had a new idea every minute. and most of them were off the wall. >> this is the desperate last stand of the old order, throwing the kitchen sink, hoping something sticks. >> reporter: romney, meanwhile, in a state where latino voters are crucial, had to answer tough questions on spanish language television. >> how much money do you have? >> well, it's between $150 million and $200 million. >> reporter: but his campaign is now calling gingrich unhinged and corrupt. >> he resigned in disgrace. >> reporter: gingrich finds it infuriating. >> but we're not going to beat barack obama with some guy who has swiss bank accounts, cayman island accounts, owns shares of goldman sachs, while it forecloses on florida, and is himself a stockholder in fannie mae and freddie mac. >> reporter: after the speech,
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he was still fuming. you sounded angry. >> i am angry. but i think i'm angry and every american should be angry. how can somebody run a campaign this dishonest and think he's going to have any credibility running for president? >> reporter: what you are now seeing is virtually the entire leadership of the republican party out to stop newt gingrich here in florida. they don't like him, david. and they don't think he can beat barack obama. >> abc's jon karl tonight. jon, thanks so much. also breaking late today, our first look at chilling images of terror right here at home. this man was arrested after driving through the streets around our nation's capital, opening fire on military targets, shooting at the pentagon. well, today, he was in court. and tonight, here's abc's pierre thomas, on the growing concern over homegrown terror. >> reporter: you're looking at a homegrown radical, in ski mask, preparing to terrorize the washington, d.c. area. yonathan melaku recorded this chilling video, as he drove to target the marine corps museum, near quantico, virginia, in the fall of 2010.
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>> that's a military building. that's the building i'm going to target. punks. >> reporter: that's a 9 millimeter handgun, with an extended clip. [ gunfire ] he starts shooting. you see the flare of the muzzle. roughly 19 shots fired. today, he pleaded guilty to a shooting spree that also included the pentagon and two military recruiting stations. melaku is 1 of 50 homegrown radicals arrested in the last 2 years. no one was hurt. but these haunting images make plain, the threat from within is real. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to pierre, tonight. and now, to the american woman rescued from pirates after that navy s.e.a.l. team parachuted in to save her. you heard the president there tell diane how moved he was by the rescue. and tonight, jessica buchanan is now at a military base in italy. and we learned that she is undergoing a battery of treatments to help her readjust after those three months of terrifying captivity. kelly cobiella is in sicily.
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kelly? >> reporter: good evening, david. even before jessica buchanan and her colleague can see their families, they have to go through what's called reintegration at this military base, to be sure they can handle the transition back to normal life. the moment they were safely out of somalia, jessica buchanan and poul thisted made a pact, to go through the reintegration process together. it's the same treatment given to p.o.w.s. the former captives talking to psychologists about their time as hostages. an essential period of mental decompression. >> i know it's probably taking a toll on her. if i know her and her strength, then, she'll be okay. >> reporter: her fellow aid workers said the 32-year-old never was seriously ill. her captors made that up to speed up a ransom payment. but it backfired, leading to the raid that rescued her. buchanan's husband is on his way to italy to see her. having gone through three months of hell, he wrote on his facebook page, my wonderful, fantastic wife, jess, is now safe.
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words cannot express the joy and relief we are feeling. experts say you can free the body more quickly than you can free the mind. and so, these days of rest and evaluation are critical for a healthy transition back to their lives. david? >> kelly cobiella tonight. kelly, thanks so much. and to a rescue of a different kind this evening. this one in australia, and some dramatic moments when protesters mobbed the prime minister. riot police had to form a human shield to protect prime minister julia gillard and lead her to safety after hundreds of protesters swarmed her. the prime minister was not hurt. the protesters were objecting to the government's treatment of australia's indigenous people, the aborigines. and there's still much more ahead tonight on "world news." our consumer watchdog on the case tonight. making sure you don't get ripped off. what the airlines are now forced to tell you. you're not going to believe the once-hidden charges now right there for you to see. dramatic pictures tonight. the middle schoolgirl you can see there running from her kidnapper. how she outsmarted him. and bringing america back. the beloved hardware store about to close its doors.
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charges that are tacked on. now, it will be right before your eyes. abc's lisa stark, tonight, on what they now have to tell you and how to keep them honest. >> reporter: these are the kind of deliciously low fares that lure you in. a flight for $14. or one for $29. deals that seem too good to be true and were. what the airlines failed to mention were all those pesky government taxes and fees. those days are over. starting today, the advertised fare, whether online or on tv, must include all fees and taxes. look at the difference we found. that dream trip to london, the airline fare, just around $300. but add in domestic and international fees, the ticket balloons to nearly $900. here's what else you need to know. there are things those advertised fares don't include. >> things like, fees for checked bags. changing your flight. cancelling your flight. using your frequent flier miles. flying with your pet. an unaccompanied minor.
