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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good friday morning. check out the fog hanging around not only the embarcadero but a lot of areas. i'll show you where thickest, how long it is going to last and warmer weather on the way for the weekend. good morning i'm sue hall following your friday morning commute. here is an area in the is fog-free this morning. kind of the exception to the rule this is san jose 280 headed in the northbound direction. fog is the realer to for your commute this morning. more tails coming up. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco, prosecutors appear to be beefing up their case against sheriff ross mirkarimi. he is dealt a blow in court that he calls cruel. good morning. 6 a.m. on this foggy friday tough to see your hand in front of your face so be
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careful. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze developing news at san jose state reports that campus police are asking students in a joe west dorm to stay inside and their doors this after a man broke in and groped one of the residents overnight. the [ unintelligible ] two tweets sent out in the last hour saying police are on the scene residents are being asked to stay in their rooms. it is a male in his 20s wearing black clothing. terry mcsweeney is live on campus just getting there gathering information and he will bring us a update in a few minutes on this situation. san francisco's district attorney is ordering a bay area newspaper to turn obvious any photos from a specific day of -- turnover any foes from a specific day -- after prosecutors revealed e-mails damaging to the defense during yesterday's court hearing. a --
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>> reporter: the e-mails were our first glimpse into those pieces of evidence. now it appears prosecutors want more. they are looking to get pictures from eight months ago. the san francisco chronicle says prosecutors have subpoenaed pictures that the newspaper ran in may of mirkarimi and his wife. that's when he announced he was running for sheriff. according to court documents, eliana lopez told a neighbor he was abusive to her twice last year after a new year's eve incident the neighbor called police and showed officers a picture of a bruise ong mirkarimi had supporters yesterday at a court hearing. the judge ruled that mirkarimi still cannot go near his family and his supporters disagree. >> bruise on the arm which seems to be the recurring theme there's never been allegations of he punched me, he hit me, threatened to kill me type of deal. >> will continue to fight this, as i said since moment one, the only way i can is to let
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this process unfold and do so here in the courts. >> reporter: prosecutors read e-mails that were sent to ivory madison, the neighbor who called police about the possible abuse. on january 2nd, eliana lopez wrote: "i'm very afraid of everything now. i would like to runaway." in another e-mail she wrote she was worried about leaving her son in mirkarimi's care he was not feeding him and heaving him in the car vomiting. the judge refused to lift the stay-away order mirkarimi must stay 100 yards away until the trial is over. he called that ruling yesterday, cruel. the trial is set to start at the end of february. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a dramatic change in plea by a former san ramon police officer in a scandal involving cash, drugs and guns.
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louis lombardi was one of three officers arrested. he pleaded guilty yesterday to nine felony counts, stealing cash, reselling drugs and dealing in stolen guns. he's expected to testify against accused co-conspirators, norman welsh and chris butler. >> he wants to move forward in his life. he knows to do that he has to pay the piper. >> he takes watches, he takes things of value from people then lights about it later. that's the type of person the feds are going to put on the stand against my client? >> lombardi will be sentenced in april. he faces a maximum of more than 50 years in federal prison. dozens of fugitives off the streets this morning after a raid led by san francisco police. 34-year-old colleen lewis one of 70 taken in. she is accused of attempted murder, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. 24-year-old tiffany carlos
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also arrested for attempted mur. the police chief says these are routinely conducted. >> we had a good year last year down 6% in crime. i get anxious when it is too quiet. i like to treat it like something that is always going on. >> most of the self continue arrests were made in the -- most of the 70 arrests were made in the tenderloin. police put a dorm on lockdown after an overnight sexual assault. terry mcsweeney joins us we know you got there minutes ago what have you been able to gather? >> reporter: we were talking to a campus spokesperson saying campus police are inside joe west hall going floor to floor, trying to find the person who went into the room of a female student on the third floor of this dorm and groped her. that is the only description of the assault we have.
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he grouped her that was 5 -- groped her that was 5:00 this morning. police notified students to lock their doors and they are confident that the system is working. they feel they've had a great response to that system. police are signed right now going through this about a 10 story dorm looking for the person who went in there at 5:00 this morning and groped a student. the description of the suspect is so vague, just want to give it to you, a male in his 20s wearing dark clothing. it opens up the possibility of every male on campus, according to the campus spokeswoman. they are looking for this suspect. they may he might still be signed the dorm. a lot of questions about how go in. why he went to the third floor to do this, we don't know. the police are looking for the suspect at joe west hall. more in a little bit.