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there's lots and lots of fees that consumers need to watch out for. >> and lisa stark is with us at the desk in new york. great to see you in person, lisa. you're telling me the government is forcing the airlines to put the taxes in that list. but the other ancillary charges you can find online? >> reporter: you can. you can find them on the website, david. and it's a good idea to add them up, because they do add up. for example, if you want to check a couple of bags, it can cost you $60 one way. so, you need to look at those other fees, too. >> all in an effort to make things more transparent for people at home. >> reporter: absolutely. >> all right, lisa. thank you very much. when we come back on the broadcast, the new words from hillary clinton today. and then, the story behind this dramatic picture. the middle schooler, out smarting her attempted kidnapper. ou doing hers? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious... like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid related erosions in
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some revealing words from secretary of state hillary clinton today. at the state department, her staff asked her if she would run for vice president. look at this. this was her reaction, shaking her head no. an emphatic no. and then, some laughter there. but hillary clinton went even further. making it clear that she's not going to stay on if president obama wins re-election. >> after 20 years, it will be 20 years, of being on the high-wire of american politics, and all of the challenges that come with that, it would be probably a good idea to find out just how tired i am. >> hillary clinton, ready for a break. and this dramatic image, tonight, from long island, new york. a 13-year-old girl, bravely running away from an attempted kidnapper. the second time this month, a student has outsmarted a would-be attacker. the girl was walking to her bus
5:53 pm
stop when the man tried to grab her from behind. police say she escaped by punching him. tonight, we've learned she's back with her family unharmed. and police are now hunting for the suspect. there's reaction, tonight, after that rare moment in washington, 24 hours ago. when republicans and democrats alike, were united. a powerful scene there, as gabby giffords handed over her resignation. many in congress tearing up. the house speaker stifling his tears. everyone in that chamber applauding. giffords' husband, astronaut mark kelly, told our bob woodruff today that it was a powerful break from that partisan bickering. >> when she was up there resigning the other day, did you see who was behind her? it wasn't only democrats. there were probably an equal number of republicans. people that are her friends. people that she's been able to work with over the years. >> despite a push to run, mark kelly told our bob woodruff, he will not run for his wife's seat. instead, helping her with her recovery. when we come back tonight, we all know the movie "it's a wonderful life." it's playing out for real in one american town. bringing america back. you got to see this.
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5:57 pm
challenged an entire town to bring their cherished american store back from the brink. it's the kind of town norman rockwell could have painted. chagrin falls, ohio, where main street is filled with those family-run stores. and right there in the middle, chagrin hardware and supply. open before the civil war. it was 1920, when jack shutts' family bought the business. >> my dad was actually working here, at 10 years old, sweeping floors, during the depression. >> reporter: back then, his father earning 10 cents a day. and all these years later, another huge economic test. the worst economy since that depression. competition from those big home improvement stores. it wasn't looking good. and one loyal customer knew it. jim black quietly e-mailed 40 neighbors right there in chagrin falls with a simple challenge. to spend at least $20 at that hardware store on the 21st of the month. >> people were calling me. what a great idea. we're going to forward this on to people.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: and when the day came, there weren't 40 customers. there were 500. >> it's payback for all the good things they've done for the community. >> reporter: the owner telling us today, he was overwhelmed. >> the most amazing single day in the history of this business since 1857. i just wish our parents would be here to see it. >> we just love this today. and when we talked to jack this afternoon, he told us, it's not just the town. he got a call from a customer as far away as san diego. a customer hearing about it and calling to order an american flag. an east bay officer admits he's a dirty open. >> the san francisco sheriff makes a plea to be reunited with his family. and we're live as the judge tells him no. >> a blueprint for california cars. standards that promise changes for the auto industry. >> and a drive up of the cost
5:59 pm
of almost everything you buy. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the east bay tonight a dirty cop admits guilt. >> one of several plofs charged in contra costa county pleaded guilty all charges against him. he was immediately taken into custody by u.s. marshals. abc 7's laura anthony is live in oakland tonight with the story. >> a prosecutor today said while losis -- lois lombardi was a plof he stole items during searches of suspect homes and that is part of what he admitted to, today. >> will he testify now against norm welsh and chris butler? >> part of the agreement is to cooperate in whatever fashion the government requires. >> the attorney for the former officer says his


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