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terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. thanks for the hustle we'll be checking in with you to find out more about this. >> the other big story right now, you can see the fog out there dense fog advisory on all seven bay area toll bridges. mike that is serious fog. >> it is. it gives you an idea of how many people have their finger the pot, the national weather service has not issued a dense fog advisory even though 1/8 oakland, quarter hayward, sfo less than a quarter of a mile in novato fog in other areas just not at the reporting stations par of the maybe because the fog is not going to last past 10:00 still out there for the commute and pretty dangerous. the only calm conditions now in novato and at sfo, hayward and livermore rest of us around 5 to 8 miles per hour, winds will come out of north once we get this area of high pressure established and that
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going to get rid of the fog between 10:00 and noon. a lot of the sunshine this afternoon. low 60s, 62 half moon bay, san francisco and clear lake. everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. seven day forecast, colder tonight without the fog warmer tomorrow afternoon with sunshine upper 60s to near 70 cooler sunday and monday as winds come back out to the ocean, slight chance of light rain overnight in the north bay sunday into monday, once it passes warmer than average with sunshine next week. here's sue with the traffic. good morning. fog is the issue. you may get up and out and find your neighborhood fog-free that's not going to last, the fog is coming and going. here's one of those fog-free areas southbound 680 from pleasant hill towards 24 through walnut creek moving at the limit no fog here. burns you get through towards the caldecott tunnel if you are traveling on 24 -- that fog could be an issue. san rafael fog-free from lucas
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valley road towards the civic center. fog on the golden gate bridge. not a bad drive out there, give yourself extra time due to the fog if you don't want to drive in the fog public transit great idea, everybody is running on schedule. 6:09. the new bill that could make it illegal for chiropractors to offer anin creasingly popular treatment. -- is it a weight loss helper or a hoax? the diet device facing a federal investigation. dragon welcoming the dre again. how the san francisco zoo is helping visitors ring in theúúúú
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we have breaking news from since natty, ohio you are looking at a -- from cincinnati, ohio you are looking at a live picture where 11 people have been injured after a partial collapse of this casino struck site. last month the same group building this casino had a partial collapse at another construction project in cleveland. nobody was injured in that collapse. we'll keep our eye on the situation. the state insurance commission is investigating the business practices of lapband surgery, popular weight loss procedure. the band is a ring surgically fitted around the stomach and reduces food intake. normal cost between dead 12,000 and $20,000 insurance caps have -- companies have
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been billed many times that amount they are investigating insurance fraud and whether the ad campaign is misleading. at least five patients have died after lapband procedures in clinic as fill ed with that campaign. california may be about to take away a treatment option for allergy sufferers. the senate has approved a bill banning chiropractors for treating food and environmental allergies some use lasers to treat allergies. the bill's author says that falls under practicing medicine the california medical association supports the ban. chiropractic groups oppose it. the bill now moves to the assembly. several groups suing over the nay investigation use of sonar. the suit targets the navy's -- training program which uses mid frequency sound waves to hunt submarines. now the navy is required to look out for sea lie.
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activists say repeated exposure to so -- sea life. activists sayf pç repeated exposure to sonar is harmful. 6:15. meteorologist mike nicco is here to talk about the visibility, fog and likely delays at sfo. because of the visibility, even the winds are starting to pick up with is a good sign the fog has a short shelf life i believe it will be around for the commute about 10:00 we'll see winds pick up and start to move the fog and bring sun and warmer temperatures this afternoon. right now 36 minutes flight arrival delays into sfo. be careful if you are heading that way or call ahead, going to be a bumpy ride. let's talk about visibilities less than a quarter of a mile at novato, oakland, hayward up to a mile at sfo down to a mile and a half concord. supposedly unlimited around livermore, fairfield napa and
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santa rosa. temperatures, 37 in novato, 41 santa rosa, the rest of us in the mid to upper four teeth until you get to fairfield, antioch, oakland and half moon bay low 50s. upper 40s to low 50s around monterey bay and inlaunch the fog, threw go, gone by -- by noon we'll see it start to fade by 10:00. sunny and warm they are afternoon. sunshine tomorrow, probably the warmest afternoon in this forecast, falls on the weekend, cooler sunday, slight chance of a shower across the north bay that night into monday morning. let's talk about today three degrees warmer than average in san francisco, seven in fremont, livermore napa eight degrees warmer than average. sunrise 7:18 some of us may not see it because of the fog. we'll all see the sunset at 5:27. low 60s half moon bay, san francisco cheer lake 62 the rest of us -- clear lake, 62. the rest of us -- same around
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monterey bay inland mid 60s to 70 in salinas. cooler tonight without cloud cover mid to upper 30s in most neighborhoods richmond, san francisco, oakland, half moon bay santa cruz in the low to mid 40s cold front pushed through down to the south couple areas of high pressure taking over right now just now getting here so trapping some of the moisture in the lower levels of the atmosphere as high pressure moves into the basin the next couple of hours it develops that offshore northerly wind you can see it chase the clouds away. winds already hitting southern california they had gusts up to 86 miles per hour in the inland canyon, malibu the hills, 63 mile per hour wind gusts, a while ago. that's one of the reasons why it is going to be 80 down there. still warming without the dangerous winds breezy this afternoon. tomorrow mid to upper 60s just about everywhere. cooler sunday, monday with slight chance of shower across
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the north bay. tuesday to thursday dry, warm pattern returns. have a great day. good morning. fog is the big issue for your commute this friday morning. take a look at the bay bridge toll, socked in, socked in on the upper deck metering lights not on traffic backing due to the slowness on the span and to add insult to injury there's a stall once you get through the toll in the left lane. thick fog advisory on all seven bay area toll bridge this morning. live look at the golden gate bridge, with you will find pretty much fog-free on the marin side, midway across the golden gate bridge that fog is settled in and thick fog through the toll plaza, golden gate bridge to doyle drive into san francisco. better story, better picture in san jose, this is highway 87, it is flowing smoothly no
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issues. macworld downtown san francisco wanted to remind you because you will find heavy traffic third and fourth mosconey center, howard street closed. pretty good drive, give yourself extra time due to the fog. our time is 6:19. who else but a dragon should be the guest of honor this week as we enter the year of the drag done. this sunday at the san francisco zoo a bearded dragon will be featureed at a lunar new year celebration, a four-year-old reptile native to australia, there will be acrobats and a zodiac tour. free admission for anybody born in the year of the dragon. >> >> coming up a tweak for twitter. now power that will mean censored tweets could be seen in other countries. ñrñrññññi
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the most talked about feature on apple's iphone 4s may be jamming your cell phone experience even if you don't have an iphone, siri is a band width hog.
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sends and receives huge streams of data twice as much as the old iphone 4 and three times as much as the 3g. one result can leave bottlenecks on networks that can result in dropped calls and slower data speeds for others. twitter is depending its new country by country censorship policy. the san francisco-based social networking giant can sensor messages by country. before if a tweet was erased it disappeared worldwide. critics say this is a way for twitter to pander to countries that violate free speech and make money in those countries. twitter sees it to ensure tweets remain visible to as many people as possible. twitter will post a censorship notice when a tweet is removed. google expanding. the amount of office space google owns or leases grew by 67% last year. the internet search giant
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added three million square feet of space spending 225 million dollars on 15 properties in mountain view. the company now owns or leases more than seven million square feet of space in the city. real life safer. -- a real life safer how a jogger became a hero. new problem for mayor jahn. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live on the san jose state campus a young student has reportedly been groped in her dorm room. police are looking for the suspect. the latest coming up in a live report. laguardia, phoenix, san francisco, all experiencing fright arrival delays. foggy commute bay bridge toll stall passed -- past tolls rest of the
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the fastest growth in 2011. the commerce department says people spent more on cars and trucks and companies built up their stockpiles. the bell ridging -- live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. good morning. latest on developing news. police put a dorm on lockdown on the campus of san jose state after an overnight sexual assault. terry mcsweeney join us live from campus. a few minutes ago they were doing a door-to-door search, what is happening now? >> reporter: it is still going on. police still on the scene at gentlemen west hall an 11 story dorm on -- according to a campus spokeswoman 5:00 this morning, 90 minutes ago a student was in her dorm room someone entered and groped her it happened on the third floor of the dorm. police have told -- notified all students to lock their doors, police still looking
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for this person. the description vague. male, 20s, dark clothing. something happened a few minutes ago. take a look at video. police are seen here escorting a couple of young women away from the dorm. exactly to get more of a statement, we don't know. police all over this dorm and escorting those women out. a short time ago we talked to a male student. he told us what the buzz is inside joe west hall. here . >> there are police in the dorms. i heard the guy was passed out on the stair pretending to be passed out in the stairwell. then he went up into someone's room and tried to like grope someone or something that's what i heard. >> reporter: back out here live you are looking at joe west hall, 11 stories tall, i that to give you an idea how much work police have to do going through looking for this
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suspect. this the description very vague. male, 20s, dark clothing itch according to a campus spokeswoman that describes about all of the students who go to san jose state. many of them could fit that description. we are going to keep it here. we are going to be talking to state university police when a spokesperson becomes available and we'll have more later. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:32 now. berkeley police investigating the city's first homicide of the year. they say it appears the victim was specifically targeted. officers found a man suffering from several gunshot wounds near an apartment building at shaddock and emerson after 7:00 last night. he died at a trauma center. investigators say they have reason to believe the victim was targeted but they don't know why. officers spent all night going door-to-door in the area looking for possible witnesses. no word on a possible suspect. in vallejo police
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investigating burglaries and attempted burglaries many detectives say more than a half dozen stores were hit between 9 p.m. tuesday and 8 wednesday morning. in some cases the suspects broke into one business to get access to a shop next door. the thieves stole everything from cell phones at a metro pcs for to cash from a check cashing business. >> more money stolen milpitas school district employee tasting grand theft after being accused of stealing $38,000 from a sail safe. police have been tracking the -- the woman for months after they were notified of the theft in september. most of the money was intended to pay for the school's prom. an ocean beach jogger is being credited with saving the life of a man who washed up onshore after his boat capsized. the jogger was flagged down by a woman. the jogger picked up the man
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and dragged him to shore. >> took his clothes off, took my clothes off and wrapped him up in my clothes and kind of held him and started rubbing his body trying to get the circulation going and tried to interact with him, get him to say his name, which after five minutes or so he came to. two other people on the boat washed up nearby, paramedics took all three to the hospital one in critical condition. the investigators are still trying to determine why that boat capsized. today oakland city administrator is expected to release new budget propose that could -- proposal that could mean fewer lay-offs. it previously said it would have to cut 81 employees and slash hundreds of thousands in city funding to make up for the loss of millions in state redevelopment funds. city leaders have now learned that they have 7 1/2 million more than previously estimated.
6:35 am
the city council is scheduled to vote on layoffs and consolidation plans next tuesday. occupy oakland protests continue to dog mayor quan two recall positions circulating for her. both cite the mayor's handling of the occupy protest as the reason. the first petition to collect the required 20,000 signatures will end up on the ballot. quan says she will vigorously fight any recall effort. look at that dense fog on the embarcadero in san francisco. that too will be recalled. when that will happen. >> seven bridges affected right now. watch out for the airport, right mike? >> yeah airport 36 minute flight arrival delays into sfo the recall will be faster than the political system 10:00 winds pick up by noon,
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everybody is out of the fox. quarter mile visibility oakland, hayward, less in novato up to a mile at sfo, improve around fairfield, , livermore unlimited visibility. winds -- winds fairly calm in the valleys you agree up in elevation blowing consistent around 10 to 20 miles per hour that wind will take away the fog. think of it as mostly cloudy at 8:00, still very mild, mid 40s to lower 50s. by noon almost total sunshine, mid to upper 50s by 4:00, we will have total sunshine and temperatures in the lower to middle 60s for your afternoon. accuweather seven day forecast without clouds cooler tonight warmest afternoon could be tomorrow. here's sue with a look at your traffic. hello. don't be fooled if you walk out and don't see fog, you will if you are heading anywhere towards san francisco this is the -- where is?
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san rafael southbound 101 from lucas valley road to the civic center fog-free here once you get towards the waldo grid up and over to the golden gate bridge, very thick fog on the -- span slowing things we are asking to you take extra time. all seven toll bridges reporting fog advisories. bay bridge toll fee tering lights on slow traffic -- into san francisco and a stall past the nearing lights. let's look at our waze app drivers reporting what we are seeing, slow at the toll plaza, bay bridge heavy fog on the span headed into san francisco. if you would like to join our traffic spotters you can download this free waze app it is cool, it is free you can join the traffic spotters group. for more our time is coming up on 6:38.
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trading is just getting underway on wall we are hearing of a big issue coming up for google and al pell. we'll have more with the -- report from the new york stock exchange. hillary clinton opens up about her political future. what she is saying about her remaining time as part of the obama administration. bizarre ending to a multi-million dollar lotto drawing. why officials say even though someone has come forward with a winning ticket that winner won't be getting a dime. >> reporter: president obama is in michigan talking about higher education. i'm katie marzullo live in the newsroom with how he plans to make good on a promise he made in that speech. úúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúú
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check out the total sunshine across the state today low to mid 60s through the central valley, 53 eureka. 66 big sur. temperatures in the 40s to near 50 around tahoe this weekend. here the proper graphic, sorry about that. making snow at night yosemite in the 50s southern california
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sunshine near 80 in l.a. this weekend. 6:43. this morning southern california based toyo tire recalling 69,000 tires because of a problem near the rim area. it could cause a crack and lead to tire failure. the recall involves tires that have a made in usa mark on the side wall. tires can be identified by last four digits ranging from 3809 to 4410. faulty tires will be replaced free if returned by may then 31st. in capitola the council approved a measure to borrow to relocate residents of a mobile home park. heavy rains caused a storm drain to fail. the capitola council also
6:44 am
voted to pay for a survey too determine whether voters would support an increase in the sales tax or hotel tax to cover the cost of the loan. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton says she is ready for a break after 20 years of being what she calls on the high-wire of american politics. clinton told state department employees yesterday that if the president is reelected, she will only stay on long enough for him to find her replace. she told the crowd she hasn't watched a single one of the gop presidential debates. clinton is barred from participating in any partisan politics as secretary of state. minutes from now president obama is set to tell an audience at university of michigan how he plans to use his office to help rein in rising cost of college tuition. katie marzullo joins us live from the newsroom to explain. >> reporter: his plan was a vague threat in his state of the union address today we get details the president is speaking at the university of michigan right now these are
6:45 am
life mick -- live pictures. he's going to explain that plan he alluded to in his address tuesday. he said we would take away federal funding if universities didn't find a way to make tuition more affordable. topic of great interest. look at the lines that formed on campus. people waiting to get tickets to the president's speech. university leaders among the curious. and a little nervous to find out about losing funding this is what the president said tuesday. >> the president: so let me put colleges and universities on notice, if you can't stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down. higher education can't be a luxury. it is an economic imperfect they've every family in america should be able to afford. [ applause ] >> reporter: back out live not university of michigan ann arbor, michigan the specifics we are expecting to hear in this speech more
6:46 am
so-called campus-based aid going to perkins loans and work study programs and a race to the top competition in which schools would have a billion dollar incentive to use their money better. the president has already called for extending tuition tax break and has asked congress to keep loan interest rates from doubling which they are slated to do in july. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:46 now. >> looking at the fog. pretty dense. also clearing will be quick. >> very rapid starting around 10:00. the winds pick up, blow offshore and then take away the fog. this looks like something right out of a "star wars" -- the floating city, if my kids were here i'm sure they could tell me the name of the city, i can't think of it now. [ unintelligible ]
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beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning you can see the winds starting to pick up 26, 2700 feet. 37 in novato, low 40s around santa rosa, mid to upper 40s elsewhere fairfield, antioch, fremont, oakland, half moon bay to watsonville, low 50s. upper 40s for the rest of the monterey bay. three things to talk about, following will fade, all of it by noon sunny and warmer this afternoon. warmest day tomorrow full of sunshine and feel like spring outside. cooler sunday, slight chance of rain that night into monday morning across the north bay today compared to average san francisco three degrees warmer oakland san jose six fremont seven livermore and napa eight not all of us will see the sunrise all of us will have a gorgeous sunset at
6:48 am
5:27. mid to upper 60s through most of the monterey bay inland even 70 around salinas. tonight without cloud cover everybody in the mid to upper 30s except santa cruz half moon bay oakland richmond and san francisco low to mid 40s cold front passed through overnight let the high pressure move in getting stronger as s into the great basin that's when it will -- turn the winds around that's when the sea breeze turns into a land breeze. you can see the clouds dissipate. that will start at 10:00 this morning. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. warmest, 70 tomorrow temperatures about five to eight degrees cooler monday much warmer next week. bust picture look at that sunrise we had earlier this week from kenny stone beautiful picture love to see some of your foggy pictures this morning send them or upload them to ureport or
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e-mail them. here's sue with your traffic. thick fog has a limited visibility and pockets around the bay area. live shot of 680 towards the 24 junction through walnut creek no problems. golden gate bridge beautiful shot from our sutro camera, clear coming over the wall do grade until you get on the -- waldo grade until you get on the span. bay bridge earlier stall past the toll plaza clear metering lights on traffic backed past the west grand overcrossing. fog advisories still in effect for all seven bay area toll bridges it has been quite sometime that has been the case. if you are heading out now, 101 through marin county 580 to the golden gate bridge not a bad drive not bad out of antioch, altamont pass beginning to slow on to livermore to the pleasant
6:50 am
dublin interchange. cal train delay 207, due to mechanical problems. no other public transit issues. 6:50. catching up on business news. google and apple facing a public problem over a private agreement. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more on that and a new speed bump for ford. good morning. that anti-poaching agreement that apple and google have not to steal each other's employees now they are facing a lawsuit for it. a judge allowing -- [ unintelligible ] this is a private lawsuit brought on behalf of employees which says the move violated anti-trust laws by stifling competition for employees. google saying it is actively and agrees -- and aggressively
6:51 am
-- as for trading, ford is lower, european and asian operations dragged down fourth quarter profits they were the best last year since 1998. economic growth picking up in the 4th quarter not as much as expected the dow and s&p and nasdaq are mixed consumers and governments pulled back spending. bloomberg index is trading slightly higher. new signs that internet providers are limiting spending because of the slow nick growth, -- [ unintelligible ]
6:52 am
a new york attorney is refusing to tell iowa officials highway he got a winning lottery ticket worth 16 million dollars. so he won't be getting a dime. here's the ticket to that 16 million dollar jackpot purchased at an iowa gas station in 2010. the attorney came forward with the ticket hours before the deadline to retrieve the jackpot. the attorney said he was providing it on behalf of a trust. lottery officials became suspicious because he misspelled the name of the trust. state officials have decided not only to block the payout but asked the attorney general to investigate. recapping: right now police on the campus of san jose state are doing a room to room search of a dorm after one of its residents was
6:53 am
an -- was attacked overnight. >> terry mcsweeney is live on the campus. >> reporter: just got off the phone with san jose state university police they say the search is just about done. so far, no sign of the person who went that the third floor here at joe west hall into a woman's dorm room and groped her 5:00 this morning. the search has been going on this is an 11 story dorm, a lot of rooms to search, so far no sign of the suspect. take a look at pictures. police telling me they are taking witnesses out, taking them down to the station, which is only a block away. to talk to these witnesses and see if they can get a better description. what they have now is very vague. they are saying hispanic male in his 20s wearing dark clothing. they say that is a lot of people here at san jose state university.
6:54 am
they have surveillance video of the dorm. they are going to be looking at that, seeing if they can get a better idea of who this was. it happened 50 this morning. -- it happened 5:00 this morning. for two hours they've been searching for this person have not been able to locate him yet. more coming up at 11:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. we are here reporting on the ross mirkarimi case. it appears prosecutors are beefing up their case or trying to against the sheriff. they now want pictures that were taken about eight months ago the chronicle is reporting investigators have subpoenaed pictures that ran in the paperback in may. this was when mirkarimi announced that he would be running for sheriff. they didn't say why they want the pictures. we got a glimpse of some of the evidence against him. prosecutors read some e-mails
6:55 am
in court yesterday they say were written by his wife in which she writes she is very afraid and wants to runaway. those were e-mails prosecutors say she sent to her neighbor. investigators and prosecutors were trying to convince a judge yesterday to keep a stay away order in place. mirkarimi wanted it lived. the judge kept it in place. he's not allowed to see his wife and child until his trial scheduled to start february 24th. mirkarimi call the ruling cruel and crushing. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are going to end with more on the fog. final check on weather and traffic. you can see how bad it is in downtown san francisco, also at the airport where we have flight arrival delays. check out our flight tracker. let than a quarter mile novato same oakland, hayward, dense fog locally in some of our valley unless the east bay. going to be around until 10:00
6:56 am
winds kick in then it dissipates rapidly. it has to work down into the monterey bay also. low 60s around half moon bay, san francisco and clear lake, mid to upper 60s with total sunshine this afternoon. you want more spring? how about near 70 with sunshine tomorrow, cooler sunday and monday live look at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on and the fog is thick on the span. you can see traffic back to the west grand overcrossing. new accident westbound 580 past vass co-road no significant slowing -- hopefully they get that out of lanes through livermore into the dublin interchange. cal train delay northbound 207 mechanical problems palo alto could cause delays into san francisco. no other public transit issues that's a great way to go. >> thank you both for that information. that's it for this edition of
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the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest news on twitter and you can talk about it at have a great day and great have a great day and great weekend. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